one of the reasons i prefer moths

One reason I’ll be looking forward to Collector

Not only will it be s2 starting, but we can finally get “is Gabriel HM or not” answered. I can see either way and accepted it can go either way. I admit, personally, I would prefer he isn’t largely because I want to see a different story done with Gabriel because a lot has done Gabriel is HM it wouldn’t be new or much of a surprise, but if he is, he is and I’ll hope he’ll have a good story for him. Maybe we will be surprised. 

For sure, I am ready to see this answered and confirmed if Gabriel is HM, a lot of upcoming fics I have will depend on that and thankfully they’re all still in development enough to be changed and adapted as needed. If confirmed he is, I will be sad to have missed a chance to write Gabriel and HM being partners, which is an idea I’ve grown fond of but would be moot if confirmed. 

But, if Gabriel is HM, I want an answer on how he pulled off Jackady. If left unanswered that is going to bother me so much because every ep, when an akuma leaves the lair: 

Eiffel Tower in the distance. But the Agreste’s home: 

It’s right there. How does this work?? HM’s lair is so far away from the Agreste home. How did he pull off Jackady with LB in his home and then going to lair to talk to akuma… 

Only thing I can conclude is that perhaps butterfly miraculous has teleportation powers if Gabriel is HM. I do want to see this confirmed or answered if Gabriel is HM. 

But man, I’m so ready to see this debate put to rest if he is or isn’t.