one of the reasons i love marie is bc she loves her children so much

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I'm in a reading rut! Do you have any recommendations? Books like The Raven Cycle series, maybe? ❤️❤️❤️

@prettyygirlx  Hi!! Do I EVER haha, sorry that I had to let this sit for a few days until I had time to actually answer fully! I’ll divide these as book recs from one character each, with associated themes! As a note, I’ll include non-YA books that are nevertheless thematically similar bc as we know TRC is a witticism-riddled YA romp with decidedly darker themes….we have been blessed. For ease of bookmarking, I’ll include a summary from goodreads + a link, and I’ll comment briefly on why I recommend it for fans of TRC, too!

Book Recommendations Based on The Raven Cycle:

• • • BLUE SARGENT’S REC: • • •
The Basic Eight
by Daniel Handler
Flannery Culp wants you to know the whole story of her spectacularly awful senior year. Tyrants, perverts, tragic crushes, gossip, cruel jokes, and the hallucinatory effects of absinthe – Flannery and the seven other friends in the Basic Eight have suffered through it all. But now, on tabloid television, they’re calling Flannery a murderer, which is a total lie. It’s true that high school can be so stressful sometimes. And it’s true that sometimes a girl just has to kill someone. But Flannery wants you to know that she’s not a murderer at all – she’s a murderess.
REC BC: First of all, Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket. And I’m not biased bc he wrote a series about children who share my last name; he’s just a truly enjoyable writer to hear from. A smart, dark book with an unreliable narrator and plenty of high school fun. Heathers meets The Secret History (also on this list).

• • • HENRY CHENG’S REC: • • •
Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo
Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…Kaz’s crew are the only ones who might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.
REC BC: Similar sense of humor and camaraderie with our titular Band of Snarky Weirdos, themes of the search for a home and a meaningful purpose in the world, and how to communicate that with others. Not to mention that Wylan Van Eck Is My Golden Son, and in my head…I play a supercut of Blue Sargent and Noah Czerny and Henry Cheng and Kuwei Yul-Bo’s Fabulous Four friendship.

• • • ADAM PARRISH’S REC: • • •
A Great and Terrible Beauty (+ Gemma Doyle Trilogy) by Libba Bray
A Great and Terrible Beauty is a curl-up-under-the-covers kind of book … a vast canvas of rustling skirts and dancing shadows and things that go bump in the night. It’s a vividly drawn portrait of the Victorian age, a time of strict morality and barely repressed sensuality, when girls were groomed for lives as rich men’s wives … and the story of a girl who saw another way.
REC BC: Mysterious and Unknowable AF, Adam Parrish would devour the hell out of this book tbh. This is an eternal favorite of mine, not just for its rich setting and amazingly creepy scenes, but for the relationships, characterization, and abject hilarity that Bray somehow manages to fit seamlessly into a novel about death and gas-lit darkness. In true Parrish tradition, this series is about carving your own destiny, the influence of power and sacrifice, things that go bump in the forest, and mysterious surly men who want you to join them on a vision quest for totally platonic reasons.

The King Must Die by Mary Renault
“Men would be as gods, if they had foreknowledge.” In myth, Theseus was the slayer of the child-devouring Minotaur in Crete. (Theseus is) a king of immense charisma, whose boundless strivings flow from strength and weakness—but also one steered by implacable prophecy.
REC BC: Mary Renault is famous for her historical fictions and retellings of myths. Her Theseus novels are elegant explorations of how a man becomes a legend, how a legend becomes a myth, and beyond and before all of that, Death. This is not a lighthearted adventure book, but it is a truly gratifying novel to read.

• • • NOAH CZERNY’S REC: • • •
The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal, and at last - inexorably - into evil.
REC BC: This book always makes lists with TRC for a reason. It is deeply settled into ‘purple prose’ (aka long descriptions are given precedence over snappy action) but I personally believe that it is even more rewarding for that. The experience of reading this book is paramount to the plot itself, IMHO. You’ll find yourself writing down quotes every few pages, for sure.

• • • RONAN LYNCH’S REC • • •
1. Stare for way too long and give him a tin of organic shea butter from your dreams.
2. Become a farmer
3. Profit.
60% of the time it works every time.

jk but rlly
• • • RONAN LYNCH’S REC • • •
The Diviners Series by Libba Bray
Evie O’Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City—and she is pos-i-tute-ly ecstatic. It’s 1926, and New York is filled with speakeasies, Ziegfeld girls, and rakish pickpockets. The only catch is that she has to live with her uncle Will and his unhealthy obsession with the occult. Evie worries he’ll discover her darkest secret: a supernatural power that has only brought her trouble so far.
REC BC: We all know Ronan Lynch reads turn of the century girl power YA in his spare time, c’mon. And we all know Ronan and Adam are picking out their books together. No but really, I love Libba Bray. I included her twice for a reason, she’s hilarious and she’s great at her job. The Diviners features an oddball cast of characters with supernatural secrets (we all know how Ronan Lynch feels about these,) centering on Evie, who was recently kicked out of her hometown for being a little too much…herself

I really hope that you find something you love, either in these or using these as a jumping-off point! I’m about to start The Foxhole Court which I know is also adored by TRC fans, so if you haven’t checked that out, I can’t personally recommend it yet bc I only rec things I’ve read, but go for it!

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yo i'd love some sa headcanon spewing

thank u,,??? sm?? i lov

ohh my g osh which ones to do,,, i’m jus gonna do a couple for each of my Kids so hang in there lol (also thanks to @wordofyourbodyreprise aka em for helping me out with a go o d dea l of these)


  • he vapes,, like all the time
  • he hates children but loves babies for some reason??
  • he has te r r ibl e facial recognition 
  • his full name is melchior alwin gabor
  • is a miracle baby bc his mom had a l o t of complications during the pregnancy


  • a few of her bad habits include chewing the skin off of her lip and biting her nails
  • she is Killer at makeup and will give eve r yon e makeovers at sleepovers
  • she smells like the japanese cherry blossom lotion from bath and body works???
  • full name is wendla rose aurelia bergmann, with aurelia being her confirmation name
  • she’s got a liiil bit of bpd
  • angel bb who’s too good for the cruel world
  • she and max von trenk are actually p good friends bc he works at a bookstore by her house


  • he’s v depressed and is schizophrenic
  • he has a hearing brother named alex (lol original rite) who acts as a translator for him
  • he & martha dated for like a wh i le back in like middle/early hs but they broke up but he still lovs her (n now they’re in a happy poly relationship w otto)
  • full name is moritz daniel stiefel (ag ain w the originality lmaooo)


  • she’s the friend who straight up buys sex toys for her friends as Gifts
  • raging lesbian
  • she collects the most insane prom dresses you could ever imagine
  • full name: ilse felicity neumann
  • calls melchior daddy to make him uncomfortable
  • used to have a fwb relationship w my girl martha


  • she steals her boyfriends’ food all th e ti me 
  • she hasn’t been to her parents’ house in like three years bc of Canon Reasons
  • full name is martha amara bessell
  • smokes w moritz n has a Special tattoo otto designed
  • despite having marks on her body that she’s p ashamed of, she’s still not afraid to show some skin bc she’s fl aw l e s s
  • Fashionista


  • BI!!!!!! AS!!!!!! HECK!!!!!!!!!
  • and he’s in Lov with ernst ofc
  • he’s an emotional and verbal abuse victim (from his biological dad) and that’s why he overcompensates w his ego and attitude
  • his bio dad left him n his mom early on but then his mom got remarried & had thea n melitta so they’re only hans’ half sisters
  • he’s the “we get it, you vape” friend to melchior
  • naturally amBIdextrous
  • full name: hans peter rilow
  • if he ever has an office job, he def saves porn to his computer
  • gave max von trenk a bj in the middle of class once
  • Short
  • he’s the clingy drunk


  • he’s gay, karen
  • he has like,, seven siblings
  • fluent in german
  • wendla’s bff
  • he totally lost his virginity at one of melchior’s sleepovers (thnx hanschen)
  • he has severe dissociation as well as ptsd, and ocd. he’s one outcome of what can happen with cherrypicking in the churches poor bb :(((
  • ernst zachary raphael jonathan robel; jonathan being his confirmation name
  • total bottom ex ce p t fo r so me tim e s
  • he rly likes flowers/botany and biology


  • he plays like,, mcfuckin nine instruments,,,
  • likes dogs
  • he’s the kid that everyone thinks is gay but turns out to be unfortunately straight
  • he’s dating melitta???
  • lactose intolerant
  • full name: georg milo zirschnitz
  • is prbly going to julliard 
  • everyone thinks he n otto r Gay


  • he’s an art hoe and the stoner friend
  • knows how to drive boats
  • wants to do smth artsy for a job but actually ends up as a pediatric nurse my boy
  • full name: otto henry lammermeier
  • in the poly relationship it’s rly him and moritz dating martha but honestly?? they’re p much all dating each other???
  • likes to Yell


  • she & melitta r twins
  • she n moritz came up with everyone’s sign names
  • likes to roast her brother
  • know s e v er y thin g
  • full name: thea marie rilow
  • uses text talk Too Much


  • vegan & ace
  • she’s the broadway bb of the family
  • triple threat whom??? more like infi n it y thr ea t
  • she’s classically trained in ballet, swing, ballroom, and tap
  • musical theatre h oe
  • full name: melitta barbara rilow


  • ik a lot of ppl are like “o yeah she’s marianna wheelan” and i see that now lol,, i didn’t realize this when i first got into the fandom so i went to em and was like ”yo. anna’s bobby’s sister” and thus anna marie mahler was born
  • she Hates being known as bobby’s sister so she tells everyone that her last name is pronounced like mah-ler instead of may-ler
  • does wheelchair roller derby
  • scares ernst

oka y that’s it (for now) lol i hope y’all enjoy it <3

send me more musicals to do headcanons for!!

Ofcourse anon ^^ Brace yourself as I only need a reason to ramble XD

Rai really is too reserved. I remember having a few conversations on tumbler at the start of this arc on how Rai looking out for the children was more out of duty than care, as opposed to Frankenstein. Because he shows so little emotions its really hard to guess. Let me see if i can find any again: Here is some of it. But now this far in current arc, esp after 444, its clear he values his children much more than I thought. Rai has just been so desperate, and cute this arc trying to save M21, I really grew to admire their relationship.

For Rai, I think even before the first moment he had actually interacted with M-21, he has already had his heart softened towards him. Can we forget the Frankenstein would have killed M-21 if it wasn’t for Rai? One of the reason for this instant consideration is that, back then, M21 and M24 were the first modified he had come across (after Frankenstein), and their pitiful abandoned existence that didn’t really have a home anywhere, neither human, nor Nobles nor any other species would accept them, saddened him greatly. After them, there was so many modified one after the other the novelty wore off lol.

And then, the more he came to realize M21s trauma and just how damaged he truly is, the more he started caring for him. All very gradually, and quietly. While we saw Frankenstein’s care and each moment outwardly, with Rai it happened inwardly enough to even ignore if one isn’t looking carefully. Then M21 had stepped in to protect him from the Elders is definitely one of the highlight of M21s interaction with Rai, and it genuinely warmed his heart. He hasn’t have this kind of individual interaction with any of their other child. Rai has come to defend him by words more than once too, one when he was beating himself over KSA, and one when he asked for Mark’s awakening, and there may have been others. Then Franky and him actually discussed his mental/emotional health before deciding that they should get his comrades name from Crombel. All this has been a privilege not bestowed upon any other child, partly because they don’t need it.

The whole Mark saga infact, raised Rai’s worry for him 200% I think, by now, M21 is Rai’s favorite kid hands down imo. He also seems to remind him of Frankenstein in his unruly days, a much milder Frankenstein so there’s that plus point.

Frankenstein/M21 had always been one of my most favorite parts of Noblesse. Frankenstein started getting soft towards M21 very early on like Rai. The first moment where he noticed that hey this kid is not bad, was when M-21 had called him to warn him about Jake and Mary in S1, and Frankenstein was like,isn’t it a bit too kind of you to tell me everything in detail? This was when he gave them the safe house address to hide if they want.

The scene after M24s death, when M-21 had told them causally how all of the 100 M series died on him. The first time i read this scene I thought Franky expressions were him evaluating if this guy is telling the truth or not. Now I think he was like what poor kid. Master we have managed to pick up a really unfortunate puppy. Rai was clearly hurting for M21 far back then too. But saving the kids in DA-5 arc was definitely what sealed his worth in Frankenstein eyes. He would not have blamed him if he had chosen otherwise I’m sure, it was a very tough situation M21 was in, but he exceeded his expectations there.

Also spoiler alert ahead if you aren’t upto date with the canon unreleased chapter.

I was quite disappointed with the fact that it was RK5, not Frankenstein or Rai who saved him from the crazy Green werewolf. I’d been musing so many ways he could be saved this arc by either one of them the entire last year and hugged to death and what not. Then came RK 5 to take all the glory. I’ve now grown to like this development for various reason now, but it took a couple weeks to come to terms with  -_-

M-21s is a cute lil baby. He should be allowed to talk however he likes XD Frankenstein and Rai knows he needs this freedom to acquire some measure of self-worth and value. So yes, they let him. M-21 genuinely tries hard to be respectful to Frankenstein too. Most of the times he has been blunt or rude were extreme circumstances, like when he snapped him out of darkspear influence during Frank/Rajak, or when he was arguing about Mark authenticity or letting him awaken. M21 will dare not disrespect Frankenstein deliberately, Franky’s too scary for that.

Also I think atleast initially, M-21, not Tao, was meant to be the one who can be upfront with Frankenstein and snap him out of a moment of weaknesses, but this particular relationship point hasn’t really been used again after Rajaks fight as far as I can remember. Maybe when/if its Frankenstein’s arc with his old student Tasume then it will be utilized again. I’d very much like to see it again.

And M-21 is their first child. Ofcourse he is special ^^ Okay its probably my bias speaking too, but M-21 is hands down the most troublesome of their kids. 4th and 5th arcs issues are direct results of his actions, Rai even has to go to sleep in 5th due to his comrade’s saga, so yeah they are well aware that this child needs extra attention. Plus there’s the fact that M-21 is the most traumatized of their kids and arguably has suffered the worst in life (can we deny that he still gets the worst of all, like how many times has he been stabbed by now?) Which means that they are hands down the most worried about him = more blankets to wrap him in = more protection = more space in their worried minds and hearts ^^

Though every child has their own special place too, Seira is probably Frankenstein’s favorite due to her helping him in household work and bc of how obedient she is. Tao is Frank 2, so he is obviously special. Takeo and Regis are the most normal of them, and as such the most easily to be ignored by Frankenstein, unfortunately or fortunately for them.

I do not think Rai knows anymore about his heart other than that it is of a werewolf. If he knew anymore, he would have revealed to Frankenstein atleast by now. Though, it could be that its Ashleens and Rai will eventually figure it out… even in this arc, dare we hope.

I would LOVE if Crombel does something like this. Infact, before this arc I was very sure this is exactly what’s going to happen triggering the start of the end of Crombel and M21s comrades name or heart owners saga. But then came this arc, and this kidnapping of M-21 had been so heavy and long, and pretty much everything he didn’t want to happen has happened with him already as a hostage, which lessens the chances of another kidnapping.

Then again, children have been kidnapped some 3-4 times now? by comparison M21 is only at his 2nd yet. So maybe he’ll get taken once more before the end? It’ll be hard to summon that much worry by household this time and M21 will feel like shit for getting abducted yet again, so I don’t know how authors will manage to make it fresh. Crombel has been a villain since the start though, he needs to live upto his hype in any case so he better do something for once.

Also anon I don’t know if you’re into fan fictions, but there are some really good ones who explore some nice Crombel/M21 in such setting. Over the top of my head there’s these 3 where Crombel takes him back. if you hadn’t read them yet, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy these and i’ll provide more food for thought:

 And please barge in whenever you like. I love talking about Noblesse ^^

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Please talk about Thomas and Martha Jefferson! They seem like such an otp yet there is hardly anything on them! And Thomas gets so much hate now bc of Hamilton.


i like TJ, but lbh, he acted like an as*hole on many occasions haha. yet, his relationship with Martha is one of the rares things in his life that could redeem him imho. so yessssss: let me talk (A LOT) about the love story of Thomas & Martha Jefferson!!! it will make you cry, i promise

Martha was an accomplished musician who played the pianoforte and spinet, and also sang. When she was 18, she married Bathurst Skelton with whom she had a child named John, but less than two years after the marriage, Bathurst became ill and died in 1768.
After the acceptable period of mourning was over, the wealthy and beautiful (all physical accounts of her describe her as such) new widow began attracting many suitors, including Thomas Jefferson. Thomas fell in love with Martha nearly straightaway, however, she did not share the same feelings for him when he first started calling on her. Neither did her father tho, who didn’t approve of the lower status Thomas Jefferson’s interests in his daughter. Thomas proposed to Martha in early 1771, but she did not accept. Thanks to an encouraging letter written to him by a friend, Mrs. Drummond, Thomas continued to pursue the relationship.
According to family lore, two men waiting outside the Wayles’ house to see Martha heard her and Thomas, who got there before the other men, playing music and singing together. Upon hearing this, they gave up and went home, realising the tenderness between the two. Bonding over things, such as their mutual love of music and literature, Martha accepted Thomas’ proposal by June, 1771. Unlike marriages of generations past that considered monetary and social reasons for tying the knot over romantic feelings, the couple was one of a growing number of couples getting married out of love.
Their wedding was planned for later that summer, however, the bad luck in child rearing that followed the Eppes-Wayles-Jefferson families around struck and caused them to postpone. Martha’s son died at just three and a half years old. The heartbroken Martha and Thomas rescheduled the wedding. During their courtship, Thomas Jefferson’s passion for Martha was so great that it caused him to ignore some of his revolutionary principles. In a blatant violation of the colonial boycott of British goods, Thomas ordered a “forte-piano” from England—along with special instructions about its construction to make sure it would be “worthy the acceptance of a lady for whom I intend it”. Thomas also had is work in progress, Monticello, renovated so it would be less of a bachelor pad and more of a family home.  
On December 23, he wrote out a wedding bond for the couple. In it, he described Martha as a “spinster”, later crossed out and replaced with “widow,” most likely by Martha’s brother-in-law and Thomas’ witness while writing the bond. The Skelton connection was not something Jefferson thought much about. Captivated by visions of their new life together, he had unconsciously edited Patty’s first husband out of the picture in his preparations for the wedding.
On January 1, 1772, Martha and Thomas were married at Martha’s family’s home. After the wedding, to have their honeymoon at Monticello, they made the 100-mile trip in one of the worst snowstorms to hit Virginia. Eight miles from their destination, their carriage bogged down in 2–3 feet of snow and they had to proceed on horseback, riding the remaining distance over a rough mountain track. Arriving at Monticello late at night after the servants had banked the fires and retired, the couple settled in the freezing one-room, twenty-foot-square brick building, still known by its nickname, the ‘Honeymoon Cottage’.Thomas lit a fire in the fireplace to get some warmth and they toasted their new home with a leftover half-bottle of french wine hidden behind a shelf of books, and “song and merriment and laughter”.
Of his beloved wife, Jefferson once wrote, “in every scheme of happiness she is placed in the foreground of the picture as the principal figure. Take that away, and there is no picture for me.”
Nine months after she and Thomas were married, Martha gave birth to the couple’s first of six children, also named Martha but called “Patsy.” Of the six kids, only Patsy and another daughter, Mary, survived childhood, and Patsy is the only one to live a long life. The loss of so many children took its toll on Martha, as did the pregnancies and childbirths themselves (Martha is described as being frail and her health declined with each pregnancy, as they all were physically tough and left her bedridden). When Thomas was Governor of Virginia, she twice had to flee Richmond and Monticello with her children when the British raided both locations. The state of her health during and post-pregnancies kept Thomas as close to home as possible so he could be with his ailing wife, sometimes choosing local Virginia politics over national roles. John Hancock, president of the Continental Congress, asked him to go on a diplomatic trip to Paris, which he declined so he could stay home with Martha.
During the summer of 1776, Thomas had been receiving letters from Martha asking him to come home from the Continental Congress as soon as he could because she was very ill. On September 1, 1776, Thomas Jefferson, the only delegate from the state of Virginia still in Philadelphia, left his state with no vote to attend to his wife. His fears were not unfounded –Martha, like her mother and Mary at the age of 25, would eventually succumb to the difficulties of childbirth.
When she was in good health, Martha and Thomas spent their time reading with each other and performing musical duets for themselves and guests. They each seem to be equally devoted to the other. Martha also proved to be very adept at running a home and managing a large plantation.  
As Jon Meacham noticed in his biography ‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’, Thomas found “In Martha, the most congenial of companions, a woman who spoke his language. Their nights were filled with music and wine and talk—talk of everything. They seemed to have fully shared their lives with each other. He confided in her about politics (…) Smart and strong willed, she liked having her way, was not a woman of retiring nature or of quiet views. She had a mind of her own.”
During the Revolutionary War, “ladies’ associations” begun in many states with the goal of collecting money and making clothing for the Continental Army. In 1780, Martha Washington nominated Martha Jefferson for the head of Virginia’s ladies association. In a letter to Eleanor Conway Madison (the only surviving complete letter written by Martha), she says, “I undertake with chearfulness the duty of furnishing to my country women an opportunity of proving that they also participate of those virtuous feelings with gave birth to it.”
In May, 1782, Martha gave birth to her last child and never recovered from the ordeal. Thomas wrote a letter to close friend, James Monroe, stating, “Mrs. Jefferson has added another daughter to our family.  She has ever since and still continues very dangerously ill.” 
*WARNING: tearjerker anecdote*  While on her deathbed, Martha and Thomas copied lines from one of their favorite novels, “Tristram Shandy” by Laurence Sterne. As she lay dying in their bed at just 33, Martha began writing a passage from the book but too weak, Thomas finished it, transforming the passage into a final dialogue between husband and wife:
   [written by Martha] Time wastes too fast: every letter I trace tells me with what rapidity life follows my pen. The days and hours of it are flying over our heads like clouds of windy day, never to return - more every thing presses on -
   [written by Thomas] and every time I kiss thy hand to bid adieu, every absence which follows it, are preludes to the eternal separation which we are shortly to make!
It seems like Thomas didn’t have the strength to finish the entire quote: —Heaven have mercy upon us both.
On September 6, 1782, a devastated Thomas could only bring himself to write simply in his account book, “My dear wife died this day at 11:45 A.M.”  
He was inconsolable in his loss and “was led from the room almost in a state of insensibility by his sister Mrs. Carr, who, with great difficulty, got him into his library where he fainted” —and not for a brief moment. Jefferson “remained so long insensible that they feared he would never revive.” After the funeral, he withdrew to his room for three weeks, pacing constantly, only allowing his sister to visit him.
He was incoherent with grief, and perhaps surrendered to rage. There is a hint that he lost all control, according to his daughter Patsy, the “witness to many violent bursts of grief” : “the scene that followed (…) when, almost by stealth, I entered his room by night, to this day I dare not describe to myself”. He destroyed all her letters and didn’t keep any of her belongings -just a few survived-. In a letter to his sister-in-law, he even was alluding to the possibility of suicide: “This miserable kind of existence is really too burdensome to be borne (…) I could not wish its continuance a moment”, but he would endure for their children. Jefferson remained “inconsolable” – a word used by many biographers and Jefferson’s contemporaries to describe his condition – for months. He sobbed deeply at night, broke down when he tried to appear in public and talk about his deceased wife, and news of his grief and shattered condition spread through the colony.
Not until after long weeks did Jefferson begin to resume a normal life when he wrote, “emerging from that stupor of mind which had rendered me as dead to the world as was she whose loss occasioned it. All my plans of comfort and happiness were reversed by a single event.”
Jefferson erected a marble tombstone for his wife at Monticello, with the inscription stating she had been “torn from him by death.” On her gravestone, as a part of the epitaph, Jefferson added lines from Homer’s The Iliad: Nay if even in the house of Hades the dead forget their dead, yet will I even there be mindful of my dear comrade ; and below: This monument of his love is inscribed.
Keeping a promise he allegedly made to Martha, he never remarried.
Thomas never fully recovered form her death. He never mentioned his wife, even to his closest firends, and almost 40 years after her death, he still referred to her in his autobiography as “the cherished companion of my life, in whose affections, unabated on both sides, I had lived the last ten years in unchequered happiness.”
After Jefferson’s death, in a secret drawer beside his bed, a folded paper with the “Tristram Shandy” text written by Martha on her deathbed was found –a lock of her hair carefully hidden inside–. Its wear showed that it was opened and refolded often.


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hey so I saw that you were asking for prompts and I've (being the shameless jily fic devourer that I am) got a couple of ideas for you? ok *deep breath*: A ROBIN HODIN/MAID MARIAN AU and I need this because REASONS OK? or, if you haven't watched Robin Hood, then PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE BAND AUS BC THEY"RE SUPER COOL AND REALLY NICE AND STUFF! k thanks, loved your youtube au btw :)

okay so i haven’t watched robin hood so i’ve written a band au and i hope you like it :)

James Potter drops onto the sofa with a carefree ease and a smirk fixed on his lips. Every inch of him screams attractive from the tousled black hair and a jaw sharp enough to cut diamonds to the way his calloused knuckles drum against his thighs. He slips off his worn leather jacket and tosses it to the side, a muscled arm reaching up to run ink stained fingers through his hair. He is a bundle of energy, his hands never laying still as if every nerve is charged with electricity. Behind his glasses lie hazel eyes that hold a glint of mischief. It’s no wonder a trail of broken hearts follow James wherever he goes, intentionally or not, with one smile he holds fragments of love in his hands, just fragile and delicate enough to break with a breath.

If James is the boy parents warn their daughters about, Lily is the girl you’d expect to be voted ‘most likely to succeed’ in a yearbook. Dressed in tight black jeans and a grey knitted jumper she simultaneously looks like she could be in a business meeting and on a fashion shoot, which in her case is entirely possible. She takes a seat next to James and instantly he has draped his too long limbs over her lap. The corner of her mouth lifts as she swats at his knee but his legs remain and there appears to be no further argument on the matter. Her eyes that hold galaxies sparkle as James pokes her side and her burgundy painted nails gleam as her hand grabs James’s wrist as it edges towards her ribs again.

James asks for a cup of tea and Lily asks if she can have one as well. James raises his eyebrows at me, “I’m such a trend-setter.” Lily rolls her eyes. Twenty minutes later, they both have their tea and Lily is eating a bar of chocolate she’s retrieved from her handbag. James eyes it up and almost instinctively she moves it out of his reach. “Remus bought it for me, get your own.” Remus Lupin, of course being the bass (and occasionally keyboard) player in James’s band, The Marauders, where he plays guitar and shares the singing with best friend and fellow guitarist Sirius Black. “It’s not that me and James aren’t best friends,” Lupin once explained in an interview, “We’re all best friends but James and Sirius are more than that. They’re like brothers, Sirius moved in with James when they were sixteen and James’s parents basically adopted him.”

The Marauders had burst onto the music scene at the ages of seventeen. Five years later, they have four albums, two which went platinum, and a grand total of fourteen number one’s. They show no sign of slowing though, as James explains they’re working on their fifth album and planning their next world tour. It hasn’t been all plain sailing for the boys though, one can hardly forget the scandal when the drummer Peter Pettigrew left the band to join The Death Eaters just as The Marauders had hit their peak, and then leaking the address of the flat that they had all shared as a final kick in the teeth. Broken and betrayed the remaining trio were forced to move and cancel the release of their upcoming album (the third). They took a holiday to Scotland and spent a couple months there rewriting and recording before returning to London and releasing the completely new album, aptly named ‘Do Your Worst’, featuring the hit single ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ with the iconic lyric ‘I wish you would set yourself on fire / because god knows I need cheering up’.

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@thelastpilot I just finished reading The Wight of Jade and,boy oh boy do you write well! It’s been YEARS I didn’t feel like that bc of a book( and I’m talking poj level of feels). I love the way you designed Jade as a whole and the interaction between Wayzz and Nino is just perfect! That got me thinkng how the kwamis teach the children what they need and I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking of the other miraculous.

Mari needed to learn self confidence. Through all of season 1 we can see her doubting herself especially in the origins eps and everytime she does, Tikki is there to reassure her and show how much of a great heroine and friend she is.

Adrien,on the other hand, needed to learn

how to have fun

. Plagg is a prankster,he was the one to show Adrien that life was NOT all about doing what his dad wanted,but having fun as well.That is covered on TWOJ perfectly.The kwamis’ animal reflects into the bearer as something they need to learn to grow. This fits perfectly with Turtle!Nino,as he is sometimes too impulsive and in need to learn how to

slow down

,as shown so far in the fic.

Finally comes my point and my addition to this AU ,if you wouldn’t mind. I think that the best people for the other miraculous are:

Chloe as Honey Bee/Queen Bee

Everyone has this feeling she deserves to have a redemption arc in season2 the same way everyone has a feeling Hawkmoth is some famous designer we know. But what does Chloe needs to learn?Chole needs to learn how to bee a part of a group,and no one can tell me that a bee kwami wouldn’t be able to teach her that. She respects Ladybug more than anyone else, so if the same type of being that gives her idol powers gives her advice,as well as a chance to fight beside her heroes,the girl would listen.I don’t mean she would Marinette it up,but the akumafication rate of the school would drop considerably.

Alya as Volpina

Okay,Volpina was Lila for a while but as her akumafication(still not sure on the term here).Lila lied,suffered from it and learned: nothing. We,the audience, and even Marinette learned a thing or two about lies,but Lila didn’t,even promising to never be friends with LB even though she apologized .So,why Alya? Well,ever since LadyWifi we know for certain that if there’s something that our beloved reporter hates the most is lies.The ones told by her friends,the ones told by Chloe, even the ones her heroes tell Paris everyday not telling anyone their identities. I think the fox kwami could teach her that secrets and lies can,sometimes,be for the greater good. She would learn how to keep secrets herself and how her lies(ilusions) could fight evil.

Finally,don’t be mad but,

Sabrina as the Peacock

Sabrina had the smallest character development through season one. She was a side character to a side character,at best a number 2 her whole life as she was allways with Chloe. However,she isn’t evil,but rather fearful of losing her best friend. She did try to stand up for what she thought was right,following the righteousness her father taught her,only to find herself in a impossible situation: obey Chloe’s scheme or be left alone. But what does Sabrina needs to learn? Sabrina needs to learn her own worth. Little girl needs to learn how to take the spotlight,be the center of her life for once. The only time she separated herself from Chloe,she stuck to Marinette. She tries to find her worth in helping who she cares about,she needed that to feel she was worth having as a friend.I think it’s not far fetched to assume she learns this from the Peacock Kwami. I can clearly see Sabrina standing on even ground with Chloe which,at first, would piss her off,but only to be happy for her friend finally seeing herself the way she does but could never put in words.

That’s it,sorry if I fanboyed too hard,but I judt couldn’t not. Regarding the miraculous users,some may not agree with me but then again,this is what a fandom is all about,right? What do


think? Toodles!

Pilot:: ooooh now this is an interesting bit. I like the different angle with Peackock!Sabrina, I hadnt considered it before. I like Alya for the fox for that exact reason you listed, and that was my intention with Nino! I love how you picked up on that, I wanted the turtle to give him balance and perspective, slow him down.