one of the only references to batman

I’m fairly certain that the people who make the “batman could make himself obsolete by using his money to solve the economic strain that drives many people to crime” posts are only familiar with Batman through Will Arnett’s spoof performance in the Lego movie, since that’s the only version of Batman I know where he isn’t hiring so many ex-convicts at his company so they have a legitimate source of income and using so much money to fund social programs that all the other bigwigs at Wayne Enterprises hate him and want him gone

Literally every version of his origin story I can remember involves him realizing that he can’t just treat the symptoms as Batman, he has to treat the root cause as Bruce Wayne. A huge part of the plot of “The Dark Knight Rises” is that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy because Bruce keeps spending all their profits on things like “clean energy” and “food and shelter for orphans.”

The opening of “Arkham City” shows him campaigning against mass incarceration because the majority of the inmates in Arkham City are not public menaces like the Joker, they’re desperate people with no other options, and Gotham should be providing them with legitimate means of stability rather than punishing them for having none.

Especially since the majority of his villains are independently wealthy people (doctors, lawyers, business executives) who are exploiting people’s desperation in order to get themselves henchmen, and the henchmen almost always have jobs with a living wage waiting for them on the other side of their sentence, and Bruce has a standing offer to pay out-of-pocket for the therapy of any of his villains whose crimes are the result of a mental illness (which Bruce is sympathetic to since he is mentally ill himself)

But what’s really damning about these posts is that a lot of them suggest Bruce should use his money to give the police the resources they need to deal with crime on their own, which makes it clear they’ve never actually consumed a piece of Batman media, since the issue with the Gotham Police is not that they’re underfunded. They have a bloated budget, they’re almost militant, and they’re so corrupt that they actually encourage crime, both violent and economic, because they’re on the payroll of the richest criminals. 

Also, some of them refer to Batman as a “old rich white man’s wet dream” and I really disagree here. A story that says the only rich dude in the world who’s not a criminal drain on society is the one who spends the majority of his hefty inheritance and all his corporate profits trying to correct the imbalance that allowed him his wealth in the first place, whose staunch belief is that the best crime control policy is building a world where no one feels crime is necessary, as well as refusing to support mass incarceration or police corruption, systems which stand to benefit him financially? Batman is an old rich white man’s worst nightmare

 So I was really confused because like who is that ginger baby? So I did some research… APPARENTLY, THERE WERE TWO FEMALE ROBINS. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL CARRIE KELLEY.




So, I thought I’d put together a post on Oswald’s and Edward’s relationship status before his P.I. run. Their friendship only really came into fruition in 2006 with Detective Comics #824, and was solidified by 2008 with the Gotham Underground series. You can read both of those here. At the time of those comics being published, I don’t actually recall many people being aware of them. Due to the popularity of Batman Begins and later Dark Knight, the only villains people seemed to know were Jonathan Crane and Joker, and the slash fandom would generally place any and all characters with those two (Riddler was among those shipped with Crane and Joker, and that was basically how Scriddler came to be. I remember when it was only Cillian Murphy Scarecrow with Riddler since barely anyone read the comics.)

Anyway, they didn’t have a positive relationship prior to Eddie’s P.I. arc, which is why you’ll see people referring to them as enemies. There’s even writers of the Batman comics who either aren’t aware they were ever friends or forget they were.

One comic arc that really sticks out in my mind is Detective Comics: Dead Reckoning, because Edward collaborates with Penguin, Joker, Scarecrow, Killer Moth, and Mad Hatter on a project and upon seeing one of his fellow rogues be assaulted, he goes to inform Penguin of the impending danger.

It’s pretty obvious there’s no love lost between them, but Eddie still went out of his way to let Oswald know he was in danger. And when Oswald was attacked, Edward expressed some discontent, even though his own well-being was his primary concern.

So, okay, they weren’t friends, but they weren’t exactly enemies in this particular comic either.

That isn’t the only time they worked together, either:

Then, of course, there are times they’re straight up antagonistic towards each other:

This one definitely warrants mentioning as it’s a comic in which Oswald essentially says ‘why didn’t you let Ed to be tortured and die’ to Joker, while Eddie is in the next room. Nice, Oswald. By villain standards this was a pretty reasonable thing to say since Eddie being attacked by Hush was a consequence of his own actions, but still.

However, I think when people call them enemies, they’re thinking of their dynamic in the animated series spinoff, Batman Adventures:

They also had a scene reminiscent of their pre-P.I. run dynamic in the middle of their friendship courtesy of a misinformed writer. I don’t think I added this comic to the masterlist since at this point, it was 2009 and their friendship was well-established, so their interaction in this comic came off as jarring.

And I loathe to acknowledge Tony Daniel’s comics since he turned Riddler and other characters into absolute jokes, to the point that people dedicated whole blogs to picking apart his awful character designs and writing, but this is supposedly the note their friendship ended on:

Still, it stands that Edward and Oswald’s most significant interaction took place during his P.I. run, and they were good friends at that time and had fantastic writers who weren’t panned by the entire comic reading community.

As of n52, which is an entirely different universe to the one I was just discussing, their relationship has returned to something amicable:

Which hopefully they’ll maintain, since I adored their friendship in the Detective Comics and Gotham Underground. It’d be great if their dynamic in the comics was influenced by the tv show, though I’m not sure how likely that will be.

And there you have it! They’ve been enemies, frenimies, amicable, and good friends. They’ve had a very complex, interesting relationship in the comics and I look forward to seeing it continued!

It’s hard not to appreciate how much HP Lovecraft has influenced modern horror and media.

  • The reference of anything otherworldly as “eldritch” was first used in a Lovecraft story.
  • The entirety of the concept of otherworldly beings sporting tentacles first appeared in a Cthulhu story, and the Great Old Ones are said to be “from the stars.”
  • The Necronomicon, one of the most identifiable staples in many horror tropes and series (such as the Evil Dead) was a part of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.
  • His stories were so revolutionary that “Lovecraftian” is not only a descriptor but an entire horror genre.
  • The name Arkham from the Batman comics was taken from a town frequently mentioned in Lovecraft’s works.
  • “Beyond description” is now a common term to describe something horrific and was inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.
  • Lovecraft is one of the first, if not the first, horror novelist to use the occult as a staple part of his work (effectively, Lovecraftian horror is occult horror).
  • The entire concept of the Void and the Voidborn in the League of Legends game lore is taken from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, including the design for the character Kassadin, which resembles Cthulhu.
  • Cthulhu is literally now a staple horror monster that even people who don’t know Lovecraft know about.
  • Every.  Single.  Call.  Of.  Cthulhu.  Game.
  • Deep sea creatures being used as a horror element was first used by Lovecraft.
  • Seriously Lovecraft was so influential and a lot of people are surprised when I point this stuff out.  Hell, some people don’t even know he existed but he’s left such an impact on media it’s insane.
Fishy Business - Arthur Curry x Reader

Prompt: Can you do something with Aquaman like his s/o is the only one that can get away with saying fish puns around hom

“So I’ve been herring that Batman is gill-ty of being a class A jerk lately.” You say casually, trying to start a conversation with Arthur while you swaddled against his chest underneath a soft knit mermaid blanket. Arthur sighed and gave you the look.

“[Y/N]? Can you not?” He asked. You knew fully well what he was referring to with only caused your grin to widen.

“You mean you want me to scale it back?” You snickered. “Alright, I’ll mullet over”

Arthur groaned and dropped his head to your shoulder. Clearly he wasn’t going to win this battle. Well, if you can’t beat ‘em …

“Seriously [Y/N]? You cod do better.”

Bigotry in Writing

It might surprise you to find out that an astonishing amount of the time, bigotry in writing is not intentional. Personal bias or common biases contribute to things like that.

A really good example for me that’s really recent is the issue of Nightwing that came out a bit ago. Nightwing is a quasi-adopted adult, and while Batman is not quite his father, there’s a relationship there. However, at least three other family members have been canonically adopted, though only one is for fairly certain at this point, due to comics continuity. 

Damian Wayne, the current Robin, is Batman’s biological son. He’s placed a great deal of importance on this canonically, referring to himself as ‘the blood son’ or the only real son or so on, in spite of having adopted siblings. And, in general, he’s been shown to be wrong in this assumption, as it’s his own bigotry and need to be more important than his siblings that causes it.

However, in the recent issue of Nightwing? Nightwing specifically says Batman’s lifestyle is hardest on, and I quote, ‘You. His real son.’

To me, this is a good example of not showing bigotry, but rather infusing the author’s bigotry into the work.

Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with having bigoted characters. Bigoted people exist. What is wrong, however, is to have the work itself be bigoted, and the turn that these comics have taken in literally everyone agreeing that Damian is the most important because real son is very bad and indicates the bigoted opinion that biological children trump adopted children because blood.

This is a problem because this bigotry is shown as correct. As a fact. When it is not, and instead is a harmful assumption that hurts adopted kids a lot. This particular mindset has been used to demean and harm children for a long time, and more recent cases in my neck of the woods involve children literally being adopted to be servants to people and being explicitly told they are less than because they don’t share the family’s blood.

Most cases of this bigotry are less extreme. But writing that reinforces it, or any other bigotry, is doing a disservice with your work and your creativity. It doesn’t mean your work is bad, or that the entire thing is trash now. What is does mean is that, as a creator of media, you need to consider what biases you’re bringing to the table, and be aware of them. Make sure they don’t poison your work.

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Hey you! (this is so not a skam reference 😏) Do you like comics ? Like the avengers, the x men, marvel, DC kinda stuff ? 🌿

comic books - not really (only ever gotten through The Young Avengers if we’re looking at marvel/dc), movies based on comic books:
x-men - a big yes
everything else - sort of meh, not a giant fan but would still watch
the ones i like more than others - Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor movies (mostly for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki), Deadpool
dc - only Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight movies (although i used to really like Batman and Justice League cartoons when i was a kid)
also really looking forward to the new Thor movie because TAIKA WAITITI <3
and guardians of the galaxy 2 because TINY GROOT

June 10, 2017...

Adam West died today. If you don’t know who that is then you didn’t grow up like I did but that doesn’t matter. You’ve got Affleck now, but I grew up watching reruns of this guy on TV. Movies have done a good job and all that, sure, but there’s nothing like the originals. They always stick with you.

… You know I tried to make Cas watch The Dark Knight movies once? He knew all the references now but just didn’t get them until he actually saw the damn thing. Honestly, I never did know if knowing every pop culture fun fact in the world was a blessing or not, but if Cas is any help it’s probably better to know what you know versus know what you only think you know. Look at me being philosophical.

But anyway, we were into the second one when he asked about Batman in general. He didn’t get superheroes, or why I liked Batman enough to want to make him understand the Bruce Bayne and Robin. Now, this was the time before superheroes basically became what everyone nowadays talks about, so it was a valid question I guess. I told him about superheroes were something for someone out there growing up like they were for Sammy and me as kids, but Cas still didn’t get it completely. I knew he hadn’t because the guy just nodded and said he understood when I knew he had no friggin’ clue why that meant anything beyond seeing some guys run around in tights. He got it a little more after the movies ended, but still.

I remember thinking these guys were heroes when I was younger, how they’d go out and kick ass and save everyone. That means something to you when you’re a kid. It sticks with you, and just like that that actor that you later realize plays that hero on TV sticks with you too. You learn about how that actor was a hero in real life too with all the things he did and all the people he helped, not to mention God knows how many kids growing up saying they’ll be Batman. You know what I mean? I feel like you do without me having to outright say it on here and have something on here that is completely not something I’d ever say out loud.

        But, guess I should say this anyway for when Cas does come back and reads through these. Maybe he’ll understand it a bit better now, come to think of it. Heroes are not just people running around in spandex; they’re the ones that show kids how to stand up for themselves in a world that constantly wants to kill them. They’re kind of like our own little escapes that we want to see ourselves as some day, and when those things transfer over like they do with actors being the literal superheroes with all they do, then all the more reason to actually… be Batman.

- Dean

Yesterday | Tomorrow

Em, guys, can I ask you something? Look around you. Look at, well, everything. The castle, his looks, his lair with lava, the ninjas….what part of it ever made Ras look like someone trustworthy? What part of it all doesn’t scream FUCKING EVIL?!

The conclusion to Damian Knows best in Teen Titans #5 is surprisingly brief. Demon’s Fist is quick to turn on Ras once they find out he stole them from their parents and their whole lives have been a lie….which is done through Damian’s mastery in the ancient art of exposition dump. Fight with Ras himself is brief and he seems more concerned about being a dick to everyone in general and Mara in particular than anything else. In fact, the fight seems to happen only so that Damian can make that one reference to the cartoons.

On the other hand, once that is done we have actually a nice moment between Bruce and Damian that leads to Batman-founded Titans Tower. It actually works nicely as a setup for the team as a whole. I think the theme of this team being “work in progress” and trying to define what it actually means to be Teen Titans as they go may be an interesting way to approach this particular type of group. From a meta perspective, after so many different incarnations and reboots what DOES it means to be in Teen Titans actually is a question worth exploring. Demon’s Fist also has a potential, now that they’re free and can do whatever they want, could be fun to see them in this book later. Or in another title.

TS - #004
The Telephone Box 

“This definitely isn’t the most comfortable place in the world to switch garments. But I’ve got to change identities - And in a hurry!”

- Superman, 1942 Sunday Comic Strip

A red telephone box stands in the distance, just when you need it once. In a somewhat drunken stupor, you limp towards it. As you finish dialling a number, a low voice on the other end mutters, “Wolverine and you watch as your muscles grow, your legs elongate, your feet lengthen, and your cock thicken. You stumble out of the booth as you feel your voice grow into nothing more than a husky growl, and look down to examine your new body as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Following the War of the Craft, many remnants of Craft manifested themselves in the open world as reality altering paraphernalia across the world and its many eras. One of these many examples came to be known as The Telephone Box. This manifestation of power appeared in the late 50’s and took on the appearance as a red telephone box, wherein it randomly disappeared and appeared in many cities across the globe. It is seen as being indistinguishable from any other telephone box, but seemingly having an “almost hypnotic” effect upon certain men, especially those that are attracted to other men.

Upon entering, the user will feel compelled to dial a number, whether it is one they know or a random number, but no matter what number they dial, The Voice will always respond and utter the phrase of a super powered comic book character. 

Such examples have been the following, Captain America, Venom, Iron Man, Spider Man, Green Arrow, The Flash, Superman, Black Panther, Batman, and many others.

However, The Voice has recently been known to spout “Ten” or “Eleven” to the user, transforming them into British actors David Tennant and Matt Smith, usually in a specific outfit and with an odd device appearing in their pockets.

Once a name is said, the phone will immediately hang up and whoever is inside the phone will begin transforming into the comic book character, though these transformations can vary from looking more like the comic book counterpart to how a modern day audience identifies these heroes. This means that nowadays, people may actually end up transforming into Chris Evans’ Captain America or Andrew Garfield’s Spider Man. This is also based upon the user’s own personal preference.

Usually the transformation begins with the hands, causing many to believe that the magic emanates from the phone itself, this, as well as the trigger being caused by The Voice, further gives credence to this observation. 

Anyone who tries to leave The Telephone Box during transformation is unable to, as the hinges for the door disappear and meld into the walls as the doorknob disappears as well as any windows so they are unable to signal for help or break out. 

Other transformations that may break the phone box such as The Hulk have been unable to do so, as The Telephone Box simply grows to allow the body to grow completely inside of it before having a door large enough for them to step outside.

It has been noted that on the outside, The Telephone Box doesn’t appear to change shape or size during this, causing some of believe that the interior is simply a different realm akin to The Studio. However, oddly enough The Telephone Box can actually enable someone to visit The Studio when exiting the box. Upon exiting, The Telephone Box will always suddenly disappear and appear somewhere else within the world, always in cities or towns that are at least somewhat populated.

Once the transformation is finished, not only will the user be transformed into the character physically, but they will be transformed into them mentally as well. Though a higher libido and same sex attraction is present, they will find themselves with the character’s own powers and morals, needing to save other lives as Superman or stop crimes as Batman

Whenever two or more people are within The Telephone Box (the maximum ever being fitted is four), the user (in reference to the one actually using the phone) is transformed into the character. Meanwhile others are transformed into inanimate objects, such as the outfit of the user (which usually manifests from whatever clothing they have on or if nothing at all than it simply doesn’t appear). 

However during the last transformation with four people, the user was turning into Thor, his friends becoming his outfit, another his boots and well as the transformation was finishing, his other friend seemed to become this:

Not that the user minded, as he became known as Thor, forgetting his old life and putting his “friend” to good use. 

The Telephone Box still exists to this day, and nobody knows exactly who or what The Voice is. Only, whoever or whatever they are, they still continue to transform men into heroes and more. 


So after it was made canon that Hal has Jewish heritage, I’ve began making a few headcanons. One of which is that he learned Hebrew and Yiddish when he was younger, and sometimes gives his nieces and nephews Yiddish terms of endearment. I also like the idea of using this headcanon to make some Batlantern goodness involving Hal crashing at Bruce’s manor after a long mission and in his tired state, accidentally mistaking Damian as one of his nephews or actually referring to Damian as his own kid. 

At first I was gonna use Motek, but then I dug around and realized the the majority of the Jewish community in the US speak Yiddish and thought that would fit better for Hal… However if I got the word wrong please tell me, I’d rather fix it than let it remain a mistake.


Today was a great day !
So some of the students in my high school had the right to participate to “the student spring ” it was a big big big festival close to my town with a lot of activities (dance, music, art, photos, sports… I was in the art class of course ) Which aaaaall students from my region came !!
So we were maybe more than 1,000 students in that place today
Every high schools had one team in art (from mine we were 7)
And every teams had one biiig white canvas to paint
The thema was “to reach yourself” (“se dépasser in French”)
So me and my team we had this idea
With a lot of references (Star, Drangon Ball, Gravity Falls, Batman, Superman, ….)
There were maybe 20 teams who had to draw something about the thema …
Every teams was against each other and only one team would win
Sooooo after some exclamations of happyness we won the first place and represented our school for the art class
WHOOOOOO and then we were on TV !!

Oh and another amazing thing happened today
I was painting the Moon when I heard “It’s Star Butterfly !!” Just behind me
I understood that a French girl who is my age and who lives next to my town is a big fan of Svtfoe (of course we started to be friends )
So yeah today was an amazing day !!!!!!

Joker from Suicide Squad - I wanted to redesign his tattoos to try illustrate his mentality/beliefs of him and B-man being parallels (Bats is on the left, Joker is to the right.) I feel the original ones only accentuate what he looks like on the outside, not what’s within (*/▽\*)♡ might finish properly some day.

Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader-The Truth

This was requested by @insanedaughterofjoker.  I believe I have seen this request on another page and decided to change it a bit.  Hope ya like it!

You sat on top of one of the many tall buildings in Gotham.  Its crime infested streets looked so minuscule at this altitude, but we all know no matter how much you distance yourself the danger is still there.  It was an unusually quiet night in Gotham and it gave you a chance to finally think about your relationship with the one and only Bruce Wayne.  He was a stud for sure, but the rumors were getting to you, and his actions weren’t helping.  You didn’t want to believe he was cheating, but wasn’t it possible?  You never judged people by the news reports about them, but you did by their actions.  He had a lot of ‘family emergencies’ and ‘company meetings,’ but you knew better.

“Somebody help me!”

You immediately turned your head to the east and ran towards the cry for help, jumping from building to building.  There was a young girl holding an unconscious boy with crimson blood flowing down his forehead.  A shadowy figure clutched a knife and hovered over the two.  You quietly made your way down the building and behind the clueless crook.  

“Give me all ya got, or else- OOOOFF!”

You cut him off by kicking his back and forcing him onto the ground.  One solid punch to the face knocked him out of consciousness.  You looked over to the shaking figure of the girl, who looked about fifteen or sixteen, and walked over to her slowly.  When she saw you approaching she clutched onto the boy and attempted to move away from you.  

You held your hands up and said, “I’m just checking on him.”

You pulled your helmet off and placed it lightly on the ground.  Your masked face, covered by a domino mask, seemed to calm the girl down.  You crouched down and checked the kid’s pulse.  

“He’ll be fine.  He might have a bad headache when he wakes up,” you said and stood up.

You walked over to your mask and picked it up.  You placed it over your head and locked it in place.  You grabbed the comatose criminal and zip tied him to one of the giant garbage containers.  Once you made sure he wouldn’t be able to break out, you looked back at the girl one more time and grappled to the roof of another building.  You notified the police and made sure they picked up the couple.  You once again sat at the edge of a building and waited for another desperate cry for help.

“Hiya Batsy,” you said with your voice changing device.

You turned your head to find the Batman standing in the shadows, dark and brooding as ever.  His normal emotionless face watched you as you stood up and stretched.

“It’s good to see ya, Spooky, but I’m a little busy working out my problems with violence,” you said while chuckling.

His mouth shifted into a scowl, “You know that’s not what you’re supposed to do with this job, (Y/S/N).”

“Have you ever heard of sarcasm?” you questioned, “Are you really scolding me for clearing off the streets?  That’s a tad bit hypocritical.”

“You know what I mean, (Y/N).”

You froze and diverted all of your attention to him, “You were there when I saved those kids, weren’t you?  Congratulations, detective, you have figured out the great (Y/S/N)’s secret identity.  Now what do you want?”

“The truth.”

“I don’t understand,” you said with confusion laced in your tone.

He walked over to you and slowly removed your helmet.  You had no idea what was going on, but he already knew your identity, so why would he want to remove it.  Before you could ask him what he was doing his lips met yours.  You were shocked at first, but melted into the heated kiss.  When he released your lips from his he said something only one person would know.

“I guess this is the feisty side of yourself you were referring to.”

“You’re an ass.“

You Will Be Mine - Lex Luthor oneshot (Part 7)

Fandom: Batman vs Superman, Lex x reader
Warning: None, or creepy Lex again

Part one, Part two here, Part three here, Part four here, Part five here, Part six here, Part eight here, Final part here

A/N: Here’s part 7. I don’t think there will be many more parts, I’m almost done with the serie. I really hoped you’ve liked it. xx

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Who would you want to be cast as the Al Ghouls if they are part of the batman movie ?*you could add the Waynes if you like *

I know that as both an Arab and a Batman Fanboy I should have a long list of Arab Actors that I want to play the Al-Ghuls but Unfortunately I am not into celebrities and all so I don’t know a lot of Actors not even the ones in the Arab world That I would  really want to play them so I don’t think I have really good Fancasts but I guess I will try my best?  

These are Only Visual references, its not like I expect them to do a good job at it if they got the role:

Talia Al-Ghuls: Balqees

Damian Wayne: Ayman Amin (I already suggested him before but I am gonna suggest again because I think he’s perfect for Damian)

Ra’s Al-Ghul: Majid Al Masri

So yeah, A full Arab cast to play the Al-Ghuls what more can you ask for?

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Sometimes with as big as the Batclan is I have to remember Damian has ever only considered/referred to Maya and Dick as his siblings in canon (Dick especially in Rebirth. I think DC is finally realise family relationships can sell. Ironically the bat adoptive ones are more popular then the blood one).

I am very happy to see DC re-acknowledging how important Dick was to Damian after underplaying the relationship in N52. Damian has always been very particular on who he trusts and even more guarded on people he actually likes and is willing to open up to. We’ve seen him be open with Dick and Maya which I think is meaningful and could be one reason he feels bonded to them in a sibling like manner. As always, would like to see further development of Dami with people in (Jay, Steph, Cass, Tim) and out (Colin, Jon, GA kids) of the batfam

The thing about guys who take it upon themselves to police the boundaries of geekdom is that they often don’t have much knowledge of geek media themselves. That smarmy neckbeard who’s hassling you for being a Fake Geek Girl because you missed whatever half-baked comic book reference he just hit you with? Most of the time, he doesn’t know much more about the source material than you do - he’s just gambling that you won’t know enough to notice that he’s talking out of his ass.

You can totally turn it around on them, though. Just start making stuff up and watch him flail as he pretends to know what you’re talking about. Tell him that yeah, you’re just getting into Batman, so you haven’t read many back issues yet, but you love the one where Robin gets mind-swapped with a housecat and for some reason only the Penguin has the cure. Really a comedic masterpiece. Has he read it?