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I Still Exist

Requests: Omg your stories are awesome! I was wondering if I could suggest a newt x reader with the song “Where Do We Go” or “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling? Where the reader feels kinda neglected and depressed for quite some time and newt fails to notice because he is in a lot harsher mood and snaps a lot as a result of working on his book? And one day she goes “missing” and worries newt? Lots of angst pls!(Idk it sounded a lot better in my head)You can come up with the rest. Thanks!       AND      hi !! i really love your stories, and i was wondering if i could request an v angsty one where newt is under a lot of stress and snaps at reader? ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,701

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to one in

The workshop smells about how you’d expected when you crawl into the case. A burning mixture evaporates somewhere nearby, partly covering up the odors of the various feed bags for the creatures and the plate of raw meat rotting on the table. You shake your head, disgusted, and slip past the shed. Scanning the field, hand over your eyes to block out the blinding sun, you spot Newt next to a murtlap. He’s on his knees saying something to the snarling creature. You swallow down the heart breaking in your chest. He’s exchanging more words with that beast than he has with you in the past month.

“Newt. Newt!” You shout, crossing through tall grasses and kicking stones out of your way. For God’s sake, “Newt!”

He twists enough to ensure it’s you before turning his back on you. “One minute, love.”

Hands on your hips, you wait as he chatters with the beast. It’s not that you’re against his research, it’s that he’s trying to cram chapters worth of new material into the book. You’d supported his idea when he first told you a month and a half ago. Now, though, you’re not sure you would’ve been so encouraging had you known he would spend every waking minute in the case without you.

“I don’t have all day, Newt. I have to get to the bakery with Queenie before it closes.”

He shakes his head, facing you. “I’m busy, love. Can’t it wait?”

You can feel the tension in his voice, strengthened, no doubt, by the bags under his eyes. “I just need to know if you’d prefer apple or peach pie for dessert.”

He mumbles something that sounds like ‘that’s it?’ but when you question him, he simply says, “I said it’s your choice. I’m sure you’ll make the right one.”

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“Is Bruce in here?” Tim figured he might be— Bruce spent a lot of time in the children’s wing of Wayne Enterprises. There were a dozen or so kids in daycare most weekdays, and Bruce liked to hang out.

Tim liked to hang out too. They had nice snacks, and he’d known most of the kids since they were toddlers. And sometimes naps were mandatory.

“Conference call,” Damian told him. (For someone who claimed to hate naps, snackfood, kids, and humanity in general, Damian also spent a lot of time in the children’s wing.) “I don’t know where.” 

He went back to what he was doing, which was arranging a set of pewter soldiers into a complex model of a battlefield, presumably for the benefit of the preschooler sitting next to him. 

“What’s this?”

“The Battle of Issus, 333 BC.”

“Right, obviously.” Tim decided he was curious, so he settled down on the mats to watch.  Damian finished his model; he pulled a marker from the art table and used it as a pointer. 

“Okay. This is the Macedonian army, outnumbered but in the better tactical position, south of the Pinarus River. Their leader is Alexander the Great. And this—” He pointed to his enemy line. “—is the Achaemenid Empire. They’re about to lose.”

Damian tapped his marker on the Macedonian right. “This is the companion calvary, Alexander’s elite force, and they—” he cut off when he noticed his pupil digging in the toy bin, clearly distracted. The kid came up with a battered Transformer, which he set behind Damian’s lines. 

“Elliot. Alexander did not have robots.”

“But,” said Tim, rummaging through the box himself, “did he have wizards?” He pulled a bearded magician out of the tub and held it up for Damian to see. 

“You know he didn’t.”

Tim passed the wizard to Elliot. “But what if he did?”


“How would that go?”


“Abracadabra, Alexander!” Elliot yelled, gleefully smashing through Damian’s entire left flank.

“Damn it, Drake.” Damian sighed in frustration— not quite the rise Tim was hoping for, but still something. He dropped Elliot’s discarded robot back into the box.

“I don’t know what you were expecting,” Tim told him. “Elliot’s four. He’s too young for— what is this— military history?”

“He was doing fine before you showed up.” Damian started to re-erect his soldiers, but he gave it up after Elliot came in for a second pass. “Which is typical, isn’t it?”

“Good one.”

“Thank you.” Damian crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll bite. When is he supposed to learn this kind of thing?”

“High school? Maybe never.”

“That can’t be right.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Frequently.” Damian rolled his eyes. “I’m getting a second opinion.”

“I’ll wait.”

Damian checked the room for potential allies. “Thomas?” he called over his shoulder, “You learned military strategy as a kid, right?”

Duke looked up from the book he was reading to a pair of kindergardeners. “Just you, man.”

“Told you.” Tim fished a bag of plastic ninja from the toy box and arranged them pointedly into a row. “How are you still surprised by this kind of thing?”

Damian glared at him. “Okay, first of all? I’m not a— hold on a second. Elliot!”

Elliot froze with a large, plastic dinosaur held aloft over the battlefield. He drew it sheepishly back to his chest. “Sorry.”

“Not in the calvary wing,” Damian told him. “You’ll scare the horses.”

“Here?” Elliot pointed to the front of the phalanx.



“Aim for his center.” Damian turned back to Tim. “Anyway. Why are you still talking to me? I thought we had an agreement about unnecessary contact.”

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If Jamie and Claire (and Wee Ian) could text: Jamie throws out his back in Drums of Autumn and they get it on in the lean-to Edition because why not (BOOK SPOILERS)
  • Claire: Jamie you've been out in the snow for far too long
  • Claire: are you alright?
  • Claire: Jamie?
  • Claire: Jamie Brigitta Fraser respond to me right this minute
  • >>Wee Ian Murray was added to the chat<<
  • Claire: Ian have you heard from you uncle??
  • Claire: he went out hunting and he's not responding to my demeaning jibes
  • Ian: omg!
  • Ian: are ye sure he's not just sleeping on the hunt and ignoring the texts?
  • Claire: god I hope so but you give it a go
  • Ian: Hey, Uncle, I bedded five different Tuscarora lassies at once last night, and they had me Tuscaroarin'
  • Claire: ohgoodlordIan
  • {{{crickets}}}
  • Ian: oh aye he's definitely not seeing these texts
  • Ian: I'm a half day away but I'll head your way now
  • Claire: I'm heading out into the snow to find him
  • Ian: be safe auntie
  • Ian: dress warmly
  • {{{two hours}}}
  • Claire: Jamie I found your trail but it went cold
  • Claire: PLEASE text me
  • Ian: borrowed a horse, will be there asap
  • Claire: of Course Jamie picks a bloody blizzard to disappear in
  • {{{one hour}}}
  • Claire: I will never forgive you if you got eaten by a wildcat or
  • Jamie: I'm alive
  • Claire: OH THANK GOD
  • Ian: WHEW
  • Ian: what happened??
  • Claire: WHERE ARE YOU??
  • Jamie: Threw out my back
  • Jamie: cannnamove
  • Claire: WHERE??
  • Jamie: those your thundering footsteps I hear
  • Tramping about?
  • Jamie: go down the hill and
  • To the left, my sun and stars
  • Jamie: halpthishurtssobad
  • {{{twenty minutes}}}
  • Claire: found him Ian
  • Claire: made a quick lean to
  • Claire: we're going to wait out the storm a bit
  • >>pings location on google maps <<
  • Claire: come find us and bring the horse as soon as you can
  • Ian: okay still three hours out
  • Ian: two hours out
  • Ian: one hour out
  • Ian: 30 mins
  • Ian: you guys okay?
  • Ian: why aren't you responding ?
  • Ian: okay I think I'm here
  • Ian: oh yeah I see the lean to at the bottom of this cliff
  • Ian: wait are you...
  • Ian: 😱
  • Ian: 😏 oh y'all NASTY
  • Ian: but also adorable
  • Ian: ❄️🎶baby it's collddddddd outttttsiiiiiiiiide🎶❄️
  • Ian: also not to be creepy but you guys have some moves
  • Ian: jaysus
  • Ian: I'm averting my eyes I swear
  • Ian: buuuuuuut first imma help set this #Mood a little better
  • >>incoming files:
  • Like_a_virgin.mp3
  • Missy_elliot_work it.mp3
  • boyz2men_ill_make_love_to_you.mp3
  • Ian: okay I've given you quite a range there
  • Ian: maybe run through all three and see how it goes
  • Ian: you guys do your thang
  • Ian: I'll just
  • Ian: oh wait
  • Ian: sounds like you're finishing up now
  • Ian: you didna get to use the playlist 😔
  • Ian: save for next time aye?
  • Ian: okay I'm guessing you'll be checking your phones in 3...2..:
  • Ian: well yeah that's the whole point!!
  • Ian: was just tryna be supportive!
  • Jamie: oh and that five lassies joke wasna AT ALL funny
  • Ian: oh aye. DEFINITELY was A joke.
  • Ian: ha
  • Jamie: Christyourmotherwilleviscerateme
  • Ian: so are we all finished or should I go take a lap?
  • Ian: dinna want the playlist to go to waste
animalia paradoxa

Prompt: Admiration
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 4569
Tags: Fluff, Light Angst, Established Relationship, Hunter Husbands, Case Fic, Minor Instance of Body Horror, Mild Sexual Content

SummaryDean has a long and complicated history with the concept of Cas and hunting. It freaks him out and turns him on in equal measure. Cas is tactical and quick, no doubt one of the best hunters Dean’s ever seen. It’s no surprise; once upon time Cas ruled over heaven and commanded garrisons. But now he’s wearing second-hand flannel and holey socks like the rest of them. And while Dean admires his hunting skills, that doesn’t stop him worrying. (Read on AO3)

Dean can hardly keep his focus on the drive back, eyes darting from the road to the passenger seat. Anxious for the touch of Cas’ skin against his.

He and Cas have been doing this thing for a couple months, ever since their little prison break. Turns out 6 weeks of isolation really makes you take stock of all the shit you never said to certain trench-coat toting angels. Go figure. It was difficult at first, knowing that Cas had traded in his wings in return for their release. God knows Dean’s fit to bursting with guilt over that one. But if he ever needed a sign to let him know that Cas felt the same way, him giving up Heaven for them was the neon billboard Dean had been looking for. It was the easiest thing in the world to finally tell Cas he wanted more.

Things between them haven’t been all smooth sailing, but with the Men of Letters off their backs, Sam a free man, and Cas by his side every night, the past couple of months probably constitute the best of Dean’s life.

 The only trouble is - hunting? Not exactly easy-going on new relationships. Not a lot of time for pizza dates and movie nights. The most romantic thing Dean and Cas have done so far is take a fishing trip. One that was interrupted by a splash in the water that turned out to be a Kelpie. The kiss Dean was leaning in for was swiftly halted by Cas running to the car to grab a handful of silver bullets and his .44 Mag.

Watching Cas gun down a giant water spirit with his precision shot may have been hot as hell, but the resulting blue-hued blood spatter was something of a mood-killer.

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Don’t Leave Me

Request: Hey! Just found you’re account a few days ago, and I was just wondering if I could request? I honestly love your write so much. ❤️ if you could wright a newt scamander imagine where Newt leaves the reader for Leta (set in hogwarts) and they don’t talk until like some point? Idk. please make it angst but with a happy ending? Thanks!

Word Count: 2,288

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

You spot Newt’s lanky frame curled up in the grassy spot near the lake, knees against his chest and hands around his knees as he stares out over the water, His shaggy hair blows like the waves in the breeze. You can’t fight your smile as you watch him absentmindedly brush his hair from his eyes. You reach into your pocket, forgetting that your gift is back in your room, hidden between the pages of your transfiguration textbook. You remind yourself that it’s only one more day before you can give it to him. One more day.

He doesn’t hear you approaching, jumping at your voice when you call out to him.

“There you are.” The words are a routine, a joke from nearly a year ago when Newt had approached you with shaking hands.

Newt starts to stand, but stops when you shake your head and toss your books onto the ground, plopping down next to him. “Here I am.” He says, scooting over as you take his hand.

“Studied any amazing creatures lately? It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you.”

Newt’s smile is small. “It’s only been a week and a half.”

You raise your eyebrows and lean back. “Sure feels like forever.”

Newt stares at your joined hands. “Maybe.”

The breeze slows, leaving only the warm sunshine to brush your face. “It’s beautiful out. I hope it stays this way for tomorrow.”

“About tomorrow…”

You don’t notice the change in Newt’s tone as you chatter on. “Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? Isn’t a picnic the perfect way to celebrate a year together?”

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anonymous asked:

fave headcanons or aus of your otps? c:

Oh god okay okay I’m so so sorry have fun
-Spanish Speaking Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi who moved from Spain to Japan at the tender age of two but never forgot his roots! Yamaguchi who speaks Spanish around the house to his Mama as it’s her first language and he knows how much joy it brings her to hear her son speak it. Tsukki loving every second he hears Yamaguchis native tongue because god the way the words slip off his lips is so seductive it makes him feel weak at the knees. Yamaguchi feeling so self conscious of his inability to learn English because he already knows two languages; three is just too much to comprehend at this point in his life. Just Yamaguchi speaking Spanish, okay?
- Kenma is Protective AF
As a kid, or even as a teenager, Kenma isn’t the easiest accepted of people. He is small and quiet and a loner in his class and he doesn’t believe he has many close friends. However those he does have? He would die for them. Like when people made fun of Lev for his legs (they’re so long and spindly he seems to tower over the rest of the class and he loves it because volleyball but also hates it because it’s just another thing that makes him different from the rest of the class) Kenma glared at them so intensely they got freaked and left. Kenma going anonymously onto people’s accounts who have been bothering his pals and sending them subtle threats to back off. Yet in person he is the least likely person to ever show it but he would crush anyone if it meant keeping his team safe. And Kuroo knows this. That’s why he lets him do as he likes because he knows no matter what he will always do what’s best for his friends.
- Iwaizumi would do anything to make sure his friends are happy and comfortable
One day at practice Makki complains about his phone breaking meaning he won’t be able to call anyone. The next day he walks into the gymnasium and right there next to his bag is a brand new phone. Another time Watari needs textbooks for his literature class otherwise he knows for sure he is going to fail it. Two days later all the books he needs, plus additional revision material, are waiting for him in his locker. On a separate occasion Kyoutani complains about his back hurting from all the spiking and low and behold the day after there is a back massager sitting waiting for him in his bag. For months no one knows what’s going on until finally Oikawa steps in. Iwaizumi Hajime may not come from a exceptionally rich family but he does have a exceptionally big heart and Tooru knows this better than anyone. Working late, doing night shifts and overtime just to have the money to make sure his friends and family never go without. He would never take credit for it of course but Oikawa knows anyway. After all this is the same boy who waits with him for hours after practice just so Oikawa can get in that last perfect serve. He is the boy who will answer his phone at 3am with a groan and a complaint but never the less still answers. He is the boy who would come home from school and pull a blanket over his mother and swear to himself that one day she wouldn’t be so constantly tired that the only things in her life were work and sleep. And, most importantly, he is the boy who, on the night of Oikawas 6th birthday, didn’t get a wink of sleep for the sole reason he was still preparing his present. The thing Oikawa wanted the most in the work. To see the stars. Being 6 of course that was impossible but there would be one way. Iwaizumi couldn’t send Oikawa to the stars so instead he would bring them to him. And as the last star shone a glowing green in the blackness of Oikawas darkened room it was done. 100 stars, 20 packets littered on the bedroom floor and one very very thankful little boy still asleep in his bed with another stood just beside him. Dreaming of the stars.
- The Captains all have a group chat.
Kuroo and Bokuto Meme, Daichi is confused, Ushiwaka is silently observing and Oikawa is fangirling and hating on Ushi. Literally enough said. Y'all know this is canon.
Okay wow I have a lot more I have never written here before and idek if these make sense but whatever! So okay yeah wow I’m scared okay sorry

I’ll Find You

Request: Hello! I can say without a doubt that I love your writings!❤ I also was wondering if you could do a newt x reader where she goes missing and when it gets too long everybody loses their hope except for Newt. Later on he finds her being tortured, saves her and it’s a grand and really fluffy reunion?:) Sorry, I just crave for angst and fluff😂 

Warning: Allusion to torture

Word Count: 3,095

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Pickett crawls from the pocket of Newt’s discarded vest, top leaves drooping from exhaustion. Stumbling forward, the tiny creature pulls itself up by the bed’s legs and hops onto the mattress. Gripping the headboard’s bars, Pickett inches past the pillows and avoids Newt’s hand when it jerks forward.

Once he’s in range, the bowtruckle reaches forward and tickles Newt’s nose. He jumps back, slipping off the mattress and swinging wildly when Newt smacks at his face.

Pickett’s still swaying off the bed when Newt jolts up, rubbing his forehead with one hand and reaching for you with the other. “I had the worst nightmare, love. Love?”

His terror peaks for the third night in a row this month when his hand only hits empty sheets and a cold half of the bed. He opens his mouth to shout for you before he remembers: you’re gone.

He takes in two shaky breaths before he hears Pickett’s squeals. “Pickett, what are you doing up here? You should be asleep.” He lifts the bowtruckle from the front of the mattress and slips out of bed, carrying him to a tree. “Yes, I know you don’t want to be here, but this is where you’re staying. Do you want to stay in that tree? I didn’t think so.”

He peels Pickett from his hand and places him on the tree before turning back into the bedroom and closing the door.

Careful to step over the clothes, crumpled up pages, and overturned pots of feed, Newt crosses the room and slides out the desk’s chair.

The two of you had decided to place a small bedroom in the case for any situations where you needed to be ready to respond to a creature at any moment. For the most part, it had been used when one was about to give birth, but more and more often, you and Newt had been spending nights down there after long hours of work studying a new creature.

Newt drops his head in his hands as he stares at the pages scattered in front of him. Notes that mean nothing at 3 in the morning fill the papers, but Newt still rifles through them, furious with the tears dripping down his cheeks. He has no time to cry. He has to find you.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do #4 in the 100 ways to say I love you

4: “Come here. Let me fix it.”

Once Dex gets started on a problem set, it takes a lot to tear him away. So far, only three matters of life and death have forced him to leave his desk for more than two minutes: once when Betsy broke while a pie was baking, then again when Nursey fell down the stairs (“BRO, I THINK YOUR D-MAN JUST BROKE EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY,“ “HOLTZY, I’M A DOCTOR, HE'S FINE!”), and again when it rained and the window frames all swelled up and nobody could get to the Reading Room.

Priorities, that’s the word. Dex only leaves his desk for his priorities.

That’s what he tells himself, at least, and generally it seems to work.

Except lately, he’s been getting distracted by other things - things that, until they became “official” a little while ago, were definitely not priorities.

Now, when Nursey begged him to take a break and go with him to Annie’s, Dex went. When Nursey tried to use what little Dex had taught him to fix one of the off-balance chairs in the kitchen and instead broke one of its legs clean off, Dex went. And today…

Actually, today Dex doesn’t really have an excuse, since it wasn’t Nursey who called him. Not even ‘called’ him - he was doing physics homework in Chowder’s bedroom, since the Haus was quieter than his dorm floor, so all Lardo had to do was go upstairs.

“Yo, Dex.”

“The dryer can wait, I’ve got three problems left.”

“Bro, it’s not the dryer, it’s Nursey.”

Dex looks up from his paper, concerned. “Where is he? Is he okay?”

“He’s downstairs, and he keeps asking for you. It’s annoying. You two are gross.”

Sure enough, Dex checks his phone - he keeps it on silent while he studies - and there are eleven texts from Nursey. The most recent ones read come on, babe, please and dexxxxxxx.

Cautiously, Dex follows her into the living room, where the entire team is gathered around the window next to the front door.

“Alright, y'all, I can’t watch this anymore. I’m gonna go finish my pie,” Bitty says, shaking his head as he turns toward the kitchen. When he walks past them, he mutters something about “Boys," and Lardo nods sagely in agreement after him. 

"He’s over there,” she says, giving Dex a solid push toward the clump before following after Bitty.

When Dex taps him on the shoulder, Ransom steps aside to let him through, and… there’s Nursey. He’s stranded out on the porch, holding the front doorknob in his hand, looking absolutely miserable. Dex positions himself on the edge of the group so Nursey can’t see him and keeps quiet.

“Come on, man,” Nursey pleads. “Just let me in already!”

“Not until you give us the deets,” Holster says, crossing his arms.

“There are no deets,” Nursey insists, which makes Tango tilt his head.

“I’m confused. Didn’t you say a few minutes ago that you’d tell Holster if he let you in? If there aren’t any deets, what were you gonna tell him?”

Ransom high-fives him while Nursey narrows his eyes. “Tango, it’s reasons like this why we don’t let frogs in the group chat.”

“I don’t know, man, he’s got a point,” Whiskey offers, which only makes Nursey glare harder.

“Just go get Dex. He’ll back me up on this, I swear. Come on, Holster, d-man to d-man.”

“Maybe we should,” Chowder offers nervously. “You always say that nobody knows a d-man like his partner.”

“Holtzy, he’s right. If anyone’s gonna settle this, it’s Dex,” Ransom adds.

“I mean, I’ll try,” Dex pipes up, and Tango jumps. Dex uses the opportunity to push into the middle of the group until he’s right in front of Nursey, who beams when he sees him. (Maybe Lardo’s right. Maybe now they’re officially in ‘gross’ territory. Either way, Dex finds that he doesn’t mind all that much.)

“Dex! Dex, I swear, I didn’t pull on it or anything, it just-”

“Yeah, I believe you. It’s old, like everything else in this Haus. It was gonna happen sooner or later,” Dex shrugs.

“Tell them there’s no deets,” Nursey implores. “Come on, Dex, I’ve been out here for half an hour and I'm cold and this is not fair, it’s torture, really, and so not chill-” He stops when he realizes Dex is laughing at him. And not a little laugh, either - a full-on, gasping for breath laugh, and Nursey is not amused. “Asshole.”

“I thought New Yorkers were used to the snow?” Dex asks, once he can function again. He grins, and Nursey huffs.

“And I thought you were going to help me.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll let you in,” Dex says nonchalantly, despite the protests that fill the room behind him. As he walks over to open the door, he waves Holster away. “Chill, okay? I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, bro’s honor.”

Nursey brings a gust of wind and a few snowflakes into the living room with him. “You all suck.” Dex stifles a giggle. “Especially you. I thought we were supposed to be on the same team now?”

Dex affectionately brushes the snow out of his hair. “Yeah, but you’ve gotta admit, that was funny.” Nursey glowers, unwinding his scarf and taking off his coat. Dex grins. “Alright, you, come here. Let me fix it.”

He holds out a hand for the knob, and after Nursey gives it to him he buries his face in Dex’s neck, wrapping his arms around his waist. "You guys really left him out there for half an hour for deets? I’m not, like, mad, I just… I would have told you, you could have just asked me.“

Tango tilts his head again, brow furrowed. "So there are deets?” he asks slowly, and Dex nods.

“Yeah, I’m dating this loser.”

It takes ten minutes to convince Chowder not to burst into tears (“Happy tears, I’m just so happy for you both!!!”) and another ten for Whiskey to answer all of Tango’s questions (“But… but Dex said chill!” “That’s not a question, Tony.”). Meanwhile, it takes twenty for Ransom and Holster to wrap their heads around it, even with Lardo’s help. 

“Whoa, bros, you’re like, dating dating?”

Dex sighs. “As opposed to…?”

“Dude, we thought Nursey was dating a LAX bro!”

Lardo doesn’t even bother looking up from her phone. “You two are idiots.”

Nursey makes a face from where he’s snuggled into Dex’s side on the couch while Lardo and Dex both roll their eyes. “Ew, no, LAX bros are gross.”

Yeah, bro, that’s why we were so confused.” Ransom nods.

“Fuck the LAX bros, but not like that.” Holster’s comment earns him a throw pillow to the face, and soon the entire living room is a mess of pillows and six foot tall hockey players shrieking like five year old girls. 

In the midst of all the commotion, Tango frowns again. “We’re really not allowed in the group chat?” he asks Whiskey, who nods.

“You can thank me later.”

Who To Fight - Choices Stories You Play Edition - Part II
  • For Part I:
  • ______________________________________________________________
  • Professor Vasquez: He's already dead. You can't fight him, anymore...
  • Zig: This dude's already a badass and you wanna fight him? You're gonna be left with scars and bruises. Or worse, lying on the ground, not moving at all.
  • Rachel: Same as Natasha.
  • Amara: She's on your side and also why would you wanna fight her?
  • Arjun: Poor Arjun being beaten up by you. He doesn't do anything wrong.
  • Yasmin Udoka: You better fight her. She's already sexual harrasing James.
  • Cassandra Leigh: Don't you dare to fight this precious cinnamon roll. She's already being held hostage by John Tull and Hayley Rose and she needs to be protected. Don't fight her, please.
  • Ryan Summers: Again, this guy didn't do anything wrong to you. There's no reason to fight him. Unless, if you're the antagonist/hero in the movie that you're starring alongside him and he's the hero/antagonist.
  • Alyssa Griffin: She'll call her lawyers if you wanna fight her.
  • Capt. Dana Beckham: You dare to fight with a superior of the Los Angeles Police Department? You're gonna be thrown into jail for sure.
  • Officer Rebecca McKenzie: Don't fight with a freaking police officer. You'll end up in jail. You can't run from your crimes.
  • Severin Cale: You're gonna lose if you're not careful with him "playing dirty", but sure fight him.
  • Prince Tevan Drammir: He'll fight you if you wanna fight him.
  • Adder: Queen of daggers, bad idea.
  • Kailani Keawe: She and her brother Noa will have their combo move and you had no chance on winning.
  • Noa Keawe: Same as Kailani.
  • Anu Rhuka: This fire master would probably burn you to death. No kidding.
  • Hex: FIGHT HER.
  • Leon Stirling: Heh, he'll beat you up first. Now that he's dead...
  • Gabriel Amarne: He's dead...
  • The Mechateur from The Foundry: Bad idea. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • The Bear recruited from Aurelia: The Bear will eat you before you could even fight it. *cues the "You have died." screen*
  • Mama Kraken: Like I said above for the Baby Kraken.
  • Party Twin: Why do you want to fight with your own sister? There's no sibling rivalry in your family. Unless, there's a cookie left... maybe?
  • Smart Twin: Same as Party Twin.
  • The Brother: He's your own brother... he will protect you for those people who wants to fight you. Unless when it comes down to "only one left" piece of food... maybe?
  • Elena Sanchez: Elena is just a precious cinnamon roll that there's no reason to fight with her.
  • Blake Yasuda: You're gonna get fired from Nomade. Lmao.
  • Carter: There's nothing to fight with him. Why bother?
  • Evil Aunt: She's trying to fail you and your siblings for the inheritance. GO FIGHT HER.
  • Claire Pierce: FIGHT THIS BITCH.
  • William Sloan, Rich Businessman: He's a sweetheart. Why would you want to fight him? He has lawyers too.
  • Prince Leo of Cordonia, Greek Dude: Well fight him for being in a relationship with you when he was engaged with someone else.
  • The Bartender: Um... he used to be in the military so I guess he knows how to fight so...
  • Audrey: There's completely no reason to fight with her.
  • Paolo: Fight him for the internship, I guess.
  • Blaire Hall: Um...
  • Diego Ortiz Soto: You'll regret this for the rest of your lives. Don't fight him, please. If you still want to fight him, -1000000 friendship points with Diego.
  • Jake McKenzie: Hahahahahaha... ha... ha... sure, if you DARE, Princess/Boy Scout.
  • Quinn Kelly: DON'T FIGHT THIS PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL. If you do, -1000000 friendship points with Quinn.
  • Sean Gayle: Wait you really want to fight this quarterback? Here's a story, Sean has hard abs and looks like he can crush your trachea. RIP you. Cause of death is asphyxiation because Sean crushed your trachea.
  • Michelle Nguyen: You fight her, you get -1000000 friendship points with Michelle.
  • Craig Hsiao: If you win, Craig will praise you. If Craig wins, you have to do his betting.
  • Raj Bhandarkar: Again, why would you want to do it so? -1000000 friendship points with Raj.
  • Zahra Namazi: Heh. No big deal for her.
  • Aleister Rourke II: He's up for a challenge.
  • Grace Hall: -1000000 friendship points with Grace and Aleister. Also, Aleister will fight you if you dare to fight Grace.
  • Estela Montoya: You and her are gonna fight. A probability of 1/2 for you to win and another 1/2 for Estela to win. Dare to do it?
  • Lila: Woah, if you get on her bad side, she'll probably electrocute you with her traps.
  • The Watchers: You HAD to.
  • Sabertooth: Same as the Watchers.
  • Giant Crabs: Same as the Watchers and Sabertooth.
  • Everett A. Rourke I: Ok but fight him because he's the one who trapped y'all in La Huerta but then again, he's hibernating in a pod so...
  • Mark Collins: I seriously don't know dude. Maybe you guys fight in a game of Scrabble or something. No physical strength involve.
  • Sereena: You wanna fight her? She also wants to fight you. *plays Wild West fight scenario music*
  • Brooke: But... why? Poor Brooke.
  • C. Coleman: Did Cole did anything wrong to you
  • Horatio Santos: Why do you wanna fight this cinnamon roll? Horatio didn't do anything wrong to you. How dare you?
  • Ben: Poor Ben.
  • Leah: Poor Leah.
  • Martin: He's your boss... you're gonna get fired.
  • Felix: Maybe you guys challenge each other in a spicy food eating contest.
  • Isabel: Isabel looks like she can break your bones.
  • Eleanor Waverley: Um, she's dead. (in my game)
  • Simon Waverley: He's dead and if he was alive, you still can't fight him because he's a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs.
  • Clarissa Waverley: Same as Simon.
  • Thomas Waverley: Same as his siblings.
  • Victor: Victor's been nothing but a love interest/best friend to you and being in a fight with him is just... not right.
  • Rose Waverley: She's dead but if she was alive, FIGHT HER FOR WHAT SHE DID TO HER CHILDREN.
  • Hana: She just came here to have a good time and honestly feeling so attacked right now. No, don't fight her.
  • Olivia: Or Zenobia Nevrakis? Jk, she's a descendant. Fight her I guess?
  • Drake: *casually has Hotline Bling in my head* Oh wait that's not right lmao. *plays the Cause of Death soundtrack that played during with the killer scenes* FIGHT HIM BECAUSE OF HIS RUDE ASS. And also for being a completely douchebag.
  • Prince Liam of Cordonia, from TRR: I don't think there's even a reason to fight with him...
  • Maxwell: This guy didn't do anything wrong to you but being a guide to you to Cordonia.
Caught Red-Handed (And Red-Faced, Red-Shirted- Food Colouring’s No Joke.)

What time is it? Time for BROTZLY BAKING PART 3 MOFOS!!

This probably isn’t my best offering ‘cause unlike the others which I wrote over a couple of days, I pretty much banged this one out in a fit of inspiration today. So apologies for any mistakes or incoherent bits- might go back and fix it later!

If you’ve missed ‘em you can read the whole series on Ao3 and maybe leave us the odd little comment if you enjoy? You’d sure make this struggling writer’s day ^_^

Right, time to get angsty and fluffy up in here- enjoy! 

Todd was puzzled. Which was pretty common, what with the kind of cases they got, but this was a very particular kind of puzzlement. From an unexpected but not unpleasant change in his life.

He was happy.

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nobody said it was easy

Headcanon: Scott gets bad nightmares, and always has, and when a terrible one strikes in the middle of the night after the turian ark, no one can wake him.

(Scott/Gil, AU Scott is a teammate, his sister Sam is the Pathfinder, read here on AO3)

Gil stirred in his sleep, blinking awake into the darkness of the crew quarters. The solid roof of his bunk was above him, and the silence throughout the rest of the ship told him that it was the dead of night; or whatever version of night that they used in the middle of space. He tried to close his eyes again, feeling the heavy tug of sleep, but something else in the room other than Suvi’s gentle snores caught his ear.

It was Scott’s voice.

He shifted, hanging his head over the side of the bunk, half expecting Scott to be sat up reading, mumbling the words quietly to himself under his breath. But his little overhead lamp was off, there was no blue glow of a datapad, and as Gil’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that Scott appeared to be asleep.

But his sleep was fitful, his head turning from side to side, his blanket on the floor from where he had kicked it off, muttering things to himself in his sleep.

“Scott,” Gil whispered, hoping to stir him enough to knock him out of his dream and send him back to sleep, but it didn’t even earn a reaction. He thought about just leaving him to it, knowing that it would likely pass in a moment or two. He lay in the dark for a while, listening out for the evening out of Scott’s breathing, but it never came.


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The One in Which He’s Alive // l.h.

(mobile) masterlist

word count: 2.7k+

summary: it’s in the pouring rain and at two in the morning that suddenly, luke hemmings stands on your doorstep—soaked—to tell you how much he doesn’t miss you.

His hair, his clothes—literally his everything is soaked to the core, as he turns around under the pouring rain and climbs the steps towards your parents’ patio, where he is at least a little more protected from the wetness of the storm. Before you even get one word out, he begins to talk. And he talks. And talks. About how much he doesn’t miss you. How great he is. How much he loves life right now. “I ain’t missing you,” he shouts over the downpour and thunder. “I’ve spent the last months actually living! I feel like I have an actual life again,” he says, throwing his hands out, like he couldn’t keep the excitement in him. He looks at you and grins. The corners of his mouth raise quicker than the lightning that’s bound to come again any second now, and it splits his face in two so violently, you fear it’s going to rip.

“Okay…” you tell him quietly with a raised eyebrow, because you don’t know what else to say to a guy professing his non-existent feelings to you, when just a couple of months prior, you’d been in this exact situation, though then it was him, spending every second trying to convince you how much he loves you.

“Seriously,” Luke says. “I’m so perfect. I don’t miss you at all. Everything’s fine.”


“I don’t want you and I don’t need you anymore.”

Crossing your arms over your chest, you shift your weight onto your other foot and lean against the doorframe. “Luke, why are you here? And why are you telling me this at two in the morning?”

He grins again. “Because I thought about you. Because I’m always thinking about you.” His grin falls for a nanosecond. “But I’m over you. I promise I am. I mean, I’m so alive, baby. You should feel what I feel.” He lifts his hands again, but this time he grips the doorframe with them—which you’re leaning against. His face comes near you, and for a second you think he’s about to kiss you, causing you to back away. You aren’t sure, if the small flinch you see is real or not, but he doesn’t give you a chance to analyse, as he begins to talk again. “Literally every feeling I feel is suddenly enhanced by a hundred. They’re so intense, it still knocks the breath out of me, even after months.”

You don’t answer but rather take in his wet appearance. Sure, there is a cocky grin sitting on his face and there isn’t any alcohol-stench coming from his breath, but still, you feel like he isn’t himself right now. “What’s going on, Luke?” you ask, trying to gently coerce an answer out of him.

“Nothing’s wrong,” he says immediately, the grin coming back to life.

“You can’t just come here and tell me how fine you are and how much you don’t need me and expect me to believe you are fine. No normal person does this.” Sighing, you uncross your arms, doing something you wouldn’t have thought you’d do, ever again. “Look, if you want, you can come in. I can get you a towel or something and we can talk properly.”

Tonight is just full of surprises, because suddenly, he begins to shake his head no and whines like an actual four-year-old—with an actual voice that’s higher than normal. “No, I don’t want to come in,” he says—or rather moans. “I just wanted to say those things I’ve said and now I’m leaving.”

Rushing to grab hold of his arm before he steps off your patio, you shake your head at him again, though he cannot see that as he has his back turned towards you. “Hold on for a sec, Luke,” you say. “Please.”

Facing you again, he looks at you with an expectant expression. A moment of silence later, he raises an impatient eyebrow.

“It’s just—Just because we aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” And that is the truth. Luke has been such a large part of your life, it is physically impossible to stop caring about him from one sudden moment to another.

This time his eyebrow doesn’t raise in impatience, but rather hurt, it seems. “Yeah…um—thanks, I guess. But I really have to get going.”

You tug at his arm again, getting impatient yourself. “Oh, for God’s sake, just come inside for a minute. You’ll get sick wandering around, dripping as you are.”

It takes you another full minute of pulling at his arm to get him moving, though at last, he steps foot inside the house where it all ended.


Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.


“Here is a towel, and here a change of clothes.” You hand him the pieces of fabrics. “They’re my dad’s, but you two are similar sizes of giant, so I think it’ll fit.” Like you hoped, this raises a genuine smile to his lips, as he takes the clothes and the towel from you, nodding in appreciation.

“I’ll return them to you…someday,” he says, smiling sheepishly. Luke has a reputation of keeping borrowed things, but it doesn’t really matter anyways.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly. Now go change, I don’t want you staining our furniture,” you tell him, before turning around and walking towards the kitchen.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna fix us some hot chocolate, of course. I sure hope you didn’t have seafood before this.” You grin at him.


“You’re gonna make us hot chocolate? Now?” You ask, laughing.

“Why not?” Luke asks, pulling the mugs out of the cupboard.

Jumping onto the counter, you cross your legs and roll your eyes at him as he places the mugs next to your thighs. “Uh, because we just had sea food! You’re gonna throw up.”

Me? If I have to go through this, then so do you!” he exclaims, laughing, nudging your knee with his hips.

“Excuse me?” You push him away, giggling. “I’m not an idiot! I know the outcome of this equation—I will not drink the hot chocolate!”

Luke ignores you, prepping the two drinks. Then he places one mug beside your thigh. His eyes hold a glint as he smirks. “Oh you will.”

“Not in a million years, Hemmings,” you say, laughing and jumping off the counter. “Why would I?”

Leaving his own mug beside yours, he comes at you slowly—the playful and somewhat also devilish glint still in his eyes. “Because if you do…I’m gonna promise you amazing sex tonight. Sex so amazing, you will never be the same. I’m telling you, babe.”

A snort bursts from your throat as you bend over and cannot contain the laughter in you. “You’re gonna bribe me with sex?” you ask, giving his chest a slap. But you don’t pull your hand away. Instead, you let it wander towards the crook of his neck up to the sides of his face and then you pull him down to you, so you can whisper something in his ear. “Babe. If I wanted, I could just tie you up and give myself the most ah-may-zing sex. I’m an independent ass bitch.”

All of the sudden, his arms are wound tightly around your waists, and your feet aren’t on the ground anymore. Your legs wrap around his hips automatically, as do your arms around his neck. Kisses are being trailed down your throat, as Luke walks you two out of the kitchen. “What about our hot chocolate, huh?” you ask, grinning.

“What hot chocolate?” He smiles at you sweetly, and then captures your mouth with his.


Awkward air engulfs you two, as you’re sitting side by side on the small couch, each one blowing at the hot chocolate, trying to quicken its cooling process—or maybe you were just avoiding the person sitting beside you, but who knows?

“Are you alright?” you begin, as you cannot take this god-damn silence any longer. “Tell me what’s going on.”

He lowers the mug slightly, smiling at you. “Like I said, I’m perfectly fine. Everything’s good.” He raises the hot chocolate to his lips and takes a rushed sip. “Fuck,” Luke curses, “that’s hot.”

Cocking your head to the side, you watch him lower the mug and stand up. “I’m just gonna…get myself a glass of water,” he says, pointing to your kitchen and wandering off without waiting for your reply.

Something is definitely wrong with him, you decide. The way he’s acting confuses you. Who the hell visits his ex-girlfriend just to tell her how fine he is? He’s somehow giddy and restless and exhausted at the same time, like he’s on edge. Like he cannot contain whatever’s going on inside him. The shadows underneath his eyes and the scruff on his jaw tells you he hasn’t slept well in a long time, but then again, he never slept long nor well. Luke’s always been a restless person—always working on something in his head or with his guitar. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and have to write or else he’d forget the lyrics that sprung onto him in his dream. You loved being woken by a sleepy Luke and his guitar, though. You loved lying in the dark, listening to his raspy voice singing quiet words you knew were meant for you.

Somehow, you know that nowadays he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to write love songs about you anymore.


You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you.


“Please stay the night? It’s four in the morning and the storm doesn’t look like it’s about to pass anytime soon. You can take the guest room,” you say, wringing your hands in front of you. “It’s really no problem, and I’d feel a whole lot better, knowing you aren’t walking home right now.”

There’s another storm, and it’s in his eyes. He’s looking at the wall to your right, debating. You aren’t sure why it is such a hard decision for him to make, but you pray for him to stay. You will never forgive yourself, if he walks away now.

The seconds tick away, and finally, he nods once. “Okay,” he says, throwing you a shy smile. It surprises you, how after everything you two have already been through, he still has his shy moments. But this is just how Luke is, and you love this silent part about him.

Reaching your hand out, you wait for him to give you his mug, though, instead, he stands up as well. “I got it,” he says. “It’s the least I can do.”


Even to death, one might say.


She hands you the letter with her eyes lowered so you won’t see the tears in her eyes, but you do anyways. You’ve never seen her cry before. She’s someone you cannot even imagine how she’d look crying, because she is one of the happiest people you know, but now you do. You see the redness of the tender skin around and on her eyelids, the tremble of her lips and the crease between her eyebrows as she tries to hold the dam back. She looks smaller somehow. Like she doesn’t have enough energy to straighten her back. Like she is already focusing everything in her to keep herself from falling apart.

You don’t blame her. Rather you blame yourself.

Your hand comes up to wipe away a tear you haven’t noticed before. Between taking in her broken appearance and staring at the letter in her hand, you haven’t paid attention to your own body and emotions. Now that you reach for the letter, you notice the penetrating pain in your chest which keeps your lungs from working properly.

“Breathe, sweetheart,” Liz whispers softly. She presses the letter into your stomach, but instead of removing her hand after you clutch it with both of yours, she encloses it around your trembling ones and squeezes. One hand comes up to brush the hair from your face. It’s wet and sticky around your skin. “It wasn’t your fault,” she says firmly, her eyes a hard and genuine blue. Her palm stays against your cheek. You can feel her thumb soothingly wipe the continuous stream of tears away, as her own flows down her face.

And then she leans in and hugs you. Her arms come around your shoulders tightly, and she squeezes seemingly every emotion into you. And somehow she slowly squeezes yours out of you. And she rubs your back with one hand, shushing. She holds you, as both of you try to fix your hearts with this one hug.


Dear love,

You once said, to be hurt means to be alive. For we cannot feel the hurt, if we aren’t alive and living and putting ourselves out there to be hurt. Well, I’ve spent the last months living. I was hurt. Or rather I am hurt. Everything hurts. Therefore I am, in fact, probably the most alive motherfucker on this planet right now, because it HURTS. What, you might ask? Not having you, is the answer. I love you. With every ounce of my being, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I entirely, fully and unconditionally love you. Even to death, one might say.

Do you feel it? My love for you? I don’t, really. Because loving you has become a part of me and my soul—like I was put here on the sole purpose of loving you. I was so used to this feeling that having it ripped away from me felt like ice cold and hot water thrown in my face at the same time. It felt like someone was trying to rip me to shreds from the inside—particularly from my heart.

I was hurting before my heart was crushed—before you begin to think this was your fault. It wasn’t. This whole thing (us breaking up) started because of what I was going through. None of this is your fault. I never want you to feel that. I never wanted you to feel any of the hurt I felt, in fact, and I might burn in hell, if you are. I’m sorry, my love. I’m a selfish son of a bitch, and I couldn’t leave without seeing you for one last time. I cannot apologise enough.

Please forgive me.

Yours truly,
an angel (as of recently)

PS: That was me, trying to lighten the mood.

PPS: I love you.

PPPS: So so much.


“Call me, if you need anything, okay?” you tell him, helping him adjust the sweater of your father you’ve given him around his broad shoulders.

“Will do, love.” Your heart clenches at the nickname, but you solely smile. It feels good to hear it.

He looks at you with a look that causes your insides to churn and your legs to wobble. Then he leans down and presses a soft kiss to the space between your temple and forehead—something he does when he wants to kiss both at the same time, he once said. Turning on his heels, he quickly jumps down the steps of your front porch, leaving you to watch him walk away under the clear blue sky after a storm. It reminds you of the colour of his eyes.

a/n holy shit. i was—and still am—seriously debating whether or not i should put this online. the idea came to me after listening to missin’ you by the summer set for some unknown reason, as that song is not a sad song at all. i’m scared to put this out there, since it doesn’t have a happy ending. but then again, not all stories do. and i’m sure you know, this is purely fictional and i simply borrowed luke as a solely fictional character for a just as fictional story. 

as always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

much love. my inbox is open. always.

Another Mafia AU 2 (I need a title for this)

On mobile so can’t link here. Have a quick look for Another Mafia AU on my blog for part one till I can get on my laptop. Xx

Ok so I am trying to link tell me if u can see part 1 :


II. Percival

The long boardroom was filled with a heavy atmosphere. Percival, at the head of the table was surveying leather bound dossiers in front of him, meticulously flicking through each of his sub companies’ financial data. Finally, he smiled. It was not a happy kind of smile; rather it put one in mind of a particularly hungry shark.

“Excellent work.” He snapped the folders shit and slid them into his own satchel for later full review. “I expect to see the same next time. You are dismissed.” With that, he rose and strode out the door, his secretary Tina falling in step beside him as they strode from the high-rise office building.

“Ah boss. Done with companies for the day?” Tina smirked at him from the opposite seat. “Got something more important in mind?”

Percival relaxed, loosening his tie. “Might do. Don’t get uppity Goldstein. Hate to relegate you to traffic.”

She snorted but stayed quiet. They both knew he needed her as a guard, he couldn’t stand any of the others for long periods, and tended to send them off crying within a day. 4 hours was the official record. Besides, traffic was basically looking over the smuggling goods and inventorying them. Dull. He only sent real morons there.

In the ten years since Graves had become the leader of the Family, Tina was the only one who had lasted more than two months guarding him. Three years in and she was indispensable as a PA and as his bodyguard. She had come to work for him when she was just eighteen and out of high school. With a younger sister to take care of and no parents, Tina had turned to her mother’s line of work before her death and joined the Macusa clan. Working her way up, she had been spotted by Graves as tactically brilliant and ruthless enough to follow through on her plans. They had been fairly inseparable since.

In fact, the only time they argued was when Queenie, Tina’s baby sister, decided to join the family too. Tina had been desperate for her sister to go to college to stay out of the family business to to speak. Queenie had disagreed and really, who was Graves to stop anyone from joining up? It took a period of coldness between them but the problem resolved itself when Graves assigned Queenie to Intel. She was safe out of the ranks, so Tina was happy; and she was terrifyingly good at her job and very quickly rose to take over the department, so Graves was happy. Queenie was just happy to be able to work near her Teenie and be doing an important job.

The car drew up to the huge brownstone residence of the main Graves family. Percival’s parents had both died in a shootout when he was twenty two, so he had take over all the business straight out of an accelerated college degree. Thankfully in addition to business savvy, he had a thick skin, excellent survival instincts and was a decent shot with a gun. After replacing almost the entire upper echelon with his own people, Percival had expanded business operations and now controlled not only almost the entire underworld of New York City, but was also a billionaire outside of his Family work, controlling several huge conglomerates with a finger in almost every pie there was.

As it was, only Percival lived there now. Tina and Queenie as well as his other section heads as well as a few other guards had rooms as well but they were only there when necessary.
As he got into his rooms, Tina doing a quick check before hand, he immediately set a bath running, shucking off his suit. God he was exhausted. It was almost eight in the evening by this point, and he had been at work since seven thirty. He still had pages and pages of paperwork to go through. Sliding into the steaming water, he finally relaxed fully.

The bath was going cold and Percival was just beginning to consider more hot water when there was a bang on the door. Rising quickly, Percival threw on a towel and grabbed his pistol, always close by, to open the door. Tina was standing there, looking a little wild.

“Sir, sir I am sorry to interrupt but this is something - something you need to hear about. It’s the Alpha squad, something went wrong in the general patrol. Queenie has all the details but she said it was urgent and-”

“Tina, breathe. I’m going to get changed and I will be at HQ in fifteen minutes on the outside.”

He shooed her from his room and sharply closed the door. Fuck. Alpha was one of his best squads, his most reliable lieutenant commanded it, his top men were in it. If something has gone wrong with them on a general patrol of his territory then that was very very bad.

In well under the promised quarter of an hour he was striding into Intel for his promised report. Everyone looked to be silently panicking, except for Queenie, who was sending out all the orders with a face of granite. A relived cry of “Boss!” Rang out across the room as she turned to usher him into her closed off office.

“What is going on Queenie.” His voice left no room for dithering or small talk.

“Alpha team were on a patrol down by the Hudson. The Carlacci ambushed them with at least four squads. The group managed to pop them all but three men were shot, several more had knife wounds and even Lieutenant Kim was wounded. Just on the arm sir, don’t worry.”

Percival broke in here. “The other men are being treated by now I hope? And cleanup has sorted out the Carlacci scum?”

Queenie hesitated. “Well. Cleanup has been by and I took the liberty of reassigning the Eta and Phi squads to cover the rest of the Alpha patrol. With Commander Fleamont’s permission of course. However-”

“However what, why haven’t my men been treated?”

“It seems that the new tenant down there is a doctor. They ended up in Jacob’s bakery, seeing as it was the closest safe house. Turns out that his neighbour set up a free clinic next door and heard the commotion. Apparently he helped out immediately, removed the bullets and sutured the bullet and knife wounds without asking any questions. We got them checked out when here but the doctors just called me to report that the work was expertly done. The only things he couldn’t treat were some concussions, which can’t be treated anyway.”

“I see.” He mulled this over. Everyone was going to be well, which was good. He hated losing good soldiers. But this newcomer, who was he?

“I was just getting a file on him.” Ah, apparently he had said that last bit out loud. “From what we know so far, his name is Newt Scamander. He is originally British but has been travelling the last four years, all under different names, and he came in from Equatorial Guinea apparently plying his skills for food and board. Nothing early than that yet, sorry. We’re still getting info coming in.”

More and more interesting. The name indicated a relation to a pre-eminent British crime family but he was in the US, whose underground remained very cold to the British one. He didn’t even seem to be doing Mafia work. He would just have to meet the man himself and see why he was here.

“Keep looking. I will visit him tomorrow morning and give him my personal thanks for helping some friends.”

Standing, he commended her for her work. Queenie, he mused, really would be wasted in another field. Seeing as the situation was under control for now, he would return to sleep and reassess once he awoke.

He did just that.

Bright and early the next morning Percival reviewed the complete file on the incident. All men were fine. Lieutenant Kim was to report in that afternoon. And he, well he had a certain doctor to visit.

Tina, who thankfully slept when he did, was ready to go in the car already.

“Queenie is in bed, she’s been up all night. Got this Scamander’s address though.” Tina said as a greeting.

He sighed. “Good good. She works hard.” The car pulled away. Peri cal spent the ride reading the file on Scamander. It seemed that he had got his degree at Cambridge, had left the country almost immediately after graduating and from there had hopped across Europe and Asia, saving hundreds of lives. From there he had flown to America a couple of months ago and set up his little clinic. Shy, quiet, he had nevertheless become friends with Jacob quickly and was by all accounts, the opposite of a troublemaker. So what was the second son of the Scamander family doing here? Oh, that heir Theseus had tried to cover his trails and the false identities he had used around the world were very good but Queenie and her agents were better.

They had arrived. For this, Percival had chosen buttery leather boots, dark jeans and a white button down with a navy jumper over the top. Attractive but practical. He smirked. Just like him.

He entered the tiny clinic entrance, the door tinkling pleasantly behind him. Tina slid in behind him unobtrusively. A quiet voice called out to “wait just a moment, please, feel free to take a seat.”. Percival elected to stand and wait near the counter. There was no one else there, after all. Less than a moment later, footsteps came closer and a man entered from a screened door behind the counter.

And dear god, was this man beautiful.

——– Part 3! :
“Y-You’re Cute, Too” (Bad Boy!Woozi x Reader)

Part Two of this Bad Boy!Woozi scenario? Read my Bad Boy!Woozi AU post here! This may seem similar to my other Jisoo scenario, AND I’M SORRY BUT IT’S BECAUSE THIS PARTICULAR PLOT WAS REQEUSTED OKAY Read more on my masterlist!~

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 820 words

Dt: @leejihoonz because Kimmy is trash for Bad Boy!Woozi and regular Woozi

  It has been somewhere between five minutes and three hours—at this point, the minutes have blended together so artfully that Jihoon can’t even grasp any amount of time— ever since you’ve started staring, and Jihoon is starting to get agitated. He can feel the vein on his forehead, pulsing and piercing and pounding, signaling that he is bound to burst open soon at any moment.

  Eyes averting yours, Jihoon gulps down the words bubbling up, fiery and scratchy against his throat. Why are you staring at him? Why have you decided to devote so much time into simply gazing at his face with a look that he cannot place?

  Fists clenching, Jihoon does not want to lash out again, especially after his violent outburst at Seungcheol from a few days ago. He and Seungcheol aren’t currently on speaking terms, and Jihoon isn’t sure if he’s lost a friend or not yet.

  You’ve always had a strong dislike for his blazing temper, which is why Jihoon hasn’t lashed out…yet. But with so much of your attention honed in on him, making him feel more out of place than ever, he feels himself getting more and more annoyed as the seconds crawl by.

 Minutes pass, agonizingly slow, and Jihoon leaps out of his chair and storms over to you. He has a grip on your wrist, gentler than the time he ripped you away from Seungcheol, but still hard enough to show a glimpse of his annoyance through his tough act.

  “What’s your problem, huh?” he growls, voice harsher than he had intended. “Why are you staring at me?”

  Jihoon seems to have caught you by surprise, because when you open your mouth, you stutter, “I-I just t-t-thought you looked cute!”

  One, two, three seconds pass of Jihoon staring, silent and still, as his he processes your shaky words. He can feel his appearance creaking and cracking and crumbling under your words, the weight lying heavily on his high-rising shoulders. He can feel his own eggshell heart blaring and beating rapidly deep in his chest, about to push through his porcelain bones and slice through his skin.

  Only when the clarity of the words hit him does Jihoon reel away from you, letting go of your wrist in obvious shock. Heat rushes to his face, roses blooming in his cheeks, and it suddenly feels too hot for the leather jacket thrown snuggly over Jihoon’s upper body.

  You stand there, crystal eyes reflecting Jihoon’s own wide and flashing ones, grazed by the tips of his soft, blond tresses. You open your mouth to say something, to apologize for your bluntness, to maybe make a joke to ease the tension, but before you can manage to choke out the rushed words you had mentally prepared, Jihoon quickly escapes, running and running and running until you can hear the fading sound of his heavy boots hitting the pavement.

  Days are sewn and weaved together as Jihoon spends time away from you. Although he tries to escape it, his mind keeps shyly wondering back towards what you said. The fact that you had complimented him has Jihoon feeling something different. Small flecks of light dance under the palms of his hands, a gentle breeze tickles the inside of his stomach, and his face instantly flushes scarlet from the base of his neck.

 He needs to say something to you, tell you something, which is why he now stands in front of you, days after the incident.

  “Hey, so uhm…about what happened last time…” he mutters, fingers fidgeting deep inside the slick pockets of his jacket.

  “What are you talking about?” you ask, confused by his vague tone.

  “When you…you know..c-called me…t-t-that…”

  It takes you the better part of a minute to figure out what he’s referring to. “You mean when I called you cute?” you ask, not noticing the way the color of Jihoon’s cheeks melts into a sweet blush at the mention of the word.

 “Y-yeah, that…” Jihoon cringes when he hears his own awkward, rushed, and unstable tone before continuing, “I’m sorry that I scared you a bit…and yelled…and then ran away…”

  Lips parting in a wide shock, you’re surprised to hear an apology spilling out in clumps from Jihoon’s mouth. You hadn’t expected to hear an apology from him at all.

  His hand comes up to rub the back of his neck awkwardly, and you find yourself unable to look away from his hands. Shifting and switching his weight on his feet, it looks like he still has more to say, so you patiently wait for him to spit the words out. Jihoon looks like paper struggling to stay grounded against the strength of the wind, and his chest rises and falls before he’s able to form any words.

  “I-I think you’re…c-c-cute, too…”

So I just watched "I'm Not Ashamed"

Sorry if you’re extremely hypersensitive over spoilers but I’m going to lay this shit down on you anyway.

Firstly, Rachel’s story, for the most part, was told moderately accurate. They had her outfits to a tee and even had her real car which was pretty lit (it was still intact after all these years and was shown in an overly cheesy, sentimental scene at the end of the film). They had her faith down (obvs as it was the whole point of this film even being made) as well as her portrayal of character. However, as a result of this “holy af” reputation, they COMPLETELY stripped Rachel of her typical teenage antics by showcasing her as NOT being a smoker at a point in her life (hinting as if she was anti-smoking) and by also being anti-liquor. They also got the whole prom scene wrong as they made her attend it with an Asian guy and not Nick Baumgart. Furthermore, in this scene, they made Dylan look at her bitter sweetly as he was dancing with Robyn, giving a sense of him “wishing it was her” rather than Robyn, who they also made to appear as disinterested and not wanting to be there with him (which was totally false as we all know- Robyn was the one that urged HIM to go).

Secondly, there were a shitload of inaccuracies with Eric and Dylan (shock). Eric was a steroid abusing, middle-aged, hairy motherfucker in high school apparently who recited all the lines from his journal as he walked through the halls. Eric and Dylan apparently also wore their natural selection/wrath shirts to school every day without fail (probably for symbolism though). However, they weren’t in it as much as I would’ve liked tbh haha, like they legit only had a few lines. Anyways, at the beginning of the film (ish) Eric, Dylan and “Sean” (who really was Brooks Brown) walk through the halls and bag out a disabled kid called “Austin” who Rachel was VERY fond of. Then, a wild herd of jocks decide to rain on their parade as they reach for a bottle of baby oil, grab Eric Harris randomly and throw him through the halls whilst cackling loudly saying “now that’s what I call dork bowling he he he” or some shit. Then, Eric gets up and says “ I’ll kill you!” And the main jock is like “oooOooOooooO so scared” which leaves Dylan to mutter to “Sean” (Brooks) I’m going to make them pay (he has his boy’s back) with “Sean” (Brooks) replying with “ well that’s Columbine”. Then, Eric and Rachel have an interaction as she’s looking at him with pity to which Eric proceeds to shout at her “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT???!!!!?!!!l” to further exemplify his built up, all consuming, homicide inducing RAGE. Also, at the end of the film they try to attempt to “redeem” the jocks of their unscrupulous behaviour by having the jocks accept the disabled kid “Austin”.

To go on further about Eric and Dylan’s inconsistencies (because that’s why you’re on a Columbine blog ma dudes), they pretty much just make Eric this Hitler fanboying Neo-Nazi as he pays attention to Hitler’s ideologies in class and later on in another scene he’s depicted reading a book -wait for it- covered in swastikas. Also, there’s a cafeteria scene which most of y'all have probably already seen. Dylan is apparently obsessed with Rachel: he can’t take his eyes off the glorious, Christian temptress and they share a moment amidst Eric spewing his journal shit whilst wearing his natural selection shirt yet again. This scene also just pretty much makes Eric to be the “ring leader” and Dylan the “follower” who just fuels Eric’s ego by agreeing with him.

Furthermore, the film also aims to depict the deterioration of Eric and “Sean’s” (Brooks) relationship, mainly by picking up a recounted argument that Brooks wrote about in “No Easy Answers” (they also plugged his book at the end of the film I swear but maybe it was just coincidence. Rachel says it while talking to “David” (Richard Castaldo) in conjunction to how there’s no easy way to say that a divorce between parents doesn’t get better). “Sean” (Brooks) was oversleeping and Eric calls him FUMING, demanding him to hurry up and take him to school. They get in a fight and to sum it up, Eric says to “Sean” (Brooks) “I’LL KILL YOU” (edgy) and then hangs up the phone (fuck the natural selection shirt, Reb should just be seen wearing Regina George’s “a little bit dramatic” one).

Another inconsistency with Eric and Dylan (surprise) is where they’re playing video games in Eric’s basement. Dylan pretty much is depicted as kissing Eric’s ass as he says “oh man!!!! Imagine if this were Columbine???!!!” And Eric says really REALLY seriously “why shouldn’t it be?” To this Dylan replies, “oh no way man that’s sick.” This just further propagates that Eric came up with the idea and shared it with Dylan (totally false) and further reinforces that Eric is the “leader”.

The next big inconsistency was Rachel’s speech on causing a chain reaction with kindness. First off, Eric and Dylan weren’t even in that class and secondly, they never even heard that recital but they were depicted to have. Rachel goes on and on about how much of a Christian she is and the camera pans showing Eric and Dylan looking affected. Then, the teacher proceeds to play the iconic “Hitmen for Hire” short film (which tbh had better editing skills than Eric and Dyl’s original one did but it was the 90s when they did it so we can cut them some slack). As she introduces it, the bitch is like, “and NEXT we have Eric and Dylan’s PIECE on how they would change the WORLD”. She legit only goes through it for like a second and Rachel is all squeamish like “oh do we really have to watch this?” To which the teacher states “no we DO NOT HNNNNGGGGH”. Then Dylan pretty much shouts with his “boisterous” personality “and that right there is the BESTTTT WAY TO CHANGE THE WORLD HAHAHAHA PEW PEW PEW” *makes gun motions with fingers*.

Now the funniest thing ever is the scene that follows the “pew pew pew” one and its this fictitious, add-on scene. Pretty much, Eric and Dyl are having this super secret meet up (ooooOoooO perfect for those chicks that ship them. The directors really provided for ALL of their target audiences) on this stairwell. Then, Rachel proceeds to walk up this stairwell and encounters them. Eric gets all mad and gangs up on her “so what’s with this Jesus crap?” to which Dylan intervenes, “yeah think you’re better than us???¿¿?” And Rachel’s all like, “no I don’t think I’m better than anybody. I have to get to class.” Then Eric full on staunches and shouts out “yeah compassion????!!! That’ll work!!!” (Major foreshadowing here kids).

Lastly, we have the scene you’ve all been waiting for: The Massacre Sce- oh wait it’s just total and unequivocal blackness after Rachel gets shot. Realllllly riveting and reallllllly climactic. It literally made me go all Reb after watching it because that’s what I was waiting for! That’s what it was building up to!!!! But it totally and utterly disappointed. In this scene, we have the infamous propaganda painted all over it that has been circling the Columbine archives for far too long now and that is the most overused, shouldn’t-be-recognised-as-fact quote… The question that was “supposedly” always stated by the boys: “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD????” I didn’t think they would have it in those specific words (tried to have hope) because of what was depicted in the trailer but they fucking were. The scene starts off with Rachel and “David” (Richard Castaldo) talking about “David’s” parents getting a divorce. He confides in Rachel because she’s gone through it but she has “no easy answers”. Then, “David” sees Eric and Dylan approaching and says, “woah what is this, like a prank?” to which he is replied with by gunshots. Rachel is slain and is gasping in pain and Eric states mockingly, “where’s your God now?” At this point, he grabs her by the hair and says “ do you believe in God, Rachel?” She then says simply “yes” and at this stage of their supposed interaction, Eric puts his gun to her temple and says maliciously, “well, go be with your God now.” After this, the screen goes blank and shows real footage of the massacre’s events and this is then followed by a dramatisation of the flowers being put on her car by friends, family (grieving Craig Scott) and foe alike and also a simulated funeral.

Well, this was longer than I thought it would be but I surely fucking hope it gave someone an insight of what the movie is like without spending a dime; someone who didn’t want to see the film for obvious, understandable reasons. I love you fellow Columbine-infatuated kids. Stay murderous 😉😘❤️

as promised: the fetishism callout post!

let me just begin by saying there's nothing wrong with finding any of the cast members attractive. this is an EXTREMELY attractive cast. everyone is so FINE I bet even the folks backstage who we don't see are gorgeous. Its okay to be sexually attracted to them too! We've all made posts professing our love to the cast, which is perfectly fine!! Right now you're looking at Leslie Odom Jr's fiancé! we good!!

but ya see there's a big difference between "anthony ramos is my sweet freckled child <333" and "I want anthony to shove his #thicc cock inside of me and ten other cast members at the same time but also freckles uwu"

You see the difference right?? Right??????

I don't have anything against writing smut about the characters (who, yes, are technically real people but they've been dead for literal centuries ok. Let it go) but it just gets weird REEAAAAL fast when u say the same thing about musical!John Laurens and the real live human being Anthony Ramos. It gets even weirder when u talk about the cast members in this way in relations to each other??? Shipping real people in a serious, unironic way is just a lil :/// to me (I say "serious, unironic way" bc I do write rpf with my friend but its a Huge Joke™ and nonsexual and come on I don't actually ship sandra bullock and steve harvey together ok). I mean Anthony is quite frankly dating Jasmine Cephas's a legitimate fact. There are pictures. It's on Wikipedia. They're in LOVE and its PRECIOUS and they're gonna get MARRIED eventually so why tf r yall writing about him bottoming for Lin????????

And Lin!!! He has a beautiful WIFE AND SON. You can speculate about his sexuality, NOT PUBLICLY BC HE SEES THINGS, but that's fine if u honestly must??? (although he tweeted that he was straight once during his "grease live" livetweeting U can talk about how cute he and jonathan groff are! But y'all don't stop there do u? Bc one second ur talkin about them being cute and then a sentence later it's all "and then he SUCKED his BIG FAT DICK clean off!!!!!! He was dickless!!!! While wearing their costumes!!!!!!!!!! He choked on the full decapitated dick!!!!!"

That shit ain't cute.

So, now that u finally realize that (hopefully), we can get to the real nitty mcfreaking gritty. this part is primarily for white fans but it technically applies to anyone who is not specifically latinx and/or black jsyk:

So even before the whole "baby girl" thing started, I saw quite a few of y'all calling Anthony and Lin "papi" which like.....why should I even have to tell you why this is wrong. If you're not latinx, DON'T USE THE WORD "PAPI", especially since most of y'all are using it in a sexual context. You went ahead and took an innocent word, and turned it into a way to sexualize your faves who just so happen to be latinx. It just ain't right, and its also?? weird??? Let me put it this way, I'm black but not jewish so thatd be like me calling daveed "bubbe". Or something. Either way see how that'd be gross and offensive? You're taking a part of them, a huge part of them, their culture, and turning it into something exotic and sexual. That, my friends, is fetishism.

Another good example of this is the whole "baby girl/boy" n "papa" thing. Y'all rly went ahead and took an cute nickname and rolled RIGHT with it lmao. @alexandralexander explained it beautifully in this post, but basically "papa" (and "mama") is a cute lil way of older folks to regard ppl who are younger than them. It's a caribbean thing, aka something yall just won't get. Idk what the whiter equivalent would be, idk like ur grandad calling u "big guy" or something??? Who knows. Just kno that its NOT SEXUAL IN ANYWAY LIKE WTF WHY DID Y'ALL MAKE THAT A DADDY KINK THING. WHY CAN NOTHING BE SACRED WITH YOU GUYS. Best believe when my grandparents call my brother "papa" they mean it in an endearing way. And that's how Lin meant it? I don't see how it could have been construed any other way??

As for the baby girl/boy thing, in all the times I've been called/heard someone else call someone baby girl, it was NOT sexual. It can be used that way, but it was n o t in this context. Again, its a cultural thing i guess. And with "baby boy", yall do remember that anthony plays lin's son in this show right. okay, just checking.

But forreal. what is wrong wit u guys. I told myself I wasn't gonna kinkshame nobody but its Time, it rly and truly is Time.

One last point I want to make (as if this isn't long enough already) is the language with which u talk about the cast too. This was said rly well in several posts especially this one that uses that tags ppl tend to use, but i’m gonna elaborate on it a little. I just want to know right now why Anthony (or our lighter skinned and SURE AS HELL THE WHITE cast members) is "sweet precious sunflower child cinnamon biscuit roll wheatgrass turkish delight with sprinkles or some other corny shit <333" while daveed is AUTOMATICALLY "raw me zaddy" THE FUCK??? Why we gotta go STRAAIGGHTT to zaddy-basis with daveed??? Why do I see y'all talking about his dick size???? Y'all dont do that from the get-go for the lighter skinned members (which is sad bc daveed is already a certified Lightskint™ so that's rly saying something)?? Why can't black actors (and characters) ever be seen as "sweet turnip bumblebees (???)" instead of either being put on an inhuman pedestal where it's "STEP ON ME BAD BITCH QUEEN" or sexualized with some "CHOKE ME YOU COCKSLUT" ???? Ask yourselves why y'all do that. I'll wait. 
And y'all don't even TALK about oak (as a quick sidenote okieriete is not that hard of a name to pronounce y'all just don't care to try. It sounds exactly like its spelled) but tbh I don't rly want u to bc you'd just sexualize him as well. Plus that means more for me cause I'm engaged to him too :) remember to save the date!!
This was all over the place and idk if I even said what I was trying to say but whatever. I guess what I'm trying to say is (and this is to white fans) you're stanning a thing full of people of color. im assuming that this is probably the first thing that youve been rly into that has included exclusively people of color. Please just be mindful of the way you talk about them. There's a history of you exotifying and sexualizing poc to the point that historically, people have been killed for??? There's a history behind y'all calling latinx folks "papi" and automatically assuming black folks got a big dick ok lmao. At the end of the day, the way you talk about them shows that you don't rly respect them as much as you claim to do??? Idk I wish I had made notes about this bc it sounded waaaaaaayyy better in my head but! Whatever it's still lit. s/o to @aaronsburrr for assistance! 
Belonging (part 2); jongyu; nc-17

warnings: omegaverse things

But Jinki likes the change, as selfish as it is.  He likes the way Jonghyun glances at him as he tugs himself out of a drawn out hug as if looking for permission, how he subtly shifts his legs to remove the hand that Taemin had absently placed on his thigh.  Everything with other alphas is noticeably less, and everything with him is noticeably more, and Jinki’s greedy.

here’s part 1

thanks to all the people who have said they’re enjoying this au so far! this part is quite a bit longer than the last (a little over 5k), and the next part should be the last in this series. i hope y'all enjoy it!

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marry me?

F A/N: Finals are finally over, and I’m procrastinating packing for my trip to Vietnam, which allows me to deliver some hastily written RivaMika to you. And also because gender-roles do not exist in their relationship, and I like exploring this facet of it. Slight language warning; un-betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

Mikasa proposes to Levi in the middle of the night. He’s not ready for it.

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“The Romans” Chapter 14 (I’ll Tell You What Love Is)

HEYYYY DERSHA FAM!!!!!! HERE IS CHAPTER 14. FINALLY!!! I Know I Said that I wouldn’t write anymore long chapters but that was clearly a lie. What can I say I’m untrustworthy lol. But I hope you guys enjoy  reading!

The room was filled with tension as Mary stood on one side of the empty waiting room and the rest of the family sat on the other side. Ziggy had finally showed up to the hospital and it was obvious that Mary was the outsider. The room was dead silent when the doctor on duty came into the waiting area for just a quick second to speak with one of the nurses at the front desk.
“Excuse Me” Came Mary sassy voice. “Excuse me yes we’ve been here a half and hour now and there is still no word on my mothers condition.” What the hell is taking so long?“ Derek got annoyed every time he heard her voice and quite frankly so did Cyrus. Cyrus loved his daughter but sometimes he wished she had just a little bit more tact.
"Listen Mary, I'm not about to sit here and listen to you talking all loud" Cyrus declared.
"Daddy they need to tell us something. Y'all not gone push my mama to the side like she cant afford the best care here”.
Ahsha rubbed Derek’s back seeing him start to clench his jaw. She took his hand a squeezed it tight. Derek looked to her and smiled knowing exactly what she was trying to do. She knew him all too well.
“Hello m’am I’m Dr. Nixon and I just left your mothers room. We’re still trying to get her blood pressure to go down. As soon as we do I’ll come out and let you all know when you can go back to see her.” The doctor said in a polite tone.
“Look man do whatever y'all can to help her. This is one if not the best hospital’s in LA. We have the money so do whatever you need to do to make sure she walks out of her. My son has the money to pay for it all” Mary answered to the doctor as if she had made every penny of Derek’s money herself and Derek was now sitting there in shocked. The doctor remain professional and shook Mary’s hand.
“Ill make sure we’re doing everything we can”. Now you could slightly hear Ahsha in the background trying to calm Derek down from exploding.
“No that’s bullshit
"Derek calm down
"No I’ll be damn if I sit here and.….suddenly Mary heard the two and addressed them.
"Excuse me, what did you have to say to me boy?” Derek now stood up and Ahsha stood u in the same motion stepping in front of him.
"What the hell are you even talking about money for? Derek spat
“Wait a minute Derek please not here”. Gigi begged.
“Seriously, how do you do that?” Derek asked
“Now Derek calm down that’s enough. This is your mother” Cyrus chimed in.
“No, you know what my mother is in that hospital room back there fighting for her life. That’s the only mother I’ve ever known and you know that.” Derek said as a matter of fact pointing in the directions of all the patience rooms.
“No it’s okay daddy, we’re all grown. Derek can ask me whatever he needs to ask me” How do I do what?“ Mary asked almost raising her voice.
"How do you turn yourself on and off like that?” You try to come up in here like you care when no one has seen you for mouths.“ Derek spat.
"Well the last time I checked you and your little wife wasn't checking for me”. Mary said matching his tone walking closer to both Ahsha and Derek.
Derek stepped in front of Ahsha placing his had over her stomach in a protective matter. There was no way in hell Derek would let Mary’s toxic energy come close to his daughter.
“And that still remains true, but what about you being their for your sister, your nephew, your father, or your mother”. Now you wanna show up for some attention. Talking about “don’t worry my son can pay for it all”. You know Im convinced that you get off on being able to brag on “your son” the one you never gave a damn about just cause you think it makes you look go. “New flash Mary use that son shit very loosly, because we’ve been here before and I already know what you want.”
“Nobody wants anything from you Derek I’m here because I love my mother”. Mary stated in a tone that was overzealous. If anyone had been listening they would have probably given Mary an Oscar but Derek saw right through this acting performance.
“Love? You don’t love anybody. You’re incapable! You know what love is? Love is being able to have dinner with both sides of your families, love is letting family stay with you as they want to to better themselves, love is going to doctors appointments and holding your loved ones hand during their pain, love is being able to share news with your family and not running to the tabloids with the information to get paid for a story and love is me being able to feel the connection I have with my daughter just by being in my wife’s presence. We’ve shared a lot of love amongst each other and I don't recall you being around for any of it.”Ahsha was holding onto her husbands arm feeling him tense in every muscle. Mary was stumped she had nothing to say so she did
what she always does, flee the scene. And just like that Mary was gone again. After Derek finally calmed his temper he needed to talk to Cyrus.
“Hey babe take a seat here I need to talk to pops” Derek said to Ahsha
“Okay Derek fine, but before you talk to him you need to calm down”. Ahsha said rubbing his shoulder. Ahsha didn’t know but in this very moment she was calming him down even further.
“Okay I hear you” Derek said placing his hands on his hips. Soon he and Cyrus briefly left the waiting room to go speak about Jade’s health.
“Pops What happen?” Derek asked in a harsher tone then he intended.“ Why didn't you tell me her health was declining? Every time I talk to you you make things seem like they’re fine”.
"They are fine Derek. Look this is my wife why the hell would I hide her health issues when we’re trying to get her to progress?”
“Then what happen today dad?” Derek asked now starting to feel emotion build up in his chest. Cyrus took a deep breath before giving Derek the final news.
“What happen today wasn’t because of the cancer. Your aunt and I had just gotten home from Jade getting another blood transfusion. The doctors wanted her to stay afterwards for observation but you know her she’s stubborn as hell. So I brought her home and I put her in bed to rest. She got up to go the the restroom not knowing how weak she was feeling and she stumbled and hit her head on the bathroom sink. Your aunt and I heard the crash and we ran upstairs to find her on the floor.” Cyrus said with a overwhelmed look on his face. Before Derek could get out another word he suddenly notice Cyrus face change for the worst. Derek noticed Cyrus looking just slightly past him and he turned around to see Ahsha’s arm around Gigi’s shoulder as Gigi’s face was stained in tears. Cyrus and Derek quickly rushed to the two.
“What’s Wrong?” Cyrus asked
“What Happened?” Derek followed.
“Dr. Nixon just let me know that mama fell into a coma” Gigi burst into tears and almost fell to the floor where Cyrus caught her.
Neither Derek or Ahsha was prepared for the outcome of this.



The baby shower was today and the Roman family was trying to keep their spirits high as they still had the shocking tale of events on their mind between Jade being in a coma and Derek and Mary’s argument. But of course this was Sloane’s first grand baby so the show was going on regardless. She was so ready. Aunt Gigi decided to finish helping Sloane with the decorations as she and Sloane was suppose to be doing things together. But with her mom being in the hospital she just couldn’t focus on anything else. Ahsha understood that she needed to be with Jade in this moment but she was forever grateful of all the effort that she help put into the baby shower.Derek, Ziggy and Pete were away at Terrence’s house a he decided to throw Derek a man shower as the men weren’t allowed at the baby shower. Everyone was in attendance.
Terrence condo was full of their teammates, male celebrities such as actors and ballers from other teams that Derek had befriended over the years and even his agent and lawyer Jerry and Terry as they had become really close with Derek and Ahsha because of dealing with their personal and professional affairs. Meanwhile just  across town Ahsha was upstairs in her bedroom with Sloane helping her get dressed and ready before the guest arrived. Gigi knocked on the door to tell the ladies she was off to the hospital and she kissed Ahsha on the cheek leaving her gift behind. Ahsha’s heart was really greatful as she sent Gigi off.
“Derek and I will try to make it by this evening”. Ahsha assured.
“I know but Ahsha if you’re too tired after all the events don't push yourself, you know my niece will gets fussy in their” Aunt Gigi giggled.
“Yes I know” Ahsha cooed still sitting on the bed in her robe. Sloane thanked Gigi and they were ready to get on with the festivities. Sloane sat on the bed next to Ahsha.
“Finally alone with my sweetie” Sloane cooed hugging Ahsha tightly in here arms.
“I know! You know I have to get my time alone with you before the guest arrive”. Ahsha and Sloane grabbed hands and touched foreheads. Ahsha was still a mama's girl and she just knew she and her daughter would be the same way. She couldn’t wait to take all the love and care that Sloane poured into her over the years and give every ouch to her baby.
"Ahsha how do you feel today, isn't this so beautiful and exciting?” Ahsha took a deep breath.
“Yes it is, even though everything is going on I still woke up really happy today. When I woke up I just felt good for some reason”.
“I know why!” Sloane sang
“Why?” Ahsha inquired.
“Because that’s how daughters makes mothers feel. Much like how I felt rushing over here to get to you. You should have seen your father trying to slow me down.” Sloane teased.
“What would I do without you?” Ahsha asked her mother with an adoring smile.
“Lose your mind and drive Derek even crazier” Sloane laughed. “Alright come on little girl lets get ready”. Ahsha got up from the bed.
"Okay I’m gonna take my shower now?”. Could you bring my dress from the closet?“
"Yes I got everything Ahsha just go take your shower”. Sloane assured. Sloane grabbed the flowy gold crystaled covered gown from the closet. Ahsha had it custom made just for this occasion. It mocked the gown of the princess from Coming to America while singing she’s your queen to be. The colors for the baby shower were royal red, gold  and black. Ahsha finally finished her shower and Sloane met her in front of her vanity mirror. Ahsha did her makeup and Sloane help her put curls in her hair. Sloane pulled the top half of her hair back and the back of her hair flowed with waterfall curls. Sloane finished her hair by adding the finishing peice. She placed the gold
diamond head jewelry on the crown of Ahsha’s head that Derek bought her to match her gown. Slaone looked at her daughters appearence in the mirror and was in love.
“Yea, you’re definitely my daughter” Sloane said wrapping her arms around Ahsha’s shoulders in a teasing voice. Complimenting her daughter on her beauty. Ahsha smiled and laughed as she grabbed onto Sloane’s arm that was wrapped around her.
“Okay I need to get dress, can you zip me up?” Ahsha walked over to the bed. She unzipped her dress and stepped inside of the gown.
Sloane smiled to herself as this moment reminded her of Ahsha’s wedding day. She had zipped many dresses up for Ahsha. Going to church as a little girl, going to the prom in high school, on her wedding day and now for her baby shower. This was truly a wonderful reflecting moment for the mother.
“Wheww its kinda snug” Ahsha laughed. Looking at her belly in the mirror.
“It fits perfectly honey”. Sloane added. “Now lets go downstairs the guest will be arriving any minute now”.
As the guest arrived. Ahsha went downstairs to the kitchen area to sample some food as baby girl was a little antsy to eat. As all of her friends and coworkers showed up Ahsha felt great. Everyone was coming out to celebrate the new addition to her family and she felt overjoyed. The women started playing baby games and of course Kyle was the competitive one. Ahsha could only giggle at her best friend but she was having so much fun. Ahsha began opening the gifts and their was a lot of great things for
the baby. Kyle bought her a blinged out Chanel stroller that was black with red stitching and Ahsha loved it the most. Ahsha squeal in excitement when she saw it.
“Hey what I say yawl, I know what my Carebear likes”. Kyle stood and took her props for the awesome gift. Ahsha also got a lot of gift for herself. Of course she got a couple of pieces of lingerie so that in between feeding she could also take care of her man and Ahsha thought it was sweet. All the women were having a great time laughing and talking about the gifts and there was so many Ahsha was tired of looking through them all.
“Okay I think that was the last one” Ahsha sang
“But there’s just one more” Came a deep voice walking into the room and Ahsha didn’t have to look up to know it was the father to be.
“Heyyyyy We Said it, No boys allowed.” Kyles said hitting Terrence on his chest as he entered behind Derek. Derek walked over to his wife helped her stand up.
“If I could have everyone follow us to the front” Derek asked the guest. Derek lead Ahsha to the front door and when she looked out into the driveway her mouth flew open.
“For you Mrs. Roman”. Derek cooed into her neck with his hands wrapped around her waist. Derek had gotten Ahsha a brand new white G Wagon with a big red bow wrapped on top.
“Awwww Derek. Now I feel bad I didn't get you anything”. Ahsha whined.
You’re already giving me something that money cant buy and that’s greater then anything in this world”. Derek said while rubbing her belly. “By the way you look gorgeous baby” Derek said grabbing her hand and turnig her around getting in her full appearance.
“UGRRHHHH UGRR UGRR!”Terrence said clearing his throat. “But you know The God father didn’t forget out you”. Terrence opened the back seat and the trunk of the G Wagon and took Ahsha’s hand leading her closer. Derek crossed his arms and smiled at everyone showering his family with love. Terrence had gotten the baby an all white leather snake skin car seat from Versace’s young Versace line. These car seats were limited addition. But that wasn’t all Terrence got Ahsha and Derek both Louis Vuitton baby luggage for the hospital. Ahsha of course thought it was a little flashy but would always cherrish the things that people went out fo their way to do for
her. Ahsha hugged Terrence tight.
"Thank you so much Tee” I see who else is gonna be her favorite". Ahsha teased. Kyle nudge Terrence in the side.
“Why you trying to outdo my gift. Oh on her first Christmas and birthday its on." Kyle challenged
"Bring it on!” Terrence teased Kyle back. Ahsha laughed at the two and shook her head. Soon the guest were eating and everyone was taking picture with both the parents to be. Another great event had happened in the Roman household. They were making wonderful memories.


Two weeks had went by Ahsha had finally got everything together and put away in the babies room, gifts included. Derek was on his way back in town from his away game and Ahsha was anxious for him to get back. With her being so close to her due date she hated that Derek had to leave town to play basketball but this was the last away game of the season. Of course Ahsha was nervous about Derek leaving but in true Ahsha fashion she told him not to worry when he offered to not go. Inside she was shitting bricks every second he was away thinking everytime her baby kicked her water would break. She had made it and Derek was getting off his plane to come home. She had spent the last three days with Sloane and Derek’s family. Ahsha was in the kitchen when she heard her phone ringing. She looked down and it was her husband on face time.
“Hey Daddy” Ahsha sang.
“Hey Mrs. Roman, what are you doing?”
Nothing I just got home from the hospital with Cyrus and Ziggy”.
“How is everyone?” Derek’s heart was warm that his wife took the time out with his family when he couldn’t.
“Everyone is good, Jade is still fighting. Cy seems to be doing okay. The doctors are saying all of her vital signs are good she just has to wake up” Ahsha said taking a deep breath.
“And she will, I know she will” Derek said in a calm voice while closing his eyes.
“Hurry up and get home to me” Ahsha said and before Derek could respond. Ahsha dropped the phone and curse harshly.
“Ahhhh Ouch! Ouch Ouchh!!!!! She yelled.
"Ahsha what’s happening what’s wrong?” Derek now alert and all in his phone trying to see what was going on with his wife’s abrupt locomotion.
“Baby did you hit yourself? Answer Me!” Derek demanded.
Ahsha grabbed her phone and she was now taking deep breath while holding the side of her ribs.
"Derek I’m fine” Ahsha insisted.
“No you’re not fine, what the hell just happened.” Derek said in a tone that said she better not be lying to him.
“Nothing just…. The baby has been kicking me in my ribs lately. Hard” Ahsha said still catching her breath.
“In your ribs! Ahsha that’s not good. Have you called Dr. Phyllips and told her?”
“No” Ahsha admitted.
“No and why not, the baby could be breached or something.” Derek said in a worried tone.
“No Derek she’s not breached, calm down.”
“Well we’re sure as hell about to find out” Derek said in a final tone.
“Derek don't call her its fine… AHHHHHHHHHH” Ahsha screamed again. From the kick in the same spot. Her rib was beginning to feel sore.
“Ahsha I cant believe you didn't tell me this was happening”
“Well look how you’re talking to me right now.” Ahsha frown back into the screen. Derek understood then that he needed to check his tone.
He didn’t want Ahsha to feel like he was mad at her he was just worried about her and he wasn’t translating that in the right way.
“Look I’ll see you when you get home” Ahsha uttered
“Ahsha you better not dare hang up this phone from me”. Ahsha rolled her eyes with a slight tear hearing the alpha tone in her husbands voice and she figured that she needed to not be stubborn. Ahsha started to walk upstairs to their bedroom and she laid down on their bed slowly not to stretch her muscles where her ribs were.
“Okay Mrs. Roman just breath”. Derek cooed taking a softer tone that Ahsha could appreciate. “I just had my assistant call Dr. Phyllips and she said she’ll meet us at the house in twenty minutes. I'm five minutes away baby can you just wait for me to get there" Derek questioned.
“Yes baby I can” Ahsha assured now truly in pain thinking that she should have told her husband what was going on before. Derek was right they needed to make sure everything was okay with the baby.
Derek finally arrived home to fine Ahsha laying in the same spot. He walked over to her and sat on the bed next to her.
Hey Ahs, Dr. Phyllips should be here in a minute…………But how long has this been happening?” Derek inquired.
“Just for the last three days”
“Ahs this isn't okay. Derek said rubbing the side of her leg.” Look I'm sorry I got upset earlier you just worried me" Derek said kissing the top of her head. Ahsha didn’t take it personal she knew her husband was the type to react first and ask questions later. Soon Dr. Phyllip showed up with her traveling medical kit and her assistant. After they got everything hooked up Ahsha laid on the travel bed and they first did an ultrasound.
“Okay you two everything looks normal, the baby is still in her proper position”. Both Derek and Ahsha took a deep breath.
“So why am I having these pains then” Ahsha asked.
“Well Ahsha it’s pretty normal during the the last trimester of pregnancy to have a few pains but what this all boils down to is that shes just getting a little
cramped in there.”

“Cramped? Derek asked almost laughing
"Yes Mr. Roman when she kicks your wife she just trying to fine some exra space in there but there is none. Nine times out of ten she’s just getting a little agitated with the now lack of space as she’s grown bigger.”
“Okay well is their anything we can do to help ease the soreness afterwards?” Derek asked.
"Well maybe just taking a hot bath to relax the muscels, or any kind of water theraphy will help.” Dr. Phyllips concluded. This made perfect since to Derek as that’s exactly what helped him after a hard day of practice.
“Okay, I think I just need to continue getting a little rest. I think the more active I am the more active she becomes so I’l just slow down a little”
Ahsha concluded.
“Okay great, and please if you two need anything at all don't hesitate to call me….."That means you Ahsha.” Dr. Phyllips and Derek chuckled at her teasing Ahsha.
“Okay I wont” Ahsha said rolling her eyes playfully. Derek walked the doctor and her assistant out and he was so relieved that everything was fine with both of his girls. After Dr. Phyllips left Derek allowed Ahsha to sleep for an hour. He went downstairs to his private jacuzzi area that was behind his weight room. This was the place that he would come to relax after a practice, training sessions, or after a game. He set the temperature to a warm setting that would help his wife relax. He went back upstairs and Derek hovered over his wife’s sleeping body and kissed her on the forehead.
“Wake up Sleepyhead? Derek cooed.
"Derek I don’t want to” Ahsha said in a groggy voice. Derek smiled and sat next to her motionless body.
“I know Ahs, but I have something to make you feel better I promise” Derek suggested. “Come On Dr. Phyllips says a little water therapy will relax your muscles.”
Ahsha finally rolled over to look at Derek. Ahsha looked exhausted. Derek had never seen his wife look so tired even after a long practice. As she came closer and closer to her due date the more Ahsha was just over it.
“Derek please I don’t have the energy right now, I just want to lay in bed.” Ahsha protested
“I know you do but If you lay here you’ll only feel worst so I started the jacuzzi downstairs.” Ahsha eyes went wide when her husband said downstairs.
“Downstairs!?!” Are you crazy, didn’t you hear me say I was too tired and you want me to go all the way downstairs?“ Derek took a deep breath because he knew he needed to have patience with his stubborn pregnant wife. He decided the longer he negotiated with her the more she’d put up a fight so at this moment he decided to take action. Derek went into the bathroom and took off his clothes and put his robe on. He walked back into the bedroom and lightly took the covers off of his wife. He started to strip her naked from her bottom half and grabbed her arms to have her sit up.
"Alright Ahsha come on baby sit up for me” He said softly. Ahsha realized she had to oblige because her husband was no longer taking no for an answer. Ahsha sucked air between her teeth because her ribs still felt a little sore. “Owww slow slow slow babe”. Ahsha sat up and rubbed the sides of her belly. Derek lifted her shirt over her head and unstrapped her bra. He grabbed her champagne silk robe and Ahsha put her arms in both sleeves wrapping it closed. She placed her arm around Derek’s neck and he swept her up in his arms and carried her downstairs. They reached the private jacuzzi area and Derek placed her on the edge to sit down. The dim lights from the room shined in the blue water causing the waters reflection to cast on Ahsha’s skin.
“Baby put your feet in and tell me if its too hot” Derek intructed. Ahsha then put both of her feet in.
Turn the temperture down just a little” Ahsha asked now rubbing her belly yawning. Derek punched the numbers to adjust then temperature and he walked over to Ahsha.
He sat directly behind her placing his legs on either side of her. Now all they had to do was wait for the temperature to lower. Derek started to massage her shoulders with his firm loving hands and he could see his wife was tense.
“Ummmm Derek that feels so good” Ahsha closed her eyes and tried to focus on something else but her pain in her sides.
“I’m gonna make sure you feel a lot better after we’re done babe”. Derek continued to massage he. "Hey don't ever try to hide your pains from me, I wanna help”. Derek said in a sincere voice. Ahsha rubbed Derek’s leg.
“I know Derek”. Derek then began rubbing either side of her stomach.
“Damn Mrs. Roman you’re ready to pop” Derek chuckled kissing her cheek.
“I know I already feel like a whale and your daughter is complaining about lack of space in there. Its getting hectic” Ahsha giggled.
“Well daddy’s gonna take care of everything. You ready to get in?” Derek questioned.
“Yea I think so” Ahsha said now excited about this pamper session about to happen with her loving husband. Derek untied his robe revealing his naked body and pulled Ahsha’s down while caressing her shoulders exposing all of her pregnant glory;the sight that he adored. Ahsha took a seat inside the jecuzzi and Derek stood in front of her. He placed his hands on his hips and examine her body with his eyes with a concerned look on his face.
“Okay Ahs tell me what hurts?” Derek asked. Ahsha chuckled.
“Derek I’m pregnant, everything hurts”.
“Ahsha I’m serious” Derek laughed.
“I am too Derek” Ahsha shot him a look back. Derek shook his head and smiled. He grabbed one of her feet and started to massage it underneath the water. Derek took his time tenderly massaging her ankles and toes. Ahsha placed her hand on her belly and looked down and furrowed her face.
“Look at my feet! They’re so fat and swollen.” Derek then smiled and planted a kiss on her toes. Ahsha looked at her husband and smiled back. He moved up her legs and firmly rubbed her calf muscles. Ahsha enjoyed her husbands strong hands feeling her body with his loving control. Derek eyed her naked body and right now he didn’t see his wife as a sexual being for all of his desires. He saw his wife, the mother of his unborn child, the women who has always been there for him and the person who always took care of him. This women had done so much for him that he would spend a lifetime showing his love to her. Derek started to work his way up to Ahsha’s round belly an tried to be as gentle as possible. He gently pushed down on Ahsha ribs and massaged them like a basketball in his fingetips.
“I can’t believe we’re having a baby” Ahsha said closing her eyes again getting comfortable with Derek’s techniques.
“I know, sometimes its still surreal”. Derek added.
“Its like you’re married one day and expecting a baby the next. Sometimes I wonder how we got here so fast”. Ahsha giggled.
Derek’s eyes widen at his wife’s comment. “What do you mean how we got here so fast. Im just glad we didnt get here faster because we definatly could have.” Derek added.
“Faster?” Ahsha raised a brow.
“Yes Faster Ahsha”. I mean I'm just glad were happily married and ready so we can do it the right way. I'm really not that shocked. We were reckless while we were dating".
“Derek we weren't that bad” Ahsha rolled her eyes.
“Ahsha the first time we had sex was on top of the Ferrari and it was unprotected. We’re literally the couple who has sex on cars, in jacuzzi’s, and against open Vegas windows. We even use to have sex to "fake breakup”. Derek said the last part with his hands in quotation.
“Excuse me, Fake breakup?” Ahsha said almost laughing
“Yes Fake! You know you weren’t leaving me for good” Derek cooed in a cocky tone. “And lets not even talk about what happen in your wedding dress.” Ahsha cut his trip down memory lane short.
“Okay Derek you’re right she did come at the right time.” Ahsha said having to agree with her husband.
Derek leaned forward and kissed Ahsha on the lips and Derek pulled her closer so he could kiss her back tenderly. “I know I’m right. I love you.”
“I love you too”. Ahsha wrapped her arms around her husbands neck. Derek started to massage the sides of her stomach again.
“Stop grinning so hard, you didn't even want to get out of bed”. Derek teased. “When did you get so spoiled?” Derek laughed
“I’m not spoiled, you’re the one whose spoiled Derek Roman” Ahsha said back.
“Hey I don’t deny that my women takes good care of me” Derek raised his brow.
I know I know but she just responds to you so well baby. She’s so…..calm”. The way you make me calm". Ahsha said as her heart swelled with her husband.
“Funny your the opposite for me”. Derek looked Ahsha in her doe eyes.“You drive me wild”. Derek meant that in the best way possible. Ever since he met Ahsha she did something to him that made his heart race and nothing had changed. Nothing ever will. Derek worked his hands masterfully on the parts of her neck that were filled with tension and Derek was right Ahsha started feeling a lot better.
“Ummmm I’m so glad Dr. Phyllips suggested this water therapy. My muscles definitely feel relaxed now”.
“Yea but she didn’t suggest the full body massage that was all me” Derek placed his hands on either sides of her legs and placed a tender kiss on her shoulder.
“Um speaking of massage, I think you missed a spot”. Ahsha said pulling Derek inwards by his lowers back so that his penis would bump against her vagina. Derek chuckled deep in his chest “You just dont quit do you women?” Ahsha that’s only gonna get us in more trouble. “We’re gonna skip that department for tonight but I promise I’ll make it up to you once your feeling completely better.” Derek said with good intentions.
“But Derek that’s gonna make me feel better” Ahsha grabbed her husbands neck and placed kisses on it.
“Ahsha it sounds like a good idea now but if I put my attention there it’ll start out as a nice pleasurable massage that’ll end up hurting you in the end and you’re not putting that blame on me. Ahsha you know how the both of us get.” Derek said trying to protest while his wife was now licking his ear. He never thought he’d turn down sex with his wife but in this case sex was not what her body needed right now with the soreness in her ribs.
“Derek lets just take it slow then” Ahsha suggested
“Says the women who always wants it harder and faster” Derek chuckled. Ahsha smacked him in the arm.
“Derek ughh you are so annoying, I cant believe you’re scared” Ahsha challenged.
“I'm not scared but you definitely should be” Derek chuckled not letting his wife make him change his mind. He picked her up and carried her out of the water. Ahsha would defiantly be thankful.


As the days were getting closer to Ahsha’s due date The Romans were trying everything in their power to stay in a relaxing environment. On this particular night Ahsha was in the bathroom at the sink cleaning her face and brushing her teeth as she was talking to Derek about her day with Kyle. Ahsha went on and on laughing at the things Kyle said that she barley noticed that her husbands mind was somewhere else. Ahsha was laughing all too hard when she finally addressed Derek with a question.
“Isnt she crazy?” Ahsha got no answer. She turned around to quickly glance at him and Derek was deep in thought. She walked over to their french bathtub. Ahsha sat on the edge of the tub as her husband laid back with his face furrowed.
“Hey, what’s that look on your face?” Ahsha questioned. Derek snapped out of his daze upon hearing Ahsha’s second question.
“Huh? What face?” Derek asked.
“You look stress, talk to me” Ahsha looked into her husbands eyes with concern in her own. Derek sat up in the the tub and wrapped his arms around Ahsha’s waist and rested his head on her lap.
“Nah I was just thinking about the last conversation I had with my mother.” Derek admitted
“What about it?” Ahsha asked curiously as she caressed Derek’s back.
“Nothing just…… As I replay all the things we both said to each other in my head I realized something.”
“What’s that?”
“I realize that us having this baby has made me let go of any ill feeling towards my mom. I just cant hold that in anymore”. As Ahsha listen she carefully examine her husbands tone and to her surprise he was calm. This moment was the exact parallel of when she bath Derek after he spazzed out at the bar. They had just decided to move on in their lives accepting Mary’s absence and then they soon found out about Jade’s illness. This was a very low point for Derek but tonight was different Ahsha didn’t see a low in her husbands eyes or hear it in his tone.
“What made you realize this babe?” Ahsha said looking down to the floor biting her bottom lip.
“Look Ahsha we’re having this baby any day now and that just has me thinking, how can I bring my daughter into this world with anger in my heart. I need to be able to give her all the love she deserves. And to do that I had to break through this last barrior.” Derek confessed. Ahsha heard her husbands words and it was just like him. When it came to the ones he loved he was selfless and Ahsha had seen this side in him many times before. Ahsha grabbed his chin and made Derek look into her eyes.
“Derek look at me. You’re going to be the best father this little girl can have. She loves you so much already. When you two first lock eyes shes not gonna see your anger from your past, she’ll see exactly what I see in you……… Love”. Derek leaned forward and kissed his wife on the lips softly.
“Ahsha Roman…… are my biggest support system. I love you”
“I love you to Derek, and she will too”. Ahsha concluded


The next day Derek woke up feeling really postive that his day would be great. After the reassuring talk that he and Ahsha had the night before he felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulder. He decided that he wanted to do something special for Cyrus so early before practice he picked Cyrus up from home and brought him back to the mansion. Derek and Ahsha both offered Cyrus to stay with them until Jade came home from the hospital but being the head Roman in the clan he was even more stubborn then Derek could ever be. After bringing Cyrus back with him Derek got ready for practice. He made plans with Ahsha that after he got home they would take his grandfather to dinner to give him a break from the hospital and show him a great time. Derek had now left and Jeeves was in the kitchen preparing
sandwiches for Ahsha and Cyrus. They both sat on opposite sides of the counter and  ate while sharing conversation.
“You know, Ahsha I have to thank you” Cyrus admitted
“Thank me for what Cy?” Ahsha asked
“I knew it was you all this time that pushed Derek to reach back out with everyone. I mean I always knew he’d come back around but I know you made his stubborn butt do it a lot quicker and we thank you. I know it wasn't easy either considering the relationship he has with his mother.”
“Yea I glad he came around too” Ahsha smiled.
“No really, you’ve helped bring a lot of joy back into me and my wife's life just by bringing it into his life.”
“You have no idea how good that makes me feel.” Ahsha said her eyes starting to water. “If its anyone who believes in Derek more its me and I just want everyone to know the man I know. I just love him so much.” Ahsha now wiped the corner of her eyes with the napkin that was placed on the table.
“Oh trust me, Jade and I saw it the the first time we met you. I remember the night after we found out you were pregnant we laid in bed and she goes”“You know, I like that Ahsha, shes beautiful, she’s sweet, a dancer and she has Derek hit over the head like a fool” Cyrus and Ahsha both laughed as he mocked his wife.
Cy you always make me feel good. I’m glad you’re here today”. Ahsha admitted.
“Yea me too. Plus I needed a break from that hospital” Cyrus admitted causing Ahsha to feel bad for the old man. Ahsha grabbed his hand from across the counter.
“You scared?” Ahsha asked
“Nah old men like me don't get scare, plus my wife is strong I have not doubt in my mind that shes gonna pull through. See Ahsha when you’ve been married for as long as me and my wife you have a connection so strong you feel it in your sleep, Jade is fighting and winning”. Cyrus said in a confident voice that made Ahsha feel that much better.
Ahsha smiled softly. “You want something to drink to go with your sandwich?” Ashah asked.
As a matter of fact I will” Cyrus said with a smile.
“Okay two lemonades coming up” Ahsha beamed. As Ahsha turned to look in the refrigerator.She grabbed the lemonade and suddenly. Cyrus heard Ahsha gasp and a liquid hit the floor.
“What’s wrong baby you spill the lemonade?” He said looking up. Ahsha slowly turned around with the lemonade pitcher still full in her hands and looked down to the floor. Her water had just broken.
“Oh my god, Oh my god, My water just broke!” Ahsha rushed out causing Cyrus to rush to her side.
“Okay baby calm down calm down take a seat.” Cyrus said leading Ahsha to the couch.
“Okay now where is your bag you have packed for the hospital?” Cyrus asked calmly trying to keep Ahsha calm.
“Its upstairs in the babies room”. 
“Okay I’m gonna go upstairs and get everything you need and while you’re here see if you can call Derek.”
“Okay” Ahsha said taking a deep breath as this was going really fast. She pulled out her phone to call Derek and of course he didn’t answer being that he headed to practice already. Cyrus came back downstairs with Ahsha’s things plus one of her comfy stylish jumpsuit that she could put on to wear to the hospital. He had clearly been through this many times before; seeing new lives entering the world.
“Derek’s not answering, I need to call my mom.” Ahsha said now dialing Sloane
“Come on mom, pick up pick up” And on the third ring.
“Hey little girl, I was just thinking about you” Sloane said in a chipper voice.
“Mom my water just broke” Ahsha said in a happy yet frantic tone.
“OH MY GOSH AHSHA” Sloane said jumping off of her couch looking for her keys
“Mom listen to me I cant reach Derek, have you talked to dad?”
“Yes I just got off the phone with him. He’s leaving out of his meeting heading to the gym for the guys practice”
“Okay I’m gonna call him now, Cyrus is taking me to Dr. Phyllips so meet us their”. Ahsha rushed her off the phone to dial Pete.
Pete ran down the hall in his suit and tie coming from his meeting. He quickly made it to the gymnasium.
“Derek….DEREK!!!!” Derek and Terrence were in the middle of the court instructing the team on what drills they were going to start with. Derek quickly focused on the direction that he heard an echo yelling his name.
“Derek lets go now, Ahsha’s wa……Sound was getting lost in translation and Derek didn’t quite hear what Pete said.
"Huh? Derek asked squinting his eyes "What did he say?” he looked over at Terrence as Pete got closer.
“LET’S GO AHSHA’S WATER JUST BROKE!!!!” Pete’s voice echoed and this time he heard him with every fiber of his being.
“Shit!” Derek said in shocked now ready to rush off.
“Shit, shit, shit, Tim you’re in charge!” Terrence yelled now rushing behind Derek. “But Tee why you leaving man?” Tim yelled out.
“Its my godchild idiot!” Terrence answered. Terrence rushed by the studio and the Devil girls were just starting up.
“Kyle we gotta go, Ahsha’s water just broke!!! Lets go you can ride with me”. Terrence rushed out.
“Oh my gosh Carebear, come on lets go. PEYTON you’re in charge” Kyle yelled while leaving out with Terrence. Pete, Derek, Kyle and Terrence met up in the parking lot as they were getting ready to leave. Before they got in their cars Terrence approached Derek.
“Yo D, this is it!!” Terrence said in excitement. Terrence then hit Derek slightly in the chest “Yo D, you better not faint or do something corny you know I taught you better. Hold her down man bring her here safe man” Terrence placed his hands on each of Derek’s shoulders. Kyle rolled her eyes.
“Will you two break it up, their having a baby not looking for the "The road to El Dorado now lets got”. Everyone headed to the hospital. Sloane was on the way from home. Derek called Ahsha from inside of the car to let her know he and Pete were on their way. Pete was driving like a bat out of hell but he and Derek were fearless.Terrence was keeping up with them at Pete’s every turn. After twenty minutes they had arrived to the hospital and everyone got to Dr. Phyllip’s fifth floor. Derek walked into the luxury hospital suite room 504. Ahsha was laying in the hospital bed underneath the covers balled up in the fetal position as she had closed her eyes for just a second to try to focus on something other then the pain from her contractions that were starting to come more often then not. As he entered the room he heard Ahsha soft playlist of music playing quietly in the background. Derek rushed over to his wife and pulled a chair next to the bed. He carressed her forehead and
she opened her eyes so grateful that her husband had arrived.
“DEREK” Ahsha rushed out.
“Hey Mrs. Roman”. Derek cooed.“ I heard my little angle is giving you a hard time”. Derek said while now caressing her cheek.
"Shes giving me hell” Ahsha said with a weak smile on her face.
“Shes just ready to be in her mommy’s arms that all”. How far apart did you say your contraction were baby?“
About ten minutes apart no….Suddently another pain hit Ahsha immediately. “Argghhhh”!! She held onto Derek’s hand tightly and closed her eyes. Tears were forming in Ahsha eyes as this one was more powerful. Derek tried calming and relaxing his wife.
“I know I know baby breath just breath.” Derek said with urgency. He honestly felt so bad for the pain his wife was feeling and if he could have taken it for her he would have.
“Derek it hurts so bad” Ahsha said now with tears falling on her face. She took deep breaths in and out and cried in between. Finally the contraction pasted over and Ahsha finally laid still on the bed. Derek began to rub her belly and she finally stopped crying but he could still feel her shaking. Dr. Phyllip walked into the room and in a soft voice she started to speak with Derek.
“Hey Mr. Roman how are you doing?”
“Today’s the big day” Derek said in a low but excited tone.
“That’s right”. We’re all ready to meet our new baby. How is Ahsha doing with her contractions? When I came in fifteen minutes ago she was still doing really good with them".
“I defiantly think they’ve intensified with the last one she just had” They’re getting stronger.“ Dr. Phyllips looked at Ahsha and decided it was
time for another observation. Derek went back to her side and held her hand
"Ahsha I’m gonna see how far you’ve dilated to see if we can give you your epidural yet okay.”
“Okay” Ahsha said turning over on her back and bending her knees. Ahsha had hoped that she was so that some of the pain could stop. But of course she wasn’t.
“Ahsha we’re gonna wait a little while longer but you’re doing really good”. Just a little while longer Dr. Phyllips assured.“ We don't want to rush it because if I give you the epidural too soon it may stop your contractions”.
“Okay” Ahsha said with a disappointed tone. She was so ready to get this over with. She was ready to have her baby in her arms.
“Well is there anything we can do to help her threw the pain until that point?” Derek urged. It was really getting under his skin how bad Ahsha was shaking and the alpha male in him needed to step in and do something.
“There is an technique that you both can try when she has the rest of her contractions before the epidural to help the pain.”
“Okay what’s that?” Derek was willing to do anything, he was ready for the doctors request.
“Kiss her” Dr. Phyllip said plainly.
“Kiss her?” Derek repeated with a surprised look on her face.
Yes, have Ahsha stand up and kiss her while she’s experiencing her contractions. Even caressing her a little will help” The doctor said.
“Does that really work, I mean….how does that work?” Derek asked.
“Well kissing during labor is known to reduce anxiety and increase Oxycontin, which is and extremely calming hormone and produces women with feelings of peace during
child birth.” Much like the feelings our spouses provide for us subconsciously. For instants, Ahsha how did you feel when you first arrived at the hospital?“
Dr.Phyllips asked looking around at Ahsha.
"Ummmm, just a little nervous” Ahsha answered.
“Umm huhh and how do you feel now?”
“Aside from the pain, a little better. My nerves are a little bit more calm”.
“Great, I’m glad to hear that” Dr.Phyllips encouraged. She then whispered to Derek. “You know what the real difference is between then and now?”
Derek raised a questionable brow at the doctor. “You’re here now”. The doctor smiled. “Ill come back in a few minutes to check her again.” Derek nodded her way and then focused his attention back to Ahsha.
“Okay Ahs stand up baby its been about three minutes so that means you have another seven until the next one hits.”
“Derek I don’t think its gonna work” Ahsha argued
“And it may not Ahsha but we have to try something because they’re just gonna get stronger and stronger”.
“Okay” Ahsha then lifted herself with her husbands help. She stood in front of Derek with her pregnant belly poking him. She wrapped her arms around his neck laying her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Derek caressed her sides and they swayed back and forth together. Ahsha felt so heavy she could literally feel her daughter now sitting lower. Suddenly another contraction hit Ahsha and she wasn’t expecting this one to be so quick after the one she just had. They were now about seven
minutes apart.
“Arghhhh” Ahsha said dropping her arms from around Derek’s neck and cradling the bottom of her belly..  “Ahhhh haaaaa haaaaa Derek”.. She cried.
Derek grabbed her face so that her eyes were focused on him. He crashed his lips onto hers and for the first moments she still whimpered and their lips stayed on each other. Derek grabbed her arms and wrapped them back around his neck and he rubbed her belly while they started to sway from side to side again to her playlist of music. He deepened their kiss and Ahsha began to focus on her husband and her lips stop shaking and she began to kiss him back. The contraction had passed and even though  the pain was still there it seemed to subside faster once she focused her attention on Derek. Ahsha began to shake a little bit in Derek’s arms as she continued to lay her head on his chest.
“You’re doing so great baby, our little angle will be in our arms soon. I promise It wont be long” Derek encouraged
“Thank you for helping me Derek” Ahsha said.
“Shhh I’m here and never letting go, you hear me? You two are the most important thing to me”. Derek cooed and kissed her forehead wrapping her in his arms a little tighter.
“Yes I know”. Ahsha wept while she couldn’t control her emotions as they were all over the place. They were at the point of no return. Ahsha was now sweating. Derek sat her on the bed and he walked to get a wash cloth out of Ahsha pregnancy bag and ran some cold water over it. He made sure it was not too cold and her placed it on the back of her neck. Ahsha closes her eyes tight and continued to breath. In this moment Derek saw an example of what true strength was.
“Derek I feel another one coming” Ahsha could feel her stomach tightening. Derek grabbed her by her hands and stood her back up to kiss her again. Inside Derek was worried every time she clutched onto him really tight because he could tell that she was in unbearable pain but he had to keep it together.
Soon the contractions were now five minutes in between.
“Kiss me kiss me kiss me” Ahsha was now urging. She was finding her calm and the method was definitely working. Derek kissed her and laughed while there lips were still pressed together.
“That’s much better I see?” Derek said in a teasing voice.“Now you want me to kiss you kiss you kiss you”. Derek said.
“Shut up and kiss me before these these pains come back” Ahsha said grabbing his face shunting him up". Now Derek couldn’t stop laughing.
“Let me page Dr.Phyllip so we can see if you’re ready for your epidural now”. Derek said now helping her lay back down.
Dr. Phyllip finally returned to the room and checked Ahsha again and she was now ready for the epidural. She left briefly and came back into the room with her assistant. They took out their sterilizing tools and alcohol patch to clean the skin on Ahsha’s back. Ahsha laid eyes on the long needle and immediately wanted to die she was so scared. Derek saw the needle and immediately saw the terror in his wife’s eyes. For a brief moment Ahsha was evaluating a natural birth in her head but quickly washed those very delusional thoughts away.
“Okay Ahsha I need you to sit up this will be very quick” Dr. Phillip instructed. “Now I need you to be very still”.
She grabbed Derek’s arms and braced herself. Suddenly she felt a thick sting intrude her back and a single tear feel from her eye. Ahsha was so tired of the pain she was ready for it to be over. Now she understood all the work it took to bring a child into the world.
“Great Ahsha, you did great.” Derek kissed her tear away and he laid her back on the bed.
“Okay if you want to get your mother from the waiting room, you can now. Soon we’re gonna get this show on the road”. Dr. Phyllips said to Derek
“Okay babe, I’ll be right back”. Derek peaked his head from out of the room from across the hall and told Sloane that they were ready. Sloane rushed into the room to be next to Ahsha’s side. After Ahsha saw her mother everything went black. She heard the music fading in the background of Maxwell’s This Women’s Work and as soon as her vision came back to her she was sweating and feeling exhausted. She had started pushing. Dr. Phyllips was at the botton of the bed. Her back was raised up on the bed and her legs were spread open and pushed back. Derek now had on blue gloves and scrubs.
Pray God you can cope
I’ll stand outside
This woman’s work
This woman’s world

“Ahsha you’re doing great come on give me another good one” She finally heard the doctor say. Ahsha started to push but it was a weak one. She was out of breath.
Oh it’s hard on the man
Now his part is over
Now starts the craft of the Faaaaathhhher

“PUSH BABY PUSH”!! Derek urged in a deep tone. On his command she push down and the doctor counted to ten. Derek’s since of urgency was on level ten to bring his angel into this world. Into his arms.
“ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH” Ahsha stop pushing and caught her breath in between tears.
“That’s good honey, she getting lower” Sloane cooed holding back tears of her own.
“Okay Ahsha take a little break and breath. Your doing great just breath softly.” Dr. Phyllips stated not wanting Ahsha to get light headed
I know you’ve got a little life in you yet
I know you’ve got a lot of strength left
I know you’ve got a little life in you yet
I know you’ve got a lot of strength left.

Derek looked down into his wife’s teary eyes and he realized he was currently living in the spaces between two avenues. Right now he wasn’t a father until his daughter officially entered into the world. He was still in the moments in between life that made him Ahsha’s husband. Walking into the parts of life from his actions of being Ahsha’s husbands that would make him a father. Derek’s mind was racing with a million thoughts at once. In these last moment of just being a husband alone he had to keep a strong stature and hold it together for his wife. Thoughts of the events from the last couple of mouth washed over in his memory. All of the arguments, all of the fights, all of the stress, bailing his mother out of jail, finding out Ahsha was pregnant, and taking their trip to Spain. Did he do enough as a husband to prepare them to get to this point and for them to make it past this point successfully. He did and he couldn’t focus on anything that he hadn’t done because he did all that was  necessary. Derek felt confident to walk into fatherhood.
I should be crying but I just can’t let it show
I should be hoping but I can’t stop thinking
All the things we should’ve said that I never said
All the things we should’ve done but we never did
All the things we should’ve given but I didn’t
Oh, darling, make it go, make it go away

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA” Ahsha screamed snapping him out of his thoughts.
“Derek come around this way, I'm starting to see her head” Dr. Phyllips urged. Derek moved in front of Ahsha and watched carefully. Their baby girl was coming and coming fast. Derek felt like his heart was moving out of rhythm with life things were moving so fast. His first child was being born and he wished he could hold this moment still and cherish it to the fullest capacity. The slower time was moving the faster she was coming. He was watching the moment go before it could truly come.
Derek began seeing the top of his daughters head and when he did he felt like he was lit up by an electric shock.
“Go Go Goo Ahsha PUSH BABY PUSH” I see her"!! Derek said as his heart was beating out of his chest.
Give me these moments
Give them back to me
Give me your little kiss

Sloane started to see the baby as well and the tears she was trying to hold back was finally falling
“Come on Ahsha push”. Ahsha squeezed her mother hand and pushed again.
“Okay” Ahsha said threw tears “Arrghhhhhh”
I know you have a little life in you yet
I know you have a lot of strength left
I know you have a little life in you yet

“Derek when the babies shoulders get through Im gonna ask Ahsha to push again and when she does grab the baby and pull her when you feel her sliding out” Dr. Phyllip said.
“Okay here we go” Derek said with his brow furrowed.
All the things that you wanted from me
All the things that you needed from me
All the things I should’ve given but I didn’t OwWwWwWwW

Ahsha pushed one last time giving it all she had and when Dr. Phyllips saw the shoulders come though the entry way of Ahsha’s opening she gave Derek’s the cue.
“GRAB HER”! Derek took a hold of his daughter and slid her out.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Darling……Make it go away now…..Just make it go away…..
Sounds of a small cry filled the room and her little lungs were strong. With the sounds of Maxwell’s audience ushering her in.
*APPLAUSE AND CHEERING* Welcome to the World Ariana Roman! Their little bundle of joy had arrived. Ahsha grabbed her daughter and held her on her chest. She cried a bucket full of tears and Derek wiped his own that he couldn’t help from falling.
“We did it Derek, shes perfect” Ahsha wept.
Derek kissed Ahsha on the forehead as his life was forever full and complete in the ultimate way. “Together, you both are” Derek cooed. They were overjoyed and life just couldn’t get any better. Only it did. In this perfect moment without anyone’s knowledge. Jade opened her eyes from her coma. Ari gave her strength to rise. On this
day when a new life entered into the world one didn’t exit. All of their family’s hardship boiled down to this pivotal moment and this one overshadowed anything negative with everything positive. Ahsha’s words would always remain true. “She’ll come at the perfect time”. Today was the day that was specially ordained by god for The Roman family.


Okay let's get something straight

Which is always fun to say on a yaoi blog, but no seriously:

So I saw a post on fb about how Yurio’s agape lost to Yuri’s eros and someone said that Viktor’s desire for Yuri’s body was to blame.


that was not what that was about at all!

honesty to me Yurio lost because he didn’t want to give himself over to the pureness of agape. (when he was skating his only thought was how he wanted to finish it all quickly.) he did find his agape (his grandfather) but where Yurio rejected agape yuri accepted and embraced his eros. not only did he find it but he found the best way for him to express it. 

we must remember that Yuri most likely isn’t sexually active and for most of his life he’s only thought about ice skating, and Viktor

Yuri doesn’t have good social skills and bumbles around a lot this was all very much mentioned before so we could grasp a good on how hard it was going to be for him to master eros. 

Viktor, on the other hand, is a different story. He has made it know that he’s been around the block a few times. but the thing is he made sure to understand who Yuri was as a person before deciding he was going to dance to eros. it wasn’t about him wanting him in a sexual way or anything it was Viktor trying to show Yuri that he can dance that way too. that he is a 23 year old man who has sexual desires and can express them. 

I think we’re jumping the gun on this one guys with all the excitement about these two relationship. we want it to develop and all but we tend to see things that simply aren’t there and therefore lead to massive misconceptions. 

I feel that Yuri dancing to eros was about sexual awaking, but not in the mainstream sense. more like Yuri is finding his own groove and exactly who he is as a person, including everything from his orientation to exactly how one feels and expresses romantic feelings for a partner. Other points that can help this out is how in the second episode when Viktor said “lover” and not “girlfriend” no one can deny the fact that this show is breaking though walls but it’s taking a pace and this fandom wants things to move faster than it is. 

you also have to remember that Viktor is a foreigner. and yes i know he’s Russian but you have to remember that in most anime they portray characters that are not naively Japanese a certain way. they’re almost always more outgoing, loud, and don’t follow with the whole “the Japanese are very traditional/ don’t like a lot of touching and/ or interpersonal relationships” so they’re going to portray Viktor as  such and that means touching, seeing each other naked (they are both guys after all) and other things we’re ready to associate with relationships. 

This show is so much more than the victori ship. from the sexual awaking to making friends to all that other coming-of-age bullshit that we all love to read and watch. to me this show is ground breaking, its breath-taking, it’s so much more than i was expecting from the P/V.  like if we wait til the end of this season and see how things play out i don’t think this show is just about fanservice it’s trying to send a message and not hide it under Comedy or sex. i might be reading too much into it but i’ve got really high hopes for this show and I hope that everyone gets to see every beautiful aspect and idea this show has to offer.

what do y’all think? am i wrong? (i very much could be and just don’t know it)