one of the oldest trees on the earth


Resilient is the best word to describe these trees. One of the longest living life forms on the planet the Bristlecone Pine love harsh environment of high altitudes near 10,000 ft (3300m), here filmed at moonset under starry sky of White Mountains #California, near #Bishop. This twisted pine is ~ 3600 years old and the oldest ones are at their 5000 years! Follow me @babaktafreshi for more of the world’s starry nights.

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why do the mushrooms you reblogged grow in a circle? ;o

Those are best known as fairy rings. Mushrooms are actually the fruiting bodies of a much larger underground organism, an underground network called mycelium.  

The purpose of the mushrooms is to release spores (seeds), which will drift away in the wind and land on some dead plant material somewhere and a new colony of fungi gets its start. The first batch of mushrooms will be clustered in a tight, compact spot, not a ‘fairy ring.’ But eventually the fungi will run out of food, which means the mycelium has to constantly expand to find new nutrients. 

If all directions have a roughly equal distribution of nutrients the fungus will probably spread out in a circular pattern. There will not be any mushrooms in the center of the ring because the food there has been exhausted.

You can just imagine that this fairy ring just keeps getting larger and larger and larger, and some of these ‘fairy rings’ are actually so huge they span hundreds of miles. Scientists are of the opinion that this is one organism, the largest and most ancient organism on Earth! Scientists say ‘forget all that rubbish about bristlecone pine trees being the oldest living things on the planet.’ Giant redwood trees are just youths if you compare them to the age of the one fungi organism that comprises these large fairy rings.

The Tree of Life

With roots of old, an ancient stem
I, in a dream once saw this gem:
This mighty tree that stretched to air, 
and looked so strong and very rare.

Its roots dug down to core of Earth
reminded me of ancient worth
its leafs all true and vital signs
of life’s most sacred, purest lines.

Its lights all shone like stars above
and made me feel the oldest love:
The one we need to feel inside
and never were supposed to hide.

I heard this voice, it touched my pride:
-Find your inner guide.

“The Tree of Life”
Published and made on video on YouTube

Triskel - Oak spirit.

The triskele, also called the spiral of life is an ancient symbol with versions that have been found in a number of cultures around the world. The triskele, otherwise known as the Triskelion, is a trilateral symbol consisting of three interlocked spirals. Widely regarded as one of the oldest Irish symbols in existence ( the oldest Celtic Triskele was found in the remnants of an ancient temple from the Bronze Age in Ireland) , it appears on the Newgrange kerbstones, which date from approximately 3200 BC. They evoke the Celtic interpretation of the three realms of material existence: earth, water, and sky (and all their interconnections). The symbol is also thought to represent the three worlds: spiritual, physical, and celestial.

Other trinity connections associated with the triskele are life-death-rebirth, past-present-future, earth-water-sky, and creation-protection-destruction. Each one deals with some aspect of personal growth, human development, and spiritual progress. One theory posits that the triskele represents reincarnation, as it consists of one continuous line that could be analogous to the unbroken movement of time. In this context, it represents the process of constantly moving forward to reach a state of understanding and enlightenment. Another theory states that at the Newgrange monument, the triskele is meant to symbolize pregnancy. This Neolithic structure has a distinct womb-like appearance and the sun spirals in its movements every three months, with the symbol’s three spirals representing nine months in total. With so many possibilities for interpretation and meaning, it comes as no surprise that over the centuries, other civilizations and cultures have adopted the triskele.



Leaf in amber

Fossilised tree sap often entombs small objects that need a hand lens or microscope for proper examination, but larger ones, whether insects or plant material are much rarer. In either case though, the preservation is often of exceptional quality as attested by this Cretaceous leaf some 105 million years old, discovered in the oldest commercially exploited deposit in Burma which looks like it might have fallen off an autumn tree and entombed in sap yesterday.


Image credit: Federico Barloche

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Hey! I had a question about the gods of westeros that I haven't been able to find an answer to. In ACOK, in Catelyn's chapter when joins Stannis and Renly at their meeting, she thinks about the creation of Storm's End. Durran battled the storm gods and gods of the sea... but what gods were those? This was before the Seven, and they weren't the Northern gods.... the closest I could think of was the Drowned God and Storm God, but I assume that's not right. Any thoughts? Thanks (:

The god of the sea and the goddess of the wind in the Durran and Elenei story were some of the many gods worshipped by the First Men before the Pact, before they began to follow the belief of the Old Gods of the Children of the Forest. 

“The Pact began four thousand years of friendship between men and children. In time, the First Men even put aside the gods they had brought with them, and took up the worship of the secret gods of the wood.” –AGOT, Bran VII

Other ancient gods followed by the First Men include the Lord of the Skies and the Lady of the Waves, who were worshipped on the Three Sisters islands – though note that the Sistermen did not take up the Old Gods, but only converted to the Faith of the Seven when the Andals came. Similarly, the people of the Iron Islands never followed the Old Gods (possibly because weirwoods do not grow there), but kept the faith of their warring Drowned God and Storm God. (Note the priests of the Drowned God hold that the ironborn are not of First Men origins, but rather an underwater race more related to merlings than men, but I think that can probably be dismissed. Probably.) It’s interesting that in all of these there’s an ocean god and a sky god, although their genders and characterization vary.

It’s possible another one of these original First Men gods may be the source of the myths of Garth Greenhand where he’s a god:

Garth was the High King of the First Men, it is written; it was he who led them out of the east and across the land bridge to Westeros. Yet other tales would have us believe that he preceded the arrival of the First Men by thousands of years, making him not only the First Man in Westeros, but the only man, wandering the length and breadth of the land alone and treating with the giants and the children of the forest. Some even say he was a god. […] Many of the more primitive peoples of the earth worship a fertility god or goddess, and Garth Greenhand has much and more in common with these deities.

[A few of the very oldest tales of Garth Greenhand present us with a considerably darker deity, one who demanded blood sacrifice from his worshippers to ensure a bountiful harvest. In some stories the green god dies every autumn when the trees lose their leaves, only to be reborn with the coming of spring. This version of Garth is largely forgotten.]


Also, these gods worshipped by a few tribes of Free Folk may be related to the original gods of the First Men:

(some accounts say that there are those who worship different gods: dark gods beneath the ground in the Frostfangs, gods of snow and ice on the Frozen Shore, or crab gods at Storrold’s Point, but such has never been reliably confirmed) – TWOIAF

Please see this post for more.

New Pokemon Focus: Alolan Exeggutor

Hi there trainers! Professor Huffmagic here with another look at some of the new Pokemon for Sun and Moon!

Today we are going to take a look at our old Gen. 1 friend Exeggutor, with his new changed form, and typing that seems a total mystery until you look a little deeper into some facts and history about island tree’s. First let’s take a look at the original ( or is it? )




Its three heads think independently. However, they are friendly and never appear to squabble.


If a head drops off, it emits a telepathic call in search of others to form an EXEGGCUTE cluster.


EXEGGUTOR originally came from the tropics. Its heads steadily grow larger from exposure to strong sunlight. It is said that when the heads fall off, they group together to form EXEGGCUTE.


It is called “The Walking Jungle.” If a head grows too big, it falls off and becomes an EXEGGCUTE.

Now with these Pokedex entries over time we are able to piece together some puzzles about the original Exeggutor:

1. They come from the tropics, meaning this form we are all used to is probably the off shoot.

2. They communicate with each other with telepathy, thus the Psychic typing. 

3. They are called “The Walking Jungle” which leads us to the fact that originally Exeggutor was based off of the Socratea exorrhiza, or the Walking Palm.

The Walking Palm is a fascinating study in the evolution of plants, with a stilt root system that will grow new shoots of roots around debris, towards more nutritious soil, and sunlight. They will then let the old roots rot away, so that they seem to slowly walk, moving up to 20m ( 65 ft ) a year. 

So that explains where our original came from, but why the shift to dragon typing that seems to be confusing so many people?

Well I believe the answer to that has to do with the fact that the Alolan version of Exeggutor is the original, since it is being connected to one of the oldest tree’s on earth, with a direct link to an island culture. How perfect for Alola and Sun and Moon.

Alolan Exeggutor

The environment of the Alola region, where strong sunlight pours down all year round, brought about this change in Exeggutor’s form. The people of Alola boast that the Alolan Exeggutor is the true form of Exeggutor.

Unlike other Exeggutor, the Alolan Exeggutor has a fourth head—on its tail! This fourth head controls the tail independently and can take on opponents to the rear that can’t be reached by the main heads’ attacks.

This Pokémon excels at whipping its long neck like a lash to attack with its hard heads. But that neck can sometimes become a weakness…

“But why the Dragon type?!” “How does a palm tree become a dragon?!”

Lets get into it.

On the Canary Islands there a tree that some claim to be the oldest in the world. The actual age is in dispute, but the range is from 275 years to 3000.

The Dracaena draco is also known as The Dragon Tree. They call it the Dragon Tree because it grows new shoots towards the top that look like many heads, like the Hydra from legend. Another reason for the name is that when you cut into the bark and release the sap, it comes out bright red. They used to call this sap “Dragons Blood” and had so many industrial uses, that the plant was harvested until it arrived on the protected species list, which also seems to fall into the themes of preservation and true ecology in Sun and Moon.

The Dragon Tree is also believed to be one of the oldest surviving breeds of tree on earth, having existed since prehistoric times. There is a myth that tells of Hercules killing a many headed dragon to obtain three Golden Apples, and that these are the tree’s that grew wherever it’s blood fell. It is also interesting to note that in astrology the dragon tree is tied heavily to Mars because of the blood colored sap ( Marshadow anyone? ).

Now we should also mention that there is a Hawaii’n legend about a young boy who misses his father, but he is an island away. So his mother sings and dances to the coconut tree and tells her son to climb onto its trunk. Once he is on it stretches over the ocean and delivers him to his father. Perhaps this is why he grew so much taller, instead of growing more heads like the Dragon Tree would have done.

Well that’s it for this look at one of the new Pokemon. What do you think of the Alolan forms? Have any comments? Questions? feel free to drop me a line.

Stay safe out there trainers, and remember there is a time and place for everything.

Until next time,

Professor Huffmagic

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Well that caption screwed up, here’s the correct one. The BristleCone Pine Forest in California’s White Mountains contains some of the oldest organisms on Earth - those trees can live for 5000 years. This timelapse captures the Milky Way rotating behind one of them.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 178)

1. In 2001, 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast was attacked by a 7-foot-long bull shark that tore off his arm, his uncle hearing the commotion grabbed the shark out of the ocean and onto shore all the while when the shark still held the Child’s dismembered arm. Surgeons later reattached the boy’s arm.

2. The Google effect is the tendency to forget information that can be easily found using internet search engines such as Google, instead of remembering it.

3. HTC introduces 24-karat gold One M9 using a photo taken with an iPhone

4. The world’s first Buddhist ruler, Emperor Ashoka, who ruled India form 274-232 BCE, was the first ruler in human history to ban slavery, the death penalty, animal cruelty, and deforestation. He even advocated gender equality in education and religious institutions.

5. Australian Bill Morgan was declared dead for 14 minutes and lived unscathed. To celebrate his survival, he bought…

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Starling: Chapter Nineteen

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He couldn’t tell if it was the gravity, the jet lag, or his very first hangover, but the next morning Roy was groggier and achier than ever. Everyone else was in as sour a mood as he was, and Ms. Holloman was annoyed with all of them for it. Possibly she knew about the drinking and wasn’t willing to send them all home on their very first day, or maybe that was how he made himself quit worrying about that. Kira, at least, was a champ, as chatty and energetic as always; her only tell was the measured, determined sort of way she ate her continental breakfast.

Dr. Chan more or less shoveled them out of their seats and outside to the parking lot for the morning’s roll call and briefing. 

The air had the chilly bite of early spring. It was strange to see his classmates all assembled and out of uniform like this, especially in heavy boots and windbreakers, especially on solid ground. That the horizon was the wrong size and the sky the wrong color were almost afterthoughts.

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A/N: this is more towards the boys than it is towards the reader but it’s also a motivation speech of some sort (?) so it will sound more of a spoken word poem than it is an imagine and will somewhat sound like a fairy godmother gifting her godchild a gift. Hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!

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your brown eyes are dark, and mysterious, but look closely, and hidden are the sunsets and sunrises that warm the earth with its rays. they rise, and they fall, and they will always go full circle and complete the cycle. they are the creatures lurking in the corners of our bedroom, and they are the smoke after violence had struck hard, dust and darkness filling our insides. you are the shade beneath a tree, the darkness of a story after death was mentioned, but you are also the blanket of night that cover the heat of the sun’s rays, comforting us, allowing us to see the lights and watch time pass. your dark irises, they may be black, and may seem like it is an empty black hole that light may never escape, but light will hit it and it will shine, much like freshly polished wood, and they will twinkle. your eyes hide the constellations Plato nor Van Gogh could piece together, stringing the whole universe in your inky irises, and it is much like space; dark, unknown to the naked eye, and yet we are fascinated by its darkness and its secrets, and your eyes, my love, they are the galaxies far and underlit for us to see, but the secrets that hide in its shadows create a beauty too complex for us to comprehend.


your hazel eyes are contradicting, a mixed palette of lights and darks, pastels and solids. they are the sun high in the afternoon sky, right after the families have woken up and are preparing noon picnics, and you warm the grass they sit on with your bright colors. your eyes are lightning storms- illuminated but dark, and they bring comfort, but to some, you are dangerous, an electric tingle too harsh to feel. your eyes are the aftermath of a rainstorm, with its cloudy insides but shining outsides, a rainbow left in its chaotic wake. you are the warm coffee that we brew every morning to wake our resting minds, and you are the dust that surround our homes, taking shelter in our unused books and behind our furniture. your eyes are the beacons of hope when the only source of light in our bedrooms is the moonlight and your eyes are looking down at ours in protection. they are the rings hiding inside a freshly cut tree, ages and ages of stories and memories, and they will stay that way for as long as you live; but your irises are clouded by unspoken confessions, clouded by a shroud of doubt, and it is untimely, the way your eyes lose its gleam, but it will come back, and then, maybe then, sweet child, will you not regret as your eyes, they may be dark, but around the darkness, there will always be light.


your green eyes are the jewels lost in a robbery, and they seem innocent, but deadly. they are the scales on a dragon, too fiery to hold, and they are the venom of a snake, quick to strike. they are the dewy fresh cut grass of spring, and the newly born flowers dug up from winter, and the tree leaves swaying in the wind in the heat of summer. your eyes are the freshly cut jade from China, made into glass and vase, into ornamental jewelry made solely for the emperor. you are the delicate colors sewed onto satin robes, intricate patterns spun in your existence, as you are buried deep in the earth itself. you are the land we walk on, the plants we grow, and your eyes- they hold the meteors and the comets that created our world. they have seen extinction, and fires, and droughts, acid rains, but they have also seen rebirth, and evolution. they have seen the first steps of a child, and they have seen even the oldest oak tree sprout from its seeds. you are the land, dear angel, and your eyes, they are one with the world, and they shall always shine bright for you, for they have seen miracles and desperation, as shall you.


your blue eyes are the oceans, the ponds, the lakes that quench our dry throats. they are the tsunamis that wash away our work, and they are the storms that break down our homes, but they will always be safe. your eyes are the glimmer in the water when the sunlight hits them, just as the waves kiss the shore as they always have. your eyes are the sapphires and diamonds many strive to steal, but they can never be robbed from you. they are the stars in a dark room, for their translucent luminosity will always act as headlights for those traveling down a winded road. they are the drops of water left on a petal after a sprinkle, glistening just when the perfect ray of sunlight hits the right spot. your eyes hold the sky; even on a cloudy day, you are still bright, looming over us like a guardian angel. they fascinate the children, as your blue slowly fades into gradients of reds and pinks and oranges just as the sun hides behind the far horizon, but you’re never really gone. your eyes have seen the depths of the ocean, farther than any submarine could go, and they have searched every crevice in every trench and they have no need to come up for air, but they are wet. your eyes are drooling in a state of pain and breathlessness, and perhaps there is no way to dry them, but they will always be shining, oh precious, and as the ocean goes, the blue shall go, too.

well there’s that. hopefully, this both cheered you up and made up for a delayed rich boy part 2 :)