one of the nicest bands ive met

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Ok I am going to say it... I don't like Jenna and Tyler getting married that much. I know I should be happy but.... It makes me feel like Josh is going to be like a third wheel and I just kinda sorta maybe really don't like Jenna at all.

ive had the pleasure of speaking with jenna and shes actually one of the nicest people ive ever met tbh

she was so sweet and didnt mind me and my friend bothering her at all and even complemented us on our outfits

one thing i really liked was when tyler and josh were meeting fans she stayed back and let him have his time with the fans and respected his relationship with the fans. a lot of girlfriends of band members don’t do that.

i know its hard to “giveaway” a band member bc you have all these fears like what if he stops touring? caring about us? creating music? but jenna would never do anything to get in the way of his dreams/aspriations. 

if i had to pick one person for tyler to marry it would be jenna all the way 10000% (even tho we have no say in it whatsoever) she makes him happy which is first priority. not to mention that tylers marrying a real catch (shes the prettiest tbh)(like way prettier in person) but i also think shes a really genuine person.

as for josh third wheeling…hes super professional at it by now