one of the most stunning pictures ever

“In the photo studio he would try to do something unexpected. Sometimes it would be silly dangerous, inconsequential, but I came across a picture where he is lighting his tongue with a cigarette lighter. I don’t think he was actually burning himself, but the image looks like he is.”   [Nancy Ellison, The Mosquito Coast’s special photographer, on River].

“The shoot was one of the most remarkable experiences I ever had photographing someone. River was stunning and fearless and without my having to direct him much, more like trying to keep up with him, he went from one amazing pose to another like a great improvisational dancer. And kept going and going… so angelic at times and then raging at me to keep up… “Get this! Now this! What else can we do?”  — [Photographer Michael Tighe on River]. 

Nancy and Michael were both photographers who had the chance to work with River and described his common posture to just do whatever he felt like doing and to be spontaneous.

Postcards to You (Portugal/Spain)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Your post graduation gift to yourself is a three month backpacking trip through Europe trip. Lin is staying behind because In The Heights is starting to finally take off but you make sure to keep in contact.

Word Count: 1,222

Warnings: Shaky Spanish translation, mentions of alcohol

A/N: Next part to Postcards to You! As always, a slow burn friends to lovers fic. I purposely didn’t translate the Spanish for you…tension building, you know how it goes.

As always, thank you to my partner in crime @l-nmanuel for being absolutely wonderful and for the postcard. And thank you to the lovely @gratitudejoyandsorrow for yelling nice things at me and coming up with the Little Mermaid reference. You guys are the best!

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Greetings from Madrid!

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Strike a pose


Harry Styles sat in the set, adjusting the light fixtures and getting it perfect. For this shoot, he was going to make it his best one.

Being one of the most famous photographers in the world right now, he always took pride in his work, but he wanted something to top that. And to top the crazy things he had done, he’s doing something simple.

His model was someone he had hand picked out of 3,000 girls who were begging for him to take photos of them. The girl had an a light to her that resonated on her face, but also the look in her eyes and smile that was slightly seductive. Harry knew the moment he saw her that he wanted to shoot her, despite her being a new model.

Today’s shoot would be in a studio apartment, with big windows showing off the cityscape, and hug bed with messy white sheets.

Harry liked to work alone. Another reason why he was so unique. No lighting people, no stress. Just him, the model and his camera. So that being said, he fixed his sets to perfect like he was doing now. After fixing the sheets to be perfectly messy, he sat on the bed waiting for her to arrive.

Jeanine was overwhelmed with excitement to be working with Harry Styles. Being a model who wanted to make it big, although she was just coming up in the industry, she knew how big it was to be able to say she’s even met him, let alone worked from him.

The fact that she was handpicked out of thousands of girls made her a bit dizzy. She wasn’t insecure, but she didn’t expect to be chosen, despite how insanely beautiful she was. She could act for the camera, she had the talent, but getting to shoot with him was like getting into Princeton, but only in the modeling industry.

She rushed up the stairs, heading to the room they agreed to meet in. She is out of breath from running once she gets up the stairs.

“I’m sorry if I’m late,” she sighs, putting her stuff down, walking up to Harry to shake his hand, “Jeanine,” she smiles. Damn, Harry is /extremely/ attractive.

“Harry.” He smiled, but Instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to kiss gently. He knew /exactly/ how to drive women crazy.

He looked Jeanine loved carefully, loving what he saw. A perfect body, gorgeous face and beautiful smile. She didn’t have much makeup on besides the standard eyeliner mascara foundation.

“I’ve got to say, your pictures don’t do you justice… In then you’re stunning but in person… You’re quite honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” He says softly, observing her.

He wasn’t lying. She was. Her natural beauty was astounding, and he wanted to take hundreds of photos of her. He could imagine her in every setting. On the bed, on a runway, in the city and in a field. She had versatile beauty that Harry had never seen before.

Jeanine’s cheeks grow even more red as Harry compliments her. This is what photographers are supposed to do so that they’re models perform in front of the camera for them well. Make them feel confident and sexy to encourage them to just be themselves.

But Jeanine could tell that this wasn’t just Harry being polite for business. She could tell he said it with more intention behind his words, and it made her tummy flutter a bit.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough for even choosing me. It’s truly an honor, every model in the industry knows how incredible of an experience it is to work with someone like you,” she says, voice soft like her gorgeous skin.

“Thank you for modeling for me.” Harry smiled at her softly, before taking her hand and leading her to the window.

“Now the concept of this is sexy natural mornings. So I have a large tee shirt of mine ready for you to wear, you can change into that. Basically like a boyfriends clothes type of thing.” He said handing her the tee shirt.

When she came back to him wearing it, and nothing else, he felt his pants tighten a bit. This was rare for him. He was surrounded by models daily, seeing then naked but fuck, she looked sexy and a bit nervous, her eyes big and she looked at him with doe eyes and thick lashes and he wanted to do filthy things to her.

He cleared his throat, eyes roaming her body. “Perfect, very sexy. Now stand here and just look out for me alright?” He said before rushing to his camera.

Jeanine was used to photographers calling her sexy, beautiful, but she could see the hungry way Harry was looking at her, and she could definitely tell that there was a bit of desire in his tone.

Her cheeks flushed again and she nodded as he requested she stand there. Jeanine was a natural, that’s why she was booking these types of jobs so early in her career. She can turn on the sexiness at any given time that she is instructed to.

Jeanine looks towards the camera and gives it bedroom eyes, acting as if she’s staring at a man she lusts for. But as Harry focuses the camera, she decides to do it for him instead of the camera. She tries to convince herself that she’s doing it for better photo results, but she knows that the sexiness she’s turning on is for him.

Her eyes were making it hard for him to keep his dick from popping out of his pants. The sexual tension was filling the room, as he shot photo after photo.

He cleared his throat and instructed her of her next place.
“So I need you on the bed now. I want the shots to look like you’re trying to lure a man or woman into bed with you, give them they eyes and the body language. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

She nods, understanding exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it.

She climbs onto the bed and sits up at first, making sure her back is facing the camera. She pulls his shirt up over her bare ass so that her ass cheeks are shown, before she turns her head around to face the camera, and only her head, bites her lip, and gives /him/ seductive eyes.

It’s known that there’s always got to be chemistry between said model and the photographer, however, this is more than just chemistry. This is literal attraction to one another.

Her ass was round and smooth and fuck, he just wanted to touch it. Maybe mark it up a bit. And he wanted to bite that damn lip… She was killing him.

“Mm, that’s good darling. Maybe turn around and face the front, lower your shirt a little bit.” He suggests. “Tease the camera.”

“Mhmm,” she hums, turning her body around. She grips onto his shirt that’s on her naked body, pulling the shirt down a bit so that most of her breasts are shown. A lot of cleavage, and almost a nip slip. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her head to the side a bit to give the camera a sexy, sleepy look.

She pulls the shirt down a bit too much, and her nipple becomes exposed, the cool air hitting the sensitive erection of her nipples.

“Shit…” Harry whispers under his breath.
“That’s good sweetheart keep it like that.” He whispers to her, snapping photos and moving around for different angles.

“I need to fix something..” He says before walking over to her and messing up her hair a bit, making it messy like sex hair. “That’s better doll.” He says softly, hand slipping down to stroke her cheek.

“Mmm, good, want to be as sexy as possible for this shoot. This is huge for me,” she whispers, leaning into his hand as it hits her cheek.

She’s extremely aware that her breasts are hanging out, but she doesn’t mind. In an odd and extremely sexual way, she kind of likes it. She does wish she was wearing panties, however, because there is a dull ache between her thighs, and Harry is in an extremely flattering outfit. God, he’s so sexy, and she knows he thinks she is as well. He’s achingly fucking hot.

Harry took the shirt and tugged on it a bit, making the other nipple pop out. He cursed internally, looking at the gorgeous breasts. He was sure he was fully hard now.

“Take your hands and hold them over your nipples, please.” He I trusted before backing up a bit and shooting several shots of her bare breasts and hands.

“That’s perfect. Sexy.. You could lure any man into bed with that.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, but it sounds more like a moan as she covers her nipples with her hands and looks directly at Harry.

Her cheeks flush, and any need of blush that she had before vanishes as she looks towards Harry’s jeans. She can see the bulge and she can surely feel the bit of stickiness between her thighs.

“Good. ’S what I’m going for,” she licks her lips, staring at Harry long after he’s taken the photo.

Harry smirked at her as he took the photos quietly, his hard on becoming more and more frequent. He had never had a model make him so crazy before, and she was doing it without even trying.

“And what else are you trying to do, kitten?” He asks as he lowers the camera, looking at her with lust blown eyes. He walks towards her slowly, the shirt falling even lower so par of her stomach is exposed.

She bites her lip hard at his question, her eyes widening a bit as he begins to slowly walk towards her. Her skin heats up and she squeezes her thighs together at the pet name.

“Mmm, dunno. It’s kind of hard to think, having such a sexy photographer and all,” she hums, trying to sound more confident, trying to play it cool. Which is quite hard, considering she’s not quite sure how this will go or where it will lead, and her heart is beating out of her chest

Harry looks at her with a smirk, putting down the camera and sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Well, we must talk about this then. Am I making you uncomfortable or…distracting you?”

He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes, wanting to pounce on her at any second, but he wanted to wait for her to make the first move.

Her breath noticeably hitched at his question and she moves her hand to his chest where she rests her palm, looking into his eyes.

“Distracting me? Maybe a bit. Making me uncomfortable? Not at all. You’re just extremely sexy, I can’t help but want to put on a show for you, rather than just the cameras,” she admits in a whisper.

“Why don’t you do that for me then, love. I’ll sit back, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked challengingly, climbing up the bed and leaning leaning against the headboard.

He watched her with curiosity as she got up. She was so fucking gorgeous, he felt his self control completely slipping my away.

She smirks and moves her hands to the hem of his shirt, peeling it slowly off her body, stripping herself completely for him.

She raises an eyebrow before punching her nipples and playing with her tits, laying on her back before she reveals the money spot.

She shows him her pretty pink pussy, spreading herself open for him to take a look, “don’t think you’ve seen this part of me yet, though…”

Her tits were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape. He practically drooled over time as she ran her hands over then and pinched her erect nipples, leaving him aching to bite and suck on them.

Finally, she opened her legs and let him take a look at her gorgeous cunt. He moaned out loud and dropped a hand on his pants to palm himself.

“Holy shit… Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Your pussy is so wet, I can see it from here.”

“Aren’t I nice and wet and pink? Just for you,” she hums, beginning to rub on her swollen clit. She can’t help herself, he’s so irresistible and hot, and she was wearing his shirt and doing sexy poses for him. This was inevitable.

“I need some relief, but I don’t know where I’ll get it…” She pouts playfully

He watched her almost in a trance as she rubbed her clit, his eyes locked on her fingers as they circles the swollen nerve.

“Come sit on my lap darling, I might be able to help you out.” He whispered, watching her still play with herself.

She wanted to give him the best view of her swollen, soaked folds and clit that she was playing with gently with her fingers. She wanted to make sure he could see /everything/.

“Mmm,” she moans at his request, sitting up once again and licking her fingers to get any cum off of them.

She crawls over to him, before she climbs onto his lap as requested and spreads her legs over it. She moves her hands to rest on his shoulders and she looks into the green of his eyes. He is an absolute dream.

Harry’s hands moved to touch her breasts, squeezing them gently. Then his lips when to kiss her collar bones gently, sucking a small mark and trailing his lips down to her nipple, licking it teasingly, then suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

His other hand traveled to her swollen clít, rubbing it in slow lazy circles knowing she would buck into his hand for more.

He looked at her, her head thrown back in pleasure and her back arched as she suckled on her nipples.

This was the most erotic situation Jeanine had been in, in all of her years. It was not only dirty and completely unorthodox, it was with the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I love that so much….” She breathes out, her words coming out in breathless rhythm.

Her back arched and her legs shook a bit from the immense pleasure of him simply lazily rubbing her swollen, slippery clit in circles.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Harry moaned before switching nipples. He played with them with his mouth, suckling, gently biting, licking. He could see it was driving her crazy.

His hand that was on her clít sped up, rubbing fast and hard against her as she gasped.

“How does that feel baby? You’re dripping wet.”

She nods quickly, whimpers slipping from her swollen lips. She wants to kiss /him/, and his gorgeous lips. She wants to do more than just touching each other’s genitals.

She moves her head forward and presses her lips against his hungrily, swiping her tongue against his bottom lip almost immediately. “So good baby,” she whimpers, her toes curling and her back arching even more.

Harry kissed her back deeply, their tongues swirling and exploring each other’s mouths.
He slipped a finger into her tightness, moaning against her lips at the feeling of her wet, warm pussy on his finger.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He cooed, sliding it in and out. “Bet you’d feel fùcking incredible around my cock, all warm and wet.”

His use of dirty words made her moan even more, her pussy clenching around his long, slender fingers that are used to snap the sexy shots of her on the bed. She begins rocking her hips and creating rhythm to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh god, I bet your cock is so big, shit…want it in my face,” she gasps, her eyes squeezing shut as she pulls away from his mouth to roll her head back.

“Do you want to touch me baby? I’m so hard for you. Absolutely aching. ” he moaned, thrusting his fingers faster into her.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen… I want to destroy you.” He growled into her ear.

The word destroy, mixed with the growl in her ear makes her legs shake even more, she is so weak, weak for him.

“I wanna touch your cock, please, let me,” she begs, moving her hands down. She begins fumbling with the zipper of his pants and tugs them down before unbuttoning them, moving to his boxers where she palms him over the thin layer of cloth, “so hard baby…”

“Mmm fuck. That’s it baby, take it out.” He hisses as her small hand takes hold of his cöck through his boxers.

She takes it out, stroking it softly as he throws his head back and moans. “Such pretty hands on my big cock… Spit on it baby, get it all wet.”

Her eyes are a bit wide because of how big he is. She’s never seen a dick as big as Harry Styles’s, and she’s damn happy that she’s getting the opportunity to.

“Any of your other models ever do this to you?” She hums softly as she begins to jerk his massive erection, biting her lip as she looks into the green of his lustful eyes.

“No, just you… They don’t turn me on like you. Never got this hard over any of them.” He pants, catching her lips in a dirty kiss.

“Your lips taste delicious. I wonder…..” He trails off before taking his hand away and sucking her wetness off his fingers, moaning. “Mm, you taste amazing everywhere.”

Her confidence is instantly boosted by him once again, and she feels her stomach do flip flops at his answer. She moans softly as her brain scans through the possibilities.

“You want to find out how I taste, baby? There’s only one way…” She smirks, licking her lips as she brushes her thumb against his sensitive tip.

Harry looked at her with his eyes dark with lust. She looked so innocent but fuck, she knew exactly what to do to make a man go to his knees.

“You look like such a pretty, innocent angel at first baby… But those eyes.. You can see you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“I open up when I feel extra specially comfortable with the man I’m fucking,” she smirks, sticking her ass up in the air as she leans down to take him into her mouth.

She begins by kitten licking the head and looking up at him with innocent eyes, pumping his base and fondling his balls in the other hand.

His Hand reaches down to squeeze her ass as she licks at his tip gently. She looked gorgeous, big doe eyes with fluttering lashes while her pink tongue licked at his dick.

“Suck it angel, cmon.” He groaned and sure enough she took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness making him moan.

She never thought she’d find herself in a situation like this. Sucking her photographer’s dick after a very sexy shoot. It’s frowned upon in the agency and seen as very wrong, but she could give less of a shit because it feels so damn /right/.

She also loves the adrenaline rush that it’s giving her. She takes more of him into her mouth and begins bobbing her head, getting his penis ass sticky and wet with her warm spit. She moves her head faster and moans against him to send glorious vibrations.

Her mouth was warm and wet, just right for him. She got him wet with her spit and dove right in, taking him into her mouth and sucking. It felt fùcking amazing.

“Shit, that’s it angel. Such pretty lips wrapped around me, such a gorgeous sight.” He cooed, taking her hair and fisting it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face.

She felt her hair being pulled up into a ponytail and she was grateful. She didn’t want her hair to get in the way of the incredible blow job she was giving Harry.

She massages his balls in her left hand as her lips pucker around his cock, her tongue moving up and down his shaft as she bobs her head.

She pulls her mouth off with a pop and kitten licks the head again before looking up to him.

“You like that? I love that I’m the only model who’s done this to you…” She growls, moving her head down to suckle his balls.

Her hands on his balls and licks on the tip made him quiver in pleasure. He had never gotten head this good in his life.

“Only one angel, and it’s so good. Fuck…” He groaned, before gasping as she sucked on his balls.

“Shit baby, shit… That’s so good, more.”

Some guys don’t like it when their balls are played with, so Jeanine is extremely pleased when Harry seems to like it. Her ex wasn’t into it and she had to pretend like she didn’t want to play with his balls during head.

She leaves kisses all over them, licking up the seam between them with a throaty moan. Her legs squeeze together to relieve some tension, her body feeling as if it’s about to explode with need.

“Baby, Fück me please.” He whined, pulling her up to his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Need to fuck tou, come on.” He hissed, flipping them over and sliding into her. Loud moans left both of their mouths AT the stretch of his big cock inside of her tiny pùssy.

She had never been with anyone so big before in her life. The way her pussy was stretching around his massive erection made her cry out his name.

“Oh shit, yeah! Oh my god, feels so good,” she nearly screams as Harry pounds into her tight, warm cunt. “so fucking good, feels so fucking good,” she repeats, digging her nails into his shoulders.

No one could ever know about this. Ever. This was a very unorthodox and dirty situation, boning her photographer after a sexy photoshoot.

“How’s this baby? Hmm?” He purred as he thrusted in and out of her warmth, losing all self control.

“How do I feel inside you? You’re so fucking tight and I’m starching you open aren’t I?” He grunted, biting down hard on the skin near her collarbone. He wanted to leave marks.

“Such a gorgeous girl, fuck.”

“Oh yeah, fuck baby. Stretching me out so good. Fucking hell you’re so damn sexy,” she pants, her toes curling before she wraps her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me harder baby. Wanna hear your balls smacking against my taint,” she breathes, proud of the dirty words slipping from her lips.

Harry growled loudly, starting to pound into her. The bed was squeaking, his hands resting above her head. Her hands on his back, scratching down his back.

“Like this baby?” He grunted. The noises of their fucking filled the room, skin slapping skin, mouths smacking together.

“Such dirty words falling out of such a gorgeous mouth, I fucking love it.”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, that’s perfect!” She screams, her hands gripping the sheets and her back threatening to arch off of the bed.

Her legs shake as she gets even closer to reaching her climax, her head rolling back as Harry’s mouth moves to her neck to lick and suck.

“Yes baby, want you to cum okay? Gonna fuck you really hard, want you to scream for me when you cum.” He hissed between gritted teeth, returning her favor and sucking multiple marks on to her neck.

He was fucking her as hard as he could, headboard clashing against the wall and her legs shaking, the heavy breathing and skin slapping and their loans mixing together.

He felt her clench around him, signaling she was close. “Cmon baby, cum.”

Jeanine can’t hold out for much longer. She’s never felt this close, so quickly, in her entire life. It’s always taken a while for her to get there, or the guy just didn’t care to get her there at all.

“Fuck yeah baby, ’m so close….” She trails off, breathing heavily as she clenches around Harry’s massive dick.

One last hard thrust really gets her going, and she cums around his fat cock with a loud scream.

Harry groaned, feeling her clench around him triggering not his orgasm. Finally, he felt his stomach clench and the pressure was released.

He came, spilling inside of her while panting against her mouth.

“Well, fuck.”

Our Most “Liked” Instagram Posts of 2016

Our Instagram page has over 1,800 images and is lucky enough to be followed by more than 18 million fans.

What images and videos were your favorite from this past year? Great question, and one we asked ourselves too! 

Here’s a look at our most liked Instagram posts* of 2016…Enjoy!


Colorful “last hurrah’ of a star: The Hubble Space Telescope shows off the colorful “last hurrah” of a star like our sun. The star is ending its life by casting off its outer layers of gas, which formed a cocoon around the star’s remaining core. With 513,672 likes, this image is our 10th most liked of 2016.


Vivid glowing auroras in Jupiter’s atmosphere! Astronomers are using the Hubble Space Telescope to study auroras – stunning light shows in a planet’s atmosphere – on the poles of the largest planet in the solar system. This image ranks #9 for 2016 with 515,339 likes.


Astronomers found evidence for what is likely one of the most extreme pulsars, or rotating neutron stars, ever detected. The source exhibits properties of a highly magnetized neutron star, or magnetar, yet its deduced spin period is thousands of times longer than any pulsar ever observed. With 517,995 likes, this picture ranks #8 for 2016.


Fiery South Atlantic Sunset! An astronaut aboard the International Space Station photographed a sunset that looks like a vast sheet of flame. With Earth’s surface already in darkness, the setting sun, the cloud masses, and the sideways viewing angle make a powerful image of the kind that astronauts use to commemorate their flights. This image ranks #7 for 2016 with 520,553 likes.


Go floating! Join us for a fly-through of the International Space Station! This footage was shot using a fisheye lens for extreme focus and depth of field. This video ranks as our sixth most liked Instagram post of 2016 with 541,418 likes.


This #BlackFriday post helped us celebrate our 4th annual #BlackHoleFriday! Each year we pose awesome content about black holes on the Black Friday shopping holiday. A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. With 549,910 likes, this image ranks #5 for 2016.


A cluster of young stars – about one to two million years old – located about 20,000 light years from Earth. Data in visible light from the Hubble Space Telescope (green and blue) reveal thick clouds where the stars are forming. This image ranks #4 for 2016 with 573,002 likes.


Supermoon is a spectacular sight! The Nov. 14 supermoon was especially “super” because it was the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won’t see another supermoon like this until 2034. Which might have something to do with this image ranking #3 for 2016 with 695,343 likes.


Supermoon seen from space! Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson posted this image on Dec. 14 captured by European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet. This stunning image ranks #2 for 2016 with 704,530 likes.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a #supermoon! The moon, or supermoon, is seen rising behind the Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch pad in Kazakhstan ahead of the November crew launch to the International Space Station. This photo was our #1 image of 2016 with 746,981 likes.

Thanks for joining us as we traveled through the space events of 2016. We’re looking forward to all of the interstellar fun that 2017 will bring. Happy Holidays!

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  1. This picture exists.
  2. They specifically wanted to include this picture in the book.
  3. Daveed let them include this picture in the book.

Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now…

Word to the wise: pick up that Hamiltome today, kids, if you hadn’t planned on it already. It is sincerely one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen.


With a wingspan of 35 inches, and mounted on a swiveling Lapis Lazuli base, this incredible Quartz eagle is one of the most stunning crystal sculptures I’ve ever seen. It just arrived a few days ago and we can’t stop fawning over it. Words cannot possibly do it justice, and even pictures are falling short. You have to come in and see it in person to get the whole effect- preferably in the afternoon when the sun lights him up.

The Poetic Cinema of Terrence Malick

Malick’s goal as a filmmaker is to educate the human eye to see like his camera does. If our habits of vision are characterized by ambition, skepticism and greed, Malick inspires us with the virtues of patience, appreciation and awe. He offers not new facts or arguments but persuasive images of the world as if filtered through such virtues. - Jon Baskin

Terrence Malick was studying philosophy at Harvard, specializing in Heidegger, Kierkegaard, and Wittgenstein, when he decided to abandon his academic career in order to pursue filmmaking at the American Film Institute, enrolling alongside David Lynch and Paul Schrader. Bringing both philosophy and art together, Malick’s films portray to the spectator a poetic but human way of seeing, as if his interest in film demanded that he strengthen his cinematic sensibilities with his knowledge of philosophy. They also prove to be important studies in the art of cinema.

Journey through the cinematic works of Terrence Malick and get inspired by masterful filmmaking with The Screen Poetry of Terrence Malick and the makings of To the Wonder, The Tree of Life, and more!

Working with Terrence Malick: To the Wonder

In this series of behind the scenes videos, we get an insightful view of Terrence Malick’s approach to filmmaking. Despite his absence in the videos (of course!) his touch is felt throughout the series as actors Olga Kurylenko, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem, and producers Sarah Green and Nicolas Gonda and others share their perspectives on how it is to work with the filmmaker and his free-flowing style to making wondrous films.

The Making of The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an enrapturing experimentation in pure cinema, and the 28+ minute The Making of The Tree of Life is as captivating. The presentation offers a portrayal of each stage in the process of making The Tree of Life and includes interviews with Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, and other collaborators who give a more personal look into the film.

Shooting Days of Heaven with Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven is one of the most stunning films ever. Its cinematography led to an award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the honors the film received extends to Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival 1979 and its selection into the National Film Registry in 2007 by the United States National Film Preservation Board. The fascination and admiration that rises with Malick continues today, and so a look into the shooting of his celebrated Days of Heaven is one to remember.

In Search of Terrence Malick

In Search of Terrence Malick explores the career of Terrence Malick from his first feature film, Badlands, to his second made five years later, Days of Heaven. “Terry’s films are both, they’re very different, but they both for me were very lyrical…poetry, visual poetry,” says Sissy Spacek who played the memorable role of Holly in Badlands. Her co-star Martin Sheen, playing Kit, adds, “When you look at a Malick frame, something happens to you, and it takes your breath away. You say, ‘My God, Haven’t I dreamt that?’” Both actors are spot on…In this 15 minute viewing, we learn a lot about what goes behind a Malick film.

downworllders  asked:

alshsl i just read your The most beautiful thing on the planet fic and as an actual maldivian i'd never thought someone would write a fic based on the maldives ajdkslsk

AHHHHHH. ksdhflkawhfklasefhkdsfhkjsdfhkjdfs. 

Hello lovely Maldivian. Let me tell you that I could easily write 100 fics about Maldives. I’m a huge beach lover and ever since I saw a picture online years ago of this stunning place, I have been obsessed with it. I cannot wait to be able to visit one day and see this beautiful place for myself. I haven’t even been there yet and I just know that it MUST be the most beautiful place on the planet. It has to be. Look at it everyone: I rest my case. I will happily write Malec in the Maldives again. Maybe it is their favorite vacation spot and they will take a honeymoon there one day. Yes. That needs to happen. Thank you so much for reading. I’m really glad to be able to give you a maldives fic. Have a beautiful day!

Golden Kamui First Impression

Before we begin I want to say that I will be showing an image from the manga that is extremely violent and may be hard for some to look at. This will be structured like one of my reviews but I won’t go to heavily into everything and there won’t be a final score since this is still fairly new. I’ll be doing this from now on when it comes to manga that has come out more recently instead of giving a full scale review like I did for Dimension W. Other then that lets get started.

Golden Kamui is a seinen manga from author and artist Noda Satoru that is currently being serialized in Young Jump; it began in 2014 and is currently ongoing. So far thirty four chapters have been translated and more are being translated and rapidly being released. In my opinion it’s a very promising manga; the story is great though there is a lot of exposition throughout the manga so far. The characters have such great personalities and they are developing really well so far; the visuals produce great moments throughout the manga; at one moment they could be comical or filled with suspense. Golden Kamui produces a great first impression and from the latest chapter things are getting serious and I can’t wait. Though one of my biggest problems is the extent of exposition from the start in the story.

Golden Kamui takes place in Hokkaido Japan during the period of the golden rush. Sugimoto, or main male character, got back from the last war and is looking to get some of this gold to keep a promise he made while in the war. The only problem is that all the gold in Hokkaido has basically been found already; however, Sugimoto learns of a convicts hidden stash of gold and makes it his mission to find it though it won’t prove to be that simple. To find the gold he needs a map and the only map is in pieces, and it’s not your normal map. Each piece is tattooed onto a convict’s body; not to mention that he isn’t the only person after the gold. Sugimoto is not alone however; he has the help of an ainu girl named Asirpa. Will these two be able to stay alive long enough to retrieve the gold, or will their enemies get the better of them.

Golden Kamui’s story is a very interesting one; I haven’t seen many manga’s that take place during the gold rush, and the idea of them having to find convicts with a piece of a map that’s tattooed on their body is a very unique idea in my opinion. However, there is a lot of exposition in these first few chapters. In the story there is a native tribe called the Ainu, and throughout the story there is a lot of time explaining stuff in the Ainu culture; what they eat and how it’s prepared to the weapons and traps they use. The weapons and traps are fine because I expect to see them again in the future of the manga because if they didn’t and the Ainu name came up later then I’d more then likely be confused. Though the explanations are so drawn out; for example when Asirpa is explaining each dish she speaks of details like the way it’s prepared, the texture of the meat, and each ingredient used in the dish. Will I actually need to know the entire Ainu cook book by the end of the manga; does Sugimoto’s life really depend on this. Of course I can’t actually say this won’t come back and be important in some way, but at the moment it’s just random knowledge. I don’t think it should have been avoided all together; however, I feel like making the explanation a lot shorter would have been a better option. Just put it in a narrator text box stating what it is and the ainu name for it; like in the manga Arslan Senki they tell you Gholam is the word for slave in the language the manga uses, and then done that’s all the explanation you need. Maybe I’m wrong and this will all be important later down the line but until that time I stand by this opinion.

Golden Kamui’s characters are quite the interesting individuals. We have our main characters Sugimoto and Asirpa; Sugimoto is known as Sugimoto the immortal, throughout the war he always found a way to stay alive; the man could be mortally wounded but still returned stronger the next day. Asirpa is an Ainu hunter, the gold they are searching for belonged to her tribe and her father was killed the day it was stollen. Then you have the antagonists Lieutenant Tsurumi and Hijikata Toshizou; Tsurumi is not all there, and by that I mean during a battle he took some shrapnel to the head and now he wears a guard on his forehead and sometimes goes a little crazy. Hijikata, if you don’t know the name, is an old Shinsengumi vice commander and the one who stole the gold, hid it, an created the map in the convicts. There are far more characters throughout as well but it would take sometime to go through them. I never know what to expect with these characters, one moment sugimoto could be calm and collected, but at some points he’s very childish. Tsurumi is the most unpredictable, I never know when he might fly off the handle. I really like this side of the characters because it keep the manga exciting. One frame I could be seeing a conversation between characters and then the next could be almost anything. I never know what to expect when these people interact. However what really drives this home is the visuals to accompany these characters.

Golden Kamui has stunning visuals throughout. At one moment you could have some intense picture of suspenseful events, and the next a comical moment between the main characters. A lot of the comical moments are when ever Sugimoto and Asirpa are cooking. Sugimoto has never had these dishes before and when Asirpa gives him something that seem disgusting, like a brain or eyeball of an animal, Sugimoto reacts in a very amusing way.

These moments are sprinkled throughout the manga so there is no shortage of random faces that Sugimoto, and sometimes other characters, make. Now Golden Kamui also has its share of violent visuals as well. The manga does not censor it’s violence, if it want to show something it will show it. Given the fact that a lot of this manga takes place in a snowy forest region there is a lot of wildlife. Bears, for example, can be seen a few times in the story and of course bears can be very violent towards people and for Golden Kamui the same can be said. In one scene Sugimoto is being chased and he needs to make a split decision involving a bear, Sugimoto is fine but what about his pursuers. Well they don’t have quite the same luck. However when this scene played out I was not expecting something like this to be shown.

This image is a perfect example of the unexpected, I was only expecting these soldiers to die by the bear, maybe a slash to the chest deep enough to kill, or a “semi-off camera” shot of the bear mauling a soldier; where all you could see was the bears back and a body on the ground though you knew what was going on. However, instead I receive a full image of a man getting if face torn off and then more death to follow. Lastly we have the volume art, I wanted to point this one out for one reason mainly. It’s a good piece of art though my reason for bringing this up is that I would like the artist to make some colored pages, in the beginning of the manga there were some but there haven’t been any since then and I feel it would be awesome to have some and would look really good. 

I love the use of color in this image, the use of yellow in his eyes showing the movement of his body and head, the reflection in the bayonet, the line work near his arms showing the speed at which he’s moving; all of it is so amazing to look at, and it’s not the only cover page that is really well done. Basically what I’m saying though is that overall the manga is visually stunning and really well done.

The translation for Golden Kamui is being handled by EverydayHeroes Scans. They are doing a great job at translating the manga. I haven’t come across any typos or problems throughout the manga; I feel like I’m reading a hard copy of the manga it’s that well done.

Golden Kamui is an amazing manga, it seems very promising and I hope it meets my expectations. I hope there will be a little less exposition as the manga continues because while it can be nice learning about some of the Ainu stuff, a lot of the exposition made this feel less like a seinen historical manga and more like a cooking/food manga. Other then that the manga is really well done and I highly recommend it.

Next weeks review will be Street Fighter 5, I hope the march update will be out by then so I can add that content to the review, but I’m not holding my breath. Until then have a good day and I’ll see you soon.

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I love your modern au les mis colour... Edits? And I love your face claims, could you tell us who your fan casts are for the Amis?

Thank you, dear! ♥ I’m glad you like them!

And alright, face casts, I often have more than one but for the sake of space I chose the one that I currently have in mind with the story I’m writing and just linked the others.

Starting the triumvirate with Greg Nawrat as Enjolras (my other fan casts are the absolutely stunning Vickie Sorensen or Michael Lockley, check them out, they’re amazing). Then we have Jackson Hale as Courfeyrac (second favourite is Tyler Posey), and literally just this picture of DJ James with glasses as Combeferre (but of course I’m not going to say no to Nathan Steward Jarret because I AM WEAK).

Adonis Bosso and his smile is my Bossuet, Kentaro Sakaguchi with glasses is the most adorable Joly ever and Markel Williams is Feuilly (and also so beautiful I want to cry) even though I could happily go wih Rami Malek as Feuilly as well.

Nitin Chauhan makes an absolutel perfect Bahorel (or Giaro Giarratana), George Hard is my one and only Jehan and Frederico Lima is my Grantaire (even though I am very, very fond of Oscar Isaac since Inside Llewyn Davis exists as well, I mean, who wouldn’t be?).

And Bonus Round Number 1 for Fionn Creber as Marius because he’s beautiful and adorable and Jacob Morton as Montparnasse (have some more compelling arguments here x, here x  and here x - you’re welcome.) Other favourite for Montparnasse is Lee Soo Hyuk.

Aand Bonus round Number 2 for the ladies because I couldn’t possibly leave them out of this with Adowa Aboah as Eponine (or Emily Bador even though she’s also an amazing Azelma face claim in my opinion), Fernanda Hin Lin Ly as Cosette and the absolutely ethereal Avril Guerrero as Musichetta.


Prompt: After buying a new camera, you find something that shouldn’t happen when taking pictures.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2368

12th Grade History
History was a subject that had always seemed boring. Whatever happened yesterday was over and done with, it didn’t matter anymore. And it was one thing worrying about an hour ago, but a completely other thing that happened more than a decade ago. You didn’t care if George Washington was the first president or who won the Battle of Hastings. If it wasn’t affecting you, you couldn’t care less.

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Gifts, Large and Small (2/2)

A/N: More 3A Christmas divergence! I’d intended this to be a one-shot, but I thought I’d write a little continuation, this time from Killian’s POV. You can read part one here.

Unapologetic, unabashed tooth-rotting fluff ahead. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Also on AO3.

Killian thought he knew what it was to kiss Emma Swan.

In Neverland it was intense and hurried, a scorching release of tension that in the end left him feeling even more tightly wound.

But now – now, she kisses him not because he turned his ship around, or because he saved her father, or because she’s trying to prove that his silly little dare had no effect on her. She’s kissing him (invited him into her home, gave him a bloody gift, actually put time and thought into a present for him and he still hasn’t processed that) because she wants to, her nails scratching across his scalp and sending delightful little shivers down his spine.

He keeps expecting her to pull away but she never does. In the end it is he who breaks away, and he can scarcely breathe but he doesn’t stop, dropping little kisses all over her face and nipping at her ear, and he can’t even kiss her properly when he returns to her lips because his smile gets in the way.

She laughs, a soft, delighted little noise that only makes him grin wider, and her answering smile is open and unguarded and the loveliest thing he’s ever seen, a soothing balm for his battered soul. He can’t remember the last time he smiled so much.

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Ok, so I’m still in complete shock and awe about the whole experience (I met Dianna!), and I’m thanking my lucky stars for granting me the opportunity I got tonight, but I’m going to try and write as much about McQueen and Dianna as I can with my pounding heartbeat and fumbling fingers. 

I’m going to do this in list formatting because forming sentences and paragraphs seems like a foreign concept right now haha. If you’re not up for any spoilers about the play, I wouldn’t read further, but honestly I don’t think I’m going to give away all that much. I’m also sort of making this post for myself just to collect my thoughts and remember things! Ok, here goes!

1. Dianna was amazing. I expected her to be good, but she showed an immense amount of talent on that stage, and she made me feel things I didn’t expect to feel during a play about Alexander McQueen. 

2. She wears the wig throughout the entire performance–at first it was very odd, seeing her as a brunette with a bob-like hairstyle, but Dianna can pull of anything and within the first few minutes I forgot about her being blonde at all (almost!). 

3. Dianna is TINY! She’s the same height as me, which I knew, but it’s so different from seeing her on screen where she seems larger than life, if you know what I mean. Her waist is so small and she’s dainty and I think there’s a moment in the beginning of the play where McQueen calls her “fragile.” She’s adorable. 

4. She starts off wearing this really cool outfit (it’s supposed to be like modern-ish London so it’s a bit punk-y). She’s got on this miniskirt with black tights and converse sneakers and a teeshirt with a sweater over it. It’s really cute on her. Later on in the play her outfit changes to a dress that McQueen creates for her, and she’s elegant and stunning and so very Dianna. 

5. She says “fuck” a lot. 

6. There’s a scene where Alexander McQueen is making Dianna’s character (Dahlia) a dress, and he says “take your top off.” And she does. So she’s standing there in this little black bra and her skirt and she’s vulnerable and nervous and it’s the most I think we’ve ever seen of her (aside from the pictures of her in a bikini from an old photoshoot and one of her earlier TV spots). You could see her tattoo, which they didn’t coverup at all (the letters are smaller than I’d imagined). And she’s got the cutest stomach :)  

7. She cries a lot. The play dealt with some very intense, very serious topics–depression, suicide, self-harm, and I found myself crying through a lot of it as well. If you are sitting close enough and you look at Dianna’s arms, you can see red cuts all along her wrists and forearms. No one brings it up until near the end, but I noticed the second she took her top off, and I had this immediate reaction where my entire body clenched up and my heart sunk and tears started pouring out of my eyes. It was hard to see scars on Dianna’s wrists because at that moment she wasn’t a character. I was looking at Dianna and it was hard for me to see, given my own relationship with self-harm. Then I started thinking about Quinn, and suddenly, for those few moments, she was Quinn, and there was just SO much emotion. I left the play feeling very very affected, and honestly pretty triggered–so just a heads up for anyone who may be sensitive about that kind of thing.

8. It was not hard at all to separate Quinn from Dahlia–they are very different characters and it was exciting to see Dianna stretch her acting muscles and play something different. Of course there were moments where I would smile because she would do something that was just so very Quinn (when she was crying for one, and some of her facial expressions I could pinpoint to moments in Glee when she had the same expressions, some words, etc.) But overall, it was very cool to see her so differently. 

9. Dianna is in just about every scene, save for maybe one or two. There’s a scene where two characters are talking and she’s off in the corner “sleeping” and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the whole time. But other than that scene were she doesn’t say anything, I think she’s really only gone for about one other scene. 

10. Dianna sings! And dances, too. The play opens with Alexander McQueen in a room, and all of a sudden from the background you can her Dianna’s voice singing before she appears on stage. She’s singing Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman,” and she sings it a few times during the play. 

11. I think she’s developing a bit of a British accent, though that could be just her Bay Area accent melding into her character. She plays an American. 

12. Her face is kind of perfect. 

13. Aside from Dianna, which is primarily why I went to see the play, I truly enjoyed the production as a whole. It was inventive, creative, emotional, moving, and very well-done. I’m excited to see it again and get more out of the plot line (because honestly this first time I was keeping my eyes peeled on Dianna). I knew very little about Alexander McQueen going into this, and it’s certainly sparked my interest. 

14. There is no love interest for Dahlia. It was SO refreshing to see Dianna in a role that didn’t revolve one single bit around a romantic relationship with a man. 

15. There’s one line where she yells “I LOVE women!” and it wasn’t meant to be taken at all in any gay context, but I chuckled all the same. 

16. After the show ended I went out into the lobby and waited around for maybe five to ten minutes with a few other people who were there to see Dianna, and then she came out wearing a simple black dress and her cheetah-print fuzzy coat. Her hair was back to normal and I have no idea how it could be so perfect after being in a wig for an hour and a half. But she was stunning, as always. She stood talking to her costars for a while and then went to the bar to order some drinks. I made friends with a few of the girls who were waiting alongside me, and we all ordered drinks as well. 

17. Dianna came over after a little bit, she knew we were waiting for her and she was generous with her time. There were a few guys who came in as she walked over to us and were kind of obviously just there to get her autograph and leave (probably to sell them because this one guy had 4 pictures for her to sign). They were kind of getting in our way and Dianna turned to them and said, “I’ve got to take care of these guys first, because they actually saw the play and we’re technically not supposed to sign for anyone who hasn’t seen it,” and she turned back to us and was all smiles and “thank you”’s and she signed every single persons poster and took pictures with everyone. She kept asking “is that good? Anyone else?” because it was clear that she was very tired, but she didn’t want anyone to leave unhappy, so she took the time to do whatever each person asked of her. Everyone got a picture with her and whatever they wanted signed. After that she hung around the tables of her costars and a few other important-looking people for about fifteen more minutes and then she left the theater (she was the first to leave), and got into the backseat of a white car and drove away. 

18. I feel like the luckiest girl on the entire planet and I can’t wait to go back. 


I just went ahead and dumped a bunch of pictures of Potoos on my facebook.

What is a Potoo you ask? Well, lucky for you I have a small folder that I’ve compiled just for the occasion.

So now ladies and gentlemen who are following/stalking me, here is a compilation of pictures of the most glorious of the birds, the Potoo.

Witness the glory.

Ah yes, witness the majesty.

This one reminds me of a young Liam Nieson. Or maybe a young Mark Sheppard.

The sheer elegance of these creatures… Stunning.

If you are ever feeling down, just remember, these wonderful things exist and you should instantly feel relieved.

Simply magnificent.

Fun fact: Potoos have the ability to look into a persons soul.

No amount of pictures I could ever post would show just how fantastic these creatures are.

Golden Waters - 1/?

She’s America’s Sweetheart, the ‘royally inbred’ gymnastics star who’d spent her whole life dreaming of winning Olympic gold just as her parents both had. He’s the British bad boy who’d only turned to tennis as an escape from his painful past, and somehow found himself named to the Olympic team anyway. Suffice to say, they’d never seen each other coming. But you know what they say: What happens at the Olympic Games… changes your whole life?


Emma Nolan had officially never known she could look quite like that.

She’d stared for an awfully long time, trying to find something that looked off, looked wrong, but no. They’d abided by her one condition: absolutely no Photoshopping or editing of her image.

(Gymnastics pretty much required an unrealistic body type as it was. She wasn’t going to be responsible for promoting a gymnastics body that had been heavily computer enhanced.)

No, this was definitely all her.

Looking almost inhumanly beautiful, a Siren calling. She looked strong and gifted, ready to take on the world, ready to take flight.

The Olympic ideal, caught in mid motion of one of the moves she’d become famous for, one of the moves that the whole world expected to make her into a champion. Granted, a personal hair and makeup team made a world of difference - no wonder all the movie stars always looked so incredible at premieres and awards shows - and the stylist that had presented her with no less than the most stunning dress she’d ever laid eyes on, that helped too. Add in one of the most gifted sports photographers in the business, and she’d had a hell of a team to work with.

Still, it was all her. Her body, stretched and flexed, as far and pointed as possible within the limits of human capability. Her face, caught fierce in her focus.

She made one hell of a picture.

Which was good, cause God only knew how many thousands - millions? - of people were going to see it.

She was on the freaking cover of Sports Illustrated.

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November 2nd, 1981

In honour of today I thought i’d write this little thing that’s been on my mind for a while! It was inspired by paolo nutini’s ‘autumn’ (listen to it here if you want to listen to it). (This is the first piece of writing i’ve put on here so pls don’t punch me if it’s rubbish)  :)

[AU in which Sirius is not imprisoned following the events of October 31st, 1981. Peter was rightfully captured and taken to Azkaban.]

The multicoloured leaves under Remus’ old brown boots crunched softly as the pair walked hand-in-hand up the curved path to the village church. His body was there, he supposed, in the graveyard, but his mind wasn’t, not really. He shivered, cold, despite the fact that Sirius had ensured he was bundled up in about a dozen coats featuring mittens, hat and scarf. His stomach felt ill and icy, his mind separate and withdrawn. Remus cursed himself for being like this – he had to be there for Sirius, and for Harry. Harry. He had to be there for Harry. Poor, poor Harry whose parents had been snatched form him before he could even speak to them. Harry, who was resting on Sirius’ hip with his face burrowed into Sirius’ neck. And Sirius, his best friend and the love of his life, if he could only get himself to feel something again.

Reaching the end of the path, the three paused outside the huge wooden door, so much like the ones of Hogwarts. Remus wished for that simpler time again. Sirius nodded and Remus pushed it open, and, taking each others’ hands, they walked inside.

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A fan post A picture with you

 Nash : @Y/F/N : so I just Met @Y/T/N at the beach today #bestbeachtripever   (your the girl in the colorfull bathing suit ) 

Carter : @Y/F/N : I got to meet the beautiful @Y/T/N Today !! ( your the girl on the left ) 

Taylor : @Y/F/N : I stole @Taylorcaniff kiss from @Y/T/N 

Aaron : ( your the third one down from the left ) @ Y/F/N : me and my friends got to meet the even more beautiful in person @y/t/n  

Cameron : @Y/F/N : so this happend @Y/T/N ( your the blonde ) 

Hayes : @Y/F/N : Flower crown twins @Y/T/N  ( your the brunette ) 

Matt : @Y/F/N : got to do a photobooth with the stunning @Y/T/N (you can choose )

Jack G : @Y/F/N : Lipstick buddies with the amazing @Y/T/N ( your the blue lipstick ) 

Jack J : @Y/F/N : Best day ever I got to meet the gorgeous most kind hearted women on earth @Y/T/N  ( YOUR THE MIDDLE ) 

So thats it I hope you enjoyed this was one of my favorites to make !! 

Send request~ Here   Disclamer non of these pictures are mine Credit to the owners !! 



La Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France

Her smile (Zayn imagine)

NOTE: I did something different today. And I hope you liked it. 

Zayn POV

Day 1: I met someone today. Her name is Y/N. I love her smile. It’s the best one I’ve seen in a long time. There is something about the smile of a girl that gets me every single time. And she had it. From the first look. From the first meeting of our eyes. And I couldn’t let go of it…

So I didn’t.

Month 2: I kissed her today. I kissed her lips, feeling every bit of love I had for her through my entire body. And when I left them again, her smiling face met mine. She smiled to remind me how lucky I was. Because I felt like the luckiest man on earth. Without a doubt.

Month 6: We fought today. It was our first fight… and I hated it. She was shouting at me and I had never seen her like that before. Her smile was gone. She wanted to leave. She was ready to leave. But I didn’t let her. I couldn’t let her. I needed her with me. So I grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. ‘I’m sorry…’ I whispered. ‘I love you… I’m sorry.’ And I kept her close. Until her body relaxed and surrendered to my touch. She didn’t give me a smile tonight. And my heart felt empty.

Year 1: She made me smile today. And it was not that she had never done it before our first year anniversary, because she did. Every single day. But today it was different. It was just the moment before she woke up. She was sound asleep and I was staring at her, like I sometimes did. And it suddenly hit me that I wanted to marry her. It hit me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted to wake up next to her every day. I wanted to take care of her when she needed it. And when she opened her eyes, she smiled my favourite smile. ‘Good morning, handsome.’ She whispered, reaching for my hand. ‘Ready for the first day of the rest of our lives?’ Her voice was still sleepy and her eyes closed mid-sentence. And that’s where she made me smile. Because I was ready and I had never been more ready before.

Year 3: We married today. And she smiled a lot. And it was the only thing I wanted her to do. Now. And forever.

Year 7: She melted my heart today. I watched her again… Although she wasn’t alone. She sat there, in the pink, flowery room, soothing our little baby girl. And from the moment she took her out of the crib and cradled her up in her arms, our daughter stopped crying. And I knew why. Mommy smiled her beautiful smile while softly singing a sweet lullaby. And I was happy to know I wasn’t the only one anymore.

There was now one more person in this world who loved Y/N as much as I did. 

Year 9: She almost left me today. And it was the scariest moment of my life. She was giving birth to our little baby boy. I was holding her hand when I felt it go limp in mine. And that exact moment I heard all sorts of beeping noises. They took me away from her. They took me away from my wife, my love, my partner, my everything.

Her heart stopped today.

The thought alone makes my whole body go numb. Hours later, I sat there, with my son in my arms and my daughter next to me in a chair. Awfully silent. Awfully still. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t even look at my children. I felt disgusted with myself. I couldn’t do this alone. I couldn’t do this without her.

And when her heart started beating again, I felt mine doing the exact same thing. 

Although today, was not a day for smiles.

Year 15: It was our son’s sixth birthday today. Y/N had planned a big birthday party, where she decorated the whole house in the theme of Cars. Our son loved Cars, and I saw the smile of his mother on his face when he came downstairs in the morning, taking in the sight of  the house. And when I glanced at her, she was doing the exact same thing. I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind, while resting my head onto her shoulder. ‘You are an extraordinary mother…’ I said to her, so softly that our son and daughter couldn’t hear it. She turned in my arms, so that she faced me. ‘I love you, husband of mine.’ She whispered with her brightest smile, while her lips met mine. I never felt more complete in my life than at this exact moment.

Year 25: She lost her mom today. She broke down while hearing the news on the phone. And I held her for the rest of the night. I had never seen her so broken before. I had never seen her spill so much tears. And it was the first time I felt worried…

I was worried I would never see her smile again.

Year 45: It was Christmas today. We were surrounded by our daughter, our son, their partners and our grandchildren. I saw her going around with snacks for everyone. I did notice she let our youngest grandson take two instead of one. They exchanged their sneaky smiles and I couldn’t help but smile myself. When she reached me, I saw this twinkle in her eye. She was happy. She was so happy. Our eyes met for a couple of seconds. And I told her I loved her with just that one look.

And she told me she loved me back.

That was how well we knew each other.

We didn’t need words anymore.

Year 60: I left her today. She sat by my bed. And I felt her hand in mine. It may sound selfish, but I was happy it was me and not her. I don’t think I would ever be able to live in a world without her.

When I opened my eyes, it was only to see the one thing I loved the most, for one last time. And she knew. Of course she knew. She knew me better than any other person ever did.

So she smiled. And it wasn’t her happiest smile, but I understood I couldn’t get any better than this. I was still stunned by her beauty after all those years. And her smile, made all my fears disappear. The fear of letting her alone. The fear of her being unhappy.

The fear of dying.

I closed my eyes again. Picturing her in front of me while I breathed out my last bit of air.

And I couldn’t have wished for a better life.

There was no better life… than this life with her.