one of the most stunning pictures ever

“In the photo studio he would try to do something unexpected. Sometimes it would be silly dangerous, inconsequential, but I came across a picture where he is lighting his tongue with a cigarette lighter. I don’t think he was actually burning himself, but the image looks like he is.”   [Nancy Ellison, The Mosquito Coast’s special photographer, on River].

“The shoot was one of the most remarkable experiences I ever had photographing someone. River was stunning and fearless and without my having to direct him much, more like trying to keep up with him, he went from one amazing pose to another like a great improvisational dancer. And kept going and going… so angelic at times and then raging at me to keep up… “Get this! Now this! What else can we do?”  — [Photographer Michael Tighe on River]. 

Nancy and Michael were both photographers who had the chance to work with River and described his common posture to just do whatever he felt like doing and to be spontaneous.

2am rant - Seunghyun's hands.

You know what made me lose focus on Jiyong, his incredible beautiful smile and those NICE moves he has? Seunghyun’s hands. That man has such BEAUTIFUL hands. It’s not like have seen a lot of hands in my life but I have seen enough to say SEUNGHYUN HAS THE BEST HANDS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Fuck. His fingers have this bone structure that it’s absolutely amazing. He has stunning knuckles. Ffs if you don’t believe just go and check one of his pictures. I learned the word “knuckles” because of Seunghyun. I kept on mentioning to my best friend and eventually one day she taught me the name. ANYWAY. The palm of his hands and those precious veins and the way his skin looks so hard but at same time soft and the fucking WAY HE MOVES HIS HANDS. Because this masterpiece of human being could have the most beautiful hands ever but not move them in a way I like BUT HE DOES. And everything about his hands is absolutely perfect. Fuck. Sorry. I need to express my love for his hands once again. This was the way I found my bias. Because Seunghyun’s has beautiful hands. Everything else came after. I sound like a weirdo but it’s okay.


With a wingspan of 35 inches, and mounted on a swiveling Lapis Lazuli base, this incredible Quartz eagle is one of the most stunning crystal sculptures I’ve ever seen. It just arrived a few days ago and we can’t stop fawning over it. Words cannot possibly do it justice, and even pictures are falling short. You have to come in and see it in person to get the whole effect- preferably in the afternoon when the sun lights him up.


Eating at Macaroni Grill is fun because of the crayons and paper on the tables. Sometimes it’s nice to doodle without consequence, knowing it’ll be thrown away.
One is a scene I’ve dreamt up for my original story at a much later date. Then there’s a potential new design for my doll that I might make using the most stunning dupioni silk you’ve ever seen. Then a very light angel in the middle with a mermaid off to the side. Yay doodles! I had to save a picture of the dress, at least, for later contemplation.