one of the most messed up family ever

A Dangerous Game

Betty closed her eyes as she leaned out the bus window, the cool breeze felt good on her flushed cheeks and she pulled her hair from the ridiculously tight ponytail. Looking to her right she smiled at the pair beside her, an older couple, the man had his arm securely wrapped around the woman and she was fast asleep on his shoulder, his own eyes shut as he rested on the top of her forehead.

The bus came to an abrupt stop and she tugged her leather jacket tighter around her body, she turned to the sleeping couple as she was getting out of her seat, gently tapping the mans shoulder

“I don’t mean to be nosy but I think I heard you mention Riverdale being your stop? Well, we’re here. I didn’t want you to sleep through it.” She shrugged with a weak smile.

“Oh thank heavens! That’ll be the second time this week! Thanks darlin’ my names Pop, Pop Tate.” He gathered his things as the older woman gushed over Bettys long blonde hair. As soon as they got off the bus Pop Tate smiled

“I own the Diner just down the road, Pops, you stop by anytime for a free milkshake.” He winked at her and his wife squeezed her shoulder

“I’ll have to take you up on that, thanks so much.” She waved at their retreating backs, she wasn’t used to people being so friendly, normally the huge Serpent emblazoned on her jacket was enough to send anyone the opposite way.

Betty Cooper was a legacy, her mother was the leader of a chapter of the Southside Serpents, she ran the Toledo gang. Betty was a prominent member of the gang and was a shoe in to take over leadership when her mother passed it on, that’s what brought her here to Riverdale

The town with Pep.

The Riverdale South Side Serpents were in some type of trouble, apparently they were being dragged into some small town Drug ring and gang members were being killed and arrested. Betty could still see the tears in her mothers eyes when the news came that Viper had been found dead in a motel room, if that wasn’t enough one of her closest friends F.P jones had been arrested. Gladys came running through the bar doors late one Friday night sobbing begging Alice to help her husband.

That’s where Betty came in, it was her job to investigate the town, she needed to find out who was behind the heroin and she needed to report back to her mother, it was almost somewhat of a final test, if she could help out Riverdale she would be ready to take over the Toledo Serpents.

Finding the Southside was as easy as she expected, the familiar looking trailers and stray dogs reminded her so much of home she instantly felt her shoulders relax. She took a deep breath and walked through the bar, the door slamming against the wall as everyone went silent about a hundred eyes turning to her.

Betty straightened her back and crossed her arms, her most intimidating smile playing across her features. Out of the crowd came a burly, muscular man she knew very well.

“Baby Betty Cooper, my very favorite niece” the older man smiled down at her, dropping an arm around her shoulder, she grinned up at him and squirmed under his arm. Instantly the murmurs began

“That’s her!”
“That’s Alice’s daughter”
“She’s here about the drugs”
“She’s hot as shit!”

Betty rolled her eyes and laughed
“Nice to see you too uncle Hause, but don’t call me baby Betty.” She mock glared at him and he laughed heartily, clapping his hands he drew all the attention to himself

“Listen up Serpents, this here is Betty Cooper, I’m sure by now you all know what she’s here for. I want you all to treat her with the utmost respect, I’m looking at you jovan.” He said pointedly at the drooling young man in front. “Betty is Alice Coopers daughter so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll treat her like the diamond she is” he ruffled her hair and nudged her forward, encouraging her to speak.

Betty cleared her throat and began the speech she had prepared

“I’m here to help you all, no matter where we’re from Serpents are all a family. I’m gonna find out who’s putting us in danger and I’m gonna stop it, I can promise you that. Because… no one messes with a snake.” She finished darkly, sending the entire bar into room shaking cheers, she smiled proudly and turned to her uncle

“I’m looking for F.Ps son, I have to talk to him.” She said quietly “who is he?”

“That would be me.”

Whipping around Betty came face to face with the most attractive thing she had ever seen in her life, dark black waves and light blue eyes all wrapped up in a leather jacket. James Dean eat your heart out, he seemed to be just as interested in her as she was in him, he stood before her, his eyes surveying every inch of her.

“Betty Cooper” she stuck her hand out, he took it quickly, gripping her fingers with a gentleness she hadn’t seen in a gang member

“Jughead Jones”

“Well I’ll leave you two to it, Lizzy I’ll have aunt charla show you to your trailer after you and the boy have your discussion, oh and Jughead?”

Jughead turned to Hause, still clutching Betty’s hand

“Don’t forget to do your homework,” he warned.

Betty giggled from in front of him and he turned to her with pink stained cheeks
“Yeah yeah yeah” he grumbled, finally pulling his hand free.

Betty slid into a stool at the bar and grinned at the handsome boy

“Alright Jughead Jones, let’s get started.”

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Davey Jacobs headcanons???

  • This boy!
  • Love of my life I swear
  • he’s a good teacher and will help anyone learn something he already knows. Jack comes for help with math, Race for English, Romeo for science, etc
  • He loves school because he gets to see his friends and learn for six hour, why wouldn’t he like it?
  • He also loves his family a lot
  • he and Sarah are identical twins and she’s trans and six minutes older and very bi and one of Jack’s best friends and she’s always like “haha Dave I’m cooler than you ‘cause I’m prettier and not a nerd” but she loves him a lot, is very much a nerd, and Davey loves her to pieces right back
  • Davey Jacobs loves space so much. So goddamn much. He cried when he found out he couldn’t be an astronaut. Sarah is the only person who is like “I see your moon fact and raise you my cooler moon fact” and she started learning them so he wouldn’t feel so alone in his interest but then actually got really into it and now wants to work for NASA Sarah is such a cool big sister
  • Davey was really jealous of Jack for a while because he and Sarah were instantly close and he and Les were instantly close and Davey though he and Jack weren’t as close and felt like Jack had kind of stolen his siblings in a way and then one day Jack introduced all three of them as “My friend Sarah, her littlest brother Les, and my best friend Dave” and he realized Jack cared about him just as much as his siblings and wasn’t just hanging out with Davey for his siblings
  • Davey is a mess but very good at hiding it
  • he uses a planner obsessively and Jack makes fun of him for but but secretly wishes he was as organized as Davey. Daver actually needs the planner because he would actually forget to do things like fill up his water before bed if he didn’t write it down every day.
  • He’s Jewish and very religious and one of the hardest things for him to do was reconcile his view of god with himself once he started to figure out he liked boys, because he’d heard so much about how god hates gay people. Sarah helped him the most because she’d gone through the same thing while figuring out her gender and sexuality.
  • He has a sweet tooth that he tries to control but he also gets hyper really easily from sugar so if he eats one sweet thing he ends up spiraling into a hyper, sugar filled mess as he eats more and more
  • he’s really, really tactile but that’s also something he tends to hide. Jack figured it out when he started to noticed how Davey would lean into Jack when he put an arm around him, and then he would scratch Davey’s back or give him a shoulder massage and Davey L O V E S  it
  • he’s the most protective person ever, over his friends, family, possessions he cares about, and he isn’t intimidating, unless you get him mad
  • very smart but doesn’t have much common sense and that’s not good because Jack doesn’t have much common sense either
  • when he found out Sarah was dating Katherine he didn’t know whether to take the “you hurt my best friend you’re dead” path of the “you hurt my sister you’re dead” path so he took both and threatened both of them
  • in canon era he teaches the younger newsies to read so they don’t always have to rely on older boys reading them the headlines
  • sometimes this backfires when they come up to him with something Race gave them and he either has to lie to them or teach them how to read swears
  • he genuinely, absolutely loves every single one of his friends and tells them all the time
  • he adores little kids because they don’t care if he’s different in any way, they just want to play with and/or hug him and he’s down for either
  • he’s highly allergic to cats but loves them and he and Crutchie bonded over owning cats even though they’re both allergic
Dating Justin Foley Would Include:

-Random Kisses

-Cuddles when either of you are upset/sad

-Him staying at your house a lot because of his family problems

-Your parents don’t care because they high key love him

-“We should run away”

-“I’m not running anywhere. I’ll walk”

-Laughter all the time

-He’s literally one of the funniest (and most adorable) person you’ve ever met

-“Can we get a dog?”

-Midnight adventures to cheer each other up

-Hanging out with the boys

-Literally nobody messes with you because they know your crazy boyfriend will beat their asses

-Watching movies and throwing popcorn at each other

-Fighting over stupid stuff

-Like who gets to choose the movie you watch


-He gets jealous easily

-Cute nicknames (Cutie, babe, princess, kitten, etc)


-He loves you to pieces and would do anything for you

-You feel the same way

-Tickle fights

-“I love you so much. I can’t wait until we’re married and have a family.”

-“I can’t either. I love you, too, J.”

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Gabriel for the character thing?

Wow everyone wants to talk about the Agrestes today >_> 

Tell me a character and I will tell you my:

  • First impression- oh… hello Hawkmoth. Also- yeah… that’s a fairly accurate representation of the extraness and obliviousness of the super rich. 
  • Impression now- I really really REALLY hope we actually get to see a long drawn out family drama plot about adults being held accountable for their actions even if they are able to go after redemption. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Also I think he is just a very work/logic driven person and not that its a calculated and uncaring thing. I don’t think he is good with emotions in general. (For the haters- no this does not mean I think his choices aren’t BAD or that he isn’t completely failing as a parent/person but I think he is one of those villains who sees himself as the hero of their own story- which for me in infinitely more interesting that someone who is just evil. ) 
  • Favorite moment- When he and Chat Noir are arguing in Jackady. Agreste Family Feels!!! 
  • Idea for a story- um…. all of them???? I write tons of Agreste Drama cause Adrien is my favorite and family dynamics are my jam… lets see what’s one I haven’t shared… oh!! How about this one- Nino Adrien bodyswap fic. Nino (as Adrien) of course fights with Gabe constantly. Gabe (who is totally HM and doesn’t fully know what happened when Adrien literally bug smashed the akuma on its way to the intended target) is feeling super guilty because he thinks he has somehow infected Adrien with the negativity from the akuma and its all his fault. (not realizing that- no Gabe, you are just kind of a jerk and people who aren’t your kid don’t want to put up with you) Of course when he finally meets Adrien/Nino he is like- oh… nevermind. That’s Adrien. I’m an idiot. 
  • Unpopular opinion- I am pro Gabe redemption. (I am also pro Chloe and Lila redemption too… I just want all the redemption arcs, and I want them SLOW and drawn out and full of frustration and skepticism… mwahahahahahahaha) 
  • Favorite relationship- Gabe and Adrien’s screwed up family dynamic. (Look one of my favorite childhood books was The Secret Garden, I love family redemption stories OK???? ) 
  • Favorite headcanon- Gabe and Nooroo have the most messed up dynamic ever. At the beginning Gabe would just routinely take off the Miraculous and Nooroo would disappear because being HM was a means to an end he isn’t trying to be a full time take over the world supervillian (I disavow the english dub for this reason) and he didn’t need the constant reminder of what he was doing. However as the fight drags out longer and longer Nooroo becomes the only person he can whine too about getting his ass handed to him repeatedly by children. Of course the longer this goes on the more Nooroo starts to sass back at him. So most conversations end up going like this: Gabe- OMG whine whine whine… why can’t I win… don’t I deserve to be happy? Nooroo- um…. no. Because you are literally a supervillain. Gabe: Shut up Nooroo. 
Dealing With Your Death- Evan Peters Preferences

Tate- Would cry as soon as he figured out what happened. He would blame himself for not being able to keep you safe like a boyfriend should. It would crush him when members of your family would come to take a few little objects to remember you by. Tate would probably hide some things to ensure that they weren’t taken. He would always wrap himself up on your blankets and smell your clothing until the scent was gone.

Kit- Kit would be completely devastated. He would try to act strong around the children and make sure they were doing okay with the news. Kit probably wouldn’t sleep in the bedroom you shared for at least a week because he couldn’t go to bed without you there. Kit would cry himself to sleep, but would put a brave face on to everyone else. He would always carry something small of yours in his pocket at all times. He wouldn’t carry your wedding ring on him because he didn’t want it to get lost, but he would have a special place at home for it.

Pre-death Kyle- The news would completely shock Kyle. You were both in college after all and things like that shouldn’t happen to someone so young. Kyle would spend a little less time with his frat brothers for a couple of weeks. He needed time to sort through what was going on. Everyone would try to cheer him up, but nothing could cheer you up like he did. He would go over to your house to grab some of his shirts you had been keeping. He’d have somewhat of a break down when he saw your room perfectly as you left it.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle would scream and cry as soon as he heard the news. You weren’t ever supposed to leave him. You were gone and he couldn’t do anything to bring you back. He would beg the witches to bring you back, but they would tell him it wasn’t their problem that you were gone. He would spend his time cuddled up where you would normally spend time together.

Jimmy- Jimmy couldn’t understand that he lost both his mother and his love. Jimmy would go on a drinking binge and everyone would try to bring him out of it. He just felt like it were his fault you were gone. If he were there he could have done something to help you. Instead of doing the show that night, he should have just stayed with you. Once the drinking was under a little control, he would spend his time looking at your belongings.Jimmy would always think about how understanding you were and how you were the only person that ever wrapped your hand in his.

James- The moment he finds out he would be more angered than saddened. If someone else had killed you, he wanted them here so he could do the same to them. After he got through that stage his actual grief would start to set in. He would be more distant from everyone than normal. James would make sure all of your jewelry was kept perfectly clean. He even wore one of your necklaces underneath his shirt. He would spend half of devil’s night with his guest and the rest doing his best searching for you.

Rory- Rory would be very startled by the news. He would drop the next show he was shooting to go be with your family. He would make sure they were doing okay and then go grieve alone. For the first couple of days he would probably be drunk at any given moment. He wouldn’t be able to believe that you were gone.

Edward- Edward would be terrified. You were one of the few people he spoke to or ever opened up to. He would have a painter to paint a portrait of you and many other paintings. You were his most precious piece of art and he always wanted you to be. If anyone ever messed with those paintings he would throw a much bigger tantrum than usual.

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S1 Jace literally asked Alec to put Clary first time and time again and got mad when Alec didn't want to or didn't do it, that's a dick move, he'd only just met Clary and was willing to put her before his parabatai, like wtf writers, wtf

i’m going to have to stop you right there. did jace get a bit carried away with the whole protect clary agenda? yes. did he choose her over his own parabatai? NO. nor would he EVER. jace asked alec to help out with clary because he trusts alec above anyone else. alec was not exactly enthusiastic about it because of his feelings for jace and because as you mentioned, they had just met her. i didn’t like how the writers made jace get angry at alec over losing clary any more than you did. but i’m sorry, this does not make jace a dick. you want to talk about the writers fucking up big time? how about how they chose to have alec almost destroy their parabatai bond to track jace? as if alec would ever want to hurt jace like this. how about how they made alec choose not to fight alongside jace when he wanted to stop a potential fall out with the downworlders over trying meliorn. but most importantly, jace might have gotten mad at alec but he never said that alec was not family just to hurt his feelings, something i still can’t believe the writers had the audacity to make alec do.

in conclusion, i love both alec and jace but they both messed up in season one. and i will not have anyone call jace a dick because this statement is as false as jace not loving alec as much as alec loves him 

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Levi family headcanons?

Levi Ackerman

•He won’t change that much even with the presence of his family. He’ll still be blunt and kind of an asshole sometimes, but more in an affectionate way? Like say his kid(s?) draw him pictures and they’re awful and he’s just looking at them like “This is the ugliest shit I have ever seen in my life. Here give them to me we can frame them” Asshole, but caring.

•He’s not always for family time, but when he is, he’s stern. Makes them all sit down at the table and eat together. Will try to make small talk, interesting stuff, but he fails every time. It’s up to the kids or his s/o to keep things fun. He highly appreciates his s/o steering him in the right direction when it comes to affection and how to not be a boring father, because Levi’s idea of fun is probably like, cleaning

•And there will be designated cleaning days. Everybody better grab a broom because they’re cleaning the entire house with him whether they like it or not. No one leaves until the house is spotless. He’d be lenient with the kid(s) eventually, giving in and telling them they can have a break or finish later. Sometimes Levi’s s/o will help them sneak out of the house so they don’t have to clean and Levi gets pissed 

•He’s very very protective of his family. No one’s messing with his kids or his s/o. Most people will honestly learn not to because they know, they don’t want trouble from Levi. He’ll like sit outside his house while his kids play in the street to make sure no one messes with them, or else they’re getting that little Levi glare and that’s enough to send people the other day

•That being said, if his kids ever got into fights, he wouldn’t blow up about it. If they came home with a black eye he’d just be like “Shit the other guy better look worse than you kid” Which will probably lead to Levi teaching them basic self-defense. And his s/o will not be happy about it because Levi is a ruthless teacher and teaches dirty, underhanded stuff


► Name ➔ Chihiro Fujisaki
► Are you single ➔ ((He’s Multishipped))
► Are you happy ➔  Yes.
► Are you angry? ➔ Nope!~
► Are your parents still married 
➔ Ibelieve so


► ‘Birth’ Place ➔  Japan
► Hair Color ➔ bown
► Eye Color ➔ golden yellow
► Birthday ➔ March 14th
► Mood ➔ Happy as always
► Gender ➔ Male
► Summer or winter ➔ Summer
► Morning or afternoon ➔ afternoon


► Are you in love ➔ Yes((He can be in any of his Multiship relationships))
► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔ Yes
► Who ended your last relationship ➔ Not standing up….
► Have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔ No i hope not!
► Are you afraid of commitments ➔ only if they do it to
► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ Yes i did!.
► Have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ I don’t know, I hope so!

► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ …yeah I have…


► Love or lust ➔ Love.
► Lemonade or iced tea ➔ sweet lemonade
► Cats or Dogs ➔ O-Oh I can’t choose, can I say both?
► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ Everyone is my friend
► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ Hmm, It depends who i’m with.

► Day or night ➔ day!~


► Been caught sneaking out ➔ No!
► Fallen down/up the stairs ➔ *nods with a slight teary expression*
► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ Yes…
► Wanted to disappear ➔ …*nods*


► Smile or eyes ➔ Both.
► Fat or skinny ➔ I don’t care, everyone is beautiful.
► Shorter or Taller ➔ I don’t care, read above!~
► Intelligence or Attraction ➔ Intelligence
► Hook-up or Relationship ➔ Relationship!


► Do you and your family get along  ➔ …Most of the time
► Would you say you have a “messed up life” ➔ …that’s not funny…
► Have you ever ran away from home ➔ nope
► Have you ever gotten kicked out ➔ Momma threatened it when she found out about my crossdressing….


► Do you secretly hate one of your friends ➔ No.
► Do you consider all of your friends good friends ➔ Yes!
► Who is your best friend ➔ Oowada-kun and Ishi-kun!
► Who knows everything about you ➔ Ishi-kun and Oowada-kun!

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Do you ever think about the court case or worry about it? I believe Hope is innocent but it stresses me out especially with the things people say.

Of course. It’s been an ongoing thing for years. I believe she acted in self defense. We may never know the entire truth though, and the entire thing has long been turned into a gigantic fucking mess/spectacle. I believe her family targeted her for financial gain and attempted to ruin her image and career. I’ve discussed the case a few times over the years but I don’t really like bringing it up unless I need to school tf out of somebody spreading misinformation or unless/until there is a new development. It’s probably one of the most painful/difficult things Hope has ever been through and I think Hope said it best: some closure would be nice. 

Bokuaka Headcanons Part 2
  • Akaashi is always fashionable. Getting dressed for bed? He looks gorgeous. Just done sweating through his work out clothes? He looks like a god. Bokuto can’t figure out how he does it.
  • Bokuto has an annoying habit of wiping the hair that falls out of his head in the shower on the shower wall. Kuroo was the one who got back at him by taking the clump that gathered in the drain and putting it on Bokuto’s pillow since Akaashi refused to be the one to do it. 
  • Bokuto is a slob. He doesn’t mean to be; he just gets so excited that he can’t focus on cleaning one room so he leaves things half finished. Akaashi doesn’t mind too much because hey, at least Bokuto cleaned up half his mess. 
  • Bokuto is adopted and he’s really sensitive about it. Most days he’s fine, but some nights he just curls himself into Akaashi’s arms and cries about how his birth parents didn’t want him. 
  • Bokuto’s adoptive parents don’t make an effort to talk to him much, and only ever scold him when they do. Akaashi hates Bokuto’s family because of this and always invites his boyfriend to his own family’s outings.  
  • Akaashi was shocked when he found out that Bokuto is an amazing cook. Sure he makes a big mess and tends to get food everywhere, but he can make some amazing dishes and is more than happy to make anything for Akaashi. He often surprises his boyfriend with breakfast in bed, or a full three course meal after a long, stressful day. 

Okay! I decided to make a boy and a girl ((twins?? idk)) but here’s their personalities and etc. ((i mixed all of your ideas up cus I couldn’t choose just one))

Akira- As a kid he was bullied because he had pink hair so he is rllllly insecure about it and himself and he can’t help it. But he is a really quiet/calm kid (like dad) and the most mature child ever like omg. and he’s really smart but lags in stamina. 

Hikari- god what lil shit. She is a tomboy/loud/bratty/childish girl and she gets her siblings in trouble because she is the tru daddy’s girl of the family. haha srry mio. but anyways she likes messing around and she’s got her mom’s temper but around her elders and parents, she’s a bby angel♥

Too busy playing the Sims instead of cleaning up after yourself? The wedding is cancelled.

So I recently moved in with my cousin to be closer to the college we both go to. When we first moved in together, we both decided what chores we would do around the house to keep the apartment clean and would take turns taking my dog for a walk in the evening after class ended. Recently, my cousin bought a game that she has been saving for called The Sims 4. In The Sims 4, you can build your dream house, create families, give them jobs, and skills to build on. Now my cousin has always loved the Sims and and we both grew up playing The Sims since we were little kids so she has been excited to get the most recent one that came out. Now, ever since she has gotten the game she hasnt been doing her chores or taking out my dog when I’m at work like I asked her too and the house looks a mess and my dog has recently had several accidents in the house from not going outside like he is supposed to. I talked to my cousin about the issue and she brushes it off and just changed the conversation to what her Sims are doing. She recently told me how her favorite sim, Sophie is engaged and she’s planning the wedding and wants the ceremony to be as beautiful as possible. She has been trying to create the perfect wedding venue and has been working hours on the venue making it perfect.

Today, I got out of work and got home to see that my cousin had not taken my dog out again and has not done any of her chores around the house. My cousin had gone to sleep and left her laptop on the kitchen table so I logged into her laptop and loaded the Sims. She still had not had the wedding for her sim Sophie and Seth so I went into the sims houseold and saw that they’re friendship and romance bar were full. I took control of Seth and had him breakup with Sophie, making their romance bar go from 100 to -100 and also hurting their friendship. In the Sims 4, its  harder to bring your romance back from -100 and takes a long time to get fully back to 100. Then I went to the wedding venue she was building and deleted half of the dream wedding she had created. I save the game and turned off her computer and I’m going to bed with a smile on my face in anticipation for the next time she opens the game.

Sophie wasn’t good enough for Seth anyways.

UPDATE: So I got home a few hours ago and the house is clean and my dog didn’t look to have had any accidents in the apartment. My cousin was in her room and I asked her how her day was and she said she didnt want to talk about it. Just now, she came out of her room to apologize to me for abandoning her chores and neglecting my dog over the sims but then proceeded to show me a sim that resembles me in the basement of Sophie and Seths house who have seem to have gotten over their differences and are now back to being engaged. I’m now planning my escape out of the basement and stealing Seth from Sophie. Wish my luck.

things i love about the signs
  • aries: their energy radiates. conversations with them just flow, and they always say unexpected comments that make you laugh until you have tears falling down your face. lowkey shy but lots of friends, outgoing. one of the brightest people. they are always smiling, even if they are upset, and their positivy is like a domino effect
  • taurus: such dynamic characters. you'll never be bored because they always have something new to say or do. their smiles are literally contagious. great singers. honestly i can cuddle with them all day and not complain even once.
  • gemini: ride or die. tooons of friends but only a rare few they trust with their entire self, and when you one of those rare few, you feel on top of the world. they have so many interests and debated with them are epic and one of the best people to just rant to or have deep conversations with. they are so fucking caring and will always stand up for you, even if it costs them. cant live without em
  • cancer: such a huge motherly figure. always patting heads and comforting and when they say "it's going to be okay" is the only time i believe those words. the nicest people i know. so selfless. will literally sacrifice anything for the ones they love. family and friends are the most important part of their life
  • leo: extremely exuberant. just bein around them makes me feel so giddy. their eyes are literally always glowing. always knows how to cheer someone up when theyre upset. if you have a leo in your life you are truly blessed. those guys will stick with you thick and thin, no matter what.
  • virgo: hard workers. strongest people ever. virgos are fucking survivors, man. you mess with them, they come back twice as strong and they dont even try to get back at you, they let karma do their dirty work cos they too busy doin more important things than to be messin w you. virgos always got your back, they never let you down even if they have to spread themselves too thin
  • libra: the type to drag you out of hell and do whatever it takes to put you back together again. their love for everyone around them absolutely amazes me sometimes. kindest hearts. best person to just chill with. you can be doin nothin with them and you'd still be havin fun
  • scorpio: will probs destroy you with the blink of an eye. cant be messed with. they are the kindest people ever...until you hurt them, and then you're so fucking done and the games never over. they know how to make people pay. theyre loyal af and if you mess with their family or friends, they will fuck you up. not afraid to get their hands dirty. so intelligent. they probs have tons of dirt on you. confident and know they cant be messed with.
  • sagittarius: lovable smoll child. such good vibes from these guys. great listeners and they're fashion sense is on point. a bit carefree and laidback. dont need to be surrounded by other people to have a good time. they feel comfortable in their own skin and honestly couldnt give a rats ass what strangers think of them. a sag is a close friend for life
  • capricorn: most likely already has a step by step plan on how to become a billionare by the time theyre 25. caps are strong ass hoes who will fucking start a fire if you get in their way. protective over their friends. their mind is constantly working in gear mode.
  • aquarius: if you ever get into a fight with them, forget it, its over, might as well back down now while your limbs are still attached. straight up blunt. best person to call when you in a tough spot. will probs save your ass 20 times a week. if you got an aquarius on your side, youve already won the war
  • pisces: the way they see the world is so incredible to me. can find beauty in everything, even the darkest places. will just hold you and kiss your forehead until you are ready to get back to life. usually little spoon. will do anythin to make you happy if they love you.
Wedding Day [L.H.]

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve made you guys wait so long for new requests! But thank you for being so patient, it really means a lot. Okay, here’s a wedding day imagine requested by Anon. I decided to play around a bit the POV change. I think I made it as easy to follow as I can, but if its hard to follow please let me know and I’ll add labels. Enjoy! -S 💛

“Are you sure this looks right?” you ask fiddling with your veil
“Yes Y/N,” Your maid of honor assures.
“I mean…does it even go with my dress?”
She lets out a frustrated huff, “Well if you would get over here and put it on I could tell you.”
With a concerned look plastered across your features, you shuffle over and step into your gown.

The panic started the minute the hair stylist finished pinning your loose up-do. When you opened your eyes after the last wave of hairspray settled and saw yourself in the Hollywood mirror in front of you, every cell in your body got nervous.

The zipper secures easily up your back, “Those months of fittings were worth it after all,” you think to yourself.
Your mom appears in the mirror behind you, “Oh my.”
“Mom please don’t…”
“Ohhhh!” just then Luke’s mom, Liz, emerges from her dressing room.
“Both of you. No tears,” you demand, wagging your finger.

They nod and take their places flanking your sides. The three of you stare at the reflection. In a flash, everything becomes real. Today is your wedding day. In just under an hour you’ll leave this room, walk down a series of hallways, and climb into a rented, vintage car that will take you to the beginning of the rest of your life.

An eruption of hoots and laughter snaps me out of my haze. My groomsmen and best friends proceed to wrestle around on the couch while I sit in the corner, lost in thought yet again. Through the wall to my right, inches away, she’s putting on the dress she will take my name in.
Tears rise to my ducts at the thought of seeing her walk towards me through a crowd of our family and friends.

Michael appears at my side, “C’mon Luke, save the waterworks for later,” he says with a friendly pat on the shoulder.
“This is the most important thing I’ve ever done Mike,” I explain, “I can’t mess this one up.”
“Look for some reason, Y/N loves you. And you love her right?”
“More than I’ve ever loved anything.”
“There ya go. It’s not always going to be easy, but if you remember that everything else will work itself out.”
I nod, surprised at how serious he’s being.
“Just don’t be a dick,” he adds
There it is.

Y/N’s dad knocks on the doorframe, “It’s time,” he announces, holding his gaze on me.
I stand up, smooth the wrinkles out of my slacks, and shrug on my suit jacket.
Halfway through the door, a hand grips around my forearm.
“Hang back a second son,” Y/D/N whispers.
I watch Calum, Ash, and Michael round the corner out of sight before turning my attention to the salt and pepper haired man.

“How is she?” I inquire under my breath
The same cocktail of emotions I was feeling earlier ghosts across his face, “She’s beautiful. She’s ready to see you.”
He puts a hand on each side of my face, “You take care of her ya hear?”
“Yes sir,” I nod
Y/D/N pulls me into a rough hug then gestures down the hall, encouraging me to rejoin the guys.

You lightly run your hands over your blush colored gown as the driver slows for a speed bump at the entrance of the venue.
“You okay honey?”
You look up at your dad who you’ve felt staring at you the whole ride.

“Just nervous,” you answer. 

He takes your hand and guides it up to kiss the back of your palm, “We’ll get down that aisle together.”

The car slows to a stop. Out your window, a sea of faces turn to greet you but there’s only one you can see clearly. Luke’s chin drops down ever so slightly and his hand raises to give you a small wave. You try wave back at him but your limbs are seemingly paralyzed
“Oh boy,” you breath.

I glance up to see the car Y/N and I picked out, pull to the end of the aisle. The first thing my eyes are drawn to is Y/N in the backseat. Her wispy baby hairs fall over her face just as they do when she pulls her hair back before bed. The only difference being the loosely pinned curls and lace veil falling over the back. I look to her under hooded eyes and offer her a wave. She smiles back, trying her hardest to look excited but I can feel the nervous energy radiating through the glass. Finally, after what seems like and eternity, Y/D/N helps her from the car. The peach chiffon of her dress falls to brush the grass. An usher walks over, handing Y/N the bouquet my mom insisted on making specially for this moment. I breathe in slowly through my nose, filling my lungs with the scent of the pine trees surrounding us, and blow out with hallowed cheeks. My heart feels tight, my hands are tingling, my mind is running in circles with the same recurring series thoughts: “How can one person be so perfect?”, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”, “Holy shit that’s my wife”.

With your arm looped into your dad’s, your steps slow and rhythmic, the faces in your peripheral vision blur into one smeared cloud. Your grip tightens around Liz’s bouquet of wildflowers when you hear a guitar melody swirl from the reception speakers hung in the trees. Your brow furrows in confusion until you hear Luke’s voice over the instrument. This must be the ‘special project’ he had been working on in the studio for the past couple months. You grin at his tearful face through your own set of salty streams running down your cheeks.

At the end of the grassy aisle, your father takes his arm from yours and kisses your cheek, “You’ll always be my little girl.”
You nod back at him reassuringly and watch him take his seat next to your mom, Liz and Andy situated opposite them. 

Your maid of honor accepts your flowers, you take a deep breath, and turn to face your very soon to be husband.
Luke reaches a hand up to wipe away your tears, “Hi Y/N,” he whispers.
“Hi Luke”

The officiant signals for everyone to sit and begins the ceremony, “Dearly beloved…”
Eventually, his words become white noise, just a faint buzzing behind your rambling thoughts: “Wow he actually brushed his hair”, “I can’t believe I get to marry this man”, “God hurry up! I wanna kiss him!”

“Who has the rings?”
Calum steps forward with two gold bands resting in his palm. Each of you takes one, followed by each other’s hands.
“Y/N,” the officiant begins, “Do you take Luke Robert Hemmings to be your husband?”
“I do,” you answer promptly with a smile, sliding the ring on Luke’s calloused finger.
“Luke, do you…”
“I do,” he cuts in, stacking your band over the solitary diamond of your engagement ring.
“Alright then. With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you…” Luke bounces up and down in childlike anticipation, “husband and wife.”
Before the ceremony can be finished, Luke pulls you into his lips hungrily. The crowd cheers and saturates the air with bursts of bubbles provided by the bridal party. Behind Luke you can hear the boys whistling and howling, making you crack a smile into another, deeper kiss.
Luke rests his forehead against yours, tiny iridescent globes raining over the two of you.
“I love you, Mr. Hemmings,” you giggle.
“Right back at ya, Mrs. Hemmings.”


of impromptu prideshipping thoughts and gushing in the background

How many time have we left before DSoD gets translated into English already? I just can’t wait~

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Ah at least, I guess this leaves me some time for more headcanons.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gushing and talking a lot about prideshipping lately led me to reflect a bit on why I liked so much this pair, why it’s so powerful and interesting.

Plain and simple: I just love the fact Kaiba is one of the few people Atem came to befriend independently of Yuugi’s group - along with Raphael and the people of Ancient Egypt. The bonds Atem shares with Jou, Anzu or Honda are strong, true, but the fact remains they were and still are Yuugi’s friends first. I can’t help thinking any friendship they may have developped with Atem remains secondary to that (though this is more true for Jou and Honda than Anzu, considering her pronounced interest in getting closer to him.) This alone makes me wonder if Yami Yuugi doesn’t feel a tad insecure and guilty about his worth among the group; if he doesn’t sometimes question the merits of such a friendship when he’d put the lives of Yuugi’s friends in danger so many times while battling with Pegasus, Malik, Dartz, Zork and so on.

Maybe it’s the case. And maybe there is an unconscious burden on his mind coupled with a feeling of duty and guilt whenever he’s around the group, no matter how much he appreciates them. Maybe interacting with the ever aloof jerkass-yet-intriguing Kaiba gives him the break he needs - to duel with someone, to talk and listen to them, to just be with them without worrying over whether he deserves being their friend or whether he’s infringing on Yuugi’s life and friendships.

This someone is strong enough to defend themselves, so no need to be a protector for them (the KC company with its armada of high-tech devices may have something to do with that, but I suspect Kaiba has had his fair share of training in self-defense.) This someone has also had a troubled past Yami Yuugi can relate to, because of the hardships and suffering. After 3,000 years spent in a cursed item, darkness would be definitely something Yami Yuugi is well acquainted with and he’s got no difficulties acknowledging it in others, as Kaiba probably can do it himself, so I’d say it’s a win-win situation for the both of them: despite their rivalry, being together gives each of them a sense of comfort and contentment. That’s probably the reason Yami Yuugi was so patient with Kaiba, why he was willing to help him in overcoming his inner demons. Because he knew that was worth it. They’ve both come to get a great understanding of each other throughout canon. They managed to compensate for each other’s weaknesses so well in duels, challenging, and at the same time inspiring each other in their unique ways, that it’s no wonder that by Dark side of Dimension, Kaiba yearns to find Atem again. Because he’s the only person he felt the closest to, after Mokuba. No matter Yuugi or other people’s attempts at befriending him, Atem is the one person Kaiba ever came to care the most about, outside of his family, and I just love it - I just love this relationship, its intensity and challenging path.

Long story short: this bond is fascinating because it’s healthy and unhealthy at the same time. It’s about two intense, passionate and messed-up individuals who try to connect with the other in their own, unique ways. They do a great deal of good to each other because the rivalry-almost-friendship thing going between them is what makes them strive for the best and become better persons.

Dating Ron Weasley Would Include:

Requested? Yes. Warnings: THE SPACING GOT MESSED UP I AM SO SORRY THIS ONE WILL LOOK LIKE CRAP — • “…are you going to stop eating? Harry’s gone…” • trying to help him get his homework done • “of course you’re my favorite ginger, Ron” • thinking he was quite adorable when he was younger • him taking you home and his family probably embarrassing him • his mom thinking you’re the most precious thing ever • snogging every now and then • always liking to kiss his cheek • playing with his hair • “you know I’m not really good with words, but…I do love you, really.” • “ron if you work that essay for snape I will let you snog me” • arguments being a bit intense • bear hugs • I dunno why but I just think he’d like to kiss the top of your head a lot • him possibly failing the first time he attempted to hit on you

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Piano Practice


in honor of Michael playing keyboard at SLFL, Pianist!Michael

Michael Clifford Imagine

Word Count: 700+

Rating: fluff aw

Warning: v v short

The keys dipped down beneath your fingers as you attempted to play the piece you had been assigned. Your finger slipped and you accidentally hit the wrong key.

Angrily, you slapped your hands down onto the keys creating a collage of mismatched sounds that sounded completely wrong.

“Woah there,” a voice whistled lowly, “What’d that piano do to you?”

Turning to face the direction of the voice, you recognized the blue-haired boy as the class prodigy, Michael Clifford. He was always number one when it came to any instrument in the string family, specifically the guitar and piano.

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