one of the most beautiful things

let talk about that stupid bagginshield wedding ok (the one that happened after Thorin healed and Erebor was getting back on its feet)

  • the whole of the mountain basically covered in flowers
  • literally COVERED, thorin imported hundreds of them and the dwarrows all went a bit mad
  • Bilbo manages to pursuade Thorin to allow the elves to come but he only agrees so they can see Erebor in all its splendour
  • Thorin trying to get Bilbo to wear loads of jewels but Bilbo only ends up wearing a few because he glared at Thorin till he got his way
  • Bilbo making sure that Thorin wears blue because he loves him in that colour
  • Thorin trying not to cry when he first sees Bilbo
  • Thorin thinking that Bilbo’s the most beautiful thing he;s ever seen and all of Erebor’s just looking at their love-stuck king like ‘oh dear, he’s such a sap’
  • Thorin having tears in his eyes and trying to control them
  • Bilbo having eyes for no one but Thorin
  • Bilbo saying his vows in Khuzdul and Thorin’s jaw literally hitting the floor because he knew that Bilbo was trying to learn but he never thought he’d hear his beloved talking in Khuzdul almost fluently
  • Thorin breaking down because he loves Bilbo so much and Bilbo’s saying the sweetest things about him IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE KINGDOM
  • Bilbo having flowers braided into his hair
  • Balin shouting ‘THANK MAHAL FOR THAT’ WHEN THE CEREMONY IS OVER ( he fed up of the pinning)

Three things you need to know about semicolons

Semicolons are possibly one of the most misused and misunderstood punctuation marks. In an effort to help clear up semicolon confusion, we answered three common questions about semicolons.

1. When should I use a semicolon?
In formal writing, use a semicolon to connect two related independent clauses. Semicolons function like a soft period, separating the two thoughts but keeping the flow of the entire sentence.
For example:
Let’s go for a drive; the weather is so beautiful.
I can’t find my car keys; where could I have left them?

2. Should I capitalize the first word after a semicolon?
You only need to use a capital letter after a semicolon if the word is a proper noun or an acronym. For example:
Let’s plan to get together next week; Tuesday works for me.

3. Why are semicolons sometimes used in lists?
You can use a semicolon to separate short clauses in a list after a colon has been used. Using semicolons in this way helps clarify the ideas for the reader, and is particularly useful if the clauses have commas or other punctuation in them.
For example:
I need the weather statistics for the following cities: London, England; London, Ontario; Paris, France; Paris, Ontario; Perth, Scotland; Perth, Ontario.

by Ann Edwards

  1. I’ll Be Yours To Keep: [ 17549 words, one shot, not rated, Hogwarts!AU, Fake/Pretend relationship!AU ] -  Louis should’ve thought a lot more about who he said his fake boyfriend is, especially since he and his “significant other” kinda hate each other. most of the time.
  2. Give Me Truths: [ 110330 words, chaptered, explicit, Punk Louis!AU ] - Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.Or, the one in which Louis falls in love with a fragile boy and tells him every beautiful truth in the world, as long as it makes him happy.
  3. Like An Animal (I Wanna Feel You From The Inside): [ 4466 words, one shot, explicit, AU ] - Harry and Louis get a little stuck. Literally
  4. Web Me Harder: [ 6945 words, one shot, explicit, Spiderman!AU ] - Louis Tomlinson, otherwise known as London’s masked hero Spiderman, finds himself crashing through the window of Harry Styles one night after a particularly nasty fight with a villain. Luckily Harry is a nursing student with a soft spot for caped crusaders who’s more than happy to tend to all of Louis’ wounds, no matter how many times he swings by.
  5. Paris Holds The Key: [ 8970 words, one shot, mature, culinary!AU ] - Harry is an extern pâtissier abroad for three months, Niall gets him the job, Louis is a cheeky server who only speaks French, and Liam is Harry’s boss and really likes Zayn’s bread.
  6. Now I See In Shade Of Roses: [ 1501 words, one shot, general audiences, kiss cam!AU ] - Harry goes on a shit basketball date. Louis is the cutie who sits next to him. There’s a Kiss Cam involved.
  7. Wild And Unruly: [ 123665 words, chaptered, explicit, cowboy Harry!AU, city boy Louis!AU ] - Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.
  8. Mine Now: [ 32254 words, one shot, mature, AU ] - After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.OR This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.
  9. You And Me And The Devil Make Three: [ 10589 words, one shot, mature, neighbours!AU ] - AU. Louis moves in next door to Harry. Louis has a ghost, Harry has an extra futon and a crush.
  10. We’re Only Stones Around The Sun: [ 46105 words, chaptered, ten and up audiences, friends to lovers!AU ]-  Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation.
  11. Where There Is Tea, There Is Love: [ 21428 words, one shot, explicit, AU ] -  He raises his head in apology, but then the whole world seems to stop, because his eyes meet gorgeous blue ones. The eyes and accent belong to a beautifully curvy guy who looks like he belongs in an Abercrombie and Fitch ad; he’s got amazing biceps and a soft fringe that Harry wants to run his hands through. The guy is wearing a shirt that has a witty slogan on it: My Blood Type Is Tea. Harry’s never seen a person this beautiful before and he’s accidentally run into Angelina Jolie.
  12. Let’s Fall In Love In A Place You Want to Stay: [ 134169, chaptered, not rated, Jungle Man Harry! AU ] -  A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

Please, keep in mind these fan fictions are not displayed in any particular order.

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To that anon guy, take it from a girl, there's nothing wrong with being the smaller spoon. I sometimes spoon my boyfriend and it's still the best feeling in the world. He likes it because he feels safe in my arms and that's one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever say to me. So there's nothing wrong with you, love xx


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Who is your favourite Gem, and why? Be it villain or hero.

Oh no, you’re going to make me choose just one? (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)

I guess if I would have to pick my absolute favorite, I would choose this ray of sunshine!

I feel like Rose is one of the characters I can most connect with. She’s chubby, she knows she’s chubby, and nobody makes jokes about her weight or even mentions anything negative about it once in the entire show. Here she’s depicted as beautiful, even with her size, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I’ve always had issues with my self esteem because of my body, and Rose has helped me realize that no matter what you look like, you are an exquisite, gorgeous human being.

Another thing I love about Rose is the fact that she went against her own people to protect something that they didn’t understand, as well as the fact that she had enough faith in Earth to betray them and fight to protect the people living on this planet. She knew the consequences of her actions, she knew that she could never go back to her home, and yet she plunged herself into war.

Rose cares about the lives of others, as well as the life of Earth. She's empowering, beautiful, chubby, and viewed as an absolute goddess. To me, Rose is the living embodiment of perfect.

Three things about this cap:

1.  Essie Davis is the most beautiful woman on television

2. I think this is the rawest we have ever seen Phryne.  ED managing to express hurt, sadness, love and longing in one instant.  She is regretting the fact that she is who she is and can’t commit to Jack because she knows that’s what he wants.  She’s sad because she’s a bit of a mess over her past and that has impacted her present with Jack and she’s totally in love with a man and she’s only just realising it. 

3.  We always thought Jack was the one who went home alone, but now we find out he’s been secretly having these dinners with Concetta which means that if Phryne doesn’t have a one nighter, Dot or Jane to keep her company then she is the one who is spending her nights alone.  And to be honest, Dot on most nights would be with Hugh, Jane has apparently disappeared into thin air and her one nighters aren’t going to be every night, and they aren’t going to fulfil her emotionally.  In one scene two characters who we have grown to love and know over two seasons have SWITCHED places. 

I really just want to have that moment when you wake up in the morning next to the person you love. Kind of like the movies, where the two in love have this amazing adventure into the night, then make love in this tender montage, and then the new scene opens with morning light and a couple of people in the most vulnerable state looking at one another and just having this beautiful moment.

I want that. I want that so much.

Happy 27th Birthday to one of the most goofy, most caring, most beautiful people I know: JJ Hamblett.

One of the things I’ve always loved the most about JJ is that he never seems to take himself too seriously. Even before he became a father to Princeton, I affectionately saw him as the “embarrassing dad” of the group who was always doing ridiculous things to make people laugh, but that’s why you love him so much. He ends up being the butt of lots of jokes within the band but he knows how to laugh it off and not take things too seriously. It seems to me like he lives a carefree life and just loves to have fun and enjoy the moment, which is important because life is too short to spend it trying to impress people. He’s carefree while simultaneously being one of the most caring people I’ve ever come across. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone utter a bad word about JJ, he’s always out there putting a smile on people’s faces because he’s such a kind hearted person. All of this, plus he has an amazing smile, a beautiful voice, incredible eyes, and one of those loud barking laughs that you can’t help but laugh along with because he puts that happy feeling in your heart. Thank you JJ for always brightening up our days, whether it’s with your tweets expressing confusion over silly things, your appearances in Cat’s snapchats where you show how wonderful of a loving boyfriend and father you are, your presence in the group or on stage or your voice on a song, and just by being you. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are. You may be 27 in age but your spirit is clearly young at heart and I hope you never lose that goofy childlikeness about you. I love you to bits, hopefully I’ll see you soon. ♡

I had an idea for an AU dark!FrUk fanfic inspired by the Hannibal tv serie, in which Francis is a serial killer like Hannibal: he kill his victims like pigs and cooks and eats parts of them.

He is ruthless, sadistic and highly intelligent to not leave any conclusive evidence. He likes to hunt beautiful people from all over the Europe. When he is not killing, he is charming and seems to care about all the ones around him, but the truth is that he is bored most of the time (he is very cultured because he is always doing things to try to cure that boredom, like reading, going to the theatre/opera, making art, etc. As a side effect, that makes him a huge connoisseur of beauty of any kind). His biggest joy is right after killing because he makes dinner for his acquaintances in high society (the brightest minds in Europe) and serve them some (not all) of the latest victim flesh/organs and no one suspect a thing.

He keeps a close look to the investigations about his murderers. When he thinks the investigator is getting too close, he kills them and change his modus operandi, so any leading clue became useless and people thinks that there are different murderers.

That until a young and genius English investigator take charge of one of his crimes. That investigator was the only one who saw the pattern and found out that all that killings were from only one murderer and more: he was capable of pinpoint that the killer was most likely based on Paris.

Everyone, Francis including, were very impressed with said investigator. Francis realized that he was a threat and the best solution was to eliminate him immediately. So Francis did what he usually did: he tried to get closer to the investigator so he could kidnap, torture and murder him.

However, when Francis met him, Francis became fascinated by the investigator. His name was Arthur and yes, he was brilliant and capable of getting inside the mind of the most perverse people in the world. However somehow he was still able to keep a gentle and even innocent side that he tried to keep hidden from the world (he did a fairly good job, but Francis was a master of getting inside people’s head).

Francis realized that he could break that investigator if he wanted too. He just needed to push and push that innocent side until it broken. That would be a fun game.
Nevertheless, at the same time, he was enamoured with Arthur and his highly complex and smart mind. He was capable of completely comprehending Francis and yet Arthur was nothing like him, and that was fascinating. That was beautiful, and Francis was a connoisseur of beauty of any kind. In his twisted way, Francis fell in love Arthur. It would be a pity to destroy the only creature capable of seeing the beauty in his killings.

So Francis decided to play a more dangerous game: he would getting closer to Arthur.

Very close.

The initial idea was to become one of Arthur’s close friends, but the more he started to know Arthur, more Francis realized that he wanted a more intimate relationship with the investigator. He wanted to be the lover. So he did all that he could (even killing people that were in the way) to be Arthur’s boyfriend (he had to be extra careful, because the smallest mistake could make the investigator get one step closer).

Francis got what he wanted.

He and Arthur were together, even living in the same apartment, sleeping in the same bed. Francis needed to be extra careful with all that he did, but the reward was worth it.

He was feeding his victims to the investigator in charge of catching him. And Arthur was blissful unaware of that

Arthur become his highest trophy. Francis could enjoy Arthur’s mind and body while feeding him human flesh.

I don’t know what to do from there =3
Maybe let the situation like that, maybe something dramatic, I don’t know xD. Just a thought that I had. I probably ain’t gonna write that.

Astronomy Photo of the Day: 5/25/15 — New View of NGC 6240

NGC 6240 may be the most beautiful galaxy you’ve never heard of. Found approximately 400 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus, its distorted, all over the place, shape and structure can only be attributed to one thing: a gravitational merger.

As you can see, the encounter has generated many odd features, including several loops, tails and filamentary structures, which weave a complex web when viewed from afar. NASA has known about some of them for quite some time now, but they—along with a few new ones—are revealed in unprecedented resolution in this new image from the Hubble Space Telescope.

It pays particular attention to the pink-tinged knotted regions, which appear to be the most prevalent near the galaxy’s central core—found with Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 and Advanced Camera for Surveys.

Learn more here:

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration, and A. Evans (University of Virginia, Charlottesville/NRAO/Stony Brook University)


I was absolutely shattered for all of yesterday and could hardly concentrate on revision, so after dinner I took my flashcards and went for a 90-minute walk and muttered all my quotes to myself as I wandered along. It was such a good shout - it turns out gentle movement is far more conducive to memorisation than just sitting silently at a library desk. Plus I haven’t got a good amount of fresh air or done a good amount of walking in days. I think my body really needed it.

All of this beautiful nature is a 5-minute walk from my college – Cambridge is an incredible city (and I live in an incredible location) because in one direction you have all of this open space and parkland, but 5 minutes in the other direction gets you to Topshop and a cinema and 2 Sainsburys and like 6 banks. That’s going to be one of the things I miss most after graduation: that amazing range.

I have my American Lit exam this afternoon, so I’m going to do more walking and quote-learning this morning I think. Weirdly the exam is in one of the lecture blocks rather than a big sports hall or whatever, so I’m going to be sitting on horrible narrow WOODEN benches for 3 hours straight, which is only going to exacerbate my glute doms by about a million. Pus I’m really worried that every time someone on my row needs to go to the loo we’re ALL going to have to stand up and shuffle out which would be the most distracting and time-wasting thing ever. Aaaaaah :(

so these two guys were having an extremely loud conversation about social justice and stuff about art school fairness and whatnot and like, most of the time they were pretty on point. like i’m actually kinda proud. but one of the dudes was like aggressively on point and then the other guy half the time just wanted him to shut up and it was beautiful oh my god
what a thing to witness

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I hope we get more scenes where Klaus says something really romantic like 2x19 and 2x22 but this time in her apartment. (Angelique is my name btw).

Hi Angelique, my name’s Michelle. :)

I hope that they will have more romantic scenes such as 2x19 or 2x22 as well. Klaus telling her all these poetic things is just really beautiful. I would be as stunned as Camille always is when Klaus is so close to her, almost touching her face with his and telling her that he would profess his innocence to her and want to spend an afternoon in a corner café if things were different or that he would have always found her no matter what. Their scenes aren’t even cheesy, they‘re just romantic and meaningful. This is one of the things I love most about them. And yes, I hope that they’ll share scenes in her apartment again. We haven’t seen Cami’s apartment at all this season and I’m still so moved by their scenes there. Also, her bed room would be close then and I think this is very important for them when they’ll share any romantic scenes in the future… Wink. Wink.


- Kuroo wouldn’t have quite as many tattoos, but he would have twice as many piercings. Eyebrow, lip, and tongue piercings would be a definite. He’d also have a few below the belt, if you know what I mean. *waggles eyebrows suggestively*
- He likes to experiment with hair color, usually putting streaks in his bedhead, and change it periodically. One day you’ll see him and they’ll be blue, and the next time you see him they’ll be bright orange.
- His most prominent tattoo would be a stylized black panther along the expanse of his back, surrounded with vines and multi-colored hibiscus flowers.
- Give him literally any instrument and he will be able to play a tune almost instantly, but he is the best with a guitar. In his free time, you can probably find him strumming away and it will be the most beautiful thing ever.

Taehyung smiled as his young daughter found delight in the way he bounced her up and down on his knee. Her giggles and baby-ish squealing, one of the many things that you would later in life add to the list of things that truly made these moments the most beautiful time in your life.
“Do you like it?” Taehyung would coo, as his daughter’s tiny hands grasped two of his fingers of each hand as support while Taehyung continued to bob his legs.
His daughter’s laughter of approval caused his own amused chuckling to spill from his rectangle grin.
This is perfect. You thought, your hand diving into your pocket to retrieve your phone.
Suddenly Taehyung gasped and his daughter’s giggling stopped.
“Look Taegukie…” You hear him half whisper. “Eomma’s gonna take a picture.”
You look up from your phone to see Taehyung pointing at you. Taeguk, your daughter, looking confused.
You smile and press the capture button.

I have yet to come across anyone in the Captain Swan fandom who openly bashes the actors behind the characters.  

I also see more appreciation things for both Colin and Jennifer, on tumblr, on twitter.  

Most of us, when we hear about shitty stuff being done to Jen directly, want to wrap her inside a bubble and protect her at all costs because she is the sweetest and loveliest person on this Earth and the rest of the OUAT quite frankly don’t deserve her attention. 

Same thing when it comes to Colin.   He is an adorable little puppy, magic eyebrows and all.

But the thing I really admire about my ‘ship is that we hate bullying in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jen or Colin.  No one on this beautiful cast deserves that shit.  Because they’re all wonderful and kind human beings, who from time to time, spare us a few moments on twitter and at conventions.  

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Day 5 #500wordsAday

I once dated a very cool architect (VCA). When we met, I was two years into a dissertation about poverty in the arctic and spent most of my time sequestered in my home writing. I subsisted on a steady diet of apples, Michelob Ultra and Karl Marx. I was not very cool. The first time the VCA was scheduled to come over to my house I felt under prepared for how to be. I called in back up.

My friend S is a wizard at all things cool-boy. She is beautiful, but not in an intimidating way. Growing up, if we went to a bar, S would always be the one to end up in a conversation with the coolest seeming stranger. She is a little shy but somehow the master flirt. I knew S would know how to impress a VCA.

S jogged over to my place to help (because she is the kind of person who jogs-as-transit). “First thing’s, first”, she said slamming off my music, “cool dudes do not listen to Rhianna”. I had no way of arguing. She downloaded a playlist to my computer titled “Cool Boys Sit on Patios” and told me that this play list summed it up. I didn’t need to make the VCA sit through the Edward Burtinsky documentary on oil extraction, rather I would ask him to sit on my back patio. “This is what they like to do”, she explained. Next, looking in my fridge she said we’d have to go to the beer store. “VCA’s definitely don’t drink Michelob Ultra. You’ll need micro-brews”. I didn’t even try and pitch my idea of making fresh pressed green juices. I guess counting carbs and calories is super over.

I have to hand it to S. She knows her stuff. VCA was super impressed by my patio and remarked on the great taste I had in beer. Song after song on the “cool boys sit on patios” playlist was met with a “great tune, great tune” affirmation from VCA. I was killing it.

The following week VCA invited me to go to a concert with him. “I got us Dirty Projector Tickets”, he announced. It took me some time to figure out this was a band and not some performance art exhibition or burlesque show. I put it together that some of S’s songs must have been by this band and now I appeared to be a huge fan. Meanwhile, I could not name a single song. I could not even identify their songs’ genre at that point. After I got the invite, I did what any thirty something PhD would do. Went home, downloaded their albums and starting listening to them religiously.  I decided the song “Socialites” was my favourite. I assumed that it was a class-critique and an indication of VCA’s left leaning politics and sexy class-angst (it was neither. These were two of many characteristics I projected onto him).

I didn’t end up going to the concert. I had forgotten I would be in France on that date. Things did not work out with the VCA. I was pretty bummed about that. My itunes is still littered with Dirty Projectors songs that pop up in shuffle and bum me out and get me thinking about the VCA’s new life with the undergraduate student he dated after me even though he said he didn’t want to date anyone. I still like the “Socialites” song. It doesn’t bum me out. I think it is an indication of my left leaning politics and sexy class-angst.

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It's unfortunate that I'm dark, fat, and bengali. I already got the short end of the stick being born bengali cause no one thinks we're pretty and then on top of that I've got dark skin and fat everywhere, every time I think I look beautiful I check me self and have to remind my self that no one thinks I'm pretty.

Like even people of my own kind don’t think I pretty.

I feel you so much, love :( I’ve never heard that Bengali = automatically not pretty before but I feel you :( I promise you that you are beautiful and the reason we are struggling is because people fail to recognize that beauty. As long as you think that you are beautiful, that’s the most important thing. Hopefully, with enough effort, we will be able to change society’s perceptions of us, too.