one of the most beautiful shots

NYC Sunrise

Harry’s eyes opened, to a small ray of light coming through his window. He looked around his spacious NYC home. It was simple, but beautiful, just as he liked it. For the most part the decor was gray or white, a pop of color thrown in some places to make it feel more homey. Harry slowly sat up in the bed, looking out his window to see a beautiful NYC sunrise. He looked to his side feeling a slight movement, it was you. Memories from the night before flooded his mind.

“Harry!” You moan, tugging on his hair as he thrusts into you. He smiled, liking the way his name sounded when you said it. He couldn’t help but moan either, because you felt so bloody good. The thrusts were slow but deep. You could feel every inch of him and he could feel every inch of you. This was your first time together, and it was absolutely magical.

A smile graced over Harry’s beautiful pink lips, as he remembers every event from last night. Every moan, every word, every single pleasurable feeling that had ran through his body. He looked over to you again, the covers had fallen from your chest, your upper half was exposed. But that’s not what he was looking at, I mean yes your body was beautiful, but your face. He couldn’t help but admire you, seeing your eyebrows scrunch up as you slept. Your lips fall into a slight pout and your eyes flutter lightly. He notices your problem area is creating in your words “more mountains” he chuckles at the thought, knowing once you look in the mirror you’d be frustrated about it. You still were absolutely beautiful to him, imperfections and all. Harry started running his hand up and down your arm, almost as if he was tickling you. You shift again do your legs are bent, and another memory from last night invades his mind.

You were moaning and whimpering, feeling his tongue on you, his fingers in you. The pleasure was overwhelming, he made you feel absolutely incredible. He loved the way you tasted, couldn’t get enough. Your hips started bucking up into his face, he knew you were close. So he licked harder, moved his fingers harder, he held your thighs, almost as a notion that you could let go. And you did, it was the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm you had ever felt. You moaned his name over and over again.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts to the sound of you groaning about how bright the light was.
“Good mornin’ gorgeous!” you burry your face into the pillow and mumble
“I’m tired” he laughs lightly at your muffled, groggy voice. He runs his finger down your spine making you shiver and goosebumps arise on your skin.
“ ‘mon love, I’ll make yah breakfast.” Your head almost immediately pops up
“Really?” You say excitement lacing your voice. He chuckles at your reaction.
“Yes really!” You whine a little before asking
“Do I have to put clothes on?” He laughs again, he knew you didn’t like wearing clothes, just as he did.
“No, yah don’t pet.” Harry moved his legs to the side of the bed, getting up and walking to your side. He reaches his hand out for you.
“Let’s go darling!” You take his hand, and use his body to get yourself out of the bed. He never let’s go of your hand as you both make your way downstairs to the kitchen. Harry starts getting all the ingredients out, but you couldn’t help but stare at him. You were greedy when it came to him, your eyes were always hungry to look at him, your ears always ready to listen to his voice. He never turned around, just kept preparing breakfast. “Just gonna keep starin’ pet?” He said turning around so he was facing you. You felt quite cheeky this morning.
“I think we should have a reenactment from last night, right here on the counter.” He smirked at you, he was now standing right in front of you.
“I think that can be arranged.”

Thanks so much for reading!! All the love to you. xx
P.s there will be a very smutty part two! ;)

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Hello. Any fics with a scene where draco pushes hermione into a hidden alcove or to the wall? Thanks!

Against the Wall with Draco Malfoy By: Laurielove - M, one-shot When an unexpected candidate turns up to be interviewed by Hermione, she finds herself reacting in an even more unexpected way. Shortish. Older readers, please. DM/HG.

Strange and Beautiful By: headoverheels4HP - T, one-shot - It seems the head boy and girl are harboring some intence fellings,is it lust causing these things or another 4 letter word?love is found in the most strange places. this is for kaila! rated for kissing. DracoHermonie

Love/Hate Relationship by SnapeGirl21 - M, one-shot - Hermione and Draco have a love/hate affair going on daily.

Smiles to Hide Me, Crosses to Bare - vegetasbubble - NC17, one-shot -  After a summer of counseling from her own personal psychiatrist and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger finally goes and does something about her pent up anger and frustration from the last seven years with the help of Draco Malfoy. POST DH. EWE

- Lisa

help you forget.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

derek hale x reader (smut)

warnings: smut, some dirty talk, oral. (male receiving)

prompt: you’re pining over scott while derek pines over you. he helps you forget scott in his own way.

AN: let’s just pretend derek is still in teen wolf and he never lost his alpha title.  i’m such a sucker for alpha hale right now. 

beacon hills was a beautiful town, strange but beautiful none the less. you’d lived here your whole life, fortunately you’d managed to go most of your life without knowing what truly lurked in the dark but in the end, you were exposed to it all and fighting things nightmares were made of was a daily occurrence now.

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Tell Me What To Do

Okay so now I have slept a little I can finally write it out orz

The long term relationship the mv depicts is actually the relationship (friendship) between the five boys.

The friendship is symbolized in the car that they drive around in together, free and happy.

But in the beginning of the mv it is shown that the gas tank is leaking and the glass is shattered; also that they are sitting together but there is dullness in them- which means that their friendship is almost broken, fading away; and the reason behind it is their dangerous lifestyle.

All the negative aspects of this life are represented in the girl- her shots are shown when they are drinking, her presence when they are throwing stuff off buildings, the lighted matchstick between her lips are all hints that she’s a danger threatening to tear them apart. She is represented as someone beautiful because all the bad things she represents are temptations.

The ones most threatened by these harmful temptations are Taemin and Minho, but Taemin realizes eventually that indulging in her is wrong (he throws away the lighter- letting her go).

Minho is the one who cannot stop, he’s losing himself in these dangers (the intimacy between him and the girl represents this).

Taemin finds out but eventually, everyone knows it. But Taemin is the most affected (maybe because his relationship with Minho is something more? I’m 2min trash sorry). He plays the most active part, trying to save their friendship by confronting Minho about his extreme ways, which eventually leads into a fight.

After the fight, Minho chooses the girl (the pleasures of the bad life) over their friendship. The shots of the girl are shown as the car he leaves in blows up, indicating that his choice to continue on that dangerous path not only destroyed their friendship (the car) but himself as well.

Everyone runs to the burning car because everyone regrets what they have done/not done to save their friendship.

All their regret is shown in snippets throughout the mv.

Taemin is shown with the guns pointing at himself. He blames himself because he thinks everything was pushed to the edge because he confronted Minho. In this scene, the guns represent guilt and blame.

It was shown that Key tries to sort things out but he cannot overpower Minho’s anger. The shots of him looking into the mirror are of regret and him sitting in the driver’s seat represent his desire to have taken control of the situation, his desire to have tried harder.

Jonghyun and Jinki are the friends who had remained passive throughout. Here, the gun represents power, and the chained gun in Jinki’s presence represents that he had the power to stop their friendship from breaking but he had chosen not to interfere. Jonghyun has no such symbolism except the words he sings, which means that unlike Jinki, he wanted to interfere, but didn’t have the power to do so.

The song (though is of romantic nature) suits this scenario too because they don’t know how to overcome their broken friendship. Hence “Tell me what to do…”

I don’t think people understand how unparalleled Julie Andem’s talent is in American Television and TV in general. I mean you can just tell she has put hours and hours of work into developing a story in which every last shot and piece of dialogue and how that shot is shot and how that dialogue is said matters. In that one interview josefine and tarjei did together, jos doesn’t get much of a chance to elaborate but you can just tell how captivated her actors are by her ability to write and direct such a rich and complex and delicate and reasonable and raw and realistic and beautiful series. I hope Julie gets all the recognition in the world because she was given so little to work with and was able to come up with one of the most riveting pieces of TV ever and no one deserves it more than her.

Inktober, day 28: BURN

This drawing was inspired by the most beautiful one shot fanfic that I’ve ever read - Morning in the Burned House, by @kylorenvevo .  It is absolute Reylo/redemption perfection, and if I could pick one story out of the countless fics that I’ve read over the past year to become canon - this would be it! 

Rey is sitting on the couch. Ben is kneeling in front of her, head bowed. The glow-panels have been switched off, the covers over the windows have been drawn. But there is still sun, peeking through the cracks, tangling their figures in a net of chiaroscuro.

“I have been here eleven months,” he whispers. “Give me night. Give me the stars. I have forgotten. Sunset over Coruscant, or twilight on Jakku, anything. Help me remember.”

“And you said you liked it here,” she grumbles, but her fingers are moving slowly through his hair in soothing strokes, and she pulls him into memories of starlight and the moon, memories so intense that even Leia can feel them. Darkness. Evening breeze. A shadow-soft world. Night sky. And radiance, always radiance, gentle and silver, washing over the soul like forgiveness, and like benediction.

Sakura Haruno Fic Recommendations

I’m an admitted serial Sakura shipper. If there’s a single man in Konoha (or outside of it), you can almost bet I’ll find a way to somehow ship them. But honestly, even if I don’t necessarily ship them, I may find the story beautiful and put it here for others who ship them. Most are in the Naruto-verse but will be stated otherwise if not. 

Most, if not all, are Rated M. So be warned that almost all of them contain smut/adult content of some kind. I’m trying to branch out and read things that don’t contain smut but it’s a little challenging. I like steamy reads. 

Happy Reading!

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Forgotten Plans

Summary: In which you think Bucky has forgotten your plans on one of the most important days of the year - Christmas.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,112

A/N: @beccaanne814-blog  I’m not your Secret Santa, but, if there’s anyone who deserves a fic written in their honor, it’s you. So that’s what this is! Thanks to a little birdy, I know that you requested a Bucky fic with angst/fluff (I didn’t have a prompt, so I made one up). Merry belated Christmas, Beautiful Becca, I hope you enjoy this!

@avengerstories thank you for editing this and for being one of the loveliest people I know.

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

There’s a football game playing on your television, but it’s nothing more than background noise. Something to occupy your racing mind and to distract you from the fact that Bucky is late. Forty-nine minutes late to be exact.

At that moment, the crowd roars and a player does a victory dance in the end zone, but your enthusiasm is nowhere to be found. It evaporated ten minutes ago when you resigned yourself to the painful truth - Bucky isn’t coming.  

At the back of your mind, there’s a small voice that says you have no one but yourself to blame for feeling this way. You’re the one who didn’t heed the warnings from the people around you. The ones who said that Bucky wasn’t worthy of your affection. He wasn’t stable. He didn’t trust himself, so why should you? Why should he be the one to hold your heart?

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I spent one hour laughing at most of the frames (less laughing than I do at actual live sports frames) but the ones that awed me were absolutely stunning. Have some underappreciated shots of our erotic katsudon son~ I can’t believe Victor had front row seats to this. Yuuri was very beautiful and he had the ‘playboy’ right where he wanted him~ 

To The Moon And Back

It was exactly after three in the morning when you tried to call Calum, meaning it was midnight there. It rang a few times before a message popped up saying he was unavailable for FaceTime. You pouted slightly, knowing that one of your boyfriend’s bandmates or his family beat you to it. So, figuring he was busy with talking to someone else, or sleeping, you shot him a quick text telling him “Happy Birthday!!!!” and a few kisses and heart emoticons, making a mental note to call him first thing in the morning.

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Poison Fruit

Demon!Yoongi because I wanted it to be a thing. Smut as usual. Shoot me a message or reblog if you want more Demon!AUs for BTS! I’d love to hear from you all! Please take this as a break from your finals ;)

“Come on ___, it’s time for church!” your mother coaxed, dressing you up in your nicest clothing for the occasion.

It was your first communion. It was a very important step in your religion and your parents had wasted no expense. You had the most beautiful dress on and your hair was done in such a meticulous manner that it was almost too beautiful. There was a cake that you and your family members got to eat before going to the church service for the day.

You had been waiting for this day for a long time. You knew this meant you were a member of the church and the community. It was a very big deal and your family couldn’t of been prouder of you.

Compliments flowed through the home, and you were the center of attention. Everyone wanted to take a picture with you and everyone wanted to give you a present because of the big day that you were experiencing. Your cousin was also there, getting ready for her first communion as well. But no one seemed to be paying her any attention…

You wandered over to her and sat down, giving her a smile.

“Hey, do you want some more cake?” you asked, offering her another plate. She shook her head at you angrily and folded her arms across her body.

“Come on darling! It’s time to go!” your mother announced, pulling you away from your cousin. You looked back to see your aunt ushering your cousin towards the door as well…

The day went on as normal. The communion went well, besides your cousin throwing a fit during the ceremony and having to be dragged out… It was an odd thing from her, but everyone kept their focus on you. You performed every part of the ceremony perfectly, like you had seen many times and the practice was over.

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Date Night Feels

Summary: Dan’s a waiter and Phil’s on a date. Dan isn’t to pleased with how’s Phil’s date is acting.

Warnings: Non-Con touching (Not much but still)

A/N: I love this? This was actually fun to write. I love protective Dan.


The restaurant was usually busy but tonight it was slow. Dan had nothing to do but go around and wipe tables although he had multiple times.

Music played softly in the background. The lights were dimmed a bit. The few tables that had people there, you could hear the soft chatter of their voices as they spoke to one another.

Bells chimed as the doors opened and Dan’s head shot up. There was two men standing there. One had green eyes and shaggy blonde hair. His skin was tanned and he seemed pretty fit. He wasn’t bad looking, he just looked as if he thought he was to good for anyone.

The other, Dan thought was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. His eyes were blue, he had black hair that hung just over his left eye. He had pale skin and looked like the most humble person Dan ever laid eyes on.

Walking to them, Dan noticed the blonde ones movements. He placed his arm around Blue Eyes waist, his hand resting gently on his behind. Blue Eyes looked uncomfortable but he washed it away fast. He flashed the one beside him a small smile. Dan introduced himself to the two and led them to their table.

Writing down their drinks he handed them their menus, “I will be right back, let me know if you guys need anything at all.”

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said. Dan walked over and grabbed two cups. His eyes trailed over to them. He watched as the blonde ran his hand over Blue Eyes thigh. Dan watched as he shifted uncomfortably and grabbed his hand holding it over the table instead of under.

Taking the drinks back over to them, he learned the blonde ones name was Jared. Blue Eyes, his name was Phil. ‘Suits him’ Dan thought.

After getting their orders he took them to Mitchel, who was one of the best chefs in town.

“Eyyy Dan!” He spun around and saw Jami smirking at him. “I see you eyeing the black hair hunk. Think he’s cute?”

Dan looked back over and watched how Jared kept touching and feeling Phil. He would inch his hand closer to his crotch, hold his face gently. All the while Dan was getting pissed. It was obvious Phil was uncomfortable, so why was he pushing it?

“Kinda, Jami. But I don’t like how his date is acting.” Dan grits between his teeth.

“Awww is Danny boy jealous?” She mocks and teases.

“No, more annoyed. You see the blonde one, that’s Jared. Watch. He keeps feeling Blue Eyes, or Phil up.”

Jami watched alongside Dan. Jared ran his hand gently down Phil’s chest. The other rested to close on his thigh.

“Can he do that?” Jami asks in disbelief.

“I don’t know. But I’m gonna put a stop to it if he doesn’t.”


Dan watched as the night carries on. Jared still touching on Phil. Phil tries to carry a conversation but it seems to fail. Dan watches, anger and sadness running through his veins, as Phil hangs his head and continues eating.

He watches for the last time as Jared runs his hand up Phil’s thigh. This time, his hand makes his way to his crotch and you can see closing around Phil. Phil yelps and pulls back.

Dan walks over, well more like sprints. “Are you kidding me?” He snaps. Phil’s eyes are wide and Jared chuckles.

“Can I help you, Dan?” He says in a bitter tone.

“Yeah, you can fuck off and get out.”

“Excuse me? You cant kick me out.”

“I can and I fucking am,” Dan snapped.

“I want to speak with a manager.” Jared pleaded.

“No, I saw the way you were touching and grabbing your date here. What the fuck makes you think that’s okay? He’s obviously uncomfortable with it? So why?”

Jared went to speak but Dan cut him off, “I’ll tell you why. You’re garbage. It’s sick that you think you do something like this to someone.” Dan looked at Phil who was now leaning in to Dan’s side a little. “Now, get up. Get out. And don’t bother him again got it?”

Jared scoffed and threw his hands up, telling Phil to fuck off and got up. Dan watched him walk off.

Sliding in the booth beside Phil, Dan watches as he relaxes and smiles a bit. “Thank you.” Phil smiles at Dan.

“It’s no problem. I could tell he was making you uncomfortable. And I had to step in.” Dan smiles back at Phil.

“I’m Phil.”

“I’m Dan, but you already knew that.” Phil laughed, it wasn’t forced but genuine. Dan noticed how his tongue poked out between his teeth as he laughed.

Phil checked the time and noticed it was getting late. “Um, how much for the food?”

“Don’t worry about it. I got it covered.” Dan assures.

Phil just smiles at him and the two stand up. Dan waves bye and watches as Phil walks away.

Starting to clean the table up Dan hears Phil call for him.

“Uh, I was uh wondering,” Phil scratches the back of his head, “C-can I have your number?”

“Of course,” Dan chuckles, he pulls out a piece of paper and writes down his number. Handing it to Phil, and Phil gives his. Phil however does the unexpected. He leans in and quickly kisses Dan’s cheek.

Dan’s face heats up and his tanned cheeks turn a crimson shade of red. Phil notices and giggles again before walking off.

“Dan, how’d it go?” Jami yells as Dan walks back over to her.

“I got Blue Eyes number and a kiss.” He smiles bigger than he ever has in his life.

The most beautiful sound - Dean Winchester x Deaf!Reader

Title: The most beautiful sound

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Deaf!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: Could I please request a fluffy fic with Sam or dean and a deaf female reader? I’m deaf and I’d love to have a reader actually be like me. Thanks you for even read in this. Xo

If you could do an one-shot of Dean falling in love with a deaf girl, who lost her family; and he and Sam takes her in, despite the fact she’s like 20? Smut can happen?! I would love to see this happen, and thank you!!!

Originally posted by moan-s

Chuck how he loved watching you. Just standing there, his weight resting on the doorframe and a smile on his lips as you sang something to yourself when you made dinner for them. He felt like a creep, maybe someone could call him that, but he was willing to take it. He just loved your voice, although you didn’t particularly liked doing so, but when you were alone he had gotten to know your little dirty secret.

Maybe you could listen to songs, not in the way he, Sam or most of the other people could, but you had your way of loving music. And he secretly (yes it was his own dirty secret) knew as to how. He had spent hours upon hours on youtube, watching ASL videos of songs and (guiltily again) had gotten to learn most of them.

Dean sighed like a teen girl gazing at her crush when they weren’t looking. He shook his head, taking a glance to make sure Sam wasn’t anywhere to be seen and he wouldn’t have to put up with his teasing and took a deep breath. He smiled as he walked closer towards you. He knew you hated being sneaked up at, not that you could really tell or not, but whenever it was either him or Sam it seemed that you had no problem. Plus, guilty Dean was but- he loved the small squeak that left your lips and the way you jumped when he placed a hand on your shoulder.

Just like now. He could already see the blush spreading on your cheeks as a scowl later set on your face. Sometimes only your facial expressions were enough for him, just like it seemed to be the same for you. The two of you could communicate in a way that was beyond words and sounds. It was something that shocked others and that not even Sam or Castiel could understand but it was there, and it only made you come closer.

“Not funny.” you mumbled as he laughed.

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Goodbye Part 2

As requested, here is a second part to Goodbye. Sorry it was a bit later than anticipated but here it is! I really hope you guys like it, I haven’t edited it or anything so I’m really sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes there may be. Any who, enjoy!! 

Part 1 here :) 


The bus rumbled to a stop just outside the station. As you looked through the window all you could see was the beauty of your childhood memories. This beach house was where you spent most of your childhood, playing games, having fun, being normal. The whole bus ride had been a mix of emotions as you had realized the reality of how much you truly needed. First it was scared. You had no real reason to be scared of J following you. He never asked about you or tried to get to know you so there’s no way he would know where I’m going. Secondly you happy. You were happy because you had finally stood up for yourself. You had taken the lead to a better life. A life without him. Thirdly you were sad. You had given him your everything and he had given you nothing but materialistic bullshit.

The last one was different. You felt unbelievably proud of yourself and what you had done for yourself. You were proud of yourself for recognizing how abusive your relationship with J was. Regardless of the circumstances, you loved him and a part of you always will.

The cab came to a rolling stop in front of the cosy little beach house. As you took your bags out of the car and paid the driver you gawked at the beautiful beach house in front you. It looked the exact same as your remember, the ocean right behind the house, wrap around patio so you could be completely surrounded by the all natural beauty, the lilac trees giving off the oh so memorable and pleasant scent just as you remembered it. After dragging your bags in one by one you sat at the small dining room table just sinking into the silence of the room, the only noise comes from the soothing ocean waves and your steady breathing.

A loud knock sounded at the door and panic struck every bone in your body. You cautiously and quietly walked towards the door and peered out the peep hole. There he was. His vibrant green hair, wide ocean blue eyes, ruby red lips. He was there, in the flesh. You stayed silent hoping he wouldn’t know you were in there.

“Y/N I know you’re in there. Open the door for daddy princess.” He sounded angry, very, very angry. You kept your mouth shut, not making a single noise in hopes that he would get frustrated and leave. “Don’t make me break down this door Y/N. I know you’re in there and you know I will break down this door if I have to so why don’t you just open the door baby girl.”

There was nothing but silence on both your parts. Next thing you knew the door was cracked and on the ground. You looked up at him with wide eyes, terrified of what he might do to you for running away. “Mmm there you are kitten. Why wouldn’t you let me in?” His voice was sinister, laced with venom. Although his words were calm and relatively kind, there was nothing kind about him. As this moment you had never been so scared in your life. “Answer me bitch!” His loud angry voice echoed throughout the small house.

“I-I was scared…” Your voice was weak and you were unable to hide the tremble that ran through your whole body.

“And why were you scared princess? If you just listened to Daddy there would be no reason to be scared,” his voice soft and condescending.

“I’m scared of you J… I don’t know what you’re going to do to me and I don’t want to get hurt anymore…” There was no way to hide how much you were shaking at this moment. Although the Joker was as cold-hearted as it could get and although he had anger issues and he wasn’t able to show normal human emotions you knew that deep down he really did care for you. The hurt in his eyes as you said those words proved that to be true. Deep down you knew that he had feelings for you, whatever those feelings may be, and he just didn’t know how to show them.

When he heard those words, I’m scared of you J, something in him broke. Maybe it was his heart, maybe it was something else, he didn’t really know, but something broke when he saw you on the floor, arms wrapped around yourself, tears forming in your eyes. He couldn’t hurt you like this anymore. With a deep sigh, he sunk down to your level.

“Y/N look at me baby,” he said as he turned your chin to face him. “Look at me Y/N, let me see your eyes baby,” his tone had significantly softened, even becoming a bit soothing. “Baby girl I’m sorry. I really am. I don’t say that ever so please baby, please know I’m serious.” The look in his eyes said it all, he was sorry. For everything.

“J it can’t be like this. It can’t be me always worrying about whether or not I’m the only girl in your life. It can’t be me staying at home not knowing where you are or if you’re even alive. I can’t handle not being a big part of your life. Either you’re in this or you’re not J. You can’t have me only when it’s convenient for you, that’s not how it works J. Like I said, either you’re in this all the way, or you’re not in it at all. Your choice.” Your voice had become a tad stronger as you slowly gained more confidence in yourself.

With a long sigh he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Okay. You have me. All of me. I’m yours and you are mine Y/N. This is the way it is, hell, this is the way I want it to be. No, this is the way I need it to be. I need you in my life. You keep me sane darling.” Your jaw dropped at his words. Never in a million years would you have imagined those words coming out of his mouth, not even in your wildest fantasies. “So now that that’s done can we go home now? I think we’ve got some business to take care of Y/N,” he said while dropping his left eye in to a sly wink. A soft giggle escaped your mouth as you looked at his suggestive eyebrow movements.

“Let’s go home J,” you finally said with a smile on your tear stained face.

Goodbye’s In The Morning // Chris Evans x Reader

words: 2000+

characters: Chris and You

warnings: fluff

summary: Goodbyes are sometimes just too bittersweet. (shitty summary ik, I’m sorry, I’m tryin’ to be ‘elusive’)

Chris looked at the hotel room and saw you; the most beautiful thing he’d ever be able to see on this earth.

You were beaming in the rays of sunlight that were rare for this January morning in Boston. Nevertheless, he thanked the gods for those beams of sunlight as they glistened across your morning dew, your puffy lips from a long, well-deserved sleep with your man finally wrapped in your arms once more.

With a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and covered only by boxer which left him chilly; he felt an overwhelming sense of joy pour into his heart as he watched you, in all your morning glory.

The thing was that; you were nothing special, in your eyes and many- possibly millions of others. You were not an actress or a singer. You didn’t excel tremendously in school or have the body that plastered the magazines and internet, deeming them as the ‘sexy bod’s you can get in a week’ or the ‘body that she never thought she could get’. 

Well, guess what? You had rolls of fat on your stomach and you always had a hankering for chocolate. You were far from any magazine’s standard of a ‘goddess’. That didn’t mean Chris deemed you less of a goddess, far from it. 

You were his goddess. He cherished the ground you walked on, he loved the way you mismatched your bra’s and panties because you believed ‘matching bras and panties is for pornstars and people who try too hard.’

He was in love with your integrity, humor, passions, dreams, and so much more he’d lose his mind if he listed them all now.

He was just a sick puppy-man in love, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you love something, Chris always used to belief you could love only to a certain degree.

There’s only so much a person can give to another, right? Love was one of the most intimate things a human has, and giving that away was like taking your soul and handing it out as a flyer. Chris never wanted his heart handed out over the streets of Boston or any city he visited. He wanted it safe in his own hands, or at least in the hands of someone who he’d know would never do wrong by him. So many times, he gave his heart away. Only to find it in crumpled up forms at his doorstep a year, at most, later.

That was until he met you. Every moment Chris spent with you, he saw more and more of what true love is. It was so imperfect and upsetting, Chris loved every moment he had it, though.

You weren’t perfect, you were stubborn, moody when tired, lazy, and yet all of that could be washed away in a second. As soon as he saw you smile.

True love…

That’s holding someone’s hair back as they continued to vomit into the toilet after bad seafood.

Cleaning up the dishes while they watched a program you hated to hear blasting on the television.

Listening to you along to songs while being out of tune, and never changing the station even if it was Taylor Swift, again.

It was making sure that the car was warmed before someone got in.

That the had been coffee brewed before you’d wake up your significant other.

Watching them show their faults and quirks and never blinking an eye to any of them.

Love was unconditional and that was the best part… you didn’t have to try hard when it came to true love because it was True. Fucking. Love.

The universe made two people for each other, and they fit perfectly together. With faults, weird habits and all.

“Whatcha smirkin’ at over there, Chrispy Creme?” Shrugging, Chris got up and walked over to you laying in white fluffy sheets with a tea being nursed in your cold hands.

He felt a smile rise again to his lips when a giggle came from you watching the hotel’s television where they played a marathon of The Office. Here you were, sitting up with you legs crossed and your hair messily braided into two parts. Your sparkling, morning eyes couldn’t tear away from the television as you saw Dwight bag Meredith’s head with a bat inside it.

There was a marathon of The Office on TBS. Very much to your delight, he may add. You were a fangirl at heart. For The Office, Marvel, Disney; not to Chris’s own extent, but still considered a fangirl.

It was no secret that movies and tv were the escape you used as a child, teenager, and even now in adult life. Your childhood was not one to look back and smile about, and school… well, t paid for therapist’s underground pool, let’s say that. Chris hurt to think that all those years you suffered, feeling alone and unaccepted in your tiny world in a small town that was a junkyard, to begin with. You never spoke of the people of your past anymore, never since you told Chris everything about your upbringing, clearly stating you never wanted to speak of it again. Which was understandable, but still. Chris’s heart still tightened up when he thought of you at eleven years old, sitting alone on the grass as the other kids played around with their friends and you broke grass in half, one by one, counting every tear off each strand of greenery you tore apart until the bell rang to go back inside. He wished he was there, him being his eleven-year-old self, offering you to play basketball or go on the swing sets together.

The thought of you all alone tore his heart in two. It left tears in his eyes as he faced his own reality that was slowly seeping back into his brain, sending an emotional bomb off in his chest.

He had to leave you in two hours, alone. In two hours you were going to be that eleven-year-old, stuck all alone on the playground. You were eleven with two braids split straight down the middle, in overalls and a ripped pink t-shirt, getting teased with no one to defend your honor for why you came to school with dirty on your knees and elbows. Hair greasy and shoes with holds on the bottoms.

“Chris… are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen something awful?” Sitting your cup on the nightstand,  you got to your knees and wobbly made your way across the bed and over to the man that towered over you. Ironically you seemed to be the tall one now, as tears brimmed his eyes and his hands became fidgety hanging low in front of him.

“N-no. I-I just… my flight.”

“O-oh.” Now it was your turn to become the small one, again. You felt his fingers try to hold your own but for some reason, you let them slip through as you turned around and got back into bed. Denying the fact that he was going to be gone again for two weeks. Having the time of his life while you filed paperwork for patients for the third floor of the Boston’s Child Hospital.

“Common, please… it already hurts enough that I’m leaving-”

“Well, how do you think I’m feeling then!” I burst out at him like a firecracker, lifting my head off the cold pillow that smelled like his shampoo, making me even more upset.

Chris crossed over to the bed and sunk his knees to the floor leaving on the bed with his elbows as he brushed back your bangs that covered your wide-eyed fear of seeing him take off on an airplane once again, leaving you here with nothing to come home too.

“I can’t have you hating me when I leave, Sweet Pea? I won’t. I won’t leave here, goddammit!” His tone came out more comedic than angry which made you smile a tad, letting a bit of light into Chris’s heart again just at the tug of your lips that he saw.

Your face was barely shown to him as you buried it into his pillow, only one eye beautiful doe-eye peeked out at him, while one side of your lips was shown to him, letting him see the small smile. Chris came forward and rested his head on the same pillow, allowing your noses to almost touch as he smiles at your pinched cheeks from the emotions running through you.

Mumbling into the pillow, you pulled your face out for Chris to stroke gently with his fingers, ever so gently caressing your burning cheek.

“You really wouldn’t leave if I was hating you?”  He shook his head, smiling a toothy grin,

“Not if they paid me in the billions, Peanut.” Smiling, I let my demeanor down and twisted my body to face Chris’s, I gave a weak smile that gave Chris’s eyes almost a sparkle at the sight of my small gesture of acceptance.

“What about trillions?”

“Nope, mm-hm.”


“Not gonna happen sweets, you’re worth all the gold a leprechaun could ever give me.” Okay, I giggled at that one. As soon as he saw my teeth, he gave a wide grin and tackled me on the bed, making me yelp in surprise.

“There she is! There’s my girl!” I giggled as Chris kissed my peaked my face all over, finding any spot he could to cover his lips in until he settled on my own warm lips. My lips tasted like tea but overpowered by the hint of sugar, but most of all warmth. The warmth from the hot drink and now warmth from his body pressing into mine. I parted my lips and head his face back, smiling up at those blue eyes I knew I was a goner for the second I saw them reach mine.

“Let’s get you ready for two weeks of being Captain America again, baby.” Chris smiled down at me, cupping my right cheek with his large hand. “It’s a press tour, babe. I’m not gonna be in my suit or anythin’.”

“I know, but the world is gonna be seeing their Cap after a long time. They’ve missed seeing their hero for so long. I know I do, even when you leave for just two weeks.”

He looked taken aback but held back the emotion that was ablaze in his eyes, “I’m your hero.”

“Of course you are! You’re not just my hero, you’re my best friend and the love of my life… even if you weren’t Cap, you’d still be my hero, Baby.” Sniffling, he leaned down and kissed my nose softly, yet lingering for a longer time before finally, pulling himself away which looked like a struggle throughout his whole body.

“God. Can I pack you into my suitcase? Please? I mean you could fit if we leave all my clothes here…”

I gave my hero a grin and shrugged, “Why not?”

(I mean, I had to leave this! It’s Jim for goodness sake!)

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My Goddess

TITLE: My Goddess


Author: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.


It happened late at night, right when she’d least expect it. She was in a deep sleep. Which mean…

she didn’t hear them break in…

She didn’t hear them trash her apartment…

She didn’t hear when they broke down the door to her room.

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For @theunionjack7…enjoy!

You looked around the large mansion in awe of the beauty. It reminded you of a large castle. On your right was the Professor. He rolled next to you, enjoying how you looked at the place.

“This estate has been in my family for generations,” he told you.
“Any of them happen to be royal?” you asked, “This place is amazing!”
Charles chuckled. “Unfortunately no. Though, we’ve always seemed well off.”
“That’s an understatement,” you paused, “So, where are the other students?”
“Well, currently, most are outside. Classes have finished for the day and weather seems to be just right.” His eyes brightened. “There are a few now.”

You looked up to see a group of four walking your way. You immediately noticed one of them had blue skin and a tail. The girl next to him wore a yellow jacket. The remaining two seemed to have stopped in their tracks. One had silver hair while the other wore red glasses. You smiled as the Professor called them over.

“Y/N, these are my students Kurt, Jubilee, Peter, and Scott. They are all in your class.”
“It’s nice to meet you guys,” you greeted.

Charles smirked to himself, hearing two lines of very loud thoughts coming from the two tailless boys. He smiled knowingly.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he paused, rolling away, “Oh! And if one of you could show her to her room-”
“I can!” both Peter and Scott yelled.
“It’s the room next to Jean’s.”

You smirked while Charles chuckled. The pair gave each other a side glare. Jubilee latched onto your arm. You smiled.

“Once you’re settled, did you want to go to the mall with me and Kurt?”
“I’ve never been to a mall,” the tailed boy exclaimed, “I’m told it is amusing.”
You chuckled again. “That sounds like fun. I’ll find you guys once I’m settled in.”
“Awesome,” Jubilee replied.
“I’ll show you to your room, Y/N,” Peter suddenly offered.
You nodded. “Alright.”
“Or I could,” Scott suggested.
“She already said I was showing her.”
“Fine. I’ll help her with her bags then,” he shot back indignantly.
“…You both can help,” you told them.

The pair stopped glaring to turn toward you. Their faces were immediately covered in a red hue. You held back a chuckle. Who would’ve thought two handsome guys would be fighting to show you your room? You started heading toward the staircase.

“Come on, then. I do want to head to the mall before the sun sets,” you teased.
“Maybe I can buy you a smoothie when we’re there,” Scott casually called.
“Or you could visit the arcade with me,” Peter contested.

You bit your lip. This was going to be too much fun.

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