one of the most beautiful scenes ive ever seen

whenever life gets me down i remember that the shadowhunters writers literally named an episode ‘malec,’ gave us one of the most beautiful lgbt scenes ive ever seen and continue to do beautiful things with their show and i feel much better


Magnus and Simon visit Agra, India, and look at the Taj Mahal - ‘the tear-drop on the cheek of time’.

bonus: Magnus looking as beautiful as the scenery

No but real talk that second scene with FitzSimmons in the pod when they were talking about death….that may have been one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen on television. Just jemmas speech alone was so cool, I didn’t expect that kind of depth to be honest.

And the way Fitz looked at her, it was extremely touching. Jemma kept such a positive attitude the whole time, it really speaks to her as a character, she was afraid but she never lost herself. It was just…..a really good scene. Probably my favorite of the entire series.

Damn this episode made FZZT look like scrimmage.