one of the most amazing build up there ever was

I am truly amazed...

At the slapping together of three of the most random fucking couples ever (Jessick, Tara/Whatsherface-Denise?, Abraham/Sasha), with literally no build up at all save Jessick (if you want to call it build up), but TWD’s taking a millennia and a half to acknowledge the couples right in their fucking faces—

THAT YOU, YOURSELF MARKET, TWD/AMC. Like, are you shitting me right now? And no it doesn’t matter if everybody doesn’t ship them, and no– no one is promised anything but you can’t and shouldn’t deny that these couples have a tremendous following and support and yet…

I don’t get TWD, I seriously don’t.

currently taking applications for anyone who is willing to do and agree on the following with me:

  • cry over the RUN ballad and Butterfly prologue versions because these are seriously my favorite there are literal tears in my eyes
  • do some insane head bopping and jamming out to Save Me because it is GENIUS like Justin Bieber sunbaenim would be beyond proud ok
  • dance around a lit kitchen stove to Fire and purchase an iron because obviously that was the most crucial and lit part
  • i forgive you AS;DLFKJA;LSDFJ
  • cry some more over the slow jam INU remix and urban remix because oMG BTS BROUGHT THEM BACK AND WE ARE SO BLESSED
  • did i mention the build in the slow jam remix holy ghost peppers and that ever so slight but AMAZING drop in the music DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT WAIT HERE LISTEN TO THIS PART
  • full version of House of Cards. that one magical, spine chilling, uncontrollable sob worthy part. do I need to even further explain myself
  • also JIN’S PART IN HoC?!?!
  • bask in the added harmonies for the Run alt. ver (YES IT IS DIFFERENT LISTEN TO IT AGAIN!!)
  • replay the rap line’s parts in Love Is Not Over only 78392475x because you thought this song couldn’t get any better but IT JUST DID SON
  • go on a full on feel trip when Move, Converse High, Autumn Leaves, and Whalien 52 come on because just look at how far our boys have come like to whoever complained about this album, HOW??? they compiled some of their greatest hits and added some insane fiery flare to them to make this one of the most nostalgic and memorable repackage albums known to man like HOW IS THERE ANY ROOM TO COMPLAIN !!?
  • buy ice cream with me at this very moment because I’m definitely going to fail my finals and I blame and thank Bangtan for everything </3