one of the more embarrassing movies on this list

(request for someone to find Gabriel smokified on Jack like a blanket)

It was a long, intense, day of training that day and when Jack and Gabriel managed to finally bury themselves under the covers they felt the strain, the injuries, their age and even keenly felt gravity pulling on all their aches and woos. When they found even remotely comfortable positions to lay in, they were both out cold in some fitful sleep as their injuries and strain burned brightly with pain.

Eventually they found some solace and gratefully fully passed out.

However their waking was about as unpleasant as trying to fall asleep. Angela came by to check on them as she had with everyone else and had screamed at the sight of the two of them, jostling them both awake. When Jack sat up he immediately realized that Gabe was not laying next to him and that… he had been laying in a pool of dense black smoke?

“What the fuck?” He asked, pulling his arm out of the cloud and watching it cling to his arm.

Gabriel suddenly sat up out of the smoke. He sleepily looked around, brain trying to figure out what was wrong before looking down at the black smoke Jack was laying in.

“…Well that’s embarrassing,” He said, focusing and drawing his body back into one solid shape. When his arms resolidified together, one braced his weight and the other reformed clinging to Jack’s arm as the smoke had.

“Goodness, sorry for giving you two a fright,” Angela said, hand to her chest, “I just saw a black pool and part of Morrison and…”

“… you watched horror movies with younger operatives last night, didn’t you?” Gabriel snorted.

“Well I have been told to relax more often… I think horror movies can be crossed off the list though,” Angela chuckled sheepishly, “You two should probably get more rest, let me know if you two need anything?”

She left, leaving Gabe to flop on Jack and groan loudly into his shoulder. They tangled together comfortably in bed, settling down to get some well needed rest.

“So…” Gabe said quietly, “…You literally had a blanket made out of boyfriend material.”

Jack snorted, “Excuse you sir, it was not a blanket made out of boyfriend material. You were a blanket of husband material.”

“Well excuse me,” Gabe grinned before kissing Jack’s smile crinkled cheek.

OTP Prompts

I made a bunch of OTP prompts, and I wanted to see if anyone of them were good/usable. Some of these will be NSFW though. Here’s the list:

- Imagine Person A making loud sexual noises in front of Person B while eating a “suggestive” food (examples includes bananas, hot dogs, peaches, ect.). Bonus if Person B is trying to work on an important project while Person A is doing it.

- Imagine that Person A woke up really early in the morning. They’re feeling pretty awake, and they try to get out bed, but then they disturb Person B by moving, so they lull Person B back to sleep somehow before they can get up. Bonus if Person A does something really loving and sweet when they’re the less affectionate partner.

- Imagine Person A finding a lost or hurt animal in the streets/woods, and they argue with Person B until they convince them that they should help it. Bonus if the animal turns out to be a powerful/magical creature when it appears to be just a regular animal at first (especially if magical creatures are canon in your fandom/universe).

- Imagine your OTP going through a pregnancy scare because of a highly defective at-home pregnancy test. Bonus if your OTP is M/M or F/F. Why they would take a pregnancy test in the first place is up to you.

- Imagine Person A seeing Person B and just having the most powerful, undeniable urge to have sex. Just out of the blue with no provocation except for Person B’s existence. Bonus if they’re having conflicting feelings about acting upon the urge because they’re in public.

- Imagine if Person A and Person B were going out together on this perfect romantic date that Person A had completely planned out from the first minute to the last, but then they realized that they forgot it was Labor Day and that almost none of the places in town they wanted to go to was open. Now they have to comprimise by doing a more mediocre version of what they had planned instead (for example: instead of a romantic candle-lit dinner at a fancy restaurant, they decide to go get take-out at a fast food restaurant instead).

- Imagine that Person A and Person B lived together. Person A comes home one day and hears loud moaning coming from their bedroom, recognizing Person B’s voice. Person A assumes, to their horror, that Person B is cheating on them, and they rush to the bedroom and open the door. Instead of seeing a cheating partner, Person A actually walks in on Person B masturbating/using sex toys while moaning out Person A’s name. The outcome is your choice. Bonus if Person A gets aroused.

- Imagine that Person A and Person B live together, and Person A accidentally ruins some kind of important furniture (like the dining room table or the couch,) and Person B drags Person A to Ikea to buy new furniture. Bonus if Person A actually wanted to “accidentally” ruin that piece of furniture, and they’re hiding their excitement to go furniture shopping with an already pissed off Person B.

- Imagine your OTP dressing up for Halloween or cosplaying at a convention. Bonus if only one partner wanted to dress up originally, and the other partner is just going along with it to make their partner happy.

- Imagine that Person A finds one of those foam noodle things you play with in the pool while shopping with their partner, and Person A challenges Person B to a noodle duel. The outcome of Person B’s decision is your choice. Bonus if it somehow turns into a noodle jousting tornament instead if Person B accepts the challenge.

This list took me two days to complete so far. Expect more by tomorrow.

- Imagine that Person A’s embarrassing ringtone that they had forgot to change suddenly blasts right next to Person B. Bonus if your OTP is somewhere out in public like a library, movie theatre, or church/temple (if they are religious), and Person B is desperately holding back their laughter.

- Imagine Person A and Person B getting into an argument over a really trivial and unimportant issue, and they treat it as something completely serious that absolutely needs to be addressed. Your OTP argues for hours about it until Person A eventually leaves out of anger and Person B runs off crying. Bonus if they eventually sit down and have a loooong talk about it until they make up and finally decide not to worry about it.

- Imagine your OTP during hurricane season. Imagine how they would prepare for the storm, who would get more worried about how it’s going to effect their home(s), and what they would do inside of their home(s) during the hurricane until it stops. Bonus if your OTP has a really cute moment where they cuddle together during the storm.

- Imagine your OTP trying to figure out a series of complicated algebra problems. Bonus if neither of them can figure out a question, and while Person A wants to give up or Google the answer, Person B is being stubborn and saying “NO. I got this!” and they spend over an hour trying to figure it out.


Prompt: I just tripped and fell face first into your crotch, god end my life now please.

Found on toxixpumpkin’s page

Genre: Romance, Fluff-ish

Length: Roughly 1.5K

“Y/N!” Your head snapped up when you heard the waitress near the counter call to you, “Come here please! I need some help!”

“Yeah, I’m coming, Soo!” You said hurriedly, balancing a tray of a precariously swinging Styrofoam cups in one hand, and another tray filled with empty paper boxes in the other, “Just give me a minute!”

You dumped the stuff behind the counter, as per instructions, before quickly pacing over to her. Soo looked distinctly ruffled as well, hence why you didn’t completely hate on her—you got how she felt.

“We need to take out a bunch of orders right now, but there’s only one of me,” She exclaimed, clearly frustrated, “Could you help me out, please?”

You were really only supposed to be working in the kitchens, and she must have seen the unease on your face, because she grabbed both of your soft hands in her own, looking pleadingly into your eyes.

“You just need to take some coffee to the retreat area,” She promised, eyes searching yours desperately, “That’s all. Please, for me? Aren’t we friends?”

You coughed uncomfortably at the sight of her slightly wild gaze, before sighing and nodding your assent.

“Okay,” You acquiesced, “What does the person look like?”

“You can just go there,” She hurried you off with a motion of her hand; “There’s really only one person there.”

You eyed her doubtfully, but took the proffered cup of warm liquid, along with a plate on which a slice of Chef Do’s famous marble cake sat. Your mouth watered at the sight of it, but you quickly shook your head to keep yourself focused. You had food to deliver.

The retreat area was half the reason why the café was so successful, business-wise. It was practically swamped with people day and night, though most of the waiters and waitresses were employed on a shift basis. Else, there’s no doubt that you all would have gone crazy by then. Since the main café was so busy, the retreat area was opened; this was mostly an area where people could enjoy the quiet and, perhaps, finish up some work.

As you approached, you saw a man sitting on a barstool overlooking a view of the street; he was slumped over a laptop and had headphones on. What really struck you as odd, though, was the mop of mint green hair that sat atop his head; you had seen a lot of different colored hair during your time there, but never that particular shade.

He looked intimidating as hell from the back, though.

You timidly approached him, heart quivering with anticipation. You opened your mouth uncertainly, cursing its sudden dryness; licked your lips and spoke.

“”Um, e-excuse me?” You question hesitantly, mental state worsening at the lack of response, “Excuse me? Sir?”

He still didn’t appear to hear you, and you sighed, preparing to yell when he suddenly swiveled around…which would have been nice, if his legs hadn’t caught yours and sent you flailing down on him.

A couple of beats passed as the both of you froze; him, with coffee dripping down his shirt, and you with your face pressed uncomfortably close his crotch.

You wished the ground would just swallow you up whole. That would be doing you a favor.

“Oh my gosh!” You exclaimed, cheeks coloring an intense shade of red as you staggered backwards, hands pressed to your face, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!”

He looked slightly shocked, eyes wide and disbelieving and your own eyes widened as you recognized him. He was Min Yoongi, as in the Min Yoongi who everyone said had a temperament of an active volcano. The Min Yoongi who almost every girl wanted, no matter how vehemently they denied it. The Min Yoongi who you’d noticed since the first day of freshman year. At this point, you didn’t know what was worse:

a)      The fact that he was hot as fuck even with green hair

b)     The fact that you spilled coffee on him

c)      The fact that you fell face-first onto his crotch

d)     The fact that you went to the same school and had a one-sided history

You decided that ‘All of the Above’ would be the most viable option, at this point.

His cheeks were also a rosy pink, though it might have just been you; he was incredibly pale anyway, so you might have been over-thinking things, as always. What was important that he didn’t hate you for life.

“Oh, it’s okay, I guess,” He muttered, in a strangely gruff voice that didn’t suit his delicate features, “I just-”

He gestured at his clothes, and your eyes widened once they registered the huge blot of brown adorning his saggy white shirt.

“Oh my goodness,” Your flaming face couldn’t get any hotter, you decided, “I’ll-I’ll do what I can, sir!”

You looked around quickly, finding a stack of paper napkins on a nearby table; you hurriedly snatched them up, handing them to him.

“Um, you can use these,” You bowed your head, too embarrassed to actually show him your face, “I’ll speak to my manager about what we can do for you.”

You were pretty surprised at how professional you sounded, all things considering, and were about to suavely walk out; maybe you had a chance to save face, you decided. Maybe he wouldn’t recognize you.

But, of course, since when had luck ever been on your side? Oh wait: never.

As you turned to leave, his hand shot out to gently circle your wrist; his fingers were cold, and you could feel their icy bite against the warmth of your own slender digits. You gave a small gasp of surprise as you were tugged back to him, as you were pulled into his intense focus.

“You…” He started to say, ever-present frown tugging at his mouth, “Have we met before? You look familiar.”

Of course: he recognized you, but not entirely. Great. Wonderful. Excellent.

“Um, no?” You laughed nervously, carefully tugging your hand so that he’d let it go, to no avail, “You probably have me confused with someone else?”

“Oh, it’s you!” His eyes light up, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips, “The Lion King girl!”

And of course, you’re terribly terrible past had to come into play. What basically happened was that you had been watching the Lion King with the rest of your class to revive good old memories, and you’d cried at Mufasa’s death. So you got emotional over a lion: sue you. ‘What was so bad about it?’ you had thought, poor, innocent, naïve child that you were.

No one ever let you forget it. Every time the subject of a movie came up, forget just lions or the specific movie itself, people always stared at you or made teasing crying faces. Funny, right?

Note the sarcasm.

So, it made sense that it would come back to bite you in the ass. You now had one more thing to add to your List of Embarrassments:

e)      The fact that he remembered you by an embarrassing past incident

At this point, it would have been a wonder for you to be able to show your face at school tomorrow, you surmised. Especially because all your interactions with Yoongi so far (basically just this one, but that wasn’t the point) were just awkward as hell.

“Are you going to laugh?” You sighed, resigning yourself to having your crush of 3 years make fun of you and remember you as an idiot forever, “Go ahead, I’m waiting.”

“I’m not going to laugh,” He assured you, though he did snicker a couple of times, “I was just wondering if you’d acknowledge that we sort of know each other.”

You froze up at that, hand still held limply in his grip. He…already remembered you in the first place.

He continued speaking, not mindful of your shock, a faint dusting of pink spreading across his fair cheeks.

“Um, well, I actually came here because I heard you worked here part-time,” He confessed, and you could only stand there in shock because was that a dream, “I’ve noticed you for a really long time, Y/N-ah.”

And maybe that was a really stalker-like thing to say, but you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

“This wasn’t really how I’d imagined this going, but…” He sighed tiredly, before looking down at you gently, running his hand along your jaw, “I really like you, so…would you give me a chance?”

You stood there for a couple of moments, eyes wide and disbelieving, before a magnificent grin stretches your face, making it shine beatifically.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” You gush, still unable to process what was happening, “Yes!”

He took your hand in his own, and smiled at you; a small smile that any other girl might have found fake or indifferent, but that you knew was equivalent to the strength of a thousand suns.

“I’m glad.”

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