one of the many reasons to appreciate and love the red sox

Anonymous said: I’m not a hater, I used to follow you, not because of Arrow, but because I’m also Stelena/Bangel shipper so i identify with you. I’m N-O-T a Lauriver shipper, I think Oliver screw up with Laurel so much that she would be stupid to take him back. But these are the facts: I unfollow you one day when you reblog (or liked) IDR very well, one gifset comparing Felicity calling Oliver a big executive (something like this from 3x1) with Laurel saying she could never magine him as big CEO (from s1)  thought that was really UNFAIR from the Olicity fandom, especially because the Oliver Laurel KNEW when she said that is not the same Oliver Felicity ever MEET.


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