one of the main reasons why i love her

Reasons why I love season 2 of supergirl!

- Alex discovering herself and finding someone to be happy with
- James having a story arc that isn’t about a love triangle
- James being a hero
- Winn’s humour quota has been upped
- Winn finding love
- The alien bar giving us a space where aliens can hang out and do normal things like normal people
- Brian
- you don’t really know who ALL the villains are so, ~suspense~ (and the fact that there’s more than one main villain)
- deals with real life issues
- Kara meeting someone who challenges her and them both learning from each other
- Kara finding love in someone she can be herself with
- more information about the different planets from different galaxies, meeting new, quirky and wonderful aliens
- introducing minor characters I care about, then bringing those minor characters back every now and then (like Brian)
- Kara realising that she can have it all - the superhoing and relationships
- Kara learning to put aside her prejudices about Daxam for Mon-El, similar to J'onn learning that there are good white Martians, like Megann
- Sanvers and Karamel doing domestic couple things like cuddling on couches
- a mix of fun villains (and some who aren’t really villains anyway) and the scary villains to keep the show lighthearted and fun to watch while still conveying serious messages
- Winn/Alex brotp
- Mon-El/Winn brotp
- Alex and her gun - Danvers sisters relationship
- Mon-El’s 180 character development arc (not there yet but still well on the way!)
- teaching important lessons about relationships: none of them are perfect, relationships need honesty, all of them have complications, relationships take hard work, and they can inspire you to be a better person, even if you’re not together
- all KARAMEL AND SANVERS moments!
- not one, but TWO crossovers in one season!
- badass fight scenes - reblob and add more of your fave reasons!


endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “


This is the main reason why Jung Joon hyung is by far my favorite male lead in a kdrama. He is SO supportive of Bok joo in everything she does. Even if one of those things is liking his own brother. He encourages her and accepts her for who she is and admires her so much. Also he’s not afraid to tell her when she’s wrong and comfort her when she’s in need. I Love that its so Platonic right now obviously he has feelings for her but nothing is too rushed. I love that this drama isn’t only focusing on romance its shedding light on Joon hyungs trauma and bok joos insecurities as an athlete. I especially loved when Joon hyung and Bok joo had that talk about the pressure of being ranked a few episodes ago. Overall i love all the characters due to the fact that you can resonate and related to everything they’re going through. I know some people find Joon hyung annoying sometimes but honestly that’s reality not everyone is perfect and his attempt to make jokes and be playful is very age appropriate. I love him as a character! 💗

BTS Reaction When Their Girlfriend Is Insecure About Her Weight

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If beauty queen Jin is dating you is bacause he loves you the way you are! But to be honest I think he’d be the main reason why you put on some weight. Dating this boy would be like Eat Jin episodes everyday, so I think t the end he’d be encouraging you to eat!

“Jagiya! I just tried this new dish and it’s delicious! Here I bought it for you, have a bite!”


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So Yoongi wouldn’t even care if you have some extra pounds, he’s all about originality and doesn’t care about stereotypes so he’d encourage you to accept yourself and would tell you how badass you were by not not listening to the media.

“Jagi, I’m wanted to date someone different than me, please don’t try to be skinny, you look great right now!”


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Ok so this boy would be all up on your curves. I this he would take it as a plus side of dating you. If you showed insecurities I think he would laugh it off with you, showing you have nothing to worry about and that he just loves your curves.

“You’re perfect Jagi, I mean if you lose weight I won’t be able to grab the booty properly!”


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I think he would try to make you forget about it while making fun of himself. He would see you laughing and would hold and kiss your hand showing you that he appreciates your love no matter which shape or size. So then he would tell you to love yourself like he loves you.

“Aish Jagi, I can’t believe you’re worried about that! Here let me cheer you up!”


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Jimin would just love your chubbiness, he would be squeezing and pinching your cheeks telling you cute you look and if you complained about your weight in front of him it would only make it worse because then he would want to show you how cute you were.

“See that Jagi?” *asks while squeezing your cheeks* “That’s why your so freaking cute!”


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This boy would pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. While you were babbling in front of the mirror because of your tummy he’d be listening, but would pretend to be distracted, because if he didn’t take it serious then you wouldn’t too!

“Jagi look at those lights outside, you can see it from here, just step away from the mirror!”


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I think he would be so tired to hear you talk about your weight that he would then take you to the gym and would keep encouraging you to keep going even though it was clear how exhausted you were, so the he would start making comments like:

“See Jagi? If you’d listened to me and loved yourself like I do,you wouldn’t be here all tired and sweaty!”

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I don't know why people are fighting between sanvers and supercorp. It's not so diffcult to love both???

These are the reasons that I’ve noticed. One, it’s about screen time. I will only speak for myself and a friend I have. But her main annoyance stemmed from the fact that Lena had an episode centered around her and Maggie didn’t even have a backstory. Which I understand but at the same time, Lena’s backstory ties to the enemy of the season, Cadmus. Unfortunately, the majority of Lena’s screen time plays into Cadmus. (Venture crashing, the gala, Cyborg Superman breaking into L-Corp, medusa, Lex’s Vault, the alien registry)  A lot of characters this season have been getting the shaft when it comes to screen time except him who shall not be named. And that sucks. I want more development in Alex, Maggie, James, Winn, and our hero Kara.. 

I also feel like the show is now using Sanvers as a way to create a separation for Kara. Everyone is going different directions and then Kara is by herself with M*n El. I really wish they didn’t use Sanvers for that reason or to just queerbait viewers but that is how it’s coming off. Sanvers has great potential and I would love to see development in their relationship. And it sucks that they can only have a peck and K*ramel can make out on a couch.  

Another reason that gets brought up a lot, is that people are shipping a non-canon relationship when there’s a ‘perfectly’ good one that is canon. Faberry v. Brittana 2.0. I get it, I do. But I ship SuperCorp because I love Katie and their chemistry is beautiful and I like to suffer knowing it probably wont happen. When it comes down to it, fans will ship whoever the fuck they want. Where some seem a wonderful and beautiful love story in Sanvers, others see it in MonWinn, KarOlsen, SuperCorp, and ships that must not be named. 

I have no problems with Sanvers, I love them. 

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Why are some people angry because we are focusing on Mo Guan Shan and He Tian? I mean, Old Xian knows why the story is developing through them right now, and if s/he (Sometimes I see people referring to Old Xian as female, sometimes as male, I’m confused about what pronoun use so I’m just going to say s/he) is giving us their story must be for a reason. Maybe to introduce She Li, maybe to show He Tian’s development as character, who knows. However, it’s there for a reason. Also, a story doesn’t have to always ONLY focus on ONE main character and his/her love insterest(s). 

I really really like stories that do NOT only focus on the main pairing, Old Xian is giving us the opportunity of seeing more development in all the characters. A less Xixi-centered Jian Yi, a more human He Tian, a more vulnerable Momo. Why are people so angry of seeing the development of He Tian and Momo’s story? I don’t understand it.

For example, with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or the Junjou Series, people have a favourite pair but I have never seen someone complaining about how Junjou Romantica should only be about Misaki and Usagi.

reasons why you should watch Political Animals

-if u don’t want it to take up too much of your time there’s only 6 episodes!
-Sebastian Stan
-girl power
-one of the main characters is gay
-Sebastian Stan plays that gay character
-so much angst s o m u c h
-main character is a woman
-the most powerful woman in the entire world
-she runs for president on numerous occasions !
-covers a lot of problems like drug abuse, anorexia, alcoholism, suicidal tendencies
-the main characters ex-husband punches the Vice President in the face when he’s being homophobic
-Sebastian Stan



Well it was either this or Love Live!GTA AU

Ok so hilariously I have this love live pokemon AU I’m planning out and these three aren’t even the main characters. But for some reason tiny 11 (and one 10 and a half) year old third year backstories are really fun to draw

anyways captions for caps!

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I accidentally unfollowed you and I was wondering why I wasn't getting notifications then I checked and I kinda just went 'oh' - ',:^) anon

It’s ok, you’re back now. But I wonder if this is the reason my follower count keeps fluctuating so much. Have people been unfollowing me by accident or are they finally sick of my shit?

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I feel like Jihyo deserves all of the love in the world and I honestly don’t get why people hate on her like ???? A while back I heard about some one getting her photocard then burning it is there really any need for that it frustrates me lol

I’ve never read anything that enrages me more than this. The main fucking reason people hate on Jihyo is because they think she’s ‘ugly’ or ‘overweight’ and if I catch anyone saying crap like that about my girl I ain’t gonna hesitate to square up. How dare they. HOW DARE THEY HATE ON A GIRL FOR HER APPEARANCE AND BY THE WAY, I DON’T KNOW IF THEY BLIND OR SOMETHING BUT SHE’S A VISUAL GODDESS. JIHYO HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT AN ANGEL THROUGHOUT HER ENTIRE LIFE SHE’S DONE NOTHING TO WARRANT THIS. IM GONNA FIGHT THEM ALL, GET READY YOU DISGRACEFUL FUCKS, SQUARE THE FUCK UP

@sinsalsi​ said to incorrecttwicequotes: To the anon with nayeon yaoi hands: all I can say is, “BIG…MEATY…CLAAAWS!”

This is a reference that I don’t understand isn’t it? Well anyway BIG MEATY CLAWS

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"considering that camren might have been real, there are people saying that them breaking up may have been on of the reasons why canola left, not the main reason but one of. do you agree?" Lol Camren is not and will never be real. C is totally as straight as a fucking stirring rod and she always put "boy" in every answer asked about her Love life and she's def good at queer bating. So stop with the Camren thought! It was never real, it was used as a queer bait, it's fucking too much.

Exactly. To whoever said that, I’m sorry but she didn’t persue a solo career WHILE being in the group, didn’t go behind their backs to make music, and leave a successful girl group for Camren. That theory is dismissed.

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Its only me, or maybe Julie and all the crew are exceed bc of the huge love that fandom feel for evak. And just maybe, they are trying please to the fans, and thats the reason why they dont give us the trailer.

ahhh i wanna think so too but i really have no idea why they still didn’t give us this trailer. there are so much theories about it already! i love that one, in which says that they want to start this season later to show us Even’s graduaition or maybe even Gay Pride! it would be so cool no matter who will be the main.
and my heart says that’s Even but my brain says it Sana. and i would love to see her season! but i’ll miss my boys so much.


Dancing Is A Stelena “Thing” Because … [Not My Gifs]

It’s never just dancing for this couple. Damon and Elena’s last scene may have been them dancing and Stefan may have told Caroline that one of the reasons why he loves her is because she “got” him to dance but here’s the thing, Damon and Elena’s “main” dance was the Miss Mystic Falls dance in 1x18 and every dance they have after that one (except for the one they have in 2x18) is an echo of that one dance and they keep referring back to it. With Steroline, yes, dancing is a big part of their relationship, I’m not denying that, but for the writers to make it seem like Caroline got him to dance while Elena couldn’t is ridiculous.

Stelena dances, what’s great about them, is that every time they share one, they’re being brought back together despite external circumstances, it’s a reminder of their bond, their connection, their relationship, their love. It always starts off with some hesitancy, one person has to make the initial approach and then when they start dancing, you see them connecting.

In 1x12, it looks as if Stefan is going to disappoint Elena by refusing to do a move with her but then he grabs her by the wrist and dips her, literally and figuratively sweeping her off her feet because seeing her happy makes him happy.

In 2x18, Stefan doesn’t want to go to the dance while Elena is eager and when they do go under less than desirable circumstances, Stefan dances with her to make her feel safe, feel normal, feel less tense and it’s an effort worth noting considering how much of a brooder Stefan is supposed to be.

In 3x14, Stefan spends so much time trying to make Elena and Damon and everyone think that he doesn’t feel, that he doesn’t care about or love Elena anymore but when she bumps into him and they start to dance, all of that history, of all that longing is communicated for both of them through their gazes; he gets Elena to laugh while also revealing just how well he knows her by saying that Damon needs to learn that she can take care of herself.

In 3x20 Stefan and Elena are trying to find their way back to normalcy again, everything is awkward and delicate,  there’s slight discomfort between them because of everything that’s happened — Stefan turned off his humanity, Elena kissed Damon, the Originals are wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls — like things are tense. But the moment they start to dance, all of that doesn’t matter, what matters is that they’re in each other’s arms, they’re comfortable, at ease, fall back into place and it’s a combination of living in the moment and relishing their history.

In 4x19, this is the dance that evokes memories of all of the other dances they had with each other but the fact that Stefan makes the actions as he reminisces, the fact that he touches her neck and her waist, strokes her fingers and dips her in present time is a signal that it’s always going to be like this, that connection, that intimacy, that seduction doesn’t go away no matter the current bullshit in their way and Elena reciprocates, she strokes his fingers back, her words sound unmoved but her expression says otherwise and the fact that she says “What heart?” but doesn’t walk away, she keeps dancing with him shows that she feels it even when she isn’t supposed to.

Dancing. Is. A. Stelena. Thing. Period.

To anyone who doesn’t like Spaleb

..I’m not saying that you should, after all you can’t really choose what to like. Just please, don’t consider it WRONG, because it’s not. The main reasons people hate it is because of Haleb and Spoby and the fact that they consider it to be rushed and unexpected.

Please, try to think about it. What can be wrong in two people loving each other? I get why you think Spencer betrayed Hanna, but there are no rules in love. And I’m not talking about sex or crushes. I would totally agree with you if Spencer and Caleb only slept together out of attraction, but they didn’t. Try to put yourself in her shoes.

What if you were the one who was stalked in high school? If someone made your life a living hell for two years after the death of one of your closest friends; if someone tried to frame you, kill you and your best friends, if you couldn’t remember what you did the night your friend disappeared. Add all of this to the nightmare adolescence is in itself, with all the problems it causes to the relationship with your family and try to consider what kind of family Spencer had..two demanding parents too invested in their job to see their daughter was struggling, but at the same time always ready to praise her older sister for being smart and perfect. An older sister who did not seem to care about her at all.
In the end, after high school ends, your stalker finally has a name and gets arrested. You can be free at last, follow your dreams, move away from a city that reminds you too much of the dark period you’ve been through, and you do it. You’re finally free, and as much as you love your friends you feel the need to distance yourself from them as well, because of what they make you think about. Or maybe just because you can now, just because you can leave them out of your sight without being terrified about what could happen to them.
So you move to a city far from home, where nobody knows you, and of course that’s great; but sometimes it’s hard, when you wake up in the middle of the night crying for help, or when you see someone wearing a red coat, just accross the road, and you start to panic because it doesn’t matter if A is in jail, some wounds never heal.
Above all that, you also break up with your boyfriend of two years. You move to Spain for a semester abroad and one day you’re waiting for the train like you’ve done so many times since you’ve moved there, when suddenly a well-known voice calls you. You look around but it can’t be him, right? He’s in NY, this wouldn’t make any sense, you’re probably just imagining things. But then you see him, on the opposite platform, waving at you with a big smile on his face. For a moment everything comes back to you.. fear, panic, pain, horror.
But then you spend the weekend with him and it’s all so natural. You don’t have to think about how to act, and you can just be yourself, for once. He gets you, he knows you, and it’s refreshing after years spent trying to hide a big part of who you are.
So you’re back in DC now, and he moved from NY after breaking up with his girlfriend. You’re in the same city, and that week end in Madrid was so liberating that you decide to give it another shot. You meet for dinner and everything goes well, actually more than well. You start to hang out every now and then, you talk to him about your new job, your collegues, everything you feel the need to share, and he does the same. Of course, you don’t have much free time but when you can you save part of it to catch up with him. Your nightmares are still there but now when you have a bad night and you wake up crying you know you can call him, and that makes you feel safer than ever. You don’t even realise you’re falling for him until it’s too late. One day, he shows up at your apartment with pizza and beers and his familiar lopsided smile, and suddenly it’s there, you finally understand why you feel the need to see him more and more, why you can’t wait to finish working when you know you’re gonna see him in a few hours. You understand the reason why you get that funny feeling in your stomach every time you hear him laughing.

Well, now what? Of course he’s your best friend’s ex and you didn’t mean to fall for him, but you did.

What if he was your soulmate?

What if he wasn’t, but you could be happy with him for a few years, become a better person thanks to him?

You know your friend has now moved on and she’s engaged to a man that makes her happy. For some time, you try to put some distance between you and Him, but you’re in too deep. He’s not simply someone you have a crush on; he’s your best friend, he’s been your rock for years now, you understand each other, so much that sometimes you feel like you belong with him. Would you really give something like this up?

And what if you were Hanna? Would you really feel like preventing your best friend from being happy just because of “girl code”?

So like, the heroes of 0verwatch got merchandise right? They had to, they were amazing.

Anyway, imagine Mercy out and about one day, just a day to herself to shop and do all the things she loves.

Till she comes across a toy aisle.

An 0verwatch toy aisle.

She then gets super curious and strolls down it, then out of the corner of her eye, she sees a tiny little figure of Genji.

Like its so cute, and so like him. Makes her miss him a bit.

Being super sneaky and super lame, she finds a figure of herself and sets it right beside the other. Making them super close.

Angela just smiles like a dork, grabs another Genji for herself to buy because she can never have too much.

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute

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KotoUmi and ChikaRiko

KotoUmi was one for those ships that at first I didn’t really care for and now I love, I think it’s really adorable but for me the characters are what make the ship and the main reason why i didn’t like it so much at first was because I didn’t care about Kotori at first I mean she was cute but that’s about it now I love her and I think the relationship between her and Umi is nicely balanced, she encourages Umi to try new things while not being pushy and I think it works since Umi is so shy yet Kotori isn’t overly hyper like Honoka they have a good dynamic that works I ship Umi and Kotori with alot of girls they’re really easy to get along no matter who you pair them up with

ChikaRiko is the opposite for me Ima be honest I don’t like it 

It’s not a notp and I don’t hate the ship but i do not ship them at all, the way the anime so forcibly tries to push them together even tho KananMaru is way more enforced it feels more natural in a way,but what peeved me was how unbalanced the 2nd years in aqours are because at least with KotoUmi both of them always made sure to know Honoka was ok even when they kept the secret that Kotori would be moving away all they thought about was how they could tell Honoka, they always kept Honoka in mind while You was literally made a 3rd wheel and in a way Dia is too yet Kanan and Mari always have interaction with her but with You I never really saw a decent conversation with Riko except for one phone call,that it was even established in an episode where You was clearly jealous and it kinda hits hard because I know what that’s like and though Mari told You that she was worrying for nothing and Chika did show up to You’s house in a way to reassure her I don’t think she ever really realized that You was feeling left out and while it’s really not Riko or Chika’s fault to me it kind of seems like in a way it is, which is what put them down to my 2 least favorite aqours,it feels like it’s Chika/Riko and You while Kotori/Honoka/Umi all have communication with each other it’s a cute ship in a way but Im not a fan at all

Our passionate weekness

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have not been uploading for a long time now, but here is a pretty long scenario I wrote this week end. It’s a bit different from the ones I wrote until now but I guess it costs nothing to try some other forms. I wanted to dedicate this scenario to one of my best friend who is the main reason why I started running this blog. She’s the reason why I started to write again but in another language which is not my native one. And I just can’t thank her enough because now, thanks to her my talent in writing is shared with every single one of you and I receive many lovely words from many of you. So yeah, as it’s going to be the 1st year anniversary of this blog, and as I just had my 1st year anniversary with this best friend, I am writing such a scenario~

Taehyung fluff-angst-philosophical scenario (3 947 words).

I really hope you’ll take the time to read this scenario because it concerns every single one of us. I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll learn things ♥


“You have to let yourself fall before being able to fly.”


“We all grow up and end up doing things we said we’d never do because we discover and experiment new things and we end up changing ourselves.”

After the storm, you were looking at the newborn girl through your tired eyes. They slided from her closed eyes, to her very little hands and somehow you zoned out.

As you were lying in your white bed, you stared at the little girl and thought about everything she will be going through during the life she was just given. You thought about her first cries, first complete nights, first teeth, first steps… But then you wondered what kind of personality she’ll have. You thought about her first day at school and how she won’t be letting you go away, while crying and yelling she does not want to go there. But then you’ll hear her complain about the amount of homework she’ll be given at high school. You’ll hear her laugh out loud about her day, or when it’ll be late at night and she’ll be on the phone with her best friends. You’ll hear her saying craw words to you while you’ll be arguing when she’ll get in her teenage years. You’ll also be there and realize how much she’ll change, though you know you would not be able to see every bits of her pain. You’ll try to be there and see her grow up a little more every day.

In a nutshell, you were thinking about the girl she will become. But a question suddenly stroke your mind and got you lost in a new storm of infinite questions: when will she have her first love?

You know her opinion on boys will obviously change. When she is going to be a kid, she’ll find boys unattractive, she will more likely be disgusted by them and she won’t understand their reactions or anything. She’ll look at adults and she won’t understand how they can fall in love, especially how her mom fell in love with her dad. Each time they will give each other a kiss, she’ll do a face while cringing. And those same people will keep on telling her “you’ll understand when you’ll be older”. And when they wouldn’t be saying this sentence, they’ll be saying “don’t worry, it will happen to you, just wait and see.”  A few months later, the same little girl will dream of being married to a handsome prince, with a lot of money and everything.

Then when she’ll be in her early teenage years, she’ll start getting close to boys. Because of hormones, with her best friends, they will start talking about boys. Sometimes giggling about their behaviors and the way they dress. But sooner or later, her conversations will change and her group of friends will talk about how they want their future relationship to be. She’ll be talking late at night with them about the description of some boyfriend material boys. But then, one day, a guy will ask her out. It will be a big deal because it will be the first time a guy will ask her out. She may reject some guys before meeting her eyes with the right one. Maybe she’ll have been hanging out with some over boys before, maybe they had hurt her, or maybe she had hurt them. But somehow, they were not enough for her. And she had been brave enough to break up and start a new relationship again, from nothing, she built everything. 

You can clearly remember how you met him. The boy who changed your life. As most of teenagers, you were out on a Saturday night so you could rest from all the studying-straight-hours. You were with one of your best friend, simply dressed and wearing simple make up. You could have been qualified as “naturally beautiful” when you met him. Because it’s well known that you don’t have to try to be sexy, that nothing is more attractive than your natural self.

Anyway, It was a little party yet you were spending the night with the coolest people you had ever known. There were more boys than girls but it was just right so there will be less drama and more fun. But as soon as you entered the living room of the hosting guy, your eyes straightly land on a red haired guy. His hair color was quite unique and that may be the reason why you were being hypnotized by this guy. When you got a little closer, you remember how hot it suddenly became and how your blood was rushing to your cheeks, making you flush quite visibly. You clumsily sat in front of this eye catching guy. You can remember what he was wearing and exactly how he looked. He was looking quite casual. In fact, he was laughing a lot with his friends, and every time he dared to smile or laugh, for some reasons, you could not keep yourself from smiling and feeling weird things in your stomach. It was like it was twisted upside down yet, not like it could sound, it was not painful, it was rather a nice feeling. You remember how handsomely his squared smile was fitting him. Just like his hair though. Well, you remember how incredible he looked. Everything was going well, though you’d rather stay mute the whole party and stare at this guy. But when each of the guests where having less fun, one guy suggested to play spin the bottle. Some guys disagreed but the one you were interested in was down for it, and so were you. Your mood swung as soon as you realized your lips could be gathered together, allowing you to taste his irresistible lips.

“I can tell Taehyung is willing to have his first kiss!” one guy shouted.

“What first kiss are you talking about?” the attractive guy angrily responded.” I had many kisses before this game, who do you think I am, uh?”

Somehow, his answer made everyone laugh out loud. His revelation was apparently not that believable.

“Bring the bottle up!” he continued. “I am going to show you the kissing professional I am.”

You giggled as they brought the bottle on the table.

“Let’s do a thing.” the hosting guy began. “Before spinning the bottle, we’ll decide where and how the kiss should be.”

“Fine.” Taehyung replied.

The guys decided to make the first kiss passionate with the tongue and everything. You remember how scared you were because you never had a boyfriend before and you had never played such a game, well, you never had your first kiss and it was kind of a big deal for a 16 years old teenage girl. But still, the bottle first landed on Taehyung and you prayed so hard for it to land on you afterwards. And just like God heard your wish, the bottle landed right onto you. You could not help the corner of your lips from rising, and your heart from beating faster and louder as the others cheered and the two of you stood up and stepped closer to each other.

“Come on Taehyung, show us your most passionate kiss!” Your best friend cheered and clapped.

The red haired guy took your hand hesitantly and leant on your ear and whispered a few words so the others would not hear.

“I am not a professional; actually, you’re about to be my first kiss. I am sorry; I think it will be quite a dreadful first kiss.”

You flushed even harder and said with a barely audible voice “It’s my first kiss too.” And your sight dropped down to your holding hands so you could not see Taehyung’s surprised look the second before he crashed his hot lips right onto yours. And you could not see how he licked his lips thinking about receiving his first kiss from you.

His hands gently caught your jaws before he closed his eyes and your bodies slowly got glued. After kissing tenderly, even if you were scared and you did not know how to do it, the tip of your tongue caressed his demanding lips. That’s when you got electrified, that’s when your stomach got twisted the most from the whole party. That’s the part you had enjoyed the most. You never knew how kissing with the tongue could feel, and you never imagined it could be that awesome. As you were enjoying every friction of your tongues, your hands were remaining still, not because you were paralyzed or anything. They were remaining still just because you did not know where to put them and you did not want to break such a magical moment.

“Hey! This kiss was never meant to last this long!” one of his friends brought you back to reality so you slowly pulled away from each other.

“Wow, what a kiss!” your best friend added when you were blankly staring straight at the guy. Some of your lip stick was left on his warm lips that and you could not contain your giggle.

You both sat and zoned out. Well you were not in the game anymore and every time people were talking to him, he had always asked to repeat the sentence. From this moment, you can barely remember how the rest of the night was spent. You just know he asked your number before you left the house with your best friend.

And yeah, that’s how the both of you hooked up and started to date and have a relationship.

II.Happily together

“Expect nothing, appreciate everything.”

As you were still watching carefully after this little baby girl, you remembered the first months of your relationship with your first love.

Days were passing by so quickly when you had found a reason to get up in the morning. You were looking forward to meet him a few times a day during classes break. You were looking forward to kiss him once again, and a few more times even though you were both rather uneasy on the first weeks. Your kisses had become more magical day by day. Regardless of kisses, you had also built some conversations, because topics, at the beginning where not brought up that easily but even though it was not always easy to talk you were always appreciating the time you were spending with this special guy. You were now having many laughs during the day, and the conversation was flowing naturally. You were taking some time to speak about your feelings for each other, to speak about your passions and what you were both willing to do in the future.

Months passed by, and you got to meet each other’s family. You got to see family pictures of Taehyung when he was still a kid and so was he. You were teasing each other about the way you looked on those pictures where you were eating chocolate cakes, holding on a plushy. You were giggling at the view of each other having a bath and so many other cute childhood pictures. You were both getting accepted in the family and you were feeling more and more at ease and you were even happier to be living together.

Everytime you were together, time seemed to stop. Yet it was flying by even more quickly. Everytime you were cuddling, you were feeling secure and fine. You could not find words to describe precisely how you felt. Even, right at this moment, when you were still looking at the sleeping baby girl, you were still not able to describe this feeling you had discovered a long time ago and you still feel these days.  Everything was doing fine but maybe your expectations where too damn high, or maybe was it just a period. Maybe it was because you were too happy and happiness is made to be alternated with sadness and deception. But you slowly and inevitably dived into a sad period.

III.Hard times together

“Don’t be scared to get your heart broken.”

You can remember each of these following thoughts so clearly even though it seems like it was so long ago. You remember how you were afraid to fall in love, afraid to give your all to Taehyung and not to receive his love. You were afraid to be the one who was the most dependent; the one who had fell and crashed the more violently. You were afraid to fall even harder for a guy who does not know how to treat you right, to love you the way you deserve to be. Because you were about to give him everything you had to give. You were about to surprise him with the little material things, the nice bracelet, his favorite food… But that was nothing compared to the fact that you were about to shower him with unconditional love. You were about to walk next to him on his happy days just like you had done until now. But you were also about to be right there on the days where he is going to be down, you’ll be holding his hand and get through it. You will understand his mistakes and you won’t compare him to anyone. It won’t be a competition, it’ll be just him. Right here. Right now. You were hoping so hard he’ll understand you’re such a tease so you will kiss him like he has the last supply of oxygen left in the world in his lungs. You won’t give your body to him easily because before you give your body to him, you must give him your deepest thoughts, your entire mind, and share your wildest dreams with him. That’s also why you’ll go nice and slow and feel him shake with desire and when he’ll finally beg for you to love him in only the way you can; you’ll melt into him and show him just how much love you have to give over and over again. You were hard on him because you were making sure he was worth your love. It was obvious to you: the more you care, the more you have to lose. And the more you have to lose, the more you’re going to be destroyed in the future.

You can remember Taehyung saying “I love you” every once in a while, at least once a day. And you remember even more clearly how you asked him not to say it too often. That’s right, you needed to hear someone whispering such sweet and deep words to your ear, but you were afraid to get used to it and you were even more afraid of your feelings being influenced by those three tricky words. You knew that “I love you” has never meant “I won’t ever leave you” yet you wish it did.

You wish people only love a soul in their whole life. You wish people never left each other easily. But by wishing so many things, you were secretly wishing to be his first and last love. You wished to be the only girl he had ever loved, you wished to be the only one. But you never felt enough to be representing so much to him. You felt ugly most of the time, you felt like your clothes were not fitting you the way they should so you would be attractive. You felt like you were the kind of girl to be replaced easily; you were realizing your situation was your worst nightmare. You were so sorry to be so deeply in love and not to be confident enough to bear the weight of the others’ look on your relationship. Indeed, you could not bear Taehyung acting too close with other girls, though it was in his extroverted personality. Every time you pictured him with another one, your heart was sinking and seemed to bleed so much it leached into your smaller veins to infect your whole body and poison your brain. You had fevers, sweats which can explain how jealousy can make you lose your mind and go completely crazy and overreact.

You can plainly remember you and your best friends having those kinds of conversation a few weeks before you started dating Taehyung.  

“I so want a boyfriend right now, I want hugs and kisses. I need one.” one of them was constantly repeating.

You were lost in your thoughts but then, when they asked your opinion, you declared “Even if I want one, I don’t think I am ready to be in a relationship.”

“What the hell, I don’t understand.” another one would wonder.

“I don’t think I am ready because I don’t think I am strong enough.” you paused and coldly yet calmly explained to your friends “Lovers relationship is going to be so deep, so important to your eyes, if something is going another way it supposed to be, you’re going to be hurt and it won’t be just a soft pain. It will be the kind of pain you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. The kind of pain you will be struggling to forget and live with. That’s why you better think twice before being engaged in a relationship.”

You knew you were going to cry, you knew you were going to suffer even though you’ll be smiling more brightly thanks to him. But you were not even able to think twice before dating Taehyung; you were not able to think just like your brain had been short circuit.  

And when he was lying to you, when he was revealing dark sides of his past he was used to hide to you and you were used to live like it was not the case, that’s when you knew you were deeply hurt for the first time. You were so faithful to him, you trusted him and yet, he had still managed to break his promises. So he was apologizing, and you so loved him you would have done anything to stay by his side, you would nearly excuse yourself when it was his turn to. Maybe you were just too stupid or maybe you were just too kind but you still wanted to believe him, to trust him again even though he broke his promises. You started to be happy again with him, everyday step by step but happiness was made to be alternated with sadness and disappointment, remember? So he broke some new promises, again and again, and you were tired of all those nightmares, yet you were still the one to want him. You were still the one who wanted to be with him for your whole life. So you were even more hurt and that’s when you wished you could learn to control your emotions so maybe it would not hurt this much. But though hope was there, it only got worse and worse and you still hoped it was going to work. But it was only going to hurt.

The thing is you did not want to break up with Taehyung, because it would mean you’ll be living in the same world every second, knowing he could have been there but realizing he is not. It’s hearing some of his expressions from somebody’s mouth; it’s finding again someone who has the same passion he has. It’s listening to the same songs which remind you of him. Living after a break up is fighting to live in a world where a chapter has ended. And it won’t be easy, it was never meant to be easy. You’d wish to have amnesia at some points, you’d wish nothing had ever happened but you’ll realize how many things this relationship brought to you and most of them parts are going to be positive and worthy.

IV. Learning         

“The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when you wake up in the morning you go to school.”

So that’s how you will teach this little girl to keep a relationship. You’ll list her each of your mistake, each of your fool’s gold so she could get inspired and could not repeat your errors. You will teach her how important it is to communicate in a relationship, how it is important to talk about things whether they are good or bad.You will repeat her how much it’s important to build trusts, to be honest and faithful. You will teach her to be there for her lover, to spare time for him. You will teach her one of the most difficult part of loving: you will teach her to leave the past to the past that includes ex’s and focus on the moment. You will let her know having arguments is something normal and you will also let her know she won’t be always happy. You will teach her not to expect change, to appreciate each of her lover’s flaws. You will teach her she’ll have to become his best friend and love him unconditionally.

Because that’s how you learn how to love people right: she’s going to love him so hard she’ll forget to hate herself. She will even begin to get out of bed early instead of not at all just to see his lovely face. She will be so busy loving him she won’t even notice all the wilted flowers inside of you which were starting to grow back and she will be trying so hard to impress him that she will finally clean up her mess of a life. He will make her want to feel better and she will, god, she will get better. His touch will make her feel things she haven’t been able to feel yet. Shewill love him so much she will fell in love with yourself.And that was all you were asking for your little girl.

And when this little girl will be in the age of asking you how you were still in a relationship with her father, you’ll answer that he had tried his hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult it was. You had to keep him because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws is not something that happens every day. And the most important was Taehyung loved you more than you were. And that’s why you had to marry him: “If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold onto him. This is the man you’re going to marry.” your mother once told you. “At the opposite, when you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heart beat faster and he make you feel giddy and excited, walk away from this man. He is not the man for you.”

You were hoping your first love who was also her father will be there to help her build her own relationship. You were hopingin so hard she’ll be able to survive such a magical and cruel feeling thanks to your billion advices.  But the thing you were the most excited to tell her is how proud Taehyung and you were to make it to today. How proud you were to kept on fighting because you had fought the toughest battles and that’s how you learned the price of happiness. That’s how you had been able to engage, to marry, to move in together and to give birth to your first child. So no matter how hard the storm can be, it’s always possible to build something beautiful if the lovers are wanting this love, they’ll become wariors and get it to the end. 


So yeah, here it is. I know it’s pretty long but I had many subject to talk about to correctly talk about love. So I hope everyone who read my scenario had learn something, got inspire and could identify to what you read.

Please, it would be nice to me to hear what you like in my scenario, if you agree or disagree~I would be so happy if you inbox me and let me know your feelings.

Thank you! xx ♥

anonymous asked:

Was JP bullied as a kid? Because from her DE obession, to her Ian obession, to her irrational understanding that Stefan dying, is not making anyone with a working brain happy, I don't know how she thinks... I mean, unless I'm wrong, it's not us being 'mean kids' if he hate this trashy finale. It's us loving the main character of the show, that might be one of/the only reason why we were watching the trash show. I mean, who would want to watch Damon obsessing over a coffin for 2 years?

I was literally just watching for Stefan & Bonnie haha. And they did them so dirty.

Idk about JP, all I know is she had a creepy crush on Ian and that she created one of the worst, most problematic relationships on modern television and had the nerve to call them epic. Also she had some kind of a strange fetish on making Stefan & Bonnie suffer every episode of every season. I’m so happy this show is over.