one of the main reasons why i love her

Some Pidge Headcanons

- Pidge is the kind of person who would rather try to find a free version of a program instead of actually paying for a program

    - Either that or she just makes her own program

         - Everyone would go to her so she could get them free stuff

- When she’s bored she just makes a fake profile on stuff like club penguin and neopets and just dick around with the system and trolls people

       - She’s been banned like 57 times on club penguin ALONE but she just works her way around the system

- Her interest in tech stemmed from wanting something on her computer but she can’t access it yet

        - “Dad, why can’t I find out what NASA is hiding from us?” “It all in their files, it’s confidential” “Oh really >:3c”

- Gaming becomes one of her favorite things, she was always interested in how it works

         - The main reason her sleep schedule is so messed up

- The relationship between her and Matt is like “I’m gonna call u an asshole and put pink hair dye in ur shampoo but I still love u with all my heart”

     - She’s definitely the kind of sister who comes in, leaves the door open and walks away

- Pranks are her thing, don’t mess w/ her

    - They’re always super elaborate and well-planned and she never gets caught

- She always secretly wanted shorter hair bc she didn’t want to deal with it

      - But people always used to say she looked like Matt so she didn’t want them to look even MORE alike

- Her interest in aliens and conspiracy theories started as a joke but then she fell down the rabbit hole

    - She saw all the evidence and people’s point of view and she was convinced that there were aliens out there and that the Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz

              - You know alienmemes420? Yeah, that’s her on forums aggressively proving that her theory is right

                       - She actually came across Keith on one of these forums and even argued with him but she never knew his actual name

                                     - This skill actually came in handy because she was able to figure out the twist at the end of the season months before anyone else 


endless list of favorite characters + Haley James Scott

“ I’m usually one of those people who likes the first day of school. You know, new pens, new books, new backpack. A nerd. Exactly! “

I Love You - Montgomery x Reader One Shot

One of the main advantages of baseball games being played usually on Friday was possibility of throwing the party right after it – not matter if Liberty High’s team wins or loses. This time wasn’t different. Bryce wasn’t playing that game because of the injury, so party started before most of the baseball team even arrived at his home.

When Montgomery got there his girlfriend Y/N had been there already for over an hour and was after a few drinks.

“Hey, babe”, he came up to her, put his arm around her waist and leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Hey”, she smiled at him. “Mister Jack Daniels was keeping me a company while I was waiting for you”, Y/N pointed at red cup in her hand.

“AND THEEERE HE IS, THE MAN OF THE GAME”, before Monty could even answer, Bryce and other jock came up to them, put their arms around his shoulders and took him from Y/N.

“It’s okay, go”, she smiled when Monty looked at her with apologizing look in his eyes.

Y/N was used to it. Even though Bryce was the captain, Montgomery and Jeff were real stars of the team and after each game there was bunch of people who wanted to talk to both of them and congratulate them, so she was always standing in the back, waiting for Monty, which didn’t really bothered her. She didn’t like being in the spotlight, it was Monty’s thing.

Monty on the other hand didn’t really care about talking to all those people. He liked attention – sure, it has always been that way, but something has changed it him since he started dating Y/N. He much preferred spending time with her, whether on party or in his bedroom binge watching Netflix than talking to jocks and all cheerleaders who only wished to be in Y/N’s place.  

Time passed, he was just finishing his beer pong round when he, and many other people, heard hiccup. Very loud hiccup. He turned around to see it was coming from Y/N who was talking to Sheri.

“Do this last one for me, I got something to do”, he handed the ball to Zach and went towards Y/N.

“Come on, you could use some water, huh?”, he asked her and took red cup out of her hand. “Thanks for keeping an eye on her, Sheri”.

“It’s okay, Monty”, girl smiled and went to watch new beer pong round.

Y/N could barely even stood on her own feet, not even mentioning walking. Monty went with her to the living room, where he made her sit on the couch.

“I’ll be back in a second”, he rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. “Here, drink it”, he opened it and made Y/N make a sip.

“There’s no alcohol in it”, she said clearly unimpressed.

“Cause you definitely don’t need more”, Monty laughed.

Y/N’s phone buzzed in his pocket – which was place where it always was during the parties.

“Shit”, he said as he saw who was calling. “Wait here”.

He quickly rushed to first empty room and picked up the phone.

“Hi, Mrs Y/L/N, it’s Montgomery”.

“Hi, Monty. Is there Y/N anywhere near you?”, Y/N’s mum asked.

“She’s in bathroom. With Sheri”, he lied quickly as Y/N definitely wasn’t in condition that allowed her to talk to her mum.

“And which of them had to get to the bathroom?”.

“Sheri. Some guy drama and all that stuff”.

“I see”, Y/N’s mum laughed. “Listen, I just wanted to ask if Y/N is staying at your place after party or is coming home. She left her keys, so I don’t know if I should keep the doors opened for  night”.

“She can stay at my place. I mean… It’s safer. And you don’t have to sleep with door unlocked”, Monty said.

“Yeah, right”, she chuckled. “Okay, have fun kids, just please, don’t make little Montys, okay?”

“Okay, Mrs. Y/L/N”, Monty smiled.

As much as he was a little afraid of Y/N’s dad, he felt like her mum really liked him and he was really hoping that she was able to realize even a little bit of how important her daughter was for him.

He ended the call and left the room. Y/N was sitting on the couch, red cup was back in her hand.

“Baaabeee”, he moaned as he kneeled in front of her. “You really had enough”, he took a cup from her.

“Babe?”, she looked at him confused. “What else do you think you can call me?”

“Honestly, I can call you whatever I want”, he left quick kiss on her lips.

“Oooo, boy, you’re in trouble”, she slowly shook her head.

“Why?”, now he was confused.

“If my boyfriend see this, he’ll kick your ass”, she whispered into his ear.

Monty bit his lip trying not to laugh.

God, she’s so wasted, he thought.

“So I probably shouldn’t do that?”, he asked putting some hair from her face behind her ear.

“Dude, seriously”, she said with serious face. “Don’t even try your pick up lines or anything, because one - Monty will kick your ass, two - I love him so much, that…”

“You love him?”, Monty interrupted her.

They’ve been a couple for some time by now but neither of them had said three magic words again yet. Until now.

“Duh, yeah”, she rolled her eyes. “I mean, he still can be a dick to everyone except me but for me he’s the best boyfriend I could ask for”, she was talking slower and slower and put het forehead on Monty’s shoulder.

“You wanna go home?”, he asked. “With Monty of course”.

Y/N nodded her head.

“Wait here”.

Y/N made herself comfortable on the couch while Montgomery went to asked Jeff to give them a ride home.
Y/N woke up feeling like shit. Headache was killing her and she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. She remembered, barely, she black out last night, pretty early, and assumed Monty was probably pissed about that. She slowly pened one eye and saw she was in her boyfriend’s room.

“Monty?”, she mumbled.

No response so he wasn’t in the room. She closed her eye again praying for headache to stop. Few minutes later she opened the eye again when she heard door opening.

“Look who woke up”, Monty smiled. “Good morning, princess”, he sat on bed next to her and handed her a huge cup of water with aspirin.

“Hi”,  she smiled weakly and drank everything at once almost.

Monty took her spare hand, tangled his fingers with hers while looking at her with puppy eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me or something?”, she asked.

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because I got wasted last night, black out and you couldn’t enojy the party because you had to take care of me?”, she said stroking his hand with her thumb.

“Jesus, you’re so silly”, he laughed and hide his face in the crook of her neck.

“Should I thank you or what?”, Y/N asked confused.

“If I had to choose between you and taking care of you versus anything else, I’d always choose you. you know that?”. he looked up at her with dreamy eyes. 

“Monty, did I say or do something yesterday that I don’t remember because you’re acting really weird”.

“I just…”, Montgomery took a deep breath. “I love you, Y/N”.

In a second Y/N felt millions of butterflies in her stomach and huge smile showed up on her face. It was the first time Monty confessed his feelings for her and she couldn’t be any happier. 

“I love you too”, she smiled at him.

“Yeah, I know”, he shrugged with a smile.

“Oh really?”, she chuckled.

“You said that last night”.

“What?”, she sat on the bed. 

She was mad at herself for telling it first and not even remembering it. 

“Yesterday, you told me I shouldn’t flirt with you because you have a boyfriend and he’ll kick my ass and that you love him”, Monty said bringing her closer to himself.

“Ugh, I’m so mad!”, Y/N covered her face with blanket. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that… And I wanted to remember that”, she said angrily.

“Hey, babe”, Monty uncovered her head. “Don’t you think the only thing that matters now is that we both finally grow some ball and spilled it out?”

“You’re right, yeah”, she smiled and started playing with his hair. “Now say it again”

“What?”, Monty acted surprised.

“You know what”.

“No I don’t”.

“Monty”, she punched his arm. 

“Are you trying to hurt me with this funny, small fist?”, he grabbed her hand, unfist it and tangled his fingers with hers. “I love you”, he said looking her in the eyes. 

“And I love you”, she nestled into him while he put his arms around her.

Okay, this is shit, I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time x 

My Life As A Teenage Robot: My Thoughts and Why This Show Needs A Reboot!

So today is a very special post in my opinion! 

Recently, I believe a week ago, I rediscovered one of my favorite shows that I used to watch when I was little! 

That show… well you already know because of the title of my post! LOL!

So yeah, I am now part of this fandom! 

So I remember so much about this show!!! 

I remember XJ9! AKA, Jenny! 

I also remember all of the beautiful designs of the whole setting, and of course the weapon designs! 

I remember the level of awesomeness and fun that this show has!

This show, in my opinion, is basically a Superman type of story. 

A creature that is either from a different world or a creature that is built to defend the human race, is now part of human life, and gets to discover what humans are actually like. 

So that is really interesting and it also makes the main lead very relatable and likable.

So before this post, I researched this show again and watched some old episodes. I even watched the video “107 Facts ‘My Life As A Teenage Robot’ That You Should Know About.”

So… what do I think about the show?

Well, it’s really really good! 

So what is so good about this show you may ask?

Well, lets list my reasons why! 

1. The beautiful 2D hand drawn animation! 

2. The character designs are very unique and creative! 

3. The characters are funny, likable, and relatable! 

4. The action scenes are fun! 

5. The settings are unique and creative! 

6. And the story about a robot girl who wants to be a regular teenager is very intriguing and interesting! 

It’s just really interesting, and Rob Renzetti, the creator of the show, wanted this show to continue! 

But unfortunately, that never happened. 

Because according to wikipedia and tvtropes, it was cancelled by Nickelodeon due to low ratings from season 2. 

Season 2 ended in 2005 and season 3 never aired until 2008! 

And the finale of the show didn’t really feel like a finale. It just felt like a random episode that could’ve been put in any other episodes, not the series finale!

I wish it continued!!! 

It’s such a very cool concept and it can be rebooted today! 

And before I tell you more reasons why, I wanna tell you something about one particular ship that I am loving for this show!

And Jenny is one of my many fictional character crushes!!! 

So what is the ship?

Sheldon X Jenny!

So this kid above is Sheldon Oswald Lee.

He is the main supporting character of the series.

He is friends with Jenny and he has a huge crush on her throughout the whole show! 

He at times would fall under the geeky kid who stalks the main female character trope. 

Well he does that, but only for a few episodes.

Everything other than that, he is a very nice and sweet guy towards Jenny! 

He is cute, funny, likable, and just a very fun character! 

And the show was short lived and we the fans never saw them being a couple. 

Turns out, according to the wikipedia page, the creator himself have stated that if the show lasted longer, the two would’ve been a couple! 


This reboot can have better animation and there can be new stories! 

I would recommend this show being on Disney XD!

With its lineup of great shows like Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and the upcoming DuckTales reboot, this reboot can be added to this channel as one of the great animated shows of the modern era! 

That’s my take! 

Comment about your thoughts! 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a short description of each member of Seventeen on who would be the big spoon and who would be the little spoon? Maybe telling how each of them would cuddle too?

I love getting questions like these! Feel free to send in any questions or requests, I always am willing to answer them! xx

S. Coups: Seungcheol would be a switch, but most of the time he would be a big spoon. Being the leader and all, I see Seungcheol wanting to protect his girl at all costs and holding her close to his chest while they cuddle would make him feel powerful. He would have her head rested comfortably against his broad chest, their legs tangled together while he leans his head on top of her smaller one. The only time Seungcheol would be the small spoon is when he would be feeling upset or stressed about something. Then, he would willingly allow his girlfriend to hold him close to her own body as she strokes his head gently to reassure him that everything will be okay.

Jeonghan: I feel like Jeonghan would be a switch too. Like some days he would prefer to be the big spoon while other days he would just want to curl up in a ball and let his girlfriend hold him. If he were being the big spoon, Jeonghan would have his arms wrapped loosely around his girlfriend’s waist, but also making her feel secure at the same him. He would be the one to run a hand under her shirt and stroke small shapes on her back, slowly making her fall asleep. If he were being the little spoon, he would rest his head on his girlfriend’s chest, having his arms thrown loosely around her body while his girlfriend would run her fingers through his hair gently. He would always feel so relaxed when he is in her embrace.

Joshua: Joshua would be a big spoon. I feel like Joshua gives of this vibe of dominance and always wanting to be the one to do things for his girlfriend. He would find it cute if his girl would try to spoon him by wrapping her arms around his waist from behind, but he would win over the dominance by flipping her over in his embrace so he could lock her in his hold, playfully and gently. He would want to have her as close to his face as possible so he could stare at her beautiful features. He loved the ways he would watch her eyes flutter shut once she finally falls asleep before he would push her hair behind her ear, kissing her forehead gently in the process.

Jun: Jun would hands down be a big spoon. I’m pretty sure there are times when he would want his girlfriend to hold him, but I don’t think it would last very long because he would just love the fact of holding her so close to him every night. He would be all pressed up against her, his lips always planted upon her face. His hands would be firm on her hips, lifting her shirt up slightly so he can feel the warm skin on his girl’s hipbone.

Hoshi: Soonyoung would want to be the big spoon, but I feel like he would probably give in half way and just want to be the one cuddling his girlfriend. He would be so extra and remove his grip from her so he could crawl into her embrace, shoving his face into her warm chest as he did so. He would wrap her thigh around his torso and wrap his own arms around her middle. He would love it if his girlfriend would run her fingers through his hair as she would hold him. There is nothing he would love more than the feeling of being his his girl’s embrace.

Wonwoo: I’ve always seen Wonwoo as a more submissive kind of person over dominant, so I really think he’d be more of a little spoon over a big spoon. I feel as if he would rather be held than holding his girlfriend. He would love holding her close to his chest, but despite how much he loves it, he would love it even more if his girl held him in a strong embrace. he would nuzzle is nose into her neck, leaving cute little butterfly kisses all over her neck and collarbones. Like Hoshi, he would love it if she would run her fingers through his soft hair and maybe talk quietly to him about how her day went as they snuggled, slowly causing Wonwoo to fall asleep.

Woozi: I know how everyone says Jihoon is all dominante and everything, but I really see him being the one in the relationship to ask his girlfriend if she could hold him. This would be his favorite part of the night, especially when he would come home late after producing and working hard to practice all he would want to do is strip off and climb into bed. The feeling of his girlfriend snaking her arms around him from behind and pulling him close to her body, kissing right in between his shoulder blades would bring a warm feeling to his stomach and would just relax him. He would love it when she would trace shapes on his own skin, and maybe pet his head a little bit. He would let out the cutest sound of contentment as he finally fell asleep in her arms.

DK: Seokmin would be a big spoon. He’d always been seen as the type to be more submissive in his relationship and I think that’s the main reason why he would try and be dominant. Despite him being all soft and mushy for his girlfriend, he would have sworn to be the one to protect and hold her from the beginning. He would hold his girl so close to his body to the point where she could almost not breath. But being in his arms would make her feel so secure that she wouldn’t even care. I feel like Seokmin would be the type to wrap his thicc thighs around his girl and just kind of hold her in between them like that. While it would seem weird at first, but I think it’s a habit that she would get used to and she would grow to love her boyfriend holding her so tight while scrunched up in a little ball.

Mingyu: Mingyu is a switch. I don’t care what anyone says about him being so dominant and protective, Kim Mingyu is both a tall giant and a small child. Most nights he would be the one to hold his girl close to him. I think it goes to speak for itself on how a tall lanky noodle would hold her. Her legs would be tangled with his own longer ones, his strong arms wrapped securely around her waist and her own around his neck. He would subtly kiss her lips every now and then until he fell asleep. If he were the small spoon, he would be so cuddly to the point where his girlfriend would debate on pushing him off of her, jokingly of course. But he would be so submissive when she would become the big spoon. He would nuzzle his nose into every body part on her body and would leave light kisses everywhere, and I mean everywhere. But he would overall be so cute and fluffy and would basically just curl up against her in a little ball and let her hold him until he fell asleep.

The8: Minghao would be a big spoon. I think a misconception a lot of people have of him, and this is just my opinion, is that he is so innocent. And while I kind of believe that might be true, and I can’t speak for myself because I don’t personally know him, I have always seen Minghao as a dominant person. He would be the one who would always want to hold his girlfriend and never let her go. He would have one of his arms wrapped tightly around her middle and his other around her shoulders so his hand could support her head as he held her into his chest. He would have his chin resting upon her own head and he would ocassionally lean down slightly to kiss her hair. He wouldn’t want to let her go when morning would come and would whine if his girlfriend tried to leave his embrace. After she would fight him about having to leave for work, he would just look at her with a pout until she would give in and crawl back into bed with him.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would be a big spoon too. I know a lot of people see him as both, but I feel like he would be more dominant over his girlfriend. The only time he would really let her be the big spoon is when he is upset, really tired, or if she would use her best aegyo on him to the point where he had to give in. But usually that would rarely happen. He would be too scared to hold her tight in fear that he would crush her. But as the night would go on, he would slowly tangle his legs with her own and tighten his grip around her. He would snore quietly against her temple where his lips rested and he would play with the ends of his hair mindlessly in his sleep. He, much like Minghao, wouldn’t ever want to let go of her and would beg for her to stay with him instead of leaving.

Vernon: Vernon too would be a big spoon. I’ve always seen Vernon as one of the more manly members in the band, despite everything I’ve seen on him being so innocent. He would be kind of shy when it would come to sleeping with his girl at night, mainly because he wasn’t used to it. Vernon would be more of a hugger than a cuddler so his embraces would seem more hug like. He would have one arm under his girlfriend while the other would be on top of her as they lay next to each other. Throughout the night though, he would slowly pull his girlfriend’s head on to his chest so he could be closer to her. (I’m always so awkward when it comes to Vernon so pls bare with me)

Dino: Chan would be a small spoon. I think he would try to be dominant, like Hoshi, but he would only fail and give in. He would never admit it out loud, but the feeling of his girlfriend’s arms around his waist as they would cuddle at night drove him insane as his heart would pound against his chest and butterflies filling his stomach. He would love it so much to just put his face in the crook of her neck and placing small kisses to her neck as she rubbed his back gently. Occasionally he would find himself playing with her hair or whispering ‘I love you’s’ into her ear. And he wouldn’t want it any other way

nichorello future? and more...

i have so many theories about this couple it is ridiculous. let’s point out some obvious facts tho.
1. lorna loves nicky (denial…sort of?) she will come to her senses as i will explain later on.
2. nicky loves lorna. obviously.
3. lorna needs nicky (again, she will find this out)
4. nicky needs lorna (to help stay sober)

i think nicky will be perfectly fine, maybe a few cuts and scraps, but she will survive. i mean why bring her back if the writers were just going to make her character miserable and then kill her off? it wouldn’t make sense. i mean maybe if the character was hated, but nicky isn’t all.

on the other hand, lorna. honestly, i don’t know. i feel like IF they get separated for a few episodes (maybe the first 4-6) , lorna is going to come to many realizations. the first one, obviously, needing nicky. second, receiving psychiatric help. i have a weird feeling that lorna is going to find out that nicky called vinnie and it’s going to change a lot for her. when she was outside before the separation into different buses, she thought that he just came back…from his own free will. if she finds out that nicky called him and basically convinced him to come back, well….nicky 1, vinnie 0.

i feel like there are so many possibilities when discussing lorna’s pregnancy.
1. lorna will lose the baby. there are two ways this could go down. one: miscarriage. two: somebody hurts her. both of these could cause lorna and vinnie’s fake and fucked marriage to collapse. why? because now vinnie doesn’t have the responsibility and might not want to be around anymore.
2. lorna doesn’t lose the baby. when nicky and lorna reunite (which they probably will, i mean, the
show wants to keep the audience captured…but also have an audience. killing nichorello would be a dumb decision that would affect their ratings. anyways, when they reunite, nicky will help with the baby. of course, this would lead to bonding time and change Lorna’s feelings.
3. i would LOVE to see a lesbian and a bisexual raising a baby. it hasn’t happened yet on the show with the last two pregnancies and i think it would add a little positive spark to the show…because it was lacking this season. we all know how oitnb loves to make points…so what about two people of the same sex raising a baby?

i wanted to also address vinnie. he is not able to take care of lorna nor the baby. hell, he can’t even take care of himself. he is what? 35 and shares a room with this brother at his parents house. and we are suppose to think they he can take care of a child for a full year? come on now. secondly, vinnie doesn’t really know lorna. i mean he hasn’t been with her and talked to her for more than a few hours at visitation. he hasn’t witnessed her outbursts in person. third, he ran away with the thought of having a child. not a good sign. it took him a phone call to convince him to come back, but i doubt it will be forever. vinnie isn’t going to last long. might be gone by the end of this season or next. i said this before. vinnie is the new larry. just a bump in the road.

i doubt that the entire season 6 will be shot from different prisons. the audience loves their ships, scenes from their ships, and everything the comes with that. if you separate all 3 of the main ships: vauseman, nichorello, and flaritza, for the entire season, its not gonna go well. people will be upset. fans will be upset. and i believe the writers know this.

i wanted to address something that a friend and i were thinking and talking about. i think there is more than one reason why nicky wanted lorna to not go with them. the obvious reason being that she wanted her and the baby to be safe. but i think there is another one. we witnessed flaritza holding hands and being close, yet got separated. do we honestly think that if lorna was with nicky down in the pool that they wouldn’t be holding hands and standin next to each other? maybe it means that they will end up in the same prison…who knows tho. just an idea to dwell over.
of course if they end up in the same prison, i still think lorna will come to the conclusion that she loves nicky, but it would take longer. we saw it in the hug. we saw it when she asked nicky to stay the 5 extra minutes. we know.

now a list of randomness.
1. i saw a comment that said if they killed poussey and soso’s relationship, they can do anything. i think there was a reason behind why they specifically were ruined. of course it was to make a point of #blacklivesmatter and the fucked up system we have in place. another point is that soso and poussey didn’t have a history together. they just got together and never experienced more time together. so if the writers were to create some drama and ruin a couple to create a point while simultaneously still having an audience, of course you would ruin a new relationship.
2. i feel like caputo is going to play a huge role in the first few episodes of season 6. i think he is going to really try and get the points that taystee and the rest were trying to get across. i think they are playing on the current political concept of the resistance and having people in power help out the ones who don’t necessarily have a voice. (caputo had power…inmates don’t).
3. litchfield will still be a main filming location. they aren’t just going to demolish it. it is still functional. the guards were just fucked. (might have to baby trap the prison tho because of frieda’s little hideout).
4. there is going to be vauseman issues. probably going to be separated. who knows with those two tbh.

in the end, when lorna is looking back, i think it actually hit her that she got what she so called wanted. a husband that says they will be there for her, but now she lost nicky. this is going to help her make her decision easier…i think.

to fully end it lol….lorna is in love with nicky, but not the idea of being with a woman…yet.
lorna is in love with the idea of being with an italian man and having a baby, but she isn’t in love with vinnie.
nicky loves lorna. plain and simple.
in the end, love will find a way. it may take a couple of seasons, but i believe nichorello is endgame.

Reasons why I love season 2 of supergirl!

- Alex discovering herself and finding someone to be happy with
- James having a story arc that isn’t about a love triangle
- James being a hero
- Winn’s humour quota has been upped
- Winn finding love
- The alien bar giving us a space where aliens can hang out and do normal things like normal people
- Brian
- you don’t really know who ALL the villains are so, ~suspense~ (and the fact that there’s more than one main villain)
- deals with real life issues
- Kara meeting someone who challenges her and them both learning from each other
- Kara finding love in someone she can be herself with
- more information about the different planets from different galaxies, meeting new, quirky and wonderful aliens
- introducing minor characters I care about, then bringing those minor characters back every now and then (like Brian)
- Kara realising that she can have it all - the superhoing and relationships
- Kara learning to put aside her prejudices about Daxam for Mon-El, similar to J'onn learning that there are good white Martians, like Megann
- Sanvers and Karamel doing domestic couple things like cuddling on couches
- a mix of fun villains (and some who aren’t really villains anyway) and the scary villains to keep the show lighthearted and fun to watch while still conveying serious messages
- Winn/Alex brotp
- Mon-El/Winn brotp
- Alex and her gun - Danvers sisters relationship
- Mon-El’s 180 character development arc (not there yet but still well on the way!)
- teaching important lessons about relationships: none of them are perfect, relationships need honesty, all of them have complications, relationships take hard work, and they can inspire you to be a better person, even if you’re not together
- all KARAMEL AND SANVERS moments!
- not one, but TWO crossovers in one season!
- badass fight scenes - reblob and add more of your fave reasons!

an unpopular opinion but one of the reasons i love harry and ginny way more than ron and hermione is because it felt more relatable to me? ron and hermione are an amazing will-they-won’t-they ship and i enjoyed them immensely but i could never relate to them? it feels more natural to me to get feelings for someone unexpectedly like harry did with ginny because that’s how it normally happens with couples in real life. harry started liking ginny because he liked hanging out with her and she made him laugh and isn’t that how relationships and crushes normally start? because in my experience that’s how they usually happen. i don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with giving the hero an epic fairytale love story when we got a more natural and realistic one? i’m incredibly grateful that jk rowling wrote harry and ginny like this and did not give the hero a repeated love story trope.

Guilty - Alex Standall x Reader

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Pairing : Alex Standall x Reader

Fandom : 13 Reasons Why

Warnings : none

A/N: *cough* grammar mistakes *cough* 

It was late. Your day had been a though one and you were tired, but Alex brought you with him at Bryce’s. You were sitting by the big swimming pool, thinking about nothing, eyes gazing down on the clear water. You could hear Justin and Bryce shout, and the sound of shotguns from Montgomery’s videogame. You hated the fact that Alex spend that much time with them, because you knew he wasn’t like them. He tried his best to be like them, but he could'nt. He was so much different.You got out of your thoughts when you felt a hand on your shoulder. It was Alex, he looked particulary sad, but also pissed off.

“Hey.”  he said, sitting by your side.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I don’t know, Y/N.”

“Alex, you can talk to me.” you replied, placing your hand on his cheek.

“I know, It’s just…I miss Hannah. Like, a lot. She was my best friend and I let her down. I’m so fucking pathetic Y/N, I wish I could turn back time and tear that damn list into pieces.” you saw a tear streaming down his cheek.

“Babe, don’t say that. We all let her down, don’t blame yourself for her death, it’s not your fault, and you should know it.”

“Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?” he said calmly, staring into your e/c eyes, and you nodded. “Well, if I hadn’t wrote Hannah and Jessica’s name on the list, then nobody would’ve hurt Hannah, and Jessica would’ve still been her best friend. I started all of this Y/N, you can’t deny it !”

Just as you were about to answer, you heard Montgomery yell something about ’‘how bad of a player” Alex was. You rolled your eyes then took your boyfriend’s cold hands in your warm ones.

“Listen. I know how you feel, but we’re all guilty, Alex; you did something wrong, I did something wrong, Clay Jensen, THE Clay Jensen who was madly in love with Hannah did something wrong just by taking the wrong decision, and this fucker right there did something wrong” you said, pointing at Bryce. “But you know what’s worse ? What’s worse is that we’re hiding behind him. Look, everyone treats Tyler like shit because of the pictures he took of Hannah, but god know this kid doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets.”

“Y/N, I pushed a girl to suicide! I don’t care about who’s reason is worse, I just can’t live with the fact that I’m one of the reasons why she killed herself !” he said, letting go of your hands to bury his face in his.

“Standall, stop being such an idiot. Hannah needed to be loved and she needed help, but unfortunately we couldn’t see it. You are not the main reason why she killed herself. Bryce fucking Walker is, and you know it. He’s the one who made her take this decision Alex. He’s the one who should rot in jail right now, but instead, he’s having fun with his dear hypocrite friends “

"But I took away everything she had. I took away her best friend, I ruined her reputation. ”

“Justin, Courtney and Bryce did.” you added.

Alex shook his head and bite his lower lip. He knew how persuasive you were, and he didn’t want to fight with you, the last thing he needed right now was to lose you.

“Hey, come on…” you took his jaw in your hand and pressed your lips against his, kissing him softly. “We’ll tell the truth soon, I promise, it’ll be over soon.” he pulled you closer and you curled your arms around his torso, letting him rest his chin on top of your head.

“Thank you for being there… and for keeping me from taking more bad decisions. I don’t deserve to be with someone like you.”  he said, holding you tighter, leaving a small smile on your face.

"I love you, Standall.”

13 reasons why you should love tony
  1. gay, latina and one of the main characters of the story 
  2.  literally a dad stuck inside a teens body.
  3. “I thought you might have been in love with her”

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4. just wants clay to listen to the tapes, dammit!
5. was the only friend of hannah’s that she trusted 
6. after hannah died he spent time with her family to make sure that they were doing ok
7. tried to do right by hannah and do what she wished. aka making sure all the people involved heard the tapes 
8. out of the entire group clay is the only one he considers a friend and never gives up hope on him. 
9. when he realises clays tape is up next he stays with him 
10. crys and finely tells hes boyfriend about everything because he feels guilty about not being able to save hannah, wanting to honor her last wishes but also not wanting to hurt everyone else in the process (hes boyfriend is also a beautiful cinnamon roll bye.)
11. when clay asks him to tell the truth “believing what you believe and knowing what you know do you think i killed hannah baker?” he tries to beat around the answer because he knows clays a good dude but he just ends up saying yes because well its true….they all played a hand. 
12. is just very emotional and loves his friends a lot and feels a lot of guilt because of the rapes and not knowing what the right thing to do is but ultimately makes the right choices. 
13. takes himself, hes boyfriend, clay and skye on a road-trip because oh boy do they need it!

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I'm so effing mad! Westallen got two proposals and Olicity is still not even back together. It's not fair!

(I just got back from the gym and was making dinner when I got this email and I stopped everything to climb my sweaty ass up the stairs to sit down and answer this.)

It’s not fair?

You’re right, it’s not fair. 

To Westallen.

Wait! Hang on, that’s not right. It might not be fair to them if they had similar journeys to compare, but they are so radically different that to even put them in the same sentence is ridiculous.

I can’t speak for Westallen, I don’t watch The Flash, but I can speak for Olicity:

I don’t agree, lovely anon. I think it’s needed and it’s worth it.

Listen, the reason I love Arrow (and part of why I stopped watching The Flash) is that it’s dark as fuck and it doesn’t shy away from it. It is still a CW show so it’s not, like, HBO/Netflix/Cinemax levels of dark, but it’s still far more gritty and dark than the other shows. This means we’re dealing with a main character who has serious and severe mental and emotional shit to deal with, which has been the main point of his entire journey all this time. 

Oliver can’t have the life he wants because he still believes he doesn’t deserve it. He is still on the path towards realizing he does deserve it. The other shows are different, in many ways, but this is one of the main reason why Oliver and Felicity aren’t together (yet). It’s also the main reason why when they finally do get back together, when Oliver realizes he is worthy, when they understand each other better, when Felicity has gone through her own island, when they learn to forgive, when they learn to communicate and relate to each other and open up to each other… it will stick. It won’t be easy, but it will stick.

Arrow is frustrating beyond belief for about eleventy billion reasons, but the main thing - the main goddamn thing - that I love about it is that it’s satisfying. Not all of it, not everything, because this is still a CW show and it’s on a network that won’t let me see some damn side-boob or Amell’s muscular ass or hear the word ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ every once in a while, but emotionally? In the grand scheme? For me, it’s so much more satisfying than the other shows and that’s why I’m super okay going through absolute hell to get to the other side. Season 5 has been incredibly trying, but I trust the overall arc, I really do.

Also, even if Oliver and Felicity had stayed together, it wouldn’t have lasted. They weren’t ready, which is why they broke up. The story we’re seeing now is their journey back to each other as far more stable and mature human beings who will also have the unique ability to say they can understand each other’s positions a little bit better. They had to go through all of the shit they’ve been through to get to a point where they will get back together, and stay together. 

Love is not a cure-all, love does not fix anything, love does not take broken people and magically heal them. It shows us parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there, or parts that we deliberately ignored, parts that we need to face in order to become a better version of ourselves. Just because Oliver and Felicity love each other doesn’t mean they were ready to be together at that point. But, now? Now, they are getting there, slowly but surely.

And if you don’t think we’ll all fucking die when it finally happens, you’re wrong.

I lost my point a bunch of words ago, so long story short:

We’re going to get another proposal and engagement, and it will be fucking amazing because we’ve been through goddamn hell to get here so fret not, anon. 

Our journey is just a bit longer than theirs, and in my humble opinion, it will make the payoff so much better.

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I love Sansa's "Alayne Stone" story for many reasons, but the main reason why is because we get to see a side of her that she always had, but she suppressed it due to her courtesies. We get to see her sharp-tongued, snarky, sassy side. Honestly, when i read some of the Alayne Stone chapters, i was so surprised. I was like "wait what? Did she just say this?!".

My favourite is the one in TWOW when she can’t stop salting Harry the Heir, lol, though it also gives me an… unpleasant/creepy vibe for reasons.

it’s interesting because we don’t know if that’s part of her naturally growing up, if she’s finding in her Alayne persona a way out of the social constrictions and taboos connected to her former status, or if she’s adjusting to people’s expectations of how a bastard girl should behave. Probably all of this. Bastards are invisible: they’re neither players nor prizes, and unless they overstep their boundaries nobody really cares for them. Sansa used to have the spotlight firmly planted on her, because of her heritage and status. Alayne is a nobody, the bastard daughter of a minor lord, and counts nothing—hell, she even looks like nothing special (something to remember in her future interactions with Harry), her gorgeous auburn hair replaced by a plain shade of brown and modest clothes. In part, she resents this invisibility (and sometimes forgets what’s her place, like that time when she “accidentally” wore Tully colors), but it also gives her an unique leeway, the opportunity to watch and learn things unobserved and unnoticed, make people spill their secrets and store them for later, not unlike Arya’s wanderings in Braavos under various aliases.

but bastards are also seen as untrustworthy, less moral than /regular/ people, thus less worthy of being treated with respect. They’re “wanton”: there’s no wench half so lusty as one bastard born, Marillion says as he proceeds to paw Sansa, who under Alayne’s guise has no longer her status to shield her from unwanted sexual contact, and is even expected to be enthusiastically available. I think she immediately realizes that she can no longer act like the sheltered, innocent girl she is (or used to be)—that persona worked as best as it could when she was in King’s Landing, but now it’s useless and, if anything, suspicious. 

So she creates a new one, one that’s older, wiser and more experienced, more worldly than what she really is. She models Alayne around the idea that bastards must fight for their right to exist since they moment they’re born. She adapts. She doesn’t drop her courtesies altogether, but she adjusts them to the new situation, hones a new, sharper edge to her still formally polite words. She gets bolder with LF in calling him out on his shit (though interestingly we get less of that in AFFC, when aunt Lysa is gone and she’s Alayne for everyone except him, as if she subconsciously recognizes him as her only source of power). She still blushes a lot, but she’s working on it. She gets practical, because “bastard brave” girls get shit done (see her assertiveness with Sweetrobin and the maester). I think there’s also a degree of trauma connected with how everyone saw Sansa Stark as “stupid” (to the point that she started believing it, or at least wondering if it wasn’t true) that now she’s shedding… by disassociation, but still.

anyway, yes. I totally wonder whether, once she sheds “Alayne” from her system too, something of the bastard brave girl will remain, and which parts specifically.


Photography has definitely been my favorite way to remember things. At least for me that’s how my brain processes things, of memories or moments - if I take a picture of it I can remember so many more details. I think it’s about choosing the exact picture in my head that signifies or symbolizes a moment - almost as if you’re using film. It’s almost archaic.

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i just really wanna know why do you hate cc ? bc if she is hella problematic i want nothing to do with her

my buddy my pal, how much time do you have?? because there is a lot of reasons….

- first of all she plagiarised her entire series from several other sources
- she has an incest fetish and actively tries to romanticise it in her books
- there’s also an attempted rape in the book that was romanticised by not only her but also book stans
- girl on girl hate everywhere
- she slutslamed show!izzy on numerous occasions
- genuinely shits on the show, even said she regretted signing the rights to it over but then tries to take credit when the show gets recognised (e.g. she recently tried to take credit for shadowhunters getting nominated for a glaad award)
- she cashes in on malec every chance she gets and claims she adores them yet shipped them off on vacation for an entire book, wrote zero communication between them, wrote alec as biphobic, planned on killing alec off in the first book, etc etc.
- doesn’t care for her lgbt characters - another example of this is that she sent aline and helen off to some island so she didn’t have to write about them
- another example is the immortality thing between magnus and alec in the books. she didn’t fix things between them but had no problem sorting the immortality issue out for izzy and simon.
- oh and izzy, alec, magnus and luke may as well of been non existent in the books because there was literally no character development for them
- she also makes it clear that she doesn’t consider Isaiah to be part of the main cast or luke to be a main character
- if someone even disagrees with something she does or questions it in the slightest, she lets her stans bully them. (there’s a whole post somewhere about how serious this got but idk where it is, sorry)
- again a huge love for incest, she legit wrote a fanfic? idk about Ginny and Ron from Harry Potter like tf? and also said she ships Damon and Stefan from the vampire diaries when they’re literally brothers yikes

there’s so many other reasons as to why I dislike her but these are ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure if you look through the anti cc tag you’ll see a bunch more reasons, hope this helped :)

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I just thought of this but Steve was the one who said her name was Diana Prince because obviously she was about to say princess, but even after all this time she still uses Diana Prince and like, do you think she thinks of Steve whenever she sees her name?? Cause that was all him :-(((

Oh my god i just realized it! Yeah i think she definitely thinks about him when she uses it and not just then, Steve was the first person (and a man obvs) she met outside of Themyscira, they got close during a war, despite manners that ruled in those times, he didn’t treat her like other men would, he knew she could take care of herself, he saw her as an equal if not better than him. They were the definition of power couple, they respected and cared about each other, were honest to each other, thanks to him Diana realized people were worth saving (and she keeps doing so even tho we don’t deserve her). Steve changed her life, it all started from him, when she heard people were in pain she couldn’t just ignore that, she was finally seen as a hero she is. And so was Steve in her eyes after he died a heroic death, because he needed to do something too, he wanted to save people. Maybe they didn’t know each other for very long but they build this connection they had, thanks to Steve, Diana is where she is now, he is definitely one of the main reasons why. I think that for the rest of her long life Steve will always have a special place in Diana’s heart and the scene with original photography (that was taken over 100 years earlier) when she says “thanks for bringing him back to me” just proves it. And honestly this scene is nothing but canon. Now excuse me I’m going to cry in the corner over their love.

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Do you have any favourite fics or writers you recommend?

i’ve read so many fics during my time on the hamilton side of tumblr, i could never fit them all into a list especially my favorites. but i can definitely recommend some writers. here are my top ten faves :))

1. @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou aka my bestie

her fics are just absolutely amazing and well written. she was one of the first accounts i followed and became friends with upon starting my own account and writing my fics. she was the account that inspired me to start writing headcanons because her’s are phenomenal and always so well written. her burr fics are exceptional as well. seriously everyone go check out my bestie i love her she deserves more love 

2. @secretschuylersister

she was actually the account that made me start writing my own fics! i began to read hamilton fics, mostly from her account, and i fell in love with the idea of writing them. she’s one of the main reasons as to why my account exists lmao. but overall, her fics are so amazing and creative, she’s an overall talented as hell writer.

3. @love-doesnt-discriminate

definitely another writer who inspired me to write fics of my own. i swear, i spent one night stalking her whole masterlist but we’re not going to discuss that. i know i sound so repetitive but trust me, her writings are so so good check her out!

4. @timeforhamilton

i originally read her alexander fic and i fell in love with her style of writing. she writes all types of hamilton fic so if you ever want an account with a wide variety of fics, go check her account out.

5. @hamilton4laurens

one of the sweetest people ever and deserves more love for her fics because they’re amazing. that’s it. that’s all you need to know.

6. @hamilbye 

she somehow puts up with me messaging her random shit and i just love love love her fics. my descriptions are starting to run brief but i promise i love each and every one of these user’s and their fics 

7. @gunsandfics

cutest bean ever, one of the nicest users ever, and has outstanding fics. do i need to say more?

8. @fragmentofmymind

another user that inspires me greatly! although she’s much older then me and obviously has more writing experience, i challenge myself to reach her level of writing. i love every single one of her fics. read them and trust me, you won’t regret it.

9. @hamilton-noodles 

really appreciates more love honestly. like read her masterlist and you’ll understand. also i got shipped with her and i flipped my shit okay bye

10. @elizabethschxyler

she writes amazing pippa and lin fics. she’s also a sweetie pie. that’s really all you need to know because i’m sure you’re convinced now. 

to save a life || hannah baker

prompt: Hi! I had this Idea because I love 13 Reasons why, Especially the book. Can I get a Imagine were Hannah lives because the reader who is her bestfriend or sister is the one who ends up saving her life? Please&Thank you!!


a/n: i hope you enjoy and sorry it takes so long for me to post :( ive been busy lately but reader is hannah’s bestfriend

Hannah Baker’s life had been ruined. After a series of unfortunate events, Hannah had reached out to Mr. Porter, the school counselor. You saw as she left the main office from your class window. You asked your teacher to use the bathroom and left the classroom. You heard Hannah talk as she walked down the nearly empty hallway. You couldn’t make out what she said, but soon you saw her leave.

Walking back to class, the period dreaded on, and you were stuck thinking. What was Hannah saying? What was she doing? Soon enough, you were snapped out of your thoughts as the bell rung. You gathered your things hastily, leaving the classroom and leaving the school building. Hannah being more important than school. You rushed to your car and started the engine. Soon enough you had arrived in front of Hannah’s house.

You walked up to the front door, knocking it anxiously. Mrs. Baker had answered the door, greeting you with a smile. “Hi Mrs. Baker, is Hannah home? I have to talk to her.” You asked, she nodded her head and let you in. You rushed up to Hannah’s room and she was nowhere to be seen. You sighed, leaving her room. You walked by the bathroom and hear a gasp and other noises signaling pain. You knock on the door, hearing it get quiet.

You open the door seeing Hannah, fully clothed, sitting in bath full of water. You see her arms, and the razor blade in her hand. You rush next to Hannah as she started to feel tired and tears were streaming down your face. You quickly grab your phone and dial 911. You yelled for Hannah’s mom and she rushed up, the view of Hannah making her cry out. “No sweetie stay with me.” You hear her mutter. You got up rushing to find a first aid kit, looking for bandage wraps.

You heard an ambulance outside and let them in, letting them know she was upstairs. You saw as they rushed Hannah out of the house and into the ambulance. You wiped away some tears and went to get in your car. Mrs. Baker following behind you. You drove and followed behind he ambulance, arriving at the hospital. You followed them as they brought Hannah inside.

After sitting in the waiting room for a few hours, you were finally able to see Hannah. So you and Olivia Baker walked into the room, seeing Hannah peacefully sleeping, her arms wrapped in bandages. You sat next to the hospital bed, looking at your best friend, your eyes starting to water. The door had opened and the doctor came in, flipping through his clipboard. “So Y/N, I believed you called 911.” He started, you nodding your head yes. “You should be glad you called, she was almost gone but we were able to save her because of you.” You smiled, looking back at Hannah.

The doctor started asking Olivia if she knew why she would do this to herself, Hannah’s mom didn’t know what had caused this to happen. So you sighed, placing your hand on top of Hannah’s. After the doctor had left and Mrs. Baker had fell asleep on a chair. Hannah started stir, her eyes opening slowly. “Y/N.” She greeted, giving you a smile, to which you smiled back. “Thanks for saving my life.”

“Anything for you.“

HitsuHina & IchiHime Parallels (+ GinRan & RenRuki Parallels)

First off, I’d like to say that HitsuHina and GinRan are the only pairings I shipped seriously in Bleach, as I appreciated the relationship among Ichigo’s inner circle as nakama more (though I admit to having had a slight preference for IshiHime since I have a liking for nerdy-energetic dynamics). With that said, I am happy for the IchiHime and RenRuki fandoms.

I especially tip my hat to the IchiHime fans since speaking as an outsider, they reminded me of Orihime herself who was willing to wait for a love worth five lifetimes. Admittedly, the odds were against them if you based it on Studio Peirrot’s disproportionate portrayal of Ichigo’s relationship with Rukia and Orihime, which at times seemed already like malicious baiting (I really don’t blame the IR fans for the way they reacted, especially if you count in the BuriMyu, the openings and endings, the fillers, the movie etc.) I myself, watched the anime first, and though I didn’t ship it hardcore, I can see how many thought that IR was set in stone (especially as Orihime’s affections were often downplayed in the anime). While you have the usual bad apples in every fandom, most of the IH fans I’ve seen really do love Rukia and can appreciate her relationship with Ichigo (The really bad ones though, in both the IR and IH fandoms, phew, they formed a large part of the reason why I refused to ship either).

Anyway reading the manga retroactively, I found a lot of interesting parallels between the main canon ships and the second most popular ships (are they though? someone correct me if I’m wrong). @iserenademefan pointed out how Kubo loves to use a protection theme to indicate a deeper (possibly romantic) bond in the relationships he develops. Not only that, Kubo’s preference for romance seems to be those who already have a history with each other (also present in ShuNao and KenUno). I guess he also really likes the childhood friends trope.

HitsuHina / IchiHime 

  • childhood friends (though they weren’t close, Ichigo was a part of a huge event in Orihime’s childhood)
  • how they address each other (’Hitsugaya-kun’ ‘Kurosaki-kun’ ‘Hinamori’ ‘Inoue’ Though Hitsugaya does call her ‘Momo’ when teasing her, and Ichigo was already calling her ‘Orihime’ by the time they were married)
  • Hinamori was never afraid of Hitsugaya’s cold exterior similar to how Orihime was never afraid of Ichigo’s delinquent face and tough guy facade
  • Man oh man Aizen (is really good at reading romance tropes) uses the girl against the guy, to distract and break them
  • Just their general personalities, we have a serious guy and a sweet girl, for both pairs. Both Momo and Orihime are by nature pacifists and academically accomplished. I find it interesting how Momo in fact took on the role of a healer for much of the Quincy War. They both take cooking as a hobby. They really are so similar that it makes me think that they’d be such good friends. Both Ichigo and Toshiro are by nature stern, but are gentler and softer when around those two.
  • They both go berserk when the girl is threatened and have sworn an oath of protection specifically towards the girl.
  • We are treated to the feelings of one party extensively while the feelings of the other are mostly left ambiguous (with Hitsugaya and Orihime respectively, in contrast to Ichigo and Hinamori).
  • Looking back on it now, Ichigo’s dynamic with Rukia on the one hand and Orihime on the other reminds me of Hitsugaya’s dynamic with Matsumoto and Hinamori. Rukia and Matsumoto were the persons to lead Ichigo and Hitsugaya towards the path of a shinigami. Their bond of trust is shown often in the manga. Both Rukia and Matsumoto were privy to Ichigo’s and Hitsugaya’s struggles (and failures) to protect their significant others. (’more than a friend, less than a lover’)

GinRan / RenRuki

  • I’ve compared GinRan and HitsuHina before, but they also parallel RenRuki, especially as to how they grew up. GinRan and RenRuki definitely had a harsher childhood compared to HitsuHina; in the end all they had was each other.
  • how they address each other (’Renji’ ‘Gin’ ‘Rukia’ ‘Rangiku’)
  • The guy intentionally distances themselves from the girl for their happiness. (while one managed to reconcile, the other tragically did not)
  • In connection to the above, the theme of goodbyes is prevalent (I’m thinking of the scene where Gin left Matsumoto in the snow, and the parting scene between Renji and Rukia as she becomes a Kuchiki). In other words, the guy lets the girl go.
  • The guy was at one point enemies with the girl (Renji up to Rukia’s execution, Gin’s defection with Aizen), but eventually their true loyalties to the girl won out.
  • Aizen (yes, Aizen again, he really likes messing with ships) took something from inside the girl while the boy was watching (Hogyoku from Rukia, Reiatsu from Matsumoto)
  • Their rivals and first fights were with the guys from the above ships (Gin vs Hitsugaya and Renji vs Ichigo)
I like you

Bucky x reader

Summary:You like Bucky but he acts like he didn’t like you at all but the truth is he really likes you.
Warnings: angst, fluff in the end
Words count:1700

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Hey Buck.” I jumped on the sofa next to Bucky. Yes, Bucky Barnes. Since he moved into the tower I had a crush on him, and now I just try to get closer to him. Unfortunately, he seems like he doesn’t like me, not just like the ‘you’re not my type’ but in general. Every time I try to be with him, he walks away, or when I’m trying to talk with him he just answers with a word answers.

“Hey (Y/N)” He moved a little bit farther, again. Natasha always told me that he is actually likes me, but he is very shy and he needs some time, and to get used to the whole thing, so I didn’t give up. But I think I can’t to this much longer. Theres no changes in the past few weeks.

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Personal most badass moment: Dani switching between calls so confidently she booked a meeting with a big deal producer with nothing but two phones in under an hour. I mean, I can barely call someone important for more than 5 minutes and she did all that??

Originally posted by herostairss

YES! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SCENE! I’m so glad someone mentioned this to me. It was the moment where Dani was not just a bland supportive character – of course Dani as a character her back story; a character who has gone through relationships that were based money, violence, and control. In season one, we mostly saw her actress-or-celebrity side I should say. But then, we also saw her loyalty and kindness towards her true friends – Lito and Hernando. Yes, she made a terrible mistake of taking photos of them having sex. But she didn’t try to escape that situation; she risked her life to save Lito’s career (and Hernando).

To be honest in the very beginning I didn’t really like Dani, but when she showed how much she cared about Lito and Hernando, she grew on me. I adore her. And when I watched the legendary 58 minutes scene, my god, I was cheering along with Lito and Hernando. It showed, again, not only how much Dani really cares about Lito, but also how strong, independent, and proactive she is. Dani said she didn’t have any agent in the beginning of her career but that didn’t stop her – that literally proves she’s hell of a tough one to survive in film industry (not to mention building a career path by herself).

Her skillfulness, the way she persuades producer and his assistant, and her confidence – I’m sure everyone who watched this season fell in love with Dani, and I’m no exception. I think this is another reason why we love this show – is that not a single character is bland. They don’t just exist to be next to main characters. They have their own stories, pain, dilemma, strengths and weakness – they have power to have influence on main characters as well as on us.