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The fact that such a relatively big fandom grew out of Welcome to Hell, a 10 minute cartoon vs the fact that people made countless fuckships based on one character from the once-ler

I will never get over the les miserables fandom like… Jean Valjean is the main character and he has like…NOOOO content. At all. Instead everyone lost their minds over the fucking less amis de l'a/b/o or whatever even though each one of them has like literally a one or two sentence personality. It was literally like a once-ler esque treatment where they randomly zoomed in on the most fuckable twink, except theres like 10 of them. Ten fucking oncelers. I literally was never able to remember them or tell them apart despite reading the entire unabridged book several times. Jean Valjean was so good and these ungrateful fucks did THIS to him.

The Signs as freaking Once-ler quotes
  • Aries: "You... I'd gladly pound you!!"
  • Taurus: "Knitting isn't unmanly at all, no sir!"
  • Gemini: "How bad can I possibly be?"
  • Cancer: "...It's because of me!!"
  • Leo: "break dancing"
  • Virgo: "Then make them care!"
  • Libra: "My family was right... I really am a failure!"
  • Scorpio: "Bad? No, I'm the good guy! ...Right?"
  • Sagittarius: "Do you want a tree or not"
  • Capricorn: "And nothing is going to stop me!!"
  • Aquarius: "Aww, you missed me"
  • Pisces: "How'd my bed get in the river?"
Shout Out

To the lers who aren’t way too eager to tickle.

To the lers who clearly WANT to tickle you, but drag out the suspense for the purpose of torment.

To the lers who don’t dive right in, full force, leaving nothing to climax to.

To the lers who live in the anticipation, watching their lee’s reaction, knowing that each moment we’re swooning even harder.

To the lers who start slow, and actually enjoy what they’re doing.

To the lers who actually care about the lee’s reaction, rather than just trying to get in a tickle fix.

To the lers who are absolute meanies in the best way possible.

Y'all are special, precious, cherished and appreciated. The biggest assholes I know. Love y'all 😘

Ler Appreciation Post!!

As a lee, sometimes I just sit back and go: wow. There’s this whole group of people… with the genuine desire to do all the things I only daydream about, to me. Like, how lucky are we to have this perfectly compatible other half😆 ?!? Lers, thank you for bringing possibility for my dreams and fantasies to maybe one day become reality ❤️❤️😘

I appreciate you 💕


I’ve gotten tons of asks requesting more of this guy’s face. So here’s some of the finest pictures of the finest Once-ler cosplayer at AX!
I consider him my greatest gift and contribution to the fandom heheh ;3

Cosplayer is thetraingoat
Cosplay made by me 

I’ve always preferred thinking of the Once-ler as just one dude. But I know there is (was?) a fandom stereotype for innocent Oncie and evil Greed-ler, probably brought on by the very short transition in the movie and the stylization in early fanart, and mmmaybe perpetuated by the need for the seme/uke oncest aesthetic. I don’t really know, but it’s fascinating! What are everyone else’s opinions on these two and Once-ler fandom culture?

Also, a bonus edit by Minty:


Figured I’d post the one tickling video i made, just in case anyone ever doubted my ler abilities

anonymous asked:

21 with (platonic) sans and papyrus for the ficlets please?

Now accepting drabbles!

“SANS! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?” Papyrus raised a brow-bone at his brother and sneered, almost concerned at what the answer might be.

Sans chuckled to himself and wiped away the moisture from his eyes. “Aw man, bro, just this killer joke I thought of. Wanna hear?”


Ignoring his brothers dramatic declarations, Sans interrupted. “Whaddaya call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?” Cut short, Papyrus narrowed his eyes at his brother, tapping his foot impatiently against the floor. Sans smirked and delivered the punchline: “A condescending con descending.”


“Aw, c’mon. It’s funny. You’re smiling.”


Sans rolled his eyes. “Fine then. I’ll make you smile.”

“AND JUST HOW DO YOU PLAN TO–ACK!” There was a rattling of bones as Sans lurched forward and tackled his brother to the floor. A short scuffle ensued as Papyrus tried and failed to free himself, ultimately ending up with his legs pinned firmly down by the weight of Sans’ body. “SANS! THE GREAT PAPYRUS CANNOT BE DEFEATED BY SOMEONE WHO TELLS HORRIBLE JOKES ALL THE TIME.”

“My jokes are great. Admit it.”


Sans flashed a feral grin. “All right, you’ve forced my hand. Or rather, both of them…” He raised both his hands and wiggled his phalanges menacingly at his brother. Before Papyrus had time to offer even the slightest plea for mercy, Sans dug his fingers into the taller skeleton’s rib cage, occasionally moving to wiggle a few fingers into the curvature of his spine.

“NYEHE! S-SAHANS! STAHAHAHAP!” Papyrus’ smile stretched ear-to-nonexistent-ear as Sans’ devious fingers drew loud laughter and snorts from him. “AS THE FUTURE HEAD OF THE ROYAL GUARD, I- NYEHEHE, NOT THEHEHERE! I ORDER YOU TO STOP THIHIHIS!”

“If you want it to stop so bad, just admit my jokes are great,” Sans teased, leaning forward and blowing a dry raspberry on each of Papyrus’ lowest rib bones.

“NYEHEHEHE! ALL RIHIHIHIGHT! YOUR JOKES AHAHARE T-TOHOHOLERABLE!” Papyrus gulped in air as his brother withdrew his hands and shot Sans a glare without a single ounce of venom behind it. “I WILL BE GETTING YOU BACK FOR THIS, YOU KNOW.”

“Heh. Sure, bro. Just make sure the pun-ishment fits the crime.”

It was all Papyrus could do not to scream out of frustration.