one of the latest posts I reblogged inspired me

ponpin asked:

hey i wanted to ask where you get your reference images from? do you have some sites you could recommend? oh and i absolutly love your drawings!! they are amazing ♥♥

90% of the time they flood my dash and inspire me. 

I follow a wealth of blogs that are constantly posting or reblogging the latest pictures/edits/ etc… and most of those nab me right away. Blogs like jonginnation jonginwho krisinsanity xiao-saseum lulukaihan kaillusive dazzlingkai (okay obviously I can list a ton of Kai blogs) but really I’m more inspired by Jongin than any one singular person and despite being bias centered blogs, everyone spams Exo enough for my liking. (and I didn’t even scratch the list of my favorite blogs - these ones are just heavily frequent in my feed)

If I’ve got an idea for a concept then I usually search pinterest for specific key words. mostly pinterest to avoid the gif spam of tumblr if I need something specific however blogs like fy-exo and exohd are great when looking for something where details are important or you already know the specific event to tag search for.