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Y’all need to be fucking better about the way you interact with young artists on here. And don’t you dare see this and think “oh I’m a minor so this post isn’t for me” cause you know damn well half the inappropriate asks artists get are from other young people. Think of all the kids who were contacting the creators of BMC and asking sexual questions about the characters. Think of how many asks you see popular artists get with sex jokes and talking about which of the characters they draw are bottoms, and how often you see them have to post asking their followers to stop, and remember that most of the people in our communities are minors. 
We constantly post about how the adults on tumblr need to be careful with the way they interact with minors, and they do, but i can say from experience that more often than not they’re not the one trying to discuss inappropriate things with random people they’ve never spoken to. Being around someone’s age doesn’t give you a pass to make them uncomfortable. 

I’m so tired of hearing my underage friends complain about all the inappropriate asks they get, even after saying time and again they want people to stop. It’s not fair to them at all. Have respect for the people you follow, they aren’t your friends, you don’t know them, sending them asks about this kind of stuff is so uncool and uncalled for. 

And hell, this doesn’t even apply to underage artists. There is no reason for you to send unprompted inappropriate asks to people you follow, no matter their age. You have no idea how they feel about what you’re saying, if they’ve had uncomfortable experiences. You don’t magically become chill with sex jokes and talking about character’s sexual lives because you turned 18. Just show people the respect they deserve??

I’ve compiled a list of bughead fanfiction I’ve really liked for everyone in the bughead fam! don’t worry if your fic isn’t on here! this is a pretty small list(i read a lot) and i’ll probably make a p2, hope you enjoy xox. 

  • all in english.
  • most of the fics are on ao3 and some on tumblr. 
  • non completed fics will have *.  


  • you taste like strawberries by aplaceformyshipstoanchor -  Betty gets a job waitressing at Pop’s Diner and Jughead has no problem watching her work. When a situation at work gets sticky, Jughead has no problem helping Betty clean up. 
  • goldilocks by lusterrdust -  Her hair just does something to him.
  • touch me, tease me by lusterrdust -  Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.
  • friends with benefits by heytherejones * 
  • third time’s the charm by septemberbeauty13 - “Oh God, get a room!” Cheryl said in passing, pushing past them to get to her locker. That was enough to push Betty into a fit of giggles, burying her head into Jughead’s chest. “You know,” Jughead whispered. “I don’t normally take advice from redheads but this is sound advice.”or Jughead and Betty try very hard to get a room. 
  • resplendent by lusterrdust - A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance. 
  • three words by lusterrdust - Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of. 
  • stars by lusterrdust - Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet. 
  • in distance by lusterrdust -  It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home. 
  • camp stories by jugandbettsdetectiveagency -  Betty and Jughead end up sharing a tent when the core four go camping. 
  • close calls and getting caught by wordsonpages1 - four times Betty and Jug didn’t get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did. 
  • up close and personal (part 1, part 2) by wordsonpages1 
  • they suck at being quiet by heytherejones


  • fall in light by sylwrites - She moved to New York to find herself, but as the saying goes: wherever you go, there you are. 
  • hotdog by burgerheadjones - “Easy, Hotdog! He’s family.” How Hotdog becomes Betty and Jughead’s family in every sense. Or, where we trace the life of Hotdog with Bughead.
  • the stacks by malmo722 * - After a senior prank goes wrong, River Vixen Betty Cooper is forced to complete community service at the Riverdale Public Library with high school outcast, Jughead Jones. Romance ensues. 
  • the unexpected by spxcewvlker - "She loved that she had found peace in his arms, and comfort in his glittering blue eyes. She loved him.“ In which Jughead helps Betty with her anxiety. 
  • beanie boy by bugheadandjughead * -  “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them.
  • self conclusion by nopleasestayhere - Betty Cooper is sitting at the edge of a cliff, thinking about jumping, when Jughead Jones comes to do the same thing. Betty tries to talk him down. He gives her 48 hours to change his mind. Can they help each other? 
  • drown by lusterrdust - Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is. 
  • i’ll wait for you by AGirlNamedWhiskey * - Betty Cooper just wanted to survive her Senior year, but after being coerced into covering an underground racing competition, against a rival school, she knew her life would never be the same. Especially, when she meets the infamous street racer, Jughead Jones. 
  • space and time by agirlnamedwhiskey * - After their abrupt breakup, Jughead Jones is on a mission to win back Betty Cooper. 
  • living with betty cooper by believe_that_you_can_my_friend  - Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore after the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act? 
  • red sunrise by lusterrdust -  Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.


  • once upon a coffee shop by javajunkie * -  Betty works at a coffee shop where Jughead is a regular customer. 
  • your eyes look like coming home by ariquitecontrary - Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones who have both seen the world in color since they met each other when they were two years old. Everyone always says that they’re so lucky to have met when they were so young, that they have their whole lives to be together and in love. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Betty and Jughead hate each other. 
  • foldin’ clothes by birdlovesafish -  Jughead contemplates he and Betty’s situation and he does laundry. 
  • it happened one starry night by one_starry_night 
  • skin to skin by burgerheadjones * - Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin. 
  • drop in the ocean by lusterrdust - She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin. 
  • the exception to the rule by ShirlyGallagher 
  • do you believe in fate? by Jennimisk * - Is there such a thing as a coincidence? Or do we create our own reality because of the choices we make and the people that we let into our lives? Regardless of what you believe, sometimes you just need to be open to what the universe is throwing your way.This is a non-canon AU work based on Jughead and Betty during their college years. They have no prior relationship before meeting in Rome, Italy. 
  • dry run by Naoko Asakura - She drew a line and offered to let him cross it. 
  • lost and found by lusterrdust - Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had. 
  • red lipstick by lusterrdust -  She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss. 
  • to the first of many by jugandbettsdetectiveagency - Betty’s first Mother’s Day begins with a not-so-welcome wake up from Hot Dog. 
  • first apartment by peacelovebughead - A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment


  • break free and run by sylwrites - A Bughead college AU set in Boston; featuring Veronica and Betty as roommates, and Jughead living off campus with his dad. 
  • fall in light by sylwrites * 
  • like home by lusterrdust * 
  • bizarre love triangle by ficmuse * - When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.
  • discourse: DID YOU KNOW that Kingsman is a racist, sexist, gratuitously violent, and not very diverse film??
  • me: ...Yes.
  • me: No...
  • me: Because I can critique something I like and also enjoy the elements that make this film entertaining. I also love how both meta and fic discuss or simply correct the problematic things in canon, though they do also explore said problematic aspects in interesting, complex ways. For the most part, we tend to have a firm grip of what needs to be better represented in not only the movie, but in the general scope of fiction and real life social attitudes and political/economical implications as well.
  • discourse: ...are you going to stop liking it, though

Email from a student in my underground fandom club: AHHHHH MRS. [REDACTED]: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! PREPARE TO FANGIRL! [Link to a YT video related to her favorite ship] ALSO I WROTE A NEW CHAPTER IN MY FIC! WILL YOU READ IT PLZ?

the difference between josh being annoying and banging pots and pans to get a rise out of people, and jody/paul the rest of these people who have said/done TERRIBLE problematic things is that josh is more than likely not like that in his real life, whereas the rest of them ARE pieces of shit in their real lives.

I found my first ever therapist because he’d done couples counseling for my parents. I worked with him on and off for years. Later my parents and I all went to him for group family therapy (which, in retrospect, all this overlap should have raised more eyebrows at the time). Near the end of that group therapy period, I was preparing to move to Egypt (which also meant moving out of my parents’ place, where I’d moved back into partly to deal with all of the stuff all the therapy was for) and this therapist basically insisted that I wasn’t ready and wouldn’t be for a long time. That got me very upset because I’d been working hard on my mental and emotional state and ability to function for a solid year already, in addition to prior years of therapy before that, and I’d recently been diagnosed (by a different doctor) with a mood disorder, so like…I was never going to be all the way “ready,” you know. These things don’t get ~fixed.

Anyway at my very last one-on-one with him, just before I left for Egypt, he asked me how I was feeling about our therapy coming to an end, and I was like, “it’s been good, but I feel like this is the right time, I feel ready to go back into the world again and move forward in my life,” and he kept prodding me to express some kind of greater upset or sorrow at not seeing him anymore. Finally he kind of blew up and insisted that I didn’t know what I felt because I repressed my emotions too much and blah blah blah. I never saw or spoke to him again after that, and I’ve kind of hated the thought of him ever since because of the completely inappropriate nature of that incident and what it suggested about how he related to/felt about me, which, yuck.

Anyway out of the blue like five years later, he emailed me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday and tell me he was thinking of me “in the context of our therapy connection,” and asked me to pass his good wishes on to my parents. Which is insane because he could perfectly well contact them directly if he wanted to. I just…what the fuck, why do men exist

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Omg how about the four times Betty and Jug didn't get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did - you can choose by who!

hey anon! I got quite excited when I saw this here! I’m sorry it took so long for me to get around to it and I hope this is something like what you hoped for!

Ps. Part 6 of And Just Like That is coming I promise, but this has been in my asks for a while and demanded my attention haha xx

warning: smut, sin, smut, more sin, and oh did i mention smut?


1. Alice

“Juggie Stop!” Betty squealed through her laughter as her boyfriend’s hands crept up her sides, taking advantage of her ticklishness.

“Sorry Betts, this is my vengeance,” he replied casually with an evil grin, his hands moving under the hem of her shirt mercilessly to make her squirm.

Betty thrashed as she continued to protest in vain through her laughter, too enthralled with his playful side to regret stealing his last fry.

The takeout container lay abandoned on her nightstand as he continued to make her laugh and kick on the bed.

After keeping up his assault for a while longer, Jughead finally relented, stilling his hands.

“Fine, you’re forgiven,” he sighed dramatically, leaning his weight on his forearms as not to crush her form that was now beneath him.

Betty’s giggle died in her throat as she assessed their new positon. Their bodies pressed together, legs tangled, breaths mingling, his strong arms caging her in. She bit a lip, loving the sight of his wild hair-free from the beanie which must have fallen off during their tickle fight- his sharp jaw line and darkening blue eyes.

Jughead swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing with the movement. Unable to resist the stunning vision of her beneath him with messed up blonde tresses fanned out over the pillow, sparkling green eyes and flushed cheeks, he moved his lips down to meet hers in a firey kiss.

Betty wasted no time slipping her tongue between his lips and Jughead groaned as she skilfully entwined it with his. His hands stroked the skin on her rib cage tantalizingly, drawing out a breathy sigh from her.

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Sincerely Three x Reader w/ High Sex Drive Headcanons! (Part Two) (SMUT)

Part T W O

requested by Anon



- My god you made this boy hot and bothered.

- He’d always make sex jokes to see how uncomfortable everyone would get but when he met you he was SHOOKITH.

- He’d make jokes and you’d fire one back, and you’d go back and forth until one of you gave up (Jared).

- When he’d run out of inappropriate things to say he’d try to make you feel bad by saying shit like “wow so lady like (y/n) and you’d always respond with a suggestive comment like:
- “Oh Jared you and I both know how much of a ‘Lady’ I am,” and you’d wink at him.

- He found you so incredibly sexy and you thought the same of him although you knew he was a Virgin™

- You two started dating and it was so uncomfortable because of the tension, Jared always wanted to kiss you, but he’s too nervous

- you make him v nervous. He just wants to be perfect for you and he tries so hard. (He doesn’t need to)

- He walked you to your front door after your third date and he nervously kissed you. When he tried to pull away you pulled him back in.

- Jared was super impatient when it came to getting the ball rolling in your sex lives.

- Damn this boy was touchy. When you’d make out his hands were on your ass, under your shirt, thumbs hooking on your waist band of your jeans.

- So you decided to take more control, you’d tug on his hair, give him hickies, grind on him, moan some NSFW things in his ear.

- You were at Jared’s house and instead of spending time with his girlfriend he was playing video games online with his friends. “In a minute babe I can’t pause this game, I need full focus!” You started to leave hickies on his neck, and than you planed him through his shorts, “babe listen I appreciate the contact but can you wait till this game is done!?” That really pissed you off. You in zipped his shorts, and pulled his hard-on out of his boxers and started jerking him off, “ooh shit babe, Jesus Christ you’re so damn in patient! Your arm is in the way!” You rolled you left eyes and payed down on your stomach, and started to suck him off. You dragged your teeth up his length and he did everything in his power to not moan. You were going slowly, making sure it was annoying the shit out of him. “Ohh fucking. Ugh screw it. Guys I have to go I’m sorry my umm my mom is freaking out. Jewish stuff yeknow. Sorry,” he threw off his head set and left the game. You giggled against his length, he tangled his hands in your hair and thrusted his hips to meet your mouth. “Oh fuck. Fuck your mouth looks so nice on my cock. Oh fuck FUCK F U C K!” He came and you definitely spit because that shits nasty.

- He definitely returned the favor, damn this boy was good at eating you out, he fingers curled inside you rapidly as his mouth sucked roughly on your clit. “Oh Jared. Fuck yes just like that. Oh FUCK ME,”
- “If you insist,”
- “I swear to god if you don’t shut up and finish I will breakup with you for a vibrator.
- He definitely finished with a bang ;)

- Jared was never embarrassed in the bedroom, he’d touch you shamelessly, and he was carelessly loud when you’d touch him. But in public was another story.

- he was always afraid people judged you because you were a 10 and he thought he was a 5. You’d definitely pull some exhibitionist shit with him, you’d be riding the bus and start palming him though his pants, you’d be trying on cloths and you’d pull him into the changing room and start making out with him.

- You two would go grocery shopping and you’d find the most phallic fruit or vegetable and put in the cart. It became a challenge of who could find the grossest food, and than who ever lost had to make dinner using the wining food.

- At first he loved your high sex drive, it was so fucking hot to him. But after a while he realized how tiring having sex more than once a day was. He was sore and exhausted and you were horny and really wanted him. And he’d reject you.

- So you got your revenge when he was really hot and bothered. You two had gone to a holiday party with his parent and you two spent the whole night teasing each other. Jared told his parents that you felt sick and took you back to his house, you definitely didn’t give him road-head. Nooo why would you everrrrr????

- anyway, when you got home you pushed him onto the bed and as you were kissing him you slid off his tie and quicky tied his hands tightly to his bed frame.
- "Listen (y/n) premarital sex isn’t against any Jewish ideals, but something tells me BDSM using a tie with the menorah and dreidels all over it might piss off some Elohim,”

- You got off the bed and started to strip for Jared, he was obviously enjoying the sight and repeatedly tried to undo the knots on his wrists.

- Once you were totally nude you took Jared’s throw blanket and folded it as a pillow for yourself and laid it at the foot of the bed. You straddled his thigh and rode it, he wanted to grab your hips, he wanted to kiss you, he wanted to touch you all over.

- You than laid down facing Jared and opened your legs, the most sacred part of you facing him, your body was angled upwards on the pillow and you started to touch yourself. One of your hands grabbed you breast while the other rubbed up and down your core.
- Jared was pissed and pulled on his tie, you started to moan, teasing him more. “Uh uh oh Jared. OH JARED. GOD JARED FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY PLEASE OH FUCK ME GOOD!”

- you were close to cumming when your heard the familiar sound of fabric ripping. Jared was so angry and desperate for you that he ripped the tie in half. He quickly discarded his clothes and rolled a condom over his length. He grabbed your hair roughly and growled “you’re going to ride my cock and you’re going to ride it good. Got it!” You nodded and slid yourself over him. As you rode him he grabbed your ass and left hickies all over your boobs.

- the next morning Jared woke you up by eating you out, when you woke up you had super lovey, lazy morning sex.

- He left the room and came back in with Biofreeze, his dad was old but dead set on playing some intense fucking tennis on Saturdays. So he always had a shit ton of creams for sore muscles. Jared rubbed into your arms and thighs and on your back, in return you rubbed it up his sides and on his arms especially his wrists which were gently bruised.

- “Jared sweetie what happened to your cute little tie?” His mom asked later that week.
- “Oh um I was so tired after making sure (Y/n) was feeling ok and asleep that I caught it on the bed post and it just ripped. It was old and fraying anyway,” he struggled. His mom nodded and left the room.

~ Random Headcanon shit ~

- you definitely smack Jared’s ass in public, it’s always a joke but he kinda likes it ;)

- you two have fucked in a storage closet, a changing room, and a bathroom during a open house his parents went to.

- He would by condoms with ribs, built in lube, and any other interesting things.

- He also buys sex handcuffs cause that whole getting tied to the bed this was hot. And he buys interesting Lubes and other weird sex shit.

- You like to send him Risky picks when he’s at work. You send him pictures of you in your bra, and than you in nothing, than videos of you touching yourself.
- Than you send him a video of just black but it has sound so he turns on his volume (it’s on high but he put his phone on vibrate) and suddenly some very porn like moans leave his phone. He tells his boss a friend of his was trying to mess with him and it was an accident.
- “This is your last shot Kleinman, don’t let it happen again.

- Finally at one point you two were playing a game, you couldn’t touch each other but you could tease them in any other way. It was supposed to be a weekend thing ending in amazing needy sex but it ended up bleeding into the school week. You both went to some extremes. Jared would whisper dirty things in your ears and texted you gifs of really hard core porn and tell you that’s what he was going to do to you.
- In return you were intense. You wore low cut shirts and no bra, you’d moan in his ear when you’d walk past him.
- Than he left a particularly dirty note in your locker, you were so turned on that you skipped class and snap chatted him a video of you masturbating in the girls bathroom.
- He opened them and instantly gave in. He texted you saying that you had one and than he needed you, bad. You met him at his locker at the end of the day with a sweet needy kiss, he opened his locker to find your lacy black thing hanging inside.
- Needless to say you two had some BOMB ASS SEX when you got home.

- Jared Kleinman was a massive Virgin™ and he still doesn’t quite understand what he did to deserve an amazing, gorgeous, funny, smart, and sexy as all fuck girlfriend who loved him and who he loved more than anything.

Connor will be up tomorrow!

I hope you guys know how much I love and appreciate you all

But please

Please please please please

Do not sexualize Lena.

Keep in mind she is most likely no older than 12. She is a child, just like webby and the triplets. Sexualizing children is gross. (Sexualizing anyone is gross too, but that’s a whole different topic)

Like I love that we’re all excited to see her and find out more about her. But please don’t tag my posts of her with “omg she’s hot” or “she can f me anytime.”

Ive literally only made one post with her, and so many disgusting inappropriate things were said.

It’s freakin gross and I won’t hesitate to block you.

That is all.

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Theater sounds wild and I love it so much. Do you have any more interesting theater experiences that you would feel like sharing?

I did it for six years and I love over sharing about my life omfg so of course I have more experiences and stories ask about literally anything. Also, theater is wild, and I totally recommend doing it if you get the chance!

Okay kids, let’s talk about The Fascination Station.

Okay, so if you don’t know what a Green Room is, it’s basically a place backstage in theaters where the actors can just kinda chill out and relax, maybe run lines and grab a snack to eat.

When she bought the tiny little shop space for the studio, there was one extra room and my director thought it’d be cute to turn it into our own little Green Room. She even painted it green. But like…Neon green. Claw your eyes out green. Omfg.

Throw in a beat up, very dirty couch, an almost eternally empty fridge, a couple mannequin heads, a deck of cards called “Politically Correct War”, some books literally no one has ever opened, and a prop brick wall with everyone’s names written on it, you’ve got the main college dorm room sized hang out spot for my old company.

The year is 2011. The show is Rent. It was the hottest summer on record at the time, and we did not have a functioning AC Unit.

Cast was…27, maybe 28 people. Every day, we were all very hot, very gay, and very emotional. Rent is a very emotional show, for anyone who isn’t aware of it. It’s a Rock Opera about starving artists trying to live through the AIDS epidemic in the early 90′s. The whole cast was hormonal high school aged children with shitty as fuck home lives. This was bound to get out of control from the start.

We somehow got this idea to do ‘Safe Circles’, which was deadass just “Let’s stop practicing our show and have some group therapy and cry for the rest of the day!!!”. It got fucking intense in those. Obviously I’m not going disclose anything my old cast mates said in confidence, but basically it turns out everyone had lived shitty lives filled with depression, abuse, homophobia, terminal illnesses, and all those fun things that kids love. The group crying helped people deal a bit, but it also amped up our emotions even higher- and they’d already been high considering the material we were working with, and the constant 98+ degree heat.

So people in the cast were prone to…exploding unexpectedly.

One day, we were running the act one finale number, “La Vie Boehme”. It’s a high energy song and dance that’s like, ten fucking minutes long.(here’s a clip of it from the movie- its not the full version but we had similar choreography)  We had been running it literally all morning, so…for about three hours? We were all tired, sweaty, pissy, and hungry. We just wanted to break for lunch.

And then: We all had a moment of ‘fuck this’ that united us. See, we had already been sadly forced to using the ‘School Edition’ of the Rent script, which censored some things ‘too inappropriate’, which is one thing, but also really fucking randomly cuts out verses to songs for no reason. “Christmas Bells” is cut down to like a minute long song in this edition, it’s a travesty. But anyway, we all had issues with our censored show. But there is one, truly iconic line from Rent, that takes place in “La Vie Boehme”, which even the censor-people knew to respect and leave in there.

I’m talking, of course, about the part of the song where Mark grabs the table and shoves it up and down, while yelling “MUCHO MASTURBATION!”

That was still in the censored script. That was decided to be something the teenagers performing it could handle. We all knew what fucking masturbation was at this point. We’ve all fucking been there. No one should be shocked hearing the word, especially if you want to point out that the characters being portrayed are grown adults. You can trust teenagers to maturely put on a show that involves AIDS, cross dressing, homophobia, stripping, an intense hatred for The Man, blatant heroin and crack abuse, and the withdraw that comes with it, suicide, Dog Assassins For Hire, racist police officers, and homelessness. You can trust them to say the word ‘masturbation’ in one song, right?

God, I’m literally getting pissed off remembering this omfg. Anyway, the director decided that “mucho masturbation” was ‘too inappropriate’, and wanted to censor the line to “mucho fascination”.

We rioted, but she wouldn’t be swayed. The guy playing Mark wasn’t even allowed to shake the table. The audience would have no idea. Mucho fascination is not a phrase that makes any sense!

And yes, I know, this is such a small thing to get upset about, but: 1) We were all exhausted and hungry, we’d been running the song for three hours. 2) It was about 100 degrees in there, so tempers and emotions naturally flared. 3) We were all teenagers putting on a mature show, and somehow taking away a line like that felt like an insult. It felt like an insult to our maturity, you know? Fucking hormones, man.

Okay, so here’s where the story picks up. We start running the song again, but our actor for Roger was really dehydrated at this point, and wanted to get some water out of the fridge in the Green Room. The director tells him to wait, because after this run we can break for lunch.

In the middle of the song, he just fucking pushes out of his seat and storms out of the room to get water. The director yells, “Thane! Where are you going?!” and he yells back in a fit of pure anger, “I’M GOING TO FASCINATE!”

Everyone looses their shit laughing. It was so fucking funny, and after the stressful and frustrating morning, it was just what we all needed. No one could calm down or stop laughing, so the director gave in and called the lunch break. Everyone ran into the Green Room after Thane, still cackling. I stayed behind because I had to use the bathroom. When I came out, though…

I started walking towards the Green Room, and I could hear the commotion in there. The assistant director’s cousin, Dave, was at the studio- he was probably maybe 22 at the time, and he somehow became the groups Mascot, and we always worked him into scenes, so he was there for the day to be Benny’s father in law. Anyway, I see him standing in the doorway, slowly pull out and close the door, look at me with wide eyes, as he just says “I think I can legally be arrested for seeing what I just saw in there.” before scampering off to recover alone.

Naturally, my interested was peaked and I opened the fucking door and walked in.

…I don’t want to say I walked into an orgy, because everyone was still clothed, but. If you can get that image in your head? Everyone was on top of everyone. Everyone was making out and grinding and drying humping and screaming and laughing and groping and smacking and sucking do you see where I’m going with this? The youngest in the cast was 13 and the oldest was maybe 18 or 19, but no one even cared, sexualities went out the window, find-a-warm-body-oh-wait-it’s-100-degrees-everybody-is-warm. Shit was real. Little Good Catholic School Girl me was mildly horrified, but listen, it was hot. And it went on for the entirety of the prolonged lunch break. Door locked, so the director couldn’t find out what was happening in there, of course.

This became a bit of a Historic moment for the cast. Gone was the Green Room, in was the newly dubbed Fascination Station. It became the biggest inside joke, and people did in fact keep sneaking in there to ~fascinate~ for the rest of the summer. Something about that horrendous neon green paint and cardboard brick wall with glitter pen ink on it made was suddenly making everyone unbearably horny.

And listen, at the time this felt like the most out of nowhere thing, but looking back on the circumstances we had been in every day leading up to it, all the heat and high tensions and unstable emotions and tragic back stories and singing Rent songs…Like, I’m not surprised it happened. I’m surprised our director didn’t see it coming and nip it in the bud (although I lowkey think the assistant director was on to us, but she’s fucking cool).

For all the shows after Rent, I and other stragglers from the production would always make jokes about the Fascination Station. We kept the memory alive. Things would still occasionally get pretty weird in there, and with all the right people it was great.

But it’s been so long now, and I sometimes hear new kids call it that. Kids who weren’t there for Rent, kids who I don’t even know the names off. Kids who will never find themselves in a situation that 27 teenagers found themselves in in 2011.

Those kids call the Green Room the Fascination Station. But they don’t know. They could never possibly know.

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James was a bully

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Okay, this one gets me every time. Yes, James was verrry rude and almost  to Snape and yes I used to believe this. Snape was as much of a part of this “bullying” as James was. 

Remember how Snape, “never lost an opportunity to curse James”? Or how the use of deadly Sectumsempra was made for enemies? (Hmm, I wonder who that could be for.) 

Now, I’m not excusing young James’ actions at all, what he did was wrong and absolutely inappropriate, but there’s one thing that James did that Snape wasn’t able to do. He grew up. 

kouginoweek​ day 1: moments

“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”

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What do you think about people giving their toddlers chores?

I think it’s one of those things that sounds really weird but isn’t (although like literally every other thing about parenting, can easily be done wrong or inappropriately)

One of the biggest things is making sure that they understand what you’re asking of them, and that it’s age appropriate.

Like, Emma loads the dryer, closes the door and starts it. She turns off lights, closes doors, closes the dishwasher door, and helps pick up her toys (sorta, lol.)

It sounds like a lot! But she’s never forced to help or punished for not doing it, and it’s little Helping things while I’m doing the task. Like I take the clothes out of the washer and hand them one or two at a time, and she puts them in the dryer. And as much as she likes that, she LOVES hitting the start button!

It takes a whole lot longer than doing it by myself, but the task getting accomplished really isn’t the point.

What’s important is that she’s learning how to do these things, learning that it’s nice to help–and maybe even more importantly, learning that her help and effort is appreciated, and that you show appreciation when someone does something to help you.

I’ve seen suggested chore list ideas where it’s like… these are not age appropriate recommendations and you’re expecting waaay too much out of this child.

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Have any favorite R rated fic? The more smut the better

Hiya. I am pleased you asked for favourite smut - because then I get to use my mod favourite tag - I never get to use my mod favourite tag. lol. Here are a few of my favourite naughty fics. Though to be fair - /most/ of the well loved long-ish fics in the fandom are rated M and happen to have smut in them too, only the smut is not the point of the fic. Happy Reading! <3 Jandy

Third Time’s the Charm by septemberbeauty13 (3/3)

Word Count: 3004 / Rated: E

Summary:  Jughead and Betty try very hard to get a room.

King’s Crown Bar by @betsforsythetrash (7/?)

WIP / Rated E

Summary:  Betty Cooper is new to New York City. Looking for a fun night, she wanders into King’s Crown Bar and meets Jughead Jones. Possible multi-part. Smut. AU. Future.

The Exception to the Rule by ShirlyGallagher (13/13)

Word Count: 25,236 / Rated E

Summary: A chronicle of firsts…A tale of discovery…A story of love…

touch me, tease me by @lusterrdust (1/1)

Word Count: 2957 / Rated: E

Summary:  Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.

close calls and getting caught by @wordsonpages1 (1/1)

Rated: E

Summary:  The four times Betty and Jug didn’t get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did.

My Body’s Broken, Yours Is Bent by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency (1/1)

Word Count: 5022 / Rating: E

Summary: Carve your name into my arm, instead of stressed I lie here charmed.

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So... If the tenth birthday incident didn't happen, that would mean Ciel and Astre are middle school age...But I know around that age, kids are doing the weirdest stuff! Like that one game where y'all are shouting inappropriate things as loud as you can without getting caught. Do you think Ciel would be the one to drag Astre into dumb middle school trouble like that or would Astre be a goody-two-shoes? ( I personally think Ciel would be the Evil!Twin)

If that incident never happened then yes, both would be 13 and attending Weston College! I quite like the idea of RC being in the red house (due to his confident personality and the fact that he has a title) and OC being in the blue house (because hes smarter than RC and excels at studying). And your right, RC would definitely drag OC into something such as running across the grass when no one is looking or RC trying to sneak in OCs dorm. I feel as if they would also pretend to be each other at one point and OC would help RC with his homework (maybe sit an exam for him too lol).

Basically I love them being opposites of each other personality wise! aka RC likes to socialize and would rather be outside with friends instead of studying while OC is an introvert who would rather be inside studying instead of socializing.

(Heres some art that @jastea drew of them in there different houses!)

SSS + TeammTaka Headcanons

(Has this been done before?)

Sakura and Karin

● Sakura and Karin exchange letters when Karin is stationed in one of the hideouts which are close to the Hidden Leaf (like the one shown in Gaiden for example.)

● This can rarely happen because Orochimaru keeps changing which hideout everyone is stationed in very frequently.

● Karin dropped by once to see Sakura. It was when Sarada got very sick

● Karin tried to return the umbillical cord to Sakura because of traditional purposes, but Sakura let Karin keep it instead as a reminder of how they helped each other when they were in dire need(Sakura healing Karin when she was severely injured and Karin helping Sakura during labour)

● The cord is a symbol of their bond as well as being the thing that biologically connects Sarada to Sakura, and spiritually connects Karin to both Sakura and Sarada

● Karin’s new hair do? Sakura’s the one who styled it.

● Karin’s glad that Sasuke’s found some one as great as her

● Sakura is Karin’s first female friend. She couldn’t be happier

Sasuke and Karin

● Their relationship has greatly improved and they see each other as comrades.

● He’s incredibly grateful for what she’s done for Sakura and himself

● He’s even showed her ‘that’ smile as a way of saying thank you

● Even though their bond is not of romantic love, like a teenaged Karin would fantasize about, there still is a connection between them as being comrades. Karin’s alright with this because she knows that bonds come in different forms and its not a black and white thing.

●Some of her feeling linger, but she’s not sure if its those kinds of feelings

● Sasuke finds her love-hate relationship with Suigetsu really amusing, even though he could diffuse the argument, he doesn’t.

Sarada and Karin

● Karin is Sarada’s crazy yet lovable aunt

● After finding out that Sarada’s face was more heart-shaped like Sakura’s, she got Sarada the pair of squoval glasses she has in Boruto the Movie, because it suits her face better then the sort of cat eye shape she had in Gaiden

● As Sarada gets older, she’d ask auntie Karin for frame suggestions

● Karin teared up a bit when she was refered to as an aunt (because it was such an affectionate term to her)

● She thinks Sarada resembles Sakura facially except her smile that has a certain Sasuke-y-ness to it

● Karin tells her that Sasuke was more stressed that Sakura even though Sakura was the one giving birth

Sarada and Suigetsu

● Sarada’s still a little bit salty about the mixed up DNA test and would often tease Suigetsu about his mistake.

● He’d end up telling her about a lot of inappropriate things like about that one time he was totally naked in front of in Sasuke

● She’d edge away from him slowly when he gets a bit too crazy

● He’d be the first one to ask her if she had a crush

● She thought that he and Karin were a couple. She was corrected by an angry Karin

● Out of Taka, she likes him the most due to his chill and carefree attitude, and the occasional jokes

● She picked up on his habit of spouting out (Good? Bad?) jokes

● She actually makes an attempt to diffuse his arguments with Karin.

● He teaches her how to use a large heavy weapon like his sword(like a giantic axe or something) after a little bit of convincing and seeing that her amazing Chakra control gave her Super Human Strength.

Sasuke and Suigetsu

● Nothing much has changed between these guys

● Suigetsu might make an unsavoury comment about Sasuke’s clothes

● The first time Sarada called Sui 'uncle’ he broke down, started sobbing and gave Sasuke a very uncomfortable hug.

● “Uncle, UNCLE! She called me uncle!!! Did ya hear that Sasuke? Did ya hear!? I’m an Uncle!’ sobbed an overwhelm Suigetsu

● 'Yes, you are an uncle. Not because of your age. Not because of blood relations. But simply because Sarada sees you as such.’ Says Sasuke, trying to edge away from Suigetsu’s soggy grip.

Sakura and Suigetsu

● Her anger towards Suigetsu (because of the DNA test) fades over time

● She doesn’t physically lash out at him, she just gives him the look.

● She thinks that Suigetsu is a good influence on Sarada due to his laid back and humourous nature. Sakura thinks Sarada can be too tense and anxious some times, so she thinks Suigetsu’s involvement would help.

Sarada and Juugo

● She likes the fact that he seems to be one with nature

● She doesn’t believe some of the stories she’s heard about him

● She later gets to know that Mitsuki shares his unique bloodline limit

 (That was a lot wasn’t it…)

O Captain! My Captain!

Summary: Klaus and Caroline are declared team captains for a girls versus boys dodgeball game on the last day of senior year. (AU/AH)

It was too hot to be outside. Southern Virginia in mid-June was no friend to gym classes. Because of the outrageous heat—103 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact—Mr. Tanner decided to keep them in. Caroline Forbes was glad for it. She despised the humid weather, mainly for its adverse effect on her sweat glands, but the way it frizzed her gorgeous blond locks didn’t help, either.

They were rounded up in the centre of the gym. Mr. Tanner stood in front of them, his favourite whistle hanging around his neck. He swerved his eyes and moved around, making sure to look each of the twenty students in the eye before he opened his mouth.

“Are you guys ready for this?”

Caroline nudged her best friend Bonnie and the two girls had to work hard to hold in their inappropriate giggles. If there was one thing Mr. Tanner hated more than when the Mystic Falls High Timberwolves lost their football games, it was when kids laughed out of turn.

Not that they were really kids. Each person in the room was of age. They were the seniors who had opted to keep up with gym due to their athletic tendencies. Mr. Tanner adored each of them, really, but he would still yell if someone laughed at an unsuitable time. Caroline remembered unceremoniously chuckling her first day as a freshman when Damon Salvatore—a repeat freshman forced to be in a gym class with his little brother—face planted after trying to dunk a basketball. Tanner shouted at her in front of everyone for her discrepancy, which only made Damon stare smugly at her the rest of the period.

She cried in the locker room for almost five minutes after gym finished and was late to her next class. Ever since she had learned to keep her mouth shut whenever something funny happened in Mr. Tanner’s gymnasium.

“Come on, people, are you ready for this?” Tanner repeated, and the crowd around him cheered as loud as they could. He smiled. “Perfect. Alright, the game is dodgeball. You know the rules. Girls versus boys, with Mikaelson and Forbes leading. Let’s see who can win this battle of the sexes. Break.” Tanner blew his whistle loudly and the group of seniors disbanded, the girls following Caroline to the basketball hoop nearest their locker room, the boys following Klaus Mikaelson to the hoop nearest theirs.

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April Fools

So safe to say April Fools is a very intense thing in the Filth household and each of the boys has their own specialties.

  • Pink Guy will cook food and leave it around the house for the others to find. The food is laced with laxatives and Pink Guy makes sure it’s the only food in the house every year
  • Safari Man leaves hot dogs in a the strangest places. He could be on a trip and not have been home in weeks but every year without fail, Hotto Dogus. Frank once coughed a hot dog he didn’t remember eating. 
  • Salamander Man records himself screaming nyess and plays it throughout the day. Then he jumps out and smacks whoever’s closest. The trick is that he doesn’t always smack them when the nyess plays. It’s completely random.
  • Lemon is newer ot the prank traditions and somehow always falls for the ‘here drink this, it’s good’ prank where it turns out they gave him lemonade to drink. He doesn’t have a signature prank so much as he just flings lemons at people. 
  • Frank, ah Frank. Every year it’s different. Once he convinced them all he was dead. Another he made them think he was getting married to a mushroom. There was the year they all got very drunk and did some very inappropriate things with each other and no one talks about that. Lemon once walked in on him fake summoning Chin Chin and well, Chin Chin actually appeared so yeah, that happened. 
  • Fake Frank doesn’t understand the point if every day of their lives is a joke. He also flooded the apartment but that wasn’t a prank, it was a mistake. 

btw gonna make an apology post in a sec bc i did say one thing inappropriate this morning and i apologise but cis people r still my oppressors and i wld still be better off if they died