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Poly relationship with Steve and Bucky

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 Warnings: slightly suggestive themes, swearing

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 •After the threesome of the century both men held you as you panted and shivered. Two pairs of lips pressed sweet, gentle kisses all along your quivering body, until you had calmed down enough that you could finally breathe normally.

•They’d probably tell you how they didn’t want this to be a one time thing, how they actually cared for you and wanted to be with you.

•You’d smile sleepily as you laid peacefully between them, listening intently as they told you just how much they loved you.

•The next morning you wake up to only one pair of arms wrapped around you; Steve’s. you begin to think that maybe you had dreamt the Bucky part but then the soldier comes meandering into the room, some food in hand. “I’ve got a warm bath waiting for you,” He’d smile as he gestured to his bathroom.

•speaking of baths/showers it wasn’t exactly easy to fit two super soldiers plus another human being into your small tub. Showers weren’t much better, the amount of times Bucky nearly fell and busted his ass open were innumerable (he was surprisingly clumsy) 

•The three of you immediately start a relationship, a secret one of course. After all what would the press think if they saw America’s two wonder boys dating each other and another person as well?

•No one finds out for a long time, no one even knew about the whole thing until the three of you directly came out and stated that you were dating.

•The team didn’t know what to think but eventually they realized you guys were a pretty damn cute couple (Fewple?)

•Eventually the three of you come out to the rest of the world, huge mistake on your guys’ part.

•dealing with the press was always hard, they were always so judgemental and snide about the fact that three of you were dating.

•The fans were even worse. The amount of times the three of you had been victims of unprecedented crimes were innumerable but as you laid in Steve and Bucky’s embrace, both of them sleepily kissing you you realized that it was all worth it.

•The three of you had to have sex at least once every day. Turns out the two super soldiers can actually be horny beasts.

•The boys could easily recover within minutes after their orgasm but you weren’t a Supersoldier and you needed time. The boys would always hold you and kiss you, pet your hair and skin as you recovered. They always were very gentle with you, they knew how tiring it was to take both of them so they sure as hell made up for it. They’d probably tell you how good you did, how amazing you felt, praising you and kissing you softly until you were ready for a round 2.

•Neither one of them is kinky, other than the threesome every day thing. In fact they were rather vanilla but you didn’t mind in the slightest. After all, who could complain when you had two men buried to the hilt inside of you.

•Both men were extremely affectionate too, they loved to curl up with you and simply lay there for hours on end. They always had to be touching you too, holding hands, an arm around your waist, a soft kiss here and there. It was almost funny to think that such two strong, dark, intimidating men were actually just giant sweethearts.

•Steve always loved to cook for the three of you and you two loved it as well. Steve was a damn good cook, everything he made was simply delicious.

•The three of you try to bake together sometimes but it Usually ends in food fights between the three of you (Tony doesn’t appreciate having flour caked into the walls) so instead you just let Steve do all the work.

•The three of you often spend hours watching movies, reading, listening to music, just getting caught up with the times.

•Honestly the Supersoldier sandwich is probably the greatest cuddle position you’ve ever experienced. Being wedged between two of the warmest, comfiest men on the face of the earth was absolutely heavenly.

•Bucky was most definitely the most protective one of the group. Steve could be at times but usually Bucky was the one always guarding the two of you like a hawk. If someone even looked at you differently there sure as hell was going to be hell to pay.

•Steve and Bucky often tell you stories about the war. They’d always get this reminiscent twinkle in their eyes and this soft little smile on their lips, it always warmed your heart to see them regard their past so fondly.




morganx1313 said: Can I request a one shot for Fionn? Maybe where the reader and him have been best fiends since they were little and he lets slip in an interview that he’s in love with her? If you can do this, thanks so much!

Word count: 1,409

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Your heart was bumping in your chest waiting for the show to start. Tonight was one of those free nights when you could sit on your couch and watch a movie in peace, but there was an exception, tonight you didn’t want to watch a movie, instead, you were going to watch for the first time an interview of your best friend Fionn and his cast-mate Harry Styles.

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My personal thoughts on all of the Nicktoons (so far as of May 2017)
  • Doug: Cute, sweet show. I love it. Sad how it tends to be labeled as "boring" now- it's still a great show. And of course it kicked off the whole "slice-of-life cartoons" trend so that's pretty cool. And yes, I did like the Disney version. But it's nowhere near as good as the Nick version.
  • Rugrats: Probably one of my favorite cartoons ever. Funny, clever, great characters, great music, great '90s aesthetics, and Klasky-Csupo's style is perfect. One of THE best Nicktoons..too bad it got dumbed down in 2001. was such a great show and then I don't know what happened there. Rugrats in Paris should've been the finale. But...even the later episodes are better than it's spin-offs.
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show: While I'm not the biggest fan of most gross-out shows, I LOVE this one. I'm pretty much with Mr. Enter on how most gross-out cartoons seem to be TRYING to be R&S but rarely getting it right. The characters are hilarious and it's so weird, it's funny. But the less about Adult Party Cartoon; the better.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Amazing show and I'm really excited for the TV movie...whenever that's coming out. I love the visual style, the music, the characters, and I'm sure I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid (and I did love it as a kid)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Another great show (really, Nick was at it's highest point in the '90s, but the early-to-mid '90s especially). Love the characters, the intentionally ugly's just great. Shame it tends to be so underrated.
  • Hey Arnold!: One of the greatest cartoons ever and probably the best Nicktoon ever. I love how it never tried to shy away from more mature themes that other kids' shows wouldn't try touching and it did a great job at it. Looking forward to the Jungle Movie, and of course...Helga was the best.
  • KaBlam!: I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I REALLY wonder why. The wraparounds try way too hard to be "hip", just akwardly shoehorning in references attempting to be the next TTA or Animaniacs, but falling completely flat. Characters were annoying but the voice acting was awesome. I do need to give the show credit for making me a ska fan. Most of the individual shorts kind of sucked but Action League Now! was hilarious and The Off-Beats was cute. And of course...
  • Life With Loopy: Yes I had to give this it's own mention because it's just that good. Nick really needs to give this one it's own series because the campy and surreal nature mixed with the overall sweetness was just a perfect blend, and the animation style was pretty awesome. The title character is just so perfect and so underrated. And I LOVE how aesthetically '90s the whole show is.
  • The Angry Beavers: Another one that's pretty underrated. I always really loved this show. I love all the banter and ad-libbing between Norbert and Daggett. And the music was great. I still listen to "Beaver Fever" and "I Think I Like You" now and again (also...Salem and Zim as beavers. How could you go wrong there?)
  • CatDog: Everyone hates this show but I really loved it. I love the character designs, CatDog themselves, and the theme song is NEVER going to leave my head. Sure, it's no Rocko or Hey Arnold!, but it's still a funny show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Unlike KaBlam!, this one had different shorts in every episode rather than just four main short series, so it would take too long to go over all of them (not to mention that a good chunk of them aren't even online!). A lot of the shorts on this show were really funny and had some great visual styles. And Mina and the Count still needs a TV show.
  • The Wild Thornberrys: Really loved this show; I was the "animal kid" in my class so obviously I really liked this one. I just really love Klasky-Csupo. The movie was awesome and so was the show.
  • SpongeBob Squarepants: One of the funniest cartoons ever. While it got annoying seeing it become a schedule clog, the earlier episodes are still great. I heard that it got itself out of seasonal rot (look, let's pretend most of what came in-between the movie and the second movie never happened), but I rarely watch Nick anymore so I wouldn't know. Let's hope so.
  • Rocket Power: Not one of my favorites as a kid or as an adult (I wasn't really into the extreme sports craze), but my friends really liked it so I watched it with them and yeah, I enjoyed what I saw. It does have it's funny moments and while it's incredibly cheesy and way too late '90s/early 2000s that it hurts, it's a fun watch just for the cheese.
  • As Told By Ginger: A great show that I don't think I really appreciated enough until I got older. I guess I was just a LITTLE too young when it was new and by the time I was older and getting more into it...the show got cancelled. It's a really great show and one of Nick's best slice-of-life shows.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Really funny...for the first four seasons. S5 was when it started to slip and everything after that just got worse and worse. I still have fond memories of watching the older seasons and they're still good...but let's hope that jump to Nicktoons meant something.
  • Invader Zim: Great show, great animation, great character designs...did NOT deserve to be screwed over. I'm really looking forward to the TV movie. But...while I do love GIR (though he's not my #1 favorite character), the whole Hot Topic worship of GIR was pretty annoying. Let's face it- 2006/2007 on the internet was a bad time.
  • ChalkZone: Really cute. Admittedly I like the worldbuilding elements and characters a little more than the actual episodes (I did love all of S1 though; I think it was the best season), it's still great. S4 was...not the best though. From what we know about the canned S5, it was probably gonna be a lot better but...Nick had to be Nick. Let us have S5, already. And really- why didn't we get a ton of Snap merchandise?
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Good show but I liked the movie more. Had some really funny moments and is so aesthetically early 2000s that it's pretty fun looking back on.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Loved this one and I wish it got more recognition. Jenny was absolutely adorable and she was a hero to me as a kid (okay, looking back...I'm sure I had a crush on Jenny). Sad that the network treated it like shit.
  • All Grown Up!: The special was good. The first season was pretty good. After that I felt like I was reading glorified Rugrats fanfic. All it was really was "Ginger Lite" as ATBG was dealing with the heavier stuff while this was all the leftover stuff. Rugrats was great and had an interesting premise. AGU! was more of the same.
  • Danny Phantom: This was the last Nicktoon I REALLY loved as a kid. A really good show that could've gotten even more awesome had it's own creator not fucked it up. Ugh...I want a revival but PLEASE let it be by Steve Marmel and not Butch. Also Sam was a preteen. And I've got tons of purple and black in my wardrobe (and the same purple lipstick) now that may or may not have been influenced by her (well, that and/or the fact that those are my favorite colors anyway). Like many others...I totally had a crush on Danny as a kid.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Okay, admittedly...I was never into this show. But I praise it for it's themes, animation, story...while I personally couldn't get into it, it still is a great show and probably the last really good Nicktoon for a while. And yeah- we don't talk about that movie.
  • Catscratch: I didn't really see enough of it but what I saw I liked. Wanted to see more but it came and went really fast.
  • The Xs: While the previews for it looked pretty good, I...did not like it. I watched it when it premiered and everything but it was a letdown. Felt like they were trying WAY too hard to make their own version of The Incredibles but with Erin Esurance-esque animation. Voice acting was great though (I noticed that Wendie Malick was the saving grace for TWO bad 2005 cartoons)
  • El Tigre: Okay this was RIGHT around the time I was starting to lose interest/outgrow Nickelodeon. Had a great premise and could've been a really good show and I was looking forward to it, but it felt like tons of other flash cartoons at the time and the voice acting could've been a lot better (great talents- direction-wise though...). Maybe if I were a younger kid when it came out, I would've liked it more, was annoying. But the creator has made some other great stuff and I STILL need to see The Book of Life. I'm kicking myself for not seeing it in the theaters due to my work and college schedule.
  • Tak and the Power of JuJu: Didn't play the games but I already knew the franchise was pretty much dying by the time the show came out. It was awful. And we never heard from Tak again...
  • Back at the Barnyard: The movie had it's problems but was at least watchable. The show was just annoying and unfunny.
  • The Mighty B!: Unpopular opinion, but...I really loved this show. It has problems, but there was something about it I couldn't hate. Bessie was just such a great character. Wasn't a big fan of the grossout elements but otherwise it was really funny. Not a great show, but I was entertained enough.
  • Rugrats Pre-School Daze: YES THIS IS A REAL SHOW. Ugly art style (I'm pissed that K-C didn't use their signature style and went for something more "cutesy"; it just looked awful), bland writing, and really not a very interesting series. No wonder why it only lasted four episodes and didn't even air in the US until 2008 after all the episodes were released direct-to-video as bonus features on those Tales of the Crib DVDs (the less about them, the better). All it felt like was a desperate attempt to keep a dying franchise alive.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: I was pretty neutral to the Madagascar franchise- saw the first movie in theaters and it was alright; wasn't dying to see the sequels so I never did. The show however never did anything for me.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: While I was already losing interest in Nick around 2005-2007, this was right around the time where I was officially done. I was a teenager at this point and not into this stuff anymore, but I stuck around for the old SpongeBob or FOP rerun and well...guilty pleasure Mighty B!. Then they changed the logo. And then this show came out. was SO annoying. Annoying theme song, annoying characters...animation style would've worked a lot better if it was in 2D rather than CGI; it just fell way too deep into the uncanny valley for me. I wouldn't say this was the final nail in the coffin for me though; it was definitely the logo change.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: Didn't like it. Jokes weren't that funny. I did love the character designs though.
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen didn't need a spinoff. This was one of the worst ideas ever.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Liked the first movie (I need to watch it again), haven't seen the sequels but I should. Was bored with the TV show.
  • TMNT: Haven't seen it but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe I should check it out.
  • The Legend of Korra: Heard it was pretty good, but as I wasn't really into Avatar I probably wouldn't be too interested.
  • Robot and Monster: Never saw.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Saw the movie and it was...alright. Didn't think it was warranting of a TV series. Didn't watch it.
  • Sanjay and Craig: Saw some of it while waiting for another show to come and...I never wanted to watch it again. Not a fan of the character designs and it was really unfunny. But it's better than Breadwinners.
  • Rabbids Invasion: I did like the Rabbids games as a preteen this time, I don't think they were that popular anymore. Didn't watch it. How is it still running?
  • Breadwinners: Worst Nicktoon ever (so far). Ugly characters, awful animation, shitty did this get greenlit? Nick...just because "it's for kids" doesn't mean "we can half-ass it"
  • Harvey Beaks: What's this? A GOOD NICKTOON? Yes- it's such a cute show with cute character designs, really nice's got a nice, nostalgic feel to it while also feeling like something brand new that Nick hasn't done. I'm pissed that it was screwed over.
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Like Monsters, I like how it's "intentionally ugly" and some of the jokes/line delivery managed to be pretty funny, but is otherwise pretty meh to me overall. I'd like it more if I were seven, because hey, that's the show's target audience.
  • The Loud House: I'm glad it has positive representation (thank you for including gay parents in one of your shows, Nick!), but otherwise it's just too bland and cliched for me. Nice character designs; animation could be better. Again, I'd probably like it more if I were in the target audience.
  • Bunsen is a Beast!: Haven't watched it. Don't plan on it, either.

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The grand budapest hotel?

never seen | want to see | the worst | bad | whatever | not my thing | good | great | favorite | masterpiece

i truly and genuinely believe this is the greatest movie ive ever seen in my got damn life. it has one of the most recognizable visual aesthetics of any movie and elicits such a deep feeling inside me. the music is beautiful. the characters are great. the cast is great. i love grand budapest hotel SO much. definitely worth a watch for anyone who hasnt seen it. definitely wes anderson’s best work (not to say that all of his movies are anything less than excellent). anyway i adore grand budapest hotel

ask me about a film and ill rate it


James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942).

Some quick trivia~~

  • The scene that takes place in the White House where Cagney tap dances down the staircase was completely ad-libbed
  • James Cagney became the first actor to win the Best Actor Oscar for a musical performance – this was also Cagney’s only Academy Award win
  • Cagney broke a rib while filming a dance scene, but continued dancing until it was completed
  • This film marks the first time Cagney ever attended a premiere to one of his movies, even though he had been in films for over a decade by that point
  • Cagney’s performance as George M. Cohan is ranked #6 on Premiere Magazine’s 100 Greatest Performances of All Time
The Halloween following "The Addams Family Musical", probably
  • Lucas: We are throwing a Halloween party at our house! It's going to be the greatest thing ever!
  • Wednesday: Someone will die.
  • Lucas: Of fun!
  • Wednesday: And of MURDER.
  • Lucas: There's going to be beer, pumpkins...
  • Wednesday: Bloody goblins.
  • Lucas: Fake ones! It's going to be awesome. We have decorations...
  • Wednesday: Dead people that we just murdered.
  • Lucas: Not murdered, but pictures of dead people from TV or movies...
  • Wednesday: Mutilated bodies.
  • Lucas: But fake ones! Candy, dancing, all kinds of food and snacks...
  • Wednesday: Blood orphans.
  • Lucas: No blood orphans. I… I don't know what that is.

Sacramento native Keith Powers boasts a half-million swooning Instagram followers, thanks to his roles in two critically acclaimed musical biopics, Straight Outta Compton and The New Edition Story. Now the 24-year-old actor is romancing Bella Thorne in the new television drama Famous in Love, which premieres April 18 on Freeform (formerly ABC Family). He shares a few choice anecdotes, like how he learned to bust a move from Ronnie DeVoe and that awkward moment when he met Dr. Dre.

How would you describe the new show? People are calling it the next Pretty Little Liars.
It has Pretty Little Liars nuances because Marlene King [produces both programs], so you’ll get those thrills, but it’s a fresh new show of its own. The only show I can say it’s close to is Entourage. Another one is Gossip Girl, because of the lies, the scandal, the sexiness. [Bella Thorne plays a college student and aspiring actress who gets cast opposite Powers’ character in a Twilight-like movie, and becomes torn romantically between him and a longtime guy friend.] If you want to see what an actress can go through after gaining overnight success, watch Famous in Love, because it’s so accurate. You get to see what she goes through, still wanting to be in school and dealing with fame. And then it gets dark and goes to a whole other place.

Your character, Jordan Wilder, sports a black eye. He’s the series’ bad boy, isn’t he?
Jordan is not really a bad boy, he’s just a guy who makes mistakes, but the negatives get put on front street more than the positives. Jordan is the type not to interact with many others because of people throwing his name in dirt, but once you get to know [him], he has a lot of substance—he’s a cares-so-much type of guy. One mistake [in particular] haunts him: he moved in on his best friend’s girlfriend. What I love about the show is we get a chance to love and hate something about every character, and at the same time we can relate to all of them because they’re not perfect.

Speaking of relatable, you are awfully cozy with your fans on Twitter and Instagram—you answer many tweets personally. Can you keep it up now that your star is rising?
I’ve always been a people person. With social media you have the luxury of reaching out to people directly. Once you have them, whatever you feed them they’ll take with an open heart. So I think it’s important. There are some who are grandfathered in and don’t have to do that—the Denzels, the Will Smiths, the Leonardo DiCaprios, the Channing Tatums. But things have changed, and social media has taken a primary role in the entertainment industry. It’s part of the job. I try to look at most tweets, but ever since The New Edition Story came out [on BET in January], my Twitter account has been in a shambles, and my Instagram too—the comments sections are crazy. So I’ve readjusted.

Let’s talk about The New Edition Story, in which you played group member Ronnie DeVoe, and Straight Outta Compton, about the rap group N.W.A.—you played Dr. Dre’s late brother, Tyree. What was it like portraying these real people?
Playing Tyree was like playing a fictional character because people didn’t know him. Dr. Dre made a song about his brother on the 2001 album, [but] I got to introduce the character. But people know Ronnie—he’s still breathing and walking around. So people could pick out when I wasn’t authentic right off the bat.

Did you get to meet Ronnie?
We met all of New Edition—they were there when we were learning the dance moves. We had New Edition boot camp [where] we basically had to shadow them—we had to keep up. It was good and bad: good because we’d get everything straight from the source, and bad when they’d come on set and say, “Aw, I would have never said that!” So it got a little tricky. Ronnie always gave me feedback. At first I couldn’t learn to dance, and he made it easy for me and kept my head on straight, rooting me on. That always felt good.

If you’d been a teenager in the ’80s or ’90s, whose poster would you have had on your wall, N.W.A.’s or New Edition’s?
Definitely both, because I heard a lot of R&B growing up, [and] a lot of West Coast hip-hop—that was the time when West Coast and East Coast were beefin’. You’ve got the best of both worlds with those two. [New Edition’s] music is so timeless. I don’t think “Can You Stand the Rain” will ever be an old song. That’s one of the greatest songs of all time.

What was it like meeting Dr. Dre for the first time, when you’d been hired to play his late brother in the movie?
It was awkward at first. We met at LA Center Studios. He didn’t want to look at me—he’d look at me, then look away. He was probably thinking, “Wow, this dude looks like my little brother!” I’d look at him, then he’d look at me, then I’d get shy. Then it was like, “This is going to be good.” Then, “All right, let’s do this!” And my middle name is Tyree, which was his brother’s name—it’s funny how things work out. [Dr. Dre] was one of my idols growing up, one of my heroes, so it’s dope I got to play his little brother.

Your character’s death is a big emotional turning point in the movie.
[Tyree] idolized his big brother. He just wanted to be with his big brother at a time when N.W.A. was hot, but his mom said “No, you’re in school, you’ve got to focus on that.” And right when Dr. Dre was about to let him come [on a tour], that’s when he passed away. [Tyree was killed in a street fight in 1989 at the age of 21.] That’s what hurt, because, man, he just wanted to go on the tour. It’s always a sensitive subject talking about that with Dr. Dre, because he probably thinks about that all the time. I’m just glad I was able to show people his little brother because of this movie.

Was your mom protective of you like Tyree and Dr. Dre’s?
I think all moms are—but my mom wasn’t overprotective. When [my siblings and I] were young we were always outside on our bikes and we’d be gone for hours. That was our vibe. But we obeyed our parents, so my mom trusted us.

What kind of childhood did you have?
I had a very normal childhood, a fun childhood. I grew up in South Sacramento and went to high school in Elk Grove. I thank God [for] the childhood I had because I think it helps my acting. I was able to experience natural things that I think all kids should experience. You should go outside and [pop] wheelies on your bike and fall down and scrape your knee. I got to play basketball after school for hours, climb mountains, go out into the fields. There was no care in the world. I think a lot of parents suffocate their kids, and when they get out into the real world they don’t know how to act.

You played wide receiver in high school, and had plans to go into the NFL.
I definitely had aspirations, but it didn’t work out, and I’m glad because I love what I do. Looking back, I didn’t love sports as much as I thought I did. You grow up thinking you can play sports for the rest of your life, but you have to work at it, and I wasn’t putting in the work. But acting I love, and I put in the work.

Your family still lives in South Sacramento. Do you get home much?
I come up for holidays and birthdays. I stay with my grandparents, my mom—I hop from house to house. Everything has changed in Sacramento, but at the same time it’s still the same. Last time I was there, I was courtside with my mom [at a Kings game at Golden 1 Center]. It was super dope. I was so excited being courtside I didn’t even eat. via. Sactownmag

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Could you recommend me valid biblical movies/series?

I love the unironic usage of the word “valid” that discourse and the internet has given us. 

I haven’t watched a ton and I generally dislike them BUT I have three favorites that aren’t peachy or unimaginative. 

The Prince of Egypt: This is honestly one of the greatest works of art ever made, both in terms of visuals and the musical score. It’s the Exodus story, rendered lovingly and cleverly and in a source-accurate way with actual Moral Dilemmas and Historically Accurate People of Color and a deep, trembling, complex love for the flight from Egypt which just seeps out of the film. All the voice actors do a bang-up job, and the cast list is star-studded.

The Nativity Story: A beautiful, slow paced, but emotionally tense take on the birth of Jesus that focuses on the characters of Joseph and Mary. It stars Keisha Castle-Hughes and Oscar Issac (which is EXCELLENT casting) and captures the delicate, unsure, frightened love blossoming between the young couple. It also gives Joseph his own emotional arc, which plenty of nativity stories don’t.

One Night with the King: This one is a little campy but it is GORGEOUS and it makes my heart sing. It’s slightly romanticized, lavish retelling of the story of Esther, but Tiffany Dupont as Esther is clever and brave and kind, not to mention absolutely beautiful in all of her elaborate Persian dresses. Luke Goss (whom you may recognize as Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2) is regal and emotive and charming. The movie takes liberties turning the political marriage between Haddasah/Esther and the Persian King into a nuanced love story in which Esther has agency (she seduces the king my telling him Bible stories Scheherazade style). I still cry every time I watch it. 










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  • 40. One Weird Thing

“A lot of young Latino actors have said to me, ‘Why can’t we get an Oscar? Why can’t we be nominated?’ And the terrible truth is that if you don’t get the right parts, you’re not going to be. Are you going to get an Oscar nomination for one of those Judd Apatow movies? Not likely, no matter what nationality you are. And I think that until we as Latino actors get to do roles that have really serious meaning, it’s going to be impossible to get nominated.”

Happy 84th birthday to Rita Moreno, a living legend, intrepid Latina trailblazer, and one of the first-ever EGOT completists, seen here with her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for West Side Story, one of the greatest musical performances ever put onto film. Bow down.

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your writing and recommendations are my everything and i've listened to hamilton and in the heights because of you so i have to ask; do you have a rec list for musicals?? i have 0 knowledge on them (the above two are my firsts) and i'd love to know what your favorites are!!!

all right, this has taken some time because I have, as you have probably realised, A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT MUSICALS, and I have never been tasked with so great a responsibility before. you are a blank slate! so many joys await you!!

- in some of these cases I cannot divorce my childhood from the equation and so there is no objective guarantee of quality, per se, just…feelings
- I realise seeing musicals live often ranges from inconvenient to impossible so I’ll try and note whether or not you can get a good experience from the cast album (which you often can! HAMILTON, CASE IN POINT)
- there’s a lot of stuff on youtube. if you poke around.

ok ok 

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Okay So I Just Watched 10 Inch Hero for the first time and let me tell you:

That was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.

The Music in the soundtrack was just oh my god

The writers made all characters were related able to the people watching

Jensen Ackles’s T-Shirts Deserved their own movie by how awesome they were

Each and every character was put into situations that made them realize their self-worth

Scenery was beautiful


And everybody, AND I MEAN EVERYBODYhad a happy ending

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36. Where Do I See Myself In 10 Years
37. Biggest Regret
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39. Catchphrase
40. One Weird Thing

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I am tired of everyon praising frozen it isn't even great, tangled was a musical that was great and frozen just sucks and isn't the greatest movie ever like people need to stop.

Like I get you not liking the film, but do you need to blast it over here? Or anywhere for that matter? It’s okay to not like things, but don’t get mad when people enjoy them. You not liking something doesn’t make the subject at hand bad. Now onto your opinion, I think it’s safe to say you don’t get the success that Frozen is getting by being a bad film or even mediocre. You don’t get an 89 percent on rotten tomatoes by being okay, you don’t get a 7.9 imbd score by being just okay (mind you many of the disney classics average about 7.5 on there).

The point I am making is I am seeing this new wave of stop liking frozen it’s a bad movie cause it’s popular trend that is really upsetting. Also I like to point out Tangled in the words of Chris buck is a movie with music, where as Frozen is a full blow musical. Anyways beyond the obvious accolades that Frozen has received which many other classics did not Frozen has cemented itself in pop culture at this point. Again you don’t do that by being a bad film, if people are connecting to it on this level well clearly something is there. I get it not being the greatest Disney Film ever which no one is claiming, but Frozen is a bonafide classic at this point and deserves every bit of success it has gotten.  

Well…it’s officially over, guys. Adult Swim are dicks and no more Metalocalypse for us. Because they said so, that’s why.

I haven’t done anything fandom related in a while but I just want to say right here that this dumb show about metal and gore has given me so much. I’ve met some truly great, amazing people because of this fandom, people I still talk to almost ten years later. That’s so incredibly rare. Especially now where the internet is basically just people yelling at each other.

It really sucks that they took away our ending to one of the greatest stories ever told, but at least we have memories of good times. Epic fan fiction was written. Some of you got your fan art recognized by the creators and featured on the show, which was amazing. It’s because Brendon Small, Tommy Blacha, Jon Schnepp, everyone who gave their blood sweat and tears to make this show happen for as long as it did - at the end of the day, they were just one of us. Just fans of music, animation, movies, fantasy and sci-fi and horror - and they never lost sight of that. Which is probably why the network took advantage of them.

So, thanks to everyone I’ve ever met for being in this fandom with me. The show being cancelled won’t change the love I have for all of you.