one of the greatest movies of all time tbh

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What’s your favorite book and movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?

ooh what a good second part. 

Tbh my favorite book tends to be what I’m reading in the moment, which right now is Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair that Shaped the First Lady, which is a historial account of Eleanor Roosevelts relationship with Lorena Hicock. But if I think really hard, I’ve got a few longstanding faves.

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1. Nicknames: I don’t have one since my name is really short
2.Gender: female
3.Star Sign: Cancer
4.Height: I don’t really know tbh,the last time I checked was year or two ago and I was 1,67m tall.
5. Time: 14:15
6. Birthday: July 15th
7. Favorite bands: Black Eyed Peas,The Beatles,Little Mix
8.Favorite solo artists: Enrique Iglessias,Ed Sheeran,Whitney Houston
9.Song stuck in my head: “Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston and “Subeme La Radio” by Enrique Iglessias
10. Last movie I watched: I don’t remember it’s name but it was some 90s action movie with Charlie Sheen and Linda Hamilton
11. Last show I watched: Agatha Christie’s Poirot ( I watched all episodes over 100 times,but every time I see it on tv I have to watch it!)
12.When did I create my blog: I created this blog around three months ago,but I previously had a blog which I had from 2014 to 2017,which I deleted because of personal reasons
13. What do I post: Mostly Disney,Harry Potter,royal families of past and present,fashion,inspirational quotes…this blog is basically random mix of everything I like.
14. Last thing I googled: British royal family
15.Do I have any other blogs: Yes! You can also find me at:
* @flavia-gorivar (my childhood nostalgia blog)
* @josephine-of-denmark (my blog about royal families)
* @alexandra-giddens (my blog about Old Hollywood)
* @cordelia-shirley (my blog about Anne Of Green Gables books & adaptations)
* @isabel-of-avalor (my blog about my two fave tv series,“Elena Of Avalor” and “Sofia The First”)
16. Do I get any asks: Ocasionally,but I’m always here if anyone wants to talk to me!
17. Why I choose my url: I used name of Astoria Greengrass,character from Harry Potter series (I spelled her name differently in my url though,because the url with correctly spelled name was allready taken)
18.Followers: 55 (I used to have around 400 on my previous blog)
19. Following: around 700,it changes because I follow some new people and unfollow the ones who make my tumblr experience uncomfortable quite often
21. Average hours of sleep: 6 or 7
22. Lucky number: 3,5,6,7
23. Instruments: I don’t play any,but I wish I could play the piano
23.What am I wearing: My blue & white caro dress and flat shoes
24. Dream job: I would like to write novels
25. Dream trip: There are a lot of places I need to visit,some of them I haven’t seen yet and some of them I have to visit yet
26. Favorite food: spaghetti
27.Nationality: Serbian
30. Favorite song right now: If You Can Dream by Disney Princess

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Relationship status: I may look single and all alone but at least i have like 2 crush. The fictional one and the real one

Favorite color: Blue is life Blue is love

Lipstick/chapstick: none of them

Last song I listened to: The Greatest by Sia

Last movie I watched: The Boss baby and Silent Hill : Revelations

Top 3 TV shows:

Wander Over Yander (Boi, such a great show. I miss Lord Dominator tbh. She’s a cutie. And she’s really kinda remind me of Marta)

Gravity Falls ( As i remember, i accidentally watch it and like it)

Steven Universe (i still remember the time i hate this show like “what the heck is this” and now i was like “LAPIS MY BAE”)                                                                     

Top 3 characters: Ehem. Currently these are characters that i love. For now

Nick Tremblay (at first, i was like “Red Barrels why. I’m really disappointed with y'all. And why is there even a big syphilitic guy with a great smol archer riding him tho. Then, i try to understand the lore and DID A SKETCH BECAUSE i’m bored and i’m tired of studying all the time for final exams. Hhhh i was a tsundere shit before to him and now i want to give him all of my love and affection and protect him and let him to do anything he wants to me if you know what i mean 3h3hh3h3h3)

Marta (first love of Outlast 2. Hhhhh she did nothing wrong okai. I ship her with papa knoth *coughcoughMarivancouhhcough* since before outlast 2 released and i was surprised that Marivan is nearly canon)

Optimus Prime (fav autobot since i was a little shit. Now i still love him. Childhood hero h3h)

Top 3 bands:

Imagine Dragons (i’m a bit late cuz i just knew ‘em two years ago but that’s okay. Still listening to their song. Ahh my fav one currently is Hopeless Opus)

The Score (srsly check out this band They’re songs are good)

Avenged sevenfold (ah the good ol’ time)

Books I’m currently reading: Honestly it’s about something that legal in my country and ilegal in y'all country. Dont get it? Clue : WW2

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