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madihouser sometimes, wishes do come true💖
kristina8forrest Being a part of your child’s ultimate wish is one of the greatest things ever. Madison is the most deserving of this experience. After everything she’s been through, this really is a wish come true! Thank you @leamichele @ninezeroone @makeawishamerica @wishillinois @ericbballew for helping make @madihouser wish a reality.


As I look back on today, I can’t help but smile. Today marks the one year anniversary of when I met #SebastianStan. I will never forget how excited I was to meet him and how utterly satisfied I was from that weekend. I drove over 6 hours up to Tulsa, Oklahoma just to spend one day with this man and it was the greatest decision ever. I made sure to have gotten VIP tickets so I’d be one of the first people to meet him that Saturday. Even though it was a LOT of money, it was WORTH IT! I remember waking up that Saturday morning, barely getting much sleep the night before, and preparing myself both physically and mentally, to meet the nicest little cinnamon bun ever. When I arrived at the venue, there were already tons of fans there, queuing up to get their goodie bags and their VIP passes.  Once I received my bag with a free poster of Sebastian, my passes for the photo op and the autograph session, I stood in line alone, and the excitement only grew from there. The amount of fans who were waiting outside the conference room to go in for the panel, was more than I had ever expected. There were two girls who stood behind me, talking about how excited they were for the day and I turned to talk to them too. Little did I know, they would be the one’s I’d spend the entire day with and would be there to help me with my fangirling. The panel started around 11am and when Sebastian took the stage, I was in awe of his presence. Something about him, instantly drew me to him, and I hadn’t even met him yet! The first thing he said to us, after saying hello, was “I made it to Tulsa! This is where Chandler got in trouble!” Everyone cheered and I laughed at the Friends reference. I regret not standing up and yelling, “I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE” like Captain America, but I was too nervous. For my first Comic Con, I wanted to behave. The questions from the interviewer and the fans were really amazing and I’ll never forget the girl who got a hug from Sebastian because she was so nervous to talk to him. He ran off the stage and up the aisle, right by me and my friends, picked her up, and hugged/spun her around. I’ll also never forget what he said to my Dad. My Dad was on his phone, playing Solitaire, and before Sebastian made his way back to the stage, he saw my Dad playing on his phone, said “That’s what I’d be doing right now.” And the entire audience broke out laughing! For me however, I was hyperventilating because he was talking to my Dad and was standing right next to me. After the panel, one of my new friends had the first VIP group to meet Sebastian, so she had to go get in line. However, my other friends and I walked around, checking out the booths and everything Wizard World had to offer. There were a LOT of different comic books, and photos and paintings from different comic book characters and those from Marvel & DC. We all were having a great time, until it was our turn to queue up for the second autograph session. Once again, we stood in line, waiting for Sebastian to come back from his lunch break. We were told we could take picture or videos of Sebastian but when he was signing autographs, we had to put our phones away. Now I’ll share the video I took in a second post, but let’s get back to Seb. When my friend and I approached the table, we both smiled and asked him how he was. It was a bit awkward because we didn’t know what to say and he is very focused when he’s signing but he was still so nice when he talked. It was my turn to meet him and after he signed my picture, I told him I had a present for him. I picked up the MASSIVE Marvel gift bag that had red, white, and blue tissue paper (for Captain America of course) and when I set the bag on the table, Sebastian’s eyes grew really wide and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He didn’t entirely open the gift bad, but he moved the paper around to see what was inside. I had made a collage for him, of his most recognizable characters he’s ever played, but his reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. He said, “oh no, no more pictures of me please.” I was kinda hurt hearing him say that because it took a lot of time and money for me to make that collage but I told him the best thing I could think of. “Well I made this for you because I’m really proud of you and I want you to be proud of yourself.” I explained. And at that moment, when he looked at me and smiled, said thank you, I knew he was okay with it. I also had to make sure to tell him about the 3 page letter I wrote for him that was at the bottom of the bag and he said he’d look for it. We said our goodbyes and that we’d see him shortly and he smiled as we walked away. Both my friend and I were freaking out because we got to actually talk to Sebastian Stan and we got his autograph! We had more time to kill before we had to be back for our photo with him so again, we went around, looking at all the booths the vendors had to offer. The whole day, I met more and more fans who all loved Sebastian just as much as I did and we all became fast friends. When it was finally time for photos, we were all exhausted from the day and just wanted it to be over. From 9:00 in the morning, we had one thing after another going on. As soon as we stood up to prepare to meet him again, my heart was racing; I was so excited to see him again. I walked up to him, smiled and said hi, I asked if he could hug me from behind for the picture and he said sure. Later I was told by my friends who were watching us together, they said Sebastian had hesitated where to put his arms because it seemed like he didn’t wanna hit my boobs; a total gentlemen. I waited for my friends to take their pictures and then we all picked our printed pictures up. We made sure to get something to put the photo op picture and the autographed picture in before we left. It was around 5pm when we all had met Sebastian and were ready to call it a day. We said our goodbyes and exchanged Facebooks and said we’d keep in touch. When I got back to my hotel room with my Dad, I was on such a high that all I could do was look at my picture with Sebastian and be totally in love. Sebastian was the nicest man I have ever met and the way he interacted with all of us, was truly extraordinary. So on this one year anniversary, I say thank you to Sebastian for coming out to meet us. Thank you for flying from New York, to Atlanta for a layover, then to Tulsa and getting there at 4am. Thank you for giving us your all even though we knew you were exhausted. Thank you for all your hard work as an actor and as a human being. I can’t ever put into words what you mean to me but I will try to tell you and show you everyday for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to be reunited again one day. I love you to the moon and back my Romanian Prince




For uncounted centuries, the Black Cauldron lay hidden, waiting, while evil men searched for it, knowing whoever possessed it would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors… and with them, rule the world.

The Black Cauldron (1985) dir. Ted Berman & Richard Rich


I never had a greater friend than you. And we traveled a lot and I’ve never had a greater friend than you.

we will rock you is so meme’d and overused that many people forget that it’s one of the greatest songs ever made with one of the fucking DOPEST guitar solos ever recorded and i blame white men and sports for that

tfw your not space boyfriend sneaks into your bed in the middle of the night and falls asleep on your arm and doesn’t let you get up even though you Really Need to Pee

(speedpaint for Heads I Win Tails You Lose chapter 3 :3c)