one of the girls on the morning radio show i listen to mentioned liking men's hands


Dean x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is for @kazchester-fanfiction‘s One Year Song Challenge. I chose the song Cool If I Come Over by Louden Swain. I definitely suggest you listen to the song while reading the fic, because 1. It’s a fantastic song, 2. Louden Swain is fucking amazing, and 3. the lyrics kinda make the fic.
Please be kind guys, this is the first thing I’ve written in 2 months and I was nervous so I didn’t have anyone beta it for me….so you’re stuck with what you get.

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Ain’t it strange the way your mind works / Checks and balancing your day / You got it all inside that fat purse / It don’t fit but you shove it in there anyway

“Dean, it’s time to go.”

“I told you before, Sam. I’m not going.” Dean leaned back in his chair, taking a long pull from his beer bottle. “Plus, we both know she doesn’t really want me there.”

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