one of the girls is really freaked out

Wearing Their Hoodies
  • 707:
  • • He gives you a spare hoodie
  • • Like the biggest one he has
  • • Look at you in his hoodie
  • • He's all like "where's my camera?"
  • Yoosung:
  • • He isn't crying
  • • He's a manly man
  • • His hoodies fit on you??
  • • He thought he was smol
  • • Feels very protective
  • Jumin:
  • • What's a hoodie?
  • • Jk he wears one to bed in winter
  • • Its called his tired clothes
  • • He sees you and he's like ???
  • • That's 👏 my 👏 girl 👏
  • • He picks you up because smol looking
  • Zen:
  • • Brings out your eyes
  • • Very baggy on you
  • • Looks at that small person
  • • Pats da small partner
  • • Hugs smol partner
  • • Doesn't let go
  • • Is too busy freaking out
  • Jaehee:
  • • Look at that nice fit
  • • Good fit
  • • Shows off da body
  • • Not really but ya know
  • • Lots of cuddles now
  • V:
  • • Photography
  • • Such precious person in his hoodie??
  • • Pat pat pat
  • • Cuddles every where
  • Saeran
  • • But he doesn't
  • • For his eyes only
Adoptive Family AU (aka that one AU no one asks for, but everyone needs anyways)

Because Rogue One gave me too many unnecessary feelings and all I wanted for Christmas is a happy family AU. 

  • Chirrut and Baze are married, hands-down. They don’t act like it, but really it’s way too obvious considering the way Baze motherhens the heck out of Chirrut. Wherever Chirrut wanders, Baze is one step behind him.
  • Chirrut is a monk at a temple (yes you can get married if you’re a monk; you just can’t have sex). Baze is more practical, so he runs a mechanic shop to support the family of two. 
  • There’s a thief living in the temple and stealing the monks’ food. Chirrut stumbles upon her (he coaxes her out with food) - a six year old little girl who lost her family in freak accident. She saw her mother get shot and her father disappeared to who knows where.

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I’ve seen a lot of stories about Newt having Christmas with the Goldsteins but guys, they’re Jewish.

Imagine Newt standing awkwardly close to Tina as Queenie and her recite traditional prayers. About half way through Newt slips his hand into Tina’s. Both turn bright pink and they have butterflies in their tummies. I swear they’re actually middle schoolers. 

Imagine Newt getting quite competitive during the dreidel game but in the end lets Jacob win because he’s having so much fun.

Imagine the Niffler thinking they’re real coins (gelt) being passed around and being quite disappointed when he finds out that they’re chocolate. 

Imagine Newt finally answering Queenie saying he actually really prefers strudel while she’s baking all types of delicious pastries with Jacob. 

Imagine Newt secretly freaking out because oh god he couldn’t even find one gift perfect enough for Tina now he has to find eight?!?

But Imagine on the 25th the girls set up a small Christmas tree for Newt and Jacob and they decorate it and Newt and Tina put the star on top together and Queenie goes around with mistletoe And Tina tells her to knock it off but Newt surprises her with a kiss and Jacob has a bit too much giggle water and is belting out Christmas songs and Newt is really happy he can do so many amazing Holiday traditions with his friends. 

  • Chat becomes friend of Marinette and starts liking her, and viceversa
  • But Mari knows he is in love with Ladybug so she never really thinks he could like her
  • But then one day an interview with Chat Noir and Alya goes like:
  • Chat Noir : Oh yes i have a girl in my heart
  • Alya: Yes! I knew Ladynoir was real!
  • Chat Noir: Who said anything about Ladybug?
  • AND EVERYONE JUST FREAKS OUT TRYING TO NOW WHO IS THE ONE CHAT IS IN LOVE WITH AND MARI IS LIKE " whAt?? First Adrien and then Chat, why do i have such a luck??"
  • And then when she asks Chat he is like " Well she is brave, beautiful..." and talks about her and Mari is all dense like " oh who could it be???"
The signs as Stydia quotes
  • Aquarius: "Stiles saved me."
  • Pisces: "If you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind!"
  • Aries: "You're so smart I could kiss you right now!"
  • Taurus: "Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me!"
  • Gemini: "Not without Lydia."
  • Cancer: "I think you look really beautiful when you cry."
  • Leo: "Someone that has a strong connection to you... Kind of emotional tether."
  • Virgo: "When I kissed you... You held your breath.."
  • Libra: "Remember... Remember I love you."
  • Scorpio: "I love girls. I love 'em. I love especially ones with strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, 5"3..."
  • Sagittarius: "Lydia please shut up and let me save your life!"
  • Capricorn: "What the hell is a Stiles?"
Okay, get this...

Me and my friend are always making up head-canons, and we thought of this one, so I thought I’d bless all of you with it.

So, Magnus decides to take the entire floor 19 crew(excluding those he is not friends with) down to camp half blood, including Alex. As soon as they get there, everyone is instantly infatuated with Alex, because she appeals to everyone, given her gender fluidity. So, literally EVERYONE ends up with a crush on Alex, but nobody can figure out her gender, and everyone’s freaking the fuck out about it, and people keep going up to her to ask, and one guy goes up to her and says,”Hey, I just wanted to say, you are really cute, but not in a gay way,” and Alex just looks at him and says,”It’s not gay… yet,” BECAUSE SHE’S A GIRL THAT DAY, BUT SHE MIGHT NOT BE SOON. And someone else says,”Are you a boy or a girl,” and Alex goes,”Depends,” and everyone loses their godsdamn minds.

And the entire floor 19 crew is just watching the camp burn and Alex doesn’t even realize what she’s doing. So, needless to say, Magnus gets a bit jealous, but, like Alex, he’s totally oblivious that he’s attracted to Alex and doesn’t know why he’s jealous. So, Mallory, T.J., and Halfborn keep making fun of him for getting jealous and he just brushes it off.

Then, all of them are at the campfire and Magnus is just like,”Fuck it,” and KISSES ALEX RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. And Alex is just like,”Well, what the fuck took you so long?” 

They end up dating, but everyone in chb is pissed because now Alex is taken and she’s made it very clear that she’s not leaving Magnus anytime soon, so even Annabeth refuses to talk to Magnus and he’s just like,”YOU  HAVE A BOYFRIEND,” but Percy is just like,”I’m on her side. Fierro’s hot.”

Why the girl from high school is not so much at fault

I don’t like how everybody are hating on the girl from high school. Like, I understand that Bum has a disorder, and I understand that she was pretty shitty at the end (no one should say “go die” to someone) but let’s face it: she was young and Yoonbum was a creep.

Like, she was really nice to him at the beginning? Even when her abuse stopped? Some people said she started ignoring him afterwards, but no, not at all - she goes shopping with him! She just started to freak out because Yoonbum clearly said to her ‘’Well, I can buy you this ring because I’m your boyfriend, right?’’. Seriously, which girl would in her right mind not freak out when someone say something like that??

So she stopped talking to him: maybe not the more mature response to this, but well, it’s better to start ignoring him when he has this kind of ideas, right? But the guy is still insisting. The guy just talk and talk and talk to her, even steal from her, even find out what’s her breast size is! She’s not even insulting him, she’s just avoiding him with repeating to him that they’ll talk ‘’next time’’. She snaps one time (ONE TIME) by telling him she destroyed his letter, and he starts screaming at her, telling everybody in class that she was raped by his father. Like, he screams like that her biggest secret just because he’s upset?

I would be hating the men. I mean, seriously, I would be so angry at him and creeped out to. But she still continue to ignore him - until she heard that the guy is telling to everyone that they’re dating.

Who the fuck, in their right mind, wouldn’t be angry? And who the fuck, when you confront him, wouldn’t freak out when the guy just talk about her breast, and how much he liked the bruises left by her father? Personally, I would have surely slapped the men, or call the the school to help me because I would be scared.

Seriously, I love Yoonbum. I want to protect this child from all harm in this world, and hope he really find happiness. But that’s because I know he’s mentally ill, and that we know him in a way strangers don’t. I understand the reaction of this girl: there’s a slightly mentally ill guy who likes me in my class and, even if the situation is far from this extreme and even if I stay polite to him, it’s kind of unnerving when the other party doesn’t understand ‘’no’’.

This girl in high school had a right to react how she did, even if it’s cruel. It’s very hard to understand mental illness.

From Syl’s point of view, these books are basically one of those cliche movies where the teenage girl really wants to race horses but her father won’t let her because her mother died racing horses; then there’s this one horse who won’t let anyone ride him but she KNOWS has the potential to be great, so she sneaks out and trains him and even though one time he throws her so her leg breaks and her dad freaks out, they eventually win the big race and save the farm. In the very end her dad begrudgingly pats the nose of the older but not quite retired racehorse who’s been begging him for sugar cubes every time he came to the stability to drag his daughter out, a sign that in the direct-to-dvd sequel, he may take up riding again as well.

I try really hard not to be a fan girl and just enjoy things (ex: soccer and music) without freaking out about the people. Like I started off being like “yeah I’ll just watch these soccer games and I know these people’s names but I don’t really care what happens outside of soccer.” And then BAM next thing I know I need to figure out if Krashlyn and Preath are fucking real. And which players are gay and which ones everyone wishes were. I follow a shit ton of woso blogs. If one of the players posts a picture I’ll know about it. I’ll analyze that picture like “omg Tobin wore that exact same sweater on October 2nd 2014 with a pair of ripped blue jeans and no shoes. Wait a minute? Didn’t Christen post a picture at a similar location as the picture Tobin did? That plain average house looks familiar. Omg their together!” It’s a FUCKING RABBIT HOLE!!! ONCE YOURE IN, YOURE IN! I’ll be listening to a musician, just some songs. Next thing I know I’m watching all these interviews and videos titled “Tori Kelly adorable moments”. And I’m like “fuck! She’s so fucking cute! Omg she plays the drums! I fucking love her even more! Ugh that hair! Did you see that smile? What an amazing smile! Yes more please!” WHERE DOES IT END?! Can I just NOT FANGIRL? Can I just like someone without fangirling every time they lift a finger? Thanks.

Let Her Go
Mac DeMarco
Let Her Go

tell her that you love her, if you really love her
But if your heart just ain’t sure, let her go


〔 jess mariano appreciation week 〕day one › favorite season

i didn’t mean to freak you out. i’m sorry, i’m sure you’ll do it. you will. i promise. i’ll help you practice, okay? tomorrow, you’ll stand in the middle of the street, and i will drive straight at you, screaming in a foreign language.


You’re bored, Cranberry, but there’s never been a kill as satisfying as this one since all the fighting began.

Really, though! Every death of a bad magical girl is always followed by a killjoy:

- Ruler is betrayed but someone worse takes over her lead.

- Yunael is killed only for Winterprison to die shortly after.

- Calamity Mary is finally defeated but the celebration is cut short with the loss of Top Speed.

And frankly, some of us were too freaked out to cheer when Magicaloid got what was coming to her though really, no one cared that much about Magicaloid to see her as a villain.

So if you don’t mind, I will be enjoying Minael’s demise. It’s what we ought to get after losing Alice! *shakes fist violently* (`Д´)૭

Okay but what I love the most about the PJO/HOO girls is that who they really are have nothing to do what a stereotypical person would say they are.

Like Annabeth is a blonde, which are depicted as incredibly dumb, and she is the most intelligent out of all her siblings and probably out of both of the camps.

Piper is half Cherokee, freaking Native American, and Native Americans are usually depicted as tree huggers and one with nature, lover of animals, and hunters, and Piper is kinda bad with animals, helped take down Mother Nature (Gaea), and is a freaking vegetarian which would have been shamed upon.

Hazel is black, no doubt about it, and black people are usually depicted as “rachet,” loud, “ghetto,” not very good with manners nor grammar, and Hazel is the sweetest little sunshine that has ever lived, nearly faints when she hears profane and vulgar language, is very polite when talking to others her age and above, and is probably the quietest out of all of the seven.

Reyna is Puerto Rican, and Puerto Ricans are usually depicted as loud and all over the place, but in reality she’s quiet, organized, efficient, and only yells when giving commands to her troops or probably arguing with Annabeth over the best battle strategies.

Rick created not only strong and beautiful teenage girls, but characters who broke racial boundaries and stereotypes.

My small prediction for the possible season 2

So everyone’s freaking out over the interview where it was /vaguely/ stated that Otabek and Mila might be a thing…
But Kubo also mentioned something about not leaving Yurio out.
What if Mila does really start developing that typical fan girl crush but Otabek doesn’t acknowledge it? What if he’s not looking to be in a relationship, or at least not one with her?
What if he knows Yurio can’t just be dropped from his life as a close friend and he doesn’t acknowledge Mila’s advances (if any)?
Honestly, I’m a big Otayuri shipper, but if Mila and Otabek are gonna be a thing, then we just gotta deal with that.
everyone keeps saying MilaBek is gonna be a thing based on HER canon crush on him. But have you taken into consideration that maybe Otabek won’t be interested in her??

anonymous asked:

i feel like i'm SO incredibly undesirable because i'm trans. no one will love me because i'm a freak. i hate being trans but i can't keep living pretending to be a girl.

There is nothing wrong with being trans. There are plenty of people who are happy to be with us. If not thats their problem really. It may be a bit harder due to transphobia but there are people out there. We are not freaks because we are a bit different. Cis is not some norm that everyone must abide by. It sounds like you have a lot of internalised transphobia you need to work on. I felt the same ways 3-4 years ago but am the opposite now. It is entirely possible to get past those feelings and see that none of it is true. This may not be an easy life, we can have a lot to deal with and go through but we are certainly not less. We deal with things they could never understand and take for granted. Mindset is a big part of this and working on that will change those feelings. You are as worthy as anyone else is and there are people who would be with you. You may not see it now but I hope that you will one day

inequities in the college app process

yesterday, results for uc davis and uc san diego came out, and since the ucsd portal was down until 5 PM when everyone expected results at 3 PM, there was mayhem on the college confidential forum for ucsd 2021. 

i decided to take a nap and wake up later to check results, but i didn’t wake up until 10 PM, so I woke up to a bunch of notifications not only about people freaking out about the portal being down but also a bunch of posts about getting accepted, waitlisted or rejected.

i scrolled past a bunch of the latter but one post really bothered me. this one girl had a UC GPA of 3.7 and an 1800 SAT, which is decent but below the UCSD average freshman profile stats. she was rejected. 

but after reading into her income and family circumstances, i wondered whether UCSD made the right decision. her family income was less than 25k/year, but the family only had 10k to spend on expenses because her dad spent it on drugs and alcohol. 

her mom had to support herself, the OP and her 3 siblings with so little money. 

the OP had grown up disadvantaged all her life. she lived in a poor neighborhood filled with crime, her dad wasn’t involved in her life, and she went to a high school where she felt unsafe and unsupported. despite that, she still earned decent stats and worked hard. 

ucsd was her dream school, but yesterday, her dream was shattered. 

yes, her stats were below average for ucsd. yes, she had scattered ec’s and didn’t take many AP classes. but how could anyone expect her to be as focused on academics and activities as someone who grew up with enough money, food and more support?!

colleges are academic institutions, so grades/stats are important because adcoms want to see whether this person will be able to handle the rigor/coursework at each campus. 

but i can’t help but think that many (not necessarily ALL) of the people who had better grades/scores/ec’s grew up with more resources and support. not everyone gets an equal playing field in life, and the same goes for college applicants. 

her story made me question whether i would’ve gotten where i am today without my parents, who have always put my education first and work hard to give us a solid middle class income, my teachers and other people who’ve helped me along the way, as well as how much numbers and stats can say about a person.

History (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Hello! Another imagine is here! Hope you like it! Sent in requests! Love ya! 

Request:  Hii, could you write a Barry’s imagine when the reader flirts with him all the time but he is so oblivious to notice it, until one day she can’t stand it anymore and just blurt him out how she feels just to finds out that he feels the same way about her but he just thought she doesn’t like him?

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Originally posted by omgistrue

‘Hello Bartholomew’ I said, smiling brightly ‘Love the new hairdo’

             He looked at me for few seconds not really knowing if I was being sarcastic. I wasn’t. Barry always had the best… well everything. He was one of my closest friends, he was sweet, kind, geeky and oh yeah, he was a freaking super hero. What more can a girl want? Seriously though.

‘Thanks, Y/N’ he said, deciding to take it as a compliment.

             I sighed quietly, looking at my laptop and the newest calculations I made for Cisco. I was working for S.T.A.R labs for a while now and from the moment I laid my eyes on Barry I knew I was screwed. I had the biggest crush on the guy, which I wasn’t even trying to hide that hard. I was flirting with him constantly, during his runs, fights, whenever he was in the lab and whenever we went out. Everyone and their mother knew I had a thing for him, but he remained clueless. I was really close to just stripping naked before him and inviting him to my secret garden. Though knowing him, he still wouldn’t get what I was trying to tell him. My secret garden… I was starting to think I was on something. And that wasn’t good since I didn’t remember taking anything.

‘Anyone wants coffee?’ I asked, feeling the sudden need for air.

‘Oh, I’ll get it. Don’t worry!’ Barry proposed, running out.

             And that was how most of our conversations ended. With him running out. Well, don’t get me wrong, if I needed to talk to him about important stuff, he was always there. He was the kindest soul I knew and he always cared. Even when it was some small issues, that normal people would deem insignificant. He always listened. That was one of the reasons I loved him.

             Few minutes later he walked in with four cups from Jitters. He passed me my black coffee, sending the most beautiful smile and went on to distribute the caffeine to everyone. He was so thoughtful…

             I really had to get my shit together today. I had to focus on work and not think about Barry all day. Again. I sounded so sad sometimes, when I was talking to myself in my head. I sounded like one of those crazy, obsessed people and I knew I had to do something about that.

‘Barry! Could you bring that sweet ass of yours back here?’ I called out to Barry.

             He came into the room looking confused. Yes, Bartholomew, I did just call your ass sweet. Please get the idea. For the fastest man alive, he really was slow sometimes.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’ he asked, dismissing my attempt at flirting.

             I sighed again, trying to cover my annoyance and frustration with a smile.

‘It’s time for your measurements, sweet thing’ I said, moving past him in the direction of med bay.

             Ah, measurements, best part of my day, I thought. Barry took his shirt off, showing his flawless body. I tried not to drool, when I used measuring tape to see if he was still keeping in shape. Which was in my opinion stupid as hell, since he was running all the time and his metabolism was crazy fast. But Cait asked me for that one favour, knowing well how much pleasure that would cause me. Now that I thought about it, I was such a creep. Maybe he saw all my attempts at flirting and he was just weirded out by them. Maybe he was shutting me down on purpose? My cheeks burned red at that realisation. I coughed lightly, to cover my whimper. If that really was the case… I was so lame.

‘You okay, Y/N?’ He asked, taking my head in his hands and forcing me to look him in the eyes.

             My furiously beating heart really didn’t help me in this situation. I blinked few times adjusting to sudden change in the events. Barry’s hands were on my face. I was looking into those wonderful eyes and I could only think about kissing those beautiful, soft lips…

‘Yeah… yeah I’m great’ I whispered, feeling the sudden tension between us.

             Barry released my head suddenly, taking a step back. His cheeks flamed bright red and he stuttered some kind of excuse, that he had to go to the CCPD. Before I could protest, he was out of the lab. I was staring bewildered after him. What the fuck just happened? I had to hack into the camera feed, to actually see if that just happened or my over creative brain just made something up.

             I was sitting in Jitters, sipping coffee and looking through my notes. There were some numbers that didn’t really add up and I needed a break from the lab. And from Barry. Who I now realised walked into the café and ordered the usual. I really needed to start thinking about my choices and start making smarter decisions. Few seconds later he noticed me, with a huge grin on his face he sat opposite me and looked at the scattered papers.

‘What are you so focused on?’ he asked, sounding genuinely interested.

‘On you of course’ I said, before realising how that sounded ‘I meant, I want to make your suit lighter… So you can go faster, without using up so much energy…’

             Barry nodded, looking at the calculations for a second, trying to find a way to help me.

‘How are you anyways, wonder boy?’ I asked, putting on my best smile.

             He looked up, his cheeks burning up.

‘I’m great, Y/N, how are you?’ he smiled.

             I didn’t know what it was. It could’ve been tiredness from the lack of sleep, frustration or my bloody hormones, which always showed up, whenever he was around, but I had had enough. It was relatively easy. It was either a yes or a no. And I needed to know right now. Right this second.

‘For the love of everything that’s good, why can’t you see I’m trying to flirt with you?!’ I exclaimed.

             Few people turned around looking at me with fear in their eyes. Day without being mistaken for a crazy person, was a lost day anyways. At least that thing was ticked on the list of things to do today. Second one was being let down easily by Barry, so I was patiently waiting for it.

             He looked at me with the mixture of shock and laughter in his eyes. Great. He was going to laugh at me. That was definitely something I didn’t need today.

‘You know what, Allen’ I said, feeling stupid for my outburst ‘I’m gonna go. Forget it.’

             He grabbed my arm and turned me around to look into my eyes. His smile was everything in that moment.

‘Do you wanna get dinner sometime?’ he asked, his voice smooth.

             My cheeks reddened at his question.

‘I don’t want pity dinner, Barry’ I said, looking at the floor.

             His hands hugged my face and brought it up, so I would look him in the eyes. Those beautiful, green eyes I loved so much.

‘Let me be clear, because I am apparently the worst at reading signals’ he started ‘I like you. I more than like you, Y/N. I want to see where this goes. So will you please have dinner with me?’

             I looked at him for few seconds, blinking rapidly and thinking that I was just dreaming. That looked like one of my dreams, but his hands on my face were so real. I wanted to hear him say those words for so long and now that he did, I was so happy.

             His eyes had one question in them and I nodded giving him permission. Few seconds later his lips touched mine and the rest as they say is history.


Requests are still opeeen! My Masterlist. And Prompts

One last really exciting thought before I go to bed. In the script (act two, scene nineteen), Moaning Myrtle has a line: “Not that your father is not pretty – but Cedric Diggory – you’d be amazed at how many girls I had to hear doing love incantations in this very bathroom…”
In the play that line is now “you’d be amazed at how many girls and boys I had to hear…”
I nearly cried with delight. Representation, even subtle representation, is so so important, and to finally hear about the existence of actual LGBT+ people within the very story of Harry Potter (even if they’re only in the background as part of one line) is just incredible. That line really delighted me.

Today our school got a certification for being one of the best in the country and what not which was a pretty big deal with the local TV and journalists and shit so our teachers split all the couples apart in the ceremonial hall so we wouldn’t fuel the lesbian cliché (we’re an all girls catholic school) so my friend and I waited until the camera was directed at us and made out and now we’re being expelled and our headmistress is crying I CAN’T 

twenty one pilots

so my friends and i were sitting on the bleachers at lunch break today and we were talking about weird fandom shit and then we burst out singing hamilton and whatnot.  you know, the usual.  

but then this random kid we have no idea who she was comes up to us and id seen her before but i wasnt really good friends with her as were the rest of our friends and she starts singing the final countdown with us and that was pretty swag, but then we walked away because we had to go back to classes. 

the girl goes up to the group of boys sitting on the other side of the bleachers and says

“twenty one pilots?” 

all of our heads snap back to her but the boys i dont think even heard her, but we started freaking out and all started screaming 


then we went back to class and sang les mis