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You be Romeo, I’ll be Juliet…

Can I get prompt number 5? A Bucky x Reader, where they’re having a convo and reader says they want a Romeo/Juliet relationship and Bucky asks why. Btw they’re dating.

Prompt: 5. Why would you want a Romeo and Juliet love story? They both end up dead.

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Pairing: Bucky X reader

Rating: eh…contains a couple of swears.

Bucky’s POV

Sitting in the common room with everyone, gave me a sense of protection and to protect everyone around me…especially her. My doll. (Y/N)- my (Y/N).

we sat silently - her head on my lap, watching Romeo and Juliet; the one with Leonardo DiCaprio… Or something (all I know is that (Y/N) is head over heels for him, more than she is for me… AND WE’RE DATING!)

golden hues of sunlight cascaded around the room, the reflections hit (Y/N)’s skin perfectly, highlighting her beauty.looking down at her, i saw her attention was fixed onto the screen. i looked back up to see that it was the part where he meets her secretly and they’re…fonduing in the pool.

“i wish we have a romeo and juliet relationship, bucky babe.” she flashed her pearly white teeth towards me, her eyes full of hope - like a child’s. she couldn’t really hope for that could she?

(Y/N)’s POV

“i wish we have a romeo and juliet relationship, bucky babe.” i looked up at bucky, only to see that he wore an expression of disgust while watching the romantic movie; of course i was just winding him up, but i just wanted to see how he would respond.

Why would you want a Romeo and Juliet love story? They both end up dead.” ouch, that stung a bit. “i mean, why would you want a love story that you know ends badly, when we can write our own love story and we choose the ending?” he flashed a warmly welcoming smile and looked down at me, a few stray pieces of hair falling down.

“nice save weiner soldier.” tony’s annoying voice rang loudly throughout the room. Bucky went into wein-WINTER soldier mode and sent a deadly look towards him.

“yeah. no wonder Pepper’s never by you - she’s too ashamed to call you her boyfriend. Her narcissistic asshole boyfriend.” bucky’s insult shut tony up.

“Well bucky, i don’t want an exact love story like theirs, i just want us to share the same love as them- don’t get me wrong, by the way.” i felt guilty while those words left my mouth.

“Do you have doubts about us? i know i was a player, doll, but that’s like 70 years ago. c’mon (Y/N), i’ve changed.” he pleaded through a stone cold expression - something only Steve and i could pick up.

“Look, let’s just forget it. we’ll write our own story. i didn’t say i doubted you,” at this point, i was cupping hid face, sitting up, “All i meant was that i liked their relationship - that doesn’t mean it’s better than ours: what can beat us anyways? Two trained assassins - one with a cool fucking metal arm who has first-handedly experienced the second world war, while his girlfriend can control anything to do with light and darkness. who can beat that love story?” the whole world seemed frozen and we were the only ones alive.

“mine and pepper’s love story is better…i’m a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.”

Tony never saw the pillows attacking him… muah ha ha.