one of the games i really want to play ;u;

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So the only otome game I've played was mystic messenger so I was wondering if u could recommend me some games plz

*crack knuckles* hunty, welcome to the world of OTOME Hell :)

If you are looking for Party OTOME ( where you can have your own castle or house, dress up your character and everything ) ( these are the ones I play, the novel games I’m really behind on since the Party games are better in my opinion but it requires some cash if you want cute items and everything. But you can play day by day )

1. Samurai Love Ballad Party

2. Ikemen Sengoku

3. Several Shades of Sadism

If you are looking for something like mystic messenger where it’s just novel based

1. Kissed by the baddest bidder

2. Star Crossed Myth

3. Scandal in the Spotlight

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could i ask for changkyun from monsta x for the au thing? i absolutely adore u™ and your blog ! your writing is, without a doubt, one of my favorites on this site ! it makes me so unbelievably happy when i see new updates from you ! i hope you have/had a nice day and that school is treating you well !!

fkdsffdkh this is so sweet you’re gonna make me cry???

  • waiter!changkyun
  • works at like a family restaurant/24 hour diner kinda thing and hates the yellow wallpaper and the photos of people smiling
  • but it’s the only job with a flexible enough schedule for him
  • and he’s always on the graveyard shift and him and fellow waiter kihyun shit talk any of the super rude, super creepy regulars
  • looks pretty cute in the uniform though, until you realize he has a mustard stain on his apron he hasn’t been able to get out for the past 4 weeks
  • it was someones birthday and kihyun was like “you should rap for them” and changkyun was like “kihyun if you weren’t older than me i would Say Something Really Freaking Mean right about. Now”
  • spends like 80% of his time out back playing games on his phone
  • you come by at literally like 4 am when there is No One in the diner
  • and changkyun is surprised you’re you and not some kind of demon whose surfaced from the night streets to get pancakes 
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,i really want a burger and he’s like sure!!
  • and he serves you but he’s also like ?!???! why are u here at 4 am
  • and it’s really got to do with how you haven’t slept in the past two days because of exams
  • and changkyun is just Intrigued
  • so he sits down in the booth opposite you and he’s like “,,,,,,hey,,,,,dude,,,,,,,everything ok?” and you’re eating a fry and shrugging and you’re like “school is hell on earth.” and changkyun is like oh,,,,,,,,,,,im sorry
  • and you two get to talking 
  • and there’s no customers like at all so you just tell him about school and changkyun thinks it’s kinda cute the way you nibble on fries instead of just shoving them in your mouth like someone he knows (jooheon)
  • and you guys have stuff in common and it’s like,,,,,such a weird place to get to know someone. a diner at 4 am but
  • the clock hits 6 before you know it and changkyun’s like my shifts over wanna take the train together
  • and he’s not even going your way but he rides with you anyway since it’s early and you’re alone and it’s sweet
  • and changkyun writes his number on your palm and tells you to stop by the diner whenever you’re craving food really late he’ll give you a discount
  • and you grin,,,,,but also you pass out the second you step into your dorm LOL
chensung!skinship headcanons
  • they hold hands so much it’s almost impractical
  • chenle definitely makes the first move
  • he’ll grab jisung’s hand 24/7 and just hold it forever
  • it’s impractical but chenle honestly couldnt care less
  • chenle the type to drag jisung around
  • jisung the type to be dragged around willingly bc it means that chenle will hug him afterwards
  • we’ve all seen chenle throw that tantrum when he couldnt get his rameN AND IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD
  • everytime he throws a smol tantrum park jisung is there 2 save the day !!!!!!!
  • gives chenle a kiss on the forehead and lets him sit on his lap until chenle becomes less salty
  • jisung has to kiss him every few seconds so chenle doesnt get wound up again
  • chenle acts like he’s still salty when he’s not so jisung keeps him on his lap
  • and jisung knows but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (coughs creds to @flawlessjeno )
  • jisung !!!! wraps !!!!!! his arms !!!!!!!!!!! around chenle when he sits on his lap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc he’s so tiny and jisung has 2 protect him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he becomes 2 flustered to think of anything besides jisung (●´ω`●)
  • chenle likes to plop down on jisung’s lap and go on his phone and ignore everyone for 50 years
  • like oop there’s no seat?? nOooooOoOOo PROBLEM I HAVE JISUNG
  • jisung has this overwhelming urge to like protect chenle 24/7 so he always has his arm around him if theyre not holding hands
  • chenle,,,,,,,, just falls,,,,,,,, into jisung’s arms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and chenle just !!!!!!!!!!!! drowns in him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chenle is so smol and jisung is so tol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • chenle has to tippy toe to wrap his arms around jisung’s neck im jS
  • this isnt kinda skinship-y but jisung is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv protective over chenle
  • and loves likes it when chenle wears his jackets and hoodies and sweaters and clothES IN GENERALLY
  • jisung the type to bury his face in chenle’s neck when chenle’s sitting on his lap
  • ive mentioned this previously but like
  • whenever they have lil sleepovers, chenle just clings onto jisung like a koala bear and jisung just freezes up bc he doesnt know what to do
  • !!! sometimes !!!!!!!! chenle sneaks over to jisung’s room and sleeps with him 
  • and whenever he does, jisung’s usually really sleepy and just out of it
  • and whenever he’s really tired and doesnt fully know what’s going on, he hugs chenle like he’s a lil teddy bear and they just fall asleep like that
  • forehead and cheek kisses !!!!!!
  • kisses on the lip are a rare thing
  • only happens if chenle’s feeling spicy™️️ 
  • jisung the type to squish chenle’s cheeks bc he looks like a lil puffer fish 
  • jisung !!!! the type !!!!! to !!!!!!! hold chenle’s face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • backhugs from chenle !!!!!!!
  • chenle can barely see over jisung’s shoulder but that is a-ok !
  • chenle likes kissing a pouty jisung
  • pouty jisung only occurs when he gets jealous
  • which is like whenever someone gets 2 close to chenle
  • pouting chensung that makes everyone feel weird bc maknae line is no longer sunshine
  • whenever jisung ignores chenle, chenle throws tantrums to get his attention
  • and sometimes jisung just drags chenle onto his lap without thinking bc he’s so used to it and they just make up because of that
  • but other times jisung has like 1% willpower and continues to ignore chenle
  • which makes chenle cry
  • and then jisung has to hug him and put him on his lap and tell him how much he loves him until chenle stops crying
  • chenle probably sniffles a lil after he stops crying which makES JISUNG STOP BREATHING
  • jisung the type to kiss chenle after every sniffle
  • chenle the type to sniffle just so jisung would kiss him
  • sleepy hugs!!!
  • whenever chenle is tired out of his mind and about to pass out, he’ll drape himself over jisung and jisung will just hug him until he falls asleep
  • and whenever jisung’s tired as fuck, he’ll lean against chenle and chenle will throw his arm around him and just kiss his temple and just aH MY HEART
  • sleepy !!!! k i s s e s !!!!!!!!
  • jisung will give chenle lazy forehead kisses that chenle treasures more than he’d like to admit
  • sleepy hugs consist of jisung burying his face into chenle’s neck and chenle drawing random patterns and shapes on jisung’s back
  • c u d d l i n g
  • cuddling rarely happens bc it’s usually one sided (coughs aka chenle hugging onto jisung like a koala bear like i said earlier)
  • but sometimes jisung just really wants to cuddle his bf and just be able to kiss him and tell him how cute he is every 3 seconds and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jisung’s favourite way to kiss chenle is when he wakes up really early accidentally and chenle’s still in his arms
  • and he’s asleep like a lil baby
  • and jisung plays a game called ‘how many times can i kiss chenle’s cheek before he wakes up’
  • i am melting (●´ω`●)
  • chenle the type to melt under any sort of affection ??
  • like jisung will be hugging him and he’d just melt into his arms and just forget the world for a bit and jisung just goes ?????
  • chenle !!! doesnt let go !!!! of hugs after !!!!! jisung lets go !!!!!!!
  • chenle’s entire body just relaxes after jisung hugs him
  • like the first time chenle just melted into jisung, he freaked out 
  • sometimes jisung will be playing like league or overwatch or w/e and chenle will just sneak up to him and plop down on his lap
  • bc then jisung will go “CHENLE I JUST D I E D
  • I GOT D E L E T E D
  • and chenle just finds that so cute so he’ll be like “i had nowhere else to sit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
  • “i dont see any couches idek what ur talking about (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ”
  • and then chenle ends up clinging onto jisung for dear life as he witnesses jisung die multiple times which ends up in jisung throwing a tantrum
  • how the tables have tabled ??
  • “your neck is more comfortable”
  • in all honesty jisung loves chenle more than any video game
  • especially more than fucking league of fucking legends that awful piece of shit game why cant i fucking uninstall it ive been playing this goddamn awful game since season 5 and i still have it on my laptop+desktop and i played it like yesterday and it’s made me want to kermit so many times fuck that game im so fucking angry just typing this
  • chenle is smol enough for jisung to just pick up and run i just hope u know that

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Just for the sake of joining in on the conversation, as a Mercy main, I don't really mind healing people as long as they thank me when I go to long extents for them, y'know? The only thing that really gets on my nerves is when I want to play another character (despite sucking at the game), and I have to switch to a healer because no one else will (although they are complaining about it). :/ But I think that isn't just a healer problem, so I won't complain too much.

yeah i mean

healing is something most people are capable of, they just find it really boring. like would u rather be the Hot Shot DPS carrying the team or the lucio pressing shift every now and again yknow

- Mod Rey

It’s time for a video game rec post! I’ve spent the last few nights playing a very nice indie game, Severed. I fell in love with the game the second I saw the trailer for Nintendo’s release of the game last year and I downloaded it the second it came out, but I didn’t get around to playing it until now. And I was NOT disappointed. 

If I had to describe the in just two words, I would say that it is “gorgeously gruesome.” In the game you play as a young girl named Sasha, fighting to get your family back from a mysterious realm of nightmares. I really don’t want to say much more than that, for the sake of allowing the game to unfold for itself. The gameplay revolves around fighting monsters, swiping on the screen to attack, solving puzzles, and navigating mazes. 

The strongest selling point of the game is its art style, which I adore 

The game is a lonely one. Lonely and creepy and full of uncertainty. And I loved it. I loved exploring while haunting music drifted through ruined, decrepit halls soaked in despair and death. I love stuff like this, and I loved Sasha and pretty much everything about the whole game. There was also a strange bird that turned out to be surprisingly lovable… 

The mechanics of the battles (particularly successfully “severing” enemies) can be difficult to get the hang of, and the battles get more complicated as time goes on. However, I can offer potential players a little reassurance. First, there aren’t any repercussions for being killed, so feel free to repeatedly die without worrying that it will be held against you. Second, even if you have a hard time collecting parts for upgrades in battle, the game makes sure you can gather all that you need before the end. And lastly, there is a casual gameplay option for those who want it. 

So! If I’ve piqued your interest, you can play the game on: 

  • Nintendo Wii U and 3DS for $14.99 
  • PS Vita for $14.99
  • iOS for $6.99 (and FYI, it was named the 2016 iPad Game of the Year! But it can also be played on an iPhone or iPod touch) 

If you love ugly monsters, one armed girls with living swords, exploring realms of horrors, and suffering, Severed is a fantastic and memorable game. I hope you’ll give it a try! 

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Congrats on 1000 followers!! 💜 So what if Kuroo has a girlfriend who studies programming and she makes a mini game-like thing? PS Kenma think it's awesome and Kuroo enjoys playing it too - just needs more time admitting

THANK U ANON-CHAAAN i hope you like these!


- really impressed that you do computer programming
- Asks if you could teach him about it bc he thinks its interesting
- But once you get into detail and it gets pretty boring he just looks at your lips
- Kisses you and says “yeah yeah okay cool”
- you would be on your laptop one day
- Kuroo would be v v needy and wants attention
- But you really want to finish this game you were making
- And he’s like “wow my gf so amazing!!”
- Watches as you do your thing
- Doesnt really understand it but watches anyway
- You finish your game and ask if Kuroo could play it
- It was really easy to do, the objective was very simple.
- Kinda became as addicting as flappy bird
- Wont admit it tho
- Catching him playing on your laptop when yoh were supposed to be asleep
- Asks if he could have a copy of the game so he could show kenma
- So when kuroo meets up with kenma he brings his laptop
- And lets kenma play the game
- Kenma doesnt give kuroos laptop back
- “Kenma i need to finish my report”
- “Im playing _____’s game.”
- Annoyed, but secretly very proud of you
- “_____ kenma is playing your game and wont give me my laptop back can i use yours”
- “Not my fault”


(AN: A short drabble, about 500 words, where MC and Yoosung are dating. The group goes to play a game of Lasertag, but MC doesn’t exactly play fair.)

You had all decided to take a day out, away from work and from organising the party. It was Seven’s turn to decide what they all did, and he chose Lasertag. It’s a bit ridiculous, seeing the whole gang dressed up in the vests and carrying the guns. You, MC, are on a team with Jumin, Seven, and V. Zen, Yoosung, Saeran, and Jaehee are on the opposite team.

The game starts, and immediately you’re all off, darting about the map. Jumin is the first to get a point, immediately finding and shooting Zen with the gun, allowing himself a light chuckle as Zen glares at him before he runs off, not allowing himself to be shot back. Saeran bumps in to Seven and Seven immediately shoots at him but misses, and Saeran hits him instead, a small smile forming on his face. He hadn’t believed it would be fun before you had all gotten here, but now he seemed to be enjoying himself.

The game goes on for a bit, with your team winning by a few points. You had the game down to a T, quickly shooting the members of the other team before darting away, finding good hiding spaces –Seven had paid for the largest map; if you were all going to play this game, you were going to play it properly – and avoiding getting hid most times by the others. Zen had stood and laughed as you quite literally rolled out of the way of his shot, and then quickly scowled as he realised you had gotten him instead.

Towards the end of the game, you hear Yoosung yelp from behind you and then a laugh from V. You quickly turn and follow the sound, finding them at the corner of the map. You get an idea once you see Yoosung, and once V has run off. The two of you were alone, and you could just shoot him, but you could have a lot more fun than that.

Yoosung is about to go after V but then he spots you and freezes. He raises his gun slightly before lowering it again once he realises you aren’t pointing yours at him. He’s about to say something but you step forward, put a finger to his lip, and gently push him against the wall. Immediately he’s blushing and is flustered, as he stutters, trying to ask you what you’re doing.

You lean in and kiss him, and as you do you adjust your gun and aim it at his chest. When you pull back from the kiss, your eyes still half closed and a smirk on your face, you click the trigger.

“Bang, I win,” you whisper, and it takes a second for the shock to register on Yoosung’s face as you turn and flee, glancing back to see him pouting.

You meet a grinning Seven at the entrance to the tube you’re about to run down; he’s clearly just seen what you’ve done, and he raises a hand for a high five as you run past before darting off himself.

Lasertag was a fun game, you definitely had to play it again.

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Cond, if u can, could u possibly do a voltron undertale au. Can be any ship u want

I unfortunately have never played undertale and I’m not exactly sure about all of the characters or their relationship with one another :(

but if I had to guess about who would be who, I guess that Pidge would be the main character (I’m not sure what their name is, but it’s the little girl/boy)

I kinda want to say that Coran would be the first monster, I think her name is Toriel (I totally didn’t look up the name) because I can totally see him wanting to protect this little curious human from all the monsters.

Now, stay with me here, but Shiro as papyrus and Keith as sans. I know they aren’t very similar personality wise, but think about Hunk and Keith are in a relationship, and Keith telling a lot of Hunk’s jokes to try and get his brother to lighten up and Shiro is very driven to joining the king’s guards (I think that’s what papyrus is tribe to join ???) and Keith is just kinda chill, that is until you try and hurt Shiro, that’s when you try and run.

Now Hunk is the scientist, Alphys (totally didn’t look it up again) as while he’s in a relationship with Keith, is pretty lonely, and kind of scared of a lot of things, so he builds a robot that will protect him as well as keep him company. Lance. Who at first doesn’t look like much, but then he reveals his final form (I think that’s how it works?) and then BAM! You’re looking upon a hot robot man who is ready to rock your world (finger guns).

Allura is definitely undyne. She’s loyal to the king and is one of the king’s guards and sh will not hesitate to fight you. She’s sassy and while it takes awhile, Pidge and Allura become good friends through their sass and sarcasm.

Lastly, Alfor would be the lonely king. I don’t really know much about that character at all, but sometimes a king is a king and is willing to do Anthony to protect his people. Even if it hurts others.

That’s all I really got for this, so I hope you like it. Sorry I couldn’t do much more for this.

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Which is your favorite of the final fantasy games? Have you played many of them? Personally I really liked the vibe/gameplay of ff III, ff VII is the Closest to my Heart cuz it's the first ff game I encountered, ff XIII is my fave overall (I love the characters and the battle system and the story was solid enough in the first one lol). I loved XV, but idk where it falls on my list. If you've played VIII, how long did it take u to beat ultimacia? I couldn't do it w/o selphie's full-life lol

It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite! I’ve picked up quite a few of them, but there are some I never really got around to beating…

I loved IX. It’s been a really long time since I’ve played it, though. FFVII was the first Final Fantasy I ever beat. I liked X and X-2– especially X-2 for its combat system, which I really enjoyed. I didn’t like FFVIII very much, or FFXIII (I hated the first one so much that I never bothered to touch any of the sequels). Hahahaha. I didn’t really like XII either… except for Balthier! Love that guy. :> And obviously I really like XV. :>

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So you know how waayy back when DRv3 was first shown we all kinda started to ship who is now known as Kiibo and Momota together but now as a thousand more things have released we have started to stray away from that ship and started pairing Kiibo with Ouma (in game interactions) and Momota with Saihara (Official art and merch put them together)? I thought because of this, we should have all four of them be a group. Double dates. Hanging out. The SQUAD. All friends. Happy. What are your thoughts?


Random moment with the boys


         He was reading a book while she was cooking something. He didn’t know why but she sounded so excited that he didn’t want to stop her. He caressed White who jumped on his knees. He felt Candy sat next to him and hugged him.

“ Weren’t you cooking ?” asked Nathaniel with a smile.

“ I need to wait 30 minutes so I want to spend them with you.” said Candy lauging happily.

Nathaniel hugged her , putting his books on the table next to the sofa. He hugged Candy against him , they stayed still losing the track of time. He looked at Candy after a few minutes, she was asleep. She was so cute, he strared at her while stroking his hair. He was falling asleep but he smelled something.

“ Something is burni-? Candy ! Wake up !”

“ Don’t kill me!” shouted Candy while waking up. Once she catched the smell she ran toward the kitchen with Nathaniel. They botch took out the food from the furnace. Candy looked at Nathaniel who was trying to not laugh.

“ Well… I burn it…”


         They were both resting on Castiel’s bed.  Candy on his laptop she was scrolling through his Facebook. He was stroking her back while looking at her.

“ Do you find something intersting ?” he asked with a smirk.

“ Yep, Debrah ask you to be her friend~” said Candy with a mocking smile.

Castiel’s eyes shot open. What ? That bitch ! He took a closer look and sighed.

“ Delete it.” he said before closing his eyes once again but after a while he could hear Candy’s laugh. He opened his eyes once again, can he just rest ?

“ Look Castiel !” she said while showing Debrah’s profile picture photohsped. Candy added a lot more details and other thing which made Castiel laugh.

“ Wait, let me try that!” he said before taking the laptop , once he finished he showed it at Candy who laughed holding her belly.

“ Let’s try with Nathaniel” said Castiel with an evil smirk.

“ Castiel , no !” Candy took the laptop and ran in the appartment with Castiel behind her.


       Lysander was humming one of his song, Candy was by his side looking at him. They were in her bedroom and Candy had her Wii’s remote in hands. She looked at Lysander with big eyes.

“ Lysander, whould we play U-sing ? I’m sure it would be fun !”

Lysander looked at her with suprise, he knew this game, you were supposed to siand in this microphone and get point. He didn’t really like this game but Candy sounded like she wanted to play it thaht badly. He gave her a sweet smile which made her blush.

“ Well.. Why not ? What song would you sing ?” he asked while looking at the screen in front of him. She was looking at the song’s title but she didn’t pick one.

“ Uhh… I don’t know , which one would you like me to sing ?”

Lysander looked at her a little surprised , those song , most of them he didn’t like them or knew them.

“ Break your heart..?” he said.

Candy smiled and chose this song, once she beat began Candy sang and danced at the same time. Lysander smiled and laughed sometime at Candy moves. She took his hands and lead him on the beat. Hopefully, her parents weren’t home.


       Candy was massaging him , he had a wet towel on his head which was hiding his face, sitting on his bed. Alexy was cheering him up like a coatch.

“ Don’t forget Armin, all your skills ! You’re gonna win this fight!” he shouted at him.

Candy went in front of him with a smile; she took his face in her hands and kiss him tenderly.

“ You’re gonna win.” she said before standing up.

Armin stand up and took off his shirt. He breathed and then took his consol’s remote. Alexy put Mortal Combat on the consol and Armin went in duel mode. He waitd and smirked once he saw that he man who kept beating him was his ennemy.

“ Okay Armin, beat the shit out of him !” said Candy with a smile. She was standing behind Armin with Alexy, they were both tense. Armin never been defeated on this game and now a guy comes out and defeated him ? Nonsence ! They waited until the duel start…Go !

“ He is going down !” shouted Armin while pressing the right bouton. He knew how this brat was playing , he trained for this ! He didn’t dare looking at Alexy and Candy who were cheering him like cheerleaders..

Armin and Alexy’s parents were eating but once they hearded a shout they walked towards the twins’s bedroom, they weren’t scared but curious. Once they opened the door they saw Armin arms up, Candy jumping everywhere and Alexy pretending to cry for his brother’s victory. Well..


Candy was playing with Cookie at the park, Kentin was drinking water. They had run even today, Candy won in endurance and he was proud of her. She could run faster and longer, he sliled when he remebered the first time they had run together. She was almost dying…But that had been funny. Candy whispered something in Cooki’s ears and once she stand up Cookie ran toward Kentin and licked his face.

“ Wo- Cookie ! Stop ! Haha , sit !” laughed Kentin while trying to control his dog. Candy took her bottle of water, it’s was full. She walked toward Kentin who had his back turn at her. She opened her bottle and threw the water at him. Once he felt the water he turned around and ran toward Candy who was already running for her life.

“ You’re going to lose Candy !” he said with a big smile. It felt so nice to always catch her, like she could never escaped him. He lifted her on his arms and went towards the lac.

“ Ke-No ! Help me Cookie !” she said laughing mi-serious mi-happy. Kentin threw her in the lac while laughing. When Candy taken out her head outside the water she stretched out her arms towards him so that he can helped her. She took advantage of this moment to pull him in the water.

Kentin laughed while taking her in his arms, they kissed each other. It felt nice until Cooki jump in the water between them.

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can u tell us about your favourite oc? c:

uhhhh! i have a few favourites!! :0

one of my newer favourites that ive talked about more recently is cassian hart!! hes my character for the pathfinder game im playing rn and i love him so much? hes an elf rogue and hes… uhhhh hes trying his best! he doesnt really know what’s going on ever (in our most recent session he accidentally slept through the first few minutes of the battle we were having) but he really wants to prove himself!! his family always ignored him and neglected him and pretended he didn’t exist, so mostly his goal in the story is that he really! wants! people! to like him!! but he hasn’t been so successful so far bc hes kinda awkward and overenthusiastic. hes also really thrilled and excited about any kind of action or new things? bc hes been shut in his family’s house for pretty much his whole life? and like he’s read a lot of books but he has no PRACTICAL knowledge of basically anything. so he reacts to most things he sees with “THAT! IS! SO! COOL!!!!!!” also hes gay n trans

another one of my favourite ocs, more of a classic one, is bird! hes one of the characters for one of the books im writing and i love him a lot. hes uhhhhjhj a big gay impulsive force of chaos? his motivation for doing most things is “wouldn’t that be TOTALLY AWESOME??” AND he always ends up getting in trouble bc he has no concept of planning or thinking ahead so he just does stuff and ends up breaking AT LEAST one thing. and then his boyfriends mouse and (other bf whose name i have to figure out) have to save him, although boyfriend 2 is usually too busy being confused like WHATS GOING ON!! and just makes everything more complicated. so poor mouse always has to get them out of the way before they get in trouble. hes so tired. someone get him a coffee

and one of my alltime favorites is balthazar!! a.k.a bats, as his friend(?) jay calls him bc she has nicknames for everyone. bats is a shapeshifter and hes pretty.. done with everything and everyone. hes rly grumpy and he rly just needs a nap!! someone let him take a nap!!!! he acts all serious and aloof and like he has better things to do than mess around with the other kids from the story he’s from, but if you get him to feel comfortable around you hes actually pretty chill? and kinda funny in his own weird awkward way. i love him

and i have more faves but those are just the ones I can think of right now :3c

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Hello, what are good games for PS3? :)

Hey! I can’t really think of a lot rn but I’ll name ones at the top of my head;

-the last of us (but if u plan on playing the second one, you’re gonna need a ps4)
-grand theft auto
-red dead redemption
-life is strange (you’re also gonna need a ps4 for the prequel!)
-any of the uncharted games
-heavy rain
-dark souls
-beyond: two souls
-until dawn
-outlast (v scary and made me shit my pants)
-Outlast: whistleblower (equally as scary)

Uhhh, that’s all I got. If anyone wants to add some feel free to comment on this post!

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hello, fellow casual ssb4 player! lol I have nothing to say tbh, i just want u to know that i am glad to see someone who feels the same way abt that post that feels like it's cursed haha

that post is legit one of my favorites tbh

i’m such a filthy casual that i main toon link to exploit his spin attack just to stand a chance against a cpu lvl 7

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You will be able to play the new crash bandicoot!!

YOU’RE SO RIGHT… crash bandicoot is one of my all-time favorite game series so i’d love to be able to revisit it…

just tacking this onto this ask since it’s relevant but i think y’all have convinced me to get a PS4… i was initially saving for the switch (and i still do want one at some point, don’t get me wrong) it just doesn’t have a lot of games on it that i want? as opposed to the playstation which has.. so many… i’ll buy BoTW on the wii u when i do bc that’s the only game besides like, splatoon 2 i really want (and i can wait to play that honestly)

i’ll invest in a switch in like? a year and a half? maybe more maybe less? when it has more titles

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1. fav type of dog?
All dogs are great but I really like big fluffy dogs like newfoundland dogs

2. salty or sweet snack?

3. fav album rn?
It’s still Wild World because I love every song on it and I just can’t get tired of it

4. do u play video games? any favs?
I do and my favourites are probably Skyrim and the Sims 4 because they’re so relaxing 

5. what one place do u wanna visit?

6. fav kind of tea?
Earl grey

7. what color is your room?
Mostly white but there’s some turquoise too

8. what are you looking forward to in the next few months?
Going to a new school, it’s really exciting and terrifying at the same time

9. one thing you love about yourself
I really like to listen to people talking about their own interests and I guess that’s a good thing for the people who want to share stuff

10. favorite store?
Maybe GameStop 

11. favorite weather?
Sunny but not too hot 

My questions:
1. if you could suddenly become fluent in any language, what language would it be?
2. favourite season?
3. favourite TV show as a child?
4. what do you think is the most underrated song that you like?
5. favourite lyrics?
6. favourite place that you have visited?
7. what have you done that you are proud of?
8. favourite colour?
9. books or movies?
10. what songs do you want to hear live?
11. what’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?

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Nintendo is being such an asshole company.  Pokken Tournament Delux is their SECOND ripoff from the Wii U.  I know they want to capitalize on the games that no one really got to play because basically no one owned a Wii U, but I did :/ and now I actually have to purchase the same games a second time if I want the little bit of extra content they dropped in and to be able to play with friends?

Then they’re coming out with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and like… really?  You’re gonna use the same world and all of the same models and all of the same characters, drop in a few extras, write some new story on the same backdrop and sell it as another full price game?!

This is ridiculous.  I love Mario Kart but I don’t wanna buy it again to keep playing online, and I dont want to buy a whole new system just to play the same games I played on my Wii U. 

I doubt its going to happen, because Nintendo seems to be in the business of disappointment these days, but you’d better be able to go to Kanto in Pokemon US and UM with the way the game ended.