one of the games i really want to play ;u;

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What Overwatch characters do you think the soul eater characters would cosplay as. I've been thinking about this all night dude

i don’t know about cosplay since no one here except tsubaki knows how to fuckin sew but i sure can tell you who mains who, as someone who has played a total 12 games of overwatch

  • maka: main, but she’s also pretty goddamn handy with symmetra and pharah. she’ll play mercy if no one else on this damn team wants to be a healer, but she’s really bad at it.
  • soul: would be a lucio main if he wasn’t so absolutely shit at being effective support. as is, he mains roadhog and reaper. likes to play as torbjorn to annoy his team. 
  • black☆star: J U N K R A T
  • tsubaki: mercy main, because someone has to make sacrifices here. she also plays ana, but not as often, and she’s already practicing with orisa to make her one of her mainstays. secretly a pro widowmaker.
  • kid: genji and reinhardt. he likes their designs, and he also likes playing as a big dad. it reminds him of his father. he plays zenyatta way more often than anyone would reasonably expect of him.
  • liz: desperately wants to be a symmetra main but is just too good at roadhog to just NOT play him. also really likes sombra and, but frankly isn’t that good at them. 
  • patty: JUNKRAT. also hell of a tracer main, and really enjoys playing mccree even if she’s not very good at him. will not switch characters for anyone or anything.
  • crona: plays mei and doesn’t understand why everyone hates them

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Hi! I've recently played 2064 with my sister to show her a quality robot game (and to actually get the good ending) and she really enjoyed it! She actually wanted to use one of the sound effects as a text tone, but is having a hard time finding a clear version of it. It's the effect that goes like, "bwing!" The happy one. Is it possible you could share an audio file of that sound effect?

We hope this helps!

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hi! maybe u dont do this, but i need some help. i dm a game for my bf, and he dms one for me. anytime i introduce a new npc/situation, he has some joke about it. i dont even want to dm anymore, and asking him to stop doesn't work. what can i do?

I have to be honest here - this seems more like a problem with your relationship than with your table top role playing game.  Your partner refusing to stop something even after you’ve told him it really bothers you is a major red flag.  Like, I can understand how to him it might seem like you’re being too sensitive, but still, a significant other should be willing to respect your emotions and try to work through this with you.

If it’s possible you’ve tried to mention this to him and you don’t think he’s gotten the hint, make sure to set aside some time outside of the game to make it absolutely clear how you feel.  When having this type of conversation with someone, it’s much less confrontational to use ‘I’ statements rather than ‘you’ statements.  For example “I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to plan a serious story whenever you make a joke about it.  It’s really frustrating.” is better than “You’re always so mean to me when I DM!”.  

If you already feel confident that he understands that it bothers you and he still won’t stop, I think you need to stop DMing for him.  If he asks you why you’ve stopped, be honest with him - it’s just not enjoyable for you.  If it’s a priority for him that you play together, he’ll have to adjust his behavior.  

If you still want to DM, maybe try seeking out other groups to play with.  Remember that in healthy relationships, it’s okay for partners to enjoy their hobbies completely separately from each other.  It’s good to have things you enjoy together, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy everything together.


On my selfies i either look really angry or really sad and idk how to change this tbh

Thank you so much @eizenmark for tagging me on this!!! you’re so gorgeous and cool aaaaa

The rules are: post your lockscreen, a homescreen, your most recent selfie and the last song you listened to and i tag (only if u want to ofc)  @nnightwing and @zagfros (who tagged me on a thing a while ago and i made the mistake of not liking it so i lost it on my notifications but i will find and do it either today or tomorrow i promise!!)


No one tagged me but I found this and thought that it would be fun ^u^

What made you join the channel?One of Mark’s videos, I don’t remeber honestly. I’m just really happy that I’m a part of this community ^^

Do you have a favourite video or series that Ethan has done? Either Undertale ^w^ (x) or Clustertruck (this (x) video in particular)

What types of videos/let’s plays that you want to see in the future? I really want Ethan to play games that he enjoys. It’s the most fun to watch when he’s having fun :)

What is your favourite thing about Ethan and the community? The community is so fucking sweet. I got s few “get well soon” replies to my “I’m still fucking sick” comment. Ah, I love being a part of this community. Well, as for Ethan. He is just an amazing entertainer. He’s just so genuine and happy. Watching his videos just make me feel so happy, ah idk ;-;

What is the reason you wanted to be a prt of the community on tumblr? Like I said earlier, the community on Youtube is so sweet. Well, they’re [we’re] sweet everywhere, but it statrted on Youtube. I made a friend from tumblr. She met my best friend on tumblr through kpop, and then we kind of “met” during a live stream thing I did with my best friend. We kind of like bonded (I guess) because I quoted Ethan’s video and yeah she answered and stuff. I like making friends, but I’m really bad at talking to people. But hi to you guys! If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you like Ethan. I’d love to be friends if you want to… :)

Do you watch his friends G and Brian (ogchan/girbeagly)? Yep ^^

What is your favourite shade of blue that Ethan’s hair has been? Well, I really like it when it’s starting to fade. Not freshly dyed, and not too faded. I don’t know really hehe.. idk :P


External image

Do you have a favourite gif of Ethan? Not really but I really like this one ^u^ it’s really fucking adorable hehe..

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Tag some friends you have come to know through the community and spread this around! @corruptself45 

englandistrash replied to your post: @englandistrash i had two guys laugh in my face…


yeah i once had some guy who refused to use my name too, and kept asking me if i actually played games. he kept calling me “long hair” until i finally said my name is erin if you want to address me. then he asked for like the fifth time “no really do you play” and i said “what system do you want to know about? xbox one? ps4? wii u? 3ds? i have them all so what is your question” like don’t fckn start with me?

even if i didn’t play video games, i work at the fucking store as a MANAGER so i clearly have enough damn knowledge to help you out 

and when i was working alone someone asked me if i played once and i listed some titles i owned and he said “you don’t play real games?” “what’s a real game?” “like madden. i’m going to make my gf the first girl to ever play madden” so i said “one, madden is a pretty simple game to play, and two, i can bet you’ve played against women before so your girl isn’t going to be the first one to play madden” 

miss me with that bullshit i fucking hate retail 

Bc I cant stick with one good caption

Betchyall thought Cerim would be first…

*who u by G-dragon plays in the background*

Really who are you?

Thirst at first sight

I feel like he’d do me wrong in all the right ways…

“Howdy yall wanna see my new fire spell?”

He looks almost like a cowboy and knowing WH hes probs a Wizard Cowboy and I want to throw up

He looks like he would be the fusion between Vincent and randy. That’s fucked up.


*rings bell* Fuck boi alert

I’m literally thirsting over him and he’s route hasn’t even been spoken of, like nothing was spoken of, how did @myhearteliasdesu even get tht sprite??imso fucked up over it.


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Is the switch worth it? I know BOTW is really good but do you think i should get it now or wait?

Hmm, it depends! Right now, there aren’t many games for the switch. So if you have a Wii U and want to play BOTW, I’d suggest just getting the wii u version for now! Down the line when nintendo starts putting out more games for it, then you can pick one up. Personally, I got the switch because I was gonna get one someday anyways, so why not now? Plus I liked the excitement of having a new console and game as the same time as everyone else. But don’t just make ur decision on mine, do wacha feel 😎👌✨

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my first fe game was awakening and while we wated for fates i wanted to try out the older ones!! which ones do u recommend :0

 definitely play fe7 (blazing sword/gba)!!!! there are 3 lords (lyn, hector, eliwood) and while you start with lyn youve gotta clear eliwood’s story before you can play the other two routes. i find fe really fun tho so imo each replay is more than worth it.. ^q^

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ok it would be really great if ppl could respond bc i wanna know

would anyone be interested in a “crash course in thedas” essentially a very condensed history of thedas for new fans or ppl’s friends so u can talk to them without them having to play the game if they cant for any reason or whatever

cause i was thinkin about makin one for a friend but i’d really love it if i could help others too

let me tell u why i love sydney leroux

  • very tough. she NEVER flops. when she goes down, it’s probably because the defense fouls her. and when she is down, she’s never down for long
  • she hardly ever complains for calls/cards, and just keeps playing the game. how many others on the team do that? (answer: not many)
  • completely understands how important she is for POC who want to be on the NT
  • literally moved to a different country when she was 14 y/o without her mom so she could live out her dreams. really… like r u forreal
  • illegally let boss live in her dorm room her freshman year. that is honestly just amazing

there’s more i’m just getting really emotional about one of my fave forwards okay bye