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Energetic (Youtuber!Jungkook)

Plot: A day with youtuber!Jungkook as a father

Word Count: 1194

A/N: so I am currently in the process of moving so I had to just write a bunch of easy, fun ideas that weren’t requested but were just things I wanted to write, so this is one of those ideas, idk what it is it started out as something very different and then this just happened so the links for this are youtuber!Jungkook (here) and father!Jungkook (all of the father related posts are here) also for everyone that hasn’t read either of those posts, kookie has a gaming channel and he has twins, a daughter and a son

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There was no sight Jungkook loved to wake up to more than his two children, his twins. Most mornings he woke up, they were awake, smiling down at him from where they had been jumping on the bed to wake him up. They would land on his chest once they saw his eyes open, more often than not kneeing his stomach or his side on their way down but he couldn’t bring himself to show any sign of pain at the giggles escaping their lips. It wouldn’t take long to get them out of bed, especially since it was normally them dragging him out of bed. 

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(Japanese: ジャングルの王者ターちゃん Hepburn:Janguru no Ōja Tā-chan?) is a manga and anime by Masaya Tokuhiro. Midway through serialization, its name was changed to New Jungle King Tar-chan (新ジャングルの王者ターちゃん Shin Janguru no Ōja Tā-chan?).

At first, the series was a simple gag manga parodying Tarzan with single chapter adventures. At this time most chapters were only 7 pages in length and were usually about Tar-chan protecting the peace of the jungle, Jane, and his animal friends, often with comedic results.


Before I begin I’m going to jog some memories here. Even though I can guarantee some of you out there have never heard of this series, chances are if you’ve been on tumblr long enough you’ve been exposed to it.’

How, well most likely through this gif–

–and through this image set.

THIS is where these scenes came from. THIS ANIME!

With that in mind this series is something else, I tell you what.  How do I even begin to describe it to you? The most basic way I could explain it is that it’s an utterly bat shit insane parody of  Tarzan. How bat shit insane? I can’t even describe some of the things that happen in the anime, let alone the manga which is far more extreme in its depiction of toilet humor, rare horrific violence, and unbelievable sexual humor. This is one of the few anime that’s aired on television that’s gotten away with showing both female and male full frontal nudity. 

That’s not even scraping the surface of some of the extreme things shown in this series like when the titular character Tar-chan stretches his scrotum and uses it to fly through the air. There’s also another moment that I remember from the manga, but can’t remember if it was in the anime where Tar-chan clubs a foe to death with his full erect penis.


I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning. The series is basically about Tar-chan, the King of the Jungle– err African savanna since there isn’t really any jungle. He lives in peace with his wife, Jane, his animal friends, and he tasks himself with defending his home from poachers and various other evil-doers. He’s got super human strength, speed, reflexes, a healing factor, and is a master of submission holds which comes in handy on occasion in the anime and later on in the manga when he gets mixed up with fighting martial artists.

Ohh, he can also power-up by pooping.

He also owns a vast collection of pornographic magazines.


This is just one of those shows that even describing it completely drains you and makes you feel like you have to lay down,.

While attempting to relax a whole world of questions opens up in your head; what the fuck is this? Why the fuck is this? How the fuck is this?

If you’re a highbrow person who likes their anime smart, philosophical, and challenging to the medium you might think this is the most infantile, idiotic, lamebrain, unfunny, unamusing wastes of animation on earth.

On the other hand if you’re actually a fun person, have a sense of humor, and you’re not compensating for a small penis than I can’t possibly recommend this series enough! It’s so utterly crazy, juvenile and outlandishly wild that it’s one of the funnest series you’ll ever watch.


  • he TV anime was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 14, 1993 to September 29, 1994.Afterwards, 5 TV Specials were also aired in December 1994, March and August 1995, and January and October 1996. 
  • Tar-chan’s voice was supplied by actor Gorō Kishitani rather than a regular voice actor, but his voice quality and performance was met with mixed feelings from fans
  • the series has had 2 video games
  1. Jungle King Tar-chan (Game Boy, July 29, 1994, Bandai)
  2. Jungle no Ōja Tar-chan: Sekai Manyū Dai Kakutō no Maki (Super Famicom, September 18, 1994, Bandai)


My first exposure to this series was through Jump Ultimate Stars and I can’t say I regret delving into it further. I just wish that, maybe, I don’t know, any iteration of it wasn’t so extreme with its content because that’s kept it from any sort of re-airing or distribution in Japan and most certainly has kept it from traveling to the west.

That really sucks because after years I’ve barely been able to find anything besides some poorly coded, poorly transferred subtitled episodes scattered across the internet, and translated manga chapters that have long since been lost to antiquity.

What a bummer.


Screenshots from GET TRANQUIL!!! | Overwatch! :D :D :D

Oh my god I absolutely loved this video!!!! :D 
Being 100% honest here, I think this is one of the funnest videos Seán’s ever made. :) 
When Seán said he made a solo video of this game in the live stream yesterday I was super excited about that because I already loved watching him play Overwatch with other people. But there’s obviously a different feel to a video when plays a game alone then when he plays them with others. The two biggest thing I loved about this video was seeing Seán’s enthusiasm for it and just listening to him talk about the game in general. He was so giddy throughout this whole video and was so into it and you could tell that he loves this game and that he was just having so much fun with it which is something I always love to see in his videos. I love seeing him playing a game he loves because he just has so much passion and enthusiasm for it and he can’t even sit still because he’s he so incredibly giddy and excited. All that just fills the video with so much contagious positive energy. That’s one of the reasons why Shadow Of The Colossus, Undertale, and The Last Guardian are favorite series that he’s done on the channel is because the enthusiasm and love he had for those games was so contagious and it just made those videos so much fun for me to watch. 
I also loved hearing him talk about this game and nerd out over it. I love Overwatch too and I like hearing people talk about it and discuss the things they like the most about it. So in this video I just loved listening to Seán talk about stuff in it like his rank and how he got it, his favorite characters and his favorite and least favorite maps. Plus I loved seeing him interact with other players and making Junkrat dance in the spawn room and hearing him yell “GET TRANQUIL BITCHES!!!” and doing sneaky sniper shots with Zenyatta. But without a doubt seeing him play as Symmetra was the absolute best! I am 100% going to call her energy balls power bubbles from now on! :D I play as Symmetra a lot in Overwatch she’s one of my favorite characters and I think she is the biggest character next to Dv.a that I feel I have the most potential to be good with. So seeing him get so giddy playing as her made me so happy! ^_^ I just love watching him play this game it’s so much fun for me! xD Seeing him play it makes me really wish that I could play this game with him. Which I don’t think will happen ever and if actually did he probably would get super annoyed with how bad I can be at the game. xD I think I’m getting better at it now that I’m playing it more but I still have a very looonnngg way to go. :P
But now I feel like I’m just rambling on and on. So yes like I keep saying throughout this post I loved this video and had so much fun watching it. I love watching Seán play this game and I REALLY hopes he makes more videos of it. :D 

Now if you excuse me everyone I’m gonna go play Overwatch now, haha! ^_^


Free-to-Play games I am currently playing:

  1. Destined to Love
  2. My Forged Wedding Party
  3. Midnight Cinderella
  4. Mystic Messenger
  5. Sweet Scandal Returns (EN and JP)
  6. Office Lover 2 (EN and JP)
  7. The Cinderella Contract
  8. Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale
  9. My Sweet Proposal
  10. Rental Boyfriends (EN and JP)
  11. Love Never Dies
  12. Samurai Love Ballad Party

My favorites (in no particular order, except the first two):

  • Destined to Love
  • Midnight Cinderella
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Sweet Scandal Returns
  • My Sweet Proposal

Some of these other games are too new for me to say how I feel about them one way or another. Mostly OL2 and Rental Boyfriends.

Favorite otome bachelors:

  • Isuka, Asena, Yuri (The Cinderella Contract)
  • Sid, Louis, and Leo (Midnight Cinderella)
  • Ryoma and Takasugi (Destined to Love)
  • Zen (Mystic Messenger)
  • Yamato (My Forged Wedding Party)
  • Leonhardt, Luca, Silvio, Kite (One Upon an Fairy Love Tale)
  • Eishi, Masaya, Shinya (My Sweet Proposal)
  • Shinobu, Masato (Sweet Scandal Returns)
  • Joshua Lieben (Be My Princess Party)

As for funnest, I enjoy the CYBIRD games the most (Destined to Love, Midnight Cinderella) because of the MC and how the stories are written. Though the Ever Afters in MidC…. I could do without them. I have yet to be impressed by them. But the mains are all solid.


Let’s talk about PROGRESS.
In 2012 I took on my first sewing project ever, Daenerys’ Dothraki gear from season 1. I had never really touched a sewing machine before, it scared the crap out of me, but I did it anyway and created my first home made cosplay. I didn’t really like how it looked on me, it was illfitting, the wig was thin and way too bright, and the frabics were all off, but I still loved it anyway! Because it was the first cosplay I made completely myself, and that made me really proud of myself.

Forward two years later to my latest update on my Dothraki Dany. I remade nearly everything (except for the white sash thingy which I weathered), and I’m sooo so happy with how it looks now. Also notice how much difference posing properly makes!! And MAKEUP, WIGS. AND BETTER EDITING. YAY.
Daenerys and this costume will always have a special place in my heart, because it was the one that finally pushed me into cosplaying for real ♥

So if you ever feel like you can’t actually make anything or you’re just to scared to start, YOU CAN DO IT.
(and Dothraki Dany is an EXCELLENT first project, it’s easy, and because it’s supposed to look ugly-ish and weathered, and those are the funnest cosplays to do!)

lethal league!! i got the game right when it came out on steam and possibly one of the funnest action fighting games. the games go by super quickly and it’s hilarious to just be careful on getting it and whatnot.

if you ever get the chance, you guys should grab it on steam!!

Hunter from Spyro is so important. 

He’s like an annoying, lame, patronizing dad. Which makes him one of my favs. He honestly talks to Spyro like he’s trying to get on his ‘rad-cool’ level and be down with the kids. He sets Spyro wee tasks and games as though they are the COOLEST FUNNEST THING EVER when usually they’re just hella annoying chores. Dude makes up wee stories where the eggs or orbs were hidden before giving them to Spyro because he thinks it makes it more creative or cool or fun somehow. 

Dude is so, so lame. 

Don’t tell me you couldn’t imagine Hunter making dad jokes. 

Hunter is my Video Game Dad. 

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What are D&D characters? All I can think of is Dexter and Deedee from Dexter's laboratory.

Dungeons and Dragons, a highly popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying system invented by Gary Gygax in the 1970s. It’s considered to be the grandfather of the modern western fantasy RPG. Play involves rolling a dice to see if your character succeeds in doing whatever it is they’re trying to do. To play, you need at least one player (though the standard group has three to six players) and one Dungeon Master. The DM’s job is to act as the narrator of the story, setting up the environment, enemy encounters, puzzles, and acting as all the non-player characters. …It’s basically the funnest game ever.


A/N: Very very short imagine here. Thought it would be fun to write although, for some reason, I found it very tricky (shush it’s late and I’m tired). Hope it’s okay :S


xXIhasNutellaXx: Please make a short of Joker and Y/N playing twister. ;))))))))))))))))

Warning(s): Swearing, use of the word naked 

Word count: 486 (quite short. oops.)



Today was the Joker’s day off and while he probably had other ideas in mind as to how he spent his time with you, you thought of something that would be a bit of a laugh, especially since it was the Joker

You went to the storage room and looked in one of the wardrobes filled with your old stuff such as stuffed toys, photos and school books, everything you had you brought with you when you moved in with your boyfriend. In there was an old dusty box which had obviously seen better days, but inside it was one of the most legendary games of your childhood: Twister.

You went back to the front room where the Joker was sat on the sofa, confused to where you suddenly went. A wide grin appeared on your face as you watched him glance at the box with a what-the-fuck-is-that expression. You sat down next to him and opened the box, revealing a white sheet with various large coloured spots of red, yellow, blue and green, all in straight and even lines.

“This…” You began to explain to him. “Is one of the funnest games you will ever play.”

“What the hell even is that? I’ve never seen anything like that in this house.”
You giggled at him, him breaking out into a small smile. “It’s Twister!”

Shrugging, he leant back and watched you as you placed the sheet down on the floor with the spinner close by. You explained the rules to him and he perked up a bit, seeming to like the idea.

“Go on then, I like a challenge.” He laughed.

It wasn’t long until you were both in a complete mess, the Joker in a weird position above you, struggling to keep himself up. The game proved difficult though as one of you had to spin the spinner as the henchmen were sent home because they weren’t needed so no one was about to do it for you. The Joker reached over to spin the spinner and as he did so, he lost his balance and fell harshly on top of you, groaning as he realised he had lost the game.

Although in a bit of pain from the Joker falling on top of you, you cheered triumphantly, impersonating guns with your hands and making gun shot sound effects in his face (what you guys would normally do in competition to each other), him just looking up at you with a sulky look on his face. He never liked to lose.

“I told you I would win! I should’ve made that bet now, could of had some wads in my pocket.” You teased. The Joker jumped up and took you by the hand, pulling you towards him and resting his hands on your hips. He had a smirk on his face, leaning in to whisper in your ear.

“Next time, lets do it naked.”

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you are so intimidating

it’s midnight i’m sitting at home doing laundry and playing super nintendo. i’m playing this game called mickey mania that i used to play a lot when i was growing up and i can honestly say, nostalgia aside, this is legitimately one of the funnest and most beautiful super nintendo games i think i’ve ever played. i think it’s because disney put it out and it’s about the history of mickey mouse, but the artwork and animation style and even the music makes me so happy.

i don’t know why i’m sharing this with you right now, i guess i just felt like typing something. i’m sorry that you think i’m super intimidating, i’m really not trying to be.