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Calm the fuck down

Stop the religious hate. Stop the political hate. Stop asking me to delete stories that aren’t even a little offensive. I never once took a religious stand. Literally not one follower on this blog, besides the family and friends I have that follow, know my religious stance. I’m not taking a political stance either. All the stories submitted just happen to be anti trump. Trust me when I say that anything even remotely political gets the hawk eye. I know the few political stories posted are not rude or degrading. I know how to run this blog. Stay out of my inbox telling me how to do so. Y'all have a good night. Much love.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’ve made a post not even 2 weeks ago, thanking you all for reaching 1k followers. It’s crazy that I’m currently making a post thanking you all for getting riverdales-daily to well over 5k followers. That’s absolutely insane. I don’t know how people are finding this blog, but it’s growing very, very fast. I can’t thank you all enough. Watching the show and running this blog have become such a source of happiness for me. 

I’ve been thinking about a few ways to thank you, I’m hoping that you will like the stuff I’m currently working on. :) 

P.s: I’ve finally found a 1080p version of 1x04, requests of the episode are very welcome! 

P.s+: KJ retweeted one of my GIF’s. Which is super awesome. :) 

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could you tag nsfw stuff please :x

Hey there sweetheart.
I don’t wanna be rude at all, so please don’t take it as such. But I very rarely actually tag stuff, with a few exceptions being I tag “non prosthetics” on stuff where Hanzo is missing his lower legs, and I’ll tag “beastiality” on were!mccree smut because those things can really upset people. But I don’t make a habit of tagging NSFW because that’s the type of blog I run. I’ve always done it, and I put NSFW in my blog description to let people know that. There’s a lot of McHanzo blogs out there, but I wanted my blog to be a one stop shop for all your McHanzo needs, Safe for Work or otherwise. So while I appreciate how politely you said this (cuz I’ve had some pretty rude people ask the same thing) I don’t know if I will start tagging NSFW just because I already do the warning of it in my blog description and if that’s not something you want to see, it might not be best for you to follow me. I don’t want to see anyone go but it might just be for the best.

What do you guys think though, I really want to be fair about this, I don’t want to upset anyone. Should I start tagging NSFW or is it alright with ya’ll ?

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Oh the hacking question made me envision an AU where Bella has a bigger online presence since she's such an introvert with few real friends. Maybe she's a slightly successful vlogger (was that as big a thing in 2005?) or runs a book club blog or writes Wuthering Heights fan fiction. Do you think any Cullens would have vlogs (where they stay off camera) and what would they feature?

I think that would have given Bella some more depth, actually, and still kept in character with her sort of isolation and severe reserve.  I know as someone who is reserved and shy that I have a stronger online presence than a real life one. I’m much more wordy and talkative when I can type rather than speak, and I could imagine Bella being similar. Personally I wouldn’t in a million years want a vlog, but obviously a blog is different! I don’t even like Skype/Facetime–what I like about the internet is that I don’t have to talk and I don’t have to be seen! ;) 

Could totally see her writing fanfic, or at least being part of some Jane Austen discussion forum or something–forums like that were big back then, if I recall correctly. It would make total sense that she’d have some kind of online presence, but it might be such that she could keep it up as a vampire since no one would really have “seen” her anyway. 

As for the others, with all the free time they have, I can’t imagine they don’t have SOME type of online presence. Vlogs seem a bit less likely to me than other types of social media and online participation, but then again I’m not really someone who follows vlogs so I’m not sure how they do it without being on camera.  Obviously they would avoid being seen and giving out too many details about themselves, but that’s totally doable. If they did that somehow, Alice would have some sort of fashion/make-up thing. Maybe she recruits ‘friends’ from school to model and you only see her hands and hear her voice? Maybe she also does things with language tutorials? 

Edward does piano covers of songs, again you only see his hands. 

I sort of feel like Emmett would make a bunch of daredevil videos on YouTube, and it skirts the line between blowing the secret or not, but since it’s always SO over the top “I’m gonna throw this car the length of a football field” and all the comments are like “FAAAAAAKE” and “so lame you can see the wires” and stuff when obviously he actually did the thing. 

Okay, honestly. I wasn’t going to do this and bring names into it, but it looks like my hand has been forced.

Yesterday askakefia was meant to be coming to my place for the weekend, it had been discussed, times and dates planned. She never showed. We had a run in a few days prior but since she never mentioned she wasn’t going to be coming, I assumed that she would still visit, because you know, common courtesy. I have three numbers for her by the way, and her exact words are ‘I always answer my phone.’ She never answered her phone, ANY of them. One kept ringing, the other two went to voicemail. There was no activity on her blogs aside queued posts, and so you know, naturally I was worried because she has mentioned more than once ‘I could kill myself and be in my flat for days and no one would notice’ I asked one of her closest friends if she had heard from her, the answer was no. Since I received no callback or message I told this person I was going to send the police around, which I did.

I have no regrets. When you know someone that has attempted suicide before, that talks about attempting suicide, didn’t answer their phone, didn’t turn up at your place and didn’t return your call, I’m sorry but yeah, I’m going to send someone around to make sure you are okay. 

You want to lash out at me with ‘How dare you’ Fine.

So yeah, I called the police to check if askakefia was alive and well. If that makes me horrible, I don’t give a fuck.

You want to demonize me? Do it.  

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do you know of other cool blogs run by people with bpd (or other cluster b pds) my dash is empty of relatable content lmao 👍 thanks

oh gosh there’s lots of cluster b blogs that I follow and love!!

some run by my friends are: @bpdhero @flowerbpd @bpdicarus @bpdkageyamatobio @bpd–hinata @mintpink-bpd

but a few of the others that I’m personally fond of are: @bpdjungleboy @bpdcadet @actualbpd @bpd-pandas but i follow tons of mental illness blogs honestly so if you’d like a longer list hmu!! these are just some of the first ones I thought of

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What made you want to make a new blog? If you don't mind me asking!

No problem! I have a few reasons tbh. One being that I felt like there were some glitches with my account but who really knows with tumblr tbhhh. Another factor was that since I only ever reblog something once I was actually running out of things to reblog, and I’m a busy gal and I don’t have time to do things like run a blog, let alone have to search everyday for things to reblog. And back in the day as long as there was a source it was fair game to reblog so I have a lot of baggage on my old blog, by starting a new blog I get to start fresh all over which is a nice feeling!!! The last main reason is just that usukisses was my main blog on my old blog and now it’s a side blog, my new main blog is a personal blog (which used to be a side blog) so I’m happy that now I can use tumblr as me instead of just a usuk blogger. Hope this clears things up a bit! If you have another question about it feel free to ask!

Twisted Confession

Group/Member: BTS /Jungkook

Genre: Angst, mystery, romance

Word Count: 1k

Summary: Waking up in a dark room, she thought she was alone. She didn’t expect the presence of a not-so stranger, who claimed he kidnapped her to confess his feelings for her. Will she accept them or run away?

Author’s Note: Hi! I’m one of the new admins. this is my first time being an admin in a blog so I hope i won’t disappoint anyone with my writing ;-; btw, I might continue this as a mini series if someone’s interested! just let me know~

- Admin Kat

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Everyone who knows me knows I have a lot of love for most of the minor characters in fma, and because I’ve been enjoying running this blog so much and found out that even though cleaning up mangacaps can be a pain in the ass, it’s ultimately a very enjoyable pastime and not as time consuming as I feared.

Because of this I’ve been thinking more and more about starting a second ‘every x’ blog. More specifically, one for Rose Thomas, the past few weeks. Today I finally made a blog for her here @everyrosethomas ! Then I started wondering. Would that blog include Noah since she’s Rose double? Or would Noah need a blog of her own? After giving it some thought I decided only Rose would appear on her blog, so Noah now has her own blog at @everynoah because I love her too and the idea of completely ignoring her felt wrong to me since she’s still connected to Rose in a way. (Plus, I absolutely love her.)

For now both blogs are empty, but I will start work on them soon and hopefully I can have Rose running in a day or two.

I am not sure when I will have Noah active, but I’d been thinking about having her’s run when I am capping Rose’s Conqueror of Shamballa appearances?

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Nicknames: Kaid, Chloe, 
Star sign: Scorpio 
Height: 5′10″
Time right now: 5:26 pm Central
Last thing you googled: “Run a Skew and Kurtosis Measure” for Leah lol
Fave music artist: I have so many interests it’s hard to pick one.
Song stuck in my head: None at the moment
Last movie I watched: ‘Get a Job’ was on earlier adn I drooled over AK for a few minutes then I left lol
Last TV show I watched: Supergirl w/ Bitnee
What I’m wearing right now: Black “Invisible Sun” t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and my beanie lol
When I created this blog: In like June or July 2016
The kind of stuff I post: GAY SHIT, Bechloe, Pitch Perfect, atheism
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokémon team: Don’t play Pokemon. Haven’t touched a single game.
Favorite color: Purple, Pink, and my aesthetic is grey 
Average hours of sleep: 5-9
Lucky number: Don’t have one
Favorite characters: Chloe Beale, Spider-man, Beca Mitchell, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Erikson
Dream job: Probably President 
Number of blankets I sleep with: Like 7

I’ll Tag: @thisgingerlovesbechloe, @sendricks-bloe, @oceansand-anna, @kendricksendrick, @bananasendrick

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I don't know if you're okay with answering questions, but I'm gonna ask one anyway. How does one balance doing schoolwork and running a blog? Also, how to stop procrastinating

How does one balance doing schoolwork and running a blog? I’m not sure, I just do one homework assignment (or attempt one) and then I make a few aesthetics, then go back to homework. Or I just do my homework until I’m sick of it then turn to tumblr until I’m sick of it and turn back to my homework.

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As for not procrastinating…I got nothin’ I’m a giant procrastinator.

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Same anon from before (the one saying this is your blog and writing isn't your job). Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I've actually been following since around the time you first started, so I've actually been here for a long time. I've been here since you only had a few stories up and I enjoy every single one of your stories. I wasn't that into Braun, but I definitely warmed up to him thanks to you and I'm glad that you write stories about someone you're a fan of (1/2)

I run a fic blog too so I’ve never minded you not writing requests, because as a writer I know what it’s like to just be such a fan of someone that all you want to do is write about them. I’ve been through people criticizing me for it too so it makes me happy that you can write about Braun and not give a single fuck when people talk shit. I remember suggesting awhile back that writing ideas was a good thing because it gave you a break from requests. That anon was also me hah (2/2)

Oh, man, this is so nice to read tonight, honestly. First, thanks for sticking around since the beginning when I was trying to figure out how to navigate all of the fandom stuff. That really means a lot to me. And thanks for being so supportive.
And man, the amount of times you’ve been supportive and helpful is unreal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.

Guys, there’s something that really needs to be addressed. There’s a big issue with racism in the captioning/service blog community. Specifically, antiblackness. Even more specifically, directed @captioned-vines

Let’s get a few things straight. Just because someone runs a service blog, does not mean they are obligated to silently take it when people dehumanize them. I don’t know if this has been happening to any other service bloggers, but I’ve noticed that every time she tries to defend herself against racist comments, people tell her to stop “creating drama” by replying to them. Yes, she could block some of them, but we’ve spoken about this and there are just so many, expecting her to be able to block every single one is just not realistic.

You guys do realize that none of us are getting paid to do this, right? We are not corporate entities, we voluntarily do this in our spare times, when some of us have full time jobs and personal lives to deal with as well. We are real people, and when someone says awful things to us like what happens on a daily basis for her, we are allowed to have an emotional response and to call them out. You can not expect someone to provide a service to you and turn right around and dehumanize them afterward.

Another issue is people arguing with her about her race. For some reason, no one seems to believe her that she is black and I see her getting nasty comments about it every time she says she is, and people asking her to prove it. This seriously needs to stop. She is black and she doesn’t have to prove anything.

Her and I have had many discussions about this, and each time she tells me she feels a lack of support from her audience. She has told me that when she does reply to some of these racist comments, she gets an overwhelming amount of silence. Either people tell her to stop responding because they think it’s annoying, or they say nothing. I know that I’ve always felt like a lot of my followers were very supportive, kind people, and it would be really great if some of you lovely people would show her the same kindness and not ignore it when others treat her like garbage. 

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Hey a new scenario blog! don't mind if I do~ hmmm, how about Akaashi's s/o is Fukurodani's manager and during the training camp the fukurodani team are gonna do some sit ups and said s/o offered to assist Akaashi. All is well until his s/o decided to give him a peck on the lips when he comes up from the lying position , which leads to Akaashi being flustered as the others tease him~ (much to the amusement of s/o) Thank you and good luck with your blog~ I'll send in more if i can :D

Thank you for the request, I hope you like it!!

“Fifty-eight… fifty-nine…,” you counted off every time Akaashi did a sit-up, “Y'know, you’re already doing a hundred sit-ups.  If you do a hundred squats, a hundred push-ups, and a ten kilometer run everyday you could become a superhero that can kill things with one punch.”

“One punch!” You could hear a few of Akaashi’s team mates call out, causing you to snicker.

“I think one hundred sit-ups is plenty…,” Akaashi said.  "Were you counting, ____-chan?“

“Uhh,” you smile, “You’re at sixty-three?”

“Are you asking me or telling me?” He asked with the smallest hint of a smile.

He laid down on his back and hesitated for a second before pulling his body back up.  To his surprise, his lips met yours for a fraction of a second, before he pulled away and blushed.

“Telling you, of course,” you smirked at him.

“Hey, hey, hey!  Akaashi!  ____-chan kissed you!” Bokuto yelled from across the room.

“Aww, out little kouhai is in love!”  Konoha teased, only making Akaashi’s blush deepen.

“____?” Akaashi asked.

“Yes, Keiji?” You responded with as sickeningly sweet a voice as you could muster.

He pulled his body up and kissed you quickly on the mouth, “Please let me know when you’re planning to kiss me.”

He smiled as your smirk disappeared and was replaced by a blush almost as bad as his was.

((Only a few people know that before making a McCree blog, I RPd as my OC Red. He’s one of the OCs I worked most hard on and it’s really a pity that I left his blog on hiatus because most people I RPd with left their blogs and moved to other fandoms.

Red follows a storyline in a comic I’m publishing here in Tumblr. When I first started as him, he was following that canonical storyline (hitman under a Russian businessman’s contract) until I found out I was running out of people to RP with, then decided to give him a turn to a non-canonical storyline to bring my interest to him back. This interest never came back.

Recently, since I finished the guidelines for the first part of the comic, I started working on the second part, where it shows Red, now reformed but still linked to the crime life, running a safehouse for criminals who need a place to do and discuss business and occasionally doing jobs.

Should I remake the blog? Would anyone be interested?))


Reposting without sourcing is bad, but so is reposting someone’s art without asking their permission first! 

Pixiv, deviantART AND tumblr (yes tumblr) require EVERYONE to get permission before posting an artist’s art elsewhere.  It’s part of their terms of use and community guidelines.  I recently found out about this (around January) and I have completely changed how I run this blog.

You should too.  Please be considerate of artists and ask their permission first!  There are a few other blogs I see who do, and I thank you.  But there are also plenty of blogs (popular ones too) that do not ask permission and are posting art from artists I KNOW FOR A FACT DO NOT WANT THEIR ART REPOSTED or already have tumblr blogs on which they post their art.

Ask their permission - most artists will be very grateful that you ask, but may still decline.  This happens A LOT on pixiv for me, but I still respect their wishes.  Some artists never reply which is an implicit denial of permission.  Unless the artist EXPLICITLY gives you permission privately, or publicly on their profile, DO NOT REPOST THEIR ART.

I know it’s hard when you find a really awesome artist, and you just want to share, but unless that artist lets you share, refrain!  Many artists, especially Japanese artists on pixiv, have stopped posting their art completely because of this!  So PLEASE STOP.