one of the few pics that he is attractive

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

Ryan Medina watched as his image in the cheap hotel room mirror shimmered in front of him. Then, he felt the familiar sensation of his body taking on a new form. When the image in the mirror came back into focus, Ryan grinned.

“Nice one!” he marveled at his reflection. Gone was the average-looking 32-year-old businessman. Instead, he saw an attractive 21-year-old hunk smiling back at him. He unbuttoned his shirt to check out the body he had ended up with this time. “Very nice!”

Being able to use the Magic Mirror spell to transform into the hottest guy in town certainly helped to fight the boredom and loneliness of being on the road all the time for work, he thought.

He quickly fired up his phone, snapped a few pics, and set up a temporary Grindr profile. Within seconds, his phone was buzzing with activity. 

“Definitely not going to be bored or lonely tonight,” he thought to himself with a grin.

Around February I swiped right on this guy who was a couple thousand kilometers away but in his bio said he was coming to visit my part of Asia for a few weeks (he was in the Air Force, stationed somewhere else in Asia) Hours later, we match, and by that time I had just got home from a party so I was pretty drunk or stoned, either way I was like fuck it and messaged a few guys on tinder. Messaged him a really innocent joke and he replied immediately with “wanna fuck?” which after a few months on and off tinder and somehow only attracting assholes, didn’t even faze me one bit.

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One Day

I started talking to him years ago. I was married, he was single. It started off innocently enough- catching up on our day, work, life, etc…

After a few months, I worked up the nerve to meet him. I drove to his house one night and we talked. He was honestly the nicest and hottest guy I’d ever met up with. Nothing happened, though all I could think about was dropping to my knees and taking him inside my mouth. I assumed he wasn’t attracted to me and so the friendship continued. We would chat, text fantasies back and forth and send pics or videos of ourselves jerking off.

A few years later, we were still talking, but now I was single and he was in a relationship. He sent me a fleshlight and some used jocks. I’d send him videos of me using it and pictures of me wearing his jocks. We’d still connect and talk, jerk off and discuss what it would be like to meet again. By this time though, he’d moved hours away.

Fast forward another year down the road…

I got a text one day saying that he was coming into town to visit family. I was nervous but excited. I wanted to see him. If I’m being honest, I wanted him inside me. So, I asked if he had time to come over. To my surprise, he accepted the invite.

When he arrived, I was wearing his jock strap underneath a pair of jeans. I decided to wear a t-shirt and be causal. He walked in and I knew I needed to make my move. Before he could speak, I closed the door and dropped to my knees. I began kissing his dick through his jeans. I felt his cock begin to get hard. He grabbed the back of my head and began to unbutton his jeans. I was in heaven. I’d waited so long- about 5 years, just to taste him. As he pulled his thick cock from his jeans, I swallowed it. I gagged on his shaft but kept going. He leaned back on the stairs and I continued by tracing the outline of his dick with my tongue. I moved to his balls then, finally, his hole. My tongue teased his hairy ass as his breathing got heavier. I ate his ass like I’d never eaten an ass before. I loved the passion and excitement I felt, as I’d dreamed of this moment for years. He was finally mine.

After a few more minutes, he pushed me back and asked where my bedroom was. We made our way there, the whole time kissing and feeling each other’s body. Once to the bed, he pulled down my pants and bent me over the bed. He ate my hole and began to finger me. The warmth of his tongue and the pressure inside me was so intense. I begged him to fuck me.

He grabbed some lube from my nightstand and slathered it on my ass. I’m pretty tight, so he gently fingered me until I was ready and opened up for him. I felt the head of his cock slowly move inside me. I wanted this so badly. I pushed back but he held my waist and slowly, carefully slid deeper and deeper inside me. I moaned and squirmed as he penetrated my hole. I felt the weight of his body on mine and as he kissed the back of my neck, he moved deep within me.

He began to fuck me faster and faster- his balls slapping the back of my ass. I screamed as he plunged feel inside me and began pounding me. He asked if I wanted him to get a condom and I told him that I needed his seed inside me. I wanted to know he had finally breed me and made me his. He flipped me over and I watched as he fucked me. I tried to jerk off but he told me to wait.

As he came close, he started choking me some. His hands on my neck, his cock buried in my hole. I moaned and begged him to fill me with his cum. He began fucking me harder and harder. I heard the front door open and knew it was my friend who was supposed to join us for drinks later. That bastard never knocks and in my excitement, I’d forgotten to lock the door. As he walked in, I tried to get up. It was no use. There was no stoping this now. My friend hollered for me and then found his way to my room.

There we were, fucking like crazy and completely exposed. My friend, instead of apologizing and walking away, began running his cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Before I knew it, he was completely naked with his cock in my mouth. I was being filled in every hole and my body was being used by two men that I honestly loved. Watching each other fuck me was too much for them.

As they came, I felt my friend’ cum flood my mouth and run down my throat. As he was cumming in my mouth, I felt my ass get pulled even closer and a load like I’ve never had inside me before fill my hole. He leaned down, licked the cum from my hole and then kissed me. My mouth was now filled with both of their cum and I swallowed as I lay there- completely drained and totally satisfied.

Best night ever.