one of the few decent pics i took there

This poopy guide came up in a different group. It’s one of the worst offenders out there. It’s pretty much useless as a guide. As it has no real redeeming tips and the guide has codes in it where you go online to the now non existing site for more help. Utter crap! So I took my own guide and put it in my bathroom for this funny pic. What other strategy guides out there suck as bad as this one? Are there some that although filled with information don’t really help you in the actual game? Are there decent guides out there with a few bad mistakes or a huge one? Or writing so bad it makes you cringe? Share some pics or talk about it here! Were you better off not having the guide or is it just a collectors piece now?

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Apologies if I'm coming across as rude, but are you able to show us what you look like Atticus?

I had this picture taken specifically for you.

I’m terrible at taking selfies (I think they are marvelous, I am 100% pro-selfie) but tech and I do not get along – every time I write a check to my tech team, I include a thank you card that they exist and they figure out things that make this all work.

(A non-corny photo can be found here, one of the few times I took a decent pic)


Alright so here are a select few of the pics I took of my John Sheppard cosplay so far. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any decent full body pics but I promise to post some when the entire cosplay is done! I’d say this one was quite a transformation from my former self but I do indeed like it~