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A slight pause from the bughead art (I get the most requests for bughead but there were also other scenes I wanted to draw! Don’t worry though, there’s more bughead art on the way haha ✌️)

This scene is one of my favorites too, and although it’s not bughead, it’s bughead-related.

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Are you still doing the dribbles??? If so can you so can I have the character as Cain and the place is living room?? If you're not taking drabbles anymore just ignore it. Love ya!💕💕💕

You shifted a little to tuck yourself into Cain’s side and picked up your book. Looking away from the book he held in his lap he smiled at you.

This was your favorite part of the day, after dinner was done and the sun had set the two of you would curl up in the living room together and read.

Sometimes you would share a book, taking turns reading to one another. Sometimes, like tonight, you would hold cuddle under one blanket while you read your own books. It was perfection.

You were reading a new thriller by one of your favorite authors and had just reached the major action scene when you felt Cain take your hand in his. Tearing your eyes away from the pages, you glanced over to see him still looking down at his own book. You squeezed his hand and returned to the drama unfolding in your lap.

You read two more paragraphs before you felt something cool slide over your finger. Glancing over, you saw a simple gold band with a small diamond. You looked up to find Cain still staring at his book but with a big smile on his face.



“What is this?” you asked, your voice shaky.

“It’s an engagement ring,” he replied, looking up at you.

“Shouldn’t you be asking me to marry you then?”

He sat his book down and pulled yours from your hands, bookmarking your spot. Cupping your cheek, he brushed a quick kiss across your lips. “Why ask a question I already know the answer to?”

You were laughing when he pulled you onto his lap, his lips meeting yours again.


Manga colored by me, @colorfullykalene

“Tomoe. Who… …am I?”

This is one of my favorite scenes of Kamisama Hajimemashaita, It’s when Nanami & Tomoe kiss after she returns from the past to save him.

I always have a lot of trouble choosing which contrast to use when scanning in the manga I’ve colored. The shades of the markers look different depending on the contrast. I can’t choose today, so here’s the piece in low, medium, and high contrast. Let me know which one you like best, if you want. :)

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One of my favorite scenes in the original run was when Harry is crying saying there's a lot he doesn't understand about the world and Coop holds him and says we're all like that. We don't get to see that enough. And I'm so glad that Bobby didn't "grow out of" his emotions. He's an adult man with a steady job and when he's hurting he openly shows it. And him not being able to keep from crying isn't shown as unprofessional or embarrassing.

yeah, i love that so much!!


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)

A lot of people apparently think it’s a valid statement when they say that Stiles and Derek hated each other, and I wholeheartedly say, you’re wrong.

I’d like to call this my masterpost for proof that Stiles and Derek did, indeed, care for one another very much. I may not list all, but I will list the ones I find the most notable:

1. Stiles getting in Chris Argent’s face about Kate and what Kate did to Derek and his family. A lot of people look pass this scene, just a mere glance, but it truly caught my attention. I don’t think this has ever been addressed by Stiles before this scene, but in a part of Formality, Chris began questioning Stiles on what he had to do to tame Scott (trying to argue for why werewolves should be taken down) and Stiles brought up the Hale fire and immediately got upset and rather infuriated at what had happened. He knew what Kate did, knew what it did to Derek and it got to him. And that’s what got to me.

2. The iconic pool scene.

Firstly, Derek told Stiles to go protect himself, ready to fight by himself.

Now, of course, Stiles did not listen.

Secondly- wait, do I really need to explain why this scene is so important?

Stiles went back for Derek, who he claimed to hate, and saved him, kept him from drowning. (Totally screwed up his phone in the process but whateves.)

This is still one of the most notable Sterek scenes.

3. Derek saving Stiles from getting killed by Isaac.

4. Derek also protected Stiles from Peter in the hospital scene.

5. This scene.

What really got me about this one is that Stiles wasn’t that close to Boyd. He hardly even knew Boyd, but what he did know was how much Boyd meant to Derek.

What he knew was that Derek needed comfort, and he gave it in the slightest way.

It wasn’t much, just a hand on the shoulder, but he did it. He did it and this scene showed that he cared, that he was there for Derek.

6. Derek trusting Stiles over his own girlfriend.

Not to mention that later on in the episode, when Jennifer stated that she could be the only one to take them to Stiles’ dad, Derek went into full attack mode.

7. Derek being protective over Stiles, ready to chase after him because he knew what Stiles was going to do would be risky.

8. The elevator scene.

Reminder that this scene was an episode after the argument they had, on the same day and possibly an hour apart at most.

What really got me about this scene was the worry on Stiles’ face when he saw Derek laying there. He just stopped all together for a moment before moving in to help.

The evident panic in his voice as he kept on telling Derek to wake up just warmed my heart.

9. Derek was incredibly hesitant in taking Stiles down while the Nogistune had taken over him. He hardly even suggested it.

10. Stiles worrying about Derek in season 4, after he got taken. He even refused to leave without finding Derek.

11. Stiles hesitating to go save his own best friend because Derek was close to dying.

This one scene basically saved season 4. This one scene broadcasted just how much Stiles truly cares for Derek.

Guys, he hesitated to save his own best friend. Understand how major that is.

Stiles only left when Derek told him to go, demanded it, and even than he still wasn’t sure and looked back once more before going.

This scene was so significant, probably the most significant Sterek scene ever.

12. Everyone looking at Stiles before Derek left.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I take this as his friends understanding just how much Derek means to him. He had to watch Derek walk away and I feel like they got it, it just clicked.

13. Stiles smiling at Derek’s initials.

The fact that something as simple as Derek’s initials had Stiles stopping just to smile really means something.

And if that wasn’t enough to prove how much he missed Derek, remember the following episode when Scott brought Derek up?

Stiles’ pause and the look on his face and the look on Scott’s face like he knew something, knew that Derek meant more to Stiles than Stiles was saying.

14. Stiles is Derek’s anchor.

Anchor. Anchor.

This is important.

An anchor being someone you feel safe and secure around, someone who can pull you back, someone meaningful.

Stiles was that for Derek, and if that’s not enough to prove just how much Derek cares for and appreciates Stiles, I don’t know what is.

In conclusion, you can say whatever you want about Sterek but do not deny how important they were to each other. It’s ridiculous and not even an argument. In the beginning, they probably hated each other but now? You’re only playing yourself if you’re really trying to argue that they mean nothing to each other.