one of the best things about stl

dreamincolr  asked:

Hey dude. Im really happy you're running this blog because I'm incredibly busy with college to check constantly. I wish Ferguson all the best in getting justice for mike. However, I do have one thing I hope they don't do. They should not riot in the streets, or if they do, please don't destroy businesses and others hard work. The way the governor worded his warning of national guard, he pretty much expects the cop to get off. If we peacefully protest, and show them we arent violent, then we win.

White male who may or may not be in STL but is definitely not a protester voices his irrelevant opinion about what (mostly black) Ferguson protesters should and should not do. 

Also, don’t think I didn’t notice your use of the words “they” and “we”. (THEY shouldn’t riot or destroy businesses…. If WE peacefully protest and show them WE aren’t violent, then WE win.)

Also (Part 2), protesters HAVE been peaceful for 96 DAYS. Peaceful protesting still got protesters tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, arrested, hog tied, harassed, threatened, had automatic weapons pointed at them and more.