one of the best shows ive ever been to

It completely baffles me how Eva Green didn’t win any awards for her performance in Penny Dreadful. Vanessa Ives is probably one of the best written and most captivating characters on tv, ever. Eva’s work on this incredible show should have been recognised, not just by critics but also by a wider fanbase. 

So I’m really soft rn and here a list of what I love about Yongguk 

  1. His smile definitely has to start the list. It’s so bright and vibrant and takes up like 2/3 of his face. The corners of his lips pull up and are sharp and his eyes crinkle and his gums show and he honestly has one of the best smiles I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seeing his smile in person was blinding.
  2. His presence is so calm even when he’s excited??? He literally oozes tranquility and it’s so nice and it jsut always makes me calmer idk whenever i see him smiling or laughing or listening to his voice
  3. the fact that he’s so ready to be himself and expand his music genres but also return to what he loves. also the fact that he goes so h a r d with his music but is literally the softest man alive
  4. he loves his members???? the line from 4:44 am where he says he watches his “younger brothers run towards what they think is happiness” fks me the fk up all the time, also he just straight out told fans that the members will be number one and the fact that he’s ready to just tell us that straight out is just amazing. Also in that one heyo where they play that cute flower game and Yongguk gets caught first but at the end of the game he’s like “was I the only one who had fun” even though he literally didn’t even play cause he got caught for not knowing what naruto was, he just enjoys his members company 
  5. hes a goddamn grandpa and acts like one too, with his cute waddles, and small pockets of wisdom, and how he just has old man food taste
  6. he’s an excitable smiley child, who runs through fields and wheezes laughing sometimes and laughs at the members dumb jokes, and bothers them too like bouncing around and dancing and blowing a whistle straight into Jongpup’s ear
  7.  his voice, fk me the fk up, i literally have a playlist of just Yongguk I use to calm down and chill, because his voice is so low and raspy and the way he speaks is so slow and deliberate and how his voice forms arounds words makes me fall in love every time, even the aegyo voice he pulls out on occasion, pls watch this i love him
  8. He’s got the most gorgeous hands I have ever seen on a person, they’re so slim and well proportioned and its obv he takes so much care of his nails, it makes me just wanna interlace out fingers together. 
  9. He’s so kind??? he loves children and dogs and he just b e a m s if he sees either of them, he’s constantly doing what he can to donate to organizations and inspiring us to become better people as well and he cares so so much for this world we all share
  10. the fact that he’s honestly such an inspiration. Here he is following his dreams and living a life he’s carved out for himself and he’s gone through a lot to get here and its honestly so admirable. He’s always giving us little bits of wisdom and advice to follow what we love and follow our passions and thanks Bang Yongguk for being a huge inspiration and support (especially when I didn’t have any) for me to follow my dreams of art and try for a future where I can do what I love

Here’s a list of all the fic’s I’ve done so far (: I typically write AJ/Dean/Kenny as they are my faves but I’m open to other characters which are included in my random shorts section. 

Some of my stories are she/her and some are you… I don’t really write reader insert y/n though!

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Rhys is the owner and he’s pretty much the best boss anyone could ever have. Quality pay.  Good manners. Everything runs smoothly under him. 

Amren is the manager under him, but no one ever sees her do anything. She shows up to events and probably orders linen or something and she always has an opaque starbucks cup in hand that never has coffee in it. No one’s sure what she drinks but they just know that you don’t mess with Amren’s stuff. Always well dressed, usually black slacks and a pristine, pressed shirt with a statement necklace every time.  Never eats any of the food despite being around it 24/7.

Mor manages the staff and is ON HER GAME. She sends out a prompt, color coordinated schedule every week and everyone’s times are always perfect. She knows what she’s about. She’s pretty hands on with running everything, and always makes an effort to check in on every event and help run them. She’s also the only one to show up at a 6 am shift on a saturday morning still in her club dress from the night before with heels in hand (she always keeps a change of clothes in her office for nights like those). Always keeps things fun, especially on long days and always brings in snacks for everyone in the mornings and organizes a work party for every excuse she can. (They definitely have monthly parties to celebrate everyone’s birthday in that month)

Cassian, oh Cassian… is the chef. The kitchen is loud and he’s usually laughing and he always, always keeps his hair in a bun and fills out his jacket very nicely (Nesta approves). His food is to die for and he’s always throwing in a few extra things he whips up for the staff. He comes with them to events to help plate food and will check up on the crowd to make sure they like everything. Could probably take a rack out of an oven and not feel a thing. Fingertips are probably burned off at this point, it’s a running joke that if anything is too hot to carry, Cass can just handle it for you. (he always jokes that he can carry all the burning hot things because he’s equally as hot and Nesta is just -_- even though she’s basically in agreement)  

Azriel is the baker, and he makes all the breads and desserts they serve. He and Cass work hand in hand a lot to get everything done and they’re always asking each other to try their thing to make sure it tastes good. Az prefers being in the back of house because he doesn’t particularly enjoy the interacting part of the job and it’s usually chaotic in front of everyone. And every once in a while, when Mor is having a bad day, he makes sure there are “extra” slices of her favorite triple chocolate cake on her desk that he definitely didn’t make just for her, not at all. 

Nesta is a server who’s relatively new, but still gets it done. She sets tables like a beast and everything she does is precise, clean, and even if she’s just pushed that one disturbingly massive hotbox half a mile to a venue, she’s never sweaty or has a hair out of place, it’s truly astonishing. She also definitely doesn’t have a thing for the chef. Not at all. It’s not like she stares at his forearms when he rolls up the sleeves of his white uniform or always casually suggests that she can be the one to go pick up the food from the kitchen. 

Elain is another server who pretty much always ends up working the bars. She can be a little slow setting things up sometimes, but she’s still a hard worker and everyone loves her enough that she could take fifty years to set a beverage station and everyone would still smile at her. She enjoys the jobs that involve interacting with people and can somehow magically pour red wine over a white tablecloth and keep them absolutely pristine.

Feyre is a server too, so she does everything, but they usually leave the design elements up to her. She’ll help Cass plate the food sometimes, or arrange a board of fruit into cool shapes.  She and Rhys are shamelessly dating even though everyone is ??? “wait ur dating ur boss?” No one cares though, and its usually never a problem except that one time Mor walked into Rhys’s office without knocking and found them making out with her sitting in his lap. 

Lucien (you can thank @highfaelucien​ for this idea) runs the flower shop that supplies centerpieces/decorations, and he always hangs around after a delivery to talk with everyone… aka flirt with the pretty server who blushes when he hands her a flower. He has his usual beautifully long hair and will mostly keep it up for work so it doesn’t get in the way. He’s always casually, immaculately dressed and smells ridiculously good (not that Elain has noticed). He has his cartilage pierced too, and Elain definitely doesn’t drool over his earrings when he has his hair pulled back out of the way. Their interactions are mainly Lucien being >:) and ;) while Elain blushes beet red.

Other assorted pieces:  

Sometimes when they’re just finishing cleaning up, Mor and Cass will have a drink after (no one knows how they aren’t tired). Mor supplies the alcohol. Cassian supplies the dessert. They’ll sit in the empty kitchen and share a slice of cake and trade stories about all the weird stuff that happened that day. 

Nesta and Mor definitely make out at the Christmas party one year. Mor is in this little red dress with black tights and heels and they end up with red lipstick smeared all over their faces, stumbling out of the linen closet.

Cass tries to woo Nesta with food and it works better than he thought it might. At first he thinks he’ll make some big, fancy dessert, but then he’s like… nah STEAK.  Az walks by Cassian’s station and is confused at first because there’s nothing they need that for that night? But he turns it over in the pan and casually says that Nesta is hungry…. “You’re trying to romance her…. with meat???” “Steaks are sexy Azriel.” Luckily though, Cass is very :))) when he brings Nesta’s plate to her and her eyes go a little wide because he really didn’t have to do that, really he didn’t. But since its there…. She digs into it and probably lets out this moan that has Cass grinning wider and he goes down to brag to Az about her liking it. 

Az feeds the cats behind the building every night and Mor thinks its adorable. One is looking particularly worse for wear, though, and he ends up taking it home and basically adopting it. Mor proudly calls herself the kitty’s “co parent” and goes around bragging about their child to everyone while Az blushes in the background.

Nesta has been forever banned from driving the truck because her road rage + a giant truck is really not a good idea. She’s thiiiiis close to being banned from the truck whenever Cassian is in it too because they inevitably end up fucking in the back of it while he lifts her onto a cart. 

Smut bonus: 

when Nessian are finally together, he brings back homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce for them to use ~that night~ but it just devolves into Nesta laughing so hard she’s crying because she can’t take Cassian seriously when he’s spraying whipped cream onto her boobs. 

seeing the Jabbawockeez on World of Dance is so surreal like damn

people are treating them like legends and rightly so 

ive been a HELLA fan of theirs ever since i saw them on America’s Best Dance Crew way back in 2008 (ALMOST TEN YEARS WOW)

i actually got to see them live and they signed my Jabbawockeez tshirt (which was one i had bought before the show) and they noticed it wasnt one of the ones they were selling there and one of them was like “oh …this is a real fan” U//u//U

they asked my name and when i said “Cui” they all OHH‘d and pointed at one of the guys who said (very excitedly) “My name’s Phi!!!

Phi!” (points at himself)

Cui!” (points at me)

it was super adorable and i just wanna put it out there that i really love the jabbawockeez ;u;

i was going through my old school files and found this… apparently my freshman year of high school for my art class we had to create a super hero or villain and i made this:

Lord Jolly Cat, a super villain with cat-like reflexes who got her super powers after being bitten by a radioactive cat

honestly ive never been more proud of freshman me this is both the worst and best thing ive ever created in my entire life

you’re welcome @taylorswift

guess who just had a presentation in school and got to talk about sherlock when everyone was forced to listen. yes.

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hey uhh nicky ive had the privilege of watching you grow for the past few months and i just want to say that you're genuinely one of the best people ive ever talked to on this blue hell and your growth in art has been astounding and honestly i cant wait to see you grow even more because you continue to kick ass every day. stay great babes, it shows <3.

Shit im fucking…crying? Anon reveal urself so I can fuckin uuuh thank u?

sweaterboi update!!


and the answer is yes LOL!!! it was only once tho…

well i guess since first semester is over i should give an update as to what happened STORY TIME!!!

I SWEAR HE SHOWED UP TO CLASS IN HIS BEST OUTFIT (bc yanno…. last day of class so gotta make an impression right???) (IT WAS SO CUTE SINCE HE WAS SORT OF SLEEPY STILL) but he was wearing the cutest sweater over a button up I WAS STEAMI NG

AND YOU KNOW ME, ive been smitten since day one, but wanted to play it cool. i took my chinese final and decided to wait for him outside the class (i got a 100/100 on my chinese final gOD BLESS)

i should have said it earlier, but i was actually preparing a gift for him for chirstmas. i was handknitting him a scarf and bought him cute packaged lotion since minneosta winters can sometimes be BRUTAL. i spent the previous night knitting his scarf but realized i wasnt going to finish in time, so i decided to cut my losses and just write him a letter. it would probably be the last TIME ill ever see him in my entire life, so it wouldnt hurt to sort of like…. indirectly confess??? even if it was still platonic in the end, i wanted to let him know. MY FRIEND DOOBS WAS HYPING ME UP TO GIVE IT TO HIM AFTER HE FINISHED HIS FINAL AND MY HANDS WERE SHAKING THE WHOLE TIME

i decided to wait a distance away from the classroom since it would seem awkward if i just waited for him so closely. unfortunately from where i sat, he could leave the classroom another route and i wouldnt be able to notice since library shelves were arranged into aisles. AND LADY LUCK HAS NEVER ALWAYS BEEN ON MY SIDE and i waited….

and waited….

and waited…

and he just never came to where i was waiting….

i had waited until even the professor left the classroom

unfortunately all stories must come to an end, even the good ones!

well i was already anticipating and expecting the worse so it wasnt that bad as one might assume. sure he might not ever know my feelings, but i guess i was sort of okay??? i mean its like he’ll go back home and continue on with his life, and ill just be tucked away in the corner of his memory??? im okay now tho if youre wondering LOL

just another antic to add to my ever spiraling shoujo nonexistent love life 8^)

@taylorswift @taylornation some fun facts for y'all

1). im morgan and ive been a t swift fan for ten (ten!!!) years!!! literally since i was four. you’ve been my idol ever since.

2). taylor has never noticed me in any way. you might have made eye contact with me at a show once, but that’s it.

3). tay, you’re the one who inspired me to learn guitar. you’re the reason i fell so in love with music. you’re the reason i want to build my life off of it.

4). i live in rhode island ;)

love u endlessly @taylorswift

friends and fam: Georgia Martin/Larissa Duan

let’s take a minute to consider the most powerful lesbian couple ever

  • they meet at one of Jack’s games and hit it off talking how difficult it can be managing a team of unruly hockey boys
  • like they swap manager stories and it’s hilarious and horrifying
  • also Lardo studied abroad in Kenya and hey what if George is part Kenyan?
  • so anyways they bond really well over all of that but somehow they both think the other is straight
  • until George goes to one of Lardo’s art shows as a surprise (Lardo hadn’t told her about it, Jack had)
  • and there are like giant paintings of naked and semi-naked women (and maybe a few of george too idk)
  • and she’s like Larissa? Why didn’t you tell me? We should have been dating this whole time

anyways this is like my new favorite ship. Their ship name is either large or geordo (pronounced like Jord-oh)

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I don't watch exo variety show I rly only pay attention to their music and what's on my dash and ksoo being slept on it terrible??? He's always been one of my very favorite voices and I think his control and sound are super amazing

im like.. so upset right now that i have to live in a world where ksoo doesn’t know hes the best person/singer/actor in the world . like his voice in the most unique iv ever heard ?? he has the best tone in exo and rarely messes up live SO WHY is he not being hyped up like bbh and jongdae :) 

Hi it’s national bf day and I wanna make a super quick post for @beany-boy because!! Im Love him!!

Hi this is!! The actual best person I couldve asked to come into my life?? Hes so kind and loving and comforting to be with ans honestly one of the nicest people Ive ever met!! Weve been together the past almost 16 months and Im so glad I spent them with him!! Also did i mention cute?? As heck?? Handsome ?? As all hell??¿¿¿??? I love him so much????

And i love showing him off so!!! Love him!!!! 💜💜💕💕 Best boy!!!!


Ive been fortunate enough to go to three shows so far on the 1989 tour, and each show was better than the last. This tour has given me some of the best memories of my life, planning a crazy 24 hour road trip to philly 2 days before the show, meeting so many of my tumblr friends that taylor brought into my life and getting to spend three unforgettable nights dancing to songs that mean more to me then words can ever say. 

Im also fortunate enough to see you one more time this tour, the final US show in Tampa on Halloween. Im so excited to bring our Meredith and Olivia shirts to Tampa since everyone loved them at the Gillette Shows. Taylor I’m so exited to see you and spend one more unforgettable night with you.

Taylor I hope we see each other in Tampa, save me a hug, i love you! I’ll be in the bstage pit!