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pt1/5 y'know sometimes i think abt ym and the eras... like you've got pre-debut and you could already see yg was so fond of jm and jm looked up to yg alot and loved his attention, then into debut 2013... yg with a little crush, maybe, not that he'd admit it and so gentle w/ jm but not being able to stop himself sometimes (*cough*rookieking*cough*)... then into 2014 and jm starts realising his feelings abt yg go beyond a dongsaeng looking up to his hyung... both a little confused and excited

‘Why am i so proud?’ and ‘suga-hyung, do you want to kiss?’… also those selfies jm tweeted about yg’s teddy bear liking him and the kissing the bear looking… kinda drunk and h*rny ngl… then early 2015… i need u… both of them realising their feelings fully and that their mutual and the flirting/playfulness just goes through the roof but still they’re dancing around each other… but then later half of 2015… mint and orange… run… smth Happened cause the trepidation/slight awkwardness (rooming together in kota anyone?) disappeared and they were honestly All Over Each Other (isac, mama, end of year awards, esp the one w/ perfect man)… then into 2016… young forever… that moment in the yf bts where jm looks at yg like he’s dying… like he’s finally realising how goddamn in love he is… ntm yg’s bday and all that Happened w/ that… yk/ik… the sweater… ‘ is it smth small but twinkle’ (??? confirmed yg wants to elope w/jm)… the way jm acted throughout that entire v live tbh and the now infamous ‘i stayed up all night talking with jiminie’… smiling like it’s hands down best thing to ever happen to him and then further into the year…wings.. Ym in the bst mv… interesting how ym were probably one of the most explicitly coded romantic/sexual pairings in the storyline yet yg and jm are famously known as the ones that can’t act…then the Revelation of jm going’s yg’s house for chuseok break… all award shows where they were, tbh, Obviously Together… all of yg’s obvious staring when jm’s speaking…. The flower vases @ yg’s mum’s restaurant… the comfortable and intimate boyfriend poses in pictures… and so concludes our trip down yoonmin memory lane thanks for being one of the best blogs/people out there and keep doing you

Getting tired of people saying Levy’s entire character revolves around Gajeel. Is everyone forgetting that Levy is one of Lucy’s closest friends and that before Gajeel showed up, she had her screen time and moments to shine (or at least as much as any of the other side characters in the story)?

Just because Levy and Gajeel are getting a decent relationship build, doesn’t erase Levy’s entire existence before him. She is her own person with a life away from Gajeel, it’s just that we’re seeing a lot of her and Gajeel because they’re falling for each other and growing closer. It’s called story telling.

Dating Chandler Riggs Would Include...

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

I actually had so much fun writing this, but it also made me really sad because this is actually the most perfect relationship ever :(

Hope you all like it loves, try not to die from the feels lol

REQUEST HERE! I do imagines and ships :)

-Mads <3

Dating Chandler RiggsWould include…

  • “Babe can I plait your hair?”
  • “Fine but only if you teach me how to plait yours”
  • Rehearsing his lines for twd with him but he starts to get really frustrated when he messes up a line or can’t quite get the delivery because he’s finally getting a proper plot line and more screen time and he doesn’t want to fuck it up.
  • You make him tea and just cuddle with him until he calms down so he can try again.

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My Top 15 TV Shows

Hello! I decided to make this list in case anyone needed a new TV show to watch! My recs are going to go from favorite to least favorite (although some are so close that they are basically tied) Just so you all remember, also, these are just my opinions of the shows and you may not agree with me, and I’m sorry if I rec a show that you absolutely hate, because that was not my intention!

1. Lost

So yes, my all time favorite show is not Teen Wolf. Lost is just such an amazing tv series, and I wish they were still making seasons! It is a completed show with I think 5 seasons? This TV series is about a plane that crashes on a strange island. It’s full of mystery with some comedy and action and it is just really good. It follows the stories of all the different people who were on the plane, and this show is so mysterious that by the end you may still have questions. 

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Dexter, The X-Files, Stranger Things etc. this show might be something you’d enjoy!

2. Teen Wolf

So even though in my opinion Teen Wolf has gone downhill, I honestly believe this show, particularly the earlier seasons, is really great. It’s romantic, it’s funny, and it has werewolves in it. It also may be a little cheesy, especially in the first season, but I don’t mind personally. 

If you like shows such as: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Shannara Chronicles, True Blood, etc. this might be a show for you!

3. Sherlock

So this one is pretty much tied with Teen Wolf (honestly it should probably be above it but oh well) So the thing I love about this show is the comedy and mystery! There are twists and turns and it’s entertaining and interesting and all the actors do an amazing job! The fandom can be toxic, though, just a fair warning. But honestly it really is a great show that I can not praise enough because I spent hours binge watching this and squealing about it and it is so deep and has plot twists and it’s just amazing! Yeah.

If you likes shows such as: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Elementary, Person of Interest, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, etc, this show could be something you’d enjoy!

4. Fargo

So this is a thriller show that is very dark and has very mature, disturbing parts sometimes. But, it also has some comedy and honestly it is just an amazing preformance and story. Obviously, this is similar to the movie Fargo, but it continues on with another season, and a 3rd season is supposed to come out sometime this year! All of the actors are just so talented. The main character in season one is actually Martin Freeman, and in season 2 one of the main characters is Kirsten Dunst. Also, this show has seemingly different seasons that all connect. It is just so amazing like honestly I could probably put this one 1st or 2nd but it is kind of disturbing.

If you like shows such as: Sherlock, Lost, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Mr. Robot, True Detective, etc. then try out this show!

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you haven’t heard of it, this series is a Netflix series based off of books. Many people may recall the movie, and I can say that the tv series is very different in many ways that make me prefer it much more to the movie. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris does an amazing job portraying Count Olaf (the main bad guy). This TV series is meant to be kind of cheesy with a dark, creepy undertone. Also, it is full of mysteries! I really love how they’ve changed it and the casting in my opinion is much better! So far, the 1st season is the only one out, but I have no doubt that there will be more.

If you like shows such as: Dexter, The X-Files, Psych, Veronica Mars, etc. you should watch this show!

6. The Flash

So this show is obviously about the superhero the Flash. The things I really enjoy about this is the action and the plots for each season. The first season especially is my favorite. Seriously though this show is super entertaining and interesting and has a great diverse cast! 

If you like shows such as: Arrow, Heroes, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc. you should watch this show!

7. The Office

If you’ve never seen the office, this is a comedy show with romance too! It is extremely funny, thus having it be my top comedy show! It has 9 seasons, so you’ll have tons of episodes to watch, and it’s all on Netflix and finished filming! Seriously if you have not watched this show and you love comedies, WATCH IT! 

If you like shows such as: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. watch this show! 

8. Parks and Rec

It’s so hard to choose between the Office and Parks and Rec. They are both super hilarious! Parks and Rec is also about the workplace, the people at Parks and Recreation. It has amazing characters and development and jokes and I love it! Plus, it is all finished and has a ton of seasons to enjoy! (7)!

If you like shows such as: The Office, Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man on Earth, etc. then this show is for you!

9. Stranger Things

So, if you haven’t already heard about this show, this is basically the popular Netflix original that a lot of people are talking about! It reminds me of the movie E.T., just more modernized. It follows the story of a boy who goes missing, but it’s more than meets the eye. It is a supernatural/thriller show and honestly I thought it would be cheesy, but it’s not! It’s actually really interesting and spooky and mysterious and cute and I like it quite a bit! They only have 1 season so far, but they are releasing a new season this year!

If you like shows such as: Lost, X-Files, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, etc. you should try out this show!

10. Blindspot

If you haven’t heard of it, this is a newish show about this woman who is found and has no memory and tattoos all over her body. The FBI works to figure out who put them there and why. First of all, the plot is interesting, there is a ton of action and a little mystery and drama and romance. It really is entertaining and I just really enjoy the overall thrill of this show!

If you likes shows such as : CSI, Lost, The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, The Flash, How to Get Away With Murder, etc., then you definitely need to try out this show!!!

11. The Last Man on Earth

Honestly I’m surprised this one is not higher up on my list!!! It is so hilarious and I think it just gets better with each season, in my personal opinion. It’s the story of the (seemingly) last man on earth after being wiped out from a virus! It is just so funny and has some thriller/mystery elements, actually!! It gets serious sometimes and it is just so perfect. 

If you likes shows such as: Parks and Rec, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,  Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc. you should totally try watching this show!

12. Wayward Pines

This show is about a strange town with secrets. It’s a mystery/thriller/supernatural show, and it’s really good, but also kinda strange. In my opinion, I enjoyed the 2nd season more than the 1st, but a lot of people disagree, so you’d have to watch it to decide for yourself! They currently only have 2 seasons, but I think they’re making a third? Anyways but if you like tons of mystery and thrills and stuff you’d probably like this show!

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Under the Dome, Bones, etc., you might want to give this show a try!

13. 11.22.63

So this is a mini series (I think 6 or 8 episodes total?) and it’s based off of the novel 11.22.63 by Stephen King. Basically, it’s about a guy who goes back in time to try to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So it is kinda historical but I mean it’s still time travel soooo. I would call it a myster/thriller mostly, with some history of course. (If you haven’t been able to tell yet, myster/thriller is my FAVORITE genre) 

If you like shows such as: Under the Dome, Westworld, Sense 8, etc., you should check this show out!

14. Steven Universe

Okay first of all yes I know this is a cartoon but IT IS SO MASTERFULLY MADE LIKE OH MY GOD. It deals with stereotypes and has lesbian relationships and it is adorable and interesting and the plot is actually so intriguing as it gets more into the show. Watching the first episodes, or maybe even the first half of the first season, it seems really cheesy and annoying but honestly it gets so deep and amazing. It’s about a boy named Steven who is half human and ‘half gem’ and he lives with this rebel group of gems called the crystal gems and it’s all about their trials and it probably sounds stupid to you if you’ve never seen it but I swear to you, in my opinion, it is one of the best cartoons I’ve ever watched.

If you like shows such as: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc., then watch this show!!!

15. Humans

So this last one was really tough because honestly there are a lot of other TV Shows that I like but this show is really interesting. It is about these robots who are like servants to the humans, but there are some ‘rebels’ or whatever you would call them who have human emotions and it’s about trying to find one of the synths who has been taken by a family and I mean I enjoyed it personally but it is about robots so you have to be into that kind of show. 

If you likes shows such as: Wayward Pines, Stranger Things, Westworld, Black Mirror, etc. you should try out this show!

The Girl

Characters: teen!Dean x teen!Reader, John Winchester, Reader’s younger sister

Word Count: 2099

Warnings: fluff

Summary: Dean has one week to make you like him. What happens when he falls in love with you?

Author’s Note: Back again with a Dean short story! I highly enjoy writing teen!Dean because it’s something to easily manipulate and heighten a certain feelings that Dean most likely felt. Also, the poem in this is all mine! I wrote it a while ago and I decided to put it in there. Feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

•Dean’s POV•

New school… once again. I really wanted to drop out but I need to watch out for Sammy. Maybe I can find some good eye candy to entertain me for a while.

I walk into the class and my seat was right beside her.

She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She gave me a small smile, and I swear I felt something in the pit of my stomach.

That’s when I heard her angelic voice. “Hey, I’m Y/N. You're…?”

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Moana and Auli'i saved my life.

Not in the sense that I was suicidal, but in the sense that they saved me from losing myself. I know that sounds like the same thing, but I mean in terms of identity.

You see, Moana—and by close association, Auli'i—have come to mean a great deal to me. I knew I was going to like the movie, sure; but I didn’t expect how I would react to it. As with Frozen, I found myself blindsided with emotions and revelations I couldn’t have ever expected to occur. While Frozen opened my eyes to what my heart already knew—that I was in fact not straight, but rather very gay—Moana did something arguably greater.

Moana made me realize that I was lost.

I know next to nothing about my heritage; all I know is that I’m a quarter-Portuguese, my mom and her brothers being half and her dad the full-blooded. But that’s it, that’s all I know—I don’t know about anything else, but it only gets worse. I know nothing regarding Portugal. I barely know three words of the language, I only know about one dish, and the only history I’m aware of is the general stuff everyone learns. That’s not where the worsening stops…my maternal great-PORTUGUESE-grandparents actually refused to teach my mother and her brothers anything. Forget my father’s side, they don’t even have any idea what they are.

None of the language, none of the history or the culture—nothing.

Beyond that I know nothing about my heritage, about me. All I have is a quarter of a claim, a shit ton of ignorance…and…

…the first time I saw the ocean.

Ironically enough it was the Pacific, and by the Lord…I couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even bring myself to blink, let alone take my eyes off of that horizon. In my short 21 years, it was easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and one of the best moments of my life. I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t stay, and I still think of it every now and again.

Then, fast forward years later, I go to the last World’s Fair ever hosted at Silver Dollar City, where I got to watch the Island Fire dancers. They were spectacular, and I swear I felt so drawn to them, I remember wishing I didn’t have to blink during their show. They even played my favorite track from Lilo & Stitch during one portion, and honestly it made me tear up. I later got to speak with a couple of the Fire knife dancers, and asked for the price of one of their practice ones for sale. They only took cash though, and I only had card…

…so I ran like the devil was after me to the nearest ATM, got what I needed, and booked it back and bought it.

I’ve always loved the Polynesian cultures, just so much I can’t begin to describe. To the point I often try to hide away in whatever bits of it I’d managed to learn, which I’m sad to say is not much at all. For the longest time, all I had was Lilo & Stitch and its soundtrack, what words in Maori I knew thanks to BIONICLE, and eventually my own (practice) fire knife. But for so long, that and the moment I first saw the ocean was it.

Till I saw Moana.

It was like going home, like seeing a world I loved and wanting more than anything to be a part of. Everything about it felt right, looked right, sounded right. The instrumental at the beginning of “Where You Are” was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard, as it reminded me of the score of another fictional island that means the world to me. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I could never decide what I wanted till I was reminded of Polynesian style ones. I just…everything was so right, I felt like that was all something I should be. But I’m not…and that’s why Moana is so important to me. My Portuguese heritage abandoned me, left me stranded in the middle of the ocean with no paddle, no knowledge, nothing but the knowing that what I should’ve been a part of left me behind.

But on the day I first saw Moana…that was the day she found me, and pulled me out of the water and took me away. I was drowning in my ignorance, in my loneliness; but she found me, a kindred spirit lost at sea, and she rescued me. Better yet, her father is voiced by Temuera Morrison, the man that is Jango Fett, the progenitor of the Clones who I always felt a kinship towards and now even more so. I already knew and loved her father…so how fitting that Moana would be the one to rescue me… Not only that, but I have a very similar relationship with my grandmother hat Moana had with hers.

Lastly…imagine my sheer joy to read on the trivia of Auli'i’s page of IMDb that she has some Portuguese in her. So much joy…that I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of the tear shed.

I am white, I am not Polynesian of any kind, not by blood…but I feel I am by spirit. It’s the only explanation for the powerful affinity and kinship I feel for its people. I want to go to Hawaii so badly…I want to know everything I can, their foods and cultures and history, I want to know everything about their myths and dragons, I want to actually be a part of something. I see Auli'i and I see someone I feel like I would know, someone I could have the honor of calling friend…

I’m tired of feeling so alone—America should be the melting pot, but I just feel alone here. I want to be some where I don’t feel abandoned and discarded. I want forests and mountains and oceans all at once, I always have.

I wish I could be a part of their world…where all the elements are together in peace…

I want to know I’m not alone…

creative swearing guide

i think the best way to ever show one how deeply you care about them but still wanna swear at them is use creative swearing. tips how to swear creatively:

  • approximately on word of 4 should be your classic swearword (i.e. shit, fuck, bitch and their derivates)
  • words shouldn’t repeat
  • it should be universal, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, nationality, appearance, hobbies, ideology or anything else you can come up with.
  • you can sneak in a meme but only if the person knows it
  • bonus points for scholarly words
  • the more random the better
  • cute and sweet nicknames included make your swearing stronger with irony


  • bitching math equation
  • unholy daisy of linguistic hell
  • wet updog shit
  • astrophysical sneme (snail meme) fucking sweetheart

be creative when you swear! show you care about your loved ones and enemies!

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Heyaaa! Can I have GOM husband headcannons? NSFW and SFW please :)

Hello~ Ah, the babes. Of course you can, it’s what we’re here for. To quench your thirst for scenarios with the boys ;)

~Admin Ru returns



  • Oh boy, don’t even get me started on this red-head. Probably the best husband in the entire world. He’s just too perfect, and be lucky that you have him.
  • As usual, he loves to spoil you tremendously. You’d come back from work everyday to see a little gift in your room, or sometimes after a short break at the office, you return to your desk to see a lovely little gift. It always makes your heart flutter.
  • Akashi is a busy man and he usually travels a lot for work, so expect to get many phone calls from him. He’s a softie and heart and always misses you when you’re not with him.
  • Good morning texts from him are the true reason to your existence. This guy has his way with words. He’ll send you sweet messages throughout the day, and when he has the time, he prefers to call you, because he just wants to hear your voice.
  • Very hardworking, and does the best he can for the both of you, but mostly for you. Expect him to buy you three mansions of your own, and four others in which the two of you live in. That’s right. You switch houses every year.
  • Akashi loves being around your family. Mostly because he absolutely loves it when they tell him embarrassing stories from your childhood. The reaction on your face is priceless.
  • Akashi avoids bringing you back to the house he’s lived in ever since he was a kid. Mainly because his father was there, and his father could be cruel sometimes.
  • He always cooks. I swear, he could work as a chef in a five-star restaurant.


  • Extremely dominant in bed.
  • Loves to tease you. His best kink is probably orgasm denial.
  • He uses many many pet names which always turns you on.
  • Sometimes he’s rough, but most of the time it’s just sensual because he just really wants to feel you.
  • Expect him to mark you all over your neck. He’s not around most of the time to protect you, so those marks show that you belong to people.
  • He loves how his name rolls of your tongue. It’s probably one of the best sounds ever.
  • He loves it when you call him captain. He has that kink for when you address him using big names like emperor, master, etc.
  • After sex, it’s just him stroking your hair and peppering kisses all over your face until you drift off.



  • He absolutely adores you.
  • He’s just really happy to be married to you. He couldn’t imagine anything better.
  • He never fails to compliment you everyday, kiss you everyday, spend time with you everyday.
  • Even with his busy schedule, after marriage, Kise learnt how to be more responsible and manage his time. So he always manages to see you everyday, even if it’s for a second.
  • He always takes you in his modelling trips. He spends a day of shooting and a whole week enjoying the place with you. Since you’re his now, why not bring you along?
  • He hates it when the cameraman compliments you.
  • The two of you occasionally go on picnics together, and then camp the night out.
  • He absolutely loves cuddling with you. This guy would give you bear hugs and kisses and murmur sweet things in your ear, he’s just the best husband ever.
  • Always boasts about how you’re his wife to everyone. 
  • Your house shall be filled with 20 cats, 50 dogs, 10 rabbits, 30 hamsters, and let’s see, um….oh, don’t forget all the other species of cute animals. 


  • Absolutely kinky in bed. He loves bondage.
  • Loves to tease you as well. He takes his time to appreciate every part of your body.
  • Loves it when you get dominant.
  • Loves it when you ride him.
  • Loves foreplay.
  • Goes all yandere sometimes, and seriously, it’s the hottest thing ever.
  • He has loads of sex toys, I can imagine.
  • He’d moan your name a lot, and he loves calling you his wife while he’s at it.
  • He really enjoys you running your fingers along his body. He just finds your nail scratching his skin really pleasurable.
  • He loves trying different things, and he surprises you every single time.  



  • Even though he’s really tsundere, this guy loves you a lot. Never forget that.
  • He loves spending time with you. Whether it’s at home, at a cafe, anywhere. He just loves having you as company.
  • He doesn’t really show it but you know it very well.
  • When he kisses you, he really kisses you. He pours all his love into his kisses, and then just goes back into his shell while you tease him.
  • He loves it when you cook for him. When you offer him seconds, massage his back, get his stuff ready for work, put on his coat for him, and most importantly when you give him a goodbye kiss.
  • Midorima works hard to support the two of you, and he also secretly planned and saved money for his future children. But you don’t know about it.
  • He’s still a true believer in Oha Asa, but not as much as he used to because he realised that all he needed was you.
  • I can imagine you stealing his stethoscope, and him having to chase after you.
  • He’d make you listen to his heartbeat, and tell you how it was beating that fast only because of you.


  • Very sensual guy.
  • If he’s in the mood, he’s in the mood.
  • He loves it when you’re dominant too.
  • He always admires how beautiful you are. Every curve, every indent. He’ll make sure to kiss and appreciate all of it.
  • He’d probably be the one to moan the most, grunt and come easily.
  • He couldn’t imagine himself doing this with anyone but you. He’d just grown so attached to you, he’s just starting to open up and try new things.
  • You love it when Midorima plays with your core. He finds it interesting how someone like him made you feel this way, so he takes full advantage of it.
  • He can be rough if he wanted to, but he prefers to do it the ‘proper’ way, as he calls it. 
  • I’m pretty sure he went through his textbooks about reproduction before doing any of this with you.
  • Midorima’s always scared that he’d screw up, because he has no experience. But in all honesty, you felt the same way, and Midorima knew that whatever he may do, whatever flaws he may show, you’d love that.



  • My baby, this guy as a husband just melts my heart.
  • Aomine sometimes just goes into deep thought and he realises that he’s now married to you, and he’s going to start a whole new life with you. A part of that scared him, but he was mostly happy that you’d be by his side.
  • His obsession towards his magazines will not stop. Though, you know very well that this pervert only has eyes for you.
  • This guy always gets jealous easily. So whenever anyone tries to hit on you, he’d wrap an arm around your waist and shove your wedding ring into their face.
  • Most of the time, you’re just pampering him. He’s always lazing around, or if not, playing basketball. But he always spends time with you, even if it’s nap time, he still takes it very seriously.
  • He really, really cares for you. It was hard for Aomine to take this huge step, but he did, and only because he trusted you.
  • He loves kissing you on the neck. Like he’d just pop out of nowhere and give you little pecks making you laugh.
  • As a police officer, this guy doesn’t have a lot of free time on his hands too, but it’s not as bad as Akashi’s. It’s moderate.
  • He always does his best to protect you because he just has that instinct in him.
  • He loves walking up behind you and resting his chin on your head.
  • He loves rotating your wedding ring around your finger.


  • The ultimate sex god.
  • Just gets right to it.
  • Is always the dominant one.
  • Loves marking you, and loves it when you mark him.
  • You guys just make out half the time. 
  • Always gets turned on when you wear his clothes, especially his police uniform. 
  • He loves going by cop, and you as the robber. 
  • Sex with this guy is really quick, but really exhausting.
  • You’d have bruises all over you once you’re done.
  • Expect yourself to be crawling the next day, because your legs are going to need a break.
  • Has the best stamina.
  • He gets really turned on when you call him panther. And in return, he’ll call you pantheress. 
  • After-sex talks with him are the best. He’d just start to compliment you by ranting and you find it adorable.
  • He’s a boob guy, and even if your boobs aren’t that big, he wouldn’t mind. There’s so many other parts of you to enjoy anyway ;)



  • So much love from this guy, really.
  • He loves treating you like a little princess.
  • Always cuddles you.
  • Loads of cute kisses and hugs.
  • He loves it when the two of you are in bed and you start to play with his hair.
  • He always cooks sweet treats when he’s free and you help him.
  • Tries really hard to make you happy.
  • Comforts you in the best ways whenever you’re down.
  • The best listener.
  • Tries to feed you his snacks half of the time.
  • Likes to see you dressing up in the same room as him. He just loves that fact that the two of you are living together and you get to see each other every day. 
  • You’re responsible for his food. If the fridge is empty, he’d start to whine and you’d have to rush and get something for him to munch on.
  • Always the big spoon.
  • Loves lazy days at home with you. 
  • The two of you usually walk around your neighbourhood everyday, and tell each other what you guys need to.
  • He loves giving you piggyback rides.


  • Really passionate.
  • He loves every inch of your skin.
  • Licks your body like it’s ice cream.
  • His moans are really really loud, Jesus.
  • He loves it when you grip his hair.
  • Probably has the food kink. Like he smears whipped cream all over you and licks it off.
  • Always compliments you on how good you are.
  • He wouldn’t mind you being the dominant one.
  • He’s always afraid of hurting you, but you always assure him that it’s fine. He loves that about you.
  • Loves to hold you close after an immense night of pleasure.



  • The sweetest little cupcake that will do his best to take care of you.
  • He always holds your hand.
  • Loves pampering you.
  • He loves watching you play with Nigou.
  • Walks in the park are always frequent. 
  • Kisses on the cheek and nose, mostly.
  • He loves hugging you.
  • Whenever he appears out of nowhere, you get the shock of your life but then he calms you down effectively by hugging you and whispering soothing things into you ear.
  • Is always happy around you.
  • Even though he doesn’t have much, he’d give his all for you.
  • Works really hard to make sure that the two of you have a great life together.
  • He always follows you out, and never argues.
  • The two of you always play basketball together, and you’d always laugh when Kuroko told you his embarrassing moments back in Teiko.
  • The two of you are just so cute together. You’re already my OTP.
  • The two of you would probably wear matching outfits one day. 


  • I must admit, Kuroko is actually pretty good in bed.
  • He likes to take his time to worship you.
  • Tries very hard not to give in so quickly.
  • You love how he tries so hard for you.
  • You’re always kissing him and encouraging him to go on and Kuroko lives for that.
  • He’s not very rough, but he’s very loving.
  • He makes sure that you have a good time.
  • He loves feeling your soft skin under his calloused hands.
  • Loves to hear you moan his name and when you run your nails down his back. 
  • He finds it interesting when you’re in control.
  • He’s not afraid to speak his mind.


And done! Thank you so much for requesting <3 I enjoyed writing this ^-^ I hope you like it!

You’re My Type (TaeKook)

Pairing: Taekook (Taehyung/V and Jungkook)
Rating: T (but maybe M)
Genre: Humor/Fluff/…tiny bit of smut?

Words: 8,621

Summary: Taehyung has a crush on the lifeguard of the local pool, and his thirst cannot be contained. Especially not when eye-candy like THAT is walking around.

A/N: Favs/Comments/Reblogs always appreciated~ <3

Taehyung spots his new boy-toy when Namjoon is yelling at Yoongi and Jimin to “stop wrestling in the pool! You can’t have sex here so stop your foreplay!” Hoseok and Seokjin are standing nearby laughing, and Taehyung turns away from the commotion to look up at the blue sky, but before he can tilt his head all the way back a six-pack catches his eye and, of course, everything goes south from there.

The six-pack belongs to a boy, a very handsome boy who, besides his six-pack, has toned legs, dark brown hair, a strong jaw-line, aaaand…abs. Did he mention abs? Damn he’s sexy.

Taehyung’s pretty much drooling into the chlorine filled pool but couldn’t care less as he watches the male walk around the side of the large pool, dark eyes surveying the populated warm water. It’s the beginning of summer, and many other people besides Taehyung and his friends are here trying to cool off. However, mister sexy lifeguard is only making Taehyung feel hotter.

“Yo,” Hoseok says, swinging his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder. He notices that the younger is intently staring into the distance and follows his line of sight. “What are you looking a—…oh. Damn.”

Immediately Taehyung snaps his head towards Hoseok, eyes wide and dangerous.

“Hyung no! He’s mine!” Taehyung nearly growls and Hoseok holds his hands up in defense, stepping backwards until he’s heading down the ramp into the deep end and can’t stand anymore. That snaps Taehyung out of his momentary rage and the younger laughs, moving to drag Hoseok back to a place where’s he’s not drowning in the water.

“Seriously though,” Hoseok says, smiling at Taehyung and bumping their shoulders together. “You gonna try and hit that?”

“Are you kidding? Of course!” Taehyung says, his eyes scanning the area for his new prey. He spots the boy after a couple seconds of frantic searching. He’s sitting atop one of those tall towers that overlooks the pool, sunglasses on and a long, red life preserver sitting beside him. Oh…wait…he’s a lifeguard.

Damn, that’s attractive too!

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Look at this. These were the nominees of 2016 Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon. Since 2003, SpongeBob ALWAYS wins, expect that one year when Avatar: The Last Airbender won. I don’t know why that show is still on. It’s rigged. It gives the other cartoons (expect Alvin and the Chipmunks) less of an advantage of winning since Spongebob is a NICKELODEON cartoon. I swear, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are WAY BETTER than that yellow sponge. No disrespect on SpongeBob, that show was everything to me. Band Geeks, best SpongeBob episode ever. It’s just the stupidity of the episodes and lose of original humor is why I stop watching it. Nick doesn’t give a crap about the other nominees. Look at the Amazing World of Gumball, IT’S SPELLED WRONG. Like, why do they have this category if SpongeBob is going to win it EVERY YEAR!

Sorry if this post is long. The point is I hate Nickelodeon and the Kid’s Choice Awards.

sweaterboi update!!


and the answer is yes LOL!!! it was only once tho…

well i guess since first semester is over i should give an update as to what happened STORY TIME!!!

I SWEAR HE SHOWED UP TO CLASS IN HIS BEST OUTFIT (bc yanno…. last day of class so gotta make an impression right???) (IT WAS SO CUTE SINCE HE WAS SORT OF SLEEPY STILL) but he was wearing the cutest sweater over a button up I WAS STEAMI NG

AND YOU KNOW ME, ive been smitten since day one, but wanted to play it cool. i took my chinese final and decided to wait for him outside the class (i got a 100/100 on my chinese final gOD BLESS)

i should have said it earlier, but i was actually preparing a gift for him for chirstmas. i was handknitting him a scarf and bought him cute packaged lotion since minneosta winters can sometimes be BRUTAL. i spent the previous night knitting his scarf but realized i wasnt going to finish in time, so i decided to cut my losses and just write him a letter. it would probably be the last TIME ill ever see him in my entire life, so it wouldnt hurt to sort of like…. indirectly confess??? even if it was still platonic in the end, i wanted to let him know. MY FRIEND DOOBS WAS HYPING ME UP TO GIVE IT TO HIM AFTER HE FINISHED HIS FINAL AND MY HANDS WERE SHAKING THE WHOLE TIME

i decided to wait a distance away from the classroom since it would seem awkward if i just waited for him so closely. unfortunately from where i sat, he could leave the classroom another route and i wouldnt be able to notice since library shelves were arranged into aisles. AND LADY LUCK HAS NEVER ALWAYS BEEN ON MY SIDE and i waited….

and waited….

and waited…

and he just never came to where i was waiting….

i had waited until even the professor left the classroom

unfortunately all stories must come to an end, even the good ones!

well i was already anticipating and expecting the worse so it wasnt that bad as one might assume. sure he might not ever know my feelings, but i guess i was sort of okay??? i mean its like he’ll go back home and continue on with his life, and ill just be tucked away in the corner of his memory??? im okay now tho if youre wondering LOL

just another antic to add to my ever spiraling shoujo nonexistent love life 8^)


Renly & Loras: 

“I buried him with mine own hands, at a place he showed me once when I was a squire at Storm’s End. No one shall ever find him there to disturb his rest.” He looked at Jaime definatly. “I will defend King Tommen with all my strength, I swear it. I will give my life for his if need be. But I will never betray Renly, by word or deed. He was the king that should have been. He was the best of them.”


You ever just read a fiction/fantasy book and you pick out the most minute details that signify it was written by a black author?

Like they might mention products we tend to use most frequently (Shea butter, coconut oil, coco butter, etc), or the characters speak AAVE, or the music they listen to, or shows they mention, or anything that’s just so US and you just sit smiling uncontrollably at the pages.

I do this a lot, it’s one of the best feelings to a black bookworm, I swear to the most high 😁

anonymous asked:

Anon who lost their BFF. It gets better. Same happened to me. But you know what? If they let you go, they don't deserve to have you. It all works out for the best and leaves room for something better. I chased a BFF back and it was one of the worst choices of my life. They let me down even worse despite swearing not to. It was so bad, like the coldest thing anyone had ever done to me. I'm lucky to be alive stg. So anyways, when someone shows you who they are believe them.

I loooove this. 🙏😍😘🌹

Bob Forrest talking about John Frusciante - December 5, 2015

“He’s probably joining, or he’ll join, there might be a chance that he’ll join Depeche Mode (…) So you know, where does it all lead? I just have this feeling that Dave Gahan with his solo record and tour, they’re gonna get back together and tour probably in Spring time. For some reason I just think it would be so exciting to hear John in Depeche Mode. And I think it would re-inspire him. It’s one of  his top 5 favorite bands of all time. Trust me, Duran Duran is not his top 5 favorite band of all time, you know what I mean? [If] Peter Hook was smart, he’d be calling John Frusciante right now so they could do Joy Division with John singing, I swear to god, he can sing exactly like Ian Curtis. EXACTLY. Did you see it? It’s amazing!

I’m throwing on ideas that I’d love to see John back playing music that challenges people and makes them think, you know what I mean?

Well, I think that he doesn’t make music for other people, he makes music for art’s sake. He’s been doing music for art’s sake for 20, 15, since he quit. How long that is? Ten years? All that stuff, you know what really is, the one kind of thing that I look at that “clouds [shadows] collide with people”  That’s a pop record. That’s him saying: Look I can make this record if I want, you know what I mean. 

The other thing with Josh and the Joe guy, Ataxia, I’m not the biggest fan of any of that kind of stuff but then that “clouds [shadows] collide with people” there are some beautiful songs on there. Unbelievable. So I think he wants to have a big successful thing again, I really think it. I know him. And I’m telling you, a Joy Division tour with John singing… it would be some fresh air. PETER HOOK! CALL JOHN FRUSCIANTE UP AND GET JOY DIVISION BACK TOGETHER!

I thought it that night at that show! It was amazing! Have you ever heard about it? Flea, John and Josh did a tribute to Joy Division… it was unfuckingbelie… it was the best show I’ve even been to in my life and Eric Avery from Jane’s Addiction said: That’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in my life. THEY NEVER PLAYED AGAIN! [laughs]” 

- Bob Forrest (This is water with Bob Forrest Podcast, Greenway Records)


Hi @taylorswift! Hope you’re doing well💕 Let me introduce you to this beautiful, smart and LOVELY girls ❤️
Juli (the girl with long, wavy hair) @youcomeinwiththerain is the funniest girl I know, I can’t figure out why but absolutely everything she says makes me laugh, I’m sure you would love to someday talk to her and hug her really tight.
Flor (the one with short hair) @likeitwhenusleep is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She’s always there to give you the best advice and she listens to you carefully. She actually reminds me a lot of you. And she loves Grey’s Anatomy and Friends as much as you do and it’s certain that you would be glad to meet her and talk about all the characters of the shows.
Then there’s Giuli, unfortunately we’ve never had the chance to meet her in person but I can tell you that she’s so funny and she loves you so much and I swear she’s all the time standing up for you. I hope we can meet her at one of your concerts 😉. And then there’s me and all I can say is that I ADORE you.
This is us, Juli, Flor, Giuli and Belu. Four girls that probably would have never met if it wasn’t for you and your music, so thank you for this friendship, I hope you know that you’re part of our squad too!
Sending you big hugs from Argentina x 💕