one of the best scenes of bleach!!

Can’t Fear Your Own World ad translation as requested:

serialisation will commence every other week!! (referring to the Bleach app) Remaining mysteries will become clear…

Hisagi Shūhei, vice captain of squad 9 and editor-in-chief of the Seireitei communication, is the main character.

Rangiku: “wait a minute!! Why is Shūhei the main character!!

Shūhei: "it’s inevitable isn’t it?!! Even I would like to use Bankai!!”

An assassination attempt aimed at the four great noble clans. An unknown shinigami attacks the Quincy and the Arrancar that survived in Hueco Mundo. A rapidly growing, mysterious religious group in the Human World…The turmoil in each of the three realms of existence was rooted in the new head of the Tsunayashiro family, one of the four great noble clans. Apart from being a shinigami, Hisagi Shūhei approaches the case from a journalistic viewpoint. However, he does not yet know that he is trying to touch the fearful secrets of Soul Society itself…!!

Narita Ryohgo’s comment:

“Many scenes were based on directions I recieved from Mr.Kubo personally, I will do my best to be up to the task of extensively conveying the charm of Bleach even further!”

The moment

In all stories, could be a tv show, but also in books, movies and mangas there is a moment when you know

you know you are f***d

when you start SHIPPING a pair

its beautiful and horrible at the same time cause

the ship could end well

or could leave you with a broken heart, a lot of salt and bitterness 

here are the 3 pairings that I love.

number 1 happened, number 2 was brutally DESTROYED by the author, and the last one is…in progress :>

 I wanted to make a small post about “the exact moment” in the manga when I started liking them 

1) Winry and Ed - fullmetal alchemist 

this page. This manga. Probably the best I ever read.

Ed is my favorite character. He is smart but his denial of his feelings to Winry makes him look like an idiot and I love it

2) Rukia and Ichigo - Bleach

for me bleach ended with chapter 423. no discussion needed. 

this scene is from chapter 20 (!!!!)

…and that’s when I started loving their dynamics, especially Rukia’s personality.

From the very beginning she was the one who understood him the most 

and then…..

I will NEVER understand why it ended in that way

N E V E R 

 3) Soma and Erina - Shokugeki no Soma

I started shipping them from here (chapter 89) before Erina’s huge character development

Their interactions are always funny, even if the author took so long to fit Erina in the narrative, her importance in the story was clear from chapter one.

She is the challenge Soma needs, and he is the one who  was able to“melt” her frozen heart 

BUT HE IS ALSO DENSE AS F**K  dammit author

ok I approve slow romance/plot progression but come on at this rate

when it will happen I’ll be like this

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So about Ann x Ryuji?????

Look I understand why people are angry about this and why they scream “but Ryuji is just a pERvErT!!!!!11111!!!!!111!!!!! He only cARes about giRL’S LooKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! XD LOL!” but lemme tell you about a little thing called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and why I think the game really does want you to ship these two alsoifanyoneknowstheshipnameplstellmeIneedtoknowthisokabye-

Also mega spoilers for the game so putting this under a cut okay I love you all stay fresh also Haru is best girl.

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The bright side: E8’s most colourful hair salon is coming for your make-up bag

Emma McCarthy talks dip-dye tips and glitter lips with Bleach London

When best friends Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale launched Bleach London as a one-chair salon in the back of Dalston’s WAH Nails bar, the goal was to give their pals a place to hang out and play around with some rainbow highlights while waiting for their nails to dry.

Seven years, three salons, a successful product line launch and countless pots of peroxide later, the cool, wayward rebel of London’s hair scene is at the root of the dip-dye generation.

And now, Bleach is undertaking its brightest makeover yet — beginning with the launch of a new make-up line, created by Sam’s twin sister Lou Teasdale who rose to fame as the long-time hair and make-up stylist for One Direction. 

“Her experimentation with make-up fits my approach to hair,” says Brownsell. “I can’t wait to see what people come up with when they combine the hair and make-up products. It’s going to look like there was an earthquake in Dulux.”

Much like the technicolor hair dyes on which the brand was built, the 100-piece make-up range is not designed for shrinking violets. Think mix-and-match lip kits, build your own palettes, glitter shadows and strobe highlighters, all at cheap-as-chips prices.

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The bright side: E8’s most colourful hair salon is coming for your make-up bag

When best friends Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale launched Bleach London as a one-chair salon in the back of Dalston’s WAH Nails bar, the goal was to give their pals a place to hang out and play around with some rainbow highlights while waiting for their nails to dry.

Seven years, three salons, a successful product line launch and countless pots of peroxide later, the cool, wayward rebel of London’s hair scene is at the root of the dip-dye generation.

And now, Bleach is undertaking its brightest makeover yet — beginning with the launch of a new make-up line, created by Sam’s twin sister Lou Teasdale who rose to fame as the long-time hair and make-up stylist for One Direction.

“Her experimentation with make-up fits my approach to hair,” says Brownsell. “I can’t wait to see what people come up with when they combine the hair and make-up products. It’s going to look like there was an earthquake in Dulux.”

Much like the technicolor hair dyes on which the brand was built, the 100-piece make-up range is not designed for shrinking violets. Think mix-and-match lip kits, build your own palettes, glitter shadows and strobe highlighters, all at cheap-as-chips prices.

“Initially we just wanted to create some lip kits in the iconic Bleach colours like Awkward Peach and Washed-Up Mermaid, but somehow it just turned into a full range,” says Lou. Her favourite product is the holographic elixir; “It’s really good to use as a moisturiser and I use it when stuff like my gel browliner dries out — just add a drop and it comes back to life.”

For Lou — a high-profile make-up artist with no shortage of offers from big brands to create her own line — joining forces with Bleach was a no-brainer. “I always have the Bleach customer in my head — she’s just like our mates,” she adds. “We attract a lot of alternative kids but also people who just want to buy into the anti-glam vibe of the salon.” Working with friends also allowed Teasdale maximum creativity with the collection. “We did everything ourselves. It’s great being able to create with no restrictions. Rather than scouring the market trying to find what you want, we just got to make it.”

Affordability was also key for sister Sam, the business brains of the operation. “Price has always been important,” she says. “The Bleach girl or boy might be still at school or university, or working in the creative industry, not necessarily a huge earner. Bleach achieves aspirational and accessible at the same time.” As well as make-up, the brand is launching new hair products including a softening Hair Elixir, two new colours — White Heat and Bold as Brass — and a “Too Posh To Wash” dry shampoo.

Another new addition to the brand is Georgia May Jagger — a long-term friend, fan and now business partner. “Alex and I have been working together for years — she was actually the hair assistant on my very first shoot,” says Jagger. “It’s really exciting for me to be part of it because the hair and make-up is exactly the kind of stuff I couldn’t get enough of growing up.”

A style chameleon, the model is savvy to the power of transformation. “Changing your hair can literally make your career,” says Jagger, who has previously turned her hair rainbow at Bleach’s backwash and is planning to “do pink and orange” this summer.

“If I wasn’t modelling I would probably change the colour every few weeks. As a teenager I used to experiment a lot with magenta and blue, and I never used gloves, so my hands were always stained pink.” One thing Jagger — a staunch environmentalist who works with the ocean conservation charity Project 0 — was determined to introduce was a sustainable focus. “The new Bleach line is all vegan, with recycled packaging,” she adds. “The eyeshadows come as individuals so you can choose the colours to put in your recycled pallet.”

As well as being socially conscious, Bleach is also aware of the strength of social media. Bleach and its founders have a combined reach of more than five million Instagram follows, with the images on its brand account amassing more than 100 million likes. It was through social media that the decision was made to launch in the US. “Instagram has showed us how much of a demand there is for our products internationally,” says Brownsell. “We receive hundreds of comments each month from people all over the world asking when they can get hold of the products — and this week they finally can.”

Since the launch of its consumer range in 2013, Bleach has sold more than £10 million worth of hair products in partnership with Boots, with the count of retail locations reaching 1,200. This year, the brand will start to sell in Selfridges and more than 200 Superdrug stores across the UK, along with opening a new Brixton salon.

For Midlands girl Brownsell, who began her career sweeping up hair in her mum’s salon (“shout out New Image, Daventry”), the capital was the place to chase her rainbow-tinted dreams. “I knew I had to get to London to achieve anything. It’s always changing, for better or worse — just like our hair.”

Now Bleach has found its niche as the alt-beauty anti-hero — a movement which, it turns out, is not so niche at all. “We don’t aspire to traditional standards of beauty,” says Brownsell. “So many brands push this idea of the perfect body, face or hair. Over the last seven years, I realised that beauty is just confidence and everyone has the right to experiment as much as they want to achieve it.”

Female empowerment is also manifest within the brand’s management. “I’m lucky to work with my best friends — it’s like we’re in a massive episode of The Apprentice,” says Sam, while her sister Lou adds: “There’s too much respect for what each one of us brings to the table for anything to break it up.”

Brownsell agrees: “Work is just like hanging out. We’ve got a deep love for each other that we have to remind ourselves of every time we fall out. It’s a cliché but I don’t think any of us would change it for the world. It’s funny how often men try and get involved with the business and give us advice we didn’t ask for. We’ve come this far without penises at the party… I don’t think we’ll be needing one any time soon.”

14 Most Romantic Moments in Bleach

Moment #8

Urahara and Yoruichi Arrive to Fight Yammy

This is probably an unexpected moment, but let’s take a moment to look at this panel:

Their body language, Kisuke’s pecs, the way it’s drawn…it’s almost like his haori wraps around her…c’mon, it’s kind of romantic. 

More to the point, this is really the first time we get to see them working/fighting together. It’s amazing how hard I shipped them at this point considering how little actual interaction we had gotten. We were told they were best friends, and we certain got that adorable scene where Kisuke welcomes back his favorite kitty. Other than that though, we honestly hadn’t gotten a lot with them interacting. 

Watching them fight together was a whole other thing then. We didn’t need to be told how close they were anymore, because it was pretty obvious. They almost read each other’s minds, and they seem to move as one unit. They work together with a fluidity that I’m not sure has ever been matched. Even when they are arguing while fighting Aizen, they are still amazing together. Talk about relationship goals.

Bleach 592

So ONE HUGE THING happened in this chapter that I feel isn’t being talked about enough in the tumblrsphere that I think was the most important scene in the chapter.

Now I want to keep this short because I’m exhausted and want to leave my computer, but hear this.

After Toshiro stabbed Ikkaku, he moved for Yumichika. Clearly panicked, Yumichika had to defend himself after he realized his best buddy got a sword to the spine. Furious, he reacted. He proceeded to call out his zanpakutou, but he wasn’t calling out the false name that he uses in front of others.

He was summoning his true zanpakutou.

This is important for two reasons:

  • As we know, Yumichika is embarrassed to wield a kido type sword while belonging to tough guy, macho, brute force only squad 11. As a consequence, he hides it by calling out a fake name which released his sword only half way, keeping up the appearance that his zanpakutou is a melee type weapon like Ikkaku’s or anyone else’s in the squad. In fact, he has only called out his sword’s true name once to defeat Charlette when he knew no one would see it. Yumichika was willing to die rather than use his full power to easily win because he believed that revealing his true sword would disgrace him in front of the comrades he loved and felt he only belonged with on the merits that he fought using only melee abilities. So we know that it means a lot to Yumichika to keep his true abilities a secret. However, he was willing reveal it out in the open to anyone watching in today’s chapter. He was willing to give his own life to keep it a secret, so why would he release it so thoughtlessly? To save his life? We know he’s stared death in the face and still refused to release his sword in full, so he didn’t do it for his sake. He did it for Ikkaku’s. He was willing to throw his reputation and honor away in Squad 11 to save his best friend’s life. His secret may have meant more than his own life, but it didn’t mean more than Ikkaku’s.
  • Not only was Yumichika planning on releasing his sword, but he was going to aim it Toshiro Hitsugaya, Captain of Squad 10 and his superior officer. Even Mayuri recognized how much of a problem this was going to be, but Yumichika was prepared to murder Toshiro to protect Ikkaku. It didn’t matter who it was or what the consequences would have been. To Yumichika, if you put up this kid of a fight against us, you’re dead. This scene has enormous implications on the insights of what Yumichika is willing to sacrifice to protect Ikkaku. Here, duty means nothing to him. His honor in the Gotei 13 or his commitment to the oaths he swore as a soul reaper are instinctively disregarded so he can save Ikkaku’s life. This is huge for Yumichika, since as I said before, his place in the Gotei 13 and with his comrades in Squad 11 meant so much to him that he would give his life if it meant keeping all that just to keep his sword a secret, but all of that is so easily thrown away when he believes Ikkaku’s life is threatened.

And that is how best friends work.

Check mate, Kubo.

Master writing in this chapter.

Absolutely flawless character writing.

I joined this fandom a little more than year ago but I enjoyed the little time I was in and I’m sad to not know about it sooner, I did my best t contribute to this series and I had a lot of fun. This is one of my favorite scenes and also the first cap I colored so it hold a special place in my heart!

I thought I would share a little story to this selfie. 

When I was younger, about 12 or 13, I was always insecure. About everything. I didn’t know how to apply makeup, talk to boys, or how to pretty much be a girl. In my eyes, all my friends were prettier than me, and all the other girls I went to school with were like, borderline drop dead gorgeous. Puberty did nothing for me besides give me awkward hair growth and the monthly “gift” from Mother Nature. My hair was shit, I thought my nose and my lips were too big, I had the occasional “omg I’m so fat my belly looks like whale blubber” whine. I was a mess. My self confidence was bad enough because I was in an emotionally abusive relationship at that time (he wanted me to look and act a certain way, it’s a long story), and how my mother felt weird being around me in public because of what I wore (I was going through my emo/scene phase so you can imagine my choice in apparel). I was the way I was because I literally hated my skin color. I just flat out hated myself. I was one of those self-loathing black girls who wished they were lighter so someone would love them. I would take phrases like “you’re like, a white girl in black skin”, “you’re so pretty for a black girl”, “HA! you’re super cool for a black chick” as compliments because I saw nothing wrong with it. I was someone I wasn’t. Everyday after school I would be on MySpace look at all the pretty scene queens and sitemodels (I was a sitemodel ok don’t judge me I had a separate MySpace for it and everything) who were white and wished that I were popular like them and that I literally were them. It had gotten to the point where I wanted to bleach my skin, but I decided against it. 

I joined Tumblr on January 16, 2010 because one of my all time favorite scene queens (Brookelle ‘Bones’ McKenzie if you were wondering) had a blog that was hella rad and I wanted to follow it. My first URL was fakerthanbarbie, and I would post a whole bunch of random shit (if you go through my archive from 2010, you can see my first post was me whining about my best friend not liking me back). Throughout time I saw a whole bunch of pretty “tumblr famous” people getting all these notes and compliments about their looks, and oh, how ironic- they were all white. All I wanted to be when I was younger was wanted and loved. And all for the wrong reasons. I wanted to be liked because I was “better” than most in a sense- that I wasn’t the typical black girl who was ratchet and ghetto, the typical black girl that everyone hated. That sounds horrible to say now but that’s how I felt back then. I wanted to be liked by everyone aka the pretty white scene girls. Jealousy truly is a sickness. 

You’re probably wondering why any of that is relevant to the picture. I’m making this known now because throughout the five years that I’ve been on this website, I’ve learned a lot. Not only about social issues, but about myself. By late 2013, early 2014, I realized how immature and irrational I looked and sounded, letting others define me by what they thought was alright. I realized that I am me, and I’m the best me that I will ever be. I was unhappy for the features that God had blessed me with, and I favored features that were unobtainable. I wanted fair skin, because that was, and still is, acceptable. Being my skin color, apparently, isn’t acceptable in this society. My skin color is seen as dirt, burnt, a pile of shit. I cried any chance I could because of what I looked like. I couldn’t stand looking in a mirror. I was ashamed of everything, and wanted out. I was convinced nobody would love me because of how my skin color resembled something disgusting.

But not anymore. It’s 2015, and I’m so proud to say that I’m finally happy in the skin I’m in. I can finally say that I’m black and I’m fucking proud, fuck you if you think otherwise. I’m not insecure anymore. I don’t want to drown myself in a bathtub of bleach anymore. I don’t want to trick myself into thinking that fairer skin is better skin. I don’t care anymore. I love myself now. I love my hair (real and fake), my nose, my lips, my everything. I regret ever thinking otherwise. It took a loooooooong time for me to feel this way, and I want to personally thank everyone on Tumblr. For it was this site that helped me gain confidence. Tumblr is just one big roller coaster of emotions, and I know it sounds weird say that the same website that obsessed over the IKEA monkey is the same website that made me feel better about myself. But it’s true. The more people I followed, the more ways I saw closure and happiness. It’s amazing how talking to a complete stranger can ease so much pain. I saw a different side of tumblr, where people would submit their photos to a blog that was a self-love type of page- showcasing the beauty in people’s faces. I was obsessed. Last year, I saw this blog (I forgot the name of it) that was dedicated to black women, and I saw so many post about young girl’s struggle to finding who they are and accepting the fact that black is beautiful, it truly is. Every shade is beautiful, and I want everyone to know it now. When I saw nothing but white girls on my computer screen, boy did I wish I was them. I wanted to be them just for their skin color. Now, when I see black women of all shapes, shades, and sizes, I get so happy. This picture represents how I don’t let my skin color define me. I used to never wear bright colors, now here I am in a coral crop top. I’m dark, not dirt, burnt, or a pile of shit.

If I can preach one thing over and over again for the rest of my life, it’ll be to never let yourself become less of who you truly are. Be happy with your body, your skin, every little imperfection there is. Don’t let your skin color define who you truly are. You can achieve anything you want in the world, don’t let anything  I know it’ll take a long time for you to realize that, but believe me, it’s all worth it in the end. This goes out to all my black women who are insecure, who are degrading themselves emotionally, who are looking for a reason to be happy with their skin: this is it. This will be you one day. You will be happy, I promise. It may not be now, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, it may not be next year. But it will happen.

I wanted to save this until the next #Blackout but I felt the need to post it now. Nothing wrong with a little backstory/confidence boost, is there? 

So while @owl-in-daylight and I were discussing the eternal question of, “Did Aizen sleep with Momo before faking his death?” our thoughts naturally strayed to Urayoru, and we noticed a peculiar pattern. And so I present to you:


As presented by the two most unbiased and neutral sources on the internet

The first time we see Yoruichi and Kisuke together is this:

Hello pretty kitty

So Kubo starts by using dialogue to tell us they are best friends. That’s cool. On the other hand he also uses dialogue to allow Kisuke to welcome Yoruichi HOME. Hmmm…fishy, but nothing too interesting here.

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If Aizen had to replace the espada with other arrancar...

As requested by anon. :)

Disaster has struck in Hueco Mundo! All of the espada are either dead or missing or have resigned. Aizen must now pick 10 new espada using the other arrancar at his disposal. How will he refill the espada ranks, if it were based more on personality and powers than on strength?

#10: The (new) espada of anger: Tesla

Taking Yammy’s place is Tesla. Tesla does not, it is true, seem like a particularly angry guy. He’s pretty level-headed. But on the other hand, his release form makes him much larger, at which point he likes to beat people to death. So 

Tesla: Also just like Yammy, I like to follow an esapda around and interpose myself into his fights, sometimes in an unwelcome fashion.

Yammy: What do you mean unwelcome?

#9: The (new) espada of greed: Dordoni

Taking Aaroniero’s place is Dordoni. Admittedly, they’re pretty different people. But I figured the espada of greed should be somebody who wants a lot and goes after it, and that fits Dordoni. All through his fight with Ichigo, he wanted Ichigo to use his full power. He didn’t want to be shortchanged, as it were. And he was willing to use any means to goad Ichigo into using his bankai.

 Aaroniero: I feel like you lack the desire to eat everything that would truly make you me.

Dordoni: Thank goodness!

#8: The (new) espada of madness: Cirucci

Taking Szayel’s place is Cirucci. It just feels right, somehow: Cirucci has a similar mix of cruelty, perversion and craftiness to that of Szayel. She’s not particularly sciency, but maybe that’s just because she’s never had a lab. I’m sure she’d love to do terrible experiments on Ishida.


Szayel: Okay but how do you feel about traps?

#7: The (new) espada of intoxication: Charlotte

Charlotte takes Zommari’s place. But I have to be honest: I have *never* understood how Zommari represents intoxication or what intoxication has to do with aspects of death. So, uh, I’m basing this on the similarities in personality between the two. Zommari is a major control freak: his power literally allows him to take control of his opponent. Charlotte declares that “a princess always gets her way” and that the battle ends when Charlotte says that it ends. Plus, I could see Charlotte representing intoxication: being intoxicated by one’s own beauty and prowess. 

Zommari: But I would never give my attacks super long names. That is the opposite of being fast.

Charlotte: There are more important things than being fast, you know!

Zommari: You hurt me inside.

#6: The (new) espada of destruction: Ggio

Ggio takes over Grimmjow’s spot. Like Grimmjow, Ggio loves fighting and wants to prove his own strength. The two of them revel in destroying their opponents. But also like Grimmjow, Ggio’s downfall is his own self-destructive tendencies. He lets himself get goaded into revealing all of his powers, and then is taken down. 

Grimmjow: My only advice is: pick just the one shinigami you want to be obsessed with, and then pursue that one aggressively forever.

Ggio: Done!

#5: The (new) espada of despair: Loly

Taking Nnoitra’s place is Loly. Loly and Nnoitra have a lot in common: they are angry and violent, and they both have one female who is the main target for their rage. Nnoitra always attacked Nel, and Loly always attacked Orihime. For both, these attacks stem from their own secret feelings of inadequacy: Nnoitra despaired that he was not worthy of being killed, and Loly despaired that Aizen liked Orihime better than her.


Loly: Woo staff meetings with Aizen-sama!

#4: The (new) espada of emptiness: Sung-Sun

Sung-Sun takes Ulquiorra’s place. Ulquiorra was a solitary guy, emotionless and unable to understand humanity. Sung-Sun, unlike Ulquiorra, does have companions: but in a group of three fracciones, she’s always the odd one out. While Apacci and Mila Rose argue, she’s off on her own, making sarcastic comments. And sure she’s loyal to Halibel, but then, so was Ulquiorra to Aizen. Sung-Sun, like Ulquiorra, keeps any emotions she may have buried deep, deep inside - even covering her face with her sleeve to prevent any stray emotion from slipping out. Plus I could totally see her ripping off Ishida’s hand.

Ulquiorra: The next step is to pick an organ to obsess over.

Ulquiorra: The heart is mine, but you could always go for the liver.

Sung-Sun: That is a terrible idea.

#3: The (new) espada of sacrifice: Shawlong

Taking Halibel’s place is Shawlong. Finding an arrancar who’s cool with sacrifice was a little difficult, but I settled on Shawlong. Shawlong was one of Grimmjow’s fracciones, and the one who once asked Grimmjow to please eat them because they were never going to evolve any further. In other words, he was willing to sacrifice himself and his companions, but in a highly calculated way: he figured the sacrifice would benefit everyone. 

Halibel: You lost to Hitsugaya though. 

Shawlong: It was an off day.

#2: The (new) espada of age: Rudbornn

Taking Barragan’s place is Rudbornn. Barragan believed that nothing could withstand his power, and that he himself was immortal, a god. Rudbornn, although not an old dude, had a similar sort of attitude. He believed that because of his cloning abilities, he could never be killed - and he happily sent his clone underlings to his death, showing a similar management strategy to Barragan’s. In the end, of course, they were both proved dead wrong.

Barragan: How can he represent aging? He’s not even old.

Rudbornn: Um hello my face is a skull. 

#1: The (new) espada of loneliness: Kukkapuro

Starrk was defined by his loneliness: he really wanted friends, but he never could manage it. Kukkapuro is the arrancar who best captures this aspect. In all of his scenes, Kukkapuro just wanted cuddles and/or recognition from Yammy, but Yammy refused. Kukkapuro was one lonely puppy, but he never stopped trying.

Starrk: Um I don’t think Aizen would be cool with letting a puppy lead his espada.

Yammy: He let him into his army, didn’t he?

Saw the Bleach Spoilers and if there true then congrats to the Ichihime. Was hoping for Ichiruki I feel they had more emotional and deep bond compared to Ichihime. I’m not fond of pairings where the girl drools over the guy and he is oblivious about her feelings. Ichiruki was one of the best pairings I have seen in a Shonen manga! There reunion scenes where so impactful. If I ever become I writer(which I doubt) I would want my mains to have a relationship like Ichigo and Rukia. Not gonna lie I’m salty right now. (The only thing that would make me feel better is a Jerza scene in Fairy Tail) Oh well I’ll wait for scans then I’ll move on. Bleach was great while it lasted! Not sure how I feel about the live movie.