one of the best scenes in the movie lol


Early in production on #bighero6 we had some time to play with the characters and do some tests. I knew that my sensibilities gravitated towards #fred , so I decided to try a dialogue shot with him. Usually when I’m about to do a test I do a couple different versions in the planning stage. In this case I tried 3 different audio clips to see which one worked best. This is a quick and easy way to come up with a scenario and your staging. It also helps to see if your idea works with the audio clip without having to build your scene in CG and fuss with the rigs. Can anyone guess which shot I chose to animate in #cg ?!?!

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Descendants 2 (SPOILER ALERT, and also, long post ahead)

❁◕ ‿ ◕❁ So I watched Descendants 2 and I have to say it was…actually better than I expected (let me tell you I did not expect okay). Yeah, it was entertaining and the songs were fine -some of them were actually good, like ‘chilling like a villain’ or the one Mal and Evie sang together.

Uma, daughter of Ursula

I have to say, Uma was a great 'villain’. I liked that she didn’t turn good right away. I mean, she’s full of anger and hateful about being stuck in the Isle while Mal and the others live the happy life in Araudon. She has a mom that doesn’t love her like a mother is supposed to -though to be fair, all villain kids as well-, and she feels the world owes her because of all she’s been through. Of course her transition to goodness wasn’t going to be that easy, and given her strong personality and all that, definitely not that fast. I somehow liked that when she felt like a cornered animal when they all were trying to give her a second chance at the last part of the movie, instead of giving in, she run away, transformed into an awesome sea monster, just like her mom, and gave a fight and all that. I think it felt more realistic? or something, and fitting to who she is, in the context of the movie, because Uma somehow deserves more developing of her story, and if they would’ve made her good right away, like I said, it would’ve felt fake or something. I’m sure she’s a good person, but she needs to realize that on her own accord, not because someone tells her to. Or something. 

Lonnie: finally some justice for Mulan’s daughter

I loved that they gave Lonnie more importance in the movie (because I love Mulan ahah) and what better way than showing her as a determined, strong female leader, ready to defy standards like in Tourney and in the 'battle field’, so to speak, just like Mulan. I mean, it’s not as if she became the protagonist, but, y'know what I mean …I hope xD. Besides, I even loved more that they didn’t push a relationship between her and Jay like we know Disney always does -cough cough Carlos and Jane cough cough-. If I perceived well, it definitely did not look like it, it more looked like Jay respected her and vice versa,  and that was a hell of a friendship right there. Supporting your friend against sexist assholes a.k.a Chad, and being there for them, no matter what, is the best kind of friendship yay! And it doesn’t have to always turn into something else, I mean, c'mon, boys and girls can be just friends. 

As for that exact last point, here goes my complaint about the Carlos/Jane thingy. 

Carlos and…Jane? ok-ay

It’s not that I don’t agree they look cute - 'cause I’ve always thought, ever since the first movie, that Carlos and Jane would actually not look that bad together -, it’s also not because I think Carlos is gay and that for that reason it looked forced -though, Carlos may very well be gay or, y'know, bi, or anything else, so it is a little sad that Disney didn’t go through that road with him, but y'know, Disney, right? - nop, the actual reason I did not buy the CarlosxJane thing was because there was no build up for it, none at all. Like, yeah sure, they danced last movie and that was it. You don’t suddenly fall in love or get a crush on someone just because you dance with them for a little while, and that’s definitely not reason for someone to suddenly 'hear her voice in my head’ like Carlos said in Ways to be Wicked. Besides, in the first movie, Carlos barely paid attention to Jane until the very last, and lemme tell you, it did not look like someone who wanted to dance with somebody because they liked them in a romantic way or something. 

Yeah, probably they had more contact after the dance scene last movie that we certainly didn’t see in this one, but if that would’ve been the case, it would’ve been more obvious when Carlos and Jane interacted, but all I saw was a suddenly love-sick Carlos and a definitely not-intetested-in-Carlos Jane, having some awkward scenes for the sake of the obligatory rule Disney has about all characters being with someone -that on top of that must be of the opposite sex, obviously. I mean, it looked forced because they didn’t even try to make it look real. Yeah, I know, movie can’t last forever, there’s no time to develop something believable between these two, but c'mon, even in Frozen they pulled off the believable romance between Anna and Hans -although he later turned out to be the biggest asshole to be alive, but at least their brief thingy was believable until that point. It could’ve been great if they wouldn’t have forced it, if they would’ve made Jane more interested, if they would’ve made her actually pay attention to Carlos and them actually talking just for the sake of it and, I dunno, maybe then realize that hey, this person is actually super nice and I may start to like like them, or something. But no, they just couldn’t do it. 

And yeah, it was really bad that they didn’t make Carlos have a thing for Jay, because that would’ve not only been super cool, but also really believable -you cannot deny they had chemistry in the first movie that still was subtly shoved in our faces in this one-. Seriuously Disney, nothing bad’s gonna happen if you make Jaylos (or any ohter lgbtq couple, for that matter, seeing as the new villain kid, Harry Hook, was certainly not straight anyone could see that) happen. I mean, it’s 2017, for crying out loud! You should really follow the example of norwegian shows.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Again, I actually wouldn’t have mind that much Carlos and Jane as an item, if only they would’ve tried harder for it to look real. Man, even Lonnie and Jay is acceptable -though I’m still up for that killer friendship. But, oh well, you can’t really expect more of Disney when it comes to either diversity or convincing relationships that are not the main relationship…if that makes sense lol. 

Anyway, despite that big, huge  disappointment -along with the one where they cut the one scene where they show hook’s son kissing gaston’s son, because that would’ve been big kudos to Disney-, overall the movie wasn’t that bad. I say it was thanks to the new characters added, Lonnie being a baddass, the rotten four being supportive of each other, and the healthy relationships shown that were convincing -Evie and Dopey’s son, and Mal and Ben, though Mevie wasn’t bad either ahaha.    

if you read until this point, thanks! sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language, I try my best lol and as for my opinion, well, that’s what it is, lol, let me know what you thought of the movie or whatever hehe  ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Nebula and Yondu character development

I’m so happy with what they did with Nebula and Yondu in GOTG 2

🚫 Spoilers!!! 🚫

In the first movie Nebula was just that jelouse, less talented bitter version of Gamora who just wanted to beat her for dads approval.

Now, it comes out she just wanted a sister and it was Gamora who wanted to be the best and gain Thano’s favor. Nebula held back because she saw Gam as her sister and was tortured for it every time she lost, and Gamora was ignorant to her suffering. She left Nebula behind with their abuser, and Nebula naturally felt betrayed after all she’s done for Gamora, her sister was selfish and didn’t include Nebula in her escape.

She’s much more fleshed out, her motivations are more understood, and she’s not just a lesser Gamora, she just never fought as hard.

And Yondu.. while i’ve always liked Yondu, I use to consider him a villian, but he’s not at all. He may be rough around the edges with a lot of baggage, but he’s not as uncaring and heartless as he was in GOTG 1.

This is amazing character development! I love that this movie wasn’t just a repeat of the first but actually turned these two misunderstood characters into amazing ones.

The Best scenes in the movie involved Yondu, his actor was flawless (he’s amazing in anything he’s in tbh)
And I’m actually more invested in Nebula now then Gamora. I hope to see more of that sisterhood bond! I’d love to see them fight together in a hoard battle.

Anyway just had to praise the movie for making me actually happy that I got the Nebula Bobble head in those mystery bags when the first movie released lol

Digimon Adventure Tri Ep 18-21

I watched the new tri movie…. For me the best part to this one was the scene where Meiko was telling ghost stories LMAO, because all the Digimon except Agumon was getting scared and scared by each info Meiko revealed XD, I mean, even the Digi-Destined was scared, their faces was priceless, so, let’s take a look shall we?

LOL, Gatomon, your face is priceless XDD

Haha, Gomamon too XDD But you can’t see for Tentamon, cuz his eyes is always like that, but by the sweat, you can see Tentamon is also scared LOL.

Next up: Takeru??? It’s either two reasons here, he’s too scared that his smiling like that shows that he’s scared(kinda to hide it behind the mask to not reveal his true emotions) or, he absolutely is enjoying this moment on his end thus making him a sadist (lol)

Yamoto (lmao, you’re absolutely scared, you don’t want to hear this story, but you are forced to hear it, but I like how you’re looking away from Meiko when she’s telling this story), but Gabumon, you’re absolutely scared by that face LOL.

I’m laughing here, because while everyone is listening to this story, all Agumon cares about is eating LOL XD. ..

And as Meiko continues her story ~~

^ It’s just SO PRICELESS!!!

And… when Meiko said this:

And Agumon’s reply was:

Agumon honey… ofc you’re not scared, you weren’t even listening XDD they were telling ghost stories, but you were too concentrated on eating lol.  I swear to god, that Agumon isn’t like ‘always eat, eat eat’ in the original Adventure 01 & 02. I don’t know why the creators make Agumon personality-wise (in Tri) about loving to eat so similar to Guilmon now.. I mean, I think it’s funny, but at the same time, sometimes unnecessary, like there’s a time to everything? Eitherway, I still love Agumon on my end!

And why is there so many Taichi and Meiko scenes in this movie >_< They better not canon these two, because I don’t like Meiko on my end, I don’t hate her, but I’m not all fond of her and Meicoomon on my end (for my reasons, which I won’t delve into as that would be another post entirely which I don’t want to go into, in respect to those who like her and Meicoomon…. If they canon Taichi and Meiko, I’ll just ignore canon on my end, but my heart really breaks for Koromon in the end (and this cliff-hanger!!!!) I know nothing will happen to Taichi, but at the same time, I hate waiting for the next Movie, and who knows when Taichi will show himself again!!! >_<

Poor Koromon T_T I really feel for him on my end, my heart breaks & hurts for him T_T

Look at how depressed Koromon is :(

Taichi sacrificed himself to ask Omegamon to go to Yamato & Meico and shield the attack for them, so they are protected…. He’s so heroic and selfless, he’s really becoming more of the character I love on my end.

P.S: Poor Hikari :(

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Do you have any Bl movies/ series that you'd recommend? Any language is fine, as well as any rating I don't mind,, thanks in advance ^^

hello anon!! okay here we go i’ll list here my favorites


-Fujimi Orchestra (a bit of warning on this one because it contains rape and if you’re uncomfy with it its a nono:) )

-Takumi-kun series (takumi-kun is the best lololol but some bed scenes are kinda awkward but still cute though!!!!!)

Korea :

-A frozen flower (this just breaks my heart but its worth it :’(   )

-Stateless things (i dont really know what’s going on in this drama lol it doesnt have any sub but the naughty scenes are good huehuehue)

-Boy meets boy (this is so freaking funny you should watch it to see for yourself!!)

-The lover (this is a series but the “gay” couple isnt really stated as a gay couple but it hints of bl!! and they’re not the focus but the drama is funny overall)

China : 


-Like love season 1 and 2 (please somebody get me my own an ziyan)

-Uncontrolled love (omfg this is my personal favorite and top cdrama favorite i cri a lot im waiting for season 2 and its coming out this aug shriekss!!)

-Counterattack (nice otp offscreen and onscreen)

Thailand :

omgomgomgomog i love thailand so much im so excited while typing this

-Lovesick the series(season 1 and 2 so cute!!!!)

-Make it right the series(!!!!)

-Senior love puppy honey (im not sure with this but i think its the title)

-Diary of tootsies

-Love’s coming

-Grey rainbow

-love of siam(this is sad cries han river)

-Red wine in the dark (this is weird though but super yes!!)

-Dangerous boys (its not really that boy love kinda movie but it has a kiss scene and thats me gusta)

-My bromance (ultra sad :c )

-Bad Romance the series (this one is new and it has 2 eps as of now but interesting as heck!!) [update!!]

that’s all!! i have seen others but i think i might have forgotten the title :( but these are my favorites!! hope you enjoy watching them as much as i did!!

The Merciless (2017)

WOW. Just finished watching The Merciless 불한당 : 나쁜 놈들의 세상 (2017 Korean movie) starring Yim Siwan and Seol Kyung-gu. I’m blown away. It’s beyond bromance. It’s a heartbreaking melodrama (mixed with violent film noir) of the two men desperately in love with each other.

Ironically, what I wanted to see but failed to get from Wang Won’s character arc in The King in Love 왕은 사랑한다 (2017 MBC) was already in existence here.  Siwan’s character is innocent, playful, naive, erotic, seductive, and devilish. Everything I wanted from Wang Won character was fulfilled here, so I felt satisfied.  It made me forget about the disappointment I felt after TKIL’s lackluster ending.

The Images from this movie seems to be lingering in my mind for a long time. I need to watch this 20 more times. The best Korean movie of 2017.

@amyhsk​ I’ve postponed watching this movie until TKIL ended. Now, I’m speechless. If I had watched it between the episodes of TKIL, I would have gotten more frustrated like “Hey, just let Won go to the dark side right now! He can act!” (LOL)

@oohhkkay​ Sure, its box office record wasn’t good. But it is rare for one piece of film to have such a lot of enthusiasts in Korea. It has a DC fan club to analyze the movie scene by scene, and I can understand why after watching it.

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What's most pathetic about anti "logic" is it's lack of empathy/sympathy. You need both logic AND empathy/sympathy to have a valid argument. This stuff dates back to Aristotle's time. The Reylo argument is built off of INCREDIBLY thoughtful analysis/meta of canonical materials. While also possessing a ton of heart. Themes of family/redemption/forgiveness/love are SUPER important to reylos. Antis on the other hand build their argument on hate/black and white mentality. There is no room for love

A lot of antis seem to build their arguments off of hyperliteral, real world equivalencies or moral purity. They act as if Kylo is irredeemable because he’s turned in all his “morality chips” and now he’s fresh out and redemption is out of the question!

They act as if character morality is what dictates romance in storytelling as well, which is pretty laughable.

While I think Finn’s character is pretty straightforwardly “good” and probably won’t really challenge that moral base he has like Rey and Kylo will, that also doesn’t mean he’s not complex. And that seems to be the recent panic of the day for antis; that somehow making Kylo a main character who flips sides will… I dunno – take away from Finn’s own complexity?

I mean…. the fact is that both characters can exist within the same story and retain some level of complexity… so I dunno why there’s this recent scramble to force Finn into being on a redemption arc or “self-destructive,” which are in fact Kylo’s arc.

But I would say it’s also not new with antis, because many of them are INSISTENT Finn is Force sensitive when I have seen at least two canon source materials that blatantly, flat out state he is absolutely NOT. Books “Star Wars Made Easy” and the children’s book “The Fight in the Forest” specifically state that Finn is NOT Force sensitive…. and that’s OK because characters like Han and Lando and Padme weren’t either and they were still vital and complex within the story….

But that’s another case where the anti side of things was threatened by characters (Rey), and can’t accept what’s really going on in the story.

As for me? I base meta on what’s THERE in the imagery, allusions, and tropes. From there, I form analysis of what I think it means to the story now, and how I think it will develop later on (by using speculation). I try to remove real world equivalencies and see allegory or metaphor for what its function is WITHIN the fictional universe, and look for underlying themes rather than how it relates morally in any literal sense.

And it’s not that there isn’t room for *some* of the ways in which they analyze…. it’s more that they insist their analysis methods are 100% and that there is NO OTHER WAY to interpret…. when actually most of heir analysis I’ve seen isn’t meta-based, and even when it IS, it often neglects to put the analysis within the context of the full story or the full saga. Or, as you pointed out anon, it lacks some perspective in terms of the sympathetic thread of redemption, compassion, etc. that is inherently a part of SW.

Basically the few analyses I’ve seen from antis use (1) almost no pictures/dialogue from the actual film to support arguments, (2) use generalities instead of specifics to make points, (3) don’t take into account common character archetypes seen in the SW universe, (4) neglect to put analysis within the full context of other tropes, imagery, and the greater SW themes, (5) don’t use a wide variety of examples when talking about tropes; their insistence that the bridal carry is a “monster carry” is the best example of this. Reylos have all admitted monster movies are an influence, but the imagery in that scene and the following ones DOESNT END THERE, and that’s the whole point! But antis tend to end that scene where it began without using context or looking to other possibilities. (6) Analysis is based on moral purity in storytelling which sort of negates the purpose of things like fairy tales (and tbh MOST brands of storytelling). (7) They think likability of a character can dictate their direction within a story’s framework, lol.

There are definitely a lot more things to say about their analysis as I’ve seen it but I’m pretty tired already.

With the news that she might not appear in any more movies, I’ve decided to list my favourite Tina Fey movies (based on her performance in each one)

1. Totally moved out of her comfort zone with this one and it totally paid off, her best performance by far. How disappointing if this is her final movie as she showed that she has excellent range beyond being a comedy actor.

2. Played a much different character than what we were used to seeing. Her scenes with Jason Bateman were fantastic, actually, her scenes with all the family members were great…..and with Horry…OK, so with everyone then lol.

3. Tina got to play the rebellious, bad girl for once and I LOVED IT! ‘We just don’t want clutter any more’ ‘Then whatthefuckisthis???’ ‘Can you hear this *whispers* suck a fucking bag of dicks’ ‘I’m done wasting time on that cum-guzzling road whore’. I could go on.

4. Tina + Steve Carell = comedy gold. ‘Everything you’re doing, I’m doing in heels. I just want you to remember that’.

5. While the movie itself was a let down after having read the book (seriously, I’ll never understand why the story was butchered the way it was), I loved Tina’s performance and her dynamic with Paul Rudd was lovely. Prompted me to write my own follow up fanfiction.

6.  I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. One of my top animated movies, Tina does a fantastic job voicing Roxanne. Great voice performances all around.

7. Iconic movie, if this was a list about the best movies she’s been in, this would be near or at the top. Tina’s performance is great, she’s just not in it as much. Has to be said, what an incredible piece of writing. So Tina, if you’re not going to act in movies any more, will you at least write some more???

8. I like this movie. I like Tina in this movie. This movie is……nice, easy to watch. Not much more to say really. 

9. Never been a huge Muppets fan but this was a cute movie. Good performances all around.

10. Super cute movie, great voice performances all around (and there are a lot of very famous people who do voices for this movie).

Tony - London Serial Killer

Unemployed and unemployable Tony is a sympathetic recluse with severe social problems, an addiction to VHS action films and a horrible moustache. Occasionally he snaps and murder is the result.
Featuring a star-making lead performance from Peter Ferdinando, Tony is dark, brutal and bleakly amusing and will stay with you long after you finish watching.

Outstanding debut from Gerard Johnson, Tony has been compared to classics Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Taxi Driver and is one of the most important and disturbing British films of recent years.

buy here

not so important note: the cinema in my hometown used to make free movie nights for movies no one wants to see. So in 2009 I saw “Tony” with a friend of mine for free and i thought it really weird and funny! unfortunately no one else in the cinema seemed to be interested - so we watched it while others where talking, screaming, throwing popcorn and making stupid jokes about the scenes and actors. i have to admit it was the best time i ever spent in a cinema 


Wayne’s World - Bohemian Rhapsody

Still one of the best movie scenes ever.

Because it nailed the point of how absolutely crazy and weird Bohemian Rhapsody is as a song.

Critics say: “It’s so ambiguous a song, it’s so weird!” 

I dunno. maybe it’s just about a bunch of stoned men singing along together in a car. 

I think that’s the point. 

anonymous asked:

May I ask why you ship Jonerys? I don't know, I guess I /can/ see the allure, but the fact that they're aunt-nephew as well as how much their personalities clash really kind of turn me off :(

This wasn’t meant to be hate or judgy btw! I’m just genuinely curious as to what you like about Jonerys!! <3

Haha, don’t worry, anon, you can be judgy all you want on this matter tbh. What i don’t like is people coming to other’s inboxes and harassing them tbh. But I don’t expect anyone to think I’m “right” in shipping incest really. Because I know it’s wrong and i said it over and over and i’ll say it again if I have to xD

Wow, why I ship Jonerys… this will actually be a very long answer? I hope you forgive me, it’s just that… it isn’t simple at all. Because the reason I ship jonerys is basically related to the reason i ship anything ever + my “ship sense”.

So let’s go by items, cause I know i’ll talk a lot.

  • Let me start with this: When I first started shipping them (back in 1x01), I didn’t know they could be related.

This is not a “reason” why I ship them, but the reason why I saw this possibility and i just leapt into the ship wagon without any fears (LOL)

And yes I’m aware many people already knew about the R + L = J theory back then (in 2010 if i’m not mistaken) but I was a casual fan, and I didn’t. And, tbh, many many didn’t. So if you go back and watch the show right from the beginning, you’d never suspect those two characters could be related.

I only found out about 3 years ago (I THINK) when i restarted my GOT watch ( i stopped watching GOT i 2010 - i think- i still don’t remember why. Doesn’t mean i stopped watching Jon/Dany, cause I always loved the idea of then - i’ll explain later.

 and I began watching again right after season 5. I don’t remember HOW but I think a friend of mine explained the R + L = J theory to me then)

Now to the reasons: 

  • Their story always had potential

So okay, Game of Thrones is probably one of the only things I watch where THE PLOT is one of the things that drawn me the most. And, in general, i ship a lot of things because i like the potential of the story of said couple happening : 

I have always been drawn to the idea of jon and dany becasue their characters are….so different and so similar at the same freaking time??? 

They were both… orphans, pushed around by the obligations implied in their families- without truly deserving any of the “rewards” their families could offer (jon was a bastard, dany was just being used as a wife for her brother’s plans), both characters started the show being…innocent and gentle? (yeah? noticed that?) and for that… they also suffered, just the fact that everyone expected so little of them, treated them so bad was enough for me to want them to be heroes and rise above everyone and be together and rule the whole thing (season 7 hello, ily)

Also, I LOVED how ever since the beginning, there was this ice versus fire symbology about them. Jon being, Jon Snow, a Stark (winter is coming and all), living on the north, going to the wall etc; Dany being a Targaryen, mother of dragons, from the south, literally surviving fire.

Ice and Fire indeed. (now canon, oh season 7)

Now, even though i knew so little of the books, i DID know that they were called a song of ice and fire. And i caught that idea in my mind right away. When I first started watching the show… i was like, okay he’s ice and she’s fire and there’s gonna be a ginormous journey ahead of them but they’ll meet in the end and they’ll be the key to all of these lands problems (again, season 7, hello and I love you)

I knew (or “felt”) THEY were the key, or one of the keys, again because their characters were the ones who were pushed around, belittled by others, but they still remained being honorable (let’s not enter discussions about whether they TRULY were of the writers just think they were and portrayed them like that but people disagree cause that’s another conversation entirely). So, i just… why wouldn’t i ship them? Let’s get these two opposing but similar forces together, those two characters who suffered so much and were humbled and then rose –and they’ll rule this thing together

And, for real, when you watch the show you can see all of their symbologies in their journeys (i can’t even describe everything but i can try to find a vid to help), even the way they’d cut the scene would somehow show Dane struggling with something, then cut to Jon (or vice versa). The fact is, for me, Jon and Daenerys meeting and ruling is one of the most plot satisfying things that could happen on this show.

Not to mention that : 1- for people familiar with the book, we all know there’s a whole prophecy of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised and all…. (hey season 7). We also know that Jon and Dany have traits that would make them both  fit description to some extent. Again…. badass.

I’m not even sure if i need them to be involved or if i just want them to rule everyone together or what. I can barely explain it. All i know is that I find their journeys interesting and so intertwined, i love the idea that everyone in westeros was fighting and killing each other while those two big forces were rising and being awesome while everyone was doubting them. And i like the idea of them joining their forces. 

PS; i disagree that their personalities clash that much actually? I think they aren’t that similar and they aren’t that different, if it makes any sense.

In ways, Dany wants to be a queen no matter what and Jon doesn’t care about that, however they BOTH care about the people they are ruling - unless most of the other leaders on the show. THAT and the parallels I explained above… and more

  • And Finally: My Ship Sixth Sense!

Yes. Yes I’m aware this is crazy. But here’s the thing, and I was just talking about it with friends of mine yesterday, I’m an INFP anf there are a lot of shows/books/movies where i’ll just look at a ship one moment and a light bulb will turn on in my heart and i’ll go OKAY IDK HOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN

Jon/Dany are …. the best example of this happening to me. Even before i even watched the show I had this feeling, when I saw their respective first scenes, that feeling was SCREAMING at me. I’m not psychic (LOL),  thing is… i kinda tend to pick up cinematography, music, editing hints without realizing it (not just me BTW, infps are wonderful at “”predicting”” ships). So THAT + the things I explained up there probably resulted in this “intuition/feeling” i had about Jon/Daenerys since the beginning.

And that feeling was SO STRONG right from their first scene that…. to be honest… i wanted it to be true? As some sort of pride/fun thing, maybe a bet i made with myself (LOL), i wanted to see myself and my crazy ship sixth sense being right. 

So even after I found out they might be related (cause it was only kinda confirmed last year), the feeling never stopped - all the clues I saw, the story unraveling, nothing changed….and there was a moment i was just,,,, the heck with it, i know it’s wrong but i also know it’s a tv show, not any tv show - game of thrones where the morals are messed up anyway- so i just wanna see this happen cause the story is demanding it and my ship sense is demanding it and it would be interesting as heck to watch.

  • EPILOGUE (LOOOOL) : Now, a few vids, because this show has so much info is hard to list and i DOUBT i made much sense on the story part: (specially towards the end you can see the parallels and contrasts all at the same time)  –: i don’t think the song they picked match the show but this vid shows so so many parallels (the most recent one)

My Thoughts

Very good second season opener with a bunch of twists I wasn’t expecting. I’m happy Fred Andrews survived. It wouldn’t have made sense to kill him off. Luke is really good with KJ, it would have been a loss to Archie’s character. The writers made the right decision. 

Grundy is dead holly crap I was not expecting to see her again let alone to see her pedi ass killed a minute later. 

Cheryl with her mother yikes I can see why Madeleine said she is more cruel. What was that about what she said happened in the barn? Did her mother kill her father?

Cole and Lili are still stealing every scene but paticulary Cole got some of the best lines “Geez Pop lighten up you sound like one of those cranky old men in the Friday 13th movies.” Lol, and the first commercial at the break is for low and behold a Friday the 13th movie. Great to see Betty and Jug at it again the magnificent investigative duo /love birds. Ay yay yaay what a mess Jug has gotten himself into with these bad news serpents. Be careful for what you ask for Jughead and who your asking. Bughead was charming and sexy in every scene together. Wondering if Jug will tell Betty about what happened with the Serpents in his trailer. My guess is no he won’t for awhile to try to protect Betty. The fact of the matter is Jug was going to have to deal with these no good Serpents whether they gave him the jacket or not. So now FP has to get out of jail to help Jug because this is not a safe situation for Betty’s man. 

Veronica and Hermione woo that scene in the chapel was tension filled and Hiram seems scary. He’s sitting at the end of that table like a king, the godfather. I thought all along that maybe it was Hermione that put out that hit on Fred, but now it seems like this killing masked man is really out to torture Archie and kill others he cares about. This is a great twist I didn’t expect. 

Last and definitely least, I’m sorry but I just don’t feel it with Varchie. I feel no chemistry. That entire scene didn’t make sense. Who walks around walking your dog strolling along with their girlfriend covered in their father’s blood? That shower scene it just felt forced. The only scene I liked with them was the argument over Fred’s bag, that felt real. Varchie just doesn’t work for me. I’d like to feel something but I don’t. On the other hand, Bughead has so much sexual chemistry its ridiculous and I want more, more, like Jug’s appetite for his favorite that starts with a B and I’m not talking about burgers. 


Teen Lust is a true cinematic masterpiece and no one can convince me otherwise

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HC for RFA+ V and Saeran on their favourite Disney movie and Pixar movie? Thx so much darlin ^.^ (I didn't know if including V would make sense because, well we all know, but let's say he CAN see "^з^)


~Okay so V can see for this one, then. ^^ thank you for the request! I love Disney/Pixar so much.

@flyingmintbunny32 I hope this answers your as well? Unless you meant, like, what Disney movie they would best fit in as themselves? In which case I’m sorry, just send me another ask lol.

◉ Yoosung

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  • His favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid!
  • He just thinks the whole story is so romantic
  • Plus the songs are cute
  • Fav scene is her brushing her hair with a fork
  • Has tried it on his own hair once when he was alone >.>
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be WALL-E

◉ Jumin

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  • Favorite Disney film is The Aristocats
  • Who doesn’t love the cute kitties?!
  • This movie inspired him to set up a will for Elizabeth 3rd
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be A Bugs Life

◉ Zen

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  • His favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty
  • He loves a good story of a Prince slaying a dragon and saving his Princess
  • Plus, this film is really theatrical and the scenes are amazing
  • Plus plus he’s all about dreams, he loves the song “once upon a dream”
  • His favorite Pixar film would be The Incredibles

◉ Jaehee

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  • Her favorite Disney movie is The Princess and the Frog
  • She can relate
  • Actually one of her favorite films
  • Her favorite Pixar film is Ratatouille


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  • His favorite Disney film is Peter Pan
  • He’s a kid at heart
  • So he really likes the idea of staying young forever
  • Peter does stick up for people but he’s also a jokester and likes to mess around, just like Saeyoung
  • His favorite Pixar movie is Cars, of course
    • “I wish my baby cars could talk and tell me when they need maintenance!”

◉ V

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  • His favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood
  • It’s a beautiful love story
  • But also a story of giving, helping one another, and standing up for what’s right
  • Which V loves
  • His favorite Pixar film would be UP

◉ Saeran

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  • His favorite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast
  • He likes it because it shows that people can change
  • And even the most grumpy, beastly people can still have good hearts
  • High-Key hates Gaston because of his views on women
    • “I could kick that guys ass”
    • “I know, honey…I know…” *shoulder pats
  • His favorite Pixar film is Finding Nemo

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I saw IT last thursday, I honestly enjoyed it myself. I really enjoyed the part of pennywise playing on what you fear at the moment and not just him running around. Also I enjoyed how the kids are the only one's that they could trust and couldn't rely on the adults in the movie. Oh my fav part was in the library basement, I laughed so hard during that scene. Also finding out Mike from stranger things played Richie, he had the best lines.

I’ve been going over the movie in my mind since yesterday, and I definitely did like it… but not in the way I thought I would. 

I totally agree!! The library basement scene I was fighting back my giggles because it was like… wtf?! Lol. 

Richie stole the movie if you ask me! XD

I’ve been a fan of IT for so long now and have been looking forward to this remake since I first heard about it years ago, before it got stuck in pre-production hell. I’m happy with the casting and everything, too. I was just genuinely hoping to be scared, something that I rarely, if ever, find in horror movies, and was a bit let down that I wasn’t.

Horror movies are my favourite thing. Ever. But I’ve yet to actually find one scary, lol.

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加藤達也 (Tatsuya Kato)

a track from Free! -Starting Days- movie original soundtrack 「Pure Blue Scenes」 entitled Heartrending. this track played during Ikuya’s flashback to himself and Natsuya as little boys. Natsuya gave Ikuya encouragement to do his best while they swam together.

how is it that two of the best scenes in Transformers history - “what if we leave, and you’re wrong” & the forest battle - are contained within the worst Transformers movie ever [ROTF]. how. why.

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Oh my gosh I love love LOVE your Proposal AU!! Could I maybe request you write another one based on that scene where Margaret is chanting in the woods (you know the one lol)

omg thank you!!!! <3 yes i totally love that scene it is probably one of the best in the entire movie this was so much fun to write (if you guys want me to do a drabble in this universe just send me a message with a scene you want me to adapt)

part one

                                    to the window, to the wall

Nursey decided that he hated Maine. Since his visit had begun, he had been forced to kiss his assistant, had his hair touched by said assistant’s distant relatives, fallen through a dock and almost lost a small dog to an eagle. Dex’s family was nice, he supposed, except for the fact that they kept insisting on calling Dex ‘Will’. But they were very loud - and opinionated - and Nursey found himself needing to just get out.

So he grabbed the first bike he could find in the garage and set out. He knew from the moment that his feet hit the pedals that he might get lost. Looking around, he had no clue where he was going, and he was moving too fast to see anything, but he liked it that way. It was freeing, like as the trees became blurrier, his head became clearer, and the smudge of the forest around him grew as distant as another world. Ooh, that was good. Get Dex to write that down.

And then he hit a tree.

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