one of the best scenes in the movie lol

Nebula and Yondu character development

I’m so happy with what they did with Nebula and Yondu in GOTG 2

🚫 Spoilers!!! 🚫

In the first movie Nebula was just that jelouse, less talented bitter version of Gamora who just wanted to beat her for dads approval.

Now, it comes out she just wanted a sister and it was Gamora who wanted to be the best and gain Thano’s favor. Nebula held back because she saw Gam as her sister and was tortured for it every time she lost, and Gamora was ignorant to her suffering. She left Nebula behind with their abuser, and Nebula naturally felt betrayed after all she’s done for Gamora, her sister was selfish and didn’t include Nebula in her escape.

She’s much more fleshed out, her motivations are more understood, and she’s not just a lesser Gamora, she just never fought as hard.

And Yondu.. while i’ve always liked Yondu, I use to consider him a villian, but he’s not at all. He may be rough around the edges with a lot of baggage, but he’s not as uncaring and heartless as he was in GOTG 1.

This is amazing character development! I love that this movie wasn’t just a repeat of the first but actually turned these two misunderstood characters into amazing ones.

The Best scenes in the movie involved Yondu, his actor was flawless (he’s amazing in anything he’s in tbh)
And I’m actually more invested in Nebula now then Gamora. I hope to see more of that sisterhood bond! I’d love to see them fight together in a hoard battle.

Anyway just had to praise the movie for making me actually happy that I got the Nebula Bobble head in those mystery bags when the first movie released lol

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Top 5 HP Movie Scenes and Top 5 HP Book Scenes

movie scenes

  • when harry is possessed by voldemort in the order of the phoenix
  • the ending of the chamber of secrets is literally so happy my heart!!
  • the harry and hermione dancing scene warms my heart like they are best of friends i just
  • the resurrection stone scene or when neville beheads nagini (and ron and hermione are just so!!)
  • dumbledore’s whole death scene like everything with draco + snape + harry dealing with the pain like it is so deep and poetic to me?? 

book scenes (more than one scene will be included in like each bullet point lol sorry not sorry)

  • when harry is destroying dumbledore’s office in the order of the phoenix it legitimately makes me cry and is so poetic and deep just damn
  • “there’s no need to call me ‘sir’, professor” my sassy son!!! or when rita asks for “a word” and he just says “goodbye” he is so savage
  • hermione and ron’s first kiss and when ron comes back and talks to harry and harry reassures him not to be insecure anymore about him and hermione or when ron is freaking out trying to get to hermione in malfoy manor!!
  • “better than firewhiskey” and when ginny let’s him go when they “break up”
  • WHEN HARRY USES THE CRUCIATUS CURSE TO PROTECT MCGONAGALL and her tell him to have a biscuit in the order of the phoenix those two!!

ask me my top 5 anything!


Wayne’s World - Bohemian Rhapsody

Still one of the best movie scenes ever.

Because it nailed the point of how absolutely crazy and weird Bohemian Rhapsody is as a song.

Critics say: “It’s so ambiguous a song, it’s so weird!” 

I dunno. maybe it’s just about a bunch of stoned men singing along together in a car. 

I think that’s the point. 

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Do you have any Bl movies/ series that you'd recommend? Any language is fine, as well as any rating I don't mind,, thanks in advance ^^

hello anon!! okay here we go i’ll list here my favorites


-Fujimi Orchestra (a bit of warning on this one because it contains rape and if you’re uncomfy with it its a nono:) )

-Takumi-kun series (takumi-kun is the best lololol but some bed scenes are kinda awkward but still cute though!!!!!)

Korea :

-A frozen flower (this just breaks my heart but its worth it :’(   )

-Stateless things (i dont really know what’s going on in this drama lol it doesnt have any sub but the naughty scenes are good huehuehue)

-Boy meets boy (this is so freaking funny you should watch it to see for yourself!!)

-The lover (this is a series but the “gay” couple isnt really stated as a gay couple but it hints of bl!! and they’re not the focus but the drama is funny overall)

China : 


-Like love season 1 and 2 (please somebody get me my own an ziyan)

-Uncontrolled love (omfg this is my personal favorite and top cdrama favorite i cri a lot im waiting for season 2 and its coming out this aug shriekss!!)

-Counterattack (nice otp offscreen and onscreen)

Thailand :

omgomgomgomog i love thailand so much im so excited while typing this

-Lovesick the series(season 1 and 2 so cute!!!!)

-Make it right the series(!!!!)

-Senior love puppy honey (im not sure with this but i think its the title)

-Diary of tootsies

-Love’s coming

-Grey rainbow

-love of siam(this is sad cries han river)

-Red wine in the dark (this is weird though but super yes!!)

-Dangerous boys (its not really that boy love kinda movie but it has a kiss scene and thats me gusta)

-My bromance (ultra sad :c )

-Bad Romance the series (this one is new and it has 2 eps as of now but interesting as heck!!) [update!!]

that’s all!! i have seen others but i think i might have forgotten the title :( but these are my favorites!! hope you enjoy watching them as much as i did!!

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Hello, is there a specific order to watching high&low? I'm a new fan of there's and I wanna watch them I just don't know! Thank you!!

Yay! New fan! Welcome :)

I guess there is a lot to go through for someone new but once you’ve seen it all, it won’t be enough lol. The order would be:

  • High&Low Season 1
  • High&Low Season 2
  • Road to High&Low (however this one isn’t really necessary, it’s mostly just a retelling of the Cobra/Yamato/Noboru friendship from s1&s2 but there’s a few new scenes at the link below)
  • High&Low The Movie
  • High&Low The Red Rain (spinoff movie with everyone’s faves the Amamiya Brothers)

You can find all of these at mugenclub, she has the best subtitles. Please follow her rules if you decide to join.

I hope you enjoy them! If you’re curious about anything else, let me know!

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prompt: Swan Queen, 'Imagine Me & You' movie AU.

The whole movie certainly would exceed the short prompt idea so I decided on a small scene of the film I think it’s one of my favorites (Plus the whole “You’re a wanker, number nine” one lol) Hope you like it and thank you for the prompt!

Setting: So in the scene I’ve written Regina as Rachel and Emma as Luce. I know that considering Emma and Hook the best fit would be for Emma to be Rachel but the general “air” Luce has around her makes me think on Emma as the Emma we once knew and so I wanted to focus on that. Also, although not stated Henry is Regina’s son (adopted) and not Robin’s.

This is space. Space is many light years away. Light years are not measured in days or months, but in kilometers. There’s a good reason for this, but I don’t quite understand it yet.

Regina closed her eyes for a second, letting Henry’s voice fall into the background as she tried her best not to think on Emma, sat just a few inches away from her, so close she could hear her breathe. The blonde woman had appeared minutes before with that same soft, almost boyish smile parting her lips that she had had the first time they had met as she nodded at whatever new topic Henry was interested about. Before she had been able to ask how the boy had been able to find Emma’s phone -which Regina hadn’t certainly looked at after the last time both her and the younger woman had seen each other- all of them had been ushered inside the classroom with Emma quietly sitting next to her with her arms at her sides, fingers grabbing the edge of the wooden bench the teachers had put for the parents to sit at the back of the classroom as the kids did their presentations.

It was precisely that goddamned arm the one that was brushing Regina’s as she tried to concentrate back on Henry’s words, ones the boy had already said in front of her hundreds of times as he had nervously readied his speech. She felt compelled to wince as she heard him stumble and halt for one long second before speaking again, the dwindling lights around them making the pieces he had fastened with ropes to glow just like the stars he was talking about. She didn’t however just as she caught a glimpse of movement at her side, Emma smiling encouragingly at him and nodding, muttering alongside him the words he was saying. Licking her bottom lip the brunette stared at her arm that seemed to have a mind of its own until it mirrored Emma’s, her pinkie touching the younger woman’s once before Regina curled her fingers, her knuckles turning white as she tried her best to not think on the scent of leather and soap had filled her nostrils the second she had turned to look at her hand, lips trembling for a second the moment she did so.

Close, Regina thought, feeling the narrow space around her as if the walls covered in drawings and light dots product of Henry’s torch were becoming closer. Emma was too close and all the things she had found herself thinking whenever her mind started to wander came back to her. She could feel her hand burning as well as her neck and throat, her tongue too dry to even swallow as she looked up, feeling in a daze as she found Emma’s green eyes glowing just like a cat’s on the darkened room staring briefly at her before looking up to Henry. She was smiling, looking upfront now and just one rebel blonde tress curling just below her ear.

Regina could feel every inch of air entering her lungs, how they expanded just as she rose that same hand that still tingled. Her fingertips touched Emma’s hair just as the younger woman turned to look at her once again, her smile disappearing, lips rosy as they both stared at each other, eyes hungry and just a breath away, just too close for Regina to do anything but…

Emma’s dipped her chin once, almost as if shy while still looking at her, emerald on her eyes just as Regina moved forward, close too close, as she drank on every minute detail, lips and skin tingling the moment she touched Emma’s hair once again, this time almost pulling that rebel tress to her, pushing herself closer, closer….

The lights buzzed just as they were switched on by Henry’s teacher, the boy beaming just as his friends came closer to him. Regina let out a shuddering breath just as Emma moved her hands, clapping softly, the intimacy of the moment lost just as the brunette realized that her own hands were still firmly clutching the bench’s edge, fingers numb against the polished but worn out surface.

A dream, she thought, her throat burning, her teeth digging painfully on her bottom lip just as her eyes met with Henry’s. Everything had been a dream. Nodding at him while clapping in very much a similar fashion than Emma’s she did her best not to look at the taller woman who still felt too close to her, the blonde’s body heat feeling as if she could just scorch her, turning her into nothing more than ashes if she even let her.

If she had looked, however, if she had really been staring, she would have seen how Emma was also burning, arms too rigid, neck’s veins bulging as she glanced and stared, eyes darkened. She didn’t and so the two of them allowed the bustling children to led them outside.

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HC for RFA+ V and Saeran on their favourite Disney movie and Pixar movie? Thx so much darlin ^.^ (I didn't know if including V would make sense because, well we all know, but let's say he CAN see "^з^)


~Okay so V can see for this one, then. ^^ thank you for the request! I love Disney/Pixar so much.

@flyingmintbunny32 I hope this answers your as well? Unless you meant, like, what Disney movie they would best fit in as themselves? In which case I’m sorry, just send me another ask lol.

◉ Yoosung

Originally posted by thedisneyprincessposts-blog

  • His favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid!
  • He just thinks the whole story is so romantic
  • Plus the songs are cute
  • Fav scene is her brushing her hair with a fork
  • Has tried it on his own hair once when he was alone >.>
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be WALL-E

◉ Jumin

Originally posted by maudit

  • Favorite Disney film is The Aristocats
  • Who doesn’t love the cute kitties?!
  • This movie inspired him to set up a will for Elizabeth 3rd
  • His favorite Pixar movie would be A Bugs Life

◉ Zen

Originally posted by brokensmolders

  • His favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty
  • He loves a good story of a Prince slaying a dragon and saving his Princess
  • Plus, this film is really theatrical and the scenes are amazing
  • Plus plus he’s all about dreams, he loves the song “once upon a dream”
  • His favorite Pixar film would be The Incredibles

◉ Jaehee

Originally posted by arie-ll

  • Her favorite Disney movie is The Princess and the Frog
  • She can relate
  • Actually one of her favorite films
  • Her favorite Pixar film is Ratatouille


Originally posted by mariaslittlestuff

  • His favorite Disney film is Peter Pan
  • He’s a kid at heart
  • So he really likes the idea of staying young forever
  • Peter does stick up for people but he’s also a jokester and likes to mess around, just like Saeyoung
  • His favorite Pixar movie is Cars, of course
    • “I wish my baby cars could talk and tell me when they need maintenance!”

◉ V

Originally posted by gameraboy

  • His favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood
  • It’s a beautiful love story
  • But also a story of giving, helping one another, and standing up for what’s right
  • Which V loves
  • His favorite Pixar film would be UP

◉ Saeran

Originally posted by ronoroa18

  • His favorite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast
  • He likes it because it shows that people can change
  • And even the most grumpy, beastly people can still have good hearts
  • High-Key hates Gaston because of his views on women
    • “I could kick that guys ass”
    • “I know, honey…I know…” *shoulder pats
  • His favorite Pixar film is Finding Nemo

Teen Lust is a true cinematic masterpiece and no one can convince me otherwise

加藤達也 (Tatsuya Kato)

a track from Free! -Starting Days- movie original soundtrack 「Pure Blue Scenes」 entitled Heartrending. this track played during Ikuya’s flashback to himself and Natsuya as little boys. Natsuya gave Ikuya encouragement to do his best while they swam together.

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Oh my gosh I love love LOVE your Proposal AU!! Could I maybe request you write another one based on that scene where Margaret is chanting in the woods (you know the one lol)

omg thank you!!!! <3 yes i totally love that scene it is probably one of the best in the entire movie this was so much fun to write (if you guys want me to do a drabble in this universe just send me a message with a scene you want me to adapt)

part one

                                    to the window, to the wall

Nursey decided that he hated Maine. Since his visit had begun, he had been forced to kiss his assistant, had his hair touched by said assistant’s distant relatives, fallen through a dock and almost lost a small dog to an eagle. Dex’s family was nice, he supposed, except for the fact that they kept insisting on calling Dex ‘Will’. But they were very loud - and opinionated - and Nursey found himself needing to just get out.

So he grabbed the first bike he could find in the garage and set out. He knew from the moment that his feet hit the pedals that he might get lost. Looking around, he had no clue where he was going, and he was moving too fast to see anything, but he liked it that way. It was freeing, like as the trees became blurrier, his head became clearer, and the smudge of the forest around him grew as distant as another world. Ooh, that was good. Get Dex to write that down.

And then he hit a tree.

Keep reading

how is it that two of the best scenes in Transformers history - “what if we leave, and you’re wrong” & the forest battle - are contained within the worst Transformers movie ever [ROTF]. how. why.

Annie’s fic rec part 2.

Yaaaaay second fic rec post as promised. Tonight I’ll rec a few more fics and share the love! Warning: My recs are usually very kinky. Always read the tags and notes in the fics!

in the ink black night i come by peacefrog

Explicit. Wendigo Hannibal, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rough Sex, Face-Fucking, Bottom Will.

This was the first fic I read today (and the one I loved the most). The beginning made me kinda nervous (but i mean nervous in the best way like “omg omg what is he going to do with Will exactly” lol) and then the fic was REALLY HOT and then it was REALLY CUTE and i don’t know what to do with all these feelings. The best part is that @crossroadscastiel said that there will probably be a sequel someday (no idea when but i’ll patiently wait for it :D). I love wendigo Hannibal, and this fic is just perfect.

The Nature Of Inviting by loghain

Explicit. Underage, teacher/student.

I’ve read this fic a while ago and really really liked it. Will is young and cute (my favorite thing in the world) and he likes and trusts Hannibal, finds out that he can really talk to Hannibal because Hannibal understands him when nobody else does (canon). Very hot sex in the end. There is also a sequel called We lost magic, which is literally only porn. If you like underage, this is for you.

Evening Indulgence by em_c_writes

Explicit. Object Insertion, Wine, Rimming, Felching.

Again, @empathalitis was the one who recommended me this fic, i’ve been wanting to talk about it here for a long time. I mean read the tags. Wine. Felching. Object insertion. Rimming. THIS IS FUCKING HOT. No, seriously, Will Graham + wine is like one of the best things ever and @em-c-writes managed to make it even better (and omg so deliciously kinky) *dies*. It’s insanely hot. This is the kind of fic you want to read again and again. 

Vanilla by A_M_Kelley

Explicit. Non-con (kind of). Rough Sex, Choking, Breathplay, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Rape Fantasy, Established Relationship, Consensual Kink, Kink Negotiation, Interpreting The Evidence, Will interprets the fantasy as it happens.

Here I am recommending @a-m-kelley again. This fic was a big surprise for me because even though I do like noncon sometimes, I am very picky, and very cautious because sometimes noncon makes me uncomfortable. I had never considered reading rape fantasy until I found this fic, and oh, man. This is so damn hot. Also I fucking love the title because it all starts with Hannibal and Will talking about how their sex life is vanilla and then suddenly… this fic is not vanilla at all (which is good, vanilla is not my cup of tea xD). What truly surprised me was that the author (bless them) managed to write it in a way that feels like Hannibal is raping Will but puts Will in total control of the situation, making it completely consensual (and 100 times sexier tbh. Fucking genius.) This is one of my favorite fics ever, to be honest. Wow this review was long. Sorry.

Bonus, because this fic has been killing me:

The Prettiest by fangirlingisveryhard

Explicit. Pretty Woman AU, Hooker!will, Hannibal is Not a Cannibal, Masturbation, Strip Tease, Slightly Dom Hannibal, Will wears a crop top!, Will goes shopping, Hannibal has no chill.

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is a fucking Pretty Woman AU! Now if you love the movie like I do, you must read this. It’s beautiful and Will is so fucking cute and so is Hannibal tbh, and @fangirlingisveryhard already assured me that there will be the piano sex scene! This is a WIP and only has two chapters for now, and I’m waiting patiently for more. Will’s friendship with Beverly is also very cute. I think about this fic and then I think about the movie and omg I already know I am going to suffer, lol. This is literally one of the best ideas ever for an AU, and I’m so happy I found this fic. Also the sex is really really hot omg. Simply brilliant.

Yesterday’s fic rec


Your work has been a gift to mankind. You’ve shaped the century. I need you to do it one more time.