one of the best scenes in the game tbh

The Gil romance culmination scene is one of the best in the game tbh all that’s needed is an actual sex scene and for them to be stripped to their boxers for the beginning parts

So I recently saw the Angry Birds Movie… And I actually liked it… the number of fan art on it was- and still is- small, despite how popular the games are. So I can’t help but draw one of my own fan arts :) I mean, I know how small the popularity of this film is, but I don’t care- I love the movie :3 TBH, Red reminds me of myself at some point. And some scenes literally got me in tears- almost ^^’ But I love this trio! Bomb (left) is just pure likeable to me, Red (right) is one of the characters I relate the most to, and Chuck (middle), I wish I was like him- all giddy and hilarious- he’s the best banana-muffin floofy bird XD

… well one can dream to be that awesome as him XD

My hopes for season 3

More Zay


End of the love triangle

High school storylines that don’t involve love triangles

Riley cheerleading

Maya doing a lot of art

Riley taking pictures for yearbook

More Smarkle scenes

Lucas killing the athletic game

Auggie and Ava

Josh visiting from college often

Zay talking about Vanessa, maybe learn more about Zay’s life/life back in Texas in general for him and Lucas

All of them just hanging out at Topanga’s and being best friends.

Cory being their teacher again

More BMW character appearances

More Eric/Tommy wouldn’t hurt either tbh.

Tbh I’d be fine if no one besides Smarkle is dating next season. They’re still young, they have time to wait to see what they really want.