one of the best reaction shots ever

BTS as things I heard at the Highschool pt.2
  • Seokjin:
  • "-it was the only one left, and she ate it... and she was like 'sorry' and I was like 'okay', but really I was so mad like what the FUCK bitch that was the LAST ONE!"
  • Yoongi:
  • "Did you have violin lessons?"
  • "No! I went to go... see... my friends... dad...?"
  • Hoseok: "FUCK this is so cool! Best 25 cents I've ever spent"
  • Namjoon:
  • "I've spent $200 on pizza slices and soda... and I don't even like pizza."
  • Jimin:
  • "I remember one time I just shot a gun so I'd have company, but the cops didn't even show up."
  • Taehyung:
  • "Oh hey you guys!"
  • "Hey."
  • "Hi!"
  • "Um, hi..."
  • "Okay bye!"
  • "Bye?"
  • Jungkook (ft Jimin:
  • "Please don't hit my butt"
  • "I won't"
  • "Thank you"
  • *Smacks ass*

This is without a doubt the best image I have ever created. Not sure I can top this. >w>

So anyways, making a pretty darn complicated cosplay at the moment, but also some smaller ones, so hopefully I’ll have some new awesome shots soon. ♪(┌・。・)┌ 

Take it easy everyone, and take care of yerselves. Hugs to everyone who wants them. <3

This is also a great reaction image to what youtube is doing to Cry’s videos right now.

Shy: Jughead Jones One-Shot

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   (A/N: yeah! My first Riverdale imagine, one-shot, whatever. Hopefully  did Jughead’s personality justice. Originally I was going to write Veronica one, but Jughead just snuck in. Oh well, maybe my next one will be her.)

“You’re sitting next to me.”   

Those were the first words you ever spoke to Jughead Jones, as he plopped down into the empty dining seat across you. It wasn’t the best of reactions, and when you look back now, you can imagine several other things you could’ve said instead. However at least the statement wasn’t said in malice rather than shock. 

     Jughead Jones was considered the school’s outsider. The boy who walked to his own groove thus shunned for being different. He was a social pariah-yet still way more popular than you’d ever be. Whereas Jughead was an outcast, you were invisible. Despite going to school with everyone since kindergarten, you never managed to become more than acquaintances with anyone.     Perhaps it was your shy personality or social aniexty, that stopped you from ever taking the next step with anyone. Either way people tended to walk past you like you were a ghost. Which was why you were surprised someone like Jughead even sat down next to you.  

  The beanie wearing boy shot you a dark look. “In case you haven’t noticed the diner’ s packed, and this is the only spot open. Or am I not allowed to sit here?“ 

  “No. Not at all-wait that’s not what I meant. I mean no as in no, no you can sit. So technically yes.” You blurted, hastily. 

    He lifted an eyebrow at you. “You’re weird.”

  You deflated at this. Great, only five minutes into the conversation and you already managed to scare him off. “Yeah…I guess that would explain why people avoid me like the plague.”  

  “Trust me. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have to deal with idiots as much as I do.” Jughead muttered, opening up his laptop. 

   “Well, I guess I’m lucky then.” You replied. It would be a lie to say you weren’t desperate to keep the conversation going. For whatever reason Jughead was easier to talk to than most. Plus you really would like to have a friend finally- but his lack of reply gave in to your fears. 

   Obviously he didn’t want to be friends with you.  If Jughead did, he would’ve replied already. Maybe you sounded too desperate and needy, after all what person talks about being invisible during a first meeting. God he must think you’re pathetic- “ How do you spell euphoria?”  

  You blinked, taken back by the question. “E-u-p-h-o-r-i-a.”    

 "Thanks, it slipped my mind for some reason.“ Jughead murmured.      

  You cocked your head slightly, noticing the intense look on his face as he typed. “What are you writing- if you don’t mind my asking that is. I mean if you do that’s fine, I like to write too- So I totally get how somethings are just private-“ 

   A short snort escaped him, capturing your attention. The standoffish expression was gone from his face and in its place a small smile stood. "You’re really weird, you know?”

     You bit your lip, wanting nothing more than to slink away. However before you could even try top make a run for the door Jughead spoke again. “If you must know, I’m writing a novel…”    

    The rest of the day was spent discussing his novel, along with a few of your writings as well. It wasn’t the fluid conversation you dreamt of having, where no stuttering, ill-timed remarks or nervous rants occurred. Nonetheless, it was a start and that’s all you could ask for.

Chanyeol As A Dad

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  • First things first, Chanyeol would legit be the best dad ever. 
  • He would love your kids so much and would always make sure that, despite his celebrity, they always knew they were the most important thing to him. 
  • He’s definitely the type of dad to spoil his kids rotten, but he’d never apologize for it.
  • Even if you did always nag him about it.
  • He’s also super big on pictures and would follow his kids around with a camera at all times.
  • Recitals?
  • He’s there.
  • Talent shows?
  • He’s there.
  • Parent teacher conferences?
  • He’s there.
  • There’s literally nothing that he’d miss when it involves being in his kids lives.
  • He could literally be on tour on the other side of the world and would take an overnight trip back home just to see his kid play a tree in their school play.
  • He’s THAT dedicated.
  • Also, he’d literally be the most supportive dad EVER.
  • Your kid wants to be an astronaut? 
  • Cool.
  • Your kid wants to be an idol?
  • Awesome.
  • Your kid wants to marry Harry Styles?
  • He’d figure it out.
  • Overall, and to really no surprise, he’d be an INCREDIBLE dad.
  • Not only would he be kind, caring, and generous, but he’d love his kids more than anything in the world.
  • No role would be more important than his role as a father, and he would do everything in his power to make sure his kids had the best life he could possibly provide for them.


What Dating Jin Would Be Like

•it’ll be one of those super sweet relationships

•sweeter than the cookies you two would bake together

•decorating the house/apartment constantly with fluffy, aesthetic things

•giant bear hugs when you leave for work in the morning and when you come home at night

•feeding each other and wiping the corners of your mouths with gentle kisses

•giving each other butterfly and eskimo kisses around the guys to embarrass them

•having pretend, competitive fashion shows to prove who really is the better looking one in the relationship

•but you’d both just argue, saying its the other by the end of it

•"Jagiya, its no doubt that you are the clear winner here. Seriously, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life.”

•"But Jin, you’re the most handsome man in the world! Its obvious that you’re the real winner.”

•"How about we call it a draw, and I can give you a kiss as a consolation prize. Deal?”


•"So does this mean we have two eommas now?“ this question will be constantly asked by the maknae line

•cuddling underneath giant blankets, legs intertwined and hands locked together

•having debates on what the best anime is

•food fights for the win!

•but be cautious, Jin’s secret weapon is the chocolate sauce

•squishing each other’s cheeks together just for the heck of it

•him worshiping your body like you’re a goddess, because in his eyes you are

•wearing couple outfits together, especially having matching glasses for you two to wear

•saying "I love you” at every moment of every day, because having Jin in your life is the best thing that has ever happened to you

•and he feels the exact same way about you

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➶ bts as mythical creatures ; merman!jin (1/7) ➴

➳                            ➳                              ➳                         ➳                          ➳

Your breath hitched at the sight in front of you, you could’ve sworn you saw the glistening, glimmering flick of a tail beneath the calm surface of the water. Your eyes reverted back to the man, his gaze burning into you, with his features strangely calm. His ethereal beauty drew you in, and your fingers trembled softly with a need to stroke over his cheeks that you couldn’t explain. Yet, there was something behind the mask of serenity that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, something far more menacing and unnerving. Was this the source of the enchanting voice you had been hearing?

You let your eyes slowly drag over his features; the soft, dusty pink of his hair which was strangely dry rather than damp and hanging, despite the fact this man was submerged in the cold depths of the lake. His perfectly sculpted features; arching nose, high cheekbones, his eyelashes framing his eyes like a curtain hiding away a poisonous beauty, and poison beauty they held indeed.

The soft, plump, pink flesh of his lips curling up at the corners as the “man” stared at you with a look of seemingly innocent curiosity, your eyes fixated on them as they parted, the man finally speaking.

“Didn’t your mother ever warn you against talking to strangers?”

(A/N: I decided to make a moodboard for the first time, seeing as the blog has been so inactive and I don’t have the motivation to write a full fic rn ;-; This isn’t the best tbh, but I hope you guys like it anyways c:) 

yo i hella want to do a mumu or a small rp (like 6x6) about a band going on its first tour ever like small venues and cheap hotels, but being so eager to finally be doing their thing for a living. parties on college campuses and sketchy bars after shows, staying up all night on their bus running on pure adrenaline from a hyped up crowd, singing along as the guitar player does acoustic versions of every song they grew up listening to. the crew being made up of friends they’ve known since high school and a couple people they met in college. the band being up and coming and going absolutely mental when they’re driving in the middle of nowhere and some random radio station in indiana plays their song on the radio for the first time ever. a manager who isn’t much older than the band members, laying their career on the line but not caring because they believe in this band wholeheartedly. the fearless photographer who can’t do the college thing to save their life, but is one hell of a shot with a good lens and low light. the stage manager who plays a parent role because they’re the only person holding these shows together. light & sound techs who are best buds and love playing pranks on stage manager just to get a reaction. the solo opening act who could do stand up comedy with the way they keep everyone laughing. the roadies who constantly hot box the entire fucking tour bus but always have grilled cheese ready when the band + crew get back. writing songs on hotel balconies and using sketchy hotel closets as makeshift recording studios. messy intercrew relationships and hateships. adventuring in famous cities and small towns on days off. working their asses off to get their career up and running. a band on the cusp of fame. i just!! want a really tight knit group who travel the country and make musical magic almost every night and yes ok pls lmk if this interests you

Mark Boyfriend!au

Okay so this is my first time doing something like this, I really hope it’s okay! I tried my best so please give constructive criticism so I can better myself~
Words: 580

-Let’s be honest with ourselves!! Mark would be a hella cute boyfriend!
-He’d also be hella caring!!
-He’d be the boyfriend who’d do anything to please you even if he didn’t know how to do it
-When you’re on your period he’ll be so panicked
-Like he’s running around in a frenzy
-He’ll call you from the store and be like
-He’ll be so sorry
-He’ll come home with extra candy and chocolate
-He’d give you massages and cuddles
-He’d even sing for you
-It’d be really cute and you’d love it
-He’d put on your favorite movie even if he’d rather watch something else
-He’d try cooking for you
-We all know he’d fail but you’d still appreciate it
-“I swear it tastes so bad Mark”
-“Did you burn this twice?”
-“Is this even edible….?”
-And he’d be kinda embarrassed when you ate it
-“y/n you don’t have to eat it, it’s bad I know”
-But you’d insist anyway
-“my boyfriend cooked it for me”
-“I don’t care if it’s more burned than charcoal”
-“I’m eating it”
-You’d eat some but eventually you’d just order pizza
-He’d feel really bad that his cooking failed
-So he’d take cooking lessons to improve for you
-Eventually his cooking would get better
-First it became edible
-Then tasty
-and one day you’d come home to an amazing smell from the kitchen
-Wandering to the kitchen you’d find him cooking
-“What are you making?”
-“It’s a surprise!”
-“I’m sorry but you can’t be in the kitchen”
-“go watch TV, your show’s on anyway”
-So you’d be in the living room watching your favorite drama
-You’d already seen this episode twice so you weren’t fully paying attention
-Then you’d hear Mark hissing from the kitchen
-You’d be out there in a second looking worriedly at him
-“You cut your finger!”
-Immediately you’d be over him like a hawk
-Making him sit down as you ran for the first aid kit
-He’d whine about you seeing the food as you cleaned the cut
-“You promise not to look!?”
-“it’s supposed to be a surprise…”
-You’d giggle pecking his cheek as you nodded
-“I won’t look”
-“I promise”
-You’d put a band aid on the cut and give it a small peck
-Immediately he’d usher you out so you wouldn’t see the food
-You’d sit back on the couch waiting patiently
-When he finally lead you back to the kitchen your favorite dish would be on the table
-He’d try and present as nicely as he could but he’d still be nervous if you’d like it
-When you’d taste it he would be watching you like a hawk
-Much like you had watched him earlier when he cut himself
-He’d be tensing all over as he waited for your reaction
-He would succeed in cooking it though
-So it’d taste like rEALLY GOOD
-you’d smile brightly at him
-“Mark this is amazing!”
-And he’d let out the breath he’d been holding
-“Really y/n?”
-“You like it?”
-You’d nod smiling
-Cause it was really good
-The best he’d ever cooked for you
-You both eat together before cuddling on the couch later
-You’d watch your favorite movie
-And as always he wouldn’t complain
-I’m gonna stop it here, cause if I don’t it’ll turn into a one shot
-Anyway I really hope you like it!!!

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Regarding the Miya twins copying the freak quick, it also isn't surprising because Atsumu got a good look at Kageyama's playing style during training camp. Wasn't he the one who noted that Kageyama was setting as if someone was already supposed to be where he set the ball? Not many opposing teams even realize that that's how the quick works, but Atsumu saw the way Kageyama sets with such precision and he's got the skill (and the perfectly in sync spiker) to take it on.

That’s actually a really good point, my bean! Look at the face he did when Kageyama unconsciously did a freak quick. Out of all of the other player, Atsumu is the only one visibly pleased by what he just saw. It’s very possible that he registered it and then practiced that exact same setup with Osamu once he came home from the camp.

What surprises me is that, seeing the reaction from Karasuno, no one knew they were able to do it. This means they never did it in official matches. This means that Atsumu waited to go against Kageyama to turn his best shot against him. And if this is not the prettiest thing ever happened in Haikyuu, I don’t know what is. 

Stay With Me

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Chanyeol came home early today, much to his own surprise. He had such a good day of composing and rehearsals that the managers decided to let all the guys off early for a job well done. Chanyeol was great full for the early release. After promoting and practicing his song for the Goblin OST, he just wanted to have a nice, quiet evening with his girlfriend.

When Chanyeol threw his keys on the side table by the door, the house was unusually quiet. Normally, the love of his life would be dancing around the place, bringing their home to life with her joy and smile. Chanyeol toed off his shoes and wandered inside searching for his Y/N.

He wandered into every room, coming up with emptiness every time. He figured she probably went out and was about to call her until he heard something coming from the bathroom in the master suite. He wandered into the room and the sound grew louder the closer he got to the bathroom door. It was singing; one of the sweetest voices Chanyeol has ever heard was emitting through the echoes of the tiled room.

Chanyeol leaned against the doorframe and listened, a smile appearing on his face as he recognized the lyrics of the song. His song. Pride swelled in his chest and his heart skipped a beat upon listening even more as his part was being sung so passionately by the love of his life. He smirked and knocked on the door, the voice instantly stopping mid note.

“Hey baby? You in there?” He yelled.

“Y-Yeah!” was the shaky reply he got in return.

“I heard you singing you know?” He said. Chanyeol could hear the water in the shower stop and a few moments later his love opened the door, hair sopping wet and a towel wrapped around them.

“I know, it’s not the best singing ever, but-” Chanyeol cut her off by placing a swift kiss against her lips.

“You sound beautiful baby, even more so when you sing my songs. We really need to collaborate one day, your voice is too pretty to be kept locked up behind your lovely lips.”

Mine: Finale (Part 3): “You Are the Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine”

A/N: After three days and just shy of 2,000 words, part three is here! I hope everyone’s enjoyed reading this series… I’ve also included an epilogue as a bonus. Message me for anything :) Much love x

Part One: “We’re Taking On the World Together”

Part Two: “We’ve Got Nothing Figured Out”

“Three-month-old female,” one of the EMT in the ambulance spoke into a walkie-talkie, “unable to breathe. Had an allergic reaction to a prescribed antibiotic. Stand by for drop-off.”

“Oh God,” you cried. Tears welded up in your eyes at the sight of your baby daughter with an oxygen mask over her nose, IV needles inserted into her tiny arms, and the sound of her small gasps of air. Rosy’s skin was pale, her green eyes closed. The only part of her moving was her stomach.

You buried your face into Harry’s chest as he enclosed his arms around you. Muffled sobbing came out of you while Harry was completely silent. It took every bone, every muscle, every nerve in his body to keep himself from falling apart. “She’ll be okay,” he managed to choke out.

Rosy was undressed and left only in her diapers. One of the EMT men took an antihistamine and injected it into Rosy’s left thigh. You squirmed at the sight. You felt every needle they put inside Rosy. Everything your daughter felt, you felt.

Around 4:30 in the morning you arrived at the hospital, just minutes after paramedics received your call. The sky was still dark and the air cool and misty. The ambulance doors swung open, and Rosy was transferred onto a stretcher and taken into the emergency room by a team of nurses. You and Harry jumped out of the ambulance and followed quickly. The nurses took Rosy through a set of double doors.

“I’m sorry,” a male nurse said, stopping you in your tracks. “You have to stay here.”

“We’re her parents,” you tried to look through the small rectangular windows of the double doors, the sight of the stretcher fading.

The male nurse shook his head, “We can’t let you in at this time. We’ll keep you posted. Please have a seat, and wait here.”

“It’s alright, luv,” Harry said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Okay, we’ll wait here,” he told the nurse, “Please make sure our daughter’s alright.”

The nurse nodded then entered through the double doors.

“Baby, let’s take a seat,” Harry suggested. He motioned to the empty chairs at the corner of the emergency room.

You must have looked a mess that morning. Your eyes bloodshot from crying for hours—first after your big fight with Harry then again inside the ambulance. Pieces of your hair was falling out of your already messy bun. Harry didn’t look great himself. Exhaustion was written all over him. Dark circles formed under his eyes. He threw dirty clothes on just before paramedics arrived.

A few individuals waiting in the emergency room eyed you and Harry, probably wondering why you both looked familiar— or Harry, at least. Granted, they had bigger problems to worry about than where they had seen the curly haired man before. But at that moment, he definitely looked worse in person.

Media vans began to pull up on the streets.This was the last thing you needed. The rest of whole world judging your poor mothering skills. As if your husband wasn’t enough.

“Mum,” Harry said, holding his phone to his ear. “Mum— We’re at the hospital.”

“What!” You heard Anne yell through the phone. You couldn’t decipher the muffled words that followed after.

“Rosy had an allergic reaction. She couldn’t breathe,” Harry explained to a frantic Anne. “No, we didn’t… yes, bu’—… I don’t know, Mum.” Harry shut his eyes and rested his head on the wall. He listened to his mother speak, responding with a mixture of “Mhmm,” “Yeh,” and “I don’t know”. “Alrigh’, see you soon,” Harry finally said before hanging up.

“What did she say?” you asked Harry.

“Mum, Robin, and Gemma are on their way,” he said. “Luv, about what I said earlier, I—“

You stood up from you seat. “I’m going to take a walk,” you said abruptly before walking outside of the emergency room. “Could I join you?” Harry tried asking. You shook your head. “Alone,” you added. Harry nodded and watched you at you go. His head fell to his hands, tears finally breaking through him. “Christ,” he cursed, rubbing his eyes in frustration. He felt completely defeated.

The two things he valued more than anything were drifting farther and farther away from him.

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Mr. Fireman

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FRAT BUCKY YAY! Now stripper!Bucky is on the way. Also, it is halloween themed cos I AM A SLUT FOR HALLOWEEN

Word count: 1.2k

Warnings: implied smut, body shot, frat!bucky, fireman bucky

Halloween  was definitely your favorite holiday of them all. You loved the idea of dressing up and letting go for one day. And this year, you were gonna make it to the top.

You were invited to a frat party and you sure weren’t going to let the opportunity go. Frat boys were usually annoyingly cocky and arrogant guys which wasn’t exactly your type but you had your eyes on one boy in particular. Bucky Barnes, not your regular frat boy, was going to be there. Sure he was  a flirt and he had flings as every frat boy had, but he was a grateful and respectful which was the reason he was the president of the frat house.

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Caterpillar. (Patrick Stump x Reader)

Note: No, there probably won’t be a Part 2.

Okay. This is it. You’re gonna go up there, and talk to her, and wow her.

Patrick tentatively stuck his head around the oak bookcase and peeked at your unaware figure as you browsed through the books on the shelf.

“Alright. Here goes,” he murmured, trying to hype himself up as best he could while walking over to you. “Hey. I noticed the book you’re holding is one I’ve read, and I just wanted to say that I think it’s a really good one-“

You peered at the book you were holding and raised an eyebrow. “You’ve read… Encyclopaedia of Earthworms?” you questioned sceptically.



“Reaaaaly?” you catechized, raising both eyebrows and folding your arms over your bust. “Okay, then. Which earthworm is most at risk of becoming endangered?”

“Uh… uh… caterpillars?” Patrick said with a nervous chuckle while he grimaced at himself.


His response caused you to crack-up, the glorious sound of your laugh making him forget all about his humiliation.

“Maybe that should be the topic of my research paper. Caterpillars: The Long Lost Relative of The Earthworm,” you said, making dramatic hand gestures as you went along, ending with a giggle that encouraged Patrick to laugh with you.

Okay, she’s laughing. That’s good. Means she’s not weirded out.

“So, you’re a… person that studies insects?” he pointed at the book you still had in your grasp, stammering a little when he couldn’t think of the correct term for what you were.

I bet she’s really smart. She looks really smart. God, that’s hot.

“An entomologist? Yes. Well, almost. I’m just one research paper and final exam away from becoming fully qualified,” you beamed, showing a sliver of pride, which Patrick found exceptionally attractive.

I knew it.

“Wow, that’s awesome. Must be cool to be able to study insects and animals like that. Like, on a much bigger scale than most.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty interesting stuff. They’re so intricately designed, and unique in the way that they function; it’s remarkable to learn,” you gushed. You stopped yourself from going too in-depth, afraid that you might bore the cute stranger who’d approached you, but Patrick didn’t mind one bit. Your voice was hypnotic, and drew him in to a point where he was sure that you could’ve spoken about the most mundane thing in the world, yet he’d still be hanging on to your every word. “So, what about you?” you asked, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “What do you do?”

Her voice is the best sound I’ve ever heard.

“Me? Oh, uh, I’m a musician,” he said sheepishly, worried that someone as intelligent as you would want nothing to do with someone such as himself, who didn’t have a sure shot at becoming a success.

Your reaction was the exact opposite, though. You seemed genuinely interested and began asking him questions about it, desperate to learn more about him.

“Which instruments do you play?”

“Um, guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, keyboard, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, synthesizer, mandolin, and guitalele.”

Your mouth fell open in shock and you had to shake your head to make sure that you’d heard correctly. “You play all of those?” you asked in disbelief and Patrick nodded yes. “Geez,” you scoffed. “If you had told me you sing too, you would’ve convinced me that you are a robot.”




“SHH!” the hateful librarian yelled at you from her desk across the mostly-vacant room. You raised your hands in apology and directed your attention back to Patrick.

“Yeah, I’m actually the lead singer for my band.”

“God,” you whispered, gasping in incredulity before checking the watch on your wrist and furrowing your eyebrows in disappointment. “Look, as much as I’d greatly like to continue this conversation – you’re freaking amazing, by the way – the librarian is still giving us the evil-eye and I’m about to be late for class, sooo…” you pulled out a pen from your bag and scribbled your number onto the bare skin of his hand, giving him one last smile and walking away.

Holy smokes. She gave me her number. She actually gave me her-

“WAIT!” he called after you, tossing the librarian an apologetic grin when she shot him a death glare. “I’m Patrick. What’s your name?”

You smirked at the blond standing a few feet away from you.



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Harry’s reaction to James hitting that high note in Best Song Ever is my favorite thing ever, he’s like so proud! haha

Matchmaking Beagles (Kyungsoo One Shot)

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Car rides with the Beagle line are never quiet. If Sehun and Suho hadn’t barricaded the door to their van, you and Kyungsoo would be enjoying the soft lull of Lay’s voice, rather than Baekhyun’s pterodactyl screeching.

“We should’ve walked.” You nudge Kyungsoo, half-annoyed half-entertained, as Chen fights Baekhyun for a few more sips of the Bubble tea.

“I swear– they couldn’t just get two of each.” Kyungsoo mutters.

Eventually, they spill half the cup over the van’s floor. As the van pulls over to a gas station’s parking lot, you sigh– tired– and lean your head on Kyungsoo’s shoulder. Your eyes are drooping as the commotion continues and Kyungsoo’s hand is steady on your knee, rubbing mindless circles over the fabric of your jeans.

You fall asleep to what looks like the beginning of an endless game of rock, paper, scissors that Chanyeol somehow gets roped into. The loser, you assume, has to clean up the mess. Time fades away as your mind is enveloped in sleep, comfortable with the warmth radiating off of Kyungsoo’s body. You’re toying the line of consciousness, so close to reaching the spot where your mind stops processing its surroundings.

The van jolts however, and you stir– barely. You keep your eyes closed, trying to go back to the tranquility of sleep, but Baekhyun’s laughter, although musical, is teasing. You pretend you’re sleeping still, preferring to remain invisible and unbothered by all parties in attendance, and you can’t help but listen to their conversation.

“Seriously- you’ve confessed plenty of times in dramas, Kyungsoo.” Chanyeol’s voice carries from the front seat.

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Hey! I absolutely love your story! You are a fantastic writer, honestly one of the best I've ever came across! You're story is so well written, and I live for the relationship between Snape and Ariel! I was wondering if you could do a one shot on Snape finding/seeing Ariel kissing Damon... it's a reaction I would love to see!

thank you so much! <3 this is a plot bunny I may or may not use for ootp, so enjoy! x 

Severus wasn’t asking for much – just anything but this. 

He’d been in an increasingly bad soon since Umbridge’s observations had begun, his own scheduled for tomorrow, during Harry’s class – he’d been grateful it wouldn’t be happening during Ariel’s. Quite frankly, Severus didn’t know if she had enough self restraint to keep herself from ripping into Umbridge at the first remark she made. Knowing Ariel, she’d proclaim that Severus was a model teacher, and there would go his cover. Harry, at least, would provide a distraction if Severus felt like throttling someone. 

Choking, it seemed, was quickly turning into a past time. 

Severus was making his way to Dumbledore’s office when a familiar sound pulled him to a halt. Ariel’s laughter floated around him, the sound warm and breathless. 

He frowned – who was she with? He’d left Harry back in his quarters, and Black was tending to Lupin after the full moon… 

Naturally, Severus had to investigate. Now was around the time Ariel should have been making her way to his quarters – nights were spent with him, before Umbridge came sniffing. 

He would have rather run into the toad herself, instead of what he actually found. 

“You’re not funny,” Ariel was saying. “and not even remotely charming.” 

“I’d like to think I’m at least one of the two.” answered a voice that made Severus stiffen – Bellatrix’s brat. He should have guessed. 

“I’m sure you like to think a lot of things.” Ariel said, and Severus quickened his pace. “You have a bad habit of assuming.” 

“Do I?” Bellatrix’s brat leered. “I didn’t hear you complaining before.” 

Severus broke into a run. 

“Well, I didn’t say you were completely talentless, you numpty.” 

When he turned the corner, Bellatrix’s brat was seated on a bench, far too close to Ariel – she was practically in his fucking lap – and he was – 

“Ariel – Rose – Evans!” Severus thundered. 

They broke apart as Severus swooped forward, not allowing either of them to register who had spoken as he pulled his daughter away, unsheathing his wand from his robes. The room was vibrating – he could feel a buzzing in his teeth that made him dizzy, but he didn’t care. 

“Dad!” Ariel gasped, quickly standing as Severus charged. 

Bellatrix’s brat flew backwards, nearly toppling over the bench in the process. There was a wild look in his eyes Severus recognized. The boy’s body had gone into fight or flight mode. If circumstances had been different, Severus might’ve given a vicious, triumphant smile for finally scaring the little bastard, but all he could see was – 

He raised his wand, and Ariel grabbed his hand. 

“Stop it!” she pleaded. “C’mon Dad, please don’t!”

The boy was frozen, blue eyes locked on Severus’ wand. Severus knew he couldn’t Hex him – he absolutely couldn’t Curse him, or Dumbledore would have his head – but the fear in his usually smug face was immensely satisfying. Severus wanted to revel in it forever. 

“Walk away, Malfoy.” Severus snarled. “Before I change my mind.” 

“Dad – shit – Jesus, Dad, calm down!” Ariel wrestled his wand arm back. 

“Sir,” the boy tried – he had a death wish. “sir, please, I wasn’t –” 

“Walk away!” Severus boomed, shaking his arm free of Ariel’s grip. 

“Just go, Damon.” Ariel said hastily, moving to stand between them. “It’s alright – go.” 

Bellatrix’s brat gave her a long look Severus wanted to rip off. He hated the way he was looking at Ariel. It reminded him of Diggory, and that had ended in disaster. He’d be damned if he saw his girl hurt like that again. 

“Have you lost your mind?” Ariel shouted as the boy’s footfall faded, the only sound Severus’ labored pants. He leaned his head against the wall, focusing on the way his heart hammered inside his chest instead of Ariel’s question. He almost felt inclined to tell her yes – he knew there was nothing rational about his reaction, but he didn’t regret it for a second. 

“Since when do we like boys?” Severus demanded, turning his head slightly to look at her. His vision was still fuzzy. “Especially that boy?” 

“He’s actually my boyfriend, if you must know.” Ariel squared her chin, her dark eyes hard, like marbles. “And for a while now. I didn’t want to tell you just yet… for obvious reasons.” she eyed his wand like she wanted it to catch fire. 

“There are no boyfriends.” Severus snapped. “Ever.” 

“You can’t ban me from a relationship, Dad.” she rolled her eyes. “That’s not how it works.” 

“I will drown him in the lake if he ever tries doing that again.” 

“Doing what? Kissing me?” 

Severus recoiled. “If he so much as touches you –”

“I kissed him – what are you going to do about that?” Ariel challenged. 

“I will still put him in the lake and make sure he doesn’t come up!” 

“What’s wrong with me having a boyfriend?” she balled her fists at her side, leaning forward so that they were nearly nose-to-nose. “Is it really so ridiculous that someone might care about me like that? Or is it just because it’s Damon?”

“Don’t you dare make this about that.” Severus seethed. “That little shit wants only one thing –” 

Ariel quirked an eyebrow. “Oh? And what would that be?” 

He gave her a glower potent enough to crack the stone wall behind her head. “You know what I mean.” 

“You had me when you were nineteen.” she said. “You don’t get to talk to me about unprotected sex.” 

Severus, for the first time in a very long time, stared back, unable to form a coherent response. That had been the last thing he’d been expecting her to throw at him, of all the things she could have said… 

… and she was fucking right. He couldn’t even compose himself to pick his jaw up from off the floor. 

Ariel smirked triumphantly. “Three year difference when it comes to that, see.” 

He closed his eyes, and covered them with his hand. “I can’t believe you’re using that as your argument.” 

“I can’t believe you almost Hexed my boyfriend through a wall.” 

“I already told you, I’m using the sodding lake.” 

“Dad,” Ariel sighed, obviously exasperated – this annoyed him. “is it really the end of the world?” 

“Yes.” Severus ground out, and he meant it. 

She gave him a stony glare. “Is it just the snogging, or Damon?” 

Both – absolutely, positively the both of those two things. Combined, Severus wanted to jab his wand into his eye socket and scramble his brain. 

“It is,” he was clenching his jaw so hard that it felt like it would break off. “the fact that of all the little dunderheads, in all the corridors, you chose that boy, in the corridor I just so happened to be walking down, as you were… taking ten years off my life.” 

Her face brightened. “We’ll gladly stay out of your way.” 

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.” it didn’t – it made him feel worse. He wondered if she’d react badly if he locked her in his quarters until he got rid of Bellatrix’s brat permanently.  

Ariel shrugged. “We could always use your quarters –” 

“NO – no.” Severus said, reigning in his voice. “Just…” 

He didn’t know what to say to her. He wanted to tell her to end it – break it off and wash her hands of the brat. It could only end one of two ways, and Severus didn’t know if he wanted either option. The boy could break her… or be around, permanently. The latter horrified Severus, but the former… he’d rather cut off his own hand than see her go through that again. 

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. “Does he make you happy?” 

Ariel blinked. “He does.” 

He gave her a long, pensive look. “I trust that you know what you want.” 

“Does that mean you’re not going to drown him?” a smile was slowly spreading across her face, igniting her eyes. 

“Never say never.” Severus said darkly. 

“I love you, regardless.” she grinned up at him. “You know that, right?” 

“So you claim.” 

Ariel linked her arm with his. “I do – even if I know you’re still going to try and off him anyway.” 

Monday: July 25 Blurb - Breakfast

1. Can you write an imagine where Y/N finds out that she is pregnant, and then she tells Harry in a cute way. Like a cute surprise. No smut, but just a cute imagine 😘

When Harry woke up on a Sunday morning to the smell of what could only be described as “breakfast heaven”, he knew something was up. Sundays were usually spent curled up in bed with your legs tangled in his and him having to almost physically force you to get up. A glance at the clock told him it was still pretty early and you were no longer in bed next to him. Before he could get up, however, he heard you making your way up the stairs.

You appeared in the doorway and grinned, seeing that he was awake and staring at you with a confused look on his face. In your hands, you held a tray filled with breakfast food.

“What’s all this?” He asked, sitting up in the bed as you made your way over and put the tray in his lap.

“Just wanted to make you breakfast in bed, that’s all.”

You walked around to your side and crawled back into the bed next to him, cuddling down against his shoulder as he started eating. He held out a piece of toast to your lips and you took a tiny bite.

“It’s delicious, sweetheart. Thank you. But, what’s the occasion?”

“Well,” you began, inhaling slightly, “today is kind of a holiday celebrating you, so I figured that a nice breakfast would be a good way to do that.”

Harry frowned. He had no recollection of today being any sort of holiday. It wasn’t Christmas or his birthday, he wasn’t missing an anniversary or anything; he was officially stumped.

He turned to see you producing a white envelope and holding it in front of him.

“For you.” You said, smiling.

Harry still looked confused, but took the envelope from you and slowly opened it. Inside was a card and when Harry saw the writing on the front, he let out a laugh.

“Happy Father’s Day? Babe, why are you giving me a Father’s Day card? I’m not a -”

He froze mid-sentence when the realization hit him. He stared down at the card and then back up at you. You had a timid smile on your face and nodded a bit when he continued to search your eyes for answers.

“Baby, are you…?”

You nodded again.

“You are?!?”


Harry broke into a huge grin and moved the tray of food carefully to the dresser beside him. He turned, facing you, and placed a timid hand on your belly.

“There’s a baby in there?” He asked, quietly.

Tears were forming in your eyes now out of pure love for him and his reaction. You weren’t sure if you had ever been this happy before.

“Our baby is in there.” You answered, placing your hand over his.

“Our baby.” He whispered. “We’ve havin’ a baby. M'gonna be a daddy.”

You laughed as a tear slid down your cheek.

“Yeah, you are.”

Harry looked back up and moved in to kiss you, keeping one large hand caressing your still-flat stomach.

“I love you.” He said. “This is the best Father’s Day ever.”

EXO reaction to their friend worrying about jeopardising their relationship because of a confession

EXO reacting to finding out that you (their childhood best friend) secretly like them but you are too afraid to confess in fear of jeopardising your friendship

Hope you enjoy!! Its our first ever reaction so please don’t judge ^.^

He would be shocked but also very, very happy. He wasn’t too worried about jeopardising your guys’ friendship because he knows that he’ll always care for you no matter what.

Originally posted by sehontop

He thought it was cute of you to worry about the deep friendship you guys had and to be honest he was too, he knew that one mistake would ruin your whole relationship but he was willing to give it a shot if you were.

Originally posted by parkchny

The fact you knew him better than most people made it even more worrying for you to confess, he was your best friend and you knew him well enough to know that he may be a cold city guy on the outside but on the inside he was the nicest, cutest person you have ever met, when he found out you liked him he went a bit cocky but after seeing the worried look on your face he’d pull you into a hug and tell you not to worry about it

Originally posted by yooneroos

He wouldn’t be shocked but he’d be surprised that you confessed because he knew how much you valued your friendship, he was worried about the fact that you were worrying, thoughts were going through his head like maybe you didn’t like him as much as he thought you did as you weren’t willing to take a risk but once he understood you were just worried about your friendship he would tell you not to worry and take a chance.

Originally posted by qrishan

Lay however would be totally oblivious to your feelings towards him, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t feel the same because he loves you more than anything in the world but he wouldn’t care about potentially ruining your friendship he would just want you guys to be boyfriend and girlfriend asap and would tell you not to care either 

Originally posted by deerxings

He wouldn’t understand why you would be worried about jeopardising your friendship as he kind of already saw your guys’ relationship as more flirty and more boyfriend and girlfriend than just friends, he told you that if you really like him as much as you say you did then you should just risk it. 

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As soon as you confessed Chen asked you to be his girlfriend and Chen being Chen would not take no for an answer regardless of your worries, he’d tell you to just live in the moment and not worry about what could happen and just be happy and follow your heart

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I think Chanyeol would listen to your worries and just tell you that he’d be good with whatever you are comfortable with and if jeopardising your friendship was a really big worry to you then he’d be willing to do whatever you are comfortable with even if it means remaining just friends 

Originally posted by sugutie

When D.O heard your confession, he’d have the same worry you do, he’d he concerned about the fact that if something bad were to happen during your relationship then he wouldn’t be able to talk to you anymore and wouldn’t want to lose you.

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Kai would cherish your friendship so much so when he heard your confession there was also a teeny bit of worrying on his part too but if you were willing to give it a shot so would he telling you that you guys could take it slow and if it didn’t work out then it doesn’t matter you can just go back to being best friends

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Sehun would be really taken back by your confession, he didn’t know you felt that way. He also wouldn’t understand why you would be so worried because he feels like if you were really worried about your friendship then you wouldn’t have confessed.

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(gifs aren’t ours) 

I’ve been suffering from writers block from my story FRESH START on Wattpad, but I’m back working on that and today published the first part of a short story one shot I’m also working on. Hope you all enjoy it.


You’ve been in a private relationship with Jai for a little over a year, simultaneously he’s been in what he’s calling a “studio created” romance. Your friends and family all call you crazy but you stick by Jai’s side, you love him and of course they could never understand the connection you and Jai share. At least that’s what you kept telling yourself until the night of the Australian’s In Film awards ceremony………


You sat at home glued to your computer screen waiting for the photos from the red carpet of the event to pop up on the Getty Images website. You knew Jai would look amazing in his black tux because he had snapped a selfie from the bathroom and sent it to you. You were so proud of him and although you wanted nothing more than to be his side you have conditioned yourself into believing that this is how it had to be for now. Things would change eventually.

Slowly but surely the photos started to appear not only on the Getty images website but in all his fan sites as well. The first images were just him flashing that smile that made you melt, his eyes in some of the shots seemed to look right at you and you could feel warmth start to build between your legs. The reaction that Jai had on you, on your body was unlike anything you’d ever felt with anyone and it wasn’t something you ever wanted to lose.

The photos kept rolling out, Jai looking more and more handsome in each one that you saw. Then it happened, the moment you were dreading, she appeared by his side. A beautiful blonde who the camera absolutely loves. He held her close as the photographers called on them to flash their best smiles. You couldn’t help the jealousy that struck you, before you knew it the tears were running down your cheeks. That should be you by his side you thought.

You closed your laptop and decided that had been enough for one night. You couldn’t continue to do this to yourself. Jai and you had and understanding and everything was going to be alright. As soon as the ceremony and party were over he’d be there with you. She was by his side now but at the end of the night he’d be in your bed making love to you like only he could.

You took a long bubble bath and put on a sexy new outfit you bought to celebrate with Jai tonight. While you waited for Jai you sipped glass of wine from a bottle of Rosé that he loved to drink with you. There was champagne chilling as well but the wine always reminded him of you so you indulged.

It was getting late and you knew that these events sometimes ran into the early hours of the morning but Jai usually found a way to get out of them early to go to you. You decided to go through Instagram and see if he had posted any pics. You were scrolling through your feed when suddenly your blood ran cold. There was Jai again with the blonde in his arms but this time his lips were on hers. Not the way he sometimes kissed her in public when the press would request it, but a full blown kiss while dancing with her at the after party. He was enjoying it, her arms were around his neck, his hands holding her close, he’d been lying to you all this time, they were a couple.

The differences between you and her suddenly hit you like a bucket of ice water. She was a beautiful blue eyed blonde with an athletic build, your long brown hair, dark eyes and curvy body appealed to many men but apparently not the man you loved anymore. She was a natural in front of the cameras, it was like she was in her zone, that world terrified you. You sat there and tore yourself apart for at least an hour before making a decision that broke your heart.

You took a screenshot shot of the photo and decided to text him…..

*It’s obvious that I was missing something in all this. Message received, you don’t have to contact me again, be happy Jai, goodbye*

You reread the text you typed out and hit send.
Hours passed and there was no reply. He didn’t care, you had given him an out and he took it.

It’s now 5:30 am, you’re laying on the ground, the bottle of wine and champagne both gone, the beautiful outfit you wore ripped to shreds, your laptop on the ground next to you after hitting the wall as more photos of the night surfaced and your cheeks stained with tears. Your friends and family warned you it would end like this. You didn’t believe them but right now you thought it to be true.

You get up and go into your bedroom, you need to sleep, forget and gain the strength you’ll need to deal with all the I told you so’s that will be coming your way.

As you lay in bed all you can think about is him, how he made love to you there, his touch, his scent, the way he whispered in your ear, the way he kissed you and told you that you belong to him. He told he’d never leave you, that you two were meant to be yet hours after the text you sent ending things you’d heard nothing. It was all a lie…….



The sun was shining bright on your face, your head pounding from the bottles you downed last night no doubt. The memories come flooding back after a brief fog, instantly the tears start falling down your face. You sit up and see something no, someone sitting in the chair in the corner of your room. You wipe away the tears to get a clearer look…..

“ What the fuck is this Y/N” Jai shouted as he held up his phone opened to the message you sent.

He stood up and walked over to the bed where you were now sitting up. “Answer me Y/N, what the fuck is this??”

You felt your body react to him, the warmth between your legs building. There was nothing hotter than an angry Jai. You could tell he wanted to punish you, to fuck you hard to show you who was boss, you tried to keep your head focused on the why this was happening and responded.

“I think the message was pretty clear, go play with your girlfriend, I’m done!!!” You shouted. He towered over you, his eyes darkening, you had no idea what was going to happen next……

I don’t understand what is it with Band of Brothers that it still gives me a lot of emotions no matter how many times I watched it. I know the scenes, I know the lines, I know the facial reactions, and yet I still flinch when I saw someone got shot, I still shiver at the scene where Speirs almost kill the soldier that shot Grant, I still giggle when Nixon rolls his eyes at Winters after he told Sobel that ‘We salute the rank, not the man.’, and my heart specially still clench at the last scene at the baseball field. This series is trully one of the best thing that’s ever made and I can see myself watching this in five years and still cry when the real Winters, God rest his soul, tell us that he’s not a hero, but he served in a company of heroes.