one of the best rapper

Play Around
Lil' Kim's Verse
Play Around

Play Around - Lil’ Kim’s Verse

When I come through
You be on the side holding your cups like the bums do
Waiting for the queen to put some change in it
I pull out a g and drop it
With a hundred grand left in my pocket


Dont sleep on taeyong’s talents  ! he’s not only the so-good-looking-hot-real-life-anime ..He is the best rapper of sm , amazing dancer , awesome vocalist , wrote lyrics , composed songs , choreographed a dance , can cook and clean , works hard in everything he does , always tries to provide cool stages , charismatic af , cherish his fans more than anything , cares for his members more than himself , and not to forget he is an absolutely capable leader !  STAN HIM 

I can’t believe that Sekaiyeol did that again. And by that I mean give another album its stand out bop.

Exodus/Love Me Right: Transformer

EX’act: Artificial Love

Lotto: Can’t Bring Me Down

Got7 Breakdown

Hey guys! So, this is the first breakdown I will be uploading for the four new groups I am adding to my blog. If there’s anything I missed anythingor there’s something you feel like should be added, feel free to message me. Thanks for all of your support, guys! My inbox is open for any Got7 related requests you guys may have. 

Let’s get into this, shall we.

1. Mark Tuan (Mark):

-Rooms with Youngjae

-From LA, California

-Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and some Japanese

-Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, and Visual

-One half of Markson (Best ship)

-Teases the other members constantly

-Tends to be hyper when everyone else is tired or serious, which can be seen in interviews.

-Quiet type (Unless parted with Jackson, where he then feels the need to be him)

-Father to Coco

-Enjoys when others get punished on shows (Like Jackson getting hit with the toy hammer.)

-Flying member

2. Im Jaebum (JB):

-Rooms with Jackson

-May seem cold at times

-He is the Leader and a Vocalist

-While he is the leader, he tends to be late

-Tends to let the other members talk in interviews unless they are discussing music

-Low Key Savage af

-Slightly petty three year old

3. Jackson Wang (Jackson):

-Rooms with JB

-Originally from Hong Kong

-Rapper and high flying dancer

-Is definitely an extra piece of shit

-One half of Markson (Best ship)

-Extremely talkative

-Eggs on Mark’s hyperness

-Speaks English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Shanghainese

4. Park Jinyoung (Jinyoung):

-Rooms alone

-Vocalist and dancer

-Mother of the group

-Relatively chill guy

-Convinced that Yugyeom and BamBam are his babies

-One of the more serious members

-Spends a lot of time thinking

-Reads a lot

5. Choi Youngjae (Youngjae):

-Rooms with Mark

-Literal Sunshine

-Coco’s mother

-Loud and happy human

-Easily amused

-Eye smile king

-Sings in his sleep apparently

6. Kunpimook Bhuwakul (BamBam):

-Rooms with Yugyeom

-From Thailand


-Girl Group Dance Master

-Dabbing little bastard

-Used to be a smol bean, but his voice didn’t match the profile

-Extra piece of shit

7. Kim Yugyeom (Yugyeom):

-Giant Maknae

-Doesn’t look like a baby, but his voice kinda sounds it

-Vocalist and dancer

-Weird af

-Kinda extra

-Besties with Jungkook from BTS

-Sweet and precious baby according to Jinyoung

J and I split up groups so that we each get a certain number of them and then there is one that both of us like so we dub them the Smol Bean and neither of us can have them. We also have numbers we regret letting the other have sometimes because we pick our biases from those intro videos on youtube when we first get interested in a group. 

Biases (by number and in order):

Me: 6 (BamBam), 4 (Jinyoung), and 2 (JB)

J: 3 (Jackson), 7 (Yugyeom), and 1 (Mark)

Smol Bean: 5 (Youngjae)

Hope you guys enjoyed! My inbox is open to any Got7 related requests you guys may have.

As a Yeezy fan, I was absolutely amazed and proud of Kanye and his induction to TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People article.

Here is an artwork to pay tribute to an absolute living legend.

I LOVE how Luizy/Seoungyoun has so much freedom. He has like 3 side projects outside of Uniq. It’s like he can do damn near whatever he wants and that’s why he’s gonna end up as one of the best idol rappers (well he already is one of the best but he’ll be even better). That freedom to write whatever and work with whoever is only gonna help him grow.

Diamonds and Girls
Lil Wayne
Diamonds and Girls

lil wayne - “diamonds and girls (feat. curren$y)”

curren$y on this track, too - probably one of the best verses he ever spit (and one of my favorite tracks from that era). he doesn’t outshine the former “best rapper alive” by any means, but the hot $pitta was never really about outshining other rappers. rather, he establishes that smooth stoner flow he’s known for: got diamonds in my chain, more colors than the northern lights / life is a traffic jam, but i’m on a motorbike / zig-zaggin past these bastards, laughin at em / i got em suicidal like the doors on the phantom

and: then / the style flip so quick have you thinkin that the disc skip / pimpin serious / make em bring it back like pass interference

My job paid for VIP tickets to see Wyclef Jean live and let me tell you what- it was fun, but weird. He played Nirvana at one point, and also Chance? He also said he was the best rapper alive which blew my entire mind, but it was a good concert. I dug it. 

Started off with Ready or Not and some other hits, cool cool cool. 

Also this dude was on that wet sticky and was totally losing his mind over every song and air guitaring randomly while jumping in the air with his hands over his head, it’s on my snapchat. What a jam. 

so one of my best friends made me a copy of the hamilton mixtape and i just.

i can’t stop listening to it.

the past three dominating albums of my life have been beyonce, coloring book, and the hamilton soundtrack–this is the music that i’ve been listening to while going through a years-long transitional period that hasn’t always been comfortable but like damn at least i had this music as a background mattress for my soul to fall back on or something as i tried to piece myself back together into a shape i preferred to who i’d been before.

i never thought r&b and hiphop would become this important to me as musical genres.

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