one of the best players at the game of thrones

Sansa Stark

Well, I am absolutely delighted by Sansa’s development in Game of Thrones! However, I am absolutely sick of the amount of people who have been commenting on how Sansa has suddenly ‘become a badass’, 'developed a backbone’ or 'grown a pair’ after series 6.

Sansa has ALWAYS been a strong character in her own way. She survived in Kings Landing for crying out loud! She survived in an incredibly hostile enviroment with everyone waiting for her to make a mistake and pay with her life as Ned did in series 1. But she didn’t, Sansa successfully manipulated all of them into believing she was a stupid girl, blindly following Joffery and the Lannisters, being conpliant and lady-like while still showing small acts of disobediance. Sansa manipulated the ENTIRE COURT including people like Cersei and Tywin who are masters of manipulation, that takes some courage!

Sansa has always been a strong character, she has always been a 'badass’ in a different way from Arya, Daenerys and Cersei who have had the ability to fight with weapons and violence for themselves. She does so politically, she knows people and she uses that to her advantage as Tyrion does. I don’t believe anyone else could have survived like Sansa has, using politics and manners as her weapon, Arya certainly would not have lived through Kings Landing as Sansa did and she has always been a fan-favourite.

Sansa is strong, and while I am ecstatic people are realising this I am also a little bit disappointed in that we can only see women as strong if they are fighting battles and killing others. Strength and courage come in different forms and I look forward to when more people can recognise Sansa as strong even before she escaped Kings Landing. She has always been my favourite character and now she is flourishing into one of the best players of the Game of Thrones and not just a survivor! And of course I am happy many more people are starting to love her character.