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In general there is like. a whole category of Voltron angst premises that utterly fails to make me feel anything because it often severely underestimates the strength of the characters that it proposes to be breaking.

Like… Listen. Lance pretty dang likely had internal injuries and had spent a pretty impressive amount of time unresponsive and he woke up like that and shot Sendak in the shoulder before nearly back out again. This tells us Lance woke up, probably in no small amount of pain, probably pretty loopy since he remembered absolutely none of it afterwards, and the absolute first thing that occurred to him to do is Sendak was right there and he had a clear shot so, fuck that guy. He got in that situation in the first place because he saw a bomb going off and his first priority was to protect Coran- who at the time he’d known for… days, maybe? 

Pidge, the fourteen-year-old, who was pretty much entirely alone on the castle during that same time, having just lost contact with Allura, losing Rover and then hearing Shiro get tortured by Sendak- still kept her head about her enough to try and bait Sendak off with a hologram and was a major part of that fight. I mean. literally, take this emotionally compromised kid and go “you’re officially alone on a spaceship with murderous adult soldiers. They have your friends. They’re hurting your friends. You are the only one in position to do anything. Have fun.” And she won

Keith had his shoulder hacked pretty impressively in the first room of the Trial of Marmora and was given multiple opportunities to bail with a pretty clear pattern that the next room would be worse and have more attackers and Shiro states it as a given that Keith will not give up. Kolivan unambiguously tells him going in this is a life-or-death scenario. This is also Keith who willingly soloed freaking Zarkon with Coran actively telling him that he had no chance of surviving that fight because Zarkon is not getting the Black Lion.

Allura destroyed the last thing she had of her father in order to protect her team and let herself be captured by Zarkon in order to protect Shiro. She caught her second wind and held out against Haggar as best as she possibly could even knowing those odds were not good.

Coran picked a fight with Zarkon’s entire fleet piloting a ship ten thousand years old, alone, and did pretty dang good

Hunk actively, voluntarily, and enthusiastically picked a fight with a planet-eating monster stated to be one of the most dangerous things in space and long before that, all of his misgivings about signing up to save the universe evaporated like morning dew in the Sahara as soon as he saw what Shay and her people were going through. 

A lot of “angst” content seems to really disrespect or even ignore that these people are fighters. Survivors. These aren’t people who flake under pressure. In Shiro’s case, he literally never would have made it if he was. We see that at his worst, during his missing year, when he was utterly baffled by the idea anyone would help him and was pretty unsubtly about to be knocked out and experimented on- he was full of fight. There wasn’t much he could do but he wasn’t going down easily and if nothing else, the fact that there were two good-sized soldiers in full armor in the room taking the role of sedating him would tell us that Shiro didn’t exactly obediently walk to that room in the first place.

I see a lot of stuff that acts like Lance could get captured and in the time it’d take the team to get to him he could be ‘turned to the dark side’ or broken as a person and it’s like… the empire had a solid year to work on Shiro when the latter had the assumption that no one who would want to help him would even have the technology to reach him or even know he was alive in the first place and the empire didn’t win. What honestly makes you think they could take a month and destroy any of the team?

Drunk!Lena (enough said)

“when lena was drunk i thought she was gonna say she knew kara was supergirl so maybe that and she says she doesn’t mind and they kiss before realizing they’re at sams and go to karas apartment?” prompt from @kirstyn-loftus and “lena admitting she has feelings for kara whilst drunk or when she says kara isn’t good with secrets she [lena] tells her she knows about supergirl” from @cicinicole-14 and “Can you do a twist on the scene where Lena was drunk and where she was like “you’re terrible at keeping things from me” or something along those lines and THEN she drunkenly drops the bomb that she knows Kara is supergirl” from @okaylenaluthor

She will not be turned on by the drunken husk in Lena’s voice when she says ‘hey.’

She will, however, be extremely concerned – so much so that her voice trembles – when she asks Lena if she’s here alone.

She will not be turned on by the way Lena is drinking with her mouth open, rather than with her lips pursed, dainty and proper like she’s supposed to.

She will, however, clean up the glass Lena broke – her metaphor – immediately, even going so far as to use a dustpan so she doesn’t reveal that the glass couldn’t cut her skin.

Lena leans into her anyway. Her eyes are intense anyway. Her voice husks just so anyway.

“You know. You’re terrible at hiding things from me.”

Kara’s stomach somersaults. She hates hiding things from Lena. 

She focuses on what she needs. On what her friend needs.

To hear that she’s strong.

And then, to be able to interrupt.

To be able to interrupt and berate herself in a way that slices Kara down to the core, but that maybe Lena needs to get out, that maybe Lena needs to verbalize. Maybe saying it will release it, will be cathartic.

She slurs slightly when she tells Kara that she loves her.

Well, that one of the things she loves about her is apparently naive perspective on the world.

Because oh, Lena doesn’t use those words. She’s too kind for that.

But she might as well have.

But her next words? Her next words change Kara’s entire world.

“And I don’t understand it, Kara. I don’t understand how weak I must look to you.”

“Lena, I don’t think you’re – “

“Because,” Lena plows on, gesturing with her – well, Sam’s – wine glass and somewhat unfocused eyes, “you’ve seen your entire planet die. You’ve seen agonies I could never even dream of, and look at you. Still believing the best of people, believing that people are fundamentally good.” She shakes her head and scoffs. “I must seem so weak to you.”

“Lena, what…” She considers lying. Or, trying to. But looking into Lena’s eyes – suddenly focused, suddenly piercing, suddenly her pupils dilating with intensity, with need, with something that makes Kara’s skin warm and her insides heat up – she knows lying would be useless.

She knows, finally, that Lena meant it when she said Kara is terrible at hiding things from her.

Because Lena knows.

Has known, probably, all this time.

She hesitates. She sighs. She surrenders.

Gladly. Gratefully.

She takes her glasses off and lets them clack onto the counter, and Lena bites her bottom lip.

“You know, I never can tell if you’re more beautiful with or without them,” she says, just above a whisper, and Kara’s breath hitches.

“Lena,” she tries desperately to change the subject. Desperately, because Lena’s drunk, and this is not how she wanted to have this conversation.

Either of these conversations.

About her being Supergirl and about her being… about her wanting more. With Lena.

“Okay, so you know who I am. Alright. I’m glad you know. But then you also should know that my mother could have stopped the destruction of my planet. My people. She could have at least tried, but she didn’t. Does that… does that make me…”

“You’re in a league of your own, Kara Zor-El Danvers,” Lena sips again, deeply, and Kara wants to lick the small drop of wine off her bottom lip, but gulps down her own spit instead.

“And so are you, Lena Luthor. So are you. You are your own person, and you… you’re amazing. You’re kind and you’re an incredible genius, and you… you said I’ve been through all that, so I must think you’re weak? It’s the opposite. I’ve been through all that, so I know exactly how strong you are. And it’s stronger than you know. You are so much stronger, so much better, than you’ve ever been allowed to give yourself credit for. I believe in you, Lena. And if you don’t believe in yourself right now, well, I’ll believe in you enough for the both of us until you can.”

The corners of Lena’s mouth twitch, and she drains her glass. “See? Ever the hero. Ever my hero,” she adds.

“And you’re one of mine,” Kara tells her, and Rao, does she mean it.

And by the time she carries Lena to the couch – hours later, when the wine has truly caught up with her and she falls asleep mid-sentence – and kisses her forehead as she lays her down, Lena feels like she may be able to actually start believing her.

Rant about Warzone: Ultramar

I see a lot of people being salty about the fact that Ultramar is able to hold off the best the Death Guard and Mortarian can throw at it without any outside help. 

I’m sorry but this is freaking ULTRAMAR. This is the 500 Worlds. This is the Empire that held off TWO ENTIRE LEGIONS (plus elements from two more) in the Shadow Crusade and TWO ENTIRE HIVE FLEETS. 

Each world is one of the most productive and prosperous ones in the Imperium. The cities were personally planned out by Guilliman. The architecture, roads, power generation and various other kinds of infrastructure on ever city of every planet was designed to maximize the efficiency, productivity and living standards of the populations. There are entire planets dedicated to just one aspect of the Empire:

-Calth is dedicated to ship building and not only manufactures void craft for the Ultramarines fleet and Ultramar defense auxilia, but also manages to build ships for export all around the Imperium.

-Iax is dedicated solely to providing food supplies for Ultramar and manages to export its surplus to the planets surrounding Ultramar as well. If thats not enough, there are THREE smaller agri-worlds (Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali) that serve as BACKUP food supply stations as well.

-Konor is dedicated to heavy industry and it has a freaking moon that is classified as a Forge World with a TITAN LEGION stationed on it.

-Parmenio is an entire planet that is dedicated to training new recruits and training soldiers for the defense auxilia.

And this is only a few examples. There are many, many more that can be listed as well.

As someone on B&C said:

“Turns out making your planets productive and capable of supporting large standing army lets you repel invaders easier than intentionally kept hellholes with small bunch of savages can”

/end rant

@ultramarineblues relevant to the salt mine lol

mutantgurls  asked:

How about an au where lance is galra and has to deal with prejudice from the people he's saving.

How about just stabbing me right now

Lance was proud of his heritage, he was Galra. He was part of one of last pure blood in the entire species. Lance was proud of that. Growing up he thought that being Galra was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. He was mistaking. 


Lance was around 14 when he realized that the Galra wasn’t what he was taught in school. By ready journals from his father (who was a high ranking soldier) Lance learned that he had been lied to his entire life. Lance couldn’t believe what he read. They killed people. They destroyed planets. For what? Zarkon?

Lance didn’t sleep that night. 


Lance was 17 when he ran away from home. He couldn’t deal with the lies anymore. He couldn’t deal with the fact that his father was the only in his family that knew the truth. He couldn’t deal with listening to one more ‘proud Galren’ speech. 


After bouncing from planet to planet Lance found himself as the Blue Paladin. He could tell that Allura wasn’t happy that Blue chose him, but no one had ever seen a stronger bond between paladin and lion before.  

Lance eventually learned to deal with Allura’s hard stare and unapproachable personality. At least Coran eventually opened up to him. 

Allura wasn’t the only aliens to jump the gun on Lance. It was not uncommon for Lance to have to dodge weapons from people that they saved. It also wasn’t uncommon for people to run inside the nearest builden they saw when Lance walk down a street with the other paladins. 

Lance eventually broke. 


Lance was flying back from a particularly hard mission. The city that they saved held a party in Voltrons name, however they “forgot” to invite the right leg. 

Lance sat in Blue while the other paladins have fun at their party. He was the first one to take off when the other paladins reached their lions. 

Allura’s voice blasted through the coms, “Great work out there paladins! Shiro you did an ex…” 

Lance tuned her out, she did this after every mission.  She would compliment everyone on what they did right but only criticize Lance on what he needed to work on. 

“Lance? Did you hear me? You can’t fly that rough with the blue lion. You’ll end up damaging her.” 

“Yes Princess.”

“I do not wish to schedule extras practices for you, but I will. You need to improve your skills so you are a valuable member of Voltron.” 

Lance snapped. “With all do respect Princess but can you stop? Every mission I have to deal with stares and people running away from me, all because of my skin color. They see purple and immediately run or treat me like garbage.” Lance swallowed. “What did I ever do to hurt you? The only people I have ever hurt is my family. That’s only because I left them without an excuse. So yes Princess I will fly better and continue to improve myself so I can kill Zarkon and leave you alone just like you want.” Lance turned off his coms. 

A few minutes later Lance landed Blue in her hanger and just sat there shaking. Allura enter the hanger but Blue activated her barrier. She wanted to protect from her pilot from anymore pain. 


I love Galra Lance tbh 

I hope you like it!

Thank you for this!

A few thoughts on self-dx

Why do anti-self-dxers always pretend that everyone who isn’t prof-dx simply doesn’t want to go to a therapist?

Because this is simply not true.

Many people just CANNOT get a professional diagnosis.

For example, getting a professional diagnosis makes a person more vulnerable for instutionalization, depending on the country you might be completely denied a health insurance, you can also lose child custody much easier, you will DEFINITELY be treated worse by doctors who don’t work in the field of mental health… And the list goes on and on.

Not every country offers resources like mine does which allow you to pursue an official diagnosis without all these problems (meaning that you can go to a therapist who is paid by the state and thus not required to pass the information on to the insurance company).
Honestly, if it wasn’t for these services, I wouldn’t have been able to get a professional diagnosis because I would lose all of my chances to get a job ever.

And it’s like that for many people. It’s not like they don’t want to get a diagnosis, it’s just that the price they’d have to pay for that is far too high.

Additionally, there is not a single country on this planet with enough therapists. Because the amount of mentally ill people has become much more (both due to more knowledge about mental conditions and the development of our society. Also, there are more people on the planet then ever before and more people also includes more mentally ill people). Many people have to wait years in order to get into a therapy program and many don’t even have the specialists they would require near them. (I live in the European region with the most cities and people in a single place and in order to get to a specialist for any of my conditions, I’d need to drive somewhere entirely else at least four hours apart from where I live even though we have one of the best infrastructures on the entire fucking continent of Europe).

It’s also really important to form a functional bond with a mental health specialist in order to get better… So even if you finally manage to find a therapist, they might be the wrong person for you and then you’ve gotta search again. (happened to me and almost all of my friends, actually)

Basically, only a small amount of people who require specialists/therapists are even able to get the treatment they need.

Even those who would be able to (just from the infrastructural pov) can’t always get a treatment because they would lose a lot in their life - their job, their autonomy, their insurance - because mental illnesses are heavily stigmatized.

However, I never really read anything by an anti-self-dxer about all of these aspects. I never read any pov of them on the fact that people with mental illnesses lose a lot or that mental health services are not good enough yet to cover all the people with mental illness. For them, it’s always about people pretending to have a mental illness/people too lazy to get a diagnosis/people misdiagnosing themselves (as if professionals would never do that lmao, suck my ass. My first therapist misdiagnosed me as “being an unempatic asshole” while my second actually diagnosed me with the condition I have)…
But it’s not that fucking easy! It’s not such a black-and-white-issue!

Self-diagnosis is an issue both of systemic oppression of mentally ill people, of financial issues, of structural issues in our society today. It’s more than not wanting to go to a professional.

It’s the result of a damn flawed mental health system that is sometimes doing more harm than good to the mentally ill people it’s supposed to protect and it saddens me to know that people would rather attack those who are the victims of this system instead of those who caused this.

PS: I didn’t make this post to start a discussion or to attack anti-self-dxer’s… It’s just really important to me to stress the reasons why I support self-diagnosis if it’s done right and why I think it’s important to acknowledge self-dx as valid. (Of course not anyone who is self-dx did it right, but I don’t think that this is what this debate should be about. It should be about WHY people self-dx in the first place and what we can do in order to remove this reason why)

Reasons why I headcanon Leia as a virgin 

1. It says in the ESB script that she’s never been kissed like that before when Han kisses her on the Falcon, not to mention the way she literally barely bats an eye when face to face with Vader and Tarkin or when Echo base is collapsing around her but she trembles like a nervous little nerf when Han Solo rubs her hand (what a nerd I love her). Script also states twice that she blushes in two of her interactions with Han (who is also a huge nerd), both of which are centered around physical contact and/or sexual/romantic innuendo 

2. Leia wears only white for like two whole films and that is a pretty obvious visual cue from the creator. I also think it’s pretty clear that George Lucas wrote Leia’s character intending her to be a virgin. 

3. Leia is experienced and accomplished in literally every single other aspect of her life. She is highly educated, a princess and a diplomat with all the skills that come along with those positions, a senator and politician when she’s basically still a child, a spy for the rebel alliance, plus she can pilot, she can fight… the list goes on, and for me at least when I’m writing her it’s a little refreshing for her to have one area of life where she ISN’T in her comfort zone, where she’s for once not entirely certain of herself and isn’t already like, subject expert competent supreme like she is at literally every other single thing. 

4. And, in addition, unlike those who think it makes Han and Leia “unequal” for her to be a virgin and for him to be experienced (although I wholeheartedly reject the womanizer Han Solo trope), I think it actually levels the playing field between the two of them, because YES Han is extremely intelligent and he’s arguably the best pilot in the galaxy and he’s not a bad fighter or mechanic either, but I think it’s fair to say that Leia outstrips him in many ways. Leia is basically a superhero and everyone knows it. Han is a smuggler for the rebellion but Leia is one of the people running the show. She’s eloquent. She’s composed (most of the time). Han is definitely as naturally intelligent as Leia is but she’s much more educated. She’s spent like her entire life learning how to run an entire planet, how to govern an entire people, studying the history of the whole galaxy, learning how to comport herself amongst probably hundreds of races and cultures, writing policy, blah blah blah you get it. I think with all else considered it’s more “equal” between them for her to have that area of vulnerability, an area where she hasn’t already completely found her footing, and I think it makes it all the more significant for her to take that step specifically with Han, for her to trust HIM with that when she might not completely know what she’s doing, which might be otherwise nerve wracking and foreign to her simply because she DOES know exactly what she’s doing when it comes to literally everything else. 

5. Leia is only 19 when she meets Han and despite what so many people seem to think, it’s extremely common for a 19 year old to be a virgin. I also think that Leia was so ambitious and accomplishing so much at such an early age and SO PASSIONATE about what was going on in the galaxy that she was completely focused on becoming a senator and joining the rebellion, and I personally think at 19 she might have thought that romantic or sexual dalliances weren’t worth her time or energy when there were much more important things for her to be doing. I also feel that she was in an extremely precarious position by the time she got to the imperial senate and that she didn’t trust many of the people around her, either because she was literally the daughter of one of the founders of the rebellion and couldn’t let anyone too close or because it was physically dangerous for her to be too close to someone (like she could have been kidnapped and held for ransom or who knows what like come on she was a thorn in Palpatine’s side and despised by the imps and probs had a target on her back) or because people might have wanted to blackmail her or spy on her, etc. I ALSO think that pragmatic young Leia would have weighed the pros and cons of sex and decided that there was no pro that outweighed the cons. Cons: any of the above scenarios, possible scandal, pregnancy, STDs, etc. Pros: physical gratification which she was quite capable of providing for herself anyways 

6. I think Leia is a very private person and is very careful and conscious of how much of herself she lets others see. I think she has her cool, impassive and poised mask that she wears that she doesn’t take off for just anybody, and I don’t think that being naked and emotionally vulnerable (because even if you don’t think sex has romantic or emotional intrinsic value, sex–especially for the first time–can be very emotionally vulnerable) so casually and with just anybody is in line with that component of her personality. Just like I don’t think Leia would allow anyone but the people closest to her to see her cry, or know she was nervous about something, or see her doubled over cracking up laughing so hard her stomach hurt, I also don’t think Leia would allow someone to see her naked and in the throws of pleasure unless it was someone she trusted and cared for enough to shed her mask in front of. It’s also, in part because of the above, my personal opinion and headcanon that Leia is waiting to be in love to have sex. 

7. I don’t think Han and Leia slept together until the trip to Bespin at the very earliest, and there wouldn’t have been anything to keep them from having sex before that if she weren’t waiting for the right person. The sexual tension between them was clearly through the roof for a long time, and if she wasn’t a virgin and wasn’t waiting and they were both sexually attracted to each other, they would’ve just had sex then, wouldn’t they have? So in my opinion it doesn’t seem to make sense in the context of the story. You could say it was because Han was leaving and Leia didn’t want to be heartbroken, but that argument would only hold up if Leia felt that sex was an emotionally intimate and significant act. If she didn’t attribute any deeper meaning to sex and viewed it as a casual, no big deal type thing, then having sex with Han shouldn’t have made it any harder to lose him than her regular day to day interactions with him. 

8. Because I like and am attached to my headcanon of virgin Leia, because I like the implications of Han being her first, and because it think it best aligns with the story, her characterization, my interpretations, and the creator’s intentions. 

NOT reasons why I headcanon virgin Leia 

1. Because I think there’s anything wrong with casual sex or because I look down on anyone else’s personal choices regarding sex 

2. Because I think it ruins Leia’s character for her to have had sex before Han 

3. Because I think sex would make Leia “impure" 

4. Because I think it’s ok for a man to have sex but not a woman and I’m perpetuating a double standard 

5. Because I hate fics or authors that use "experienced” Leia 

6. Because I think Leia “can’t” have had sex before Han 

This has been a PSA

thor and t'challa would get along so well (one, because everyone likes thor and two, because they would bond over being beautiful royals with great fashion sense)

you think if thor met t'challa?? he wouldn’t fall in love instantly??? you goddamn idiots.

thor (and like. every asgardian ever, actually) love that “honor and family” code of living and t'challa is like The Guy for that!!

both of them understand carrying the weight of an entire country (or planet) and they also understand struggling between doing what’s right for their family or for their people!

like. not only would they be the best looking couple ever, but they have so much in common?? their backgrounds, while completely different, are also exactly the same?

anyway thor and t'challa is good and everyone should agree with me

Coffee - Newt

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Finally! I wrote fluff! And it didn’t turn into angst by accident! - N x

Here’s how my day goes: I wake up, at first ticked off because surprise surprise, 72 hours a week working in the medhut is exhausting, I go to the mess hall, and my day is immediately made better by what people think is coffee.

Apparently, the creators think that too, judging by how they send up coffee just for me. How do I know it’s for me? Nobody else drinks it.

Truthfully, I hate coffee, but hey, it’s the only cover-up for what really brightens up my day.

“Hey,” a familiar blond-haired and brown-eyed boy walked beside me as we made our way to our table.

“Oooh, careful. She isn’t Glinda ‘til she has her morning coffee,” Minho teased, catching up to me.

“Good morning, Newt,” I greeted, looking at my crush. I flashed a smile before looking at my brother and the smile faded. “Weasel,” I greeted, sitting down. 

“Why does Newt get a nice, friendly greeting?” Minho complained, sitting across from me. He knew why. He’s been trying to get me to say it since he found out a week after we both were sent up.

“Because Newt doesn’t tease me first thing in the morning. He knows better,” I answered. It was a partial truth. Newt sat next to me.

“I try not to until she has her coffee. She’s more cheery then,” Newt smiled at me before digging into his food.

“Right. Coffee,” Minho rolled his eyes. I stomped on his foot under the table. “Ow!” He yelped, making Newt look at him quizzically.

“Apologies. Was that your foot? I thought it was a spider or a gigantic cockroach,” I glared at my brother, who rolled his eyes.

“Siblings start fighting already? That’s gotta be a new record,” Thomas sat next to Minho.

“Shut up,” Minho and I said simultaneously. I put down my fork and glared at him. He glared back. “Ew! Gross! Stop it!” We both said.

“I would pay to watch this,” Gally laughed. Sitting on the other side of Newt.

“Shut up!” Minho and I said again, glaring at Gally then at each other. “Ugh!” We both groaned.

“Children, stop fighting or your both grounded,” Alby sat next to me. We rolled our eyes. Realizing we did it at the same time. We both glared at each other. “How do you guys deal with this?” He asked Newt and Thomas. “Your best friends are the most annoying people on the planet,” he laughed.

“Hey! We are not annoying!” I defended. Minho looked at me confused as to why I was defending him. “It’s just him!” I pointed at my brother, who rolled his eyes.

Me? You’ve got to be kidding. Hey, at least I’m not the one who hides her-” He began.

“Oh shut it, Slimeball. You’re lowering the whole IQ of the entire Glade,” I cut him off.

“Who put you on this planet?” I gasped, feigning shock and I put my hand on my head.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Newt asked.

“Did you feel that?” I asked, pretending to be panicked. “I can feel my brain cells dying as he speaks!” Minho rolled his eyes as Newt relaxed.

“Yea-” My brother began.

“There’s another one!” I yelped.


“And another!” My brother just rolled his eyes. I chuckled. I finished my coffee and my breakfast. I stood up, getting out of my seat.

“I’ll see you boys later. If you need me, you know where to find me,” I said in a sing-song voice as I raced to the medhut.

That’s generally my morning. Then comes lunch break.

I usually wait for Newt in the fields, but something was different this time. I couldn’t explain it, but the whole feel was different.

Minho ran beside me.

“You are so screwed,” he teased. I smiled at the blond who glanced at me before working again.

“Shut up. How about you and Thomas, huh?” I teased.

“Oh please. That’s never gonna happen.”

“You wish it would though.” He rolled his eyes at me.

“Anyways, you’re so screwed.” I rolled my eyes. “He’ll figure out that it’s not actually coffee that makes you nice.”

“Maybe,” I shrugged.

“You know, he likes you too.” I laughed.

“Yeah, right. Good joke, Minho.” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s true! Hey, you’re my sister. Your hair is almost as good looking as mine,” he half-joked. I rolled my eyes. I looked at my brother.

“No way he’d ever like me. I mean, have you seen him?”

“Seen who?” A familiar voice asked, walking up to us.

“Oh, nobody,” Minho smoothly lied. I sent him a grateful look. “Y/N here just thinks the guy she had a crush on would never like her. Even though I’m 99% sure he does.” My look of thanks turned into a death glare.

“What?” Both Newt and I asked, though, mine in a more threatening tone.

“Oh yeah. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” My brother teased. I choked up.

“I… I…” I looked at Newt, then back at my brother. “I am going to find some way to murder you, Minho, and when I do it’s gonna hurt,” I threatened.

“Please you love me,” Minho rolled his eyes. “Almost as much as you love-”

“Coffee!” I exclaimed, earning a weird glance from Newt. “I think I need another cup of coffee,” I chuckled nervously, beginning to walk to the mess hall with the two boys.

“Look, for what it’s worth, Y/N, you’re fantastic. Whoever it is probably does like you and they’d be stupid if they didn’t,” Newt assured me. His voice trying to be reassuring, but there was a tinge of an emotion in it. An emotion I couldn’t exactly read. I rolled my eyes.

“Please. Even if there was a guy I liked, they wouldn’t like me back even after fish start flying and hell is as cold as Pluto,” I grumbled.

“You don’t have to deny the existence of the guy just because I like you, Y/N, it’s fine.” I froze in my tracks. Minho did too.

“What?” I asked. Newt stopped walking and faced my brother and I.

“I’m assuming that the reason you’re denying his existence is because you want to spare my feelings, right?” Newt asked.

“Oh mon dieu,” I muttered.

“Oh my god,” Minho groaned. “You-” He looked at me. “You-” He looked at Newt. “Oh my god! You’re both so dense! I mean, I expected it from my sister, but Newt, man, I expected better.”

“What?” Newt asked incredulously.

“Y/N hates coffee!” Minho yelled, loud enough for the whole Glade to hear, but I was in too much shock to respond.

“That’s ridiculous, Minho. She drinks it every morning and then she’s a lot happier than she was before she drank the coffee. She likes coffee. A blind man could see it!” Newt argued. Minho facepalmed.

“It’s not the coffee that cheers her up! She uses the coffee to hide the actual thing that helps her in the morning!” Newt paused.

“Frypan’s cooking?” He rose an eyebrow.

“Oh my god!” Minho exclaimed. “No, you moron! Think about it. In the morning. She gets her food and her coffee and you go up to her, she greets you all friendly, and she eats breakfast with us all. She greets you good morning while she practically ignores everybody else and she greets me with ‘weasel’ because I never stop teasing her about the crush she has on the actual reason why she’s so happy after breakfast!” Newt obviously wasn’t following. “Oh my god! You, you idiot! She likes you!”

“You like me?” I muttered to Newt. They both looked at me, but I was only looking at Newt.

“We’ve established that, Y/N!” Minho exclaimed. “You’ve gotta keep up!”

“Okay,” another person, Thomas, joined in. “Minho, let’s leave the two lovebirds alone.” He dragged my brother away.

“I… I… you… I…” I was having a hard time formulating a sentence. “Huh?” Newt chuckled at my frazzled behavior, smiling at me. He looked down, then up at me. He stepped closer to me.

“You like me?” He asked.

“I… Hang on, wait a second. No, you don’t get to change the topic?” I questioned. “Wait a second. Hold on a minute. This doesn’t make sense.”

“What do you mean?” He looked at me quizzically, but he was still smiling.

“I… You’re… I…” It was like I was solving a ridiculously hard math problem.

“I like you. There’s no question about it. It’s not difficult. It’s simple. I thought you knew,” he told me. He cupped my face with my hands. I blushed, meeting his brown eyes.

“I hate coffee,” I admitted. He chuckled.

“Your brother made that pretty clear.” I smiled.

“I like you.” Finally, he did something I had been waiting for him to do since forever. He pressed his lips to mine. His arms found their way around my waist and my arms found their way around his neck. Around us, it seemed like the whole Glade erupted in cheers and ‘Finally!’s, but I didn’t care.

We both pulled away for air. Our foreheads rested against each other.

“I really thought you knew,” Newt chuckled.

“I thought you knew! I mean, other than the coffee, it’s not like I was being discreet!” I laughed. “I just thought… I thought you weren’t saying or doing anything because you didn’t like me back. I mean, I’m not anything special.” He shook his head.

“You’re kidding, right? You’re perfect,” he assured me. His lips landed on mine again, and I gladly kissed back. We both pulled away. “So, you really don’t like coffee?” He asked. I laughed. I shook my head.

“I hate coffee.”


one tree hill cast / 2003 - ∞

You ever heard the expression ‘The best things in live are free.’ Well that expression is true.’ Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back. (nathan scott)

Uncontrollable (1/2)

it’s here! sorry for taking a while but someone requested a keith x reader one shot based on @weremagnus‘s post and i, being the angst loving shit i am, loved the idea!! i’ll try my best to keep it to two parts lol. enjoy! DON’T TAG AS SHEITH PLEASE

word count: 3884 (imsosorry)

There was an uncomfortable silence throughout the castle. No one spoke, no one hardly breathed. Lance, Hunk, and Pidge could only stare at the form before them all while Allura whispered under her breath to Coran, who replied in the same hushed tones. Then came Keith. The only one standing in front of the glass that belonged to the healing watching intently for any movement, any sign that the person inside would be 100% okay once emerged. They had Shiro back. He was beaten, battered, and near death. But they finally had him back in the safety of the castle.

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when first they met
also available on ao3

They met him with guns raised.

Of course they did.

Oberon had only just outrun the Archon and a veritable cloud of kett ships. The Tempest was no better than a wounded bird, unable to fly far enough to get them anywhere the needed to be. So they landed, breathless, at the demands of the aliens who surrounded them the moment they hit the atmosphere, and everyone knew what this meant. First contact, again. First contact, when the first went so very badly.

After taking a moment to compose himself at the helm, Oberon lifted his head and turned towards the crew. They stood there, staring back at him with differing expressions. Cora looked concerned. Liam, angry and excited for different reasons. Vetra folded her arms, unhappy with his decision to go forward alone. Drack and Peebee were curious to see how all of this was going to pan out; one had a more positive outlook than the other, though not by much. Delight glinted in Suvi’s eyes, but Kallo looked afraid. Worried. About Oberon, or about his ship? It was hard to tell.

“I don’t know how this is going to go,” Oberon admitted, his voice as soft as it was unsure. “I could step off of the ramp and get shot. They could blow up the Tempest.”

Kallo made a quiet, distraught noise in his throat.

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Lover And A Fighter- Rob McClanahan

Originally posted by lidstroms

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” you heard a male voice’s voice call from inside. The door opened to reveal your best friend since pre-K in sweats, a t-shirt from the U, and his socks, running his hands through his still wet from the shower hair. 

“(Y/N)? Hey, it’s almost 10, what’s-…” he froze when he took a good look at your face, noticing red, puffy eyes and countless tear tracks on your cheeks. “Shit, what happened? You’re crying. (Nickname), what’s wrong?”

You sniffled as he let you inside. “I- It’s W-Will. H-he… He cheat-ted on m-me… I-I caught him w-with another girl.”

His eyes turned big as he led you over to the couch and sat next to you. They were almost comparable saucers in only a couple seconds. “He what!?”

You sniffled and told him everything. How you had gone over that night to give him back his baseball hat that he had forgotten at your dorm after he dropped you back off after a date that night. You drove over to his place off campus and used the key he gave you to get in only to find him making out with another girl on his couch.

You confronted your now ex-boyfriend about it to which he replied he’d found someone more his type months ago. This Clarissa girl you’d caught him with and him had been dating behind your back for nearly half a year and he said he was going to dump you soon, anyways. You chucked his hat and the spare key he’d given you at him and hurried out of the room before speeding over to Rob’s place, crying the whole way.

When you next looked to Rob, his usually soft, caring brown eyes were now burning with pure rage and hatred. He looked like he was barely restraining himself from hitting something. You’d never seen him like that before.


He got up from where he was sitting and nearly growled, going to get his coat and shoes from by the door. “I’m gonna fucking kill him. (Y/N), I swear to God, I’m going to murder him.”

“Robbie, no!” you sniffled. “Don’t do that! I don’t want you in jail. You’re my best friend!”

“(Y/N), you don’t understand!” he groaned. “He had you and he just gave up one of the best people on the entire planet! Your smile, your laugh, your hair, your brain, your heart, you! He gave that up and broke your big, loving heart! So, I’m gonna go break his face!”

You were getting almost confused. “Rob, why are you getting so worked up over me!? Please, please calm down!”

“Because he gave you up and treated you like garbage!” he said. “You’re the most incredible person ever! You’re my best friend and I’m in love with you!”

Everything seemed to freeze in that moment.

You could only stare at your friend. “You… You w-what?”

He sighed and ran another hand though his semi-long hair. “Fuck.”

“Mac? Mackie?” you asked. “Mackie, please…”

“Since junior high.” he confessed. “(Y/N), I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I could remember. And I realized I really had fallen hard for you in 8th grade to the point where I just gave in and accepted that I could probably never have you and you’d never see me the same, yet I was still just happy to be in your life and be with you. Why do you think I asked you to prom even if it was “just as friends” back in senior year even if I wanted to ask you as my date and make you my girlfriend ? I’ve just always been too scared because you might turn me down and think it’s too awkward to go on and continue even being friends and I don’t want to lose you. So, let me down easy and at least let me go kick his ass a little bit. Please?”

You barely had time to register what you were doing before you had hurried over and pressed your lips to his, your hands fisted in the old grey t-shirt. He was startled, to say the least, but it didn’t take long for him to kiss back. His lips were soft and his hands were big and warm as he held you close. His arms were strong and made you feel safe as they wrapped around you and you wrapped your arms loosely around his neck.

You pulled away for air a couple minutes later, touching your forehead to his.

You sniffled and spoke. “You… you.. Robert Bruce McClanahan, you have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say that.”

He looked at you, his eyes now back to the calm they normally were as they stared into your (e/c) ones. “What?”

“Robbie, I’m… I love you, too.” you confessed. “For a long, long time. I just never thought I could have someone like you. You’re… perfect. Your goofy laugh, your grin, your floofy hair, your hockey, your heart, your attitude, your everything. You’re perfect to me, Rob.”

He smiled. “Like how you are to me?”

You blushed and averted your eyes. “Quiet.”

“I’m serious.” he said. “You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl and more. You’re perfect to me.”

You blushed heavier. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” he said, giving you his bright grin. “(Y/N)? Would you do me an honor and be mine? I promise I will never ever hurt you and I’ll treat you like the amazing woman you are. You know I will.”

You sniffled and smiled at him. “Only if you’ll agree to be mine.”

“There’s no one else’s I’d rather be.”

“Good.” you grinned. “Now, promise you won’t kill him?”

He rolled his eyes. “Yes. I promise I won’t kill him.”

“Thank you.” you said before giving him a smirk. “However, I never said we couldn’t TP his house.”

He grinned. “Wanna go do that real fast then come back here to sleep or watch a movie or something?”

You grinned back and took his hand in yours. “Sounds like a perfect first date to me. Let’s go.”


get to know me meme: One Tree Hill    ::    [5/5] tv shows

You ever heard the expression ‘The best things in live are free.’ Well that expression is true.’ Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.

anonymous asked:

is there any reason for vergas to be acting the way he does tho? does he just do it for fun? or is it some spoilery reason?

i guess its semi spoilery not really idk but i think ill put it under a cut anyways for people who really want to know / just in case people wanna analyze this stuff for themselves (i know i personally like analyzing characters myself first + forming my own opinions before i look into other people’s perspectives)

AAAANYWAYS ill dive in as best as i can? vergas kind-of-meta-i-guess under the cut

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one tree hill meme
[2/8] quotes: “You ever heard the expression: ‘The best things in live are free’? Well, that expression is true. Every once in a while, people step up; they rise above themselves. Sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard, but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.”


I’m definitely the jokester of the group. I’m kinda mischievous I guess. For the entire shoot I kept on doing this thing where I’d call people into rooms then hide behind something and leap out to scare them. Everyone got so sick of it. There was also a staircase in the studio that wasn’t fully solid so you could reach between the stairs, and one time I grabbed Finn’s leg as he was walking down the stairs. His scream!! Best thing on the planet.

Father's Day with Taehyung

And now it is time for my love, easily one of my favorite people on the entire planet bc he’s just so lovely, inside and out like not only is he a sweetheart but he can sing and his voice is so beautiful I could fall asleep to his voice and I mean that in the best way possible, the second half of the Daegu line, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • For everyone that hasn’t read it and would like more details about the kids or tae as a father, all of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part one, he has four kids
  • He’s got two sons and two daughters
  • The eldest is his first son, the daughter are twins and then the maknae is his second son
  • The house is never quiet
  • Someone is always awake, someone’s always screaming, someone’s always laughing hysterically
  • No matter what the noise is, there’s always something
  • You two have the occasion silent day when the kids are out of the house
  • Sometimes one of the boys take the kids out or they have a day with the grandparents or their aunt or uncle
  • You two can sleep in and lounge around and do nothing
  • It’s all great but at the same time you miss your lil bbys the entire time
  • Like what’re they doing rn?? Are they having fun?? Are they eating?? Do they miss you and Tae ??
  • The second they get home it’s all hugs and kisses and cuddles all night long bc your bbys
  • Side note the cuddles in the Kim house are real
  • Every second they’re together, two of them are cuddling
  • It switches up all the time
  • Sometimes the girls are cuddling, sometimes the boys are, sometimes one of the kids is cuddling tae, sometimes one of them is cuddling you, sometimes it’s a giant cuddle session
  • They’re filled with tiny giggles that resemble tae’s but smaller
  • Like he has a giggle but it’s like a deep giggle
  • So take his giggle and make it smol and higher pitched and there you go you have the bbys’ laughs
  • Tell me that shit doesn’t sound adorable
  • He honestly loves each and every one so fucking much
  • Like he could go on for actual weeks about how much he loves them
  • They are easily his favorite people in the entire world (including you)
  • They’re literally just mini hims what is there not to love
  • They’re precious as fuck, they’re amused by everything, they’re all super bubbly
  • They’d get his adorable square smile and it’d be so cute bc teeny tiny taes waddling around giggling every two seconds
  • Onesies all day everyday
  • Sometimes they just wanna be puppies, sometimes a duck, maybe a turtle
  • Either way the second tae gets home, they insist that he wears the matching one bc he’s gotta match his bbys
  • Speaking of matching
  • When the Kims have a big day out where they know they’re gonna be in a crowded area (an amusement park is a good example) they all wear matching shirts
  • But these aren’t just any matching shirts
  • They’re a lil DIY project you guys do whenever they kids grow out of the shirt
  • The actual shirt doesn’t matter, it’s the back that matters
  • On the back is the Kim surname and then a number, just like a jersey
  • Tae is Kim #1, you’re Kim #2 and the kids are 3 and on based on age
  • You two both keep a v v careful eye on your kids and tae would never ever let them get far enough from him to lose sight of them but he just wants that extra protection
  • Plus it’s adorable
  • They also enjoy wearing his shirts around the house bc they smell like him and they’re comfy and long enough to drag on the floor behind them
  • They each make him a card
  • Someone suggest maybe just making a card together instead of four cards but that doesn’t sit well with them
  • They each wanna do something different
  • Bby #1 wants to draw a family portrait, bby #2 wants to draw a sun and give it sunglasses, bby #3 wants to draw a puppy and bby #4 wants to draw Tae
  • They hand make the cards and the edges are crooked but that just makes him love them even more
  • Like these are the cards his bbys made for him, just him
  • The morning starts off with the kids waking you both up at like 8 in the morning bc they’re so excited to show dad their cards
  • They all have different tactics when it comes to waking him up
  • Bby #1 likes to jump around the bed, bby #2 likes to give kiss attacks, bby #3 just yells “daddy wake up” at the top of her lungs and bby #4 just likes to cuddle him until he wakes up naturally
  • It’s difficult to stay asleep when you have four children trying to wake you up so it’s pretty damn effective
  • He takes the time to look at each and every one so none of them feel left out and he makes sure to give each of them praise for it
  • He keeps the cards in the studio so he can look at them whenever he wants and get inspiration or motivation
  • He would hands down spend the day with family
  • The boys are more than welcome to join them if they have time
  • But he would want to spend the day with his family and he wouldn’t really care about whether he got gifts or cards or whatever
  • He just wants to be with his favorite people
  • He would just love having his bbys all cuddled up to him while his parents are telling them stories about when their father was their age
  • He’d have this huge grin on his face and he’d literally be so so happy
  • Father’s Day with Tae is loud but loving and sweet
From zeroes to heroes

External image

Take a good look at these guys. (Not to be confused with this. Ever.)
They go through a ridiculous amount, and we never really think just the amount of stuff they have to process in such a short period of time.

Danny’s parents have been working with ghosts for AT LEAST 18 years. (In Prisoners of Love we learn that they’ve been married for this long). And since they’ve been working with ghosts in college – pre-marriage, it’s pretty safe to assume that their ghost studies has been around for about 20 years.

After already basing a whole life time career and dedicating at least two decades of their lives hunting ghosts, Jack confesses he has yet to have seen one (Mystery Meat). He has no proof that what he dedicated EVERYTHING on are actually real.

After a short embarrassment with Jazz, Jack gives up on ghosts completely. 

External image

This decision couldn’t have been an easy one, but he made it because of Jazz. He loves her enough to give up 20 years of dedication.

But all of a sudden a ghost just zooms by, reaffirming his lifestyle choice!
External image

External image

This doesn’t mean that he loves Jazz any less, but Jazz’s entire argument was that ghosts don’t exist. FINALLY, the Fenton’s whole existence of beliefs are solidified. Ghosts exist! And after two decades they finally have proof! 

Now fast forward through all the highs and lows of Fenton parents in the series – the leading ghost hunters of Amity Park, to the sheer embarrassment they have caused multiple times.

On more than one occasion, they find out their SON is a motherfuckin ghost. That one of their college best friends is ANOTHER motherfuckin ghost.

From two decades of dedicating a life to ghosts without proof of existence, to finding out that two very close people in their lives are GHOSTS. Not only to mention, discovering your best friend that you’ve admired for years is actually evil, while your son is responsible for saving the entire planet. How the hell do they cope with that??? Between them finding out ghosts were real, to finding out about Vlad and Danny, that couldn’t have been more than 2 years. That’s so much in such a short period of time.

Yet on every occasion, although shocked, they handle this information like mature adults, and place their own parenting over their life commitment. 

External image

Remember, the series doesn’t start when Danny gets his ghost powers. The series begins when Danny’s parents first discover ghosts, and ends at the point where they discover (for good this time) their own son is one.

Personal Disagreements with The Death of Satine Kryze

-cracks knuckles- 

Okay, @asaj-ventress, this is for you and all you other Satine fans out there.

What did our Duchess of Mandalore do for the series upon her introduction?

She was many things. A connection to Obi Wan’s past. A woman ruling over a war ravaged planet keeping neutral in the war. A competent woman who was self sufficient and calm despite the responsibilities and pressure.

There is much difficulty in staying neutral during a time where wars are all about *pick a side, any side, all the sides!~* and if you don’t  play the game, it’s very very difficult to live out your life by yourself. 

Yet, Satine is all about that uphill battle. She sticks by her morals and never compromises them. She has people she loves dearly and holds close, but is still capable of seeing their faults and calling them out on it.

As the series progressed and we revisited Satine numerous times, we got to see more of what she had to work and deal with on a regular basis. Things she had to deal with almost entirely by herself.

Rare moments, she would have help, but for the most part, Satine takes the phrase, “If you need something done right, do it yourself” and embodies it strongly.

All the while, you see things crumbling around her. Corruption seeding itself deeper than she could have realized. One after another, people she had considered trusted friends turn on her. 

She is a woman who, by no fault of her own, holds a planet of people that are at best stagnating, and at worst, deteriorating. 

A downfall was likely what we sensed being led to. We expected that, but was her death in that nature truly fitting for a character like Satine?

Especially when the main reason for her death is because of her connection to Obi Wan? 

No. I think that’s incredibly unfair. It plays into a constant trope that has been played up repeatedly. 

– Admin CG

Here’s a tip for worldbuilding: Don’t get caught up in “is this particular setup the best one for my fictional people to live in”, and instead focus on “what is the best setup for my story to take place in”.

Take the Royals au. Royal Remnant is ruled by monarchies- there are five kingdoms, with varying levels of democracy beneath the monarch, but all five of them are ruled by monarchs.

Is this the best system of government for an entire planet to live under? Nah. I know that, and I know that the biggest ingredient for why this system works within this universe is the good old writer’s fallback of because I say so. I know that.

But the story I’m writing is dependant on this system. A lot of the story would need a serious overhaul if I were to change that one piece of context. And that’s okay!

It’s really easy, when you’re worldbuilding, to want to make your fictional world the Best Place To Live for your fictional people. I get that. I play around with shit like that all the time, and it’s one of the reasons why- for example- religion isn’t the overwhelming force in Rhell that it is in our world.

But like… you gotta find that balance, okay? Sometimes you just gotta say “okay, that’ll work, my story can work with that” and then like… let it be.