one of the best lines tbh

Types of people that like different Star Trek shows


Spirk 5ever

My captain can kick your captains ass

Spock is bae

Red shirt

Uhura is a literal goddess

Ahead warp factor 1

Everyone is gay™

Uhura and chapel are gay and I would die for them

Knows who m'benga is


I want Tasha yar to kick my ass

Data is shaped like a friend

Fully functional™


Tasha deserved better

Alexander deserved better

Data deserved better

Klingon enthusiast

Romulan enthusiast

Casually pretends that one movie didn’t happen

The line must be drawn heyah and no fahrthah

Picard is the best captain because he is the best at diplomacy™

I would die for worf

I love will riker

I hate will riker


Outcasts didn’t happen

Only here for Q tbh




Is only here for the cardassians tbh

Weyoun never did anything wrong in his life


Garashir is love garashir is life

Wedding episode™

Just a simple tailer

Spy AU

Vic fontaine is the best ever


ships everyone

Everyone is gay™

Jadzia didn’t die for this



I want janeway to punch me it the face

I want b'elanna to kick me in the throat

Weird is part of the job™

Resistance is futile


Irish town AU

Delta Flyer™

Wth is Broccoli doing here??


Gratuitous decontamination chamber scenes

Wrist nipples

Just here for the vulcans tbh

Just here for porthos tbh

Loves everyone is just happy to be here


shran is my reason for existing

Express hoshi sato could slit my throat and I would thank her



Y'all should have listened to t'pol when ya had the chance smh

Loving pineapple is my only trait


Tag yourself! I’m all of them

Love Is Ludicrous; Wedding

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x Jimin feat Taehyung and Jungkook

x Mature, Fuckboy/Playboy Maknae Line

x 1846

Plot: Jimin Park was the ultimate definition of playboy along with his friends Taehyung Kim and Jungkook Jeon. Upon one of his best friends getting married, he’ll have to deal with consiquences also known as Y/N

x Next

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Music thumps in the ear drums of those using the excuse of dancing to grind upon random people and of those random people was infamous playboy Park Jimin.

It was normal to see Jimin grinding upon one girl with another in his arms while another is getting him a drink, it was a usual routine for people like him.

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SO THIS HAPPENED OMFG ASJNJJDSF I met Rainbow Rowell with my sisters, she signed our books and then we took a pic,,, and omg she was the sweetest and the nicest 💖💖💖


Ryan, you’re Luke Skywalker. You’re battling Greg, who’s Darth Vader. When space adventurer Lando Calrissian, Wayne, comes in to help. Colin keeps entering as other Star Wars characters.
The trick is, every time they speak they have to use these exact number of words. Greg, you can only and always have to use 2 words, Colin you always have to use 3 words, Ryan you always have to use 4 words, Wayne you always have to use 5 words.


I did this as a kind of a memorial for my recently deceased cat, Spike. He had the most beautiful white socks and, yeah, I just loved him a lot. This was pretty therapeutic and I like to think he’d like it if he saw it ahah

Helena (Vocals + Bass)
My Chemical Romance

Helena with just Gerard’s vocals and Mikey’s bass line.

I hope y’all like it!!

I love it when you can focus on Gerard’s vocals and Mikey’s bass line here because damn x_x

mine :)

not my best one, tbh. but it’s worth you peeps’ entertainment :)

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Note:Hey!So here are your pickup lines Admirer #1!Hope i made the right choices;).Tbh i don’t remember the pickup lines from the previous part so excuse me if there are similarities-xx Steph

Altaïr:I’ll give you a kiss.If you don’t like it,you can return it.

Ezio:There’s only one thing i want to change about you and that’s your last name.

Connor:You may fall from the sky,you may fall from a tree but the best way to fall,is in love with me.

Desmond:Are you wi-fi?Cause i feel a connection.

Edward:I’m not drunk,i’m just intoxicated by you.

Haytham:Do you have a name or can i just call you mine?

Arno:Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?

Shaun:On a rate from 1-10 you are a 9 because I’m the 1 you need.

Jacob:You must be an airbender because you take my breath away.

Shay:If i had a dollar for every time i thought of you,I’d have one dollar because you never leave my mind.

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OMG can you pls post that picture of jimin you used in the 'maknae line gets jealous of you spending a lot of time with hobi and yoongi' texts bc that seriously killed me 😍😍 (You're blog is amazing btw one of my favorites cause you're texts are A++++++☆☆☆☆☆)

AHHHHHH THANK YOUUUU 💖💖 I’m trying my best tbh and i’ll do my bes to improve in future 💘💘💘

Here is your Jimin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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How do you draw eyes? I wonder on this for a long time... TT-TT. (Sorry if my English is bad)

No problem! I understand you just fine. ^^ um…. okay just know first that I am not the best art teacher. ^^; So I’m just gonna try and show a step by step process? It’s a pretty simple one for me tbh.

I hope that helps just little?? :D I think my eyes are weird cause my lines are so scribblely sometimes?  But hopefully you have an idea of how I do my eyes.

Thanks for asking~

“He was just joking”

We’ve heard some take on those words probably a hundred thousand times. On both a large scale and a small one. It’s the go-to defense for anytime our fun steps over the line and ends up hurting someone else–just joking, didn’t mean anything by it. It’s often flimsy excuse in the best of cases, but when we apply those words to people who make a living off of making jokes, it really exposes our own hypocrisy.

 So many fans of Youtubers have sent a comment that on their darkest days, watching one of their faves’ videos still makes them laugh. That sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps them going. Humor has the power to turn an entire shitstorm of a day around. We’ve all experienced it. And yet for all that we’re willing to nod and share stories about how humor has the power to uplift and heal us, very few of us are willing to acknowledge that power when it comes to the other edge of the sword–as powerful as jokes are in bringing us joy, they can also be just as powerful in bringing us harm. Anyone who has every been a victim of bullying already knows the truth of this first hand. Jokes, when directed at someone can demolish them. Destroy their self-confidence, their motivation, the self-perception, sometimes for decades after the teasing has stopped. The repercussions of such harmful jokes last long after the ones who’ve told them have forgotten about it, moved on, unaffected. 

Plenty of us have friends whose boundaries include not teasing them about weight or appearance or the way they talk, even when very obviously joking, even when every action and other word out of our mouths is filled with love for them. Because even if coming from a place of love, sometimes a joke just hits too close to home–it hurts anyway.

This is why racist, sexist, and anti-semitic jokes are always bad. They always cross the line. Whether the person making them intended harm is besides the point if they aren’t willing to fully acknowledge and change their behavior. Pewdiepie’s “just jokes” rest on top of a history wherein millions of Jewish people were murdered just for being Jewish. In this case there is no “he didn’t mean it that way.” He knows history. If he didn’t mean it to be cruel, if he didn’t mean to cause harm, then what did he mean, in targeting Jewish people, more than once, and the long, dark history of hatred they face as the butt of his jokes? 

Don’t discredit a man who has made millions, made history, made his life’s work making content to entertain, to make people laugh, as “just joking.” If youtubers didn’t think that humor had any deep meaning, any power, and influence, then they wouldn’t poor all of their time and energy and heart into their channels. We know this.

So when one of them starts making jokes that aren’t there to bring us joy–or will only bring us joy if we are willing to cause other innocent people pain–we have a duty not to dismiss their actions as “just” jokes. As “just” humor. We’ve all experienced the power behind humor, behind any words, and we need to demand that creators wield that power responsibly. Many youtubers are angry at the media for being disrespectful of pewdiepie, but pewdiepie himself was disrespectful of both Jewish people and the youtube community by making Anti-semitic content, regardless of whether he is a card-carrying Nazi or just ignorant of his own actions. He has apologized for the jokes, but has become more concerned with news outlets besmirching his image than he has the repercussions of his actions on his fans and on Youtube as a whole. After all, we all found out about the pattern of Anti-semitic jokes after he faced punishment from Youtube–he wasn’t tried in the court of public opinion, by warped facts and clickbait articles, but by his business partners. Felix called it “laughable” that anyone might think he is actually a Nazi, as if blind to the reports of increasing bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, swastika graffiti, and the re-emergence of Nazis in all corners of life both on and offline. Forgiveness is a process that can only happen when the one who asks for it takes the process seriously. That means not minimizing one’s own power to influence other people, to harm as well as heal, not laughing off the concerns of other people, not assuming anyone speaking out is just a hater or doesn’t know you. 

Right now what Pewdiepie needs is critical fans and critical friends. People who can say “we can demand better from him, from all of Youtube, and we should. We can support him by refusing to enable the worst in pewdiepie. We can help him heal the damage he’s done. We can help Jewish fans feel safe here.” 

And right now that isn’t happening. And it doesn’t bode well for Youtube.


Synopsis: Welcome home! You’re in for a surprise when you go back to work from studying abroad. Presents for everyone, including your best friend Jimin and your boyfriend Jungkook; but it’s not long before everything topples around you and presents are thrown rather than given. Maybe, just maybe, you had spent your time missing the wrong person while you were gone.


WORDS: 3488.


Studying abroad had been an adventure, it had it’s ups and downs but now you were back in Korea, breathing in that sweet city air which you had missed so much, backpack on your back and black baseball cap on to keep the sun out of your eyes as you strolled to work. You had landed a job at BigHit a year ago; and luckily they were fine with you studying abroad for a few months as vacation. You really are lucky, you could travel, you could study, you had a job in a company you loved; a company which your best friend, Jimin worked for, where all your friends worked and also; where your boyfriend of two years Jeon Jungkook worked. The smile on your face was bright enough to cheer anyone up. Not only had you missed all the boys with your whole heart, but you were starving, so the thought of food was putting that skip in your step.

At the sight of Jimin at the doors, you can’t help but run to him, throwing your arms around his shoulders. You had so much to tell him, so many stories that you knew would make him laugh and make him wish that he could have only been there with you. 

“I missed you!” You say, mumbling into his shoulder and shaking him from side to side, as if the words you said weren’t enough to get through to him. “Next time you’re coming with me, got it?” You pull away, to show him that winning smile, only for him to playfully hit the fringe of your baseball cap into your eyes and laugh.

“Hey! You don’t get away with leaving that easy! You think you can come back and act like you didn’t leave me?” His words are supposed to sound serious, but his smile is blinding, genuine and all he wants to do is talk to you about what you had missed, how Taehyung had broken the elevator, or how Namjoon was on a show and was brilliant, how Yoongi fell asleep at the bus stop or how Jin made the most delicious version of your favourite food for a ‘surprise coming homing dinner’ that he wasn’t allowed to spoil.

Pushing the hat out of your eyes, you pout at him and his cruel words, but you know by now that they are only playful. “What if I told you… I got you a present?” You wink at him and pull your bag tighter onto your back to hint that you had it with you. His mouth forms an ‘o’ shape and he jumps toward you like an excited little child only for him to sling an arm around your shoulder and drag you inside; laughing and starting to tell you everything you had missed before he burst from excitement of seeing you back.

“Wanna’ get food first, I’m dying for something to eat.” You propose, and he nods at you, trying to open your back pack to see what’s inside, but you quickly yank it away from him and turn to face him. “Hey! No peeking until I give it to you.” You wag a finger at him before you make your way down to the canteen.

Sitting across the table, you take a bite from your sandwich, looking the most relieved you’ve ever looked at the delightful taste of bread, chicken and lettuce. Jimin laughs as you; his smile so contagious that you’re smiling into the bread. This is why he was your best friend, because really, you didn’t want to meet anyone else outside the door of Big Hit without him being present, and he was probably the best person you could ask to welcome you back to South Korea. 

“So what did you study?” He says, elbows on the table as he fixes himself into a comfortable position in his seat, and you drop your sandwich, pulling books out of your back pack. Frankenstein being the first one you take out.

“ This.” You push it across to him and continue eating your snack as he flips through the pages. 

“I know this! The guy makes Frankenstein and– yeah.” He begins, but he can tell by the smile on your face that he’s said something wrong, the corners of his lips turned upward as he rolled his eyes. “Aw come on, what?”

“Frankenstein’s the guy who makes the monster, the monster isn’t named.” You say, pointing to the black and white movie cover at Victor Frankenstein. “Though, some people argue the guy who makes the monster is the real monster.” You finish, swallowing the crust of your sandwich.

His brows raise, “Oh, funny, deep and smart. Look at you.” He says, and you grin back. But what you don’t know is that his words are true, and he’s known them to be true for three years now. There’s always been that tightening in his lungs when you said his name, or that swelling in his chest when you laughed. Jimin really liked you, always had done and forever would. But the only thing he lacked was a way to tell you. A way to make his feelings apparent with out wrecking the friendship the two of you had built, to tell you how much he adored you with out ruining you and Jungkook. And sadly, there would never be a way to do that. So; he sticks with your friendship and watches you and Jungkook be happy.

After talking about what you had missed and the piles of work you would have to catch up on, about the books you learned about and all the fun you had while you were away; he notices you’re still wearing your backpack. Flicking the edge of your hat, he gets a look at your eyes, glittering, excited as they always were which tore him a part inside, but lit him up. You were his paradox and he only wished he could tell you that. “Come on.” He said, after a second of regaining his thoughts, “Let’s leave your bag in the store room and then go find your boyfriend, huh?” It hurt to say, but he likes you too much not to say it.

“Let’s go then.” You say, standing up and running a head of him, only for him to drag you backwards by your bag, “What about my present, did you lie to me?” He says, feigning hurt. 

“No it’s in here! Cross my heart, just wait for it, I got everyone something; you can all get them together.” You explain, but he whines and stamps his feet childishly, not because he needed the gift that badly, but actually because he knew it would make you laugh. And it did. 

Sprinting on, he chased you down the hall. “Wait!” He said, laughing and running at the same time but you had already reached the store room, half way between taking your bag off, you opened the door and were stopped. The bag dangling in your hand, mouth slowly losing it’s happy-go-lucky grin, your eyes wide with shock, so not even your hat could hide your expression. 

Jungkook was shirtless, pressed up against some girl from the media department, his lips locked with hers, his hands on her hips. You’re frozen, as if you’re whole body is on fire from anger, but nailed to the floor, you’re throat swelling and dry, slowly you put your bag back on. Your breathing heavy, chest shaking, you wanted to sink into the ground and wilt away. If there was such a thing as mercy, that would be happening right now. 

Jimins footsteps bound behind you, smile plastered to his face for only a moment before he bends down slightly to look at your face, and that’s when he knew something was wrong, and his attention turns to the store closet, and his face is blank, eyes wide, teeth gritted behind closed lips; but it is an expression of unimaginable anger. 

The smile only blessed Jungkook’s lips, lazy, a smirk of sorts; which slowly disappears as he turns to see you standing there, watching him. At first he doesn’t know who you are, only seeing your hat, and your bag. But as he looks closer, his shoulders tense, he pushes away from the girl, his eyes wide and lips a part, reaching out a hand to you.

“ Y/N, it’s not what yo–” He begins, but you panic and slam the door in his face before he can even finish, then you run, back up the corridor, before you can cry, before you can shout, before you can do anything bar get as far away from him as you can. 

Standing firm in the position, Jimin waits for Jungkook to come out; scowl evident when he does so. “How could you do that?” Jimin hisses, but Jungkook is looking up and down the hall for you, shirt now on. 

“You were supposed to tell me when she got here.” Jungkook yells.

“I didn’t know it was because you’re a sneaky little cheat. She wanted to surprise you, you idiot. How could you do that to her?” Jimin was fuming, ready to shove Jungkook back into the closet. “You know how much she—” He trails off and Jungkook raises a brow, but Jimin doesn’t bring himself to finish the sentence, because nobody knew how much you could possibly mean to him.

The back of your bag is met with a tug, and you turn; expecting it to be Jimin, your eyes only clenching shut when you see him standing over you. Him, the black hair, the handsome face, the doe brown eyes. Jungkook, the person who you thought you couldn’t hate. Jungkook the person who, right now, you hated more than life itself. 

“It didn’t mean anything! It wasn’t my fault; we just went in there to get stuff and then— then it sort of happened.” There was no excuse, and he knew it; but he was ridiculous enough to try.

You swallow hard, teeth gritting together behind your frown. “Poor you.” You say, your eyes searching for some form of regret in his face, though they didn’t search for long, because the boy was drowning in it; scribbles of ‘i’m an idiot’ and ‘you’ve hurt her’ written in his eyes alone. 

“Listen I–” He begins, but he sees your lip quiver, the tears filling your eyes as you try your best to keep a straight face and look up at him. His heart wrenched. Never before had he made you cry. Not like this. It was always of laughter before, but now he had done it and now; he wanted to rip every shred of dignity he had out of his body and place it in your hands because you deserved it more than he did right now. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry.”

You thought about it; maybe there was a chance to forgive. But as the thought crossed your mind; he immediately stamped it away, his features going cold, brow furrowing. “Hold on, how do I know you were faithful the whole time you were away; for all I know we could be on even terms right now.”

Your fists clench by your sides; did he really just say that? Your stomach churned as tears began to roll down the sides of your face, pulling your cap over your eyes, you started to cry, shoulders shaking as you wiped the tears from your cheeks with your sleeve. You took the bag from your back and reached inside, taking out an envelope with his name on it and throwing it at him as hard as you could before fixing your hat, your tear glistened eyes infuriated. 

“Because you should know me.” You say. Proud, for anyone in the hallway to hear. You weren’t crying over losing him. You weren’t even crying over the fact that you hadn’t seen it coming. You were crying because you’re better than that. You’re better than him, you’re more faithful, more loyal and more considerate than he could ever be. You’re crying because you had only figured that out about yourself now. Partially, you’re crying because you should have seen how good you were from that start.

Finally, Jimin returns, a hand raking through his hair as he sees Jungkook is about to snap something in response, but he puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him. 

“Jungkook, stop. Just, it’s best if you give her some space, she doesn’t want to be around you right now.”

Your hand reaches for your other arm in agreement. Jimin knew that you hated this, that you would rather let your stomach untwist itself in the peace of an empty office, that you would rather cry into your arms at a desk with him to listen or to sit and talk to him about rather than face Jungkook alone. And at that, you fix your bag and go for somewhere you knew that Jimin would look later.

The contents of the envelope you had thrown had scattered onto the floor, photographs lots of them, all of you. Jimin and Jungkook had knelt on the floor to gather them up; there was so many, printing them (probably) costed you a fortune. There were pictures of you at cafés, in front of monuments and landscapes which everyone knew, pictures of you with groups of people who neither of them knew, pictures of you on your own, pictures of you with animals, or pictures of you with those moving statues in the street. Even pictures of you canoeing or on the beach. Pictures on roller coasters. And in every single picture; you had a sign which said ‘JUNGKOOK’ on it. So that, even though he wasn’t there; he would be in every picture with you. 

You were good at presents, and every time they were heartfelt. So scooping them up off the floor after a fight only made him upset, so upset his chest was going to burst, that when he picked up the picture of you getting licked by a dog, but still holding the sign with his name on it; his short laugh turned to tears, the picture of you on the plane with your friend holding the Jungkook sign over your face, making him smile despite his ache. The photo of you in the row boat holding the sign with both hands above your head grinning, breaking his heart. What had he done? What had he lost? He knew it was something big. And Jimin knew that it was something he would regret.

“It was a stupid mistake… I knew I was doing something wrong but I just couldn’t… I didn’t know.” Jungkook said, crossing his legs and placing the photos into his lap, his thumb running over your face, “I just missed her, it was like she was never coming back.”

Jimin sighed, looking through all of the photos, you had spent six months away and it looked like there was a photo for every day in that envelope. “Well she was. She told you she was coming back and Y/N trusted you to be there waiting for her. You were too busy to even go to the airport. Is that what you were ‘busy’ doing, Jungkook? ” Jimin says, not being able to look his Hyung in the eye. “Is it?”

“You didn’t pick her up either.” Jungkook protests, but is only met with a glare from the orange haired boy. 

“Because I was preparing the surprise dinner for her while Jin went to pick her up. She might have been the best thing that ever happened to you, and you let her go. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s charming and she’s the best damn person we’ve ever met and you can’t even see that, can you? ”

“Well, if you love her that much, why didn’t you date her?” Jungkook shouts, still sitting on the floor, fingers gripping the photographs until his knuckles went white. 

What was Jimin supposed to reply to that. ‘I wish I did?’, ‘I wish I was’. No he couldn’t say either, but his lips twitched into a snarl, brows furrowing as he dumps the photos into Jungkooks lap before leaving him with nothing but sullen silence for his thoughts. If there was anyone he should be consoling it’s you. This was your welcome back and it had come crashing down.

The tears had ceased, and you reclined in your chair with your feet on the desk, you hat pulled down over your eyes to hide their redness, how could he do that? How could he accuse you of something like that? It made you so angry you cried, it made you so angry that you wanted to slam your fist right into his stomach and twist it just so he could feel as sickly as you did. But you’re no animal. You have morals. Like staying loyal, but I guess that differs from person to person.

There had been one person; who had been nothing but loyal to you. Park Jimin, and you noticed that; you treasured that. Pulling his gift out of your bag you opened it; taking one of the thin silver chains around your neck and bringing the ring which dangled on it to the front, fiddling with it. The fact you would have to see Jungkook every day at work harshing your mood and the fact that Jimin would be stuck in the middle only causing you to slump in the chair further.

“Y/N-ah, are you in here? Are you okay?” 

That was Jimin’s voice, and you give an “Yeah, peachy keen, fine and dandy.” as a response, which he gives an awkward half smile in response to your sarcasm. He pulls a wheely chair over, falling back into it. Elbows resting on his knees before he reaches and takes the hat off your head. 

“He’s sulking out there, your present was really something.” Jimin mutters. Unsure if it is even his place to say such things

Blinking, you raise a brow, surprised that your sentiment had actually touched Jungkook’s heart. You’re surprised he even had one right now. “Too bad it was a wasted effort. I really liked him too.” 

Jimin sinks his teeth into his lower lip. “So would you get back with him?” Already, he realised he should have said nothing. Half of him begged you to say yes; to get back with Jungkook so that he could easily be with both of you but the other half begged for ‘no’ because he saw you with him, he saw his name on those photographs, he saw his arm around your shoulder; he saw all those days of theme parks and silly dancing that you had shared as friends, all those memories he cherished and loved, but in the end he would be able to hold you close, kiss you, tell you what he really felt instead of keeping them in a bottle in his chest. 

“ He proved I only mean something to him when I’m around, that he can kiss anybody he wants, that I’m only special when I’m here. I’d rather date a dog than Jungkook right now. At least that way I’d know I’m dating something loyal.” You tilt your head, smiling slightly at your own insult. That was pretty savage, impressing to even yourself.

“Ouch!” Jimin says, rubbing his arm; as if your burn had been so strong it had radiated onto him.

“Oh, yeah your present.” You say, pointing at him but he shakes his head at you. 

“No, it’s okay, you can give it to me another time; I mean with what happened and all, it doesn’t really need to be given right now.”

Too busy taking his chain from the bag you tell him to shut his eyes, and he complies even though he had told you he didn’t want his present yet. Taking the chain, you open it, put it loosely around his neck and link to together, bringing the silver ring on it around to the front. “There.”

Opening brown hues, he looks down to the ring, smile breaking on his lips. “What’s this?” 

You show him yours, smiling, they were the exact same in every way; except that on the inside loop of his ring it said your initials and on the inside of yours it said ‘P.J’ “So that if I go anywhere, you’re always along for the ride.” It had the same message as Jungkooks, but still to Jimin it meant the world. “And it means that even if I’m away, I’m still right by you.”

His heart was hammering in his chest, the thought that you had put into something for him was overwhelming, the way his fingers clasped together made him look nervous, the way his lungs seemed to shatter when he wanted to say thank you was another signal that he wanted to tell you what he had been feeling, he wanted to hug you and say something, something he had been holding in since the day he met you. But why today? Why the day Jungkook had taken your heart of gold and stamped on it, fragmented it and threw it all up the walls. Why on the day that he wanted to welcome you home with no worries. Why on the day your eyes were red and blotchy, and your hair was messy from your hat. Well, why? Because he loved you no matter what day it was.

“ Y/N…” 


“…. …. Thank you.”

Not sure, but have a random Brotzly fic idea that’s basically 5 times Todd Broztman lied and got what he deserved and the 1 time he didn’t.

Or another one that involves 5 times Dirk called someone a friend and the 1 time when someone said it back and stayed.

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Any tips on how to improve art?

learn about & practice: 

  • anatomy 
  • backgrounds (interiors)
  • landscapes
  • coloring styles & color theory
  • anatomy
  • perspective 
  • lining styles (thick lines? thin lines? no lines?)
  • expressions & posture (partly anatomy and partly stylization)
  • anatomy please practice anatomy theres so much to learn about anatomy it will increase your skill by 200% if there is only One thing on this list you practice let it be anatomy

but tbh i dont think theres any one way to improve your art. you gotta experiment and find what works best for you and makes you feel the best about your art