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you posting about Black Sails has made me curious??? is it good? what is it about???

Well speaking from a personal, biased standpoint… It is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I love it so much. 

Speaking from a trying-to-be-fair-and-critical viewpoint… It is a good show which deals with themes of piracy (which makes sense as it’s about pirates), power, loyalty, love, friendship, hope, sexuality, redemption and slavery. However - mostly in the first season, it did get better - it did treat its female characters a bit poorly and it can be quite hard to watch as it’s very violent and deaths do happen. 

However if you like TV shows with bittersweet endings and fascinating complex characters and relationships… I would recommend you give it a try. 

Plus it’s only 38 episodes so it’s not going to take forever to watch, you can buy all four seasons on iTunes and Amazon (possibly) and if you’re based in the US Starz offers the first three seasons to stream for free (I think? I might need to double-check that). 

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I was looking at those videos with Arz's "friends" but am I the only one who wonders where were these friends before ? I mean ... are you friend with them just because you knew no one ??? Also I just hope she won't try to be close friend to Madeline Petsch just because of KJ Apa. But would that be surprising ?

Arzaylea’s always meeting new people and referring to them as her “best friends” after like one day. She only befriends people if she can use them somehow, and none of her “friendships” seem genuine to me. Madelaine is on a very popular TV show right now, so of course Arzaylea will want to be seen with her.

I just care about Carlton Lassiter a lot okay?? He pretends to be so hard and cold but his heart is full of love. You can see it with Marlowe, obviously, but also in the way he trusts Shawn’s visions, and how he always always has Juliet’s back.

Lassiter and Juliet are so special to me. Their partnership…their friendship…it is so important and real and honest. They are one of the best platonic relationships I’ve ever seen on television. There is not an ounce of romance between them, but they would follow each other to hell and back at the drop of a hat. What they have, it’s an unconditional sort of love that is incredibly special and incredibly good to see on TV. They have faced down death together for 8 fucking years. Their friendship honestly means more to me than Shawn and Gus’s to be honest, because I’ve seen a lot of relationships like Shawn and Gus on TV before, but Jules and Lassie? That’s a rare one–especially between a man and a woman.

SPEAKING OF SHAWN. Lassiter has known the whole damn time that Shawn isn’t really psychic. he knew. And at first he was fed up with Shawn’s antics because he’s so by the book and here was this random man child asshole mucking up his investigations but at a certain point you know he realized that Shawn does. good. Shawn may not be psychic but he’s sure as hell a great detective and Lassie would never admit it, but deep down he thinks it.

He destroyed the CD on which Shawn was about to confess that he was a fake, not only destroying the evidence, but giving himself plausible deniability. Because after all that, after years of knowing but being unable to prove that Shawn was lying, it didn’t matter anymore. Not only that, but he didn’t want Shawn to be found out. BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT SHAWN MORE THAN HE WOULD EVER ADMIT. BECAUSE AT THIS POINT HE KNOWS SHAWN HAS DONE MORE GOOD THAN HARM. BECAUSE CARLTON LASSITER HAD SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT EVER.

Like. Compare season one Lassie to season eight Lassie. He has a family. His life is not just his job anymore and he understands that balance and that’s so important to me. And like…The fact that he couldn’t take his dream fucking job if it meant having to throw Jules under the bus?? I’M WRECKED OKAY THIS MAN HAS WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS AND WHEN IT COMES DOWN IT HE CAN’T DO IT. BECAUSE HAVING HIS PARTNER’S BACK IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. BECAUSE SHE’S MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. DON’T LOOK AT ME. 

On top of all this he’s canonically (word of god canon, BUT STILL) pan. All of this development and care and love that the writers put into this character, and to them, he’s pansexual. It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

TL;DR: Carlton Lassiter is super important to me.

okay but skins will just never get better than the first generation. just

• the tony/sid relationship? Like holy shit so interesting sid goes from idolizing tony to literally saying “I can’t think of anything worse than being you” and then he STILL helps tony and is there for him when he really needs him

• TONY STONEM in general. evil manipulator mwhaha just wants to party but also loves his sister more than himself and is a lost puppy without Michelle. Super fashionable and bi as hell. Sass master. i give the writers major props for making him so unlikeable but also very layered and giving him a crazy ass redemption arc. He’s the center of the universe and he knows it.


• can we just appreciate the fact that the first word Effy ever speaks to anyone while lucid is “wanker”

• Michelle could so easily fall into the “weak gullible girlfriend” character but she’s not??? She stands up for herself and is crazy about her friends and she literally ONLY SPOKE SPANISH for DAYS in order to study for her exam you go girl

• a sweet, close, beautiful, pure friendship between a straight guy and a gay guy with no jokes or undertones about anyone’s sexuality


• they could have easily made sid the weird nerdy best friend who’s the punchline to all the jokes but they made him the most interesting character on the whole damn show. His relationship with Cassie. His relationship with Tony. His relationship with his dad. His relationship with Michelle. Hell even his relationship with Effy. A+

• ACTUAL QUEEN JAL FAZER. her entire audition scene is honestly worthy of a standing ovation oh my GOD

• ACTUAL ANGEL CASSIE AINSWORTH. She’s flawed and broken and selfless and jealous and dotty and dreamy and vulnerable and strong all at once. Her eating disorder/mental illness is never used as a trope or a plot device, it’s realistic and an important part of her character but it NEVER defines her. The scene where she runs through the city? Gives me chills every. Fucking. Time. Protect her at all costs.

• ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLL CHRIS MILES. he drew a picture of a snail when asked what his future goals were. he gave the school musical a standing ovation after sketch fucked it all up. half of his lines make no damn sense and he’s the typical stock “comic relief character” but NO they gave him so much depth and family background and levity and he MEANT something. and I think we all expected him to go out in a blaze of glory, in fitting Chris fashion, but he didn’t, he went painfully and un-spectacularly in a bed. Because living fast and dying young isn’t romantic, it’s sad and real and it hurts everyone they leave behind. Also shoutout to Joe dempsie for going full frontal 10/10 you are a gift to humanity

• sneaky, mysterious, bad girl Effy taking care of Pandora and letting her take the credit for her art project

• the protective sisterly bond between Michelle and Effy


• the romances are all so well written and they HURT, because this is a tv show and we expect relationships to last but these are teenagers and high school love affairs never really last, and even though they feel so dramatic and intense now you know that Michelle and Tony will never grow up and get married and have babies, it just won’t happen, but you still feel it all the same, just like you would if you were a teenager.

• but HONESTLY. Jal and Chris. Literally the last people you’d ever think to end up together but they worked because they challenged each other, they made each other want to be better. Chris helped Jal stop being so cautious and uptight and Jal showed Chris that he did matter as a person, that he needed to try, that he couldn’t waste his life because it counted for something. When she puts the coin in his hand to give him all her luck and he’s being wheeled away and he holds it up to show her I just SOB it is so beautiful and sad. They took care of each other but they didn’t change for each other, Jal still went to her audition (and SLAYED it) and Chris still was just as carefree as he always had been, they just met each other halfway and it was so glorious

• and don’t even get me started on Sid and Cassie. These two fuckers. I knew it was endgame the moment you hear them bouncing on springs and Cassie’s like “oh OH YES” and you think they’re fucking but NOPE they’re jumping on a trampoline and she’s playing with the drawstrings on his hoodie like fuck they are so cute. “It’s not like anybody cares, so…” “I care.” When she shoots him with a squirt gun after he stands her up and totally calls him on his bullshit, “everything is your choice Sid” I think about that scene a lot. HIS LETTER TO HER. HE FEELS LIKE SINGING WHEN HE SEES HER. LORD HELP ME. and you think he’s missed her and she’s gone to Scotland and he’ll never see her again but AH plot twist Tony gave her the letter and they meet on the same bench she tried to kill herself on like can you say DAMN and then the scene in season two where he finally confronts her and they’re SO MEAN to each other saying how much they hate each other “whatever I’m sick of saying sorry, I love you, you say sorry” and Cassie’s way of telling him she loves him back is by telling him she named her pet slug Sidley i can’t i just can’t and then Sid, nerdy dumb Sid, becomes the fucking romantic hero and chases her to fucking New York City what the fuck I love them IT HURTS

• Sid and Tony holding each other in the middle of the nightclub after sid’s dad dies and you can’t hear anything but the music but you just see Sid bawling and Tony clutching him… Honestly one of the most powerful moments I have ever seen on tv. Honestly give mike bailey an AWARD

• that “wild world” sing-along will go down in history I swear


• we need more female friendships on TV like the one Michelle and Jal share

• the villain for the first few episodes is named “Mad Twatter.” Just let that sink in

• Chris’s funeral scene is honestly so beautiful and special and well done. I cried so hard. It’s teens honoring and mourning their friend in a way that feels right, that means something to them. It’s catharsis for the characters and the viewers. Amazing

• honestly just one of the best programs aimed at teens I’ve ever seen. Deals with death, religion, parent issues, school stress, pregnancy, mental illness, drug use/abuse, sex, love, varying sexualities (TONY IS BI AND YOU CANT TELL ME OTHERWISE), friendship, suicide, classism, employment/careers, college, and a million other topics without ever feeling contrived or preachy. Yeah some of the hi jinks the characters get into is ridiculous and would never happen in real life (that Russia episode wtf) but at the end of the day, you relate. Teens relate. They feel these characters because they see them in the world around them, because they ARE them. We are all Chris, and Jal, and Sid, and Cassie, and Tony, and Michelle, and Maxxie, and Anwar, and Effy.

• (that ending shot with Effy looking right into the camera is legendary)

• literally when people say that gen 2 is the best generation or the iconic generation I just… did we even watch the same show

• skins was never able to beat the first generation. It just couldn’t. How do you beat this. how

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Your poetry and fics are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! So could you please write a Bellarke Drabble, maybe one of your modern au head canons, or just some fluff. Thank you 💖

Thank you so much, Natalia! Fluffy modern Bellarke coming right up! <3 

want one?

also on AO3

Clarke finds him sitting on the couch at 2am, eating blueberry yoghurt and wearing no pants.

If this was Raven or Monty, Clarke wouldn’t have been concerned, but it’s her roommate - her best friend, Bellamy.

He reads drugstore health magazines unironically, for fuck’s sake.

So she runs over to the couch where he’s marathoning history documentaries and asks, “Bellamy? What’s going on?”

He flinches, as if he hadn’t seen her coming (very likely, seeing as he’s sitting in total darkness, except for the light coming from the TV screen), thick rimmed glasses smeared with yoghurt and calmly states,

“I’ve lost all control over my life.”

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5sos Preference: First I Love Yous

Luke: “This night has been amazing!” You turn your head to look at Luke who is staring up at the sky smiling. His eyes meet yours and his smile grows larger before grabbing your hand.

“Well, a special girl deserves a special night.” Luke says bringing your hand up to his mouth planting a soft kiss. Even though you and Luke have been dating for around four months, this date has been the best so far. Luke surprised you with a picnic by the water at night. After eating all the fancy foods and making fun of Luke’s attempt to make chocolate chip cookies, you both decide just to lie down and stare at the sky. Even though the whole thing was so cliché it didn’t matter because Luke was by her side.

“I’m not that special you know.” Your voice almost a whisper.

“What are you talking about you are the most special girl I’ve ever met. That’s what I love about you so much.” Luke looks intently at the sky not aware of what he just confessed.

“What?” Your face fixated on Luke, shocked of what he just said.

“I mean it, I really do. I love you (Y/n)” Luke smiles at you, his eyes shining under the light of the stars. Luke holds his breath trying to decide if he regrets what he just said or not.

“I-um- I love you too.” The biggest smile forms on Luke’s face as he moves over to be right next to you. He pulls you closer to his body wrapping his arms around your waist. You both lay in each others arms in silence just living in this perfect moment.

Michael: You wake up groggy and confused for a second about where you exactly are. When you look over at the boy who is passed out next to you with his arm limp across your body you know exactly where you are. Even though you’ve woken up to Michael next to you over a hundred times you still can’t help but stare at his cute expressionless face and how his red hair lays flat on his forehead. 

“wha- (y/n)” Michael mumbles still asleep. 

You can’t help but laugh a little as Michael continues to sleep talk about you eating pizza. 

“I’m sorry I ate the pizza Michael.” You whisper to see if he’d respond.

“It’s-it’s ok (Y/n),” Michael sighs still fast asleep, “I-still- love you.” You suddenly freeze unsure of what to do. Michael has never told you he’d loved you before and now he’s confessing his love for you in his sleep. 

“What?” You whisper. Michael opens his eyes scaring you to death. 

“I said that I love you idiot.” Michael smiles and laughs, his eyes still a little groggy from waking up.

“Were you awake that whole time?” You laugh ruffling Michaels hair.

“No I woke up when you said you were sorry for eating my pizza, then I thought I’d have some fun.” Michael smiles and pulls you close into his arms.

“I love you too by the way.” You say kissing Michael’s cheek.

Calum: “Calum I told you to stay away from me.” You protest as Calum stands outside the your front door with a bouquet of flowers. 

A week ago you had found out that Calum had kissed another girl while drunk at a club. You had only been dating for about two months but kissing other girls was defiantly something Calum couldn’t get out of easily. He’s lucky that you haven’t broken up with him yet. Even though the fact that he showed up at your house with flowers made you want to forgive him, but you had to stand your ground.

“Please (y/n), I told you the girl threw herself at me. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was drunk out of my mind.” Calum grabs your hand but you quickly pull away. 

“Calum I want to forgive you, but I don’t want you to think that you can do something like this and get my instant forgiveness.” You begin to close the door in his face but Calum stops the door with his foot.

“Please forgive me, I need you in my life.” Calum begs. His words tug at your heart and you re-open the door. 

“(Y/n), I love you.” Calum’s eyes are scared that you won’t say you love him back. Hearing Calum say those words makes the whole reason why you’re mad at Calum seem stupid. Your mind tells you to slam the door in his face but your heart reminds you how much you actually do love Calum

“I-I love you too.” You whisper. A look of shock and relief spreads across Calum’s face. Before you can say anything else Calum drops the bouquet and cups your face in his hands pressing his lips to yours.

“I swear you’re the only girl for me.” Calum says breaking the kiss before placing a small kiss on your forehead.

Ashton: “It’s so nice to be able to hang out with you again. I missed you so much while you were gone." 

You haven’t seen one of your best friends, Ashton in around 9 months. You and Ashton have been best friends since you were little and all of your friends think you should date. Even some 5sos fan’s ship you two. You’ve always kinda had feelings for Ashton but you never acted on them because if Ashton didn’t feel the same way you didn’t want that to ruin your friendship.

"I know tour was boring with out you.” Ashton says while flipping through some tv channels.

“You’re lying.” You laugh.

“True, but I did miss you a lot”, Ashton body tenses up and his face grows serious, “I also did a lot of thinking on tour about us.”

“What about us?” You ask, your mind going wild about what Ashton means by “us”.

“So I after you we said our goodbyes at the airport I did some thinking on my flight”, Ashton cracks his knuckles and examines his hands trying to avoid talking, 

“I think I love you. In a more than a friend way.” Ashton holds his breath and you can’t help but laugh.

“Oh god, I ruined it didn’t I?” Ashton panics taking your laughter as a bad thing.

“No you dork, I’m laughing because I may love you too.” Ashton’s face lights up pulling you into a hug. 

I see a constant stream of people saying stydia shouldn’t happen because it would destroy the idea that “girls and boys can have strong platonic friendships”

Like excuse me but where have you been? Scott and Lydia legit have one of the best, and strongest platonic relationships between a girl and a boy on any tv show I’ve ever seen and your going to ignore that because you need a reason why stiles and Lydia shouldn’t be together? It’s complete nonsense. Like I’m sorry you watch this show with blinders on, only choosing to see things that suit what ever your ship might be.

Stal!a shippers will reach for anything to try and invalidate the fact that stiles and Lydia CLEARLY have had, and still do have complicated feelings for each other that go past the point of platonic friendship.

2016 Bones Challenge Day 6: Favourite friendships

I’ll start by sort of repeating what I said in the post about favourite characters, and that is that I genuinely enjoy all friendships on Bones. This show is build on family and friendship so it makes sense that there are lots of them; some are more obvious and some less, but they are all wonderful.
And for me, there are five that stand out.

Brennan and Angela
That’s simply one of the most beautiful and heartfelt friendship I’ve seen on any TV show or movie, and honestly, in real life. I think everybody deserves a friendship like that.

“You are my best friend and I love you like a sister.”
“You’re really important to me, obviously.”

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Brennan and Hodgins
I love them. My favourite aspect of this particular friendship is respect. Hodgins always stands on Brennan’s side, and there’s just something special about them, right from the start. How cute is Hodgins with his calling her “Dr. B”? 

“Thank you, Doctor Hodgins, I love you, too.”
“Doctor Brennan, it’s been a privilege.”

Booth and Hodgins
It’s no secret I have soft spot for these two and any scene they have together. They are fun and I just love my boys.

“Hey, we make a good team.”
“I just want you both to know that Bones and I are here for both of you if you guys ever need anything.”

Booth and Angela
Pretty much the same case as with Booth and Hodgins. They’re like a brother and sister even though Angela clearly has a massive crush on Booth but who doesn’t, and I enjoy their dynamic immensely.

“You are a good guy.”
“If you’re gonna hit on Angela, at least do it with a little respect.”

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Booth and Aubrey
I warmed up to Aubrey instantly and I enjoy him with anyone on the show that’s the magic of this show, put any two characters together and it’s a good pair but since Aubrey spends most of his time with Booth, naturally I’m going with these two. And I absolutely adore the two of them.

“I’m just saying, with everything that’s going on with you, the fact that you’re still killing it at work, I’m impressed.”
“I’m upset because somebody tried to blow up my friend.”

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