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This is my newest book series! ^w^

~Bright Sky is a book series of a team of eight students powered with magic in the magical world of Magicalia in Magicalia Capital Academy. The newest member and the one who started this all is Clarice Mizu, a typical teenage girl with more behind her than she knows of. She has transferred schools, meeting her team of friends. After meeting Sora Wayde, Blossom Cath, Jack Blizzard, Cole MacKenzy, Drake Energie, Mae Aria and Amber Blaze, her life takes a turn for both the best and the worse as they all go on multiple adventures with each other, which will soon turn into serious situations that revolve around each person, especially Clarice.~

I am extremely proud of this book series, and more is to come!

(There is also a written version but ill upload that soon-)

This year was full of amazing things…but it was also one of the hardest years of my life. I lost my best friend: My dog who I had had since I was 12. But I also adopted a new little buddy, my cat Nox. I got a new job which I LOVE: I actually get to be in the OR helping save lives every day. I also went to my very first comic con which was soooo much fun! I moved into my new apartment and started my adult life (ahhhh!). Oh and the Cubs won the World Series! I discovered a lot of new amazzzing tv shows (Stranger Things, Westworld, and Supergirl to name a few). I also got to dive back into the Wizarding World (but to be honest I never really left). Let’s focus on the positives that happened this year and throw away the negatives. I am only bringing positive energy into the new year and I hope you do to! Have a safe and amazing night everyone!! 💕

I’m sorry. I just don’t buy Lara letting Sam rot in jail. I don’t buy her getting on with her life like there’s nothing wrong. I don’t buy the ‘niggling guilt’ in the new comics. In the game at least Lara says, “she doesn’t want to see me,” which goes a tiny part of the way to explaining why Lara isn’t there, with Sam trying to help her, but the official novel and the end of the last comic series did not convince me. 

If my best friend in the whole world - nearly my family - was sick, traumatized or even clearly possessed like she is in the comics… why the fuck would I be looking for the secret to immortality? I proposed a fix, fic-style, and here’s another one, but I still remain wholly unconvinced by Lara’s characterization in regards to Sam. 

In the first game, Sam was presented to us as - with Roth - the most important person in Lara’s world. I loved that. Lara and Sam felt real, the emotions they shared in the game were real, Lara’s terror at Sam’s fate was so tangible. Then she saved Sam. She risked everything to save Sam and get them all off the island. 

No one just suddenly gives up on that. Not without a really, really hard fight. And if there’s one thing we know about Lara, it’s that she’s a fighter. Nothing so far has sold me on Lara giving up on Sam and getting on with life and exploring. 

Everytime I watch Supergirl I can’t stop smiling

It’s so light!! but at the same time is REAAAALLY deep, with a huge message. And what I love the most:

They stayed true to Kara’s dorky character. They didn’t change her to make her one of the “angst superheros” 

dorky awkard Kara is the best Kara… Now Im just hoping for Stephanie Brown to make a cameo! *fingers corss*

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A comiXologist recommends:
Old Man Logan #1

by: Jonah Chuang

The original Old Man Logan arc is one of my favorite comic stories of all time. In a way, I feel like it was to Wolverine what the Dark Knight Returns was to Batman in that it was a gritty, post-apocalyptic retelling of the story with lots of familiar characters filling wildly different and interesting roles. It grew the characters up, made them old and irrelevant in their worlds, which weirdly made them more real and relatable. One of the best things about that series was that it turned the grey areas in superhero comics all the way up. Heroes became villains, villains became wild cards, and the idea of a character’s legacy really came into the spotlight. This Secret Wars tie-in continues that trend.

Written by Marvel super-scribe, Brian Michael Bendis (brianmichaelbendis), and drawn by grim and grit sorcerer, Andrea Sorrentino, Old Man Logan #1 brings us back to the world of O.M.L. in almost a direct sequel. In this arc, Logan has to deal with the fallout of his world-changing quest, and the consequences of the power vacuum he created when deposing the many, many dictators of his universe. This story is pretty great if you’re a fan of Westerns. It’s the old, retired lawman bringing justice back to a land that’s been lawless for too long.

This series also features some elements of mystery and epic fantasy. If you’ve been following along with the Secret Wars/Battleworld tie-ins, you’d know that beyond the walls of the known realms, there are armies of zombies, Ultrons, and symbiotes, and that God Doom takes this structure super seriously. In fact, most of the major plot lines deal with either someone getting punished by throwing them over the wall, people dying in order to avoid getting thrown over the wall, or people being punished for damaging the wall. In this story, however, something from beyond the wall comes to Logan, and Logan must unravel the mystery surrounding it before something calamitous happens, all while rebuilding a world he helped destroy. I literally can’t wait to see what happens next.

[Check out Old Man Logan #1 on comiXology]

Jonah Chuang is a Production Coordinator Assistant at Comixology. He just flew back from Disney World last night and boy are his arms tired.

Celebrating 75 Years of Wonder Woman

To mark the 75th anniversary of one of the world’s best-known Super Heroes, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment unveiled plans for a year-long celebration of Wonder Woman. The character has transcended the pages of comics to become a powerful global symbol of justice, equality and peace.

Beginning with a new commemorative logo honoring the Amazon Princess’s legacy, highlights of the year will include the relaunch of her comic book series; new graphic novels; convention panels; and consumer products, including apparel, toys and other exclusive merchandise. These events will culminate in the release of the first “Wonder Woman” feature film on June 2, 2017.

Among the events and products Wonder Woman fans can look forward to over the next year from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are:

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brain_deadtv: Airing on CBS in Summer 2016, #BrainDead is an upcoming American comic-thriller series. Set in the world of Washington, D.C. politics and created by The Good Wife creators/executive producers Robert and Michelle King , the show will consist of 13 one hour episodes.
The main focus begins with Laurel, an eager young Hill staffer starting her first job in Washington, who discovers the federal government has stopped working – because alien spawn have eaten the brains of Congressmen and other Hill staffers. “We wanted to do a show that was a mix of genre-pulp and high-brow politics,” Robert and Michelle King said, explaining, “It seemed like the best way to address the news today – not straight, but as the opening act of a horror movie.” “Robert and Michelle have developed an intriguingly original concept with layers of humour, suspense and the supernatural,” CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler said. 

@codychristian: tbt to San Diego comic con. One of the best experiences of both my career and life thus far. So much done in 2015. So many steps taken. Beyond excited to continue forward going into the New Year. Thank you all for the support. It means the world to me and I truly couldn’t continue without it. Let’s get it 2016.