one of the best characters of all time for srs

all of the reasons kim possible is better than u
  • she’s a high school super hero
  • she has a catchy as fuck theme song and a computer in her locker like what she totally wins high school
  • her name is a play on the word impossible and her friend’s name is a play on the word unstoppable like whaaaat mind blown
  • she’s got mad skillz
  • she’s also a cheerleader and shows that cheerleaders can actually b pretty rad and not the bitchy stereotype they’re often conveyed as (except for bonnie but she’s whatevs)
  • she’s a female with a male sidekick which shows whooo women can be the main character 2 yay
  • her arch nemesis has a female sidekick who does all the fighting for him i mean how often do you c women being the brawn u don’t so shut ur mouth
  • but like the show is like actually really cool and they’re all like real ppl even stupid bonnie is a real character who has real problems or whatevr
  • whooo poc r in it 2 in fact one of kim’s best friends is black and the person they go to 4 help all the time is black and that’s like cool
  • even the villains are diverse like senor senior sr and junior r latino, and duff killigan is scottish, and drakken is blue
  • her dad is a rocket scientest and her mom is a neurosurgeon like the 2 stereotyped hardest jobs like that’s cool and they’re super chill so that’s cool 2
  • and like her parents both have phds and call each other dr and that is like rad as fuck ok bcause they totes have uber respect 4 each other
  • her best friend is a dude and even though they totes get 2gether in the end it shows that platonic friendships r real yo
  • her best friend wouldn’t b considered stereotypically “manly” and he gets scared easily and isn’t the best at fighting and that’s totally awesome bcuz it shows that there is a broad spectrum of what men are like and that it’s ok 2 not b “manly”
  • shego used to b a hero 2 and like drakken used 2 b a chill dude and like wow dimensions and character growth and they’re both pretty chill in the end
  • naked mole rat
  • so yeah
  • she wins u lose byebye