one of the best characters ever and i miss her like hell urgh

Top 10 destiel moments (this was hard)

Number 10: “The Third Man”– Profound Bond

This was one of the classic, adorable Dean/Cas moments. Cas being so blunt about his bond with Dean was so amazing. This whole scene was pure gold.

Number 9: "Lazarus Rising" –when Cas and Dean first meet

This is basically the first thing Cas ever says to Dean. Right of the bat, Cas is telling Dean how important he is and that he is worth something. I believe it was so crucial for Dean to hear that because he just got back from hell where he suffered and then tortured souls. Just ugghhhh.

Number 8: “Stairway to Heaven” –end scene

The ending scene between Cas and Dean in “Stairway to Heaven” was so romantic in my opinion. Cas had just given up his entire angel army for Dean which speaks volumes for how much Cas values Dean. I can’t even put my feelings for that into words. Also, right before he has this touching talk with Cas, he just had a pretty heated fight with Sam, and when he goes to talk to Cas, his whole mood changes instantly. Dean: “Well, hey, you still got us.” Cas: “Dean. Those bombers– you don’t really think that I–” Dean: “Cas, you just gave up an entire army for one guy. No, there’s no way that you blew those people away.” Cas: “You really believe we three will be enough?” Dean: “We always have been.”

Number 7: “Swan Song”

This scene is my number 7 Dean/Cas moment because Dean has just lost Sam, Bobby, and Cas– and all of a sudden Cas just appears out of nowhere and heals him. The look on Dean’s face just kills me every time. He’s looking at him with that look we see time and time again, but it’s different here. I’m not exactly sure what Dean must be thinking. He’s just is so surprised that Cas is there when he just saw him die. And now Sam is gone, and there’s just a little spark of hope left in his expression when Cas pops up. Like, maybe I can be happy again. Dean: “Cas, are you God?” Cas: “That’s a nice compliment, but no.”

Number 6: Basically the entirety of “Free To Be You and Me.”

This episode was literally about the bond growing between these two. It is so adorable watching them in this ep because it shows how much they rely on each other! Dean and Sam aren’t talking and so he hangs out and has a good time with Cas, and Cas needs his help finding Raphael. Dean: “So, what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?” EEEEK. And later when they’re talking in the impala and Dean says ‘he’s good’. Cas:“Even without your brother?” Dean: “Especially without my brother. I mean, I spent so much time worrying about the son of a bitch. I mean, I’ve had more fun with you in the past twenty-four hours than I’ve had with Sam in years, and you’re not that much fun. It’s funny, you know, I’ve been so chained to my family, but now that I’m alone (with you), hell, I’m happy.” URGH.

Number 5: “Hunteri Heroici”

OMFG this fricking episode. Seriously, I’ll watch over you. THAT IS SO CUTE! LIKE WHAT ?!?!? (And also while we’re talking about that line, in Season 9 we hear Cain talking to Collette over her grave and he says 'I know you watch over me still.“ Just throwing that out there.”) And the bottom gif! Dean and Cas alone in the motel room talking about their feelings! Dean walks over to him and sits down on the bed so they can talk close to each other. Omg. I love this whole episode.

Number 4: “A Little Slice of Kevin”

GOD this was probably THE most romantic episode in Supernatural history IMO. The three that beat this one are SO SO close. It was hard to pick which ones I liked more. But, this is the episode where Cas is mysteriously back from purgatory. Dean has been SEEING him everywhere and he thinks he just misses him like crazy. But after he comes back Dean is thrilled but kind of worried how he got out. Dean believes he let go of Cas’s hand on accident, when in reality Cas pushed away. But, Dean’s mind couldn’t process or accept that so he reconstructed the whole scene in his mind. URGH. This episode.

Number 3: “What’s up Tiger Mommy”

External image

more like purGAYtory. amiright? No, but season 8 was the best destiel season, hands down. This episode in particular is number three because of the scenes where it shows Dean going on a rampage trying to find his angel. And then when he does, well, you cry for days after. Everything Dean says sounds like it came out of a fanfic. “Cas, buddy, I need you."  "I’m not leaving here without you."  "I prayed to you, Cas, every night!"   It’s just amazing. He loves him so much.  I can’t deal.

Number 2: "The End”

This sceeeene. “We had an appointment.” -Cas. And then the FACE DEAN GIVES HIM. “DONT EVER CHANGE.” dies. I love this so scene so much in particular. I’m not sure why, but it really deserves the number two spot. Just the look of absolute adoration on both of their faces. Seriously. That’s love, plain and simple.

Number 1: Goodbye, Stranger.

YES THIS SCENE IN “GOODBYE STRANGER” WINS. The best destiel scene to end all destiel scenes (so far). Cas has been reprgramed to kill Dean. He killed “Dean” a thousand times, but couldn’t do it. And let’s not forget the top gif, Dean was suppose to say “I love you”. (I support the change to I need you though. It would’ve been way out of character, but the fact it was written is amazing.) If you ask me, “I need you”, is just as, if not more meaningful than “I love you.” It’s one thing to love someone, but to NEED someone. That is heavy. And in that last gif, Dean fully believes that Cas is about to kill him there. The crack in Dean’s voice as he’s saying Cas’s name breaks my heart. But again, we see Cas choosing Dean over everything else. Dean above all else in Cas’s world. And I love that about him. Cas absolutely loves and adores Dean, and no one can deny that. And we’ve seen how Dean would do anything for him as well. Destiel till death. <3

neuroticscottishwriter-deactiva  asked:

So I have a question for you because I was raised on Star Trek and Stargate but somehow missed comics seriously not even a thing until I hit secondary school and starting kicking guys asses and they were all into Batman (urgh DC) so comics were blah until the movies starting popping up (Iron Man and Captain America and oh sweet baby roombas The Avengers) which naturally led me to your fics and now I wanna try the comics but have no idea where to start so can you recommend a good starting point?

Starting point: Marvel Adventures.  They’re little, all-ages books that skip all the ‘dark and gritty’ parts of comics and just boil everything down to 'let’s run around and be HEROES!’  They’re pretty great. 8)

Though Marvel isn’t actively publishing the line anymore, there are quite a few of them still in print and in the secondary used book market, where they can be got for cheap.  They also have great, hand picked back up stories from the history of the character.  So when you read “Marvel Adventures: Iron Man” it might include a thirty year old story where Spider-Man mentally mocks Iron Man for having a PHONE CONNECTION in his HELMET oh my god what a Yuppie!

It’s really awesome.

Reading old comics is a crapshoot.  Remember: comics are a product of their time, and their creators.  You’re going to run into a lot of not so great stuff, especially in terms of women, POC and queer characters.  It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now, but there’s a LOT of stuff that you’re going to run into that is bad.  But there’s pockets of amazing, too, and it’s hard to predict where you’ll find them.  For example, the old run of Captain America and the Falcon (from the 70s) is far more readable and even handed than the one that was published in 2004, which was just horrid.

My rec?  Start with some current stuff, and find artists or writers you like, and then check out their older stuff.  

My current pull list (Bolded titles just recently had a #1 reboot, which makes them a good point to jump in):

Captain Marvel: Just…  Just go buy it.  Go.  It’s brilliant and funny and sweet and real.  And Carol brought her cat into space.  BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU GO INTO SPACE AND CAN’T FIND A CATSITTER.

She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters fights the legal system.  And Doom Bots. She deals with the disrespect and disdain that is visited on women on a daily basis in the way that so many of us wish we could; by being better than them in every way.  Also by smashing their stuff.

Ms. Marvel: Ever wonder who the hell you really are?  Or struggled to find a way to make yourself fit into a bunch of different worlds without losing yourself?  Kamala Kahn just got the ability to become who ever she wants to be.  Too bad that she doesn’t know who that will be.  Also, she writes fanfic about the Avengers on the planet of the Unicorns and if that doesn’t move you in the right direction, you’re reading the wrong blog.

Hawkeye: Clint Barton is a hot mess.  Kate Bishop is not.  Pizza Dog loves them anyway.

Secret Avengers: Phil and Nick Fury Jr. blow up a space station!  Naked Clint Barton, naked Natasha Romanov, and naked Jessica Drew fly a car into space!  Maria Hill hangs out with MODOK!  Everyone refers to Clint as the 'troubled one.’  Clint doesn’t appear to notice.  It is like the best fanfic ever.

Iron Patriot: Rhodey gets his own series, and a solid storyline, and a great supporting cast.  His niece Lila is great and I kind of want her to join Young Avengers or something.

Loki: Agent of Asgard  Loki did some really, really bad thing.  Then he died.  Then he was an adorable little boy!  Now he’s a young man and he’s kind of stuck running errands for the All-Mother.  And as much as I would like to hate the little twit, I just…  Can’t.  Maybe it’s his love of breakfast meats.  Maybe it’s the way that he perpetrates a great slash upon the internet.  Maybe it’s just that he’s so very pretty and so very, very much a hot mess.  A strong supporting cast, and an acknowledgement of past mythology without getting buried in it also helps.

Also: Recent runs of Avengers Assemble and Young Avengers are available in GN format, and are well worth your time. 8)