one of the best breathing


donghyun straight up giving us all a heart attack (feat. sewoon and little woojin) 


draw the kids in sweaters to forgeter your regreters

bonus coran (he hand knit it, it took him 4 weeks):


And that means to hell with what happens to us.

Mycroft is being completely counterintuitive. If they’re going to have any chance of beating Eurus, it’s John who should die. John knows it, Mycroft knows it, Sherlock knows it, and yet it’s not John at the end of the barrel. It’s Mycroft. For someone who claims to be missing a heart, the love that Mycroft feels for his little brother is stronger than the logic he reveres. And so despite all that brain power and potential Mycroft knows he offers if he lives, he chooses to put it all aside and be a solider. To do his duty. To protect Sherlock. To be big brother.


MUSE Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Easily - first time played live (2017)


Hands down still one of the best sherlock/johnlock fanvid ever. The editing still makes me stop breathing


Victoria LaBarre was climbing out of a canyon and into a bright, vast, seemingly lifeless landscape when she started to experience an astronaut’s nightmare.

“Suddenly,” she said, “I couldn’t breathe.”

The symptoms were real — maybe from claustrophobia, or from exertion at high altitude. But LaBarre didn’t unlatch her helmet to get a breath of fresh air because, in this simulated Mars exercise in the Utah desert, she was supposed to be an astronaut. The canyon was standing in for Candor Chasma, a 5-mile-deep gash in the Red Planet’s surface. On Mars, there’s no oxygen in the air — you do not take off your helmet.

So, instead, LaBarre radioed for help from fellow members of Crew 177. The team of students and teachers from a Texas community college had applied together to live and work for a week this spring in a two-story metal cylinder at the privately run Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah.

Elijah Espinoza, a freshman assigned to be a crew engineer and geologist for the week, heard LaBarre’s call and walked her through some breathing exercises.

“I think that’s really one of the best things about Mars — the teamwork,” said LaBarre.“I don’t think you could live without it.”

To Prepare For Mars Settlement, Simulated Missions Explore Utah’s Desert

Photos: Rae Ellen Bichell/NPR

Classpect Glass Half Empty/Half Full
  • Life: the glass is half full (optimism)
  • Doom: the glass is half empty (pessimism)
  • Light: let me get out my ruler (knowledge)
  • Void: technically the glass is more full of nothing than actual matter because atoms are mostly empty space (irrelevance)
  • Rage: the glass has water in it (single-mindedness)
  • Hope: the glass is entirely full, half air and half water (open-mindedness)
  • Space: go top off the glass and it'll be totally full (creation)
  • Time: the glass is gonna be totally empty if you just let it sit there and evaporate (destruction)
  • Mind: are you actually ever going to finish drinking your water? (choice)
  • Heart: already drank the water because HELLO I was thirsty that's why I got a glass in the first place (desire)
  • Breath: the glass will be totally full if I pour the water into a smaller glass (change)
  • Blood: the glass doesn't matter at all, the amount of water is the same regardless (unchangingness)

Resting one hand on his hip, Link cocked his head and waited. Kali grinned a too familiar grin at him and then whistled: one short, one long, one short again. Link wrinkled his nose at her but didn’t have time to wonder before the sand pulsed before them. Before he could do anything more than grab his sword, Kali held up her hand. “Peace, sa’ven. ”

The sand erupted before them, and Link gasped and jerked back. Only Kali’s steady hand kept Link still as a serpent as wide as Epona was long rose. And rose. And rose. It rose until it blocked out the sun, casting them in shadow. It hissed, tasting the air, and its fangs were very long and very white.

Peace , she said? Link glanced back at Kali, but the Gerudo’s grin remained firmly in place. Link eased his grip on his sword and studied the creature. From its great height, it stared back at Link, pitch black eyes unblinking. Its color reminded Link of the wolf from yesterday, but dull whereas the wolf seemed to glow. With a low hiss, it flicked its tongue at them, thick as Link’s arm.

Link had a bad feeling about this.

“So, little one,” Kali asked cheerfully, “have you ever ridden a snake before?”


I love your fic so much <3 v <3

These are just some of the scenes I loved and sketched. I have one I’m super excited to draw but not tonight. My wrist hurts tonight ; -;