one of the best background stories i have seen

"Across the Universe" thoughts: Keith and Shiro

Ok, so season one starts with more Keith and Shiro buildup…

This whole season I think just proves further that Shiro is meant to be Keith’s weak spot, and that at some point in the future Keith will face a very difficult decision similar to what Akira goes through in the end of Golion.

I thought we were gonna get their background story this season, but apparently not? For some reason we still dunno what this is all about:

Guess they’re saving the best for last..  

Now, my absolute favorite thing about this episode is how different Shiro is..

In season one we’ve seen alot of how Keith acts different with Shiro, and now we see Shiro is very different with Keith aswell. 

He dun have his leader mask on, and he’s not trying to be his all motivational, inspiring, optimistic self, he’s just Shiro. (Which says alot about how he sees Keith I think.)

And it’s hilarious cause real Shiro is apparently just

And I love his dark sense of humor so much!!!  I need more of this Shiro ASAP!

Also he seems so tired of everything, it’s almost like he’s trying to push the leadership role on Keith?

In this episode and in episode 8 aswell. 

And apparently he’s also still incredibly oblivious about Keith’s feelings for him. Cuz It’s obvious Keith doesn’t find his death jokes as funny as he does haha

Like Shiro is all “haha Keith what if I DIE?” And Keith is just “Can you please shut up??? PLEASE” 

Actually that “If I don’t make it out of here” seemed a bit out of place? I dunno, it felt like it was something weird for Shiro to say, specially since now they are together and safe and know their friends are looking for them..

He’s not trying to soothe Keith and tell him everything will be alright and not to worry about him, like you would expect Shiro to do in this situation.

Like he goes from this at the beginning of the episode:

To this by the end of it:

And pretty fast too!

And it’s so weird to me haha, cause we’re so not used to seeing Shiro like that. 

And I LOVE it that he lets Keith take the more ummm.. nurturing role? I… I honestly did not expect to see that from Shiro just yet. Cause I felt like Shiro does see Keith as kind of a younger brother or someone that he needs to always be strong for or be an example for… But this episode I think showed that they are waaaay more equals than I previously thought. (That was a nice surprise.)

Shiro is very openly weak with Keith, and that says ALOT. 

Cause Shiro is not someone who shows weakness easily. Actually this would be the only time we’ve seen him like this. Like he does it through joking around still, but he’s not trying to be the strong responsible person he usually thinks he needs to be. He just really trusts Keith to be that person.

(I can even say It’s almost as if he likes being saved by Keith haha. Like I know he’s injured and all, but in that cave before those monsters start diggin, Shiro’s all “oh no Keith, we’re both gonna die, this is the end *cough cough* come save me, hurry” like wth Shiro?? Where did all your optimism and spirit go suddenly?? It’s like he’s making Keith worry on purpose haha..)

Also, he doesn’t say that “I want you to lead Voltron if something happens to me” thing just once, he says that (very unwelcome line) again in episode 8. Doesn’t he get how much it bothers and scares Keith hearing him saying something like this? He’s either really oblivious or there’s something more to that.

I do wonder if this is just him joking around back there or maybe something is really going on inside him and he’s very sick of everything? I dunno, he did not have a breaking point this season (that I’m really waiting for), and actually he seems to be way better at the being a leader part than last season… So I dunno..

Maybe he’s just trying to get a reaction out of Keith haha

Cuz I mean that smile he gives him after Keith says “Stop talking like that, you’re gonna make it.” 

Like that whole shot, the music, the lighting, the expression, it just screams romance to me. ( Or I dunno, maybe it was just supposed to be an “I’m so proud of you” smile but cuz Shiro is so handsome and sexy he makes it look romantic haha, in that case: voltron animation team get ur shit together! how can I think of that face as a “loving brotherly look”?? chill on the sex appeal a bit, jeez..)

And how on Earth do you go from  

“It takes more than a glowing alien wound and a fall from the upper atmosphere crashing into a surface at what I’m guessing is 25 m/s 2 to get rid of me”  (although I have to say he did sound kinda mildly upset about still being alive than trying to seem unstoppable haha)


“I’m gonna die, Keith! Lead Voltron.”

They’re not even in that much danger anymore! Seriously Shiro, Is your wound really that bad now or do you just want to see some love from Keith? Suck it up a bit man, you dunno what the thought of losing you does to that kid.. (Also the thought of being in charge of all those Voltron clowns I guess haha)

Maybe he’s just trying to compliment Keith and tell him how highly he thinks of him but like IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE

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Oh thank God I thought I was the only one! Like, the original trio was fantastic, but like, everyone but Dani's designs were... weird. I've seen fan designs that were way better! Like Vlad! and robo-Jack? really?! Let the man stay fat, good god!

Dani’s designs were, in my opinion, the best. Other than the fact that he kept mentioning her going evil (I doubt that would ever happen considering she is Danny’s clone and thus would have his same hero complex) they honestly just looked great. I liked Jack’s because the loss of limbs could come from some very interesting (and very angsty) stories. Vlad’s final design had an interesting background story to it but was just not great looking and also kind of out of character that he could let himself be enslaved like that. The one with the tiger and the clone seemed much more in character and would bring some interesting conflict. Maddie’s and Jazz’s just were weird and out of character. It’s like he de-aged Maddie? She’s a mother in her probably mid-to-late 40s maybe early 50s. She would not look like that.
The whole thing just made me kind of hope we don’t get a reboot.

thoughts on WGM and "scripted reality"

i’ve been seeing a lot of posts about people who once loved We Got Married turning on the show because of others insisting that the show is 100% scripted.

This makes me really sad because I think WGM is one of the best reality shows i’ve seen in a long time. 

As a WGM fan and person who has worked on similar reality programs before I want to try to explain what scripted reality really means so that people who love it can keep loving it.

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only 4 male characters have ever been seen. there’s concept art for Asuka’s dad so technically 5. i don’t know about those i only meet on Tumblr but I’ve had this brought up by a couple of folks on DA from time to time but maybe Takaki should try to make some male characters who don’t have to important to the plot but at least are there for the girls to talk to in a similar way how Murasame, Kiriya, and Hanzo do that with some shinobi background. i personally think adding Murasame on the roster when he was unlocked was a good promise not in terms of fanservice but in terms of avoiding what Queens blade was.

it would also help in reminding the fans not all the girls are lesbians since at best we can mainly say Yagyu is one, Haruka and Katsuragi Bi, others we seen seem to have desires of having kids when they get married, and the rest mainly depend should they ever get a plot involvement story to know them better since New Wave doesn’t really do much for plot just give a small peek of who they are.

Okay, I love the Mass Effect fandom, and it’s definitely the most relaxed fandom I’ve been apart of in my like 5-6 years on Tumblr.

However, it does seem to have a problem with praising one character without bashing another. Almost every time I go into the tags, so much praise to one character comes at the expense of another. 

Whether its “IF YOU DON’T ROMANCE GARRUS, YOU’RE PLAYING MASS EFFECT WRONG”, or “Kaidan’s the worst, but I blew up Ashley anyway because she’s a racist bitch”, or “Tali is the cutest and best ever, unlike that slut Miranda” or something of that nature. It’s ridiculous.

Mass Effect is full of some of the best characters I’ve ever seen, and they’re diverse in their backgrounds, stories, personalities etc for a reason. There are very few characters who you can really compare because no one is on the same plane, really. 

There is no “wrong way” to play Mass Effect. You make hundreds of choices and there are so many different outcomes to the game, and no way is inherently wrong. Let people make their choices, enjoy their romances, play the damn game how they want and stop putting down characters that might mean a whole lot to people.


Jeff, where did you go?
In your experimental rock band out there in the distant past, you had songs about being stuck in bad conversations and parking in strange places.

“It wasn’t that they were odd places–
It was just more that
You wouldn’t expect to see someone PARKED there.”

You had music that was catchy and weird enough, in your hard-hitting trio of rock sound that was taking the midwest by storm. You played shows with the bands I wanted to see, but rarely had the cash to make it all the way to Los Angeles where a fifteen year old girl was waiting for an all-ages gig. As I was the only one, I couldn’t blame you or your compatriots. You released albums and somehow I got them all, after a healthy amount of scrounging for free songs to download before the days of YouTube. It would take me an hour to get each song and it was worth it when I heard what I got.

“It’s not easy being happy
and we’ll both be made fun of.”

What really stood out was the lyrics that I was hearing within the music, when I finally got around to listening and looking them up. I spent entire nights reading the sloppily-typed, disorganized mess of lyrics that were posted in one big block on your website, and reading was the best part of it. I’d never seen words get so drowned out in songs, but you could read these words like poetry parsed in meter and beauty. They made sense all at once, they told stories cleanly and plainly with no background. You saw the actors and the actions, but it could have been anywhere at all.

“Born in a small place.
The world was as large as I
could get my legs to take me
so it stayed small.”

I read them aloud to my theatre classes like monologues, swept away in the words and the way they punched right through me. With dreams of playing music like that on a small stage at 10pm in a tiny club, before I realized I was better with stories than bass strings, and before I realized that what set this band apart was not the music of it at all.

“She’s making a sound
Like if she said what she wants to
It’d really creep me out.
….She’s kinda creepin’ me out.”

The stage wasn’t even off the floor of the all-ages venue in Anaheim. A very nice gal sold me cds, a shirt and a sticker even though the group themselves were elsewhere. The “bar” area was all candy and soda, like an awkward grocery store, and I nearly bought original flavor Bubble Yum because Jeff had mentioned it in his blog the month before. The show had ended and I was shooting glances at the merch table, wanting to go say hello, but I was seventeen and not alone for once. I just stayed where I was and watched, and left.

“So I guess I’m off to find myself–
Or at least someone who looks like me”

Your band broke up, around the same time all the other bands did too, but I emailed you specifically. Twice as I recall, to tell you how excited I was to see where else you would go. Please keep creating, I said. I’m not sure if anyone saw it at all, I didn’t get a reply either time, about a year apart.
And then you just disappeared, Jeff.

“So I guess I’m finally
Finally off to find me
Or finally fine to off me
Yes there’s a difference

The site stayed up for a while and then it went away, but there were archive sites where I could still look up the lyrics (even though I had saved most of them somewhere) and then one day they weren’t there either. The owner had requested that the archives be taken down.
Why would that happen?

“Your loaded words
Carelessly fired off without thought…
And what’s wrong with that?
Each bullet word, it hits someone.”

Jeff, I dont even know what you look like anymore, your pictures all wore sunglasses and I closed my eyes during your show. I couldn’t identify you on the street if I passed, I don’t even know where in the world you’re living or if you’re alive. The last news thing I saw about you was from ten years ago.

“For years I tried to gain your favor
And it all was lost on you.
I don’t know a thing about you

I’ve searched your name a hundred times, looking for new band listings or solo albums, or books for sale on Amazon, anything at all. You just disappeared. Nobody seems to know you anymore, nobody speaks of the things you’re doing, but how can that be? Even if you had died, there’d be something. Someone who cared. But you’ve gone back and deleted the things we knew about you and faded away. In this world of reconnection and bravery, you are like a ghost.

“Your heavy words are nothing to the sincerity in this reply.
and you will know
and you will hurt
and you’ll know why.”

Who were you anyway? This man in the band, sitting close and sweetly by the girl at the table, or the guy in the photo booth with his sunglasses on, the singer who changed his identity to tell stories about the world. I wish I could be half of what you are, or see whatever it is you’re doing. I know there are words in you, where do they go? Do you put them on paper, whistle them out under your breath when nobody’s listening?
Because I would listen.

“And the look on your face screamed
I’ve been here for you all this time!”

If you published your journal, I would buy five. If you wrote lyrics on a napkin, I’d save the picture. But I can’t stand that you might be out there and not creating, when after ten years I’ve found nobody who can do it like you.

“I heard a white lie
There’ll be better times than these.
Lead shoes and high tide?
There is no better time!”

Maybe this new social environment wouldn’t suit you, but I don’t believe it. Even your friends are back on tour somewhere, and their fans are older and still there to see them. We’re still thinking about you, Jeff. We’re still wondering. Maybe you’ve forgotten how great you really are, but somewhere in me there’s a fifteen year old who doubts she will ever be as great as the people whose songs she listens to.
“I tried my best, then I tried harder
And that’s when things got their worst yet.
I know some things, I’ll try to remember
And I know some things, I’ll forget.”