one of the beat games ever


I beat The Witcher 3 in one week. It is easily the best game I’ve ever played, believe it or not… Like, woah. Anyway, decided to draw some future!au Geralt concept (lmao, Mass Effect, basically). I took too long doing this, so just flats before my brain melts. : )

Just a Game of Chess // Spencer Reid

Summary: Spencer grows frustrated when Y/N keeps beating him at chess.

Requested by: Anonymous

“No. This can’t be. It’s not possible,” Spencer said with a frown as he looked over the game in front of him.

“Oh but it is,” you replied with a smug smirk. “Good game, Dr. Reid.”

Spencer watched as you stood up from the seat across from him and made your way to the back of the plane, taking a seat besides JJ and striking up a conversation. He frowned as he turned back to the chess game in front of him. He had calculated his moves. He should have won. And yet somehow you had beaten him at his own game.

“New girl getting the best of you pretty boy?” Morgan asked with a deep chuckle as he took the seat you had occupied just seconds before. Spencer glanced at him, his frown not leaving his face.

“No one ever beats me,” he replied in genuine confusion. The only person he’d ever struggled against had been Gideon and that had been a while back. He had become so accustomed to winning that losing a game to anyone was a bit of a shock and if he had to admit it, a blow to his ego.

“Looks like she did,” Morgan said with a smirk. “I like her already.”

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Guzma headcanons pt.2 of ???

Today we’ll be covering headcanons centered around the base, with Plumeria and the grunts

- Practically every week there’s an unofficial game night at the mansion. They don’t have a lot of video games, and even fewer good ones, but on nights that no one feels like playing Madden they turn to other things. One night they tried Never Have I Ever… which was a disaster, and Plumeria called it off after Guzma threatened to beat the shit outta one of the grunts who kept saying things that he had to drink to.

- Don’t challenge Guzma to arm wrestling, or take him up on any challenges. He’ll win, and he’s not gentle about bending your arm when he does.

- He has no qualms with personal space. He doesn’t mind leaning against whoever as long as it’s comfortable, or likewise if someone leans against him he won’t really object unless he wants to get up. He’s not shy about disturbing anyone who falls asleep on him. If they start snoring he’ll push ‘em off, or pinch their nose.

- That said, he falls asleep against Plumeria pretty regularly, and he snores. Loudly. She’s a lot more patient with that kind of thing than he is though, and usually when he and/or the grunts are all piled around her she’s content to just let them sleep and look at her phone or read a book.

- Some of the grunts are more jumpy than others, and Guzma will take every opportunity to startle these particular ones, even if it’s just by sneaking up behind them and standing there until they turn around. He tried to scare Plumeria once by silently following her and breathing on her neck. She broke his nose. She felt bad when she realized, but to be fair he was totally asking for it.

I Bet

“So you’re betting that the Blues will beat Chicago?”
“Wanna make it interesting?” Chris smirks down at me and I know I shouldn’t play his game but god he’s handsome and whatever that man comes up with is bound to be more than a little fun. I smirk at him.
“What do you have in mind?”
“Whoever looses has to do the chores in the outfit of the winner’s choice.”

And that was how I found myself in the smallest maid outfit I’ve ever seen. No underwear and no bra, a pair of black heels giving me a few more inches. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling sexy as hell. Chris is sitting on the couch, watching the game. I strut into the room and he groans.

“You look sexier than I thought you would baby.” He says and I smirk over at him as I start removing things from the wooden tv stand then spray it with the wood cleaner making sure to give Chris a nice view of my bare ass. I hear him groan and when I turn back to him I’m pleased to see the tent in his pants.
“Any wood I need to polish over there?” I ask and he laughs loudly, throwing his head back.

“I think there is if you don’t mind.” He says with a smile. I cross the room and sink down to my knees on the floor. I pull his cock out of his pants and stroke it up and down before wrapping my lips around it. He groans loudly and I bob my head on his cock. He grips my hair on the back of my head and guides it at the pace he wants, just a little slower than what I was doing. He moans loudly as I hollow out my cheeks. Sucking hard on his cock I cup his balls with one hand and bring the other to my pussy.

“Fuck baby.” Chris moans his hips twitch and I know he’s close to cumming. I slide my tongue back and forth across the underside of his cock and hum. “I’m gonna cum.” Chris growls. “Fuck. Like that baby. Fuck. Oh shit.” He huffs as he cums into my mouth. I swallow his load and stand then bend and give his cock a kiss on the tip. He chuckles and pulls me toward him kissing me deeply. “You know I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off of you dressed like that right?” He asks.
“I’m counting on it.” I throw him a wink and get back to work.

The next time he corners me I’m throwing our laundry into the washer. He wraps his arms around my waist and slides a finger along my slit.
“I knew it.” He coos in my ear. “You’re so wet.” Slowly thrusting a finger into me.
“Fuck Chris.” I moan thrusting my ass back into his crotch. “Please.”
“You want something?” He teases pressing his thumb against my clit.
“Oh god.” I groan wiggling against him trying to get more friction against my clit. “Chris please.” I can feel him getting hard against my ass.
“What do you want? My mouth or my cock?” He asks continuing to finger me, his free hand moving up my body to play with one of my nipples.
“Oh fuck.”
“Which one?” He asks.
“Mouth.” I’m not quite ready to have sex with him, I want it to be something we’re both dying for at the end of the day.
“Ready for a cliche?” He says removing his fingers from my body.
“What?” He helps lift me onto the now running washer. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” I laugh as he spreads my legs and presses a kiss to my pussy. He goes between long licks with the flat of his tongue, sucking on my clit and using the tip of his tongue.

He’s got me so close to the edge so fast. His mouth working magic on my pussy, as the washing machine causes vibrations to hum through me.
“God babe. You taste so good.” He groans before sucking on my clit again.
“I’m so close Chris.” He licks my pussy as I grab a fistful of his hair, my core pressed tightly against his mouth. “Oh fuck. Oh shit. Yes Chris. Fuck.” I whimper as I cum against his mouth. He finishes sucking on my clit and I pull his mouth to mine. I taste myself on his lips, he groans as his jean covered cock rubs against my core.
“I want to fuck you.”
“Not yet Chris.” I tell him with a smirk. “I have a few more chores to finish.”
“I’m not going to be able to last that long.”
“Why don’t you take care of yourself while I finish.”
“Babe.” He groans and I laugh then hop off of the washing machine. Pressing a quick kiss to his lips I slip out of his grasp and get back to my chores.

It seems that Chris can’t hold on any longer when I finish vacuuming the living room. He pulls me to him, kissing me roughly his hands slip back under my skirt again. He rubs my clit in tight circles and I moan into his mouth.
“Can I fuck you now?”
“Please.” We make quick work of our clothes. He eases us down onto the couch and lines himself up with my center and thrusts into me. He bottoms out with every thrust and I’m already so close to cumming. Chris’s body pounds mine, it’s desperate and needy and so worth the wait.
“Cum on my cock baby. Cum for me.” Chris huffs into my ear.
“Fuck. Fuck, Chris. Oh god.” I moan as I cum, the walls of my pussy squeezing his cock.
“Yes baby. Good girl, fuck.” He growls before I feel him cum.
“That. Was so worth the wait.” I tell him cupping the back of his head as he rests his forehead on my shoulder.
“Yes it was.” He says not moving. “Yes it was.”

Very minor spoiler and a nod to in-game canon of grunts having to buy their own outfits.

You can supposedly buy Team Skull’s outfit. At least the shirt.

Best game ever 10/10.

I’d like it if it gets acknowledged by other characters too tho, like:

Guzma (after a fight): *shock* Did I just get beat by one of my own grunts? No–wait a sec, you’re that snot-nosed little punk who keeps interferin’ with our plans!

Plumie: *starts up a conversation before noticing that you aren’t one of her dumb brother/sisters, and then challenges you*

Gladion: *probably tries to rip it off a la HGSS Silver as a funny callback only to get dragged away by his Silvally*

RFA(+V and Saeran) reacting to gamer!MC


° we all know that he is a gamer too

° so the more interesting question is, who is the better one?

° regarding LOLOL it´s a matter of fact that he won

° don´t mess with the No. 2 on the Shootingstar-Server

° but there are other games too

° so one day, you were tried of loosing to him, you decided to battle him in Mario Party

° yes MC is a Little Nintendo child

° you brought your Wii over to his place and by the time he noticed your presence you already finished plugging everything in

° “Hi MC why did you bring your Wii over?”

° “I´m tried of you always beating me so today we´ll Play a game of my choice.”

° before he could do or say anything else you already put the Controller inside of him

° he surrendered after only two minigames

° because he was only ever with mouse and keyboardhe was completly lost

° “MC, please let´s stop this.”

° “No, I are GOD!!!” Kira is that you?

° he was at the edge of tears

° “MC please. I admit I lost and you won but please stop being so scary!” ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° yes, he was crying and yes, it was your fault

° great Job MC..

° “I´m glad you can admit a defeat, honey. I´m going to prepare dinner now. love you.”(´∀`)♡

° you left him Standing there looking like someone who got hit by a blue shell in Mario cart  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


° whenever she was away for work you felt lonly in the house

° well, someone has to earn money

° so you found yourself a hobby you could do from your couch

° you bought yourself a Playstation and a couple games

°  the games you enjoyed most were RPGs/JRPGs

° and this MC plays these games to 100%

° who?Me?

° but turning everything on ond off again was just tooo bothersome

° so why not play 24/7 instead?

° that also meant no sleep fro the time being

° Jaehee was away on a buisness trip with Jumin (the closest she´ll ever get to a vacation XD)

° you were at home, playing The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

° btw I love that game

° when she returned you were fighting the last boss (for the 4th time or so)

° “MC, what are you doing there?”

° “Playing some games.”

° u don´t say MC

° “And for how Long have you been playing?”

° from your current state she could tell it was quite some time..

° “Dunno, wich day is it?”

° “DAY??!”

° “MC get off the Couch, under the shower and when you´re finished we talk about your game-addiction!” ༼ つ °  ʖ ° ༽つ

° that marked the endof your hobby and you had to find a new one (maybe like painting?)

° poor MC !! ( ≧Д≦)


° he often took you with him to his rehersals

° but since there wasn´t much to do for you, you had to find something to occupy yourself

° good thing you brought your Nintendo and a few games to play with you(*^▽^*)

° these were mostly Jump´n´Run but whatever

° but you were a very…… passionate player

° “You stupid Gumba, go die somwhere else!”

° “Bowser, you Bastard go fuck your turtle wife or something!”

° you were banned from the rehersal

° so what to do now?

° simple: go home, eat a snack and continue gaming

° I´m so proud of you MC!

° Zen´s rehersal took a lot longer than usual thanks to a certain someone, wich caused him to come back at 4AM

° he went into the bedroom only to be greeted by the dimm lights of your console

° “MC are you still playing those games?”

° “Yeah.”

° “Please go to bed and finish it tomorrow.”

° you did but this behaviour of yours stayed for the next few weeks

° get up at 12AM, game till 5AM and then sleep again

° simple life, no problems

° at some point Zen had enough of this

° but every time he took your game away from you, you had it back in no time

° he even went as far as asking Seven to hack that stupid Thing in order for you to stop

° but he said no (⌣_⌣”)

° so he did the last thinghe could think of and unleashed the BEAST

° he came in the bedroom to find you once again playing a game and cursing like hell

° oh, did I mention that he was naked?

° “MC, you have to choose now. me or the games?”

° “Zen, why do you say such stu-”

° you looked up

° then you threw your console away

° the beast won once again(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


° at some point he gave in and admitted that it was kind of boring to just sit in the penthouse the whole day

° he let you bring your old X-Box over and you got your own playroom

° yes, playroom, with an X-Box XD

° but when he heard you complaining that there were games you couldn´t Play with the old one he got you a new one

° and a Playstation

° this room beacme your new favourite room besides the bedroom ( ° ʖ °)

° he was glad there was a Thing you enjoyed that much and if you gave even the smallest hint on wnating a new game…

° you got it 3 days before release

° but sooner or later he had to set an end to this

° more or less because you gave those games more attention than him

° when you didn´t evengreet him properly anymore and slept in this Rom he decided it had to be done sooner rather than later

° he was more clever than Zen and didn´t take your stuff away

° he was sneaky

° he was clever

° he was Jumin Han

° and this Jumin Han would make you yourself get tried of these games

° the more games you got, the less fun it was playing

° you played but didn´t felt this satisfying feeling anymore

° so you tryed something new: getting Jumin to play with you

° “Come on Jumin, just one round. Pleeeaaase!!”

° “Okay but than we´ll go to bed. Promise?”

° “Sure.”

° your smile already paid off the soon to be followed torture in his eyes

° you endedn up playing till 1 AM (・_・ヾ

° Jumin discoverd the joy of gamin and enden up int he same hell as you

° but he coulden´t skip wrk and you didn´t want to Play alone anymore

° you made an agreement: no more playing alone for the both of you

° mission succeded, well kinda


° he didn´t play for fun

° he played to make little children Yoosung cry

° mostly aggro-kiddies in CS:Go

° one day you played a chilled Little round of CS:Go with your friends when you heard the two trigger words

° cyka blyat, rush B

° These words were enough to make you go in rage-mode

° you screamed the only Insults in russian that you knew as loud as you could into your headset

° if you want to know russian insults just google them xD

° after your screaming ended yuo heard somthing fall onto the ground

° it sounded like a human..

° “Seven are you okay?”

° “I am but please don´t scream like that in the microphone.”

° he got of the ground and sat down in his chair once again

° you wondered how loud you screamed that he even fell of the chair

° MC. please use your brain

° you turned around to leave the room and then you saw it

° right on his screen

° it looked like he was in the middle of a CS:Go game, nothing Special but then you saw with who he played

° “ Saeyoung….”

° he looked Kind of confused as if he asked himself what he did wrong this time

° “I brought out the trash, MC!”

° “The only trash to throw out is this cyka sitting infront of me!”

° he catched on, but unfortunately too slow

° “You know how much I hate these damn trolls who aren´t even from russian to begin with.All they ever want is to bother others!!”

° “MC, please calm down!”

° poor Seven, you kept lecturing him for about 2 hours …

° but hey, after that you became the best troll-couple in every online game <3


° he didn´t care much about games

° mostly because he´s almost blind

° so he didn´t really cared either that you were a very passionate player

° what should he do against it anyway….

° he often sat beside you when you played another game and you kept telling him what happend

° “MC, why did you kill those harpys?”

° “Because they attacked me.” 

° “MC, why did you die?”

° Because I didn´t kill the harpys this time.”

° Mc, why-”

° you had enough of this

° a question every 5 seconds was just too much to handle for you

° think about her concentration V

° “V, please stop asking such obvious stuff. I can´t concentrate when you Keep distracting me.”

° “Oh, okay I´ll Keep quiet from now on.”

° he did

° for about 2 minutes than it started all again

° “MC, why did you kill them?”

° enough is enough

° you turned off everything and went to the kitchen to get something to drink

° “MC, why did you stop?”

° “Because I somehow lost the joy in playing.”

° thank you V

° from now on you only played when he wasn´t around which was almost never but still better than being bothered nonstop


° since Seven had a far to big TV-Screen, why not enjoy your favourite game on it?

° soon you had plugged everything in and stared fascinated at the Screen

° on said Screen you saw the fictional love of your life : Geralt of Riva (●♡∀♡)

° pls Geralt marry me

° playing Witcher made you frget about time and simply enjoy a great game

° but you also forgot about the non-fictional love of your life: Saeran

° he didn´t like that suprise

° you promised to go and buy ice cream with him and now?

° all you cared about was the stupid game, where a man was riding some horse and killing Monsters

° you didn´t know he was watching you so Yous aid the words that led to your death sentence

° “Geralt, I love you!”

° “MC we have to talk !”

° fuck, he was here

° “Saeran, I didn´t know you were here..”

° he looked pissed

° really pissed

° “MC, first you forget our ice.cream date and then you just say I love You to a fictional character

° “Saeran he is nothing more than that to me, fictional.Don´t take it like that you know you´re the only one for me.”

° “You know you have to make up for it right?”

° “I know.”

° so you payed for ice-cream and some snacks

° you had to take the console back to wherever it was before and apologized a million times to Saeran

° you were so exhauted at some point you just fell asleep on Saeran´s shoulder

° he wouldn´t admit it but as he heard you mumble something about him being the only one for you….

° he forgave you <3

That´s it for this one, I hope you love Geralt as much as I do and also enjoyed reading.  o(^▽^)o

If you did, leave alike or a comment, that makes me as happy as getting a shiny Mew XD

Also if you have some requests or whatever don´t hesitate and send it to me      o(≧∇≦o)

Oh Wonder Asks!
  • Body Gold: What do you do when you want to be happy?
  • Shark: What songs make you feel like gravity is gone?
  • Dazzle: Does money make one happy?
  • All We Do: Where do you hide when you want to be alone?
  • The Rain: Have you ever had your heart broken by someone?
  • Lose It: What do you do to let off steam?
  • Technicolour Beat: Put your music on shuffle, give us the first three songs and tell us what colour they make you feel in your heart.
  • Midnight Moon: Would you preferably live during the night or the day?
  • Livewire: What makes your soul feel alive?
  • White Blood: Are you dependant on other people a lot?
  • Landslide: Who do you go to when you're sad?
  • Drive: Did you ever have to break off a friendship because they hurt you too much?
  • Heart Hope: Are you happy with the person that you have become over the years?
  • Without You: What are some things you cannot face on your own, what do you fear to do alone?
  • Plans: Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: elijah wood appeared in one of the most ambitious film projects ever undertaken, having starred in all three movies of the lord of the rings trilogy, including "return of the king", which won 11 total academy awards including best picture. however, despite the massive and relatively unprecedented success of these films, why is it that the first film elijah appeared in after lotr was a cameo in, of all movies, spy kids 3: game over? what's even more confusing is that he plays a character named only "The Guy". more so, while "The Guy" is the only player to ever beat level 5, how is it possible that a single lightning strike took all 100 of his lives? why did elijah go from international acclaim to easily defeated legend of a virtual reality game? how do you die 100 times at once?
When you realize Mikayuu, Mitsunoa, and Kimiyoi would have the cutest triple dates ever.

Originally posted by dziesiemdziesiat

Like guys i can see them all going to the carnival and Yuu, Shinoa, and Kimizuki make it their goal to win Mika, Mitsuba and Yoichi a stuff animal.

 Like Shinoa would try a ring toss and get all piss and assume that the games are cheating and she just throws a big scene, only for Mitsuba to easily beat it and win her a big ass Unicorn.

 With Yuu he would do the water gun in the clowns mouth sorta game only to go up against a little girl that beats him over and over so Mika has to jump in and the little girl is so smitten by his looks that she lets him win and he gets a big teddy bear and gives it to his Yuu-Chan.

 And with Kimizuki he would do that game wear you smash the target with a hammer so that the metal thing (I have no clue what it’s called) hits the bell, only for him to be weak as hell, so Yoichi does it and surprisingly hits the bell and wins Kimizuki a giraffe just because they’re both so tall xD

 I’m trash I know.


That little bitch.

…. Artyom maintained smug grin throughout this whole thing.

Usually he has a meltdown at some point with two sims fighting in front of him, but no.  xD

One may wonder why I care and why Andrei is way too appropriate to beat the shit out of Ryder for his work incompetence.

It’s sort of a family legacy thing.  His mom is the only main sim I’ve ever had (who wasn’t born in game) who had and still has a job, so the headcanon goes that Andrei has a strong work ethic and hates people who coast through their employment with laziness (or just fail at their job in general).

… you know.  Even though it’s headcanon that Andrei does shit all at work besides fuck his female coworkers and have Omari do his papers for him.  xD

He still GOT to that position through hard work.  Who says the 400-lb gorilla in the room can’t do what he wants now??  :|

Buy a Heart

Title: Buy a Heart
Author: blue
Prompt: paul lahote imagine based off buy a heart by nicki minaj

“I imprinted on you, Y/N.” The words were like a brick being thrown at you. You had been in love with him since you first met him in 3rd grade, but even then he was a jerk.

You wanted to trust him, but you knew you couldn’t. This was his game, “Well, I-I don’t want it. Take it back. Reverse it. Do something!” You had demanded and his eyes looked so sad.

“I can’t. It’s you, Y/N. I’m meant to be with you-” he walked and grabbed your face gently in his hot hands, “-You’re the one. You have been. Ever since 3rd grade.”

Your heart was beating quickly and out of rhythm, “Paul, I can’t… I can’t love you.” Oh god it was his eyes. It was his eyes that drew you in, that made you need him, that made you want to throw yourself into his arms.

“What’s the big deal? Embry told me how you felt, and I swear I’d never hurt you. I swear to god, Y/N. Just give me a chance.” He was moving his face closer and closer to yours and you shook your head with tears eyes.

“Just stop!” You cried out, “I can’t love you because I’m already in love with you! But I know how this goes, Paul! I fall even more in love with you then I-I catch you with someone else! That’s what always happens with you isn’t it?! You’re heartless.” He went to step closer but stopped when you flinched back.

“It’s different now. I’m different now.” He promised and you laughed dryly, furiously wiping your wet eyes.

“Go home, Paul. I’ll see you at school.” And that was it. He had came to you on Saturday night and you didn’t see him at all Sunday. Or Monday. Or Tuesday.

Then once he was absent on Wednesday you went to his house, got redirected to Emily Young’s house and went pounding on her door. An angry Sam Uley opened the door, about to tell at you until he recognized you. He let you in, pointing you to the couch.

“Get your ass up.” You commanded, he just looked at you, then back at the ceiling. “Hey! You hear me? I expected you to be upset but this is just pathetic, Paul! Stop brooding and look. at. me!” His eyes flickered to you and stayed.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “Fine. Do whatever. Who gives a fuck.” You threw his make up work on the coffee table and stormed out.

You sighed in relief when he showed up on Thursday, but you tensed when he came over to you, “Let me prove it to you.”

“What?” You sputtered nervously.

“Let me prove that I’m different now. That I’m not like that anymore.”

And he did.

This kind of people is always mad about female character, especially female video games characters. They’re always like “There’s no way that woman could be an action hero. A woman can’t carry that much equipment” A man couldn’t carry that much equipment! Have you ever played a video game and your character got like 10 guns and 900 bullets? Nobody could lift that! It’s impossible. And they’re always like “statistically speaking men are stronger then woman” Have anybody seen Ronda Rousey? She’d beat me up. She’d kill us both in one second. Like she wouldn’t cause she seems very nice but she could. You know what i mean? “Statistically speaking” yeah but she’s an exceptional person, and Furiosa; also exceptional.
—  Nick Mason dismissing an article claiming Furiosa is an “impossible female character”

Thinking a lot ‘bout that Nintendo Sixty-four lately.

2017 is such a huge year in terms of new game releases for me because botw is more amazing than I ever expected and i wanna play forever, I’ve been waiting for Persona 5 since 2012, and I’ve been wanting a game like Sonic Mania for years before it was even announced, and they’re all coming out only about a month apart from one another

But when all that excitement dies down, I wanna revisit the games that made my childhood feel magical

“Ahh Kos, or some say, Kosm. Do you hear our prayers?”

a quick painting I wanted to do. Been meaning to make some fanart of my absolute favorite game ever. Im also feeling like the coolest person ever for beating him in one try in NG++

*EDIT - So I see you guys really liked the Bloodborne fanart. Should I do more? 

if any of you ever played sonic battle there was this one part where you were forced to play as the character you used like, character edit cards on and i was like 7 when i played the game so i had no idea how to put like abilities on and you were forced to play as that character against knuckles and i just fucking used this one move that did fucking no damage against him while i beat the shit out of him in a corner for an hour and a half

I Will Take Care Of You.

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Request// Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Beacon Hills best field hockey player so when her team is playing against Devenford Prep the opposing players target her in order to take her out of the game. This results in the reader getting seriously injured and Scott taking away her pain and taking care of her.

I’m known as being the best Field hockey player in the whole of Beacon Hills.No one could ever beat me. I was the champion. My boyfriend Scott, would be at every game to support me, as I do for him when he plays Lacrosse. Tonight my team and I have on of the most important games tonight, and I was ready for it. I was ready to win.

“Y/N” I heard a very familiar voice shout my name. Scott.

“Hey, babe what’s up?” I asked turning around and placing a kiss onto his lips.

“Just coming to see how you are and if you are ready for the game tonight?” He asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Hell yeah, Scott, ready than ever,“ I said laughing. Which caused Scott to shake his head at my excitement.

“What School is it against?" 

"Liam’s old School. Devenford Prep” I told him.

“Great, I will try my best to keep him under control now, and you.” Scott laughed

“And me. What do you mean by that Scottie?" 

"I mean that when you play, you don’t care who you play against you will just go for it, so play nice” He informed me kissing my check.

"Play nice! I always play nice, So I don’t know what you are going on about” But I knew full well what he was talking about. When I get on the field, It’s like I own the field. What can I say, I have a passion for the sport, I will play to the best of my ability.

“Really” Scott laughed.

“What like the time you broke Liam’s ankle?” I said with a smirk growing on my face. Scott bit down on his lip.

“Well..That was an accident okay” He told me.

“Yeah, because you got jealous because he was better than you” I laughed causing Scott to just stare at me.

“Love you” I smiled placing a kiss onto his cheek. “Well I better go and get ready, I will see you out on the field” 

“Go and beat them, babe,” Scott told me placing one last kiss onto my lips.

I headed to the changing rooms where my team were waiting for me. I got changed quick and grabbed my stick and we all headed out onto the field. The Devonford prep team was already waiting to play. I got sent so dirty looks from them, but I just looked around, then pointed at myself and laughed and gave them a thumbs up.When I look at Scott who was sat with the rest of the pack he just shook his head with a smirk on his face. Stiles was just clapping and laughing at my reaction from the other team. He was easily amused. 

“Y/L/N, GET OVER HERE!” The coach shouted I jogged over to the huddle.

“Right girls, Just one would WIN!” We all cheered and we ran out onto the field. My game face was on and just before the whistle was blown I looked over at my boyfriend in the crowd and he shot me a wink. Then the game started. 

I ran over to the player and the passed me the ball, I dribbled the ball passed all past the Devonford prep players and sure enough. I scored. The field was filled with cheer. But on the other hand, the Devonford prep students didn’t look impressed. But who cares. Beacon Hills High was winning.

It was half-time and Scott ran on to the field, grabbed me and swung me around. 

“Your playing amazingly baby, we are winning!”  Scott said crashing his lips onto mine

“Yes Scott, We are winning I scored most of them!” I laughed

“All I will say though is be careful because they don’t look happy on bit” Scott informed me.

“I will be fine” I told him as half-time has over.

I should have listened to Scott. Two of the Devonford Prep players ran straight at me knocking to the floor, causing my leg to snap. You could have heard it from miles aways, it was that loud. I Screamed in agony.

“NOBODY TOUCH HER!” The coach yelled, but Scott was already by my side.

“Baby you’re going to be okay" 

"Y/L/N How bad is the pain on the scale of 1-10 1 being fine 10 being the worst pain in the would.

"1000” I screamed as the pain was getting worse. But I left the pain fade into a dull ache. I turned to Scott to see the black veins travelling up his arms. 

“Thank You” Scott played a small kiss on my forehead and wiped away my hair that was covering my face.

“I think she needs to go hospital,” Coach said

“Nah coach I will just carry on playing with a broken leg, what a great Idea,” I told him, slightly angry at the whole situation.

Scott and Stiles helped me up which only caused me more pain, I just wanted to rip off the heads of the two people who did it. They both helped me get into the back of Stiles Jeep, Liam came and joined us on the trip, so Stiles and Liam got in the front as Scott sat in the back with me resting my leg on his lap and taking my pain away.

“Even if I have to push you around School in a wheelchair I will. I will take care of you baby girl”  I had the best boyfriend ever.

“Thank You, Scottie”