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Phillip x Reader

Requested by anon: Ooh can you do #3 on the otp prompt list with person A as Philip and person B as the reader? Thanks love!

Words: 1017

Warnings: Get’s a lil spicy.

A/N: Like I said before this was supposed to be a drabble, but I got kinda carried away, lol. I can’t help it I love Phillip! I hope you enjoy!

“Babe! Let’s go to the beach!” You groaned at Phillip’s words. “I was about to watch Food Network and waste away on the couch, though.” He rolled his eyes and hopped beside you on the couch. “C’mon, Y/N, a bit of sun and fresh air will do you good instead of sitting in your blanket cocoon all day.” “What if it rains?” You say sinking deeper under your blanket. “I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to rain and stop making excuses. I’m just trying to get you out more, baby.”You grunted in response. “And, as a plus you get to see me without a shirt on all day,”

Phillip got up and walked behind you and whispered in your ear. “I bet that sounds tastier than anything you would see on Food Network, right Y/N?” You felt a blush start to form on your cheeks and got off the couch.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go.” Phillip opened his mouth to say something, but you held your hand up stopping him.“But, only because I want, too!” You say with your hands on your hips while sticking out your tongue. “Mhm, sure.”

You walked over to your bedroom you two shared and found a particular bikini that was Phillip’s favorite. Since you’re going to the beach, you might as well look good,right? You put on your black bikini that accentuated all of your curves, and threw on one of Phillip’s t-shirts as a cover up just to add the icing to the cake. You put your hair up in a bun and walked out of the bedroom. You saw Phillip sitting on the couch tapping on his phone.

“You ready, Phillip?” He continues to tap on his phone then looks up at you. “Yeah, i’m-” Phillip pauses and looks at your shirt. “Is that my shirt?” “Uh…maybe?” He looks at you for a little longer before saying, “…you look better in it, anyway.” You smile and he gets up off of the couch. You check him out a little as well and damn did he look good. His curls perfectly framed his tan face. Freckle smatterings on his chest, face, and his six pack. His V line peeking above his board shorts. You were practically drooling over his god-like body. He wasn’t lying he did look pretty tasty.

“Are you enjoying the view, babygirl?” Phillip said smirking at your dazed expression. “L-let’s just go.” With a blush growing on your cheeks you pushed past him, and made your way to the car.

The beach was crowded and I mean crowded.  It took you and Phillip probably 30 minutes wandering up and down the beach before you two finally found a spot. Phillip threw down a blanket while you took off his shirt.  Now he was the one drooling. You wore his favorite bikini that cupped everything the right way. And with your hair up in a bun with a few stray hairs falling around your face, you looked like a work of art. “‘Are you enjoying the view, Phillip?’”You said with a smirk on your face. He rolls his eyes at your remark.

You make your way to the water where your toes touch the tide. You breath in the salty ocean air as the cool breeze hits your face. You feel a familiar pair of arms snake around your waist. Phillip rests his chin on your shoulder. “See isn’t this nice?” You take a look around at all of the beautiful water around you.  “Yeah, I’ve got to admit this is pretty nice.” You turn around so his hands were now at the small of your back and you faced him. “Thank you for this, Phillip.” You say while looking into his hazel eyes. “Anything for you, babygirl.” You leaned in and kissed him. Your arms around his neck, the calm waves hitting your feet, the cool ocean breeze hitting your back, everything was perfect. Then an idea popped into your mind. You broke away from Phillip and dived into the water splashing him in the process. You swam out into the ocean and looked out to the shore expecting Phillip to be there, but he was gone.

“Phillip?” You called out scanning the shore. “Phillip!” You called again a little louder starting to get nervous. “Yes?”  You spun around seeing a grinning Phillip behind you. “The hell?! You scared me!” You said splashing him. “How’d you get out here so fast, anyway?” “I was on the swim team in highschool, remember?” “Still doesn’t give you the right to scare me half to death.” You mumbled crossing your arms and turning your back towards him. “Sorry, for scaring you, baby.” Phillip husked in your ear returning his arms around your waist again. “Do you forgive me?” Phillip asked while kissing your neck. “Y-you’re forgiven.”

Phillip began sucking on your neck creating a hickey. You bit your lip biting back a moan. “ I forgot to tell you how good you look in that bikini, babygirl.” He growled in your ear. “And my shirt, too? I almost thought about taking you back home.” “I-” Before you could say anything you felt a drop hit your forehead. “Phillip I think it’s going to rain.” “Relax, we aren’t supposed to get any-” Then you felt another drop. All of a sudden you heard a rumble of thunder, then it started pouring. You quickly slipped your way out of Phillip’s grasp and swam towards shore, Phillip not far behind you. Since you’ve  already been in the water the rain didn’t really bother you, but you still didn’t want to be out in the rain for long. You carried Phillip’s shirt in your hand, Phillip carried the blanket and you two bolted to the car.

Finally, after running through the wet sand and rain you both made it back to the car. Closing the door you gave a sigh of relief. “Thanks for today, Phillip.” “You’re… welcome, baby.” Phillip said breathlessly after all the running prior. You leaned your head up against the car seat. “But next time, check the damn forecast.”

✨Squad Goals Episode 14 P.2: One to Grow On✨


“How many minutes has it been?“  Gigi asks me from her seat in the bathtub. We’re in the bathroom of my mom’s beach house while Rhiannon’s party rages on downstairs.
“Its only been about ten seconds Gigs” I tell her peering at the timer on my phone and then the pregnancy test that rests on the counter. She sinks further into the bathtub, it’s empty, and the sand from her swimsuit clad body sticks to the sides.
“If it is positive I’m going to tell Zayn tonight” I look up from the timer and raise my eyebrows.
“Tonight, tonight?” I question and she nods before clasping and unclamping her hands in nervousness. A knock at the bathroom for makes both of us jump and I open it a crack to see who it is.
“I hope no one is fucking in here because I really need to pee” comes the semi slurred voice of Justin Bieber.
“Justin. This house has eight bathrooms!” He pushes against the door and it flies open despite my attempts to keep it shut.
“Those are all occupied. I walked in on Rihanna and Drake doing it on the sink. Classic.” He starts to unzip his pants and Gigi squeals before pulling the shower curtain to a close. I cover my eyes wth my hands and face the wall.
“You are so fucking nasty. Why can’t you be a gentleman?” The sound of him pissing fills the bathroom and he laughs before he’s done and flushing the toilet.
“I am a gentleman. To my baby… Whoa… Baby” he leaves off mid sentence to point at the pregnancy test.
“Yo who’s knocked up?” His eyes linger on me until I slap him gently on the chest.
“Not me you idiot.” He points at Gigi who’s still sheathed by the curtain and I nod.
“Can your drunk ass keep this info a secret?” Gigi calls and with a zip of his pants and then a mirrored zip of lips he says,
“Of course. But it might slip out to Rhiannon” Gigi pulls back the curtain and sighs,
“That’s fine. I just meant I don’t want anyone outside the squad to know” Justin nods and is about to leave before he turns back around and kneels by Gigi to give her a long, comforting hug.
“Everything is going to be okay Gi force” he whispers, placing a kiss to her forehead. Gigi sniffles a few times and hugs him back.
“ I’m lowkey scared” she tells him and he places another kiss on her head.
“ That’s okay, just know that you’ve got all of us alright?” She nods and then kisses his cheek,
“Thanks JB” Justin stands and then stops in front of me, his eyes dropping to my stomach.
“So glad that there won’t be a K named baby gremlin dropping by anytime soon” I punch him in the stomach and his abs shield the blow.
“I fucking hate you” I say, cradling my hand he laughs and walks out the bathroom but not before shooting Gigi a meaningful look.
“An asshole? Yes. But when Rhiannon gets pregnant he’s going to be so great” Gigi says and I nod in agreement because I’ve never heard anything so true in my life.


My surprise party is the sole definition of a ‘lituation’. A listers show up everywhere I look and a few minutes ago I was sharing a cocktail with Rhianna before she and Drake disappeared… I’m about to stir up a conversation with J. Cole when my favorite pair of arms wrap around my waist and a warm breath coats my ear.
“Having fun baby girl?” Justin asks and I nod and turn around in his arms.
“How did you keep this from me? You suck at secrets!” I tell him lovingly and he shrugs before leading me to the grand stairwell of the house.
“The squad is gonna sleep over here, come look at our room” I give him a look but allow him to pull me up the stairs. Our room is the first on the left and I lowkey expect people to be screwing in there but I’m pleasantly surprised when there’s no naked bodies and a puppy comes barreling towards me. He’s a little black thing with a tiny body and huge paws and the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. I was psyched to have a dog around since Esther was spending some time at Jazzy and Jaxon’s. The door closes behind me and I’m already on the floor letting the puppy lick my face voraciously. Justin gets on the ground and the puppy crawls over to him.
“Say hi to your mommy little man” Justin says to the puppy who yips eagerly. Maybe it’s all the cocktails I knocked back earlier, and the shots I took when we first arrived but suddenly I’m in tears.  Justin looks alarmed and even the puppy looks uncomfortable as giant sobs wrack my body. He pulls me onto his lap and I hope no one walks in because I look super pathetic.
“Nonnie, what’s wrong? You don’t like him?” The puppy cocks his head and whines a little and then I’m crying even harder before taking him into my arms.
“ I fucking love him and I want to name him Phillip” I say with a sob and Justin let’s out a low laugh,
“Ok, hear that buddy you’re Phillip St. John -
Bieber” I cry harder.  Justin holds me tighter and Phillip finds a stray flip flop and nods on it greedily. I think it’s Kylie’s.
“I need to know you’re going to be okay baby, I can’t be on the road worried sick about you here” I nod and sniffle a little bit.
“I’m going to miss you so much and I don’t want this to be like the last time we were apart” Justin manages to turn my body so that I’m straddling him. My sarong is long gone and I’m only in the cute seashell bikini. His hands rest on my hips.
“ It’s not going to be like that babe. I asked you to marry me for a reason and that’s because I’m ready to commit to you and you only alright?” I nod and my stomach flutters but this time it’s not from nervousness at the concept of marriage, it’s at how serious he is.
“You mean that?” He pulls me to him and kisses me passionately his hands traveling to rest on my ass,
“Of course I mean it Nonnie” he whispers against my lips and I let out a little sigh.
“Is Kylie drunk?” Justin shakes his head in confusion and says,
“ no why?” I take his face between my hands and nuzzle my nose with his.
“ I think Phillip needs a babysitter. He shouldn’t be around when his parents decide to get naughty” Justin’s eyes go dark and he stands up to throw me onto the bed before scooping Phillip gently off the ground.
“Okay big guy, time to go meet your Auntie Kylie” he says in a baby voice before leaving the room. When the door closes I put what I’ve been planning into action.


“ oh my fuck he’s gorgeous!” Is the first thing Kylie says to me when I knock on her door and bring her Phillp. She’s immediately surrounded by a group of girls who are both in awe of me, and Phillip.
“What’s his name?” One of the girls asks and I think her name is Hailey, a model friend of her and Kendall’s. I hand the squirming puppy to Kylie and she takes him with a squeal and a grin.
“Phillip St. John-Bieber” I say proudly like he’s my first born, and technically he is.
“Aw. You and Rhi hyphenated. So cute” her friend Hailey seems to think it’s anything but. Gigi comes out from the bathroom in a plushy robe and with puffy eyes.
“ who’s this cutie?” She asks in an attempt to look cheerful, Kylie walks over to her and holds Phillip up to her face which gets a giggle from her.
“This is Phillip St. John-Bieber” Gigi looks at me and starts fanning her face,
“You and Rhiannon hyphenated oh my god” I nod and flash her a smile,
“You good Gigs?” I question and she smiles a tiny bit,
“I will be,” then she turns to Phillip and nuzzles noses with him
“ won’t I Phillip?” He yips at her happily.
“ I have to go. I have a hard on the size of Russia and a birthday girl to pleasure in the next room.
Have fun wth your aunties Phillip daddy loves you!” Kylie throws a pillow at me and I make my escape.

When Justin walks in I’m completely naked covered only by the bed sheet.
“My favorite view,” he says coming to sit on the beds edge I throw off the sheet and crawl over to him and lay my body across his lap so my ass is completely exposed to him. His member jumps happily as my stomach rests against it.
“Aren’t you going to give me birthday spankings daddy? 22 and one to grow on” he gulps and palms my ass greedily.
“You sure about this Rhiannon?” He asks and I wiggle my butt in reply. Justin had spanked me before but it had always been fleeting. But I knew he was super into it.
“Let me know if I hurt you okay sweetie?” I nod and wait in anticipation. Then I feel it. A stinging slap against my left cheek that makes me clench my thighs together in a useless attempt to quell my arousal. 22 slaps later and I’m lying on top of him lazily tracing my tongue over the tattoo on the side of his neck. He puts a hand on my ass and I flinch before shivering.
“I’m sorry baby are you hurting?” I shake my head and let out a small giggle,
“Just a little tender” I admit and he moves his hands from my butt to my front, teasing my clit in slow circular motions. He works up a rhythm and all too soon I’m coming with a scream and a gasp, my hips still undulating under his fingers.
“Fuck yes,” I hiss and Justin runs a hand through my hair and grins.
“Yes,” I repeat and he looks a little confused
“You good babe?”
“Yes” I say quietly before looking into his eyes and saying the three letter word once more,
"Shit did I break you?” He asks jokingly and I pull my hands from his shoulder and point at my ring finger.
“Yes, I’ll marry you Justin” I say and his whole body freezes beneath me,
“I’m sorry?” I shake my head.
“ No, I’m sorry. I know that you’re not going to force kids on me and I know you aren’t going to make me marry you ASAP but I do know that you’re going to love me forever and know that I’ll love you right back” I tell him in once breath. Then I’m pushed off of his lap and onto the bed as he hops off and digs through his luggage. He comes back with a little black box and gets onto one knee. The ring is a huge ass sparkler of a thing and I love it immediately. The way that it catches the light makes me wet and the way that Justin is looking at me does the same thing.
“Yes?” He asks and I hold out my hand for him to slip on the ring.
“Yes.” I confirm and then the sparkler is on my finger and the prospect of being Mrs. Bieber in my future.