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Aw, why would you stop watching? Sorry if you've talked about it before and I missed it.

No it’s totally fine. If (spoilers) Robin dies, I’m just not sure I’ll be able to see OUAT the same way anymore. It’s not that he’s one of my favorite characters, doesn’t even crack the top ten, maybe is in the top 20 for this show. And I love OQ so much, but it’s not the reason I started watching the show or anything.

But for me to love OUAT, to be able to love it despite the plot holes, the rushed storylines, the issues with consent, race, etc, at the end of the day I need to believe this is a show about hope and happy endings prevailing. I don’t want to see main characters die on this show. I’m still sad that Neal’s gone and that Rumple is deprived of a son and Henry of a father. Villains dying even makes me sad. I am cynical enough on my own and I specifically watch this show because it is in no way cynical. I love that in this specific universe, no matter what the obstacle, if you have hope and faith then you will prevail and get your happiness.

To me there’s no hope in one child being orphaned and another being left with a mother who’s only just started looking to redemption. There’s no hope in a woman who wanted love her whole life, who fought to come back from darkness, who found her soulmate and then experienced arguably the most absurd and pointless obstacles preventing her and her love from being together, and still managing to come out the other side together, only for her to lose him. For her to go on a quest to help her friend bring back her true love and as a result lose her own. There’s no hope in a man who has done nothing but be good and kind, trying to always do the right thing, who has been victimized and his trauma not even treated as a factor, dying. There’s no hope in a character who has symbolized justice and fairness and what’s right for centuries not getting his happy ending.

So for me that would break my belief in what this show is, and I’d rather end on a high point then watch and see the show stop feeling like what I fell in love with. No amount of love I have for the characters can make up for a fundamental change (for me) in what the show stands for.